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Beware of Bank of America
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NEW YORK -- I am writing to warn everyone to steer clear from Bank of America. I have dealt with many banks and this one appears to be taking full advantage of the economic crisis. A year ago, I applied for a loan. The representative from Bank of America talked me into getting a line of credit instead of a conventional loan on the premise that as I pay down my balance my line of credit would become available for use when I needed it. I agreed and applied for the line of credit. Upon receiving the line, I notice the loan amount was greater than we agreed upon on the telephone. Also the pay back terms were for 90 months. When I called to change the terms they claimed I could not change the terms until I made good faith payments for 6 months. They claim the extra funds included fees. I called back 6 months later they told me I would have to make good faith payments for a year. So here I am paying back a line of credit for the amount of $39,500.00 at 15% interest. I was very upset because I am paying over $400.00 in finance charges. To make matter worse, I am on a school teachers salary. As the economy began to tank and the cost of living went up, as gas prices increased, I like many Americans began to struggle. However, I was never late on my payments and in fact I was paying more than the minimum payment monthly ($718.00). I still noticed that the balance was not budging because my payments were not being applied to the principle.

Here is when the story goes wrong. After paying for over a year, I wanted to access available funds to free up some cash. I called Bank of America asking that they deposit some available funds into my account. The unprofessional representative informed me that I would not be able to access my available funds unless I had a cosigner. I was calling from a Bank of America branch so I explained I would have to call when I got home. I was confused and upset and did not want to make a scene at the bank. I was confused, I had been paying as agreed and now I needed the funds. As I previously noted, I was sold on the premise that this loan would come in handy when I was short on cash. I also had blank checks that I had just received in the mail from Bank of America. The checks were good until December 31st and they clearly stated access checks for your line of credit account. After calling back, another representative told me that it was explained in the previous conversation that the credit line had been dropped from $39.5000.00 to $34,500.00 due to my outstanding debt.

I told the representative no that is inaccurate, that I was never informed of that. I explained how I had access checks and perhaps if I never would have called (obviously trying to do the right thing) I would have had my funds deposited with no questions asked. This representative insisted that I was informed on Dec 17th of the decrease in my credit and there was nothing left to discuss. I preceded to plead the facts and asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative hung up on me. I called back and asked for a supervisor. This supervisor was just as unprofessional as the representative and even refused to give me his name and the person's name whom I conversed with on December 17th. They insisted they had hefty notes on my account from that December 17 conversation, so I asked them to give me the reps name.

They refused so I hung up and called back and requested another Supervisor. This time I explained that I would be contacting my councilman to inform him of what appeared to be fraudulent business practice. I also stated I would be contacting their corporate branch and share holders and required a corporate address. This supervisor did provide his name but explained he did not know the corporate address. He also conceded that the line of credit was not dropped prior to my call ( as the second representative indicated )but in fact after my initial phone call on December 17th. He informed me that my phone call prompted them to run a credit check on me and based on that report they reduced my available credit. I asked how could they do that without informing me in writing and how could they do that if I have been paying as agreed.

I have never defaulted or paid late. Yes it is true my debt has increased this year (many Americans are feeling the pinch). It was my contention that if I am paying as agreed that they should honor their obligation. I further stated that I belong to a Credit monitoring service and my credit score is 716. So although my debt had increased ALL of my accounts have been paid as agreed no late payments, no defaults, no judgments and definitely no bankruptcy. Although this supervisor was respectful and explained things more clearly he was not helpful in overturning the decrease in my line. In fact, his position was that there was nothing I could do about it. That the Bank can do as they feel.

I believe this bank is part of the problem with the economy today. They practice predatory lending by charging ridiculous fees, ridiculous interest, and longer payback durations and loaning additional money so they can earn a commission and then do not follow through with their end of the obligation. After speaking to the supervisor, I asked since they changed the terms without notification and since now I have no access to funds and since they reduced my line, could I change the payback terms to a shorter duration so the interest would be less and I could pay it off faster. You don't need me to tell you the answer. They claimed, if I wanted to change my payback terms on the lower line of $34.5 I would have to restart my loan as if it were day one( accruing more fees) They even stated well, why don't you pay it in full and then quoted me a payoff amount. Bank of America is changing the rules in the middle of the game. They want the banking customer to follow through with their contractual obligation but they are changing the terms as they see fit.

