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Lost a Loyal Customer
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I want to Thank You in advance for reading my long and detailed email. After being a customer of Bank of America since 2002, I closed my Account's today. This was a very hard decision to make as I believe long term relationships between establishments and their Customers are very important. I closed my accounts after I received inexcusable treatment from two different employees at your Newbury Park Branch located at 2345 Borchard Rd. Newbury Park, CA 91320. Being a former BofA employee myself, I am very aware of the standards and expectations BofA has of their employees in regards to customer service.

I went into the branch yesterday, June 31, 2009, to make a deposit. I was gestured to come over when it was my turn by your Teller. As I approached the counter, he took my deposit without so much as a word or any eye contact. I then asked him if he was having a bad day, which he then mumbled "No". I then said "it just seemed strange because everyone is usually so friendly at BofA and I receive such excellent customer service." He then looks and me and says "Huh?". I repeated myself. He shrugs his shoulders as if I'm joking and mumbles, "I don't care" with a smirk on his face. At this point I am completely dumbfounded. I took my receipt and left.

When I came home, I explained what had happened and found out that two members of my family had received very similar treatment from the same teller and knew him on a first name basis as they had already made complaints to your Manager about him. Confused as to why he was still giving such poor customer service after receiving complaints about him, I called the bank and spoke with the manager. After explaining what had happened, she simply said she would speak to him and asked if I needed anything else. I told her no and that I would be in tomorrow to close my accounts. To my surprise, she said casually, said "€œOkay"€ and hung up.

Today, I came into the branch and waited to speak with the manager. After she called me over, without making any eye contact, I sat down and she took my ATM card, still the same treatment (not a word and no eye contact). When she was ready she looked up and asked "what are we doing today?" I told her I was there to close my account. She then tells me I can do that with a Teller and to give her a minute to get the codes. After a moment, I told her how disappointed I was that I had to close my accounts and could not believe that she didn't offer an apology or show any concern to keep me as a Customer.

She then throws her hands up in the air saying "You were the lady that called last night. I spoke to him, there are two sides to every story. He claims nothing you said happened and I have nothing more I can do for you". I then told her as she could see by reviewing my account's at one time I had over six figures with BofA and unfortunately, due to hard times that is no longer the case, but if it was I'm sure we would be having a completely different conversation. Her response: "Possibly". WOW!

I highly doubt that Bank of America is doing so exceptionally well during these hard economic times that you can afford an employee who has no regard for giving good Customer Service, not to mention retaining loyal Customers. I will be forwarding this letter to Customer Solutions, all of my former BofA Colleagues, also Cal BofA branches, and everyone in my Address Book.

Let's Put Our Foot Down America!
By -

Don't trust your online banking. A bank officer even admitted that you can't trust it and that it is not as accurate to the consumer as it is to the bank… then why have it? We are a middle income family that uses our debit card for everything… first mistake. Charges are held for days, sometimes up to a week. Bank of America got us this week for nine $35 fees. They put through the largest item first to the smallest so they could hit us for all nine. I was charged $35 for a slurpee at 7-11 and $35 for a McDonald's hamburger. Our online banking did not show the pending items, only 2 that would put us in the red.

We went to the Bank and made a cash deposit to cover our pending 2 items, plus additional funds, yet we were hit that night for 9 items. Today, we went in and showed the banker our print out of what was actually pending according to their bank on line, but he responded by telling us the other 7 pending items could be accessed by yet another link, that is not on the main page that shows your current register. Our loyalty or our explanations didn't matter and we were at the banks mercy, there was nothing we could say or do to reverse any of those fees.

Most of the items that we got hit on were many days old, being held back until there were nine total they could get us for. Part of this is our fault for sure for not keeping track of every slurpee or hamburger bought, but BofA knows our patterns, and they have us by our check books. They hold back your charges until you overdraw yourself because you think you have a balance according to their bank by phone or online banking. They told me depending on the charge, it sometimes takes days for the paperwork to come through. Yeah right, they know every transaction you make and the minute you make it.

