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Lifeline Service
Posted by Rav4 on 08/11/2007
MERRIAM, KANSAS -- I live in a Sr.Citizen's Apt. Bldg. and a lot of the residents are getting higher bills for their phones due to lack of customer service info, which is next to impossible to get. S.B.C. had a Lifeline Program for low-income customers and AT&T seems to be dragging their feet in keeping it going. In May/07 I got an application to renew service as mine expired July 16. I sent a copy of my SS benefits as proof of income. Early June I got another appl. I tried calling the 800#. They had received my app. but the computer said it was incomplete. I asked what was incomplete and they said they didn't know. So I asked how I could find out and they said they didn't know. I played phone tag for a long period of time, got connected to a Tx. rep. and they said they didn't service Ks. Called my local billing office and they connected me back to Tx. Then calling the # they referred, someone told me there was no reps. in Ks. After this vicious circle and a terrific headache, I copied SS benefit statement, about 5 copies of Income Tax refunds (which was still WAY below poverty level in order to qualify) and sent all that plus the app. I mailed all that on June 21. Lo and Behold, late June I received a 3rd app. saying my service expired Aug. 21. I did not bother to even acknowledge that one. The consensus here is that AT&T is deliberately giving everyone the run-around hoping they will get discouraged and forget about it.

This is wrong and I would like to know if anyone else who is in this program is having the same problems.
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Posted by Skye on 2007-08-11:
I found the site, and they have a page where you can put your address in, and find a store location. Maybe going to an AT&T store will help you get answers and better results.
Here is the link, just copy and paste into your browser.


Here is the website:
Posted by Rav4 on 2007-08-12:
From Rav4--I appreciate websites recommended but those are about wireless. The problem we are having are with the AT&T landlines. Thanks
Posted by Skye on 2007-08-12:
No, look at the list on the left side of the main website. The lifeline service you are looking for is listed. It's towards the bottom.
Posted by Ladderman on 2007-08-12:
Call your local cable company. Get digital phone.
Posted by Rav4 on 2007-08-12:
Skye, I will try web site again. Also, Ladderman, If I don't get results, I will go all cable. Thanks for your response. Rav4
Posted by bobby5 on 2012-10-17:
Rav4, I am having the same problem. I think we both are just trying to renew the lifeline on our landline phone service. I never got a application in the mail, just a phone call. The recording said to go to www.att.com/lifeline to renew it. The site is only for new members and wireless customers. The actual site does not exist. What a runaround for 15$...
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Customer Service Is the Worst Ever! Just Try to Add a Line
Posted by Ang2u on 04/04/2014
Trying to add the Family Plan has been a TOTAL Nightmare! It took over a month to add two lines and that included 3 days off of work. Two States later from PA to Florida we got our phones BUT we had to change our phone #s! I wonder if AT&t ever trains their employees. This is not Fort Knox or Rocket Science!
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Sleazy Salespeople Switch Data Plans Without Authorization
Posted by Shayne.john on 03/05/2014
4250 ROSWELL RD #300 MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Completely sleazy. Went in on Feb 11th to activate my new phone, after losing my old one, and Jarett [snip] a salesperson, kept on hounding me for 10 minutes to change my unlimited data plan. Refused to do so, despite his repeated requests. The next day, I got a call from AT&T about exceeding my data plan and that's when I found out that this sleazebag had changed my data plan from unlimited to pay-per-use without authorization. Took me over a month and repeated phone calls to AT&T to fix it. Stay away from this store.
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Posted by Charlie on 2014-03-05:
Sounds like AT and T to me. They've pulled this stunt on me not once, but twice. The first time was several years back when I upgraded to the iPhone 4, the second time was about a year ago when I moved and changed my phone number to a local one. Both times they had no authorization from me and I had no idea until I received texts that I was about to reach my limit. It took so much wasted time and aggravation to get my unlimited plan back.
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Horrible phone company-Horrible Customer Service!
Posted by Qsilvio251 on 01/31/2014
YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI -- I've lived in thirteen different states and four countries and deal with a number of phone companies. Believe me when I say that AT&T is the worst! There is nothing good for me to say about AT&T Corp. in general or specifically with their telephone service or Internet service.

We've been a customer this time since July 2011 and from the outset it has been a nightmare. Worse yet, when you call no one can help you. Customer Service Reps are limited in their ability and their authority and supervisors are never available. They tell you a supervisor will get back to you but they never do. When they give you a phone number to call for assistance, mysteriously the phone number doesn't work. Online service is no better. We know as we’ve tried both.

Our problems with AT&T are ongoing. We live in Mississippi and whenever it rains, there is an awful buzzing on our telephone line in on both incoming and outgoing calls that gets so loud we can't hear anything but the buzzing. Though, we have reported over at least a half a dozen times, and repairmen come out to look at it, and know what the problem is, it has yet to be repaired.