I will be following up with my Congressman, with Consumer Affairs and if need be the Senate. Since they are the ones bailing out the banks and giving them the power to do as they will to hard working Americans. In my opinion, bail out funds should be revoked from this bank and this bank should be audited!.

I am a New York City School Teacher and I will be sure to warn members of the UFT, members of the Dept of Education, colleagues and anyone else who will listen.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BEWARE OF BANK OF AMERICA. They are ripping off hard working Americans to line their greedy pockets.

If anyone knows of anyone else I can contact or perhaps a class action suit against this bank please let me know. This is a fight I will not back down from. I will write President Obama if I have to.

Our hard earned money and credit ratings should not be at the mercy of any bank establishment.
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goduke on 01/16/2009:
You might want to contact your local bar association and see if they have a service where you can have about 30 minutes of a lawyers time for a small fee (lots of them do). There are so many questionable practices in this account that it's not even possible to count them.

Good luck.
Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
You might also want to document this very well, and submit a claim with the Office if the Comptroller of the Currency (you can do it online, I believe) and also with NY state Office of Consumer Affaits.
angiebaby on 01/19/2009:
How do we file a suit?
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Cash Deposit Not Credited - BoA Truly Does Not Care About The Small Guy
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had been a satisfied customer of BoA for over 6 years, until this last month. One Saturday in April, I went to deposit $380 in cash at an ATM that I frequently use. Got the deposit receipt, kept it as usual to make sure that the deposit is posted online, got my card back, waited until the ATM was completely done and left. Now, you may call me an idiot but I had been successfully depositing cash into ATM machines for at least 4 years now without a single problem. YES, that does NOT mean that something can ever go wrong, but my problem with BoA does not center around the actual deposit, so read on before you criticize (I’ve read some posters on this website that jump on complainers’ throats, so I’m just preemptively covering my own @$$ here).

So, the deposit NEVER posted on the online banking website, which I check at least once a day. I immediately called and filed a claim with the Electronic Claims (EC) department. Simple machine malfunction, I understand, it happens. No one’s 100% perfect all the time, and BoA is a huge company with thousands of ATMs to manage. They even gave me a temporary credit so that I could write my rent check that month, and in a month, I got a formal letter from the EC dept saying that they ruled in my favor and thus made the temporary credit permanent. I was honestly very pleased with their relatively quick service. However, fast forward a month, they reversed that “permanent” credit for $380 without any kind of notice. Fortunately I had enough money in my account, or I would have had to go through that whole NSF charges hell. However, little did I know that was pretty much the last time I’d see that money. I called the EC dept to complain and they said that it is their ATM department that took out that money for reasons unknown to the EC dept?

Okay, I kind of understand that. BoA is a HUGE company and different departments can sometimes have miscommunications. So I filed another formal claim with the EC dept, got a temporary credit, which obviously was reversed second time because this was a “duplicate claim” although the second claim pertains to the REVERSAL of credit without any kind of notice, NOT the ATM deposit. Their own “investigators” took a whole MONTH to investigate that ATM deposit and deemed it legitimate. Well, now, apparently the other department can only see that I was credited twice but NOT the fact that I was debited twice? I can put in $380.00 in the search window on my internet banking website and get that information in about 5 seconds, but okay, fine. I’ve since talked to about 20 different EC dept agents and THIS is where my problem with BoA is. I have my phone records showing phone calls to the EC dept direct line lasting 20-30 minutes, placed almost every other day.

