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Ignore the customer and they'll go away...I Hope
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OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- My experience with Bank of America has been a nightmare. Recently we tried to take advantage of the low interest rates and refinance our mortgage with Bank of America. They already have all of our information as they are the company that currently has our home loan. After filling out the application and being approved I asked the agent how long the process would take and was told that I could expect 2-3 weeks on average. I am a pretty patient person so I check up regularly for about 4 weeks and keep getting told that "it should only be a few more days". After nearly 8 weeks I am getting frustrated and am calling more often to get some answers to which I get the "I only have a few more things and it should be 24-48 hours". By almost 3 months I've given up and started to look for another company to take our business to. Then I get a call asking to re-pull our credit report because it has expired and they can't close our loan without our permission to pull the credit.

By this time I have been referred to another company and have started talking to them about getting our loan moved to them. I tell Bank of America that I will NOT let them re-pull our credit. Then the loan officer calls me and is furious and basically yelling at me telling me that I have "no choice" and that "I HAVE to let him re-pull our credit TODAY". I calmly tell him that I do have a choice and that I would like to talk to my wife regarding if we are going to cancel the loan (and pay the non-refundable items)and I would be back with him to which he replied "fine, I'm going to cancel your loan". I told him that I did not ask him to cancel it but I would like to talk to my wife. Then he told me "if you don't call me back before 5 o'clock today I'll just cancel your loan". I told him I'd get back to him, and after speaking with my wife I called and canceled the loan on a Monday afternoon.

We start the new loan process with the new company and after they get our credit report we are asked to explain a few items on the credit report, one being an inquiry by Bank of America AFTER I told three separate people NOT to pull our credit report. I call the credit agency to get the inquiry removed and they say that I need a letter from Bank of America explaining the situation to get it removed. I call our agent to request the letter and do not get a response so I try the other contact information for all of the people at the office(email/other phone #) with no response. So I contact the manager for the area and tell her the situation. She tells me that "she will get to the bottom of this" and "I will call you back before 12:30 tomorrow to let you know what I find out". 12:30 the next day comes and goes and I never get a call back so I call and leave messages for the manager and send an email and never get a response. Now I am very angry that a complaint like this just becomes ignored so I call her boss who is the Senior VP for the area and leave a message to call me back because I am having an issue and leave my cell phone #. A few days later I get a message from him on my home phone saying that I can "feel free to contact him anytime". Since then I have left four separate messages with no response.

I guess that they feel like if you have a problem and they ignore you long enough you will just go away. This is the worst way to handle customers and I am glad for sites like this where the consumers can let others know to avoid companies that do business like this. I plan on moving/canceling everything that we have with Bank of America, and spreading the word locally and online that Bank of America will not only take forever to help you, they will also yell at you if you try and leave, and will ignore you if you have a problem. Don't use Bank of America if you value your time or sanity.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/14/2012:
Customer service has really gone to the dogs at large companies. When the issue is something important, like a home loan, it is that much worse. Good luck.
Wells Fargo Customer on 06/23/2013:
I just tried, as well, to take advantage of the low rates ( high BofA fees) which has turned out to be a confirmation of my past experiences with Bof A. Although I may have missed a deadline, because of my 11 year old's broken arm (oh wait, BofA doesn't care what you have going on personally - they just want to collect your $) 95% of the delay in our transaction was as a result of BofA's systems and customer service, charging me an additional 10K in fees!!! The first agent I dealt with was, at times, rude and condescending and was annoyed that I told her "I was shopping around" in order to get the best deal possible. Again, they don't care - they just want the $. I spent hours scanning and trying to upload docs to their system - spare hours I DO NOT HAVE! I know this sounds like a rant, which it is, because I am so disappointed that we did not get the original loan we discussed which would have meant a savings of $150K over the life of the loan and a $300.00 per month savings. I feel like BofA's lack of customer service is because that they are so large and disconnected with their colleagues, putting them in a situation where they don't care about the average home owner just trying to keep a little extra $ per month instead of giving it to them. Conclusion BofA: ACT like you care.......
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B of A and Making homes affordable loan
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To whom it may concern,

I am asking, no begging for help or at least some answers that make sense to us regarding the MHA.

In early July 2009 my husband and I were behind on our mortgage payment. I was very concerned about this and contacted our mortgage holder Bank of America to see if we could get on a repayment plan. I was talked out of doing this and convinced to apply for the Making Homes Affordable restructure loan.
I was unaware of this program at the time and the bank representative explained it to me.

I initially had a lot of questions and inquired about the acceptance and denial process, I was assured by the bank representative that once you were accepted into the program the only way you could be denied was if you failed to meet and complete what they required of you. First you had to see if you were approved, so I started the process with him at that time over the phone, he wanted all financial incoming net and gross monies we received each month and an itemized list of all outgoing obligations. I provided him with all of that and was then informed I would receive something via FedEx within 30 to 45 days explaining the process and that at that time I would be required to send further documentation.

On August 10th we received a letter from FedEx welcoming us into the program and congratulating us on doing what we needed to do to stay in our house. On August 17th we received the exact same letter again asking for copies of our checking account, paycheck stubs and tax returns, we complied with all requests and sent them. Not once but twice as they apparently lost the first ones we sent them, they had record of them showing up but no one knew where they were. So could we send them again which we did.

I stayed in weekly and bi-weekly contact with B of A inquiring if we had completed everything on time - I was repeatedly reassured that they had all that they needed and for us to continue making our monthly house payment. Which we did.

Finally after many phone calls to B of A we got a FedEx envelope on December 20th 2009 thanking us for our financial documentation. We again received same said letter from them on December 24th 2009 saying that we had entered into the trial payment modification part of the program, it stated that we needed to make 3 trial payments of $1782.50 the first on or before 2/1/2010 the second on or before 3/1/2010 and the third on or before 4/1/2010. I again called them and said I had just made Decembers payment and I wanted the terms of the trial modification clarified and outlined for me. The representative told me that the December payment I had made had actually constituted the first trial payment that was to be made on or before 2/1/2010 - I asked him if I needed to make another payment in January and was told NO, your December payment will be applied to your first trial payment, I then said to him if I don't make a payment in January then I will be behind another payment, and he said yes you will but that it would all get worked out in the loan modification, they will either put them to the back of your loan or incorporate them into your new modified monthly payment at a lower interest rate when the process is completed.

I stated to him that I was uncomfortable technically getting behind another payment and he then informed me that if I brought my house payment current it would kick us out of the program, I was not to waiver from the guidelines they set forth and had to comply with all they asked exactly the way they asked or we would be out of the modification program, I was again informed the payment I made in December was my 1st trial payment. I then said my regular monthly payment is $1780.39 and that the 3 trial payment vouchers they had sent me asked for $1782.50 it was only a couple of dollars difference so not a big deal, he then said to me make your 2nd trial payment on or before 3/1/2010, I thanked him for his time, but deep down this information seemed just wrong. I waited a couple of days and called back with the same questions and once again was given the same answers, and told do not waiver from the program guidelines we set forth or you will be out of the program.

In February when we got our taxes back I called again and asked if I should apply them to our mortgage and was adamantly told NO do not do that it will kick you out of the program. He did say I can't tell you I won't take your money but I can say it will kick you out of the program if I do.

