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Poor Customer Care
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CARBONDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Complainant: Anthony Cook Carbondale PA
Signed up with AT&T 04/10/2009
Account Number: (Must Be Requested)

This is a letter to anybody who wants to read it. It concerns AT&T customer care and how they mistreat and lie to customers.

Below is a quick view of a payment arrangement I have made end of February 2012:

The agreement made with AT& T via Phone Customer Care Service:

Had Made Payment arrangement as below:

Call to make first payment on March 2, 2012
Amount: 165.93

Call again on March 15, 2012 to make arrangement for:
Amount: 165.93

This is about what happened the first day of my payment agreement:

Called to make first payment on March 2, 2012. The recording, or course, had indicated that the account is blocked from check or credit card payments. Wow, really? AT&T customer care to the rescue. How is this possible when I'm on an arrangement already.

Here is what actually happened:

The end of October 2011 I paid 235.24 to AT&T via a credit card ending in 4706, has been closed recently also. This credit card belonged to my Mother. I have a bank account with her and I use this card to pay my phone bill on occasion. Without me knowing my mother later disputed the charge on her credit card, forgetting this was my phone bill and I had already paid her. Apparently, this dispute had backed out the 235.24 from AT&T in February 2012. Soon after I had made my first arrangement as above for 165.93. Wouldn't it be nice if AT&T would have made me aware of this mishap.

Discussed this issue with Customer Server personnel. They had indicated that a credit card payment from October was taken off my account on February 22, 2012 which I did not know at this time. Now they say my account is 140 days past due and they cannot make an arrangement. After discussing this further with a supervisor, I was told to pay the 235.24 that was backed out in October 2011 and then I could make an arrangement the next day after I make a cash payment. I promised to pay 235.24 the next day and would call the back to make further arrangement. Was promised by the customer service representative that they would not suspend my account unless this payment is not honored. We were all in agreement.

March 3, 2012 sometime in the afternoon my service was suspended. I called them immediately and asked why this happened when I was promised they would not shut off my service if the payment gets made. Keep in mind I work until 4 and had to make the bank to make this payment. The customer service representative had suggested that I pay the October 2011 return of 235.38 then they will un-suspend my service. Then I was told to call them back to make a new arrangement with them. All was fine at this point. We all agreed!

March 3, 2012 4:15pm Called AT&T to confirm that I was on my way to make the payment of the 235.24 as promised. This time I was told that was not enough to get my service back on. I have to pay $545.19 now because it's 140 days old. I have told them that I was promised by the customer service representative prior that I only had to pay Octobers bill then I can make a new arrangement and get my service back on. This customer service representative told me they cannot do that. Thus, I was lied to twice (2) by AT&T Customer Service. I requested a supervisor to talk to. Again I got the same line from the supervisor and no way were they going to budge. I threatened to go to another company and they really didn't even care. Very awful business practices. I requested to go over the supervisors head and again they gave me the same deal. I told the manager that what bothers me the most is that the customer service representatives can lie and get away with it. This manager would not work with me and she claimed that they cannot over ride this for me. Anything can be over ridden so I did not believe that for one minute. Another manager who really didn't care to help much less care that I threaten to closed my account and go to another company.

Perhaps AT&T is right to expect me to pay the 545.19 because it was not their fault this happen. However, as they can see it wasn't my fault either. Consequently, I had expected them to work with me and help me with an arrangement and not suspend my service. Moreover, there was no problem with me paying for the services, I like having the services and I certainly was not trying to rob them. Since this was a mistake by a third party, I expected them to work with me. I guess I expected too much and now I know the company's true colors. When it comes to customer care please don't ever rely on it because it's more like "customer don't care" and you usually get a foreigner on the line that gives you the same spiel every time. "I am sorry to hear you have a billing issue...", what a scam and lack of humanity in today's business. Whatever happened to "Operator may I help you?", a real human from your own country asking to help you. Call me old fashion but, at least you were a person then, not just a number to add to some CEO's bottom line.

Needless to say once my contract is up, I'll be moving to a different company. These large companies had forgotten about Customer Care. Loose one customer is not going to affect their pockets by much, so they really do not have any care of Customer Loyalty and there is no personal customer service that really cares if you stay or leave them. The bottom line is billions of dollars aligning the pockets of CEO executives and losing a couple accounts a day is the least of their worries. If each customer took away millions of dollars of their prized shares of stocks, I bet they be better at it and enhance their customer care service.

Shame on AT&T!
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/05/2012:
Consider making an official complaint at and even though you're dropping the AT&T service.
cjonesRN1-Alabama on 08/19/2012:
The same thing happened to me except much worse b/c ATT wrongfully suspended my service on Christmas Eve through Dec. 28, 2011.
I made a split payment arrangement---100.00 on Dec 15, 2011 and 68.00 after christmasnaid my bill early to av I owed 100.00 and I used my pre-paid MasterCard to pay it online. My payment wasn't posted to my account
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They Lie About Their Service and Its Inclusions and Then AT&T Tries to Gaff You for 24 Months
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51