They have no mercy, nor do they care if your power is being turned off or you can't buy groceries. Six months ago, the maximum they could hit you for was 6 items, but the manager told us today they just raised it to 9, so watch out. America is in the worst shape it has ever been in, and more than 50% of American's live paycheck to paycheck.

We need to put an end to the banks stealing our hard earned money. They have many tricks up their sleeves that rip off their loyal customers (25 years loyal) because they can get away with it. They are sitting fat right now while our country is hurting and we need to put our foot down. We should all close our accounts on the same day and give our business to someone else like a good old fashioned credit union. We need to somehow send a BIG message to Bank of America!

Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank Of America Anyone?
By -

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO EMAILED ME YOUR INTERESTS, CALIFORNIA -- FILE FTC COMPLAINTS HERE information is at the end of my review: Well, what can I say? After having experience it for myself, I wish that I had done a quick net search BANK OF AMERICA RIP OFF and read the thousands of Americans that have been reamed by this institution. I would have taken my small business bucks elsewhere! Within the roughly six months that I have been with this 'bank', I have authorized under 5 checks.

In all fairness, I have bounced one of them because of a deposit that was made and 'held' by BofA conveniently until this item bounced and I was assessed a fee. However, BofA has managed to rack up a whopping 1700 apx in fees and I do not even know from where these are coming. I have payroll and expenses and so I opened up another checkings account in order to pay these people and EVERY dollar placed into this account, BofA takes and puts into the other EVER increasing in fees account! Now, they are going after my unattached personal bank savings accounts??

My business accounts are attached to my EIN # and my personal savings are attached to my social security #, I called and confirmed that they were in fact unattached (recorded the conversation -- always record your conversations with BofA) yet they persist with stealing this money from me!!

Bofa has even gone so far as to change my personal accounts into business accounts! I have proof, their own proof, that they have done this!! So, now, I am sustaining damages and may have to close my business and go on welfare to pay my rent… SHAME ON YOU BofA. If you cannot get 'Stimulus' money, it is not right for you to steal it from the blood and sweat of hard-working Americans… SHAME OF YOU BOFA.

ADDENDUM: I believe that I will file suit (small claims or other), file complaints with the BBB, file complaints with the consumer departments within the Federal and State governments, alert President Obama that he also needs to be 'pissed' off at predatory banks such as BofA (not just AIG).

I found this information from another poster (whose post has somehow become 'unavailable'… hummm? Oh well, until I am censored, file banking complaints here (enough complaints will bring action): Office of the Comptroller of Currency - Customer Assistance Group. 1301 McKinney St., Ste 3450 Houston, TX 77010. 1-800-613-6743 or email: customer.assistance at COPY TO: FDIC CONSUMER RESPONSE CENTER. 3245 Grand Boulevard, Ste 100 Kansas City, MO 64108. Fax #703-812-1020.

BTW: The poster below, has been quoted as posting I LOVE BANK OF AMERICA! Every single post that he/she has posted has been gleaming towards bofa and others (all that I have read)... Hummmm. Can you spell paid t r o l l?? Online Reputation Management Companies are pretty good at what they do, guys. Read all of the comments - those of the below poster and those of his comrades as well as others who have had more real experiences with bofa and other institutions.

Settlement Fraud
By -

On October 31, 2008 I contacted FIA card services for Bank of America in order to pay the remaining balance of my overdue credit card account. As specified by the customer service representative **, my remaining balance on that date was 718.49. I informed ** that I would not be able to pay that balance and asked him if there were any alternatives. ** informed me that I could arrange a settlement agreement for 560.00 but that it would have an adverse effect on my credit report.

I then asked ** if he could credit the latest months over limit fee and late charge because I would then be able to pay that amount. ** informed me that this would be acceptable and proceeded to credit the latest month over limit charge and late payment charge and process a phone payment of 655.00 to pay off the remaining balance. Upon receipt of payment I informed ** that I wished the account to be closed and was told by ** that the account was now paid in full and closed.

