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Ashley Furniture
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54512
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Horrible Quality - Won't Stand Behind Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

UTAH, UTAH -- I purchased the Ashley Northshore bedroom set. When it arrived, the sides of the furniture had gaps large enough to put a gold dollar through. The side of the headboard was coming off and I could see the wood dowel due to the 1/2" gap. They sent a technician out who said that the furniture met specifications! I went to every store in Utah and looked at the bedroom set on the showroom floor. None of them had any gaps anywhere.

I have taken pictures and argued with customer support who is backing the technician and they will not do anything. So now I have a bedroom set that I paid several thousand dollars for that is falling apart. The technician also told me that Ashley manufactures most of their stuff overseas in the Asian countries. They keep a few small plants in the USA for promotional reasons. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Ashley Furniture! If you don't get lucky and get a decent piece of furniture, then you will get royally screwed.

Ashley Porter Bedroom Sets. Warning!!
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- If you're interested in this bedroom (Porter) set, don't buy from Ashley store. At A-1 Furniture they have the same set and I was able to get it for 1000 dollars less!! And they had the set in stock so we got it the next day. They also treated me soooo much nicer and better. No games from the sales people. The guy quoted me 2499 after
I asked what is the best deal he could do for me. Later I realized that it even included tax, so I didn't have to pay extra (even though I was set to pay the tax)

Originally I went to the Ashley Homestore on the east side and fell in love with this bed set. The sales girl there, after asking her to get a price quote, came back with a price of 3700 dollars, which didn't add up when you crunch the individual numbers so I asked her to break it down. They have tagged along a protection plan fee (10% of purchase), taxes, and delivery because she had asked if I wanted delivery done - by the way the delivery charge was 150 dollars!! Way more than any local furniture stores around here. A-1 is charging me 40 bucks!

After I told the manager I was only interested in the bedroom price not the added fees, he got really condescending to me and laughed at my face! I am usually kind and appreciative that these people are only trying to make a living but this manager at Ashley made me feel like I was there to ask for his service and business, not the other way around. Like well if you don't like my price, go somewhere else.

I should add that as part of his horrid and deceitful tactics, he told me that this bedroom set was an "EXCLUSIVE" Ashley piece sold only at Ashley stores. That's why I left the store feeling very upset and sad 'cause my pride and sense of dignity was torn. I didn't bother to look after that for a bed set. Never ever want to step foot in an Ashley store again!

But things were meant to be, because I happen to go into A-1 for a quick glance at a mattress for my son and there was my beloved bed set. A part of me still feels guilty because it is an Ashley piece. Also imagine the surprised of the salesman at A-1 when I told him the sales manager at Ashley told me it was exclusive and not sold anywhere else. Ashley store employees must have gone through very rigorous training to deceive, lie and try to steal from customers any way they can!!

Nightmare, Extremely Upset
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Rating: 1/51

SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY -- Had my furniture delivered today and already it's falling apart. Extremely disappointed poor quality. I'm afraid to sneeze on any of these products because they will fall apart. Never buy here, you will be disappointed.

Do NOT Shop at Ashley, Especially If You Are Military!!
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Rating: 2/51

VIRGINIA -- Ashley stores are independently owned. As such, they do not allow online orders. So when we (living on the West Coast) wanted to purchase bedroom furniture for our grandkids in VA, we called the Woodbridge store to ask for help. We merely wanted a price so we could deposit the amount into our daughter's account so she could go to the store and purchase the furniture. The staff at the Woodbridge store was very curt and rude on the phone, and wouldn't even give us a price RANGE!! We had seen the items in our local store so had an idea, but wanted to know what the items would cost her when she went to purchase them.

After the unbelievably snide tone of the salesperson in Woodridge, we decided to try the Manassas store. A salesperson there took the item numbers from us and gave us a price, including delivery and assembly. We thought all was well. We had his name and had our daughter contact him directly when she went to purchase the furniture after we had deposited the money into her account. But when she got to the store, he was oblivious to our discussion and tried to charge her over $300 more.