Your AT&T employees misrepresent and lie to its customers. I went into an actual AT&T store on the 17th of July 2013 and bought a mi-fi device which I had to pay $49 for and sign a 2-year contract. I asked the representative to sign me up for a 3 GB plan, and for some reason I noticed when I got home that I was signed up for 5 GB instead, I was also prorated to pay an extra 6 dollars or so on my next bill, because for some reason my billing cycle started on the 19th of June and not the 17th. While at the AT&T store, I was also very clearly told that I could at any time downgrade my service to any of the other plans from 10 Gigabites, to 3 Gigs, to 500, and finally down to 250 MB. Now 3 months later and the data being sucked up while I sleep, I decided to downgrade the Mi-Fi plan to 250 MB and get home internet service instead, while I would still pay the $14.99 a month for their lowest plan.
So I got my home internet from AT&T BTW, and I call their customer service on 21 of October 2013 (Monday) to try to save some money, while I try and do the right thing and fulfill my contract. I tried to cancel on the 19th right before my next billing cycle but they are closed on weekends. I called because I wanted to downgrade my service and use what data amount I thought was appropriate. Come to find out the information that I received at the AT&T office in Jackson, CA was wrong. The plan, which I was offered apparently is only available for tablets, not mi-fi the lady on the phone told me. When I told her that their company's representatives are misleading and not telling the truth, she told me to drive back to that Jackson, CA (which is almost 100 miles and talk to their manager, and tell them to train their employees better). So now I have to do the job that AT&T managers should be doing and I should pay $ and time for the mistakes their reps make. And there's nothing the customer representative could do, so I ask her to cancel my service then, because I wasn't going to pay $50 for a service that I wasn't going to use. She said she couldn't do that for me and then she transferred me again to someone who had the capability to cancel my service. SO I was put on hold for another 20 minutes and another customer relations expert answers the phone with no capability of doing anything to help me either, except he said he could change my plan and change it into a mobile device plan where I could pay $14.99 a month, but…. "I would not be able to use my mi-fi device", meaning I would be paying $15 dollars until July 2015 for no services offered what's so ever. So I asked, whether I would be able to exchange my mi-fi device for a mobile device and still continue using their service while paying the proposed $14.99. He said no, your 14 day grace period has expired. I asked whether my cancellation fee could be waived and he said "unfortunately no" for 100th time. I swear their training consists of saying unfortunately in front of every word. So I stopped negotiating and said that I just want to cancel and am would not like to take advantage of his awesome offer of $14.99 because me paying that amount would amount to $315 by the time my contract expires vs. the $138 cancellation fee/penalty. How does that do anything to help me out? When they should have stood by their word and at least trained their staff properly. Then, Elkanah [snip] the customer relations expert also says that I would be charged for an extra month through Nov. 19 because I called 2 days after my billing cycle started. I asked him to prorate it and he said they can't do that, they have no such capability. Then I called him out o it and said that they charged me with a prorated amount in the beginning why, so don't tell me there's no such thing as prorating. So he said he'll look into it and only charge my for 2 days of this billing cycles, after he attempted to lie to me and say that they work on the weekend. I called on the weekend and the machine told me to call during the work day.
This is ridiculous, they just straight out lie to you to get their money from you. They lie to me to get me signed up, they lie to me to try to make me pay $15 a month for no service, they lie to me and say they can't prorate to get an extra $50 out of me and they lie to me, saying they can't stand up for their representatives lying to me and waiving my fee.
Then they call me a valued customer.


Please waive my cancellation fee, because I deserve to be told what I'm buying and signing up for. I deserve to be told the truth. I will continue writing people to try to get the customer service and services I was promised or you also should have to hold up your side of the contract. It's not one sided, you should also be responsible for your employees not telling the truth.

Thank you in advance,

The wireless phone number assigned to my wi-fi device is 209-217-6350
Account #: 436114016801
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Worst Refund Process Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- So I go into the store at 10am to return my phone and cancel my account. I lost the debit card I used for the purchase and reported it stolen. So the associate says come back at 3 so they can give me a cash refund. They had to wait till the tills had enough cash for the refund. So I leave and come back at 3 and see the same guy. He passes me over to the manager named Mitch. He states the same story again and says they still don't have enough cash to do it.

So the manager himself says he will text me when they get the cash. He even sent me a text saying so to me. So I leave and time passes. I decide to go in at 5 to see how it is coming a long. The manager starts to go through the tills to make sure they have enough. Then he stops and starts talking to the other manager Amanda. Then after a minute conversation with her he comes over and says they won't be able to do cash. Then says they will need to send a check that may take 30 days to get. Then he states that he called all the other store managers to see if they can do it but they weren't able to find a way. He all of a sudden changed what he said from the beginning.

So then I talk to AT&T over and over. I got some calls from some execs but they never returned my call once I called back. They said I need to deal with the store and that they will refund everything but the restock fee and that they will just credit the account for that. Which doesn't help me since I'm closing the account. Then I go to the store for the 5th time now and of course receive the worst service yet. Amanda the manager skips over me and helps 3 people behind me. Then I flag her down and she says she thought I was with someone else. I tell her I just want to cancel the account and just get away from AT&T. She then puts me on the phone with customer service and walks away. Then she goes on lunch and I'm sitting there with no one helping me in person and on hole for over 30 min. Then the lady I do talk to says she can't help me because I don't know my number and that I should know it. I replied I had the phone for such a short time and why does it matter if I don't know you don't tell me what I need to know. She then says she can't help. I told her they usually look it up by SSN can't you do that. She hesitates and says yes and I told her I want a manager. She puts me on hold for 20 min. I decide I am over AT&T. I walk up to the reps in the store and tell them sarcastically thanks for the wonderful service once again. I dropped there phone on the desk and just left.

They are a joke there. I talk more and more with AT&T customer service and some say I will get a full refund but then say they can't and its just a big cluster f&@$. I don't know if I will get my refund. I believe it when I talk to someone and then I go in person and they don't know what the hell I'm talking about. They have the worst customer service possible. Most of there reps don't know what I'm talking about until I basically explain it over like 30 times. Each phone call is at least an hour and I've waisted to much already.
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BAIT and SWITCH Promotion Sales Ploy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- 02Sept2011 I agreed to change to U-verse w/AT&T....I was an existing customer that was already paying 14.95/internet. The promo was supposedly for $20 something+ for internet and $35 for phone. I explained to the salesperson that I waa already paying $14.95/internet and it served my purpose so it wouldn't make sense to increase my costs for internet. She agreed to five me the internet @ $14.95.

Okay, U-verse installed 30Sept2011 (believe me, I keep notes. I really don't see a difference in service except for the fact that it's now wireless....more equipment inside and outside of house...not a plus!! Making a long story short, I have been complaining for the life of my new service about being incorrectly billed....02March2011 the c/s representative adjusted my bill dating back to 1st billing cycle but she claimed that she was unable to give me the $14.95/internet because that promo had ended...WHAT? She could only give me the new promo for $19.95----(AT&T tried me TWICE)

She claimed she had corrected everything. Months later still being billed incorrectly. Many calls to AT&T but funny thing, no c/s representative would ever let me talk to a manager....the manager always has to call me back. Needless to say no one ever calls back....oh, but they tell you a guaranteed call back within 24-48 hours----Jun 27, 2012 I was told this per my notes and just yesterday I was told the manager would call back as soon as they got out of their meeting, another guarantee from c/s rep-----17Aug2012....quite naturally no one called back....I chose not to run errands waiting on a phone call that never came through.

Need I mention the customer service representative in billing named "Yolanda" with the smart a** mouth that told me "when they see an amount they expect it to be paid (phone call dtd 17Aug12) or another smart a** mouth c/s representative in the Retention Dept. named "Scott [snip]" that nastily told me the bills are correct and the manager could do nothing and that he (the manager) will tell me the same thing! Those two incompetent figurines would never work for my company.

After reaching the supposed manager Al [snip] out of Pensacola Fl...that was another waste of time....a pure sign of incompetence or should I say, COVERUP. He sees all the adjustments but still says that I have been billed correctly since the 1st billing cycle....yet when questioned why the different adjustments were made...well, he could never answer that. He claimed that the system never reflected $14.95/internet so when I asked him how is it he couldn't see it but the other had been able to see answer. What was he hiding?