Almost every agent I have talked to seemed understanding and although not very knowledgeable about what’s going on, and EVERY SINGLE agent I have talked to have assured me that they are taking meticulous notes while I explain my case over and over again from start to end, and two of them even told me that they put this “escalade” status on my claim that makes the process go faster. Well, don’t you know it, the case never got resolved and it never got ANYWHERE. THE THING IS, every time I talk to someone they have NO IDEA what I am talking about. They all claim that the agent who talked to me previously did not take notes or take proper actions (the agent I talked to today placed a “service call” whatever that means? Probably was lying, anyway). THAT MEANS, all that time I was talking to these agents explaining every single detail about my case over and over again, THINKING that they were listening and taking notes on it because they were going to help me, they were probably just yawning and zoning out. Or maybe laughing at me for fussing over just $380. ALSO, WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE ACTIONS THAT THEY ASSURED ME THAT THEY WERE TAKING? Every single one of those agents have promised me something - “Oh, I just talked to someone over at that department and they are going to take care of it.” “Oh, this is just a simple misunderstanding. We’re going to look into it right away.” Yea right. Every single one of those agents have told me that this “will be resolved in 10 days.” that was over a month ago.

They’re obviously just telling me that to shut me up for 10 days, but obviously I keep calling back and what do you know, they’ll make me explain the whole thing all over again because no action was taken that I would have to wait 10 days for. They are clearly just taking my calls and not doing anything about it, since when I talked to another EC dept agent today, there were no notes or actions taken on this and she “doesn’t know why.” Same crap, different day. Sure, theoretically I could have put in an empty envelop for $380 as they told me that a lot of people do - I probably lost at least a year of life being frustrated over this, and countless wireless minutes.

Lastly, I apologize to anyone reading this who may be offended because I am, after all, sitting here writing about “only” $380. From reading some of the other stories posted on here, I really AM lucky, I guess - and I really feel sorry for anyone on this forum who were not as lucky. Everyone I’ve talked has told me to consider this “a $380 lesson” and move on, and be thankful that it did not involve a bigger sum of money - and that is what I am planning on doing. I am opening a new bank account next week with another bank account next week, and moving all my money out of BoA’s reach. I have simply lost my trust in BoA, and do NOT want them anywhere near my hard-earned money, no matter how little it may seem to other people.

The thing that kills me most is that if it were ME who owed them $380, heck even if it were only $0.01, whether it was a legitimate charge or not, they would be dragging my good credit through mud as soon as they can file a report, and doing everything they could to make my list as miserable as possible. Or maybe things would be different if I were a big business pulling in a lot of money for them - maybe then they would be more willing to help and actually give a hoot. What can the little guy do against the corporate America?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
I'd never advise anyone to deposit cash via ATM.
wgaguy1984 on 06/30/2008:
I've never really thought about what would happen in a situation like this. I certainly understand why the OP is frustrated, not only that the deposit wasn't credited, but the incompetent response. But, how do banks prevent people from just depositing empty envelopes and demanding credit? It looks like your local branch could just review the security tape or something, but what do I know?
Anonymous on 07/01/2008:
Make sure that any communications you have with BOA is followed up in writing to keep a paper trail and to maintain your rights. Also consider filing a complaint with the OCC.
hOk on 07/01/2008:
Thanks everyone for writing.

1) Yes I am preparing a formal complaint with the OCC, although it probably will not get my money back, I can at least voice my disappointment with the bank.

2) You're right that I should never, EVER again deposit cash via ATM. I had done it for years without trouble and learned the lesson the hard way... It just seems so more more convenient, but you're right, NOT worth this sort of trouble.

3) Yes, I know some people try to scam the bank for a day or two by putting in empty envelopes - which is why I understand their concern. That's why they conducted a MONTH-LONG investigation, I thought, and when they ruled it in my favor I obviously thought they looked at the total tally for the particular ATM and/or the security tape. I have no idea what happened, but according to the OCC website, I need get a g-d lawyer in order to even access that information to prove my case. Obviously getting a lawyer would cost much more than my loss, so back to square one...