I made 2nd trial payment before 3/1/2010 still keeping in constant contact with bank making sure we had crossed every t and dotted every I and jumped through all their hoops, I was repeatedly told yes you have done everything we have asked just keep making the trial payments you are in the modification process follow the guidelines we have given you, do not waiver from them.
I made the 3rd trial payment before 4/1/2010, as May was approaching I called the bank again and asked them how I needed to proceed, as the 3 trial payment vouchers they had sent us we had already used for making the 3 trial payments, I was informed that they were way behind on processing the mod loans and to continue to pay the trial amount to put loan # in memo section of our check and to continue to send $1782.50, that it may take several more months. I paid the 4th trial payment in May.

In June I tried to make the 5th payment in the branch as I always had and it would not accept my payment, I came home and called the bank and was informed that a letter had gone out saying we were declined for the MHA modification since our current payment was not equal to or more than 31% of our total gross income....( Shouldn't that have been determined long before we were ever accepted into the program? I think so if it had we would never be in the position we are in right now ) at this time I was once again reassured that we had gone straight into an in house program with the bank that would ultimately have the same outcome for I I paid the June payment, the 5th in this trial period only this time I had to now make payments of $1818.88 our original house payment had gone up due to our property taxes going up...okay I was fine with that and was told keep making the $1818.88 payment your still under review for in house restructuring. Again this was on June 18th 2010.

In a letter dated July 2nd 2010 we received a notice of intent to accelerate, I was beside myself and called them demanding to know what was going on with my loan, after speaking at great length with a representative and getting nowhere and no answers, I asked to talk to a supervisor. I did eventually get a supervisor and explained all we had been through from the beginning to currently getting her on the phone, she then stated your loan restructure was denied and closed on June 23rd. I then asked her when they planned on informing us of this, and she said it is not our job to keep you informed, it is your job to see where things stand...( are you kidding me? What did they think I had been doing threw out this whole process? it is documented how many umpteen times I had called and tried to constantly and consistently stay on top of this whole thing.)

She then very matter of factly wanted to know if I could come current by August 1st 2010 in the amount of over $7000.00, I told her I did not have that kind of money and that there was no way I could get it in basically 3 weeks, I was then advised the ONLY thing she could do would be to split the past due into 5 payments that would be added to my monthly mortgage payment thus resulting in our house payment for the next 5 months being $2926.80, this is all she could offer and the only thing that could save our home from being foreclosed on...I had to take her deal because I had no other choice and losing or walking away from our home is not an option for us, we love it and have always had the intent of staying here and not walking away like so many other people have been forced to do.

I am so disheartened, disillusioned and plain mad as hell that the bank can do this to people and get away with it. Had I gone with my original plan over a year ago our missed payment would have long ago been caught up, but by taking their advice and doing what they requested and never waivering from the guidelines they set forth they have screwed us. I was 100% repeatedly in contact with them, I thought I had asked all the right questions and complied with all the terms they set forth...they had the ultimate decision to put us in the program or not, we were not aware of the 31% rule they have for their approving or declining process, someone at the bank dropped the ball big time with this and they allowed it to continue by accepting our trial payments for 5 months now they expect us to be able to financially pick up the pieces of their mess and their mistake.

I was also informed during my last phone call with them that federal guidelines had not even been implemented into their program until April 12th 2010 so how then could they even start the process or expect anyone to stay within their strict guidelines if they did not even know what they would be. I also asked at that time for a copy of the agreement I made with them for the repayment plan be sent to me in witting as I felt at that time I could not and would not be able to trust a single thing I heard out of anybody working on their behalf. I am hopeful that someone on your end will be able to help us get some answers that make sense.

John and Michelle Nice ( Very disgusted B of A customers)
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/15/2010:
I read your entire review. It was written clearly and easy to follow. It seems you did everything you possibly could to stay on top of this. From what I can tell, all the information you were given from different people was consistent, so I understand why you had your hopes up. But I also know the feeling that something is not quite right. The only thing I would ask is if you had any of this in writing.

I hope you find a way to keep your home. You certainly seem motivated to do whatever it takes.
tnchuck100 on 07/15/2010:
This is one of the most well-written reviews on home loan modification I have seen here. John/Michelle appear to have "crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's." It is an excellent representation of how Bank of America is, in fact, the scum of banking industry. It is too bad there are no attorneys out there that are willing go up against this giant.