She called us from the store and we talked with the salesperson directly again, and he didn't say the price had changed in the 2 days' interim, he just denied the whole conversation! We altered our order, resulting in a loss in sales to him and the store of over $600, only committing to one item since we could not find it anywhere else and wanted it delivered for a birthday.

We visited our daughter shortly after all this and she related more details about snotty comments made in the store about military personnel 'having lots of money', 'not knowing what they are talking about', etc. We were livid!! We are retired military ourselves, and this store is just outside a military base. We can only urge all military to shop elsewhere for their furniture, perhaps with a company who respects the sacrifices of military families, is aware of their limited budgets, and who honors their word of their salespeople! DON'T GIVE YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO DISRESPECT YOU SO MUCH!!

Bedroom Set
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Rating: 1/51

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture Fountain Valley. I received my delivery confirmation between the hours of 1:15-5:15. I received a call at 5:45, they were on their way in about a half hour. A half hour goes by, another phone call, they are on their way, they will be there in 15 mins. Still no delivery. I called the manager at Ashley Fountain Valley, they continued to apologize. The truck had broken down that morning, I did not get a call until 5:45 stating the deliveries were behind due to the truck breaking down.

Once they got here at 7:30, they unloaded the furniture and the dresser was last. I inspected all the furniture and once I got to the dresser, a large hole in the back pieces of wood chipped off the leg. I called the manager and told them I would be rejecting this. PEOPLE read your terms and conditions - if there is damage to the furniture, you ARE TO REJECT THE DELIVERY.

I was told they would send someone out to fix the dresser and of course I believed them. Now I'm having Customer Service tell me that I was to reject the delivery if there was any damage. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE EMPLOYEES DELIVERING THE FURNITURE, THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT SOMEONE CAN COME OUT AND FIX THE FURNITURE - NOT TRUE. I do have someone coming out on Tuesday to inspect and fix the dresser but they could not guarantee it can be fixed and will have to decide what can be done to rectify this situation.

This was a very bad situation of a dream for a beautiful bedroom set and it has been destroyed because of lies. PLEASE THINK TWICE ABOUT ASHLEY FURNITURE. People that have had a good experience, thumbs up to you but I have never been through such a nightmare.

Poor Delivery, Bad Customer Service
By -

EDMONTON, AB -- Here is a chronology of my (J) dealings with Ashley Furniture to-date - May 20, 2007. On May 02, '07 we mailed 5 letters of complaint to: (1) the woman who sent us the $100 gift certificate; (2) the store manager - ** and the delivery manager - **; (3) the Edmonton Better Business Bureau; (4) the general manager of the Arcadia, WI store; (5) the company chairman - Ronald G. Wanek, the company CEO - Todd Wanek and the company CIO - Dwain Jansson. We have had no response to these letters of complaint from any representative of Ashley Furniture, nor has any credit been issued. This company should be avoided.

Sun. Mar. 18, '07 ~ 5:00 pm - C+J visit Ashley Furniture. ** (salesman) - James verbally assured us 3 times that ALL furniture would arrive within 28 days. Purchased bedroom suite furniture - $4056.60, receipt number: **. Because this was considered a special order, C+J were required to pay for all items in advance - OK. C+J were also required to sign a no-return, no-refund agreement before order would be placed - OK.

Wed., Apr. 11, '07 ~ 5:20 pm - C+J receive sales invoice via post mail. Sales order number: **. Estimated arrival date: April 18, '07. Wed., Apr. 18, '07 ~ 4:25 pm - J (home) calls Ashley Furniture (702-8610). ** (receptionist) - chat. ** doesn't know when the furniture will be in, maybe today. The store will usually call with a 3-hour delivery time window. ** would not be in the store until Sat. Apr. 21, '07. ** (salesman) was not in the store presently.

Thu. Apr.19, '07 ~ 11:17 am - J (office) calls Ashley Furniture (702-8610). Receptionist - chat. ** was not in the store until 1:00 pm, J would call back. 1:07pm - J (office) calls Ashley Furniture (702-8610). Receptionist - chat. James was busy with a client, would call ** back - OK. 6:52 pm - ** returns J's call to - message recorded: "James is on his way out of the store, please call his cell."

