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Cannot Stop Order and Got Stuck With Losing 6900.00 for a Bed
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- My wife and I ventured into the Ashley store in Orange Park on Sunday, 27 Dec 2015. We met the back stock man named Jeff, who showed us the beds. Jeff was eager to assist, friendly, courteous, and seemed to know the beds. Jeff had me fill out my address and phone number on a piece of paper. Jeff gave us some figures and we seemed to working towards a deal. Jeff then wrote up everything and handed it to Chelsea who talked about payment options.

After we paid for the bed, $6835.62, then we were handed paperwork to sign. After the payment in full was completed, then the actual paperwork which had all the details was handed to us. Later that day, we looked at other beds, founds a better deal and wanted to cancel our deal with Ashley. Unfortunately Ashley didn't answer the call that day, so we decided to call back first thing in the morning.

Called at opening and stated we wanted to cancel to be told "ALL SALES ARE FINAL", this was the first we heard that. Called and talked to Willie, the store manager and he stated the same thing. He did claim that if I brought in an invoice from the competition, he would refund us the difference.

I apologize for not reading the paperwork before purchasing the bed, but no paperwork was offered until after we paid for it in full, in my eyes is not good business. At no time was full disclosure of "All Sales are Final" brought into any of the conversations with anyone at the store to include the manager at the time of purchase. This appears to be a shady business run by shady sales people who do not have the best interest of the individual but rather themselves and/or quotas.

I feel like my wife and I were deceived, taken advantage of and swindled, I even told that to the manager Willie to where his reply was "How can I make this better without canceling this order or giving you your money back." I am a professional who believes in full disclosure, Ashley's competition apparently also believes in full disclosure, but Ashley will do anything to separate you from your money. I wanted to formally complain about this knowing that there is a good chance that nothing will be done to correct.

After talking to Ashley Corporate in Arcadia, WI., they agreed with me that professionalism is what they strive for, they also agreed that full disclosure is written into their policies but stated that Orange Park was an independent company and they do not have any control over them. At least that made me feel better towards Ashley on a national level.

Unfortunately, I live in Orange Park, Fl. In doing some research, I found the Jacksonville Corporate office and called. I talked to a nice woman who stated the same thing that the Ashley corporate office stated that no disclosure is not the way they do business. She referred me to this email address and encouraged me to lodge my complaint.

I know I am only a simple man who works 5-6 days a week for the military. My wife also works locally, been in the area for almost 30 years. I believe in full disclosure. In fact my job demands it. I have never purposely tried to swindle anyone but feel like that is what has happened to my wife and me. This was my first time ever visiting Ashley's Furniture and because of the treatment received, will be my last.

I do occasionally (monthly) publish articles for the base paper and plan on writing about my negative experience and how we were treated. My wife is a social media expert and she plans to do the same thing online. I think in full disclosure, I will express my thoughts of Ashley Furniture for all the military, federal agencies and contractors locally to see. This is not my style, I would rather have an apology for being mislead (full disclosure) have my order cancelled and offer me a full refund.

Poor Business Ethics
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Rating: 1/51

NU, NEW YORK -- My siblings and I purchased the porter bedroom set from Ashley for our mom. When the set arrive we noticed a huge gap from the headboard to the top of the mattress. We pushed it up and the gap was at the bottom. We contacted Ashley and explained the situation. They sent a technician out who also agreed the gap was a bit too big. Mind you we even purchased a warranty. After months of back and forth send pictures I finally gave up with no resolution only because I live out of state. Ashley is the worst all over the states.

Dishonest Sales People
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Just purchased over $6000 of product on my son's bedroom suite and our bed. Our Son's furniture was not correct when it finally arrived and we sent back. Saleslady (Angela) on first day we were there was very slick and told us what we wanted to hear. "You have 90 days to bring back" on a TEMPUR-PEDIC and moving base. We purchased and gave it 2 weeks and figured out that for sure we could not sleep on it at all. Called Ashley back they said, "Well give it 2 more weeks and let's see if you get use to it." So we did, still can't sleep on it. So we went in to the Ashley store. Then they tell us the $1500 base is not refundable!