Good luck. I hope you can find a way to keep your home. Most of all get rid of all association with Bank of America as soon as you can.
Skipy33 on 07/16/2010:
Contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the regulatory arm of National Banks, and let them know your story. Also, call your senator if you feel they will be empathetic to this issue. I had an almost identical experience with GMAC Mortgage. Question, has your credit been effected negatively? Call me at 707-228-6028, thanks Scot.
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Bank of America can't stick to their own Agreements
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This scenario I'm about to explain just might top them all...
My wife and I fell on financially trying times starting back in September of 2008. After much thought and research, I contacted a friend of mine who for a reasonable and money back guaranteed fee, was able to get us a loan modification. Here is where it gets really interesting... When we started this process our mortgage was in limbo as it was transitioning from GreenPoint Mortgage to Countrywide. What really shocked me about that was the prior news that Countrywide had already gone bankrupt. Needless to say we were offered a loan modification by Countrywide 5 months after starting the process, and we were on track to save a whopping $42 per month. Immediately after that Bank of America took over. They assured me that there would be no lag in transition and that none of my information, agreements, etc., would be lost in translation/transition. Just as I was to make my very first new monthly payment, (according to the signed and notarized APPROVAL we sent in), I called in to confirm the department and address to send the payment in to, only to learn that 2 days before the payment due date they notated a denial of the loan modification. The denial stated that the "financials" don't meet their requirements. I climbed up the ladder and spoke with several managers who stated that I should send in my payments anyway so that I was not in breach of contract. At that point I even asked the manager if he would make a payment if he were in my shoes… Had something in writing stating he was approved, but couldn't get the same information from the associates working there; and HE said "NO SIR, I WOULDN'T". I went on to forcing this man (Robin was his name), to notate in the system that I was going to send in my payment with copies of the signed and notarized approval, and to notate based on other notes in his system that I WAS in fact approved for the loan modification. The manager did as requested. I know because I called in and confirmed it with a different associate later that day. On numerous phone calls that took place from 4/8/2009 through 5/7/2009 I was transferred from one department to the next. Nobody at Bank of America was on the same page and the majority of my calls resulted in a left message in the voicemail box of some person that did not return my call(s). This trend continued into July of 2009 where at last, I had a collections manager calling me every Friday with updates, if any on the progress or lack thereof on our file. For months we made our new, modified payments only to find that Bank of America was not honoring the written approval. They were actually applying those payments to the past dues that according to my approval letter, (signed & notarized), had already been worked into the modified balance and loan terms... This was just the first Phase in which we spoke to people in the Retention Department, HOPE Department, Loan Workout Department, Customer Service Department, Foreclosure Department & Collections Department, and several managers in differing departments as well.
Going back in time just a bit… In May of 2009 I found new employment with a company that specialized in financial assistance programs which included loan modification negotiating. Figuring that the end result of our so-called loan modification offered to us in March was a result that clearly favored the interests of Bank of America, we decided to employ the company I was working for to get the job done and finalized. We started our second attempt at a modification in August, 2009. Because that our mortgage was owned by Freddie Mac we were eligible for the “Making Home Affordable” (MHA) program. In September, just prior to our being approved for the MHA program we received a certified & recorded NOD, (Notice of Default / Foreclosure Notice with Intent to Sell). Almost immediately after that, in October we were approved for the "Making Home Affordable Trial Modification Program". All we had to do was make our 3 “trial payments” on-time and Bank of America would then advance into making the loan modification permanent. Nowhere in the documentation that we received, signed and sent back, did they mention ongoing negotiations and/or underwriting, etc…
We have now made 7 payments. All of them on time and all of them over the phone, in which we have recorded confirmation numbers for each payment made. Bank of America is claiming that on 5/3/2010 they denied our workout for a permanent modification due to missing documentation, (that was never requested of us). I have also found out that they notated one of our trial payments as being received late, which is a blatant lie that can easily be disproved if a subpoena for their internal records was ordered. This would show the date and time that the confirmation number was issued. The representatives at Bank of America also claim that they sent us a written request for additional documentation, however if they did, we did not receive it. We live in a condominium complex with 321 units. We are always getting mail intended for someone else and vice-versa. What is most upsetting about this is that all of the original offer(s) for a loan modification was sent Fed-Ex (which required a signature); Isn't it safe to assume that any documentation with such a high level of importance be sent via "first class mail" / "certified mail" or the equivalent? These are just all out terrible and irresponsible business practices...
Nevertheless, the reason I found out that they denied the loan modification on 5/3/2010 along with the other aforementioned claims, is because I called them again to get to the bottom of our loan modification, which I was doing because we received 13 copies, (6 by certified mail), of a "Notice of Trustee's Sale" on our property. The public auction is to take place on 6/8/2010 at 10:00 AM. Furthermore, Bank of America states that they issued an Adverse Action Letter to us to inform us of the denial, but that too has never been received. I was informed by a gal there that my home was NOT in foreclosure and that all I needed to do was sent in the “missing” documentation, which included our 2009 signed & complete tax return, a signed 4506-T which gives Bank of America permission to access previous tax records, (that they should already have on file for 2007 & 2008 because we sent that in twice already), and proof that we are currently paying our HOA dues. When I asked why this process is taking so long, and educated her a little about the federal making home affordable guidelines that her employer is unable to adhere to, she stated that it’s because negotiations were still taking place. I firmly disagreed with her adding that there was nothing further to negotiate. She countered with a response pertaining to the “investor” needing to agree to and attend to negotiations. I countered back stating that the investor was Freddie Mac who FINALIZED their negotiations with the Feds and the President long before they even launched the MHA program and offered it to the public; and that the MHA program we were offered was only available to us due to the FACT that the program was tailored to homeowners who’s mortgages we owned be either Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or was an FHA loan. I also went on to say; and with that said, there were no other pending negotiations, just lack of compliance, lack of follow through, lack of professionalism and stall tactics, which boarder on predatory business practices.
Right, wrong or indifferent, I faxed all of the “required” information to Bank of Amerca’s Loan Retention Department along with a copy of the Sale Notice and called the next day to confirm that they received the documents. I figure that if I had any leverage at all; it would rest on holding up our end of the bargain. Their representative confirmed receipt of the documents and went on to tell me that in addition to our modification being denied on 5/3/2010, that they also notated on 5/5/2010 that our file needs a 2nd review for underwriting. I asked if they could give me a timeframe for the review and the gal stated they are not allowed to tell me, in which I replied; "because if you did the feds would shut you down for lack of contractual compliance". I mean after all, aren’t all those phone calls supposed to be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes? I called back later to try to find out the name of the underwriter or negotiator in possession of our file but they couldn’t give that to me either. I asked to be transferred to a manager of sorts which resulted in my call being transferred in the voicemail box of a "collections" manager who did not return my call. I bet that if somebody with enough time on their hands could get to piecing together all of the phone call recordings in chronological order, and per consumer getting the run-around by Bank of America, that Bank of America would be under Federal investigation before the Supreme Court and trying to defend a tangled web of lies and lazy business practices, in no time flat!
We’re still playing the waiting game with Bank of America. We’re on the verge of losing our home despite doing everything asked of me and then some. I also know, based on conversations with Bank of America representatives and co-workers who deal with Bank of America as a daily profession, that I can request for Bank of America to postpone the foreclosure sale date on my property. BUT; they will not actually do anything to fulfill those requests until roughly 10 to 3 days prior to the scheduled sale date. …Which basically means that Bank of America is not only being unprofessional and distasteful about their modification practices, but that they’re simultaneously and tactfully hindering hard-working citizens from proactively saving their American Dream and their homes.
We have worked long and hard to have what little we possess, and to provide to our child. To educate, discipline, and teach our child the values of honesty and responsibility. We find comfort in knowing that our child’s moral compass is pointed in the proper direction. To me it’s unfathomable that child who still knows very little can make better morally grounded decisions than the staff at Bank of America.
Unfortunately, Bank of America isn’t the only villain out there. I have contacted a couple of law offices with open / active cases against Bank of America. Some small, and some class action; but all they want to do is get me to start a new lawsuit against Bank of America so that they can collect a hefty retainer fee for their services. Unfortunately this is all turning out to be the works of a federal government who’s congressional leaders are bribed by our President and the interest of corporate officers and shareholders. The Feds know that Bank of America is the largest financial institution in the world and that any legal action against them that favored the hard working AMERICAN, would result in the absolute single worst economic banking decline since 1929. The same CRAP that scared the feds into $ Billions of bailouts to the auto industry, and other Wall Street ventures, etc…..
I am going to post this on every blog I can find, and share this with as many people who will read it or listen to it. We the people are not being treated with any dignity by our government or the financial institutions reaping on the benefits of our woes.
Whatever happened to: “We the people, By the people, & FOR the People”?
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Mortgage Modification/Incorrect payment processing/Incorrect Credit Reporting
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Bank of America is extremely dishonest in everything they do! I urge anyone that can move checking account, credit card balances & mortgages to other banks to do so now!!
I have Soft Second mortgage. I wrote a letter in March 09 requesting a simple interest rate reduction because I read and watched TV and thought well if all these banks are getting these funds to help home owners why shouldn't I try to make an interest rate request. I'm extended...full time student/full time worker/have family/private school tuition for child/credit cards due to home repairs.. I requested this because I know that I am extended on my expenses. I provided all my financials to the Loan mitigation department at BofA. They wouldn't offer a simple small interest rate reduction but would only offer to extend mortgage from 30 year to 40 year. Ultimately tax payer hands over tax money to stimulus to Banks and that's all they offer. I get hit 2x as a tax payer and then a consumer if I take the 40 year because I'll be paying way more in interest for mortgage and yet my property value has plummeted to depths of hell! I declined the modification offer. Since then, I no longer receive my monthly mortgage statements. BofA started sending me late notices and foreclosure notice letters. I've called about 5x/weekly and also go into the branch now to pay my mortgage. I have never been late and never behind on my mortgage at all. I have all my bank statements showing that Bank of America takes funds every single month before or on the 15th of month but they show my payment history as processing after the 15th of the month. BoA reported me as delinquent on my mortgage back to May 09 to all 4 credit bureaus. I have been in constant contact with reps. I have spoken minimum of 15 times since March 09 to current. Every representative stated "oh, we have you as good customer and paying on time...there is no issue" It wasn't until I prodded and kept asking questions that I got more info. The receipt of late notices raised a red flag for me and I was proactive and requested a payment history for both mortgages ranging all way back to origination of mortgage 2006. I also demanded letters from BofA explaining why I'm receiving late notices when I'm not late or behind on my mortgage. I have never been late but found that they marked me late 3-5 times on both accounts. I pulled all of my bank statement including cancelled checks where BofA stamped the date. Every cancelled check is stamped prior or on the 15th of month.
This really affected me. I was so worried about receiving wrong late notice/FORECLOSURE LETTERS incorrectly I felt that they could put a lien on my house for my credit card. I think that they are strategically working to hit people with fees and even taking peoples homes. I decided to transfer my BofA credit balances to another credit card company. The other credit card company decreased original credit limit by $500 because I learned that BofA reported me delinquent on my MORTGAGE going back to May 09 and its now July 09! I unknowlingly paid with the chase transfer check to BofA and then that check got denied by Chase. But, BofA sent me my latest credit card statement making it look like they processed my credit card payment. So I better make a payment prior to my regular period and more than the usual payment just in case.
I have filed formal complaints with Attorney General, Bank of Commerce, I've also contacted my congressmen complaining about this dishonest bank. You may be saying to yourself, "theres more to her story...she must be late or behind on mortgage.." I swear and speak honestly..I am not behind or late on my mortgage.
My neighbor had Countrywide and was then bought out by Bank of America. Neighbor never received notice to mail payments to BofA. They continued to pay mortgage to Countrywide. Then BofA started out sending late notices and foreclosure notices to neighbor. That's how it started for my neighbor too..they received late notices/foreclosure notices. Neighbor shows that checks were cashed but BofA kepts stating that neighbor din't make payments. They have told me same thing with day I'll speak with one representative that will say..."you're showing late.." next day I'll speak with representative and they'll say..."you're good customer we show you paying on time and current". My Neighbor got RealEstate attorney and BofA even stopped speaking with RE attorney. 4th of July weekend my neighbors moved out of home....left home and turned the home over to BofA. This was their 1st home...lived there since 2003. They were family of 4 with 2 small kids. My neighbor is a City cop...both work and are respectable...I thought there was more to their story too...until I started getting wrong late/foreclosure notices too! Please, if you are having issues with BofA like these...go to the website I provided Write your state attorney general and report to every agency that you can...I also reported formally to the Bank of Commerce. I also contacted my congressman of my area. I will also try to find CEO of BofA write him letter too. This is not OK. We have the power individually and as a group of American Consumers by pulling our personal accounts out of Bank of America all together... The only way that we have to fight back right now is by our consumerism. On all accounts...if you want to have a job...we have to stop buying China...and every other country that ships into us but doesn't allow us to ship our goods into their countries. We have to send a message to government and these dishonest corporations that we have power and we as American PEOPLE are taking the rest of our power back. This includes the future of our country...our jobs and our personal finances. If anything...I have learned recently..."as a are slave to the lender". I will work hard to get out of dept and never rely on a credit card or borrow from any bank ever again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/15/2009:
Many other financial institutions out there. Start shopping around to see who can offer you a good package.
tashie on 07/15/2009:
yes, but I have a very good program that was offered through mass housing partner where I don't even pay interest...its graduated after 3 years and every year after. If I refinance...I pay money out for refi and lose the MHP program. The mortgage program is exceptional but it not if I'm going to be reported incorrectly to credit bureaus
grandma005 on 07/15/2009:
Bank of America's Bill Paying service is the best ever. Chase skewered me over on Bill Pay by taking out payment in an account that I did not have enough money to cover. I know that I was sure to mark the right account. I cancel Chase Bill Pay. I will never use it again.
Anonymous on 07/15/2009:
the first paragraph of your review sums up boa to a *t*, of course there will be those that will comment that everything is your fault and you *must* be delinquent, and boa never makes mistakes yada, yada, yada.