As of early December I received a statement that says I have a remaining balance of 65.16. The statement shows that the previous balance on the account was 718.49. It also shows that there was a payment of 655.00, a late charge credit, an over limit fee adjustment all being applied on 10/31/2008 bringing the total amount applied to the account on 10/31/2008 to 725.00. However, it also shows Bank of America decided that they would reverse the late charge adjustment on 11/21/2008, 3 days before the end of the billing cycle.

They also proceeded to charge me interest on the reversed credits after my account was supposed to reconciled and closed. Shortly after receiving the statement I also received a letter stating that I agreed to a settlement of 560.00 for this account and that it was being reported to the credit bureaus. This is completely false as I agreed to no settlement and paid my balance in full as of 10/31/2008 as noted on my statement. I then contacted Bank of America on 12/11/2008 and spoke a customer service representative informing them of the mistake that was made with my account.

The customer service representative then informed me that the individual that accepted my payment ** went back into my account and reversed the adjustments on 11/21/2008. I informed the customer service representative that this was unacceptable and that I would like to speak to a manager. I was then placed on hold for 54 minutes at which time I decided to call back. I then spoke to a customer service representative named ** and explained the same situation to her. ** informed me that I had agreed to a settlement of the account in the amount of 560.00.

I once again informed ** that I did not agree to any settlement and that I had paid my balance in full as of 10/31/2008. ** proceeded to place me on hold again and transferred me to a Mrs.** (she would not provide a last name) of the Norfolk division. After Mrs. ** reviewed the account she apologized for the mistake and informed me that she would be sending an email to the loan department to rectify the mistake and that I should call back in 2 days. I then contacted Bank of America on 12/15/2008 and spoke to customer service representative **. ** informed me that I had a remaining balance of 65.16.

I once again explained the same details and was informed by ** that the reason the overdraft limit fee and late charge was reapplied was because that when I paid off the account there was a remaining balance of 1.67 as the finance charge. I then informed her that on 10/31/2008 I overpaid the account in the amount of 6.51 and that that amount would be enough to cover this finance charge. ** then requested a contact number so that she could have an account manager contact me regarding my account. I am still awaiting that call.

Word to the wise. NEVER PAY ANY AMOUNT TO CLEAR A BALANCE FOR A CREDIT CARD OVER THE PHONE WHEN ACCOUNT IS IN DEFAULT. Request in writing of what you wish to do. Get it notarized and send back copy of notarized letter along with payment.

Cashier's Check Hold
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LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- After being a loyal customer with Bank of America through good times and bad for DECADES, I have finally decided that I no longer will tolerate being treated like a criminal. I brought in a $5500 commission check from my employer (a long respected local major Real Estate firm) to the local BofA branch I always use on Wednesday 7/16/08 and attempted to deposit it into my account. I requested that it be posted immediately as I had a business trip scheduled for the next day. I was told no, they had to hold the check.

I very politely requested access to $1000 as needed about that much for my trip. I was told that a two-day hold was required and was referred to "supervisors" who turned out to be the greeters at the front of the bank. After telling my story, one of the greeters took my check and said he would ask the manager.

After a few moments, the greeter came back, looking rather abashed and said it was not possible. I took the check and went to the bank it was drawn on, a local bank a few miles away. That bank took it and cashed it with no problem. The cashier patiently listened to my story. I was so pleased that I immediately opened a savings account. The teller hesitated when she opened the drawer and suggested that I carry a cashier's check back to BofA instead of all that cash since they "wouldn't put a hold on that".

I agreed but then asked for $1000 cash, and the rest made into a cashier's check, just to make sure. I went back to BofA and deposited the check (there was a whole new crew - all very young). After the deposit was made and AS I WAS TURNING AROUND TO WALK OUT, the teller said there would be a two-day hold on the check.