The fact that yes, I have been billed incorrectly since day one of Uverse service? Did I menion that I even got my services shut down twice within a month.....even after paying the $70+ like I was informed..even though I knew I was not behind (incorrect billing as always). My 78 yr old mother has been going through the same thing with AT&T billing.......they don't discriminate....young, middle-aged, old....screw whomever you can, uh AT&T. The fight has just begun!!!!!!!!

Thank Goodness for FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INTERNET! MY story will be told to the the process of making a video for YOUTUBE with copies of my bills. If I can save one person from this hell then I've a job well done. I work for a company that is Top 5 when it comes to amount of my story will be heard and passed on and on and on.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/18/2012:
It sounds like the root cause of your main (IMO) complaint (being billed $20 vs. $14.95) is that whatever the selling rep told you didn't "take", and you are being billed the rate that was advertised at the time.

Thus, when people look back through the file, they think (or tell you) that everything has been billed correctly. Perhaps the ones who agreed to make adjustments did it just to satisfy your complaint, w/o being able to verify what you agreed to in the first place.

I was in a similar situation with VZ over DSL. There was a promotion when I first signed up for $14.95/mo. I actually ended up paying $17.95, and nobody could locate the promo I signed up for. It was only when they went to jack my rate after 2 years and the "$14.95 rate for life offer" was in place that I called to cancel if they didn't give me what I signed up for - $14.95/mo. They buckled and gave me the $14.95 for life.

My suggestion would be that if you truly feel they didn't live up to the original agreement and you have a competetive offer elsewhere, is threaten to cancel if they don't give you what you feel you deserve. But you have to be ready to cancel if you do this.
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AT&T Steals From Customers (Please Read)
Posted by on
AT&T does not prioritize or give the slightest importance to quality customer service. They are more concerned with making money even if it means cheating their customers and taking illegal and immoral means to achieve this goal. I had several issues with my billing and I would call to inquire about these issues and I always got the run around. No one wanted to help or explain extra charges on my account. In one particular instance I noticed that AT&T was billing me twice for minutes and it wasn't a mistake because it was happening every month. For example lets say my bill cycle ended on the 10th of the month and new minutes started on the 11th. AT&T would bill me Until the 10th of the month but then in my next bill would charge me for minutes starting from the 7th of the month instead of the 11th.

So the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th days of the month I was charged twice for any minutes used during that time frame, which truly added up! AT&T gave me reason to believe they were doing this on purpose as a SCAM to make money off of people because of the next incident I am about to explain. I received a bill once with 30 dollar charges worth of celebrity updates and game apps. I called AT&T to assure them this had to be a mistake as my husband and I NEVER purchase these sort of things. They would not explain how the transaction occurred they simply insisted that I pay them the full balance.

I spoke to 5 different customer service representatives in regards to this issue including one store manager and a supervisor. The store supervisor told me that third party companies sometimes randomly select phone numbers to charge fees transactions that the individual did not really make. I asked how can you allow these third party companies to target your customers like that? I wasn't being billed by this "third party" I was being billed by AT&T. Which means that if this sort of scam IS in deed TRUE then AT&T is a participant of this scam. Why else would they allow another company to target their customers and willingly collect the money for them and give it to them? They must be making a profit this way!

After hours of arguing and being told it was not at all possible to remove the charges, when I showed them I knew what they were up to they quieted down and just said "look we will remove the charges OK" it was the shadiest thing ever! There are so many more instances where I realized A&T steals from their customers but it's just too much to write. Most people don't want to argue over a bill so they just pay whatever balance shows up on their accounts, but I would advise to take a closer look because AT&T steals from their customers!!! I strongly advise against joining this network, they are full of lies and deceit; they are truly a CORRPUT organization. Consider yourself warned.
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User Replies:
FaFaFhooey on 06/09/2011:
Thanks for the info. I'll have to check my bill
fast327 on 06/09/2011:
It pays to be vigilant and persistent. Last year I signed up for Hi-speed Internet DSL for their special price of $24.95. For six months the bill came in a $42.95. I had to call every month to get the price credited. It took seven months to finally get the right price and I spent many hours jumping through hoops to get my money back.I complained to my state's utility commission(NC), but they told me that they have no jurisdiction on Internet affairs(a crock if you ask me), but through persistence, finally got it right, no thanks to AT&T.
Dudewithajob on 06/25/2012:
Hey guys, I happen to work for AT and T, and I'm actually a supervisor. I can understand you have complaints but you also have to remember how many people we deal with everyday. At this point almost everyone has a cellphone and a large number of these people use our service. Instead of complaining online or cussing out a rep, try to lighten up a little bit and realize not everyone that works here is corrupt. I'm just trying to earn a paycheck.. All by listening to 40-50 people complain EVERYD
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If you don't want me you don't have to have me
Posted by on
SHERIDAN, WYOMING -- A few days ago, I dropped my cell phone in a very small puddle. I picked it up dried it off and even took it apart and dried the inside (just to make sure no water got inside, it was a very shallow puddle). I put it back together, put the battery back in, turn it on, and nothing. So I go to my local AT&T (ALLTELL) Store to see what they can do for me, after all this is a very inexpensive cell phone. I paid $30 for it and I got a rebate card for $30 in the mail not just three weeks earlier. So I had this phone for like three weeks and here it is dead. This just happens to be during the transition form Alltell to AT&T. Anyway I walk in and it looks like they are taking the old alltell phones off the counter and stocking the new AT&T phones. Well a few seconds which turn into a few minutes go by and not even a hello, OK the two guys there were stocking counter tops but the very, well how do I say this Kindly, I don't want to say fat see I'm fat and she had a few on me. Lets just say very healthy very female sales lady woman just looks at me while I the customer await a friendly acknowledgment or just hi or something, so I see it ain't happening so I smile say I dropped my phone she takes it looks at it tries the power button and tells me there is "nuttin" we can do for you, looks me up on her computer and tells me wow you have been with us for 15 years. I smile and say that's right can you help a loyal customer of 15 yrs out. Nope she says and you just got this a few weeks ago wow that really sucks she tells me, like I don't know this.

