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Ashley Porter Bedroom Sets. Warning!!
Posted by Sampha on 06/02/2012
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- If Ur interested in this bedroom (Porter) set don't buy from Ashley store. At A-1 furniture they have the same set and I was able to get it for 1000 dollars less!!

And they had the set in stock so we got it the next day. They also treated me Soooo much nicer and better. No games from the sales people. The guy quoted me 2499 after
I asked what is the best deal he could do for me. Later I realized that it even included tax, so I didn't have to pay extra (even though, I was set to pay the tax)

Originally I went to the Ashley Homestore on the east side and fell in love with this bed set, the sales girl there after asking her to get a price quote came back with a price of 3700 dollars. Which didn't add up when you crunch the individual numbers so I asked her to break it down. They have tagged along a protection plan fee( 10% of purchase) taxes and delivery because she had asked if I wanted delivery done by the way the delivery charge was 150 dollars!! Way more than any local furniture stores around here. A-1 is charging me 40 bucks!

After I told the manager I was only interested in the bedroom price not the added fees he got really condescending to me and laughed at my face! I am usually kind and appreciative that these people are only trying to make a living but this manager at Ashley made me feel like I was there to ask for his service and business not the other way around. Like well if you don't like my price go somewhere else. I should add that as part of his horrid and deceitful tactics he told me that this bedroom set was an "EXCLUSIVE" Ashley piece sold only at Ashley Stores. That's why I left the store feeling very upset and sad cause my pride and sense of dignity was torn. I didn't bother to look after that for a bed set. never ever want to step foot in a Ashley Store again!

But things were meant to be, because I happen to go into A-1 for a quick glance at a mattress for my son and there was my beloved bed set. A part of me still feels guilty because it is a Ashley Piece. Also imagine the surprised of the sales man at A-1 when I told him the sales manager at Ashley told me it was exclusive and not sold anywhere else.

Ashley store employees must have gone through very rigorous training to deceive, lie and try to steal from customers any way they can!!

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-06-02:
Excellent review! It really shows the true colors of Ashley Furniture.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-06-02:
Great review.
Posted by CIncinnati Kid on 2012-08-31:
Thanks for the review! Was just getting ready to purchase the set from Ashley with their 50% off Labor Day sale! That's a crock, even with their 50% they are still more expensive than others!
Posted by Marie on 2012-09-24:
I realize this discussion was posted back in June, but just wondering if you are happy with the quality of the bedroom set? I am thinking of buying it...also, does the mattress sit on slats or can you use your box springs? If it sits on the slats, is it comfortable. I forgot to check at the store. Thanks!
Posted by frugalshopper on 2013-04-09:
So glad I found this site and read comments. I was in an Ashley store today and got prices for the buy one, get 2nd piece half off sale. I am not buying the bed to the porter set due to its size and lack of room but would purchase dresser, chest, 2 night tables, mirror, and media chest. The total with the sale, shipping protection, and tax was $4065. I found the same pieces on American Furniture Warehouse online and although the shipping is $800, the total with shipping was only $2440!! what a difference. I will say, the that the salesman was extremely nice and very helpful at the Ashley store.
Posted by linda on 2013-06-24:
I really like the look of this bedroom set and would like to know if you are happy with it. I'm planning to buy it but not from Ashley of course
Posted by Hilda on 2013-08-22:
Ashley Furniture will match, or BEAT anyone's advertised price on Ashley furniture. I'd much rather purchase from the manufacture than a third party. If you have a problem with anything during the first year they'll send a technician out to fix it free.
Posted by Tom on 2014-01-04:
I came here for a review on the furniture itself and not a particular store that someone had a bad experience with. There are all sorts of stores that are good, bad, and/or ugly. What about the furniture quality? The title mentions a the Porter furniture, but the store is what the discussion is about. Why not the furniture?
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Ashley Furniture-Horrible customer service and delivery
Posted by Jm37146 on 04/10/2006
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My wife and I ordered a bedroom suit from Ashley Furniture in Nashville Tennessee on Feb. 20, 2006. We were told by the salesman that the furniture would arrive within two weeks. After the furniture was paid for, we were told that one piece was delayed and it would be four weeks til delivery.As part of a special promotion we were given $250.00 in Ashley gift cards to spend on accessories in the store. We were originally told that the gift cards were only valid for one week, so after looking at all of the ridiculously overpriced accessories, we selected a comforter set for $250.00. At checkout,we were told that the comforter had been priced wrong, but we could buy it for ONLY $300.00! After arguing with the salesman, he accused me of switching price tags on it and ordered me out of the store! At four weeks I began calling the store and was told that they had nothing to do with it anymore, I would need to call the distribution center.The distribution center told me that it would be in the following week. The next week, no phone call, so I called again and was told the furniture would be in the next week! This went on for two weeks, then on Tuesday, March 28, I received a call that our furniture had arrived,but they only delivered in our area on Wednesdays, so it would be April 5 before delivery. On April 4, I received a call from Ashley that the dresser was damaged, so another dresser would be ordered and would take two weeks to arrive.