Fri. Apr. 20, '07 ~ 9:13 am - J (office) calls Ashley Furniture (702-8610). ** (receptionist) - chat. headboard, chest, care kit have arrived, delivery today. the other items will be at the store in a couple of days, maybe Wed. Apr. 25, '07. 9:30 am – message from nanny. Ashley Furniture will make a delivery today between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

2:30pm – headboard, chest, care kit, bed rails delivered to house. 5:15 pm – J arrives home from work, chest is not set up in bedroom and is still wrapped in plastic. 7:05 pm – J unwraps and moves chest. Chest drawers are very noisy & difficult to open. 7:18 pm – J (home) calls ** (702-8610) – message: "please call J (cell)". 8:20 pm – ** (Ashley Furniture) calls J (cell) – message: "** is gone for the day".

8:22 pm – J (home) calls ** (702-8610). Complaint: furniture was fully paid for in advance and delivery is in excess of 28 days, no idea when remaining furniture will arrive, pieces that have arrived were not set up properly and need touch-up staining. Jennifer explains that Tue. Apr. 24, '07 is the earliest “tech” visit available. ** (manager) will call J (cell) tomorrow morning

Sat. Apr. 21, '07 ~ 9:13 am – ** (Ashley Furniture manager) calls J (home) - chat. Fully paying in advance is store policy, therefore “it's neither here nor there”. Earliest “tech” visit available is Tue. Apr. 24, '07. no idea when remaining pieces will arrive. ** (delivery manager) will call **.

5:38pm – ** (Ashley Furniture delivery manager) calls J (home). Chat: C+J will receive $100 gift certificate, Ashley Furniture will refund delivery charge (credit J's VISA), salesman should not be assuring customers of 28-day delivery. once the order is placed, the (Edmonton) store has no idea when furniture will arrive because they do not track the order, nor the shipment. The only notice of delivery occurs when the (Edmonton) store receives a phone call from the warehouse that furniture has arrived. Only 2 techs on staff, they work 16-18 hours per day, recruiting and training new staff. ** will check into delivery of remaining items and call J Mon. or Tue.

Mon. Apr. 23, '07 ~ 5:15pm – C+J receive letter from Ashley Furniture - brief letter apologizing for delivery delay, $100 gift certificate. Mon. Apr. 23, '07 ~ 10:40 am – ** (delivery manager) calls J (cell). Message: technician will be at house on Tue. Apr. 24, '07. All remaining pieces will arrive by the end of this month (April 2007). 1 nightstand is expected to arrive on May 10, '07

Tue. Apr. 24, '07 ~ 2:30 pm – ** (technician) arrives @ house., rectifies all issues with chest. Wed. May 02, '07 ~2:30pm – C+J mail letter to Ashley Furniture, BBB as follows:

"Thank you for your letter dated April 22, 2007 and the $100.00 gift certificate. While we consider your certificate and promise of the delivery refund generous, we are dissatisfied with your company. To-date, May 02, 2007, we have only received the chest of drawers and a headboard that sits on our floor without a foot board. The remaining items of our 9 piece bedroom suite that were ordered and fully paid for on March.18.2007 have yet to arrive. We were verbally assured at the time of sale that the furniture would arrive in 28 days. No one in your store has any idea when or if the shipment will arrive.

Instead we are fed endless excuses, ”Maybe it's back ordered”, “It could be stuck in customs”, “Maybe it's on it's way, we can't track anything”. We had reservations about dealing with an American company and it seems we were right to do so. Consumers are warned every day about potentially fraudulent companies that demand full payment in advance with a promise of products or services to be delivered at a later date. Enclosed is the $100.00 gift certificate. Please apply this and the delivery charge as a credit towards our overall cost for the furniture. We will not be shopping at your store."

Tue. May 15, '07 ~ 12:30 pm - Ashley Furniture C (home) - chat. All remaining furniture will be delivered on Thu. May 17, '07 between 1:00 pm -3:00 pm - OK. Thu. May 17, '07 ~ 12:18 pm - nanny calls J(cell) - chat. All furniture has arrived and been set up - OK. ~4:10 pm - C+J receive letter from Edmonton Better Business Bureau, brief re-iteration of C+J complaint against Ashley Furniture, explanation that BBB cannot proceed further until C+J supply authorization to disclose their personal information (address, phone number)

4:15 pm - J (home) calls BBB (1-800-232-7298) - office is closed. J completes BBB online complaint form - agrees to share personal information. Fri. May 18, '07 9:49 am - J (office) calls ** (Edmonton Better Business Bureau - 488-6632-240) - chat. She does not have J's personal information sharing authorization yet.

