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Bubble Account & Upgrade Tragedy
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Rating: 1/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- On Thursday September 14th I and my wife got online to pay off the balance of my cellular phone as instructed by a Store associate (** on 4750 Valley View Blvd. Suite#10.) less than a week earlier, to be eligible for the new note 8. So I paid off the balance and proceeded today on September 15th to go to the store to upgrade to the Samsung Note 8.

Upon my arrival I waited 30 minutes to get the sales associate ** to tell me that my account had a balance and I had to pay it off. Since I have DirecTV and AT&T bundled ** went on to tell me that the DirecTV side of the bill had a balance and needed to be paid. It took about 30 more minutes because they were having systemic issues to be able to get my account up. Upon calling into customer service he verified that I had a balance of $182.44. The DirecTV portion is only $50 a month so that didn't make sense that it would be that high and he told me that I needed to pay that in order to upgrade.

So he called in he asked me if I had my account number. I said, "No I don't have it on hand." and he got the information on the receipt that I will provide. So we went to the kiosk to pay the bill and he put in all the information and then told me to swipe my card so not only at this point that I pay off the phone balance I also paid the rest of the bill and at that time they had the payment it was pending and he said that I still could not upgrade. So I felt something was odd.

So I called into customer service. I was hung up on when I got to a representative that told me that I had a balance that was pending but it wasn't on my joint account it was on the DirecTV account alone. So when I called back I escalated to another representative to get me a supervisor. The supervisor let me know that the payment wasn't posted to the right account it was posted to only the DirecTV side of the bill. And then I would have to wait 3 - 4 business days for a payment transfer that she saw the last representative put in to take effect. And told me that I was running out of options the only thing that I really could do was pay the $182.44.

The supervisor put me on hold, reversed my payment that I made earlier and told me now that they don't have my payment. There is no transfer that will take place so I still owe that amount in order to upgrade. I expressed to her that this is at no fault of my own that I can't upgrade because I just paid what I was told to pay to be able to have a clear balance and upgrade the phone.

So I went back into the store and they told me on their system it doesn't show that I have a balance but I cannot upgrade. I asked for the representative ** to call his store manager ** and ** told me that they cautioned customers on bundling their accounts because there are so many different issues and it's a nightmare to bundle your account.

So now because of system issues between AT&T in store and AT&T customer service call center I am out of $182.44 that I don't know where it is and I don't have the upgrade that I was told that I can get with the different incentives and I'm told that I have to pay the same amount to a different portion of an account in order for it to possibly show that I'm eligible for an upgrade. This is horrible for a company of AT&T to operate in this manner for its customers. I was told by the supervisor, "We can't do anything. It's not that big of a deal if we could help you. We would but we can't." These are not the words that they would appreciate if they were a customer at all.

Bad Customer Service Experience
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Rating: 3/51

I was moving so I called AT&T to cancel my service. During that call, I was told that my contract was going to end in a few weeks so I could either cancel now and pay a termination fee or wait until the end of my contract, but I would have to call on the last day of my contract to let them know I didn't want to renew. I decided to wait, although I thought it was dumb that I had to call back again just to tell them I didn't want to renew.

So, I called on the last day of my contract. The representative that helped me asked for my info and I gave him what he asked for and simply told him that today was the last day of my contract and that I did not want to renew because I was not going to continue with AT&T. He replies by telling me that I'm eligible for some TV service. I told him I was not interested and all I needed was to end my service. He replied by saying, "Well, there's no contract with that but ok, have a nice day, bye." He seemed very rude, and never gave me a good, friendly customer service feeling.

The way he then ended our call gave me the feeling that he was mad that I wanted to cancel and that I didn't want any AT&T services. I was never rude or said anything negative about AT&T, simply that I did not want to continue with their services. It seemed that he took it in a negative way and then treated me as if I don't deserve good customer service because of it.

The funny thing is that I never had an issue with AT&T. I was not canceling because of a bad experience, but simply because I was moving and was not sure of what service I was going to use in my new place. He never asked about my experience or tried to understand, he simply assumed I was angry and treated me as if I was an angry customer.

DirecTV/AT&T Absurd Policies
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- My housemate moves out, and I now want to get a DirecTV account in my name, after he cancels the current account in his name. Because I have lived in the house for a number of years while his DirecTV account was active, AT&T will not allow me to open a new account in my name at the same address. This, according to them, is because "I benefited from their service while I was a resident at this address, and in order to open a new account in your name at that same address, the current account must be canceled for two years before your new account can be opened."

