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Home Equity Line of Credit
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I have had more business with Bank of America and they are horrible. I still have a home equity line of credit. I make many payments different ways to pay down the loan online by transferring into account principal only. Directly at the teller. Also use Chase Bank bill pay which mails Bank of America paper bank checks. I use the same system each time with the exact proper account # and PRINCIPAL ONLY printed on the check, same exact proper address because payments have been processed before here.

Their system is slow, delayed as it seems the department receiving checks don't do their job. Currently I have over $33,000 in 2 checks that should have been received by them and they don't know anything, unaccountable for anything. Call customer service which is answered by unhelpful morons. BoA doesn't care about customers at all.

DO NOT BANK HERE for credit cards, loans, personal or business accounts. I called customer service. Asked specifically about each check amount, do you have these. I got every answer about nothing but the question I asked. This was on my second call.

The first call was also unhelpful. Claimed we don't have the check to transfer me to bill pay which is not a department anything to do with this, actually transferred me back to the same system again. Provide my account # and last 4 social to be on hold and finally get picked up to a person asking all the same questions again, account #, last 4, property address, wasting time again to still be unhelpful or concerned why their system doesn't apply mailed in bank checks promptly and accurately.

How would they ever fix any issue if they don't train service to listen to customers about the issue. This bank is the worst. Stay away from them. I guess I wait uncomfortably while over $33,000 in 2 bank checks float around. Btw: This is a history of this all the time with this stupid bank.

0 Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have accounts with them for almost 10 years, I hated it their customer service! Worst one ever. I don't know what's their problems, I'm not recommending their services and banking to anybody, I stopped using their credit cards already! The only reason I can't close my accounts with them, it could drop my credit score. I will not close my credit cards, but I'm not definitely using them so they can't make money from on us! I just had conversation with a supervisor from California called Steve ** (not sure about his last name), he and his representative didn't even understand my situation, which was not common at all, basically didn't want to help me!

Listen to your customers dear Bank of America, you have been losing a lot of customers because of these type of people, let me repeat. I will not recommend your bank and services anybody, so you lose money and value! And that will happen for sure. I can see that when I look at these reviews! Folks stay away from Bank of America and their all services, do not get loans, credit cards, bank accounts, retirement accounts with them! They are horrible at customer service. They only care about the money. They make more money!

Stealing Customer Money!!! Worst Bank Ever!!! Be Aware
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- After using BoA for few years, they charged me so much money on maintenance fee every month, while other banks don't do that. I decided to close my account. After talked to an associate, they convinced me leave the account open, and they don't charge any fee.

So, today is 06/25/2018, I accidentally logged in my account (after around 6 months), found out I have been charged "maintenance fee" for 3 months. This is stealing, and I decided to call them again. After waiting for about 50 minutes, I finally had the chance to talk to a customer service agent, they said they sent me letter in the mail in January about the fee will be charge for everyone. NICE!!! and the fee is non-refundable!!! NICE! Decide to close my account for good!!! People, go to Wells Fargo! They have way better service and fee!

Bank Failure to Pay Vendor After Almost 4 Months
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- I highlighted a Visa (Bank of America) charge as fraud, then 2 days later reversed the fraud charge. Bank of America Existing Fraud Dept said it would take up to 45 days to reverse the charge of fraud and pay the vendor. This occurred on June 20. As of this posting, Oct 2, the vendor has not been paid. After two months I paid the vendor $420.02 by check, because he was small and I felt responsible for the payment. He promised to pay me back when the bank paid him.

I have escalated this issue to four different managers within the Existing Fraud Dept of BofA: Rashana, Raphael, Zeke, and Susan **. In each case this manager promised to take action and keep in touch with me on the issues/progress. None did. The latest one, Susan **, even provided me her last name and private phone number. Two follow-up calls to her over last two weeks have gone unanswered. Requests for the name of the department head were ignored.

For me this is a case of being too small of an issue for BofA to spend time to fix. I have no recourse except to wait, and wait, and wait. I have no confidence whatsoever in BofA of which I have been a customer for almost 50 years. Individuals do not carry enough clout and cannot make enough noise to be heard for banks this large.

Don't Bank Here
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WASHINGTON, MARYLAND -- I recently had to close my savings and checkings account with this bank. They don't give you a grace period for overdraft fees. So they say that I you get a 5 day grace period to bring your account up to date. They also told me that I have a protection plan that will cover my accounts if I was overdrawn. What a joke. They did not only hit me with a $35 penalty but added on another $70 which made the penalty $105 with no 5 day grace period.