Well at least you get your new AT&T phone in about three weeks. Yes but I need my phone now, Sorry she says and hands me back my broken phone. Cannot you just sell me one of the old phones that you are putting into boxes, NO. But you can but my cheapiest phone for $150 but it won't work in a few weeks when we change over to Att. (Thank God I have two other phones from different companies) Long story short(or short story long) she tells me my other options are just wait a month or so or so until I receive my AT&T phone you know the old "go without" but still pay. Or close my contract( the same contract I just renewed three weeks earlier) I ask her how much that would be and she tells me about $250. I start to walk out and she says I have your contract pulled up so you can close it our that's just $250 please (really shes going to be nice to me now, I wonder if she makes commission on closing out contracts) I said I need to think about it. And Iam. After 15 years of loyalty to that company never missing a payment, this just might be a very rewarding way to spend $250. I almost forgot later that day I look at my phone take apart one more time, All this time I had the battery in wrong.

I put it in the right way and BiNGO It turns on, she didn't even check to see if my battery was in the right way much even check to see if I had a battery in the damn thing. Oh well thank god for tracphone and verision. Oh Sheridan Wyoming what you could be with a little competition.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/06/2011:
I'm not really sure what to say about this review. I mean number one, if this used to be an alltell store, maybe they are either closing the location, or transitioning.....which may be a reason she can't help you. Number 2, if you dropped it into a puddle, well that's really your fault. I pay 5 dollars per month for insurance with AT&T that protects me against anything that happens to my phone, if I drop it into a puddle, lose it, or it breaks on its own.
biomajor on 04/06/2011:
check the dot on the inside of the phone and on the battery, if it is white, call ATT's 800 number and talk to them and they can do a warranty exchange. If it has changed colors, you are out of luck because that is water damage and that isn't covered. Oh, you can go to any store and buy a GoPhone and put your sim card in it and it will work. Go Phones run about $10-$100, depending on what phone you want.
tnchuck100 on 04/06/2011:
biomajor, no need to check the dot: "I put it [the battery] in the right way and BiNGO It turns on,..."
momsey on 04/06/2011:
I would be very frustrated if I were you as well, but do you really think the woman working at the store had any kind of authority to do anything more than she did? I don't know what her weight had to do with anything, but you spent a couple of sentences on that, so it must have been important. But you dropped your phone in a puddle, no one else did. Yes, she should have realized that your battery was in wrong, but she didn't. You figured it out, it's all good now.
Anonymous on 04/06/2011:
That is unacceptable service and surprising. The AT&T store by my house aside from being manned by extremely attractive fit people always provides exceptional service over and beyond any of my expectations.

Was this a real corporate AT&T store or just a store selling AT&T stuff? It makes a difference. I'm glad it all worked out for you. Take care.
ChuhBaca on 04/06/2011:
One thing I don't understand; why did she say it would be $250 to terminate your contract if you only signed it a few weeks prior? I always thought legally, you have 30 days. Of course if you were returning a damaged phone, then they might be able to get you for the full cost of that, but now that you know it's not damaged...
biomajor on 04/06/2011:
LOL I missed the whole last paragraph! Too early this morning!! Operator error. The store sells the merchandise, they don't service any of it.
Starlord on 04/06/2011:
Just another perfect example of why I have been with Tracfone for over nine years and counting. I would be very embarrassed to be AT&T or Sprint or any of the big wireless companies to know that the Tracfone works when the ones from the big boys don't. The last time I updated, my new phone cost me a whole twenty dollars, and I get double minutes for the life of the phone. I buy a 120 minute card and get 240 minutes and 90 days added to my service. No backbreaking contracts, and if I decide to leave, I just lose whatever minutes I have in my airtime bank. No humongous fee for leaving. Nope, I'll stick with Tracfone, thank you very much.
biomajor on 04/06/2011:
Starlord, Tracphone and other prepaid work well for some people, but my family uses over 4000 minutes a month (2 teens LOL) and my daughter does about 3000 texts a month. We don't have a landline and haven't had one for about 5 or 6 years
Anonymous on 04/06/2011:
I have a land line at home for personal calls, and I have a TracFone for emergencies only. fill it up every 3 months always have plenty of minutes.

and for texting I use a free iphone app that gives me my own number and lets me send unlimited texts to anyone for free.
Starlord on 04/07/2011:
That may be true, bio, however, I have never had my Tracfone fail to work--anywhere. The Radio Shack store in Casa Grande, AZ is a Spriont sales office. For a very short time, I had a Sprint phone, and the RS employees were embarrassed as all get out when my Sprint phone would not work in their store. I repeat, my little Tracfone has never, ever failed to operate for me, which is a darn good thing when it was originally purchased for emergencies as I am a diabetic. You did not say who you are with, but I bet you have an expensive 'plan' and it has a huge fee if you ever decide to quit. I don't. Hey, admin, does that constitute bio trying to diminish the importance of my comment?
biomajor on 04/09/2011:
LOL I have ATT, but I've been with them for 10 years. Well, originally something, then Cingular, then finally ATT Wireless. I am not under a contract because I pay full price for my phones :)
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My Letter to AT&T and Their Pals at Asurion
Posted by on
August 11, 2009

(CNA Insurance)
P. O. Box 413866
Kansas City, MO 64141-3886

Re: AT&T #

Dearest Asurion Insurance Company and Your Equally Aggravating Conspirator, AT&T:

I’ve had the unique pleasure of spending the last several days on what seemed like
a series of no less than two-hundred and fifty-thousand grueling phone conversations with your ace customer service team regarding my defective Blackberry 8700c. The experience was akin to the most excruciating torture imaginable. In hindsight, I’d prefer the luxury of water-boarding, splintery bamboo shoots being shoved up under my fingernails or high-voltage electrodes attached to my reproductive organs by overzealous, mega-caffeinated CIA goons vying for promotion. Quite frankly, what I had to endure, dispensed by the script-sticking zombies at both of your fine and upstanding firms would make the most hardened member of The Third Reich cry out for his Mama.

On the bright side, I sure do know the drill, backwards, forwards and sideways now. “Thank you for calling the new AT&T about your wireless service.” Then comes something in Spanish like, “Donde esta el shampoo? Estas Susan en la casa? Primero numero dos.” Then, of course you get a menu, to which you can respond by pressing the numbers 1 through 4 on the phone keypad, and then finally…you get a real live android on the other end of the line. They ask you…again…for your Cell number, address, last four of your social, name, rank and serial number. But, before your grunts in the trenches could even utter the repetitive question log…after passing me around your system like a drunken crack whore dwarf at a gang-bang porn shoot…I would clearly, confidently and calmly, restate said data, much to their surprise. They thought I had ESP. That was fun. I was helpful. This, by the way was after three (count ‘em…three) trips to the AT&T store. The only heroes in this nightmare by the way were two Indian expats Jiwan and Nav at the AT&T bodega at Varick and Houston in NYC. They were the only people that went way out of their way to try to get to the bottom of my problem and actually help me. For the record, I wasn’t even a customer of theirs. They were just being nice guys. And, I walked away with a fabulous chicken vindaloo recipe. All was not lost.