I'll update if something comes up! In the meanwhile, no one should EVER deposit cash into an ATM, NO MATTER HOW LONG you have done it without any trouble.
artshocx on 07/10/2008:
sounds like their trouble with empty envelopes is ending up in a bank employee's pocket :( this happened to me and an employee was somehow emptying the envelopes themselves when they serviced the ATMs. I'm not sure how they figured it out, because as I understand it the employee knew where the cameras were and was somehow getting around this. it took me a year to get my money back because I had to wait for the investigation and prosecution, etc. - yeah hard lesson learned, but at least I got it back. of course that was many years ago - so maybe that's impossible now - I don't know.
atmdep on 04/24/2013:
Just looking for some information on what happens with cash deposit at atm. Who opens envelopes and do they do this under camera or more than one employee when deposits are opened?
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They gave away my life savings
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Bank Of America gave away $29,915.62 of my life savings and won't give me one red cent back. Bank of America cashed 42 forged checks at 8+ of there branches while I was sick and I ended up in the hospital and under 24/7 medical care for a month.

The bank told me when I reported the wrong balance that they were definitely where forged and they are going to cover their mistake but due to the large amount it would be transferred to the banks fraud department. I got a call a week later from a Tim Whitesitt and here is where things get really bad.

Tim pretty much laughed and said boy oh boy you really got hit hard didn't you. I said What ? Your bank said its insured and I get reimbursed right? Tim laughed and said I was at fault for not reporting it sooner. Tim said it had been more than 60 days from the first forged check.

I said where is this rule and what about the last forged check written 2 days before reporting the fraud and closing my account? Tim just laughed and said that doesn't matter. What abot the banks managers mistake on issuing the checks to the wrong account? Tim said with a laugh, That does not matter.

I explained how I had become sick and how I had gone to my local branch and talked with the bank manager about a internet purchase I had been charged twice for $20.00.
I explained that the bank manager had me close my checking account and how she (Valerie Lunn) had set up 2 new accounts for me to prevent any fraud to my accounts.

Valerie Lunn of the Cle Elum, Washington Bank of America branch explained that I was to just use one account to keep money in and the other account to do ALL transactions from. I was to use the first account ONLY to transfer funds to the second as needed and that way No One could really do much fraud and it would be notice right away and dealt with.That's what I did... Also Valerie Lunn, explained that if fraud occurred it was covered by the bank. Total Security Protection as stated on your websites.

Well that sounded good to me and after all this was a bank branch and manager I had done business with for 18 years so they know how to keep my money safe right? WRONG!

This was in late July 2004 and I was busy seeing doctors to try to figure out why I was feeling sick. I had a bunch of test done in the middle of August I had more test done and also received a box of checks to my new active account. I counted the checks and locked them in my desk at home. I don't use checks unless there is no other way. I use the visa to pay almost everything I do. Bills, gas, food etc. I write maybe 2 checks a month on the average and mail them from a drop box. Heck I watch the news and hear about mail theft now and then.

Late August I went on a trip for 2 weeks and returned to find out from the doctor I had a disease and if I did not feel better soon I needed to seek medical help as this disease can be fatal if not treated correctly. I had to seek medical help and check into the hospital on 10/16/04 and was under 24/7 medical care till 11/11.04 at which time I was under home care with my sister for another month. I am still under a doctors care and temporary disabled. I don't know how long or if I will ever be off the disable static?

Well back to Bank Of America!!!
Little did I know that the Bank Manager had issued the checks I received to the secure account she had told me not to use for anything but transferring money to my second active account. My check where stolen and I didn't even know it because I had one check book with me for those few check I might have to write and that was very few checks in several months time. Heck I was in the hospital a month………….

From September 1st till December 23rd the theft's wrote 42 checks for $29,915.62 against my secure account. The last check was written for $1,233.00 on the 21st of December. That is more than 60 days from the first check forged so the bank says I lose it all. I got my hands on a bank account rule book that the bank doesn't seem to give everyone when the open an account (ignorant is no excuse for the law) and here is what I read on page 32

Bank of America account Rule Book
(Deposit Agreement And Disclosures)

Page 32

If your Statements shows transfers that you did not make, tell us at once. If you do not tells us in writing within 60 days after the statement was mailed to you, you may not get back any money you lost after the 60 days, If we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money if you had told us in time.