I turned around and very loudly said, "You're putting a two-day hold on a CASHIER'S CHECK???" Everyone in the bank heard me, and one older woman in line made a wry comment how our money isn't ours anymore. I ranted (no swearing!) about how my husband and I had been BofA customers for decades and I just couldn't see the logic in holding a CASHIER'S CHECK drawn on a local bank when in real estate, we regularly transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars instantaneously. Why ON EARTH would it take 2 full days to verify the validity of a cashier's check drawn on a local bank that's just a phone call away?

The cashier then rather sheepishly said I had immediate access to $100. I stared at him disbelievingly for a second, stormed out and swore I would close my account and never do business with them again. After coming back from my business trip the next day, I found 3 NSF charges on my account. I called customer service (what a joke of a name) to request that they be removed due to the circumstances. I was told no. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who also said no, I had been informed of the hold, therefore they were not liable and I had to pay the charges.

I was very upset and told her I couldn't understand their logic, especially with a long time customer. She was very snooty with me and told me she did not have to listen to such language - I had to think about what I had said, it was "damn". I was absolutely speechless. Not only was I being treated like a criminal by my own bank, but I was being lectured on using an extremely mild expletive by some kid??? Then I told her that after over 25 years with BofA with service getting worse every year, I was closing my account and hung up. I think I used the word "hell" in that rant. Bad me.

(On a side note, my husband called them about 1/2 hour later and demanded that the charges be removed and THEY REMOVED THE CHARGES. Does this smack of sex discrimination - they refused to do it for me but did it for him - or just that my hubby is more forceful and browbeat them into it? Who knows.)

I have already been burned by the "biggest first" NSF scam a few years ago. Due to a bookkeeping error that I readily admit, five items came through at the same time, but instead of paying them in the order they were received, the largest one was paid first, which left me with FOUR NSF charges, instead of the one I should have had.

I have found with very little research that NationsBank (one of BofA's predecessor organizations) was involved in a class action lawsuit in 1999 that was settled for $9 million dollars, for this very practice. So they paid a chunk of cash to make the suit "go away", but continue to "help" their customers by deciding FOR us which checks/payments should be posted and which should be NSF'd... Wait a minute... Since they were all paid against the account with their "overdraft protection", why would it matter which order the checks were posted EXCEPT to garner all those unnecessary NSF fees and therefore, boost their revenue???

But I digress... After waiting a few days to make sure everything has cleared, I am closing my accounts with BofA forever. My husband and I will be banking with a local company that actually cares about people and the value of loyal customers. I am DONE with Bank of America.

Predatory Overdraft Fees
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Hi. I had been with Bank of America for 11 yrs. I got my parents to open a personal and commercial account with them. Our whole family was on Bank of America. Recently, I ran into trouble by overdrafting my account on 3 items. It was my responsibility to pay for my mistakes so that's what I did. Until payday, my account remained close to $0. Usually floating around $20. My mistakes started when I assumed that the online banking system showed all transactions immediately.

I checked my bank account every day watching for any item to come in so I can borrow the money and deposit it before the end of the day. I started noticing a trend where if I bought 3 $1 items in the morning and made a $200 purchase at 11:00 pm they will rearrange the items so that I overdraft for each little item. I called customer service and they told me that they were doing us a favor by doing this because they survived their customers and the majority wanted the larger amount to come out first. The good thing is that will also put the deposits first. Once again, I was like "alright well, what can you do." So I paid it again.

After paying my bills and the overdrafts my bank account again floated around $20. So I stopped using my card. The Wednesday before payday, I made a check to my doctor that was post dated for Friday. One of my doctor's staff didn't notice and deposited it on Thursday. All the while I'm keeping a check on my bank account online. At 2:00 am on Friday morning, I checked my account and was happy to find that my account made it to payday without overdrafting. Come morning (5 hours later), my account said I had overdrafted on Thursday for 2 items, the check and a $3 purchase.

I was livid so I called customer service and the lady went into a script on how their system works. After asking her how it was possible that the bank can say they paid the check on Thursday but not report it on Thursday. She continued into the script and said that their online banking system isn't always immediate (contrary to what their commercials advertise).