9:52 am - J (office) completes another online complaint form. 9:56 am - J (office) calls ** (Edmonton Better Business Bureau - 488-6632-240) - chat. She still does not have J's personal information sharing authorization yet. 10:17 am - calls ** (Edmonton Better Business Bureau - 488-6632-240) - chat. She still does not have J's personal information sharing authorization yet. ** will fax J (office) complaint form - OK.

10:30 am - J (office) receives BBB complaint form, completes and signs authorization form, faxes back to ** (fax. **). 10:51 am - J (office) calls *** (488-6632-240) - chat. She received completed form. Chloe will now send info and complaint to Ashley Furniture - OK.

Customer Service Lacking
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Rating: 1/51

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I was in need of a bedroom suite. Went to Ashley's after going to every store I had access to. Was immediately greeted by associate which was good. I kind of felt like she was following me but that's okay, she wanted the sell. Found a set by the name of SHAY. The base price was $897 for bed, rails, mirror and dresser. I requested a nightstand which was $134.91. By the time she got all the calculations, the total was 1377. WHAT?? Then she stated I would not receive it for another 3 to 4 weeks!!

I asked her what were the dimensions and this is where the customer service went downhill for me...she said it's on the website. Really? I asked a live sales representative and she referred me to a computer. I kindly said I will do that. First mistake, never let your customer leave so they can check a computer. I could have easily checked in the store but she could have too...SALE LOST. I went to another store that sold the very set and purchased the bed, mirror, dresser, chest and nightstand for 779.61. You lose again ASHLEY. Please get out of the furniture industry, you are no good at it from the reviews.

Poor Quality Furniture and Very Weak Customer Service
By -

MESQUITE, TEXAS -- On May 14, 2010, we purchased a complete bedroom suit (which included a queen bed with canopy posters and rails, a dresser, chest, media chest, two nightstands and a bench) along with some den furniture. The bedroom suit was the last to be delivered on July 30, 2010, some 10 weeks after we purchased it. During the intervening time, no one from Ashley called to keep us up-to-date on the delivery problems they were having with these items. The dresser is a large one with 7 good-sized drawers. Of these 7 drawers four were slanted, as if the unit were sagging in the middle. Also, some of them were in crooked so that the drawer face would not close flat against the dresser front.

We immediately called customer service about this and some additional problems with the nightstands and the chest. On August 6th, a tech came out to examine the furniture and was polite and friendly. He said that the dresser would be replaced, the nightstands were missing some parts and the drawers not closing properly on the chest were the result of "the ease with which the sliders work". It took two "replacement" dressers to get an acceptable one (the first replacement had a lot of finish blemishes). The repair parts were ordered (and immediately went on back-order status, but we were not aware of this).

In the meantime we had begun examining the furniture more closely and each piece had multiple issues. Most of these issues were fit and/or finish items. We waited for the parts to arrive and after 2 weeks (on August 20th), we called to check on the part status. This is when we found out that they were on back-order. We decided on August 23rd to make customer service aware of the rest of the problems via a phone call and not to wait for the parts to be installed.

This was followed up on the 24th with an email to customer service about all our problems, including an attachment that gave specific complaints about the late delivery and the bad furniture. We never received a response to either communication. Then on September 16th, we decided to visit the store where we had made our purchase in person to see the customer service representative.

We talked to that person for a long time and left copies of photos of the problems on the furniture as well as copies of the email and the attachment we had sent in. We also requested an immediate call-back from someone higher up in the management chain. On the 17th, after receiving no phone call, we called the store and demanded to speak with someone who might get this situation off dead center. Later on the 17th, we finally received an email from a manager at the store wanting to send another tech out to look things over.