Now, if you just said "what?", you had the same reaction as me. "So, let me get this straight" I said, "if I lied to you, and said I was a new tenant just moving in to this address, I could get a new DirecTV account in my name, but because I have established a long term residency here, I am not able to get the same account as I could if just moved in five minutes ago?" "Yes Sir, that is our policy."

"So, what you're telling me is, rather than taking my money every month for the next two years of the required contract, you want me to hang up the phone, cancel the current account, and call your competition, Dish network, and give them my money for the next two years. Am I really understanding you correctly?" "Sir, as I stated, AT&T, and DirecTV cannot allow you to secure new service at your current address for the next two years."

Dear AT&T, your policy is beyond ridiculous, and you have ensured one thing; I will never buy ANY AT&T product, or service. Rather than try to negotiate a new price (your customer retention dept. called me after the fact) to keep the current DirecTV service in place, I will in fact cancel it. I will also share this enlightening customer service experience on every consumer complaint website I can find.

The Worse Service Ever and I Am Not Even a Customer Yet
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTELL, GEORGIA -- Signed up for the bundle: land line, internet & DIRECTV. DIRECTV came out to put in TV service. Then to learn the representative did not input my internet so I had to start over. Then today internet tech came out but said I did not have an order for phone. I sent him away. Call to cancel the service altogether. AT&T said I would have 30 days cancel so I canceled service on the DIRECTV and told them I would find another provider. Now to learn I only had 14 days to cancel. Yep you guessed it, I would now have to pay the $200 cancel fee. Now I am going to have to reschedule the darn phone and internet with a schedule date of July 20, 2017.

Not even a real customer yet and having to deal with people who are deceiving their customers. I just thought Comcast was a terrible business. They are not so bad after all. I will make sure I tell the world not to use AT&T. I was warned but did not listen. Stuck with AT&T for 24 months. What a shame.

Deplorable Practices While Trying to UPGRADE to Better Phones
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Rating: 1/51

I have been dealing with AT&T Wireless for over a month trying to upgrade our cell phones. After several visits to the local store (finding out there is a difference between an authorized dealer vs an authorized seller) returns, more visits to get our account credited for returned merchandise that was "free" and then cell phones, multiple calls to the corporate office, who promised to call me back but didn't and new phones that were just delivered and activated incorrectly, several "cases" that don't seem to ever get resolved and now on a "silent hold" for one hour and 24 minutes and counting... I'm ready to pull my hair out.

How does one get service from AT&T where what you are told will happen actually happens and if it doesn't you can hold them accountable? It seems one thing is said by many and then when it doesn't happen, they file cases, which never get resolved and you end up paying more for exactly what you didn't want, trying to continue doing business with them. Is my only choice to take my business elsewhere to be treated fairly? C'Mon Man. At 1 hour and 40 minutes, my phone finally died from battery drain.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a couple of cell phones, a tablet and landline service from AT&T for a business I started in May '15. From the beginning I requested combined billing, it took AT&T 7 months, Dec 28th '15, to get the process started and another 4 months to complete. I received my first combined bill 04/16/16, a full year after requesting combined billing. During that time, I could not use the myatt app due to different account types (landline/cell phone) so I was told to use the online website Well after numerous hours on the phone with tech support I was told I would not be able to log in there either until the combined billing was set up.

So I was not receiving a paper bill, could not view it online, my only option was to call in and speak to a representative to pay my bill. Well evidently my Jan. and Feb '16 payments were never applied to my account and so I received a disconnect notice in March. I called in March 15th, 17th, and 18th trying to figure out what the mixup was, I had called in every month and made full payment based on what the representative said I owed. But to prevent my service from being disconnected on 03/18/16 I made a payment of $201.82.

Meanwhile the representative said they would look into the missing payments, but that my account was current until the next billing cycle 04/16/16. Instead, 2 weeks later I get another disconnect notice. I call in again on 04/04/16 make a payment of $165.49. Once again the representative assures me that my account is current, $0 balance until my next billing cycle 04/16/16.