I went to a branch and spoke to an official. He said that his hands are tied and tried to get me a refund. But, to no surprise, it was denied because (get this) I had too many previous overdrafts already!!! I closed my account. Now they are billing for $9.95 that they paid after the account was closed.

My only advice is to not bank with them unless you have excellent credit and a lot of money. Otherwise they don't care about you. They will step on you, take your money, and then with a straight face say that since you've already given us all your money, we can't give you any back. But, if you haven't paid us any, you can have it back. Sounds logical huh?

Online Banking, Refunds, Deposits, Fees, New ATMs and More
By -

FLORIDA -- I am glad to see another recent post! This has been happening to us off and on over the past 5 years. But this last one less than a month ago is it! We are a small business who relied on the online and payroll services till we were told there is something with a post, a hard post and available. So I do not check the accounts everyday anymore. What good are computers if you can be accurate by paper and pencil! Now that BOA has the new ATMs that takes the checks and reads them and the money is posted to your account if deposited by 8 pm is a line of crock too.

Two weeks ago we deposited a check to find out 6 days later that they had put a hold on it. Deposited it on the 16th, the deposit slip said it would post on 5/16. Here we are depending on the monies to pay our suppliers and vendors. To receive a letter on the 24th stating the funds were being held till 5/28. Crediting our account $100 of the $1,180.00. They did not first attempt to send out the letter till the 19th, then added more postage on the 21st. So in 8 days we are bouncing 20 transactions, then the fees from BOA on top of that which are $35.00 each. And then the suppliers that we paid which had bounced, their fees.

My husband went into the bank and first they told him that there wasn't anything they could do. Gave him the "Post, hard post, and available" motto. That is when I pulled out the deposit slip and it stated right on there that it would post to the account on 5/16. He went to where we opened the account and spoke with the bank manager. She refunded 17 of the 20 bounce fees that had posted to the account. Nevertheless those bounced fees had a roller coaster effect on what we had deposited after that too.

Yesterday I went to sign on to post a payroll check to notice somehow we were in the negative again when my ledger read $882 as the balance. After 3 hours on the phone trying to find out BOA legal department. I get 3 different address to send a letter to. No one person to speak within the legal department. But was supposed to be refunded again $800+ in bounce fees. Only to find out today went I went to pay for supplies that my check card was denied.

I have been since 10 am going through all deposit slips comparing statements and my ledger. There's show checks that have cleared my account but they still returned them. This is about 5 of those. Then they add back in the monies from the bounced checks which throw you off again.

Also, now that 3 of the checks that by BOA says they bounced has been turned over to Certegy. One of those Certegy had done an electronic check to also get their NSF fee. Which we were not notified till we received our paper bank statement... "GO PAPERLESS", better think twice even though you can't know what had gone on day by day to well either. I do recycle other paper by the way, so if someone wants to say I am taking trees for from the world, I need my money too!

Adding to this is where my check card was denied. So I come back to our home office and look up online to see what the balance is... What are we supposed to go by if one balance says $966.81 but up in the left hand corner says -$448.22? And again, my Ledger says $882. What is wrong here? Which is right?! I will probably post again, I need to get all my papers in order because I plan to see an attorney about this bank.

Unfair Business Practices
By -

PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- BTW my "name" Jafeica stands for Just Another ** Expense I Can't Afford. I have read many of the reviews on this site and I can relate to about 90% of them. The fees that they charge, the interest rates that they charge, the overdraft protection that disappears when it's needed, the astronomical interest rates they charge (even when it's their fault) and the lack of compassion by their so called "customer service" reps.

First when my husband and I opened our account, we made sure that we added overdraft protection to our account, we also opened a savings account that would take a direct deposit from our checking account, we also got an introductory offer of 0% interest for 9 months and it would then increase to 17.9.