So after I almost ripped their head off for not telling me that when I purchased it we picked out a regular mattress that we both liked that was cheaper, ($1200) then they told us that the exchange had to be at the same price! Then we were very ticked off so talked to a manager (Nicholas **). He was no help at all, told us however we could pick whatever out and he would exchange, costing us $300 to exchange the $2600 mattress! We agreed and waited until the day before the delivery date and called to find out that no order was made to deliver anything!

My wife and I both got on different phones and both called at the same time. She was told that our son's bedroom suite was now cheaper than we paid. (We were also told while signing financing papers that we could call and get sale price within the first 30 days!) The lady on the phone gave the call to someone else that explained that because we financed we could not get the sales price! Would they really give us a sale price after purchase if we bought in cash? So do they give cash back to a customer when they have a sale on the same item they just purchased days before? I doubt it.

My call was the 2nd call in the same day talked to the same guy (John) that told me he would find out and call back, waited 7 hours and called again and then he says he will get the manager to call me. So no new mattress for us just a overpriced sponge on a motorized base that we can't sleep on. Don't be surprised if Ashley Furniture closes in Greensboro. I will do my part in making that happen! If it was legal I would burn the building down!

Horrible Experience, Keep Delivering Damaged Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I ordered an entire bedroom set from Ashley/City Furniture, and spent around $2,000 on it, plus $130 for shipping. The sales representative told me if I ordered the storage trundle I don't need to buy a box spring for the mattress. She didn't have the storage trundle, only the trundle bed, but told me it was identical, just with drawers instead of an extra bed, and it ran the length and width of the bed. The day they delivered the set, I noticed several damages on every single piece. I sent everything back. They redelivered the following week, and again, everything was damaged.

The third time I received a dresser the bed was damaged but I had to keep it because we needed a bed, and the nightstand, and chest were damaged, and got sent back. I was told someone would come out to repair the bed the next day. Nobody showed up.

I called, and they told me that no appointment was set, and I would have to wait at least a week. They also damaged my hardwood floors in four different areas, by moving the bed around. I was told they would repair that as well (I'm doubtful). The trundle I had ordered was not what had been described to me... It looked nothing like the one I had seen, and was maybe a quarter of the size it was supposed to be. I had also been lied to about not needing the box spring. The three narrow slat would never be able to hold a mattress, so I sent the trundle back, along with the other pieces, and still had no bed to sleep in.

The fourth time, they sent a box spring but the furniture was damaged so I sent it back. The fifth time, I received a nightstand but the chest was damaged so I sent that back. Today was the sixth delivery, for the chest. It was damaged, I sent it back. The customer service supervisors refuse to discount anything, or even remove the delivery charge for my order. I paid full price for this garbage.

Their only solution was for me to send everything back, and shop somewhere else for furniture. They have been so horrible to me, they will not do anything to fix the problem, they just continue to send me damaged pieces. BIG damages too... I don't understand how nobody notices these things before bringing it to my house! I will never ever use them again!!!

Complete Lack of Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BUFORD, GEORGIA -- A few months ago, my wife and I visited the Buford, GA location and talked to ** about the Porter Collection (specifically, we were interested in the bedroom pieces totaling more than $4,000). ** was very courteous and helpful and provided a positive shopping experience. We already own an entire bedroom set from Ashley Furniture that we like very much, so we have no concerns about the quality of the furniture.

On May 22nd, after hearing about the Memorial Day Sale, we returned to the Buford, GA location to purchase the furniture at 20% off. We asked for ** and were told he was not there. Another individual, I think his name was ** (but I really am not sure), helped us. Although ** was very nice, it was obvious he was new. Indeed, he later alerted us that he has been working there for about 1.5 months. Initially, ** included the wrong bed on the order resulting in an inaccurate price quote (fortunately, I had asked him to create a comparison quote including the other bed and he noticed his error. Imagine if I had not and the wrong bed arrived).