don't let boa get away with these shenanigens! if you have absolute proof that a payment was never made after the 15th of the month, gather up your documents and go see an attorney and ask for help.
MaggieMcT on 07/15/2009:
Also, send copies of your proof of on-time payments with a dispute to all the credit bureaus.
tashie on 07/16/2009:
Thanks for tips. Re-iterate...not late or behind motgage. For some reason BofA reps don't know how to process CHECKS! I write accnt # on check.. Since learning BofA reported wrong as delinquent to credit bureaus...I made formal complaint to
-Commomnwealth Massaschusetts Division of Banks
-My congressman
-online customer complaint with
-Mass Attorney General
If a person takes this much time in making formal complaints then you might be able to ascertain that I really am paying my mortgage on time & not behind. BofA is very tricky. I received a late letter but every time I've called BofA 1st reps say..."you're not late or behind don't know why you're receiving notices." but more reps you speak with such as the Mortgage mitigation dept then they state you were late such was only through me calling over and over that I got more info. I finally learned the incorrect reporting when I was trying to transfer my credit card out of BofA!
I even write date when I mail my checks. I now go to branch pay mortgage. I have all my bank records to show that I'm on time. I'm gathering all of my cleared checks with BofA stamp on it because they have many dates in payment hx that they provided showing me late...but my checks show them cashing on or before 15th of month. I'll be correcting credit bureasu too...and I'm going to really research finding a re-fi with different Bank for mortgage. BofA isn't worth the risk!
BokiBean on 07/16/2009:
tashie, you are correct, BoA is NOT worth the risk. Find another financial institution and check them out online before signing up with them.

Some banks (and credit unions) are still trying to do business the old fashioned way, with an eye towards their customer's satisfaction..BoA isn't.
Laurzie on 07/20/2009:
My advice... get automatic withdrawal for your payments from your checking account. That way you will NEVER be late because when you have an automatic deduction from your account, they have to deduct the amount on time. I have been paying my mortgage this way for 7 years and I've never had a problem. Just make sure you have the funds in your account. I set my automatic withdrawal to occur right after I get paid so I don't end up spending the money on something else. Just a thought.
I hate Bank of America too, but I do have a low interest rate so it would waste my money if I went with someone else.
tashie on 07/22/2009:
Lauriz....u misunderstand...I've never been late. They process my checks wrong. BOFA can't process paper checks manually I'm sure not going to give them auto to my checking!
I have all docs showing they cashed my checks prior to 15th of month but they said I was late and reported me late. It was because I pulled all my docs and proved it to them that they finally corrected. I WAS NOT LATE ON MY PAYMENTS!!!!
PepperElf on 07/22/2009:
I'm assuming the checks were due at the 15th...

I'd suggest, if possible, getting them in even earlier... maybe in at least a week early. then it'd be even easier to prove them wrong.

also if you're making payments, some companies will allow you to pay online directly through your bank account - and I am sure the bank itself has the option.

I know I have that option with my gas/electric bill. I am sure that since you're dealing with payments to the bank, it might be an option to consider... especially since you won't have to worry about having something lost in the mail etc
BokiBean on 07/22/2009:
tashie, you need to move your account..whatever else you do.
tashie on 07/28/2009:
Guess what...I now go to Bank of Asses and pay my mortgage at the branch in person on the 9th or 10th of month and they have STILL processed my CHECKS wrong. Some of us consumers are in DENIAL...about this bank! I will not get automatic withdrawal with Bank of Asses. I will however move my business out of Bank of Asses and I encourage anyone that knows the illegal&unlawful unfair business practices of Bank of Asses to move their business else where too and NOW!
tashie on 07/28/2009:
-Also, to everyone that keeps giving advice of do the "automatic deduction" from checking. I will not be doing this.