Once again I get another disconnect notice so I call in and on 04/19/16 make another payment of $283.84 and the representative assures me my account is current until the next billing cycle 05/16/16, and to ignore it if I get another disconnect notice and that I should just wait for my next bill which will be sent out 05/16/16. So that's what I did and the service was disconnected on 05/02/16. I called in and made another payment of $208.11 and the phone service was restored. My 05/16/16 bill comes with over $560 in credits and adjustments, which were not credits, actually Jan. and Feb. payments they failed to apply to my account.

Now I get my June bill and there is a $48.17 charge for a reconnect fee. The service would have never been disconnected if AT&T had applied the payments to my account, what kind of company holds their customers responsible for their mistakes?

I have been an AT&T customer for almost 10 years and up until this last year didn't have any problems. But this last year the customer service is worse than abysmal. I have spent so many hours on the phone with AT&T doing everything possible to keep this account current, my business depends on it, only to have AT&T reps continually screw it up. AT&T fails at simple things, 7 months to start the combined billing process and 4 months to actually complete. I had a tablet that I sold in Sep. '15 and asked for the service to be canceled, that didn't happen until March of '16.

I wasn't getting a paper bill, could not log in online to view my bill, so my only option was to pay what the representative said I owe. I made 3 payments in 30 days, based on what the reps said, each time I was assured my account was current and each time I received a disconnect notice in 1-2 weeks following the payment. Terrible customer service! If you are looking for a phone service provider for your business, stay away from AT&T. The amount of time I have spent on the phone dealing with their incompetence and loss of phone service, due to their incompetence, has resulted in a loss of business that I may never recoup.

Awful Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

So last year I went in to buy a new Samsung Galaxy and yay for me there was a promotion going on and I would receive a new tablet. I just had to add it to my line for 10 dollars a month!! Of course they didn't have any in stock and would call in two weeks when it got there. Long story short it never got there. I called and went in to speak with someone in management that might be able to help me but no matter if I called or went in the manager was already gone for the day!!! This went on for months until I finally got mad enough to go and switch over to T-Mobile!

Oh yeah and don't let me forget to mention that I was an AT&T customer for over 20 years. I took over my grandfather's account when he passed. So I go ahead and switch over. I ported both of my numbers over and completely forgot that I had my old iPad on the line when I was getting charged 10 dollars a month for. I realized this tonight when I opened a bill that I didn't understand why I had because I thought the account was cancelled. The bill was for 103.00 dollar!!! They had taken my 7gb plan I obviously purchased for my phones and attached it to my iPad plan.

I had already gotten charged this for two months before I realized this tonight and called the customer service number to see if it could possibly be waived. Oh was I in for a one hour phone of the AT&T customer service employees playing the "keep the customer on hold" game. I talked to 4 different people! Each were working in the cancellation department which I guess they just try to find the biggest jerks to be rude to all people that want to cancel or have cancelled.

At one point I said to a gentleman "What type of customer service do you provide to customers when they call in and tell you they have had a bad experience with the company?" His response "When you say 'provide customer service' that's me giving or providing you with something and I'm not understanding what you're asking for." And later during the conversation I was speaking with a lady about making a formal complaint and I was explaining my situation and at one point she says "So you left a line on the plan an iPad and now you are asking us to waive the charge? Well ma'am at some time we have to take responsibility for our actions".

Seriously the worst customer service I have ever encountered! I can honestly say "AT&T you're doing it wrong!!!" At some point I may get to a point where I want to cancel with T-Mobile but I can say that I will NEVER go back to AT&T due to this awful experience that I have had to deal with. I've seen more than a few bad reviews for AT&T and how awful their customer service is and I hope that the right person sees these and helps this business out. Please find some employees with better customer service skills!

Very DISHONEST company
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I have been an AT&T customer for over 4 years. When I switched to AT&T the sales person used very high pressure sales tactics to sell my husband and I on a road service package. She told us stories of how the road side service came in handy for her. Afterwards my husband was sold. He was thinking of me and our children. I wasn't quite so convinced. We ended up accepting the roadside package and shortly after my husband ended up needing a jump start. Having the roadside plan worked great for him so we kept it.

Fast forward 4 + years and we found ourselves in a situation where we needed another jump start. We called #Help and explained that we needed a jump start. The battery was dead and we were in a car with our baby in the freezing cold with 2 phones that were about to also go dead. At first we were told that no tow companies were coming up in our area. We live in a very large township. We were near a mall in a large shopping center with several tow company's close by. The service agent asked us for the name of a towing company seems to how she wasn't finding any.