It took a little over a week to get our schedules to match up but September 28th was set for the visit. Nobody showed and we have not had any one call concerning this. We did get a call about the same time telling us that the parts were being shipped to our home. They arrived on the 28th. As I write this on October the 8th, the tech is scheduled to visit today but he will only be dealing with the installation of the parts we received. So, now what?

Here it is the 8th of October, one hundred sixteen days after our purchase (and this purchase represents a lot of money to us) and we are still fighting this crazy fight. If we had known that this purchase was going to be this extended and bizarre, we never would have gone through the doors of Ashley Furniture. As it is, we will never shop there again. Potential buyers: beware. Check other posts about Ashley.

What a Nightmare!! Will We Ever Get Our Furniture?!
By -

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- My husband & I ordered the Porter bedroom suite from the Ashley Furniture store in Huntsville, AL on March 27, 2010 and guess what...we still have not received it!!! We paid cash on the day we ordered it and were told it would be about 4 weeks until it was delivered. We were OK with that as we wanted to paint the bedroom and that would give me time to pick out the bedding... The estimated date of delivery on our paper work was May 11, 2010.

As that day approached, we had not heard from anyone at Ashley so I called them at the first of May and was told it was still on back order and it would be sometime in July before it was delivered!!! If they knew it was going to be that long, they should have called us!! When I asked about a refund, they said they did not know if we would get 100% refund or how long it would take to get a refund!! So we decided to wait it out as we hated to cancel and start the process of shopping for a bedroom suite all over again!

So another month or so goes by and we still have not heard from them. (They have not called us the whole time. If we wanted to know the status of our PAID IN FULL furniture, we had to call them - and set on hold for a half hour each time!!) So, once again, I call them on 6/25 and was told it would be delivered on July 8th, 9th ot 10th and someone would give me a call to set up a time. Due to my husband and I both having jobs, we needed to know in advance so we could schedule to be here when the furniture came - not unheard of I assume!!

So on 7/5 I call to see if we can get a confirmed date of delivery and am told they do not know when our bed will even be made!! What? Are you kidding me? We were told on 6/25 it was to be delivered this week and now you're telling me the bed has not been built?? Is this a joke?? I asked to speak to a manager as this was unacceptable. I was put on hold for 36 minutes and then I was hung up on!!

I was finally able to make contact with the Office Manager who told me she could not help and that the Store Manager was off and would be back tomorrow. I left him a real nice voicemail. Just waiting now to see if he will call me back...I doubt it! But I will call him everyday this week and if I do not hear some good news this week I will be taking the hour drive to Huntsville to talk face-to-face!!

Dishonest, Scam Artists
By -

CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- This company is deplorable. We bought a bedroom set for our son and his fiance as a wedding gift. When we bought it we were told it was an ensemble, queen headboard, foot board, rails, chest, dresser and nightstand. I signed the paperwork when purchased and handed it to my son...that was MY mistake. I didn't read the purchase paper work. The salesperson never included the nightstand. The first nightmare occurred regarding delivery. Keep in mind they charge an outrageous delivery charge of $120!!!

We specifically, over and over in the store, told them that he was a teacher and the product could NOT be delivered during the day but had to be delivered after 4 PM. Oh we were assured that would happen. Well they attempted delivery with 15 minutes notice at 2 PM. Of course, they were not home. Ashley tried to hit them with a delivery charge. My son fought it and the furniture was delivered THREE weeks later! Customer service FAILURE 101!!!

Then the furniture is delivered with no nightstand and we begin round two with them. I call around to Ashley in Florida with the SKU number of the complete ensemble. Price in FL is cheaper then what we paid for the set without the nightstand. Then I call the store and inquire what the cost would be and the price quoted is $13 more than what we paid. I write a letter and they reply to my son stating...are you ready..."well we will give you the nightstand but we will NOT make any of the repairs to the furniture we delivered that had nicks on it and two of the drawers don't sit".

So they nick the furniture in delivery, deliver a product that is defective and then not stand behind it. PLEASE do yourself a favor RUN AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS, BAIT-AND-SWITCH. I am so sorry I ever took the kids there. I thought "made in America", it's got to be good stuff!!! How wrong could I have been?

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