-I have all proof that Bank of America has cashed all my checks well before the due date (15th of month) but in their own payment history records they marked me late. So, anyone that keeps saying send check stuff isn't getting lost in the mail if I have proof that Bank of Asses is cashing my checks on the 12th,13 or 14th prior to due date.
Anonymous on 07/28/2009:
Tashie, what's the date on your receipt, compared to the payment date on your statement? How much discrepancy is there?
powerguy64 on 06/24/2010:
I love that first comment by passing by ya right there are a lot of financial institutions out there but nobody wants to get involved with you once BOA has you. they f*** your credit up and no other financial company believes that is possible so you get stuck in the cold screw you you have not been thought the f*** BOA ringer maybe someday you will GOD help you
JBS on 03/08/2012:
Tashie is 100% correct. We have a mortgage there (It was sold to them, we would have never gone to them) and they have done the same to us. We have been battling them for 2 years. Same with us, payment due on the 15th, we have proof of them receiving the money before that. After hundreds of hours on the phone, they admitted that they had been applying it to someone else's mortgage.

This month, 6 months later, our credit rating dropped 50 points by this garbage. We've been trying to refinance. I will be reporting them and I'd like to sue the crap out of them, but financially need to wait and hope there is a class action suit in our state.

I hope their big wigs burn in hell for a very long time.
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The PMI Scam
Posted by on
Recently I paid Bank of America an excess of $450 for THEIR approved appraiser to conduct an appraisal on my single family house with an additional detached house in the rear of property (aka as in-law quarters). They sent out a trainee from a sister city market... this in itself goes against the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices' Competency Rule. Sending a trainee out to such a complex appraisal should have never happened, let alone someone from a totally different real estate market. Also, It should have sent up warning flags the moment he asked what the purpose of the loan was and what the mortgage balance is. What the heck does that have to do with getting the true value on my property? Very fishy if you ask me.

Having some working knowledge of what to look for in appraisals I noticed straight away discrepancies when I received the documents. One major issue is that he used duplexes as comps and two of the comps were in excess of 5 miles from my property which far exceeds Fannie Mae's 1 mile desirable comp. area.

I swiftly hired an independent appraisal firm to do a desktop review of the appraisal I received from BOA. The findings were SHOCKING to say the least. This "trainee" should not be getting his license and the supervisor who signed off on it should loose hers. The appraiser I hired found 5 comps all within one mile radius and the range of values were found to be 20-70k above the value the BOA appraiser gave GO FIGURE. My appraiser used the very same style of properties as mine for comps (all single family homes with detached single family homes or rentals in the rear of the property).

What upsets me is that they sent out a trainee from another market who has no knowledge of this area. He used the wrong form, gave wrong comps and did not even follow basic appraisal guidelines in doing so. Bank of America needs to have a department that oversees these appraisers and monitors their practices. Without that thousands of their customers could potentially be getting defrauded.

What it boils down to is a mere $1200 separates me from getting out of PMI based on BOA's appraised value. Their customer service is totally incompetent. To make matters worse after I sent the findings of my appraiser to the dispute dept they in turn simply just forwarded it to the ORIGINAL appraiser for review. Can you believe it??? they are not even opening an internal investigation on his practices? Of course this guy is not going to agree with the findings of MY appraiser. Do you think he wants to loose his job? So guess what: This guy came back after reviewing my desktop review and advised he is sticking by his original appraisal, are you Kidding me?? And that is the final answer? Wow!! The very person who made at least 7 major mistakes on the appraisal won't even agree that some errors occurred. And of course Bank of America has not one trained person willing to call me and go over my concerns. Nadda ONE. Let alone one trained person to oversee the appraisals that are being sent out.
If a multi Billion Dollar Corp does not invest in any trained in house people to look over erroneous appraisals and to set forth basic standards of conduct for the sub contractors they hire, then they should not be in business at all.

So much for standing by one of their core values "Doing the Right Thing for The Customer". I have spent more than 15 hours calling, writing on and researching this matter. Do you think I will at the very least get my money back for this bunk appraisal? doubtful. Let's not forget to mention the additional out of pocket I paid to an independent appraiser for his work. I wonder how many other people this is happening to.
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/17/2008:
I've purchased several homes and sold one...on each of my transactions, I was given the option of obtaining an appraiser. If I did not want the responsibility, the bank said they would find someone but it was always better to let the buyer/seller obtain one as they could find an appraiser in the buying/selling community. This whole post seems a little strange to me...
paybacktime on 04/17/2008:
Bank of America uses their own appraisal program called LSI to get the values. LSI farms out the work to Bank approved appraisers ONLY. They do not allow their customers to hire independent appraisal firms to obtain the value. What part of the post seems strange?

*Brenda* on 04/17/2008:
Can you get your own appraiser and fight it?
grandma005 on 04/17/2008:
The only way you are going to get rid of PMI insurance is to refinance your loan with another loan company. Banks or loan Companies will not let you get rid of PMI insurance because it is high profit money for them.
paybacktime on 04/17/2008:
I did pay for an independent firm to look over the apparaisal and they provided comps. I took that to BOA who then sent it back to the VERY appraiser who did the original one and he said he is sticking with his desicion. I know he is going to wish he did not make that statement soon. Why Bank of America does not have a department overseeing the appraisers themselves is beyond me. This can potentially become a BIG time CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against BOA, because I know I am not the only one they are fraudently trapping in the program because of dummied down house values. As for getting a refi- I don't want to pay to do that. If I found a mortgage company that does not charge to do it I will switch.
*Brenda* on 04/17/2008:
Sorry, I missed that you had already hired your own appraiser. I hate Bank of America. I hope you get this resolved somehow!
moneybags on 04/20/2008:
Most Appraisers are licensed through the Real Estate Commission of the state in which you (or anyone lives.) Send them a formal, written complaint with copies of both appraisals, names, etc. Appraisal companies are required to have E&O (errors and ommissions) insurance, just like real estate agents/brokers. There is legal recourse through the RE Commission. Good luck.
paybacktime on 04/23/2008:
They ordered another appraisal and low and behold the value came in high enough to release me from the PMI program.
For my "effort" I will get 1/3 of the price back of the appraisal and $100 gift cert. It hardly seems worth the min 15 hours I spent dealing with this, but better than nothing I suppose (?!).
One thing I did do is write to my States Dept of Real Estate Regulations. Let's hope they take a hard look at the appraisers practices.
alove on 09/05/2008:
There are so many problems with this post I do not know where to start but I guess I will hit the main topic. Borrowers are not EVER to hire their own appraiser. The lenders are only to use appraisals order by themselves or other lenders to keep appraisals as independent as possible. While borrowers ordering appraisals was once common, they should not have been doing it for several years not (An OCC bulletin sent out in 2003/2001-one of these years anyway- covered this). The reason is they want to make sure appraisers are not influenced by anyone. Now it is common practice for lenders to hire a third party company to handle the ordering of all their appraisals so they can keep in line with the OCC. I am an appraiser and an appraisal instructor. Hope this explains something anyway.
pburg on 08/01/2009:
I just got an appraisal from BOA (in an effort to remove PMI). They appraised our 5 year old home for less than the build price...and we've added a 1,000 square ft finished basement and hardwood floors since with this case, there are all sorts of mistakes on the appraisal form. The most frustrating is that they have the square feet at 150 less than reality (which is published on the auditor hard would it be to get that right?!) And, the comps are not right...there is a house for sale in the neighborhood same floor plan as ours but older, which I told him about, and they DIDN'T use that one but did use some that are 500 sq ft smaller without any upgrades on small lots. The "SOLD" comps he used are not even in our neighborhood! I'm not looking forward to the undoubtedly multi-hour long call on Monday. They are so dishonest!
I Sued Chase and Won over $7K on 06/14/2010:
Please read my post "I sued Chase and won over $7K".
LSI is owned by the banks. Talk about a conflict of interest! That is why they "push" the lender to use LSI for appraisals. This practice is ILLEGAL. It is at the crux of why I won AND COLLECTED over $7K from Chase. (Public record in San Mateo County, California.) If you would like to know more, you may contact me at "".
Jolly1 on 10/23/2010:
Now it is common practice for lenders to hire a "third party" company to handle the ordering of all their appraisals so they can keep in line with the OCC. I am an appraiser and an appraisal instructor