Next we were told that we would have to pay for the jump start because we had already used the service once and had reached the cap!!! I have been paying AT&T every month for over 4 years for road service. 4 YEARS! The charges are per phone! I have never used the roadside and my husband used it one time over 4 years ago! AT&T failed us. They were leaving us in a car in the freezing cold, unable to use the heat and with a baby in the car.

Luckily AAA came to our rescue and in approximately 10 minutes! They will gain a new customer as a result of their prompt and professional customer service. I contacted AT&T to tell them how dissatisfied I am with their service. The customer service representative was very nice but he was unable to authorize a credit. I asked for a supervisor but the supervisor did not get on the phone. Instead he offered, through the agent, a 90-day credit, or $9.00. Not acceptable!

After 45+ minutes on the phone with them, their supervisor, Eli finally got on the phone but then only offered me a $3.00 credit! Yes, $3.00! He was offering a 1-month credit for the service they charged me for despite not providing the services. When he offered 30 days I responded by saying that $6 was not acceptable to which he replied, "It's actually $3!" I've paid for this service on 2 phones, not 1 and again... for over 4 years. He thought I should be happy with a $3 refund. He then told me to call a third party, the company they contract out to, and dispute the charges with them. I do not send a payment to this third party, my payment is to AT&T.

I do not see how Eli believes this should be my problem. After 45 minutes of getting nowhere I asked to speak with his manager. I was told that a manager would call me in 48-72 hours. When I asked for his manager's name a first name only was given and Eli refused to give me a last name. AT&T lost a customer tonight. I am in total shock at how terribly Eli handled this situation.

Lousy Service and Impossible to Deal With
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- This company provides lousy service and is almost impossible to deal with. I signed up for their package of telephone, Internet and DirecTV. I promised fast Internet service. My Internet service was extremely slow and, at sometimes, essentially nonfunctional. I called their number several times and complain about the service. Calling the company was, and of itself, consistently a bad experience. I would spend a lot of time waiting and sometimes my call simply would be dropped. When I did make contact, I would be reassured that my service was functioning properly and there must be something wrong with my computer or something associated with it.

Finally, I agreed to upgrade my service so I could get faster Internet service. After that, I did not notice any significant improvement in my service. When I called next, they said they were going to send a technician out to see if they could find a problem. Having a technician arrive is entirely another problem. You have to pick a three-hour period in which the technician can arrive and then you have to be available for 3 hours after he or she arrives.

Basically, you have to commit the be available for 6 hours, which is a ridiculous requirement for anybody who holds a gainful employment. I had a tech come out on 2 occasions with no significant improvement in my service. Accordingly, after 3 or 4 months of service, I cancel my service and went back to the local cable company. After all that crappy service, AT&T hit me with termination charges of $340 for DirecTV and $135 for AT&T for a total of $475. I called and talked to a representative complaining about the termination charges after such lousy service, but he would not back down and kept saying that that's what I agreed to.

Unacceptable! Plain and Simple
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- April of 2014 AT&T was replacing a defective phone by gifting me a new phone of another kind. At the time they were out of the one I wanted, so I paid the difference for the upgrade to 32GB. I was told that the phone was mine, but as I'm now cancelling my service contract I've found out that they connected the device to my contract and didn't make me aware of this - I was told the phone was mine, nothing about it being tied to a contract.

I called today to pay my early termination fee, which took me speaking to 2 CS reps and 2 supervisors before they would even take my money, as set up service with another carrier (1/2 the price for more of everything!) and they refuse to unlock my phone. All of the Customer Service reps I spoke with previously this week told me that once I paid it would be unlocked, but omitted the fact that there would be a ridiculous and completely inappropriate wait causing me to be without service.

I have now been told by a supervisor, **, that he "Cannot have me on the line contradicting everything he says." after I stated they "are able to alleviate this, but clearly refuse to.", and then rushed me off the phone as though I was now a waste of his valuable time.

I will not have an unlock code until 5 days from now, preventing me from using my own phone. This is going to cost me as many days with the new carrier, not to mention the 3 days it took me fighting to get this far. All but the last 2 reps I spoke with were, at least, professional. This is the only positive thing I can say about AT&T in my 2.5 years with their service. My $255.00 early termination fee is paid, I owe them nothing and yet my phone, and therefore service, are hostage to AT&T and their asinine "policies"... this took 5.5 hours over the last 3 days of my time, and this is still unresolved.

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