B of A constantly moves your bank card purchases so that it will eventually result in a calculation error on the consumers part, which allows these crooks to debit your account for unfair $35 fees. Here is an example. After noticing for years that our rent check takes 2-3 business days to process one month our account was running low, I knew that my direct deposit would hit our bank by midnight on Wednesday, so at 2 pm on Wednesday I took our rent check over to our rental office. Relieved that I had just saved us $100 for paying our rent late.

Well Thursday morning at 6 am I reviewed our account to determine what bills we were going to be able to pay out of this weeks pay only to find out that our rent check was PROCESSED and following our rent were all the (10) bank card transactions that we had made OVER THE WEEKEND that had been showing as pending. Not only did I not have a positive balance but they had charged me $350 in insufficient balance fees. Which darn near ate my paycheck.

When I took the copy of the online banking statement into the branch office I was told that "because their customers wanted the banking hours changed" the cut off time was in fact 5 pm and not the standard 2 pm. When I showed him my check book showing the previous months not clearing for 2-3 days they told me that it was not their problem that I didn't have sufficient funds to cover that transaction. When I questioned why the pending transactions took so long to process, they told me "that happens sometimes".

My husband and I not only live paycheck to paycheck but we pay our bills on a weekly basis and not monthly. When a bill comes in, we set it up for payment for within a week or two depending on when it is best financially for us to pay, meaning our bills are never late. Well when we received our B of A into offer 0% c.c. we transferred our dell account to it because it had a higher interest rate. Well not being used to getting a B of A bill we overlooked not getting one for a couple of months when I realized it I went to the bank and found out our bill was being sent to St Cloud, FL. Now neither my husband nor I have ever been to FL not to mention ever lived there.

So I had the rep send all the previous statements to me so that I could review them, once I received them (in less than a week) I was relieved to see that no transactions had been made. With our c.c. account now current, we moved on, and a couple of months later I get a call from them that my account was past due. I asked again what address they were sending our bill to, and you guessed it, it was going to the same address in FL. I asked how that was possible when just a couple of months before they had sent the bulk statements to our address, they had no answer for it.

Well they revoked my 0% interest and hit me with late fees and now over the limit fees because they messed up. I now have the account set up on my Outlook to remind me to hand deliver the payment at my local branch, to avoid any other "mishaps", and guess what, I still don't get my statements, but I can review it online so I know nothing is getting charged by an individual (only from the original crooks themselves). Oh and that overdraft protection we signed up for, THREE times still is not on any of our accounts.

OHHHH and here is one for the record books. I have an automatic withdrawal from checking every Thursday being deposited in my savings account, and if the funds aren't available they charge me a $35 fee.... Also they keep the change thing... same thing, if you don't have the $0.56 in your checking account to cover the transaction, there's a $35 fee. I don't know how they get away with this, but I can tell you one thing, they took their last $35 fee from me. I just wish that someone could do something about this bank.

Impossible To Report Fraud To B Of A
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This afternoon I was trying to buy something on PayPal and I was served up with a page requesting me to update my credit card information or add a new card. Without going into the details of that, suffice it to say that I had reasonable cause to believe that this was a phishing ploy to get my credit card information and that I fell for the ploy.

Realizing this almost immediately I attempted to report the incident to Bank of America, the issuer of the credit card whose information I had entered on the bogus web page. My exasperating experience with Bank of America went as follows:

1) I telephoned the customer service number on the back of my card and was answered by a voice messaging system which gave no menu choices for reporting fraud or for speaking to a real human being. After listing to all sorts of information about my account which I was not interested in, hearing about B of A's commitment to excellent customer service, and entering my card number and various other personal information several times I was finally connected with a customer service representative. She then asked me my name (didn't I just give them my account number?) and then I was disconnected. She did not call back.

2) I called back and went through the same rigamarole again, but this time I did not get disconnect and was able to explain the (fairly complex) details of the situation I wanted to report. This CSR then told me I would have to speak with someone from their "fraud department". She gave me the direct number to that (or she said) department and transferred the call to them.

3) After waiting on hold for several minutes I was provided with yet another voice messaging system which gave me all sorts of choices about reporting billing disputes. After entering my credit card number and other information the messaging system informed me that I was in the queue to speak to a representative. After waiting on hold for a while I got another message saying that the system was unable to help me at that time and to hang up and call back.