When the delivery arrived on April 5, the dresser arrived with it. I was told that the dresser had been repaired by Ashley. Upon inspection,the dresser leg was cracked,and the finish on top was bubbly. We refused delivery and as of April 11, we are still trying to get our furniture.This has been the transaction from hell. We will never deal with Ashley Furniture again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
Why is it that they always get the money up front and then all the crap starts?
Posted by LadyBunnie on 2006-05-08:
Be very cautious when accepting delivery. I've been going through a nightmare with the Murfreesboro location since January 2006. After they make 4 bad deliveries they will refund your money after they pick-up the "loaner furniture" and it will take a month to recieve your check. The stores are franchised so when you talk to corporate no takes resposiblity for the epic porportion of events. Your better off throughing your money in a rat hole. I'm stilling trying to get my furniture after 5 bad delivers and found that buying the Guardinian Protection Warranty isn't worth one cent. Do not trust this people. Get everything they promise in writing, take pictures if you can. Continue to watch this site for comments because once they settle with me boy do I have a story to tell. I will be calling all of the local news stations and doing my best to get the word out. I'm lying low for now because we really love the furniture we picked out and the price was right. Other stores can't match the deal but in the same return we still haven't receive what we picked out from the showroom floor.
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Pitiful service
Posted by Haha on 05/17/2006
In January of 2006, I purchased a bedroom suite from Ashleys.When it was delivered in March, the gentlemen set it up and asked me if everything was ok. Stupidly, without looking, I said yes and they left. Before they got in the truck I went to the bedroom to look at the furniture and I noticed that one of the post was shaky. When I looked at the base of the post, a piece had been broken off and some one had tried to cover it up with what looked like, brown paint. When I saw it, I immediately ran to the door to stop the truck but they were going around the corner. I then called customer service to see if they could stop the truck before it got any further. They said that they could not be reached but they took my complaint and said that someone would be out to look at the damaged merchandise.

Well, around March, after several calls and prompts,a gentleman did come. He looked at the furniture and assured me that in four weeks, I would have a replacement and that he would come and make sure that it was installed. Needless to say, the part has not been repaired and it is almost June. Terrible, terrible servive.I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Burnetta Maske
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Posted by Beats on 2013-02-04:
Just purchased bedroom set post are shakey waiting for it to fall apart guys take off ASAP do not wait for you to examine I just noticed the furniture is nicked in several areas covered by brown paint then get on the bed and it shakes like it is unstable very disappointed feel they do the bait and switch show you one thing on the display floor and deliver crappy stuff out four days and could see the paint peeling off in certain areas.
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Missing Furniture
Posted by StillWaiting on 08/15/2005
CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I ordered $1800 of bedroom furniture from the Ashley Furniture store at 4711 East Ray Road in
Chandler, AZ 85044 on 5-July-2005. As of 13-August, I have heard nothing from them. I called the store a week ago and asked about the status. I was told "the computers are down, so we cannot check". They asked for my # so they could call me in a couple hours when the computers were back up. I called back 7 hours later and asked if the computers were up. I was told "Yes" .. then I asked about the status of my order. I was told there was no record of any shipment in the factory, and that I would be put on a list to be called by "Corporate" the following Monday.
I called on Monday and was again told there was no record of any shipment to the factory for my order .. but "Corporate would call me within 48 hours" to follow up.
I called another number for this store, and "Sabrina" answered. She said there was no record my of my name on any callback list, but she too assured me my name would be put on the list this time for a return call from Corporate.
I needed this furniture delivered and installed before my house warming. I am VERY worried that I am getting the "run-around", and with all the occurrences of defective/damaged furniturea and poor customer service, I may need to resort to legal means to get satisfaction in this matter.
There is no excuse for the complete lack of information in delivery status ... they have had five weeks ... and with no word, it is as if they are hiding something.