I reported it after 60 days. Hummmm? Here is what the next paragraph say's in there little rule book??????? It reads like this.

If for a good reason (such as a long trip or hospital stay) kepts you from telling us, We will extend the time period.

The bank refuses to even consider my claim. I have letters from the bank vice president of relations Jim Blanton in Seattle and the investigator Tim Whitesitt in Seattle saying you been denied and we don't want to even talk to you anymore, basically they say Go Away!!!!!!!!!!!! All letters to Ken Lewis the CEO of Bank of America are just forwarded to Seattle main office. The tallest building in the Northwest USA. The Columbia building in downtown Seattle.

This is down right bank robbery !!!!! The bank has given my life savings to criminals and told me it's not their problem. Your bank was put in trust of my money. I have tried every way possible except a long expensive lawsuit to get my money back. I have all the documentation to prove everything I say and welcome being contacted by a good lawyer or any other form of help. Right now I would like to hear what the people have to say…

I will not go quietly into the dark and be silent.
I will not vanish without a very long fight.

How can they use the word (America) in there name and steal from people like this???
This brings new meaning to the words Bank Robbery!!! I was robbed by Bank Of America.

The gloves are off Bank of America. I tried your way for justice and it took you well over 60 days to even tell me where the checks where even cashed at. 2 checks you call undetermined bank locations. What??? You cannot even tell which branch of yours they wear cashed at??????

The police need to know this to know who's jurisdiction the crimes where in and what agency goes after the criminals and your well aware by now that I closed my account and protested your Bank of America branch (Issaquah Wa. West branch) yesterday that cashed over $11,000 dollars and 18 forged checks at and you know that a few thousand cars driving by saw my sign.

You know people came up to me and read my flyers and letters and you know they agree with me 100% Most where shocked but read your managers letters and your rule book and said oh my gosh the bank ripped you off. Doesn't Bank of America ever check signatures??????? Not in my case they never checked a signature even once.

All you did and can do is watch me tell everyone my story and calling the police on me did no good did it? I was just telling my story and protesting as this countries 1st amendment protects me to do so. The police called me and said I was total legal later that day. So you cannot hide behind the police either. There is no slander in telling my true story. Our founding father knew this and made it the very first amendment. True shall prevail. Free Speech is alive and well and if my protest is total legal as it will always be.

When will you see your business is the people and there accounts at your banks? I trusted your bank………………..I guess most people do trust there banks? That's where we are supposed to be safe with our money. If that trust is broken??????? What will become of that bank??????