My wife and I were deciding if we wanted to put the purchase on our personal credit card or through the 12-month financing option being offered by the store. I asked ** for more information related to the 12-month option and he was unable to speak intelligently about how the program works. He provided me the in-store flier of which I read the fine print, myself. It was clear I wanted a better understanding of this financing option and that his training did not provide him enough information.

I alerted ** that we will definitely be buying the furniture today but that we would like to decide between putting it on our credit card or on the 12-month financing option. ** said, "I understand. Let me point out the kiosk where you can determine how much money you will be approved for on the 12-month plan; that may help you make your decision. The kiosk runs a credit check and prints out how much you are approved for, you will just bring that piece of paper to the front once you are ready to check out." I told him thank you and my wife and I began to discuss.

We entered our information into the Kiosk and began agreeing to Terms and Conditions related to Ashley's financing option. I had no concerns with Ashley Furniture HomeStore performing a Credit Check and meeting their requirements if I chose their financing, as described by the employee, so I agreed.

After determining the amount for which we were approved (plenty to cover the purchase), my wife and I decided that given the benefits on our personal credit card (and knowing we would be able to pay it off in the current month), we would use our own Visa. I then read the receipt from the Kiosk and noticed it said. Your credit card will arrive in 7-10 business days... CREDIT CARD???

I immediately went to the Financing Desk and was told I opened a Credit Card. When I alerted the lady that her employee said the Kiosk only performs a Credit Check, she just shrugged, laughed (along with another male employee beside her) and alerted me that I indeed opened a Credit Card.

She offered to cancel it for me, obviously not realizing that canceling a credit card does even more harm than opening the card did in the first place (by negatively impacting my credit-utilization ratio which is a direct feed to credit score calculation). She then tells me that the card is automatically cancelled after 12 months of non-use. Oh wonderful, now I get to decide if I want to hurt my credit score now, or in 12 months. All for a credit card that I didn't want in the first place.

I called the Credit Card Company (GE Capital) the next morning to alert them the card was opened in error. They said there was nothing they can do until I talk to Ashley Furniture HomeStore, first. I called the store 3 times on Wednesday and was told the Store Manager was in meetings and lunch. I left two messages that day for him to call me back. I also told the entire story to one of the female employees and she let me know that the store manager will return my call.

After receiving no call, I contacted Corporate on Thursday, repeated the story, and was told that a Regional Manager would call me back. It is now Tuesday and I have not heard back from the Store Manager nor the Regional Manager. Poor customer service from management makes me even more mad than the poor training/execution of the floor employee that misunderstood and misinformed me about how the 12-month program works. I am now glad that I had the opportunity to see the lack of customer service prior to the purchase.

Fortunately, I was telling a friend about the situation and that I want the furniture but I don't want to give the HomeStore any money. He alerted me about an awesome furniture store in NC called Gibson Furniture. I contacted them and they offered me a price $670 less than HomeStore's sale price, with free shipping and no sales tax (out of state)! My wife and I were within 3 minutes of paying too much for the furniture. Of course, I still have a credit card that I don. t want that is going to negatively

My wife and I have already spent more than $3,000 at the HomeStore (on the previous bedroom set we bought), were minutes away from spending another $3,500, and had plans to purchase the matching living room furniture in the near future at approximately $2,000. Due to poor training and unbelievably poor customer service from Management, the HomeStore has lost those sales and a previously happy customer (well done!). In addition, my generation relies heavily on online reviews… This situation will be included appropriately on the respective review sites for the store.

Sorry Service Bad Products
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Rating: 1/51

GOODLETTSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We're told they would deliver on Saturdays and after purchase was informed that they only came to our area on Thursday causing us to have to take off from work. We had 2 different dresses both damaged. They schedule 2 delivery dates they did not show up for. Before we were finish with Ashley we had take 5 day off, it had taken 3 months. They didn't do anything for our trouble.