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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-08-16:
I understand your concern and frustration. However I would wait a bit more time before resorting to any legal process. Most furniture purchases that have to be ordered take around 6-8 weeks to be delivered. In the last 5 years I have purchased furniture from 3 different companies and in each case it was at least 6 weeks. One purchase took almost 9 weeks but all was well and in great condition. I do agree you are getting the run-around as far as communication goes. I don't know what you can do about that except keep calling them and "reminding" them that they were to call you back. Hope you get your new room soon.
Posted by JennAV8s on 2005-08-26:
Oh, my God! we are in the same boat!

I ordered $3000.00 in living room furniture on July 4, 2005. It is now Aug 26 and nothing. In the past 8 weeks I have had the same run-a-round from that ineffective manager at the Chandler Ray Road store. They keep telling me "there is just nothing we can do" The problem with this is there is a lot they could do...they just choose not to. In fact I am currently on hold with Ashley "customer service" and have been on hold for 36:51 minutes so far this morning. Nice service don't you think! I called the Ray Road store this morning and the boy that finally answered the phone gave me the corporate number. I pressed him for a name of who I could talk to about my problem. He would not give me a name but assured me that I did not need one. So, if you call 623-209-2700 your only real option is to enter the last name of the person you are wanting to speak with. I tried pushing the "0" key for an operator with no luck but disconnection. I am happy to see that at least Ashley is consistant in one thing...BAD customer service. Well, I am now at 45:46 minutes and still on hold.

I am going to call the NBC station and see if they can help. GOod luck and I hope people read this and think twice about this store!
Posted by JennAV8s on 2005-08-26:
ok...now it has been 1 hour and 47 minutes and I am stil on hold with "customer service"
Posted by JennAV8s on 2005-08-26:
This is amazing. After getting very upset I took a long lunch. I have just returned from lunch and my phone shows that it has been on hold for...wait for it...4:27:51. That is right...I am approaching 4 1/2 hours on hold. I did contact 12 on your side in Phoenix and it turns out they actually have two people assigned to Ashley problems...that cannot be a good sign.
Posted by jedi on 2005-10-14:
i apologize for the inconvienience. please allow me to make up for it somehow. e-mail me at mjedlowskicustomercare@ashleyfurniture.com i would also love to find someway to compensate you for your troubles. sincerely michael jedlowski Pres/CEO
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Ashley Furniture Moldy Rip off!
Posted by Indira.ramdin on 01/10/2013
ELMHURST, NEW YORK -- I had bought furniture from Ashley furniture store and it hasn't even been a year yet and I noticed that mold continuously forms on the dresser, night stand, and bed board. The mold only forms on the furniture, no where else. I called the company up and they don't want to take responsibility for the situation. This situation serves as a health hazard for my family and I am deeply concerned. I suggest not buying wooden products from them. My next step will to take them to court.
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Posted by Alain on 2013-01-11:
You might also seek assistance from the NY consumer agency via http://www.dos.ny.gov/consumerprotection and you could also give a call to the health department at (212) 383-4660 to see if they have some advice for you.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-11:
Even though I'm no fan of Ashley, I see absolutely no bases for taking the retailer to court in this situation.

Mold can start and grow for a verity of situations.

I'd be interested Indira once the court case has been filed.
Posted by leet60 on 2013-01-11:
Mold grows and thrives on organic material, particularly on wood surfaces. The presence of mold normally indicates a high humidity level in the room, which can be controlled by a dehumidifier. The placement of furniture can be conducive to mold growth, as it is normally adjacent to a wall area which creates a confined space for the humidity to encourage growth.