As an instructor you should know as the rest of the appraisers in this country do…. THE "3rd party" is owned by there client....THE BANK!!!! Call it what you want. Bottom line's the banks way of killing the real estate appraisal industry and going back to the pre-S&L days where most of the banks used there OWN appraisers....notice how I capped "OWN" because that’s what you are when you work for a VMC I.e the BANK/LENDER.
L/S LSI/TSI are all owned BY there BANKS. They are continuing to hire staff appraisers to do appraisals in house (by the QUOTE-Third Party).

At least next time the person above won't have to complain,… because the bank/third party will know what’s going on and they will make sure the right number is on the bottom of the appraisal….if that’s what you’ll want to call it.
barneycody on 04/18/2011:
three months of customer inadequete service w/h bank of amer, after 8 years, still have to get a appraisal to remove pmi., what a rip off!!
nancy on 08/14/2011:
I have spent 18 months trying to get PMI deleted. I readed 80% loan-to-value more than a year ago but still have to pay PMI. I was told (and it said so in my loan docs) that I could hire my own licensed appraiser. They filled out the required forms. BOA lost them. I sent them again. They were lost again but a smart customer service rep found them, misfiled. Then was told I had to hire THEIR appraiser. In all this time I have been unable to reach the same customer service person a second time for follow up. What recourse do we have?
BentOverbyBAC on 03/11/2012:
bank of America is owned and led by the devil.
mariej on 08/09/2013:
I know how you feel - just went through the same with BOA - was doing a refinance with them - they sent out an appraiser that didn't know his a** from a hole in the ground. Had our house listed with less bedrooms, wrong items for heating etc. when we disputed the appraisal they said they would have it reviewed (by the original appraiser "surprise") but I had to send in photos and measurements and also comps of houses in the area. The appraiser was from the city we live in rural Pa where property values have gone up in the past 5 years due to gas drilling. I spoke with a friend that is a realtor to get the comps and he asked me if the appraisers name was so and so I said yes - he stated that he had several dealings with the same appraiser and had the same problems - he did not understand the lease with the gas companies to factor that into the value of the property.
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Modification approved with higher rates after 4 years of Fighting with them!
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Rating: 1/51
USA, TEXAS -- I want to make this short and sweet, It took at least 4 years of fighting and arguing with BoA, my nerves are shot and I shake every time they call! I have never disliked any entity so much as this place. They have been a constant night mare for us ever since they took over our loan from First Franklin a few years ago. Transferred to so many people with so many different explanations and out right lies, at lease 100 times if not more. I started a new "folder" every 6 months to keep up with all the phone calls and stories they gave me. All this because we needed a modification. They threatened us so far that I melted all my precious jewelry to send them a payment that I later found out I did not need to do. you see, I was trying to keep up payments as they told me to do, when really we had to be 3 month behind to actually get any help. I was driven to crying, and physical illness with these people. I found from some freak accident I'm sure that our local BoA in Denver could actually help us, and they did. They did all the paperwork with us and made sure all the figures came out right. They filed our mod, and filed it again and again and let me know each time what other papers we needed. The ridiculous amount of paper and information on our private lives is outrageous and I am sure they did not look at half of it! We finally just last week on Aug 9th got a reply in our favor, they approved our mod, except they did not change our terms, they upped our payment over 300 dollars. This is called a modification! We are now with them in this new mod., and they act like they did us a big favor! I will never trust anyone at this company again, ever. As soon as we are able we will refinance our loan and get away from these dirt bags. So- if you need anything in the way of changing your mortgage, please don't go through the pain that we did, immediately contact your local branch and tell them what you need, hopefully you will get their help and stay away from these 800 # thieves!
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User Replies:
molly on 05/14/2013:
We were also with First Franklin and had no idea they were transferring the servicing of our loan to BOA. (Their letter stated they did not buy the loan but would be servicing it) We declined the mod offer--it just was not enough of a difference. They have added an escrow and raised the payment. Since 07/12 they have returned our checks as I made it clear we would continue paying the same amount. They have ruined our credit, turned it over to foreclosure, and forced us to hire an attorney. After 2 years of hell, they do not plan on paying anything for our abuse of their lies and pushing us to our limits.We were not behind and so actually did not qualify for modification program. They are so crooked!!!
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Bank of America Mortgage Practices
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Yet another reason to not get another account at BoA.

On Friday of last week, I received my refund of my overpayment of my escrow account. I purchased this home in June of 2011 and told BoA that my taxes would be less than $100, as I am a disabled veteran in the State of [*], and they provide a large discount for property taxes. BoA stated that they wouldn't be able to do anything about it until my tax bill came due, and they had proof of it. No problem, I'm used to corporations feeling that they are superior to everyone, and that no one they deal with has a shred of decency or honesty...particularly bankers, as they tend to spend time around other bankers and see such traits. BoA further stated that they wouldn't send my tax payment to the county until they received the bill.

In October, I received my tax statement (showing I owed $61.00 in taxes...that is not a miSprint, it is sixty-one) and dutifully sent it to BoA (expecting them to receive it three days after I sent it...after all, BoA states the same thing about anything THEY send). Apparently, in my ignorance, I didn't send it certified mail. In December, my wife sent an email asking if BoA had received the tax statement, and paid the taxes. BoA claimed they did not receive the statements, but without ANY documentation of any kind, decided to send the full amount in my escrow ($3800+) to the county. They further stated that if I wanted the overage to be returned, I would have to deal with the county.

So, I called the county. They stated that if they received an overage, they would cash the check, apply whatever is required to my tax bill, and then send a letter to BoA asking them what to do with the overage. BoA would then fill out a form, send it back to the County, and request the overage be sent to them. The County would then send the money back to BoA (presumably, BoA would not receive it, but just in case they did), BoA would then eventually issue me a check.

That scenario was entirely unacceptable, so I called BoA, and spoke to a gentleman named [*], who took ownership of the problem. He corrected my tax bill, he corrected my escrow to reflect the correct amount of my taxes, and managed to get the refund check to me on Friday, Dec 23.