Back to the issue at hand: I have a defective Blackberry 8700c. Not defective as in I dropped it in the toilet while tripping my face off at the Phish concert in Central Park. Not defective from me flinging it out of my window on Exit 11 of the New Jersey Turnpike, doing 80 in a 55…and having it run over by a Smart Car with 18” rims. Not defective in that my chubby pal Louie tried to salt, pepper and eat the damn thing…just defective, all by itself. Oh yes…and only one month after the warranty expired. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Thus far, all a relative cakewalk as I’m sure you’ll agree. It is at this particular juncture of my story that the real tyranny begins. AT&T refers me to the insurance department. I naively believe this is actually a division of AT&T. That’s just ignorance though. I slap myself on the back of the head, Italian-style for being such a stunod. Turns out…things are far worse…it’s Asurion, a division of CNA Insurance. (cue the silent movie villain piano music now)

AT&T tells me that all I have to do is call, make a quick claim and voila…they’ll send me a new replacement phone right away. Simple right? I mean…what could possibly go wrong? I was so relieved. Did I mention that my livelihood is high-pressure sales in the financial sector? Without my Blackberry…my sole connection to the universe, I’m little more than roadkill on the superhighway of life. A shell of a man. A mere shadow in the midst. Um, in other words…totally screwed.

So, I called Asurion. It was a real treat to speak to the folks that I’ve been paying $4.99 a month to. Made it seem a little less like my hard-earned cash was being sucked into some useless black hole in another dimension. The kind gent on the other end of the line said the same thing. His speech, pretty much verbatim is like this, “Sure. We’ll be happy to send a replacement phone to you, Sir. You may want to grab a pen and jot these items down. All I’ll need is a notarized sworn affidavit and proof loss, a copy of your most recent AT&T wireless bill, a copy of your current driver’s license, a valid proof of purchase, a photocopy of your sales receipt (the documents start flying by the sides of my head in various colors like at the end of ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ when Dave Bowman is zooming through time and space in the Astro-Pod) the electronic register receipt, the purchase receipt listing the ESN or IMEI and make model, the packing slip…Are you getting all this, Sir? And or a photocopy of the numeric barcode from the side of the box which the phone came in.” “Is that it?” I ask. “Oh…and a skin graft from the underside of your left testicle. That will do it, Sir.”

At this point it’s Tuesday which means I have to beg my wife to dig through her files to find the myriad holy grail of documents that Asurion demands, then find a Notary. (and a licensed Physician as the last time I tried the skin graft procedure on myself for the NJDMV, I made a real mess of things. Here’s a tip from your friend Tony…a sharp, clean blade helps tremendously. Not my finest hour. Let’s just leave it at that.)
It will take 2-4 days for Asurion to get my dossier of documents…process them and ship me a replacement phone. That’s a week I’m stuck with my defective Blackberry…Or worse still, if it checks out completely, which it keeps threatening…no phone at all!

To make a long story short (Entirely too late for that, I realize) you turkeys are holding me captive and I don’t like it! This letter is going to the Better Business Bureau, The NY State Attorney General, to RIM, the manufacturer of Blackberry and to everyone I know on Facebook and Twitter. Heck, I’m all for sticking it to The Man…as long as The Man is not frigging me!

Kindly resolve this now and reexamine your procedures and methods. Ugh. You have wasted my most precious resource…time. Hours that I’ll never be able to retrieve. They flew out the window of my 12th floor office and at this pace quite frankly, I’m ready to join them. I’m sure you behemoth conglomerates couldn't care less about my plight. You might want to keep in mind though that there is safety in numbers and with the technology at hand, mountains can be moved.

Harsh letter to follow.

Kind regards,

An Extremely Unsatisfied Customer

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skelly39 on 08/13/2009:
I was moved to tears.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/13/2009:
That was some letter.
Anonymous on 08/13/2009:
You could have saved a lot of time by going to their web page to download the 2-page claim form. In your complaint you describe yourself in high-pressure sales in the financial sector. That explains the overboard ranting.
Anonymous on 08/13/2009:
I never got to the actual complaint, I was so bogged down in sarcasm on the first page I finally gave up. Do you have a point?
PepperElf on 08/13/2009:
Perhaps showing us his/her sarcasm was the point?
Anonymous on 08/13/2009:
Pepper, you mean as an illustration of why AT&T isn't helping him?
PepperElf on 08/13/2009:
heck I'm surprised they aren't hanging up on him yet
skelly39 on 08/13/2009:
I think the initial complaint was that the Blackberry was defective. I think by the end he was just mad because it was taking so long to get it (days).
Actually, I really don't know.
TonyAnz on 08/13/2009:
Tough crowd.
My quest (which looks like it may have become obscured by the not-so-delicate usage of sarcasm, the lowest form of humor, I concede) was to add a little color to an otherwise dull tale of immense frustration at every twist and turn. The point, camouflaged in a poor attempt at humor to alleviate my anger is: that if one has a Blackberry through AT&T and has taken out insurance on said practically has to cough up one's first born in paperwork (the need for a Notary is just complete overkill) simply to get your defective phone replaced...and that it takes up to a week or more to do so. I dunno about you folks, but that seems unacceptable to me.
Also, I do apologize for my profession, Passing.
I'm here all week folks. Try the Dover Sole!

BokiBean on 08/13/2009:
Haha..great sense of humor, Tony! And tough crowd indeed, but good people..

If it helps, I just DETEST AT&T. They ruined a perfectly good phone company (BellSouth) around this area.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/13/2009:
I found your post quite amusing Tony.
DebtorBasher on 08/13/2009:
I HATE calling AT&T...that automative service makes you feel like you're on Candid Camera! And if you make one wrong move, you have to start all over drives me nuts!

Hey Tony...looks like you got your writing skills from Pirate...lucky you, he was one of one of our members who always found a way to entertain us with his writing style. And for that alone, I feel you are good people!
PepperElf on 08/13/2009:
that's why there's

AT&T is at the top of the list...