If you are finding mold on your furniture, it is HIGHLY likely you have mold growth behind walls, cabinets, underneath carpet and similar areas.
Posted by Kathy on 2013-05-29:
I just purchased ba sectional and it smells like moldy and musty. I'm so mad. They as they don't cover smells, my daughter is highly allergic to mold, and is an asthmatic hnavinh attacks, they need to help me
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No Replacement Parts???
Posted by Caliente on 03/23/2010
If you buy furniture from Ashley furniture, and ever need replacement parts, forget it! You won't get them!!! You just have to but new furniture or spend a fortune on someone else to repair it and almost remake it!!!

When the handles on our dresser and night stands started to break (they are supposed to be metal handle pulls...Yeah right), we called to get some more.

We were astonished to find out that if the item has been discontinued, you will never be able to replace anything on that item! What a great company---not!!!!!
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WOW...that's all I have to say
Posted by CourtnieV on 01/19/2010
GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- So two weeks before Christmas my husband and I went to buy our new bedroom furniture set for our gift to each other. We picked out what we liked in the store and then proceeded to pay for it. First of all they didn't have one of the pieces we originally wanted. So we settled for something else. We paid and got a delivery date of 2 weeks out. I made sure to take off of work to be home for the delivery. They got here and THEN informed me that they didn't have all the pieces they needed to put the bed together...and they were just going to leave it at that. So I called the store where I purchased it from and asked what was going on. She had to call me back of course.... 3 hours later she called and said the clerk had forgotten to order the posts to make up the frame... and that it was going to be an additionaly 97 dollars. I said no way am I paying that. I got this taken care of and set up a NEW delivery date for those posts and then went to enjoy the furniture I did have. After looking closely I saw that the nightstand had been dropped and was split up and the chest of drawers was MISSING STAIN AND FINISH down the side of it. BOTH things that they should have noticed. So I called back and they informed me that they would replace these things when they brought the bed posts. So then they show up the next time and put the bed together and exchange only the night stand... I get home to find out that they had told my father in law that the chest didn't come in and they don't know when it will either. SO... I call them BACK... at this point I am really mad and needing some compensation. She proceeds to tell me she can give me 5% off my next order and will schedule a new delivery date for when the chest DOES come into stock, this was after she said she would call me back the next morning and didn't....NOT ONCE DID THEY EVER CALL AHEAD TO TELL ME THINGS WERENT COMING...which still pisses me off. So to top it all off... after going and inspecting the bed I realize that my camera that was on the nightstand that they replaced is now missing. I have searched my ENTIRE house looking for it even though I KNOW it was there that morning and it is GONE. So I call the company today and the manager will "get back to me".... YEAH RIGHT. So are they going to compensate me for my camera? I'm sure not... and I get 5% off my next purchase...do they ACTUALLY think I will EVER buy there again?
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Terrible Product And Even Worse Customer Service!
Posted by Rosie1208 on 08/12/2008
CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a 3 piece bedroom set back in October. I was really excited to buy a bedroom set, since it was my first "grown up" purchase. We spoke to a really nice salesman who answered all our questions and he seemed to be the type who would not screw someone over...we were wrong. We spent almost 3 grand on everything, because we also got a new mattress.

Anyhow- I got the bed and within the first 48 hours of it being in my house, it broke! The place where the railings and the headboard meets completely split, which made it nearly impossible to sleep on. So, I called customer service and they told me that I had to wait until a tech could come and take pictures. I waited about 3 weeks for that to happen. In the mean time I was hardly sleeping because the bed was lop sided and made loud noises whenever I would move. The tech finally came and said they had to re order new railings....another freaking month.

So, the new railings finally came and a month later the bed broke in the EXACT same place. I called Ashley again, and they gave me the same story and said they needed to have a tech come out to take pictures. It took about a month and still no tech, no phone call, no email. So, I went down to the store, and they said that I should talk to the manager. The manager gave me some story about how the particular bed I got had a defect and they corrected the problem, and he assured me that it would not break again. He said that if it did, he would let me pick out a new bed set. I, stupidly, believed him. BIG MISTAKE.