They also take out $30 maintenance fees out of each account each month which I knew nothing about. The money that they swiped out of my account I did not get back. This bank is so frustrating to deal with. They will rob you blind. And don't get a customer service representative on the phone to deal with the situation. Such a headache. They won't fix the problem. They will just keep transferring you to different people until you eventually give in and hang up the phone. I give the BOA a 0 star.

Bank of America Lost My $30,000.00 CHECK
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Rating: 1/51

JOPPA, MARYLAND -- So my wife received a bonus check for 30000.00 dollars. We deposited into the ATM at the Joppa, Maryland location. We looked at our bank account online the next day and noticed they approved then denied the deposit. We called the branch and asked why they denied the deposit, the manager stated that the amount of the check was too large to deposit through the ATM. We asked where the check was, they said, “we don't know because our ATM's are not serviced by the branch.” They said that the checks are picked up daily then shipped or mailed to the Phoenix Arizona location.

They said we need to call the customer service number to find out any more information. So we called customer service and they said that they had received our check and we would get a letter explaining that they have the check and would be mailing the original or a legal copy of the check. We called other branches emailed complaints for days. Then we talked to a manager at another branch and he said that The customer service reps read that line from a script(we have received your check and will be mailing it out in 7-10 business days).

So after calling and calling and complaining, we finally received a call from a representative from the department in charge of receiving the checks. The representative said, “Ms ** I am sorry but we have lost your check. We have been looking for it since you called customer service 11 days ago. We have searched all the bags from your county ATM locations and we cannot find the check. We are very sorry,” he said.

So this gentlemen said he would make it right by mailing us a negotiable copy that we could cash anywhere without any issue. The copy was sent FedEx overnight delivery. When we received it, it was a copy on a piece of paper printed from a regular printer. Just a scanned copy from when it was deposited via the ATM. Bank Of America is the worst bank in the World. Their customer service is terrible, they lie and will tell you what you want to hear. I advise anyone banking with them to close their accounts and seek better service at PNC or Wells Fargo.

Bank of America, Making Home Affordable: BEWARE, it's a SCAM!!!
By -

My husband and I are retired military. My husband is disabled due to a brain injury in Iraq. This is an account of how Bank of America uses the making home affordable program as a scam to get your home. It started when my husband had retired, his disability income had not come in yet and we were having difficulty making our monthly mortgage payments. Though we were not behind, we talked to representatives at B of A and they suggested we apply for the making home affordable plan.

For the next few months we faxed, FedEx'd, and phoned our information that they requested over 10 times. Also during that time, they said I could no longer make my payments over the computer and that I would have to either mail in or phone in my payments. So each month, I would call in, ask what I needed to pay, and they would give me a figure which I would then give them my debit card info. For a few months, they advised me that I needed to make trial payments which were $200 less than my regular mortgage payment.

After a few months, they started to inform me that I was behind. So I began to call every 2 weeks as they instructed to get a status and was told that I was behind due to them putting the partial payment into a holding account. However, when they started telling me that I was behind, I started making my regular loan payment amount plus extra to make up the past due amount. Then we got a call saying that we were in foreclosure and that they could sell our home as early as the next morning. Scared, I made some phone calls and got hooked up with Novadebt.

After speaking with them and having the representative from B of A on a 3 way call… we got the run around some more, they kept telling us conflicting information, but then assured me that I was not in foreclosure and that if I continued to make my regular monthly payments plus extra to chip away at the past due, I would not go into foreclosure. Well, that was last month. As of 1/25/11, I was informed that my home had gone into foreclosure and they would not accept anything from me other than the total amount past due plus lawyer fee's and that they would have to order those figures and will fax them to me in 3 business days.

So basically, after working with B of A for 1 year, calling each month, doing as they instructed, and never getting the same information twice, I am now in foreclosure and have to come up with a large sum of money next week to keep my home. This is very disturbing to me that they would treat one of our nation's disabled vets is such a dishonest manner. Keep in mind that we never missed a single months payment and only did what they instructed us to do and now they are trying to take a home away from a retired vet with a brain injury.