AT&T 800-288-2747 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.
DebtorBasher on 08/13/2009:
Pepper...I use that site all the time...good info on there. Funny, I never used it for myself...LOL!
TonyAnz on 08/13/2009:

Haven't had the pleasure of reading the works of Pirate, DB...but now that I've found this great place, I'll keep my eyes long as I don't gouge them out myself first, waiting for the promised call-backs from AT&T Customer Service. (Whoops, there goes that sarcasm again.)
Back...back in the can, I say!
Anonymous on 08/13/2009:
bcd on 08/13/2009:
Two pages of sarcasm and never once described what the problem is with the BlackBerry. With that attitude I wouldn’t help you even if you were 100% in the right.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Anonymous on 08/13/2009:
Why wait for AT&T to call back? It would be much easier to use the claim form and deal direct with Asurion. They really aren't asking for much. I am a notary and would notarize your document for free, however, you are in NYC and I'm hundreds of miles south.
CrazyRedHead on 08/14/2009:
Although it has been a long time since I have worked the warranty dept for AT&T, I still miss these kind of calls. If it sounds like what you are told sounds like it is being read from a script it usually isn't. It is just that we have had these conversations so many times that it is burned to memory. AT$T and the insurance(Asurion)didn't used to cover Blackberries at all, we had to transfer you to RIM. Things have changed a lot since I have been there.
I may be wrong but I doubt that your complaint will be read due to all the drama. What was wrong with the phone, other than it being out of warranty? I have never heard of the insurance company asking for so much info. Most people don't keep the boxes that the phone came in.
If you do get a response could you stop by and give us an update. Good luck.
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Why ATT Wireless Will Lose Me - Poor, Poor, Poor
Posted by on
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- You would think that a company would want to make it easy for one of its customers to easily upgrade, but AT&T Wireless seems to believe otherwise.

Two years ago, once my phone contract ended, I switched to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) from monthly. For me, it was great b/c my bill went to $100 per/year (it had been $580; I'm not a heavy cell phone user). Today, I tried to upgrade to a newer PAYG phone but here's the problem: I just wanted to buy a new phone and switch my current number and account info over to the new phone. But the AT&T store tells me that I have to purchase my new phone on-line; the on-line AT&T folks tell me that I have to purchase that particular phone in the store. Not only that, but if you purchase the phone on line you can only get a new telephone number (can't keep your old one) and new SIM card and new account information. I'm scratching my head because it seems that they don't want to make it easy for you to upgrade.

Now, maybe this is due to some kind of second-class treatment for PAYG users. I have read studies that say that MOST consumers would save money by going to PAYG. There are still lots of people like me who want a mobile phone but we don't use it every day; heck, when I was on contract, I probably used my phone an average of 5-10 minutes per month. So, for all those years I was a great customer b/c I paid and didn't consumer ATT's resources. Now that I'm PAYG, it seems that basic services and conveniences aren't available.

One other point: cell phone plans and rules are, I guess, too complicated for a company's employees to accurately understand and convey. Sometimes, it seems that you can get a different answer for each person you ask a question ... but I digress.

Here is my chat log from my AT&T conversation:

Thank you for your patience! An AT&T sales representative will be with you shortly.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Holly, an AT&T sales representative.

Holly: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?

alan: I already have an AT&T phone, pay-as-you-go, with a $100 balance. I'm trying to purchase the Pantech c530 ... can I switch my current $100 over to the new Pantech? And can you do it or do I have to go into an AT&T store?

Holly: Unfortunately it can't be done online but if you visit an AT&T retail store to purchase the phone they can do that for you there!

alan: But I just visited a store today and they told me that I had to buy this particular phone on-line.

Holly: The phones online do require you to choose a new plan and come with a new SIM card and new phone number. The online checkout does not transfer an active AT&T number to a new AT&T phone. It's possible the person that you were speaking with was not aware of the procedure online. I apologize for that inconvenience.

alan: Okay, just to make sure I understand: if I want to get a new phone and still be pay-as-you-go, I have to get a new plan and new number and new SIM card? There is no way to keep my current number if I upgrade my phone and still maintain an PAYG plan? But if I went to a monthly plan, I could upgrade and keep my same number?

Holly: When you order online, you would need to choose a new phone and new plan. The checkout won't process an order of just a phone and it won't transfer an active AT&T number to a new AT&T plan unless you are upgrading a phone on a contract plan.

alan: Okay, but my phone is probably 4-5 years old ... so buying one of ATT's current line of phones is not considered an upgrade? I understand that processing an order won't transfer my current number -- but you seem to be saying that there is NO way of transferring my current number to a new phone.

Holly: You can transfer your current number to a new phone if you purchase the phone at an AT&T retail store, it just can't be done online.

Holly: The checkout will give you an error message.

alan: Okay, Holly, but at the AT&T store I was TOLD that I had to purchase this particular phone on-line? You say go to the store, the store says go on-line. What is a customer supposed to do??

Holly: The store may not understand the online procedure. I apologize for that.

Holly: They do not use the online system for ordering so they may not be aware that the checkout doesn't allow for just the purchase of the phone.

alan: Again, what is a customer supposed to do?? I'm certainly not going to buy another AT&T phone (new number etc) when it's imperative that I transfer my current number.

Holly: You can purchase the phone at an AT&T retail store if you like.

alan: I went to an AT&T retail store today, as I mentioned before. I was not at a Best Buy or some third-party store. I was at an AT&T store.

Holly: Yes, you may want to visit a different store. I am very sorry that happened but the checkout won't process an order of just a phone and it will give you an error message if you try to transfer the number. I apologize for the trouble.

alan: Okay, well, it seems to me that it'll probably make more sense to just port my number over to Verizon or T-Mobile. Thanks.

Holly: Did the store not have the phone you wanted in stock? We have had stores misdirect people online before in that case. You may want to call other stores in your area to see if they do have the phone. I would be happy to get you a list of those stores if you like.

alan: I can easily find other stores ... and, yes, they had the phone in stock ... but I feel that I've already spent more time that was necessary over something that shouldn't have been that complicated ... the next closest store to me was sold out of the phone ... so, right now, I'm not feeling like going out of my way and going to another store with the same misunderstanding (since, as you seem to suggest, certain of ATT's stores share this confusion).

Holly: Well I do apologize, you can purchase the phone at the retail stores, I would suggest calling in advance and speaking to the manager if you do decide to visit.
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Almost Incomprehensible Level of Incompetence
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My experience with AT&T raises the question, can a major corporation reach a level of incompetence where they can actually drive themselves out of business. Because if it’s possible, I think AT&T can do it.

It all started around the middle of October. At this time I had been considering going from normal phone service to digital phone service, which is a bit cheaper. I had actually ordered this from Time Warner, who made an appointment to come out and install the proper hardware. But then I got mail from AT&T with an offer for their own, cheaper digital CallVantage service, with free activation and a month of free service, so I decided to cancel with Time Warner and order CallVantage. Ordering the service took quite a while because the offer I had been mailed did not match the offer the operator showed on her computer, which did not have the free month and free activation, so she had to spend some time fixing that.