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bizzybuzzbuzz on 01/10/2009:
During the summer of 2007 my aunt became the victim of identity theft, her Bank of America checking account compromised due to blank checks presumably stolen by one of the employees where she lived. At that time she was residing in an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania, and because she'd never had children I was chosen by her to be her designated Power of Attorney. By September of that year it became apparent that she would need surgery, the amputation of both legs, because of the suffering she was enduring due to diabetes. It was also apparent that summer that she was showing initial signs of dementia. I traveled from Michigan to Pennsylvania in order to attend to her concerns, to assist in the decision-making re. her surgery and to look into why her checks were bouncing, monthly payments made to the facility as well as other bills. The day I arrived in Pennsylvania I went to the Bank of America location where my aunt had set up her account, and it was then that the identity theft was discovered. Briefly, presumably what had happened was this: an employee at the facility had taken as many as three blank checks from out of my aunt's checkbook and used the data on the checks to access her account via computer. Three attempts were made to cash checks in order to remove funds from the account. The last two were unsuccessful, but the first check was cashed. The amount: $35,000. The check was cashed at a CitiBank location in Manhattan, with two forged signatures, front and back, and no driver's license ID number, no thumbprint anywhere on the check passed. The police were immediately notified, as was the assisted living facility, and my aunt's lawyer. A claim was submitted to Bank of America to try to retrieve the stolen funds. It was "respectfully denied", due to their contention that the claim was submitted after the 60-day window of time during which the victim is supposed to notify the bank and be reimbursed for the stolen funds. Because of her diabetic suffering and the onset of dementia she had no idea as to what was happening to her account, and yet Bank of America will not acknowledge the bearing this had on why she did not notify them within the required time frame. We have still not been given an explanation as to how this fraudulent transaction was able to take place, how someone was able to cash a check for $35,000 circumventing the bells and whistles that prevent such things from happening in most all instances. It's now been over a year and a half since the theft took place, and over a year since legal action was initiated against Bank of America, as well as the assisted living facility where my aunt resided at the time of the theft. My aunt passed away at the end of October 2008, her assets turned over to the nursing home where she resided for the final year of her life. I spoke to the lawyer handling the case two days ago, hoping for some good news. No such luck, there has been a third defendant, a third party dragged into the proceedings, and it appears that our hopes for an out-of-court settlement have dimmed. I had contempt for Bank of America even before my aunt's victimization had taken place, I had a credit card with them and tried to make a balance transfer to Chase. Chase agreed to the transfer, but I didn't find out until after the process was complete that only a partial transfer was done. So now I was burdened with two accounts to pay month-to-month as opposed to just one. I live for the day when Bank of America is out of my life, when the legal matter has been resolved and my credit card with them has a zero balance, and I can say goodbye to them for the rest of my days, and good riddance.
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Making Home Affordable is a Scam!
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I started my process in April 2009 and have been getting the same run around as everyone else. They recommended that I pay half my mortgage for 3 months as part of a 3 month trial period prior to beginning the Making Home Affordable process. After the 3 month trial period was completed in August, I received a very nice letter from the Sr VP of the Home Retention Division who seemed excited to assist me and recommended I call them right away to get started with the MHA! Yeah! It has been a nightmare ever since... I gave them my financial info over the phone, three months later I was told I was supposed to fax it and then later I was told to mail it. I have over 30 phone calls to date trying to get qualified. In December, I finally had an agent assigned who told me I needed to set up an escrow for taxes and insurance in order to proceed with the qualification process. On December 28th I was denied qualification due to an agent error who doubled up my mortgage and car loan payments which created an excessive monthly expense and thus disqualified me. They are now in process (supposedly) of re-reviewing my qualification after recognizing the error. Here's the kicker... Due to the erroneous disqualification they have done the following: a)sent me a letter demanding payment of my 3 month half mortgage balance due by January 27th or default; b)blocked my access to my mortgage information on-line with a notification that I am delinquent on my December and January mortgage payments and will go into default if not paid by February 11; c) calling me daily via automated voice response saying I am delinquent and need to remit payment immediately; and d) best of all, they have erroneously doubled my escrow amount on my next mortgage payments. Bottom line, instead of assisting me with a reduced mortgage payment they have made matters worse by increasing my payment with an erroneous escrow. All they care about is BAC profits - I got nothing and now they're going to hold my money all year for escrow and make 20%+ interest on some other poor soul. I GOT DUPED!!!
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goduke on 01/13/2010:
You might want to give them a chance to correct the error.
Fufu487 on 01/13/2010:
they may, MAY, correct the faults of their errors. A lot of banks do once it's obvious they made the error, and you had no part in the error being made.
ron65ron on 12/01/2010:
Let me tell you that the same thing has happened to me! They DO NOT CARE. Money is money to them and the accounting practices they use are boarder line illegal. Yes they accepted TARP money and are supposed to help people, but THEY DO NOT. They had my financial info all mixed up as well and did nothing to correct it. Bottom line, if your able, get out of Bank of America, they are the worst bank in the country.
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Life work destroyed!
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My home, my entire lifetime of working a minimum of an 80 hour work weeks, taking our first vacation only 7 years back going to NYC after 911,and for the last 35 years, is in ruins.

The catalyst was Bank of America.

Heck, my 20 plus year Premier checking account that I have closed 4 times now, is still open accumulating fees as we speak!

I was considered one their "most valuable customers".

My mother worked banking her whole life. I was brought up to believe the people within those vaulted walls were the most honorable and integrable people, and could always be trusted!