Our newest problem is with billing. This past summer we called Customer Service to see why our monthly bill for phone and Internet keeps going up. We were given a new and reduced monthly package rate for both phone and internet to take effect October 2013 and run for twelve months. Funny though, how each month we receive a bill that doesn't reflect the new rate. Every month we have to call AT&T to get our bill reduced and no one can tell us why the new rate didn't take effect. We are subject to long hold times and have yet to get this resolved. Each time we called we hoped it was the last call, but it wasn’t. Our last bill of January 2014 still didn't reflect the new rate.

In an act of desperation, we filed complaints with the State Utility Commission, the FCC, the TX AT&T Corp. Office and our federal government reps. Today, a contact in the Escalation Depart called us. Imagine, in order to get attention to our ongoing complaints we had to file a formal complaint. Nice, huh?

A word of advice: if you can go with another phone and internet provider other than with AT&T, go with the other option. We used AT&T for years in CA and Co for long distance service without issue.

However, as a local telephone and internet provider, they have a lot to learn about providing proper service and customer service. Our internet goes in and out and is not as fast and reliable as the service we had for four years with Qwest in MN. We once had Yahoo before AT&T acquired them and they were so much better.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-02-01:
There are a few issues here. Something went haywire with your billing, and when that happens with a large company like ATT or Verizon is can be a nuisance to resolve.

Your service problem may be that you have a land line - if so, telephone companies are loathe to replace copper infrastructure (multi-pair street cable) because land lines are a dying part of their business. Many pair have gone bad in mine, and the tech who came out said "Verizon will never replace that cable," and I believe he meant it.

In the old days, techs could repair my noisy phone lines fairly quickly. The last time, it involved a cause that was about a mile from my house. It took numerous calls from me to supervisors and continuing to complain. If the buzz is as loud as you say, it is outside the acceptable level and it must be fixed. Keep pestering them. See if the tech will tell you what parameter is causing the noise, and if it exceeds spec. Good luck.
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Phone Service
Posted by Queenerin_13 on 01/08/2014
This is the most expensive phone service I have ever had.The bill is outrageous I was lied to about my contract on AT&T next. I have no respect for this phone at all. What ever you do don't get AT&T.
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I Miss Verizon Wireless!
Posted by Lb60 on 01/07/2014
CHELMSFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- After comparing the major carriers I went with AT&T. The problem was that 3 months into it I lost my "promotional discount". I was never told that the monthly price was going to change. When I called AT&T, the reps said that they were very sorry but there wasn't anything that they could do.
When I asked them to show me where in the agreement I could find the discount listed as "promotional" I got another apology. I spoke with a supervisor who said that there was nothing he could do and, yes, he was sorry.
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One Year Upgrade Program Is a Rip-Off
Posted by Ocaamikeo on 01/01/2014
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- A T and T is a joke. Do not go for their new one year upgrade plan. It will end up costing you over triple the money it would have cost had you went with the conventional two-year upgrade program.. They say pay an extra 32 a month and get a new upgrade every year .. Totally false . The actual charges for an I Phone 5s is $700.00 and when you come back after the first year you have to turn it in instead of keeping it as a spare ... If you are stupid enough to enter into any kind of contract with this provider, stick with the two-year agreement.

Their customer service is absolutely horrible and they tried to enter me into an agreement which would have cost me more money had I entered into it.
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Waste of My Life ...
Posted by Kjhesik on 12/27/2013
I spoke with 14 representatives over the course of 4 hours. No one could help resolve the issue with my U-Verse order. Waste of my life ... Goodbye AT&T.
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Problem With Data Plan on Cell Phone
Posted by Sueperkins24 on 12/21/2013
BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- Started out with 3 cell phones on my plan. My son lost his phone. We went to get him another. Had to switch to a smart phone. Because of that, you took away his unlimited data. I feel that was wrong because we all started out with unlimited data, and it shouldn't change just because you changed phones. Doesn't seem fair!!! I've been a loyal customer for several years now and I feel I was done wrong!! If you want to keep us as customers you will change this!!!
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Posted by Mhawkins1969 on 12/14/2013
TEXAS -- They TRAIN the Customer Service Reps to tell you exactly what you want to hear to get you to subscribe to their services or continue to use AT&T then when about the second bill comes you know you have been SCAMMED AGAIN! Before I signed up with this company I was paying all my services separate so I called around and was sold on them after I stated what I wanted and what I wanted my average bill to be. Of course they will provide what the others will at a lower price because they are familiar with other promos but when you call in about a $30 increase in your bill your informed you received all these credits that are now falling off each service you have and of course the taxes I'm told are 19% of the service so that is where the increase comes from. Some of my services were downsized so that I wouldn't be paying $200 a month for another year for basic services with no "EXTRA" or premium services as they call them. In essence you will eventually start back to paying what you didn't want to continue paying because just as they are trained to tell you anything to reel you in, they are also trained with apologizes and excuses for what the last person "LIED" to you about or the misunderstanding as to what was told to you.....apparently all of us can't hear what they promise to provide.

Please don't write my speech for selling me your services again, I KNOW THE LIES BY MEMORY I'VE HEARD THEM SO MUCH!!
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