We was offered a $100.00 store credit and the last delivery was on a Saturday. All said and done the furniture cost us 3 times what we had plan, with time off we had taken. We didn't take the store credit. We will never buy there again. If I was going to purchase furniture from a box store again I'll use Rooms To Go. We so far have had good service. Stay away From Ashley Furniture. Read the reviews. They are no good.

Courteous And Helpful Shopping
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Rating: 5/51

DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- After having a very bad experience with another local furniture store with a new mattress and after four tries at having the problem resolved we decided to go back to Ashley Furniture where we purchased our bedroom furniture and was very happy with it. We had all of our questions answered completely and courteously. We told the salesperson what we were looking for in a mattress and were shown several different options that would be good for us.

The mattress was delivered quickly and without any damage. The delivery people called us the day before and told us when we could expect them and they called us just prior to arriving at our home. Since then we have also purchased a living room set for our daughter and son-in-law with the same happy results. We would not hesitate to continue shopping for our household needs with Ashley.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- We purchased a bedroom set (headboard/foot board, Dresser, Night stand) and we decided to pick up because the delivery fee was extremely high. Once we finally got the furniture picked up (took two and half weeks to get to the warehouse) and home we got all the furniture put together only to realize the headboard has a piece on the top that leaves about a half inch gap on one side.

The actual headboard that we received already assembled looks like a 5 year old put together. The service is terrible. We are now being told we have to take the headboard clear across town and drop it off to be fixed and then come back once they get it fixed. It is 45 miles away.... I will never purchase from Ashley Furniture again!!!

Dissatisfied With $3,000 Mattress
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Rating: 1/51

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased a king bedroom suite and Stearns and Foster mattress from Ashley in Gastonia, N.C. Stupidity on our part to give as much for the mattress as we did for the furniture, but we had heard so many good things about this brand and both of us are in our 60's and figured this will be the last mattress we will ever purchase. Long story short, from day one, my back was a mess. I could barely walk, it hurt so severely.

Went back to the store begging them to allow me to exchange for the less firm mattress (I did not want my money back, only wanted a mattress I could sleep on). Talked with the store manager (we'll call him English) and told him of my pain and dissatisfaction and he absolutely refused to offer any options. I was planning on buying a dining room set from them, but they will never have my business again.

Interestingly enough, I went to Walmart and bought a $150.00, 3" thick foam mattress pad and laid it over my $3,000.00 Stearns & Foster and am sleeping quite well! Why would they not satisfy me? TempurPedic allows a 30-day trial!! I had only used the mattress 3 times and that was with a $100.00 mattress protector and I do not have "cooties". I would still like some satisfaction from them!

This Furniture Is Trash
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Rating: 1/51

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a bedroom set for a client. I am a property manager for a non-profit. I wanted to buy actual furniture, not IKEA from China stuff and I wanted to go get it quickly. Nowadays everything is online and I can't seem to find a furniture store that actually carries inventory. But the furniture expo in Oxnard advised that they could get this furniture quickly for me which they did. Not having seen it other than in pictures, I asked the salesman about the quality and he told me it was middle of the road which was about what I wanted.

So the furniture was delivered. It was nicely boxed up and I loaded a full bedroom set in my pickup and took it to our building to move into the client's apartment. This stuff was the absolute cheapest crap I have ever seen. The exterior of the cabinets including drawer fronts was 1/2" thick MDF, which is a composite of wood dust. The drawers themselves were the same material, maybe 1/8" thick. They had a photograph of wood grain on them. Ugly and tacky. One of the drawer fronts was already cracked. The only wood in the entire product was the wood used as a base for the box to ship the stuff in.

I cannot imagine selling this stuff to anyone. I cannot understand what it must feel like to work in a factory making it, to know that what you are making will probably only hold together for a year after which it will wind up in a landfill. DO NOT BUY ASHLEY FURNITURE AND DO NOT BUY FURNITURE WITHOUT SEEING IT PERSONALLY. IKEA in the box put it together yourself' stuff puts Ashley to shame!!!

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