From the "I am so sorry, though you have never been late" letters to raise interest rates from 3 and 5 percent to 30 percent, to transferring payments on my home back into my checking which had us fearing to deposit monies to pay our bills through them, especially those they had with us that were mysteriously were not canceled on my overdrafted protected account via auto pays, when they attacked us because of their unwise executive decisions, has left me hopeless and in ruins! I feel like such a failure, a loser, and without any faith in our nations banking industry.

I worried about my credit rating! To me it was vital to survive and not to be messed with. I was also so proud of the numbers, jointly and individually as a woman, that we scored.

How ironic, I was someone who 'paid it forward' so to speak, from getting an Iraqi war vet's mom a home and many other single parent families, that I will soon be homeless myself! At my age, with the economy as it is, and having only my hard work ethics to offer, finding employment to rebuild, is near impossible.

I paid my bills always on time and never the minimum that is required. Between Bank of America, Discover and Chase, (I won't share what the insurance companies contributed, we have discovered there is a loophole for all the extra protection's sold to us in order to prepare for the shaky economy to keep us viable, I have no more faith.

Loan sharks are more honorable. Definitely less costly!

I would like to share my experiences with them to a lawyer or Congressmen who will look at my documentation of events that had led us to bankruptcy and giving up our family home!

I never asked anyone in my life for a handout, accept personal responsibility for my actions but was no match against Bank of America's pirates. Besides letters written and received, emails and online records (scanned before I was denied access to my own accounts online btw), phone calls and a years work of documentation, I would like them to get what they deserve.

Whether it helps my family, doesn't seem as important anymore. But the rage, the anger, the bitterness and how it has effected me personally, I need closure.

A closure that cannot be done until the despicable, UnAmerican, TREASONOUS actions of Bank of America is investigated!

I cannot believe that this could happen in our country! From the phone calls from India on Christmas Eve when only 10 days late, a first and the result of the games they played on us previous robbing us of months of income for service charges, all the while going through chemo, which was what I think when I told them in preparation to insure timely payments via auto debits. It's like they red flagged me after that!

Imagine with all the offices they have, and if 1 percent of their customers who cared about their credit scores, if held hostage because the thinking they will pay to protect those scores and were treated this way, the kind of money Bank of America made!

Sure, I admit, times were lean and extra funds were almost bare. But, we lived "lean and mean" and were more than willing to eat cereal for supper before not paying our bills. We would do without phones, cable, whatever, before not paying our bills.

Not even, 4 years back, when my husband endured lung cancer, we left the hospital debt free but then they were not told! It does make me wonder if being so truthful and honest, led to our downfall.

We even sold all we could, canceled my health insurance in order to keep our credit stable! Nothing was ever enough!

Every penny was robbed on an account with overdraft protection.

The first banking error, when addressed at the local branch instead of the faceless customer service, gave us back half and assured us that all auto payments, 100% monthly bills paid on 1st to insure they got paid, was to be stopped.

Another lie.

Even after we left them, they re opened the checking account.

I hope there is karma for those so called "geniuses" rewarded so well and they get what they deserve. They destroyed this country and someday my grand kids will read about this rape on middle class America by the bank that shares our nation's name in school and in the history books. That is if this country isn't ruined by such deceit!

It hard to realize, your entire life was for nothing! That you feel like such a loser! It hard to believe that the only thing I ever wished for, that my grand kids be secure, is gone.

I do not wish this on anyone. Can anyone help advise us on who is brave enough to take them on?
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Slimjim on 08/24/2009:
It sounds like times have been tough. The problem here is you never give any indication how or why they are BOA's fault.
goduke on 08/24/2009:
It sounds to me that you really need to be in touch with a lawyer. If you can't afford one, contact your local bar association. They may have a referral program where you can either get some help on a sliding pay scale, or an initial consultation at a nominal cost.