4) I hung up and called back. Again I went through the same waiting, menus, and entering numbers. Finally a person got on the line. I again went through my lengthy explanation of the situation only to be told that I had to speak to someone at the "fraud department". I told him that I was told by the previous person I spoke with that this WAS the number to the fraud department. He said it was not and transferred me over there.

5) After waiting on hold for some time I was given what appeared to be the same messaging/menu system as when I had first called customer service, and when someone finally answered (after going through the same motions I had gone through in the first place), the person I spoke with again told me I would have to speak with someone at the "fraud department".

At this point I had already spent one hour and 15 minutes attempting to report a serious security issue to Bank of America without any success. In disgust I just directed the person I was speaking with to cancel my account immediately.

Coincidentally, I had also given information on another credit card with that suspicious website before I realized that there was something to be suspicious about. That card was issued by National City Bank. When I called them I was able to speak to a customer service representative within about one minute of their voice messaging system answering my call. The CSR with NCB took my information and initiated appropriate action promptly. The whole process with NCB took less than 5 minutes.

Bank of America Lied
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Bank of America - they lie. Please be aware! I have been a long time customer of Bank of America. I cancelled my car insurance with AAA insurance in Florida last month. They proceeded to automatically withdraw funds from my checking account (without my authorization) for the insurance policy that I cancelled last month. This was the insurance company's mistake. I was unaware of this unauthorized withdrawal, and continued to use my debit card for small purchases as I normally would.

I checked my account one day and realized that I was more than $200 overdrawn in my account. This was due to 5 $35 overdraft fees that I incurred due to the unauthorized insurance company withdrawal (which caused me to go negative) and subsequent usage of my debit card for small purchases.

When I went to the branch manager, and explained the story about the insurance company's mistake (which they promised to reverse in a matter of a few business days) she told me that she could not take back those 5 $35 overdraft fees that incurred due to the insurance company's mistake. What? If the insurance company never took the money out (as they never should have) none of this would have happened. The branch manager wouldn't help me.

I called the 800 number and explained the story, and I put in a "formal" dispute on the original unauthorized withdrawal that the insurance company made against my account that started this whole mess. The claims dept. at the bank told me that as soon as the insurance company reversed the charges, they would refund the 5 $35 overdraft fees for me, something that the branch manager refused to do.

When I checked my account the next day, I noticed that the insurance company had indeed reversed the initial unauthorized withdrawal, and guess what? There was another $35 overdraft fee tacked on to my account from the bank! They had not reversed the fees either. I had to go through the story again with the third person. This time the bank employee told me that yes, they would reverse all of the $35 charges (6 as of today) but it was going to take 2 business days for this to happen. The bank employee that I talked to yesterday did not tell me this.

So, all of this has taken about 3 1/2 hours of telephone time over the past two days, back and forth. Before this happened I had money in my account for the weekend, but because of the insurance company's foul up, I am negative in my account (which reflects badly) and will not have any money until Tuesday, thanks to the bank.

When this is all cleared up, I am going into the branch manager who initial would not help me and I am closing my account. This is also a wake-up call for me and anyone out there who has automated bill pay. I cancelled way ahead of time, and they still mistakenly withdrew a huge chunk of money from my account. I actually ran my tail off before all of this happened in order to cancel the insurance before the next cycle, and they still messed me up!

PS. Employees in the claim dept. at Bank of America told me that once the insurance company refunded the charges, they would refund the now 6 $35 overdraft fees. I was told by 3 different claims rep's that this would happen in 2 business days. The insurance company did refund the charge electronically.

When the day came I called the bank, and was informed that no, I would not be refunded the overdraft fees until I filed a claim for the initial unauthorized insurance company bank withdrawal was processed by Bank of America (10 Business days from when I receive it and mail the claim back). So I was lied to and mislead by Bank of America employees. They flat out lied!

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