AT&T mailed me a phone adapter with instructions for how to set it up. The instructions told me to check my confirmation email for my login name, but I had never received a confirmation email, so I phoned up and was told the order had been cancelled because there was a port change request against my phone number. This was apparently because AT&T had put in the order before Time Warner had cancelled my order with them. AT&T had first told me to call Verizon, because they said Verizon was the carrier for all of New York City, but this isn’t true. Actually, AT&T was my carrier, but they insisted I call Verizon, who predictably said I wasn’t in their system (I think the problem is AT&T no longer accepts new customers for normal phone service and doesn’t actually know it still is a carrier).

AT&T said I would have to reorder the service, so I did. Once again I had to verify I was getting the same offer, and found that now they were charging the activation fee, but when I told them that was wrong they fixed it (or said they did). I was also told I could set up my service right away, since I had the adapter. Five minutes later I realized I still didn't know my login and I called back and she said the confirmation email could take a couple of days (which I was later told by someone else was incorrect). A couple of days later I called back, said I still hadn't received a confirmation email and was told my case would be transferred to a specialist who would get back to me in 48 hours. After 48 hours passed I called again and was told my login name was just my phone number! Apparently it did not occur to any of the other phone support personnel to tell me this.

I hooked up the adapter but it didn't work, and I found I couldn't log into the website with my login name. I called tech support. After some investigation they discovered that neither my first nor second order had gone through. They said the best thing to do would be to wait a few weeks until both orders completely cleared out of the system and then try again.

As it happens, a friend of mine had also ordered CallVantage, and by this time I had learned through her that it was absolutely horrible. It frequently went out and since it worked through her cable modem she was told every time it stopped working she would have to turn off her modem and computer for 15 minutes then restart. Sound quality was poor and when I would talk to her there would be an Echo half the time. She had called tech support, and one person told her it would take a few weeks before the system “settled down,” and that after that it would be better. Later a different tech person told her it would settle down in about 72 hours. It never actually settled down. She had a miserable time until she could switch back to a normal phone line. She said the service was clearly still in the beta testing stage and AT&T shouldn’t be selling it until it actually worked. (When she got her first bill, they had charged her both the activation fee and the first month, although they had told her they wouldn’t, and had actually charged her conventional rates for the first several days she had used the service, during which she had made some lengthy long distance calls, and she had to go through a series of support people to get these charges removed).

So at this point I said, never mind, cancel my order, I don’t want CallVantage. It was cancelled just at the end of November, and I thought that was the end of it.

A couple of days before the end of December my phone went dead. I used my girlfriend’s cell phone to call AT&T and they said they had cancelled my service because there was a port change request for my number. I said I had not ordered a change in service and they said I should call Verizon. Once again I told them Verizon wasn’t my carrier, AT&T was, once again they insisted, and the operator at Verizon actually laughed when I told her my story and confirmed that I was not in their records.

I called AT&T again. They began transferring me from one department to another. The analog phone service people said the problem came from CallVantage, that the order had never been cancelled. CallVantage said no, the order had been cancelled long ago. I was finally transferred to a specialist who would consult with various people in various departments while I stayed on hole. Finally after being on hold for 20 minutes the recording telling me to wait disappeared and after five minutes I gave up. They had asked for the cell phone number so they could call me back if we got disconnected, but they did not call me back, and I had no idea who I had last been talking to or how to contact them. I had also used up an hour of my girlfriend’s minutes for nothing.

After my girlfriend went back home I had no phone, so I contacted AT&T through a form on their website. (Normally I would have gone to a friend’s house and borrowed their phone but I had bronchitis and was not up to facing the winter weather.) After a couple of days AT&T replied to tell me their records showed I was no longer a customer of AT&T (keep in mind I had explained the enter story in my message to them). I sent a reply repeating what had happened. They emailed me back to tell me to phone the repair department, although I had explained I had no way to make phone calls. I explained that to them again. They then told me that they were the CallVantage division (I had just used the contact AT&T form on the website) and couldn’t help me. I said, are you telling me there is no way to contact anyone in repair by email and they sent me a url for a different form that contacted regular analog repair service. It had taken them five days to send me to the right people.

The repair department of course emailed back to ask me to call them. I emailed and said once again that I had no phone and that since I have no way to fix my own phone, I have explained the problem in detail already and when I’m on the phone with them they just keep me on hold that there was no reason to actually have me on the phone. They then emailed me again to say there was no way they could reinstate my number, it was gone, and gave me a number where I could call to get new AT&T service. Instead I went to Verizon’s website and signed up for phone service, which will presumably be turned on in a couple of days.

It is my greatest hope in life that I never again have to deal with AT&T.

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User Replies:
kendy on 01/08/2007:
I work for a different cell phone company. One of the top 3. I hear this same kind of story all day long. I also, am I customer of a different cell company. Also one of the top 3 and my dealings with them have been just as bad!

They all seem to be concerned with us showing empathy to our customers rather than having the knowledge to do the job. Our pay is literally linked to us saying things like, "I know your time is valuable, I'll get this done as quickly as I can." This is because they really disrespect the intelligence of their customers.
beachav7285 on 01/08/2007:
What is truly remarkable, is that this is normal from AT&T. These goons have been performing this kind of customer service for years. Sorry you had to go through it, too.
Ladderman on 08/12/2007:
What are you waiting for call Time Warner back.
spidey789 on 02/01/2008:
I am a medical officer in the military. Post Sept 11 I was on call to several different "always be ready for anything" teams. A phone company tried to pull that !@#$% on my home phone service, as if me not having a way to be contacted was okay with my team leaders. The story goes, the phone company changed the zip code I listed with them without asking me first. Just a computer glitch or data entry error, they said, when I called. It had been correct for years, then out of the blue, they changed it. No bill, no payment, and I was busy with work, as nurses are, so I didn't notice the bill hadn't come. No payment, they shut off my phone. The shut off notices went to the wrong address of course. I researched my bank notes, called them, and got to the bottom of it. I also immediately reported them to the governor's Utilities Commission and state district attorney's office, and told the phone company I did so, and told them in the interest of national safety, to never shut off my phone without talking to me personally. This well known phone company gave me the office phone number of the company president's personal executive secretary, stating that was my personal customer service agent from now on. It pays to complain the correct way.
spidey789 on 02/01/2008:
Complaints in your state go to:
mikmik on 03/19/2009:
My general experience has been:
1. Whenever you sign up for a new service it is entered incorrectly and the service almost always costs more.
2. It takes hours to correct a mistake.
3. The customer service people intentionally pass you on to another customer service rep and drop your calls on purpose. It has happened too many times to be a coincidence.