You might also look at finding a counselor. It sounds as if you are sliding a bit into depression, and that's not good at all.
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
There's a whole lot of drama here, but not much substance. What happened?
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
Uh, I think I can decifer an interest rate hike on the credit card. Something, also, to do with a checking account, perhaps?
Instead of telling a life story, just say what the problem is.
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
I did not understand what the actual problem is. Too much rambling on...
thensider on 08/24/2009:
What? I have no idea what is going on. I think I saw something about a payment being 10 days late though...
MaggieMcT on 08/24/2009:
And something about receiving phone calls "when only 10 days late," as though that was a surprise.

"Can anyone help advise us?" Not until you rewrite this so we can understand what's going on.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/24/2009:
An inconsistency in your story is you always paid your bills on time and never just the minimum...then you said you were 10 days late and were harassed...I don't get the issue at did BOA cause all this drama?
bcd on 08/24/2009:
I see nothing that supports your claim that BofA has ruined your home or entire lifetime of the past 35 years.

Are you claiming that the bank has reopened your account even though you closed it four times? If yes, why didn’t you get documented proof that the account was closed after they did this the first, second, or third times? I don’t believe this actually happened.

“I paid my bills always on time and never the minimum that is required.” Are you stating that you paid your bills on time but did not meet the minimum due? Or, are you stating that you always paid more than the minimum? You claim that you always paid on time but then you wrote “...when only 10 days late...”

“...we left the hospital debt free but then they were not told!” What does this mean? Who is they?

Twice you wrote that you “feel like a loser.” Why would you feel like a loser if you did nothing wrong? Where’s your self-esteem?

This review contains no useful content.
patriot911 on 10/10/2010:
I feel your pain. You didn't have to be specific for me to understand. I put up with their threats and robbery also. I will never trust banks again because of Bank Of America and other credit-card issuers. I hope you can get away from the credit scams and get your life back.
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Lost a Loyal Customer
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- August 1, 2009

To Whom it may Concern-

I want to Thank You in advance for reading my long and detailed email.

After being a customer of Bank of America since 2002, I closed my Account's today. This was a very hard decision to make as I believe long term relationships between establishments and their Customers are very important. I closed my accounts after I received inexcusable treatment from two different employees at your Newbury Park Branch located at 2345 Borchard Rd. Newbury Park, CA 91320. Being a former BofA employee myself, I am very aware of the standards and expectations BofA has of their employees in regards to customer service.

I went into the branch yesterday June 31, 2009 to make a deposit. I was gestured to come over when it was my tur n by your Teller. As I approached the counter he took my deposit without so much as a word or any eye contact. ; I then asked him if he was having a bad day, which he then mumbled "No". I then said it just seemed strange because everyone is usually so friendly at BofA and I receive such excellent customer service. He then looks and me and says "Huh?". I repeated myself. He shrugs his shoulders as if I'm joking and mumbles "I don't care" with a smirk on his face. At this point I am completely dumb founded. I took my receipt and left. When I came home I explained what had happened and found out that two members of my family had received very similar treatment from the same tell and knew him on a first name basis as they had already made complaints to your Manager about him. Confused as to why he was still giving such poor customer service after receiving complaints about him, I called the bank and spoke with the manager. After explaining what had happened she simply said she would speak to him and asked if I needed anything else. I told her no and that I would be in tomorrow to close my account's to my surprise she said casually said “Okay” and hung up.

Today I came into the branch and waited to speak with the manager. After she called me over, without making any eye contact, I sat down and she took my ATM card, still the same treatment (not a word and no eye contact). When she was ready she looked up and asked "what are we doing today?" I told her I was there to close my account. She then tells me I can do that with a Teller and to give her a minute to get the codes. After a moment I told her how disappointed I was that I had to close my accounts and could not believe that she didn't offer an apology or show any concern to keep me as a Customer. She then throws her hands up in the air saying " You were the lady that called last night, I spoke to him, there are two sides to every story, he claims nothing you said happened and I have nothing more I can do for you". I then told her as she could see by reviewing my account's at one time I had over six figures with BofA and unfortunately due to hard times that is no longer the case, but if it was I'm sure we would be having a completely different conversation. Her response: "