So now, I took the check to the local BoA branch. After having to prove my identify through four pieces of ID, my wife and I got the check cashed. Only to be told, that because we don't have a checking account with BoA, we would be charged six dollars. Now six dollars isn't going to break me, but let me point something out to you. BoA has my mortgage of $195,000 (not by my choice, but BoA bought it from someone else, and presumably felt they could make a profit off of it). The interest rate on the mortgage is five percent. Over the life of the mortgage, BoA will PROFIT nearly $100,000. Further, we have a credit card with BoA. Its interest rate about 9%. We use that regularly, and rarely pay off the monthly balance. On top of all that, you kept my additional tax payment (of $3800) in escrow for six months...not paying interest to me on it. So here's what's bugging me. You can take the six dollar service fee, and stuff it [snip]. You can further be assured, that in the interest of full disclosure, I will contact every person I know, pass by, or can contact through email, telephone, telegraph, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or hieroglyphics, and let them know my opinion of Bank of America.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/26/2011:
This complaint boils down to a very simple matter - if you don't have a checking account at BoA, is there a fee to cash a check with them?

The answer is "yes, there is such a fee", and several banks have this policy these days. While it would be nice if they recognized that you have a credit account or mortgage with them, and gave you free check-cashing privileges, at this time they don't.

Since you wrote such a courteous complaint to them, perhaps they will take this suggestion under advisement, and change the policy to incorporate it in the future?
clutzycook on 12/26/2011:
Do you not have a checking account at another bank? Why not cash it there?
Old Timer on 12/26/2011:
B of A is an embarrassment to the banking industry.
fwesleyhurst67 on 12/26/2011:
to trmn8r: Yes, but it was a check ISSUED by BoA. What extra work is involved with cashing a check, drawn on THEIR bank? I'm old, so I remember the world pre-ATM. Banks installed ATMs and said it would save them money, because they wouldn't need so many employees. So they instituted fees to use tellers. Now, fast-forward thirty years, and banks insitute fees to use ATMs. Do you know why? Because they aren't making enough money from the fees generated by using tellers. Catch-22 was an exciting book. Living it sucks. It isn't a simple matter. BoA screwed up by collecting too much to begin with (they only reconcile the escrow amounts once per year) in spite of my evidence. Further, they failed to notify me that they would pay the entire escrow amount by a certain day, and I can say conclusively that they lied when they stated that they had not received the tax documents. They also lied when they said they wouldn't send anything off without tax documents. No, it's not the matter of the service fee, it's the matter of the service fee because of THEIR screw-up.

To clutzycook: Yes, I have a checking account at another bank. They wouldn't have charged me a fee, but they would have put a three (business) day hold on the funds. On Friday, I wanted to buy a used golf car. The guy selling it doesn't take credit cards (he's not a business), and I would never write a post-dated check. I took the $3000 and paid him in cash.
At Your Service on 12/26/2011:
With all sincerity, I've got a question for the my3cents monitors. Does the TOS allow us to suggest something be stuck so far up someone's ass that they choke?
trmn8r on 12/26/2011:
To the OP - I am aware the check is drawn on BoA - that is the only kind of check you could cash at a BoA if you don't have an account.
At Your Service on 12/27/2011:
For the record, I hadn't posted anything offensive. I only quoted what the O.P. wrote asking if that was now being allowed on the site. I was also voted "helpful" for the comment which doesn't seem to mean anything.
DebtorBasher on 12/27/2011:
AYS, no, the TOS does not allow that suggestion and I am guessing that comment is what Admin 'Snipped' from the review.
Anonymous on 12/27/2011:
I think the stuff if up their bum comment should have been allowed to stay. BofA is a fee monger. In my opinion they are the worst!
fwesleyhurst67 on 12/27/2011:
to trmn8r: So what is your beef? You earlier said it was a "very simple matter..." I was pointing out to you that; 1: it was NOT a simple matter, and 2: their justification for the charge is undeniably lame. Their charge is either a "penalty" for not having having an account with BoA (in which case I already have two), or is to pay for the convenience of cashing a check from another bank, which it clearly is not.
fwesleyhurst67 on 12/27/2011:
To all: For the record, I cut and pasted exactly from my email to BoA. To my knowledge, the post required "approval" before being listed at the site. I presumed that if it was found to be offensive to the gentleperson's of this site, it would have been edited. I hereby apologize for presuming too much.
CowboyFan on 12/27/2011:
To me this is a compliment to Bank of America. The OP knows that the amount of property tax he pays is unusual. He sends BOA his new tax statement in October, but does not send it in a way he knows they have received it. Neither does he immediately follow up on whether it was received. Two months later, December, his wife finally gets around to calling and finds out it has never been received. The bank has a duty to protect against delinquent tax payments and thus has paid the full amount.

Despite the fact his wife did not call until December (date unknown) and to thereafter presumably send in another copy of the property tax bill, BofA was able to correct the problem, and mail him a refund check which he received on December 23rd, which at most is 3 weeks from when his wife called.

All of these problems were caused by the OP's failure to follow up with whether his tax statement was received by BofA. Despite the cost and problems caused to BofA by his failure to follow up, the op now complains because he has to pay $6.00 to see a teller and cash the check, instead of just depositing it in his regular account.

Lack of gratitude to BofA is what I see, indicative of someone who is going to find fault with the other person no matter what his part in the problem is.
clutzycook on 12/27/2011:
OK, so the person you were buying it from wouldn't take a CC and you won't write a post dated check. I get that, but why didn't you just get the money in cash from your bank? I think that's still allowed. In any event, now you know the name of the game and in the future if you can't get cash out of your bank, you know to go somewhere like walmart and cash the check for $5.
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Nightmare and Frustration Abound with Band of America
Posted by on
My home was destroyed by fire two months ago. I am a single mom with three kids and all we want is to be in a home again.

Insurance check was sent to BofA. Made plans to rebuild. Every time I phone BofA I get a different person who has a different answer to the same questions. The following is a true example of my frustration and nightmare: BofA provides a list of paperwork they require. I get everything on the list and call them. They say to fax it over which I do. Then I am told I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for them to verify that they received the fax. I call them two days later and they state that they did not receive some of the forms. I resend them and wait another two days. In the vast wastland called BofA the paperwork disappears. I fax it over a 5th time. Meanwhile two weeks have passed and the builder and modular home company are just waiting for the check from BofA. I phone them again for follow up.

At this time I fax a W-9 form for the 6th time. I am told that when they receive the form it will take 4 days for them to verify the Federal ID number of the company. Then once this is done it will take another 4 to 5 days for them to issue the first disbursement check to the modular home company. Everyone on my end is ready to go but is waiting on BofA.

I could be in my home within 4 weeks. Contractor and modular home company are working in tandem like clockwork. Because of BofA's work proccesses we will be lucky if we are in the home in 12 weeks. What is wrong with this company. All of this over processing is not only a waste of money but a waste of time. No wonder they are in trouble and laying of 10% of their workforce. Yikes.... this may delay the processing of my check for another decade!!! By the way the employees on the phone are very nice but this means nothing when you can't get the service you need.

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User Replies:
BEJ on 09/13/2011:
Have you tried sending this up the chain of command? Call and ask to speak to a supervisor if you have not already done so.