I DON'T agree their level of incompetence is "incomprehensible". THIS IS AN INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL ACT!
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A Bunch Of Crooks !!
Posted by on
For years AT&T was my home phone service and later my cell. I paid for their line backer insurance all those years and one day my phones started acting up. I called AT&T and had the to check the lines and there was a problem with them. They set up a service appointment with me and no one showed up and no one called. I called them to find out what happened and big surprise...they had no record of the order for service. We set up another appointment. I can see this happening once, maybe twice...but FOUR TIMES !!! I have better things to do then sit around waiting for someone who is not going to show up. Needless to say I was in full rant mode when they heard from me again and they had the nerve to try to get me to go outside and open their box to check the wiring. Right away I knew they would send someone later to say it was tampered with and they were not responsible, not mention the fact that I would be doing their job for them.

That was exactly what I told them," your people get paid good money to do this job, I'm paying for the service and the insurance and I want someone here to fix the problem!". The next day my phone was disconnected. At first I thought they were sending someone to work on the lines, or maybe the phones just finally stopped working. I called my number from my cell and it had indeed been cut off. That couldn't be right, I paid the bill. I called AT&T and they claimed they never got my check, they didn't see anything about my having called several times about my phone lines or the four appointments where no one showed up, it showed that my service had been ABANDONED !!! I would have to sign up for new service. They did not want to come out their pocket to fix my lines. I would now have to pay for the repairs myself. So if you're paying for the insurance on your bill, they are stealing it from you.

I got rid of them and their lousy cell service, any time you can't call 911 from your cell for help or anyone else and you've already had dropped calls, garbled conversations or no service signal where you know you should have a signal, it's time to drop them. ( AT&T ) They don't have time to deal with you and your cell problems until its time to sign you up for another contract. Beware when that time is close, your cell will act up more and more and when you call in about the problem, they tell you it's time for an upgrade and tell you as a valued customer you qualify for a certain phone at half the price...but you have to sign another contract. There was nothing wrong with your cell, it was the provider of the service to that cell.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
I am confused... is this post about your home (wired) phone, or your cell phone? SOmewhere in the middle it seemed to shift. What service was cut off?
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
ATT asked the OP to open the outside telephone interface box. If a wired phone works when plugged into the test jack, the inside wiring is faulty. If it doesn't the problem is outside. Not an unreasonable request. Going into 'full rant' likely triggered a 'take this' response and got the OP's service canceled. It's not right, but it happens if you pi$$ off the wrong people when you get rude.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
Sounds like the solution could have been so easy. Hopefully, there are other phone companies in the area from which you can get service.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
Check to see if your state's Public Utility Commission regulates telephone companies offering land line service in your state. Some do some don't. If they do, consider filing a complaint.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
I agree doc. Courtesy goes a long way and get results. At US Airways this one lady pissed me off so much I changed her seat assignment to the middle seat in the back row.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
Absolutely, yaya. Somewhere in the OP's conversation, I am sure 'well just cancel my account' was uttered. There are a lot of people in service industries who can make life miserable if you treat them badly. It's not right, but it's human nature to get even.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
You get back what you give out. If you're rude and demanding, the person on the other end is not going to want to help you. If you're reasonable and talk like a normal human, you will get a lot more help. And telling someone "that's your job" is a huge insult. Don't tell someone what they have to do.
zet26 on 03/27/2009:
That's for your comments,but what some of you don't seem to realize is that this was an ongoing battle. I was nothing but polite until I realized they had no intentions of sending someone out to replace the wiring. That box on the back of the not supposed to be touched by anyone but an AT&T service Tech. (clearly embossed on the outside panel) The phone service I picked up afterwards had to install their own wiring, none of the wiring in the house from AT&T was any good anymore and I didn't have to tell them,I wanted to see what they would come up with. All the years being with AT&T counted for nothing. They wiped out my entire history as a customer, they lied about not getting my check because the bank paid the check three days after I sent it and it was a week after that AT&T lied and said they never got it. I put in four service orders and each one they claimed there was no such order. Maybe I should have started out being rude and nasty because they certainly mistook my kindness for weakness. All the years and money I put into that insurance in case the lines went bad was something they did not want to pay. By erasing my entire history as a customer,saying the service was abandoned meant I would have to pay them to replace the wiring in the house. I am waiting for the out come legally because I had all my bills from the start and payment records. I had called them to let them know I had contacted my bank and there was no reason for them to have cut off my service. They were going to restore service after that and I told them no, I had new phone service that would be installed the next day.
As for the AT&T wireless, I was with another wireless company and had no problems at all no matter where I traveled. I was still under contract when AT&T took over. I was ignoring the problems or blaming it on whom ever I had been talking to, saying it was their cell phone. Until I had to rely on it going through that mess with AT&T home service, I really had to pay attention. Roaming, endless dropped calls or no signal. I need something I can rely on, when I couldn't get 911 seven blocks away from home and my choices are sit here and die,try to get to someones house and die trying or pray a perfect stranger comes along and you place your life in their hands. Thank god it was a married couple I managed to flag down to help me. There is no way in hell I could ever trust AT&T wireless after that. Their internet service will never see me,I've had my fill. For those of you who have been experiencing charges on your bills you have no idea how and why..AT&T gets a percentage of that money. They claim they don't know and you have to contact that company,but it's AT&T allowing that company (without YOUR permission) to charge "whatever" to YOUR account.
Dr.Dial-Tone on 02/28/2012:
At and T are crooks! I worked for them for 13 yrs on my terms. I simply paid my house off. Saved a lot of money and quit. These young guys that hire on in their (20's) buy a $200,000 house, a new car every 5 yrs, other junk, oh and lets not forget about the bass boat. More than likely after 10 yrs when their in their (30's) they either quit, or get fired and have to file bankruptcy. How stupid. As soon as I got on 13 yrs ago, I went to night school and got a 2 yr degree that the company (at and t) paid for. After I quit on my own terms I went back to being an Electrician. I make less on the hour now but my quality of life is tops. No more anxiety or mandatory over-time. Smarten up folks! Did you really think that youd get your 20 of 30 yrs in?
Jim A. on 04/08/2012:
I work for AT and T too and I am looking forward to going on strike tomorrow. AT and T are crooks and the customer knows this. What the customer does not know is that we the repairmen and customer service have no say about anything. It is all managements fault in every way. Most of the phone cable out there was installed in the 1960's and is only good for about 15-20 yrs, then goes bad. AT and T is not a good company to work for I know because I've been there for almost 28 yrs. Management beats us down on a daily basis telling us how lucky we are to have jobs etc... Management purposley lie to its customers and to its employees. I actually feel un-Christian about it all but cannot wait to retire. I work for a crook (AT and T).
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