The bed broke for the THIRD time, in the SAME spot. I immediately called Ashley, and they said they needed to investigate in further and then hung up on me. I called the store everyday for a week and each time they would hang up on me or put me on hold. I finally went down to the store, and the manager who told me I would get a new bed set was there, but said he was just about to leave and that he would call me back later that week. That did not happen. I waited another week. Still, no phone calls no phone calls returned. So, I went back down there. The secretary got the VP on the phone and he said he would call me and get this figured out. He called me the next day, and told me it was MY fault that bed broke and the warranty does not cover that. He was condescending, rude, and full of crap.

So now I am sleeping on a bed that is broken... I hate them. I will never ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture again. They do not stand by their product, and put the blame on the consumer. I have wasted so much time and energy on them, and have gotten nowhere. Please stay away from Ashley!

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Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-08-12:
The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

Email: consumeraffairs@ashleyfurniture.com
Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612

You may also consider visiting our website, www.ashleyfurniture.com. Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

We are here to help!
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-08-22:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. responded to "Rosie1208" by leaving a M3C message on 08/12/08, unfortunately we have not received a reply back. An Ashley Furniture reference number was provided for quicker service. Therefore, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should "Rosie1208" reply to our message, we will review the information and proceed from there.
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Horrible Service
Posted by Cyberchanel on 05/04/2006
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a bedroom suit from Ashley furniture of Raleigh three weeks ago. They called and changed my delivery date on Tuesday afternoon the day before it was suppose to be delivered. Then someone else called around 8:30pm to tell me that it actually came in and they would be delivering it Wednesday on schedule between 1 and 6. I took the day off so that I could wait for my furniture to be delivered. Around 6pm no still hadn't showed. I called the store they said give them a little more time. They had a lot deliveries is what I was told. I had already moved everything out my room. My husband and my clothes were everywhere in our closet on the floor so that we would have room for everything to be setup

Well 8:50p.m. rolls around still no delivery. I called the store once more and they said that the truck was on its way. Give them a little more time. 11pm still no delivery so I called the office and left a message. When the manager finally decides to call back around 11am Thursday morning to tell me that the furniture never arrived. She tried to say that she didn't know who called me I made sure to let her know it came from their office the same number she was calling me from.

She acted as if she didn't care. Then she goes and say that they have removed my setup fee which I lost more than that by staying home waiting on their delivery truck. Now I have to wait till Saturday even though I was going out of time but once again I have to schedule around theirs for a delivery that should have been here last Wednesday. The manager went on to say that they were booked for Friday even though my furniture will be Thursday. Anyone that is reading this do not buy anything from Ashley furniture. Find another store because they do not care about that their employees. For any Cisco, TWC or new Hanover hospital employee I worked at of this places don't order from Ashley they will just screw you around.
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Very unhappy
Posted by Cassieray1233 on 03/14/2011
HOUSTON, TX 77064, TEXAS -- I will never buy from Ashley Furniture again! My husband and I bought an entire bedroom set from them 3/6/11, with the promise that it would be delievered 03/12/11. We explained that was the longest we really could wait and we were assured it would be delivered on that date.
We received a call from Ashley Furniture a few days later explaining the side rails to the bed were not available and they rescheduled for 03/15/11. We were upset, but agreed. A couple of days later we get another call saying they could not deliver until 03/16/11. We reluctantly agree again, but let them know that is the latest we would accept. They called again today 03/14/11 to let us know the bed could not be delivered until 04/06/11, but they could deliver the side tables!

Needless to say we cancelled the order today and after wasting all that time, we are shopping for bedroom furniture again! (hopefully they will refund the money as promised, but that is probably hoping too much!) No one from Ashley even offered an apology! I will never shop there again and will tell everyone I know to avoid them like the plague!! Worst furniture shopping experience I have ever had!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-14:
Ashley seems to be going to daily compliaints. I guess this is what they consider progress.
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-14:
Considering all the reviews about LONG delivery wait times, the op actually did receive expedited service.

OP, keep up the fight and get your money back. They do not deserve your business nor your money.
Posted by 49er fan on 2011-03-14:
Of course they wouldnt apologize the service you recieved is normal for Ashley Furniture.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-03-15:
Amazed that they even said the stuff would be there that fast. Seems like they usually don't deliver stuff much slower than that...
Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-15:
There is a great article here about what to watch out for when dealing with furniture salesmen:


Personally, unless the salesman puts a delivery time IN WRITING on the sales agreement, I go elsewhere.
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