It is a shame they are taking so much time to get this processed.
Venice09 on 09/14/2011:
This is an excellent review. A real eye-opener and great warning. Sounds like BOA is finding it hard to part with the money even if it means you don't have a home. Shame on them.
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Bank of America Home Loan Scam
Posted by on
SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I went through mediation with BofA and their law firm, Potestivo to secure a home loan modification. I was granted a trial mod with the Home Retention dept. I completed the trial mod exactly as ordered, but was later denied a permanent modification. I was told by my “Negotiator” (Andre) that I was $600 short in income per month to qualify. 3 months ago, when I started the mod my income was right on. My financial situation has not changed since the trial was granted. He said that there were “no guarantees,” and that I was told that my “final modification would ‘probably’ be the same as my trial – key word probably”. But, hey, I could begin another “brand new” trial modifcation with Making Homes Affordable, and pay a trial payment of $1,160.00 instead of the $820 payments that had been agreed to in mediation. $340 MORE per month than my previous trial payments. So let me get this straight-I have to make MORE $ to pay LESS, but if I make LESS $ I have to pay MORE. The Home Retention program is based on your NET income, but the MHA program is based on your GROSS income. A third grader could figure out that this doesn’t make any sense. It is a huge scam. I have been led around like a dog on a leash by this bank. I have faxed them close to 1000 documents over the past 1 1/2 years…duplicates over and over because they claim they don’t have them. They are either incompetent or criminal. They are not helping customers with modifications. Just look online at the similar stories from victims of Bank of America. America is not in a conspiracy against Bank of America. The taxpayers that bailed this bank out have enabled the very same corporation that brought this country to it’s knees to take advantage of the American people yet one more time.
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User Replies:
azRider on 05/14/2011:
I agree that BofA and several other banks have no idea what they are doing. I've heard over and over from members at church, friends and news story's how these modification plans mess people up. this is something that congress and the president should be looking at more than health care or invasion plans. peoples lives and homes are more important than if they can get a free xray or federal run insurance. we need to start a campaign of letter our leaders know that jobs first, then homes then everything else.
janet on 05/22/2011:
same here, they remodified our note ion December 2008, get this from $1044 tp $1024. ha ha. my husband is very terminally ill only 48 and we have 3 small kids and proved this to them, within feb.m 2010 we proved we could make a decen t house payment and now with his disability we proved we have a secure income. they keep denying but tell us we canm appeal, and whenm we do they tell us we did not make 12 consecutive payments of $1024 so there they cannot remodify for it. may 24 2011 they wer going to sell our home on the court hopuse steps but they have postponed it till June 17, 2011 now. we have 3 small kids and my husband is verey sick and would rather this house sit empty or take a major loss instead of working with us. I actually had 1 lady tell me, and I quote ( if you cannot afford the payments pack your stuff and leave the premises. ) these peoplem are cruel. and they got bailed out. I was told if a bank forcloses that they have to pay u 1% of ur homes value for moving expenses. I have heard this from several people and read about it online. we will see
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Home loan application hell
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CALIFORNIA -- I decided to buy a home in my neighborhood and applied to Bank of America for a mortgage because I had banked with them for 20+ years. I have an average credit score of over 800, own other properties, have adequate savings, and enough cash to make a 20% down. My loan officer got a lot of details wrong, but the application was finally correct and submitted and I submitted everything very promptly. Shortly after, I was told in an email that my loan was approved. Not conditionally approved, but approved.

Then an underwriter decided to demand information about things like insurance and taxes on a rental that is paid off, and challenged the motives for why I wanted to buy another, similar home in my neighborhood. At this point, after some very testy emails and phone calls, I learned that my application is being sent up the underwriter supervisor ladder and may be countered (code for higher interest rate?) - and my deal is in jeopardy.

I think this Bank doesn't really want to lend money as I am the ideal candidate and they are asking for data that is irrelevant to the loan, stretching out the process, and fabricating reason not to lend on the original quoted interest rate.

Update: I finally got the mortgage approved, but not without submitting materials multiple times, meeting some very intrusive or excessive demands by underwriting for proof that I was not an investor but an occupier...after meeting all of the "conditions" the loan was still untimely, but the sellers didn't care, they just wanted me to get the loan. I not only don't recommend BofA, I think the experts are correct when they advise to go to a regional or local bank, because Bank of America acts like a bureaucratic governmental as a way to frustrate the purpose in getting a loan. I felt like I was being accused like a criminal all too many steps along the way.

New update: When I wrote the update I was unaware it would take another few weeks to get them to reappraise, get the correct language in the appraisal,etc. The only excuses left for delay was that the bank ran out of money and a tsunami fried the computer. I learned today it was finally funded. Truly a horrible experience and one that tells me even more so that BofA doesn't value its customers.
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User Replies:
rockfishing on 02/19/2011:
Are you buying this property as your home or an investment property? Since you didn't mention anything about your current home to which you are either going to sell or rent, it sounds lime they determined that you are buying an investment property. They are always higher than home loans. I hope you spend a few hundred dollars on a real estate attorney to help you out.
madconsumer on 02/19/2011:
I too suspect this is not the primary residence, but a rental property. therein lies the troubles.
clutzycook on 02/19/2011:
Banks are suspicious of any home loan these days and they are doubly suspicious of income properties. I agree with rockfishing and suggest that you get a real estate attorney and sic them on BOA. It'll be worth the money.
getoverit on 02/19/2011:
Common sense tells you that an investment property is a bigger risk to a lender than an owner-occupied one. A property owner who undergoes some unexpected financial hardship is more likely to walk on an investment property than their primary residence. Any lender is going to demand a higher rate, all else being equal. That's just business.

I've done both and it seems to me that whether you intend to live in the collateral property or not is normally stipulated up front.

I've also had the exact same experience that the OP has. You are explicitly and unequivocally informed that you are "approved". But then you have to get past the "underwriter" who is, all of a sudden, raising issues no one said anything about before.

Invariably, the "Underwriter" is someone that you were never told was going to have any input into this whole process. I've even asked up front what an "underwriter" is and never really gotten an answer. "Approved" doesn't really mean "Approved", so what does "Pre_approved" mean, or "Pre_qualified"? An "Underwriter" probably isn't really an "Underwriter" anyway.

These "Loan Officers" (I.e commissioned salespeople with no qualifications the average car guy doesn't have) live in this meaningless world of double-talk. I've concluded that there's really nothing these people tell you that you can rely on. The decisions are made by people you will never meet or talk to, and are based on the paperwork, not some half-hearted assurances from a salesperson.

My wife and I have our mortgage with BOA, two checking accounts and three credit cards. I like the services I get from BOA but can't honestly say I trust them.

I've asked about re-financing several times, what the whole "approval" process is like, and what we can expect. I've found their "Loan Officers" to be especially ignorant and uninformative. While I will probably continue to do business with BOA, there's no way I will ever do another mortgage with them.
trmn8r on 02/19/2011:
It is up to Bank of America to determine if you are an ideal candidate for them to make this loan, not you.
Anonymous on 02/19/2011:
It isn't anything personal OP. The lenders are under a tremendous amount of pressure these days to cross their "t's" and dot their "I's" because of the recent mortgage fiasco. I went through the exact same thing and was "approved" yet still subjected to requests a day or two prior to closing. Like you, I felt it was an attempt to back out of the 3.99% they quoted me but I stuck to my guns and got it in the end. In fact, a few months AFTER I closed I received a request for tax returns because they were selling my loan to Wells Fargo. I just laughed and said noooopppeee. Sorry, didn't file them. Say your prayers, be patient, and go with the flow. It looks like all will work out in the end but it is no longer an easy or pleasant process. Congratulations on your new home.
piper'smom on 02/19/2011:
For the folks who thought this purchase wasn't to be a primary residence, it is and I have told BofA that all along. To trmn8r, your comment wasn't helpful. to the other contributors, thanks for your comments and I will let all know the outcome when this concludes. Meanwhile I am now investigating other lenders so that I can close closer to the original date rather than later.
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