B of A has left a really bad taste in my mouth and the fact that they are using the making home affordable plan as a front to steal from honest Americans and take their homes from them is extremely foul on so many levels. Please, email me with your comments, I would love to discuss this with someone.

Life Work Destroyed!

My home, my entire lifetime of working a minimum of an 80 hour work weeks, taking our first vacation only 7 years back going to NYC after 911,and for the last 35 years, is in ruins. The catalyst was Bank of America. Heck, my 20 plus year Premier checking account that I have closed 4 times now, is still open accumulating fees as we speak! I was considered one their "most valuable customers". My mother worked banking her whole life. I was brought up to believe the people within those vaulted walls were the most honorable and integrable people, and could always be trusted!

From the "I am so sorry, though you have never been late" letters to raise interest rates from 3 and 5 percent to 30 percent, to transferring payments on my home back into my checking which had us fearing to deposit monies to pay our bills through them, especially those they had with us that were mysteriously were not canceled on my overdrafted protected account via auto pays, when they attacked us because of their unwise executive decisions, has left me hopeless and in ruins! I feel like such a failure, a loser, and without any faith in our nation's banking industry.

I worried about my credit rating! To me it was vital to survive and not to be messed with. I was also so proud of the numbers, jointly and individually as a woman, that we scored. How ironic, I was someone who 'paid it forward' so to speak, from getting an Iraqi war vet's mom a home and many other single parent families, that I will soon be homeless myself! At my age, with the economy as it is, and having only my hard work ethics to offer, finding employment to rebuild, is near impossible.

I paid my bills always on time and never the minimum that is required. Between Bank of America, Discover and Chase (I won't share what the insurance companies contributed, we have discovered there is a loophole for all the extra protection's sold to us in order to prepare for the shaky economy to keep us viable), I have no more faith. Loan sharks are more honorable. Definitely less costly!

I would like to share my experiences with them to a lawyer or Congressmen who will look at my documentation of events that had led us to bankruptcy and giving up our family home! I never asked anyone in my life for a handout, accept personal responsibility for my actions but was no match against Bank of America's pirates. Besides letters written and received, emails and online records (scanned before I was denied access to my own accounts online btw), phone calls and a years work of documentation, I would like them to get what they deserve.

Whether it helps my family, doesn't seem as important anymore. But the rage, the anger, the bitterness and how it has affected me personally, I need closure. A closure that cannot be done until the despicable, UnAmerican, TREASONOUS actions of Bank of America is investigated!

I cannot believe that this could happen in our country! From the phone calls from India on Christmas Eve when only 10 days late, a first and the result of the games they played on us previous robbing us of months of income for service charges, all the while going through chemo, which was what I think when I told them in preparation to insure timely payments via auto debits. It's like they red flagged me after that!

Imagine with all the offices they have, and if 1 percent of their customers who cared about their credit scores, if held hostage because the thinking they will pay to protect those scores and were treated this way, the kind of money Bank of America made!

Sure, I admit, times were lean and extra funds were almost bare. But, we lived "lean and mean" and were more than willing to eat cereal for supper before not paying our bills. We would do without phones, cable, whatever, before not paying our bills. Not even, 4 years back, when my husband endured lung cancer, we left the hospital debt free but then they were not told! It does make me wonder if being so truthful and honest, led to our downfall. We even sold all we could, canceled my health insurance in order to keep our credit stable! Nothing was ever enough!

Every penny was robbed on an account with overdraft protection. The first banking error, when addressed at the local branch instead of the faceless customer service, gave us back half and assured us that all auto payments, 100% monthly bills paid on 1st to insure they got paid, was to be stopped. Another lie. Even after we left them, they re opened the checking account.

I hope there is karma for those so called "geniuses" rewarded so well and they get what they deserve. They destroyed this country and someday my grand kids will read about this rape on middle class America by the bank that shares our nation's name in school and in the history books. That is if this country isn't ruined by such deceit! It hard to realize, your entire life was for nothing! That you feel like such a loser! It hard to believe that the only thing I ever wished for, that my grand kids be secure, is gone. I do not wish this on anyone. Can anyone help advise us on who is brave enough to take them on?

Lost a Loyal Customer
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I want to Thank You in advance for reading my long and detailed email. After being a customer of Bank of America since 2002, I closed my Account's today. This was a very hard decision to make as I believe long term relationships between establishments and their Customers are very important. I closed my accounts after I received inexcusable treatment from two different employees at your Newbury Park Branch located at 2345 Borchard Rd. Newbury Park, CA 91320. Being a former BofA employee myself, I am very aware of the standards and expectations BofA has of their employees in regards to customer service.

I went into the branch yesterday, June 31, 2009, to make a deposit. I was gestured to come over when it was my turn by your Teller. As I approached the counter, he took my deposit without so much as a word or any eye contact. I then asked him if he was having a bad day, which he then mumbled "No". I then said "it just seemed strange because everyone is usually so friendly at BofA and I receive such excellent customer service." He then looks and me and says "Huh?". I repeated myself. He shrugs his shoulders as if I'm joking and mumbles, "I don't care" with a smirk on his face. At this point I am completely dumbfounded. I took my receipt and left.

When I came home, I explained what had happened and found out that two members of my family had received very similar treatment from the same teller and knew him on a first name basis as they had already made complaints to your Manager about him. Confused as to why he was still giving such poor customer service after receiving complaints about him, I called the bank and spoke with the manager. After explaining what had happened, she simply said she would speak to him and asked if I needed anything else. I told her no and that I would be in tomorrow to close my accounts. To my surprise, she said casually, said "€œOkay"€ and hung up.

Today, I came into the branch and waited to speak with the manager. After she called me over, without making any eye contact, I sat down and she took my ATM card, still the same treatment (not a word and no eye contact). When she was ready she looked up and asked "what are we doing today?" I told her I was there to close my account. She then tells me I can do that with a Teller and to give her a minute to get the codes. After a moment, I told her how disappointed I was that I had to close my accounts and could not believe that she didn't offer an apology or show any concern to keep me as a Customer.

She then throws her hands up in the air saying "You were the lady that called last night. I spoke to him, there are two sides to every story. He claims nothing you said happened and I have nothing more I can do for you". I then told her as she could see by reviewing my account's at one time I had over six figures with BofA and unfortunately, due to hard times that is no longer the case, but if it was I'm sure we would be having a completely different conversation. Her response: "Possibly". WOW!

I highly doubt that Bank of America is doing so exceptionally well during these hard economic times that you can afford an employee who has no regard for giving good Customer Service, not to mention retaining loyal Customers. I will be forwarding this letter to Customer Solutions, all of my former BofA Colleagues, also Cal BofA branches, and everyone in my Address Book.

Let's Put Our Foot Down America!
By -

Don't trust your online banking. A bank officer even admitted that you can't trust it and that it is not as accurate to the consumer as it is to the bank… then why have it? We are a middle income family that uses our debit card for everything… first mistake. Charges are held for days, sometimes up to a week. Bank of America got us this week for nine $35 fees. They put through the largest item first to the smallest so they could hit us for all nine. I was charged $35 for a slurpee at 7-11 and $35 for a McDonald's hamburger. Our online banking did not show the pending items, only 2 that would put us in the red.

We went to the Bank and made a cash deposit to cover our pending 2 items, plus additional funds, yet we were hit that night for 9 items. Today, we went in and showed the banker our print out of what was actually pending according to their bank on line, but he responded by telling us the other 7 pending items could be accessed by yet another link, that is not on the main page that shows your current register. Our loyalty or our explanations didn't matter and we were at the banks mercy, there was nothing we could say or do to reverse any of those fees.

Most of the items that we got hit on were many days old, being held back until there were nine total they could get us for. Part of this is our fault for sure for not keeping track of every slurpee or hamburger bought, but BofA knows our patterns, and they have us by our check books. They hold back your charges until you overdraw yourself because you think you have a balance according to their bank by phone or online banking. They told me depending on the charge, it sometimes takes days for the paperwork to come through. Yeah right, they know every transaction you make and the minute you make it.

They have no mercy, nor do they care if your power is being turned off or you can't buy groceries. Six months ago, the maximum they could hit you for was 6 items, but the manager told us today they just raised it to 9, so watch out. America is in the worst shape it has ever been in, and more than 50% of American's live paycheck to paycheck.

We need to put an end to the banks stealing our hard earned money. They have many tricks up their sleeves that rip off their loyal customers (25 years loyal) because they can get away with it. They are sitting fat right now while our country is hurting and we need to put our foot down. We should all close our accounts on the same day and give our business to someone else like a good old fashioned credit union. We need to somehow send a BIG message to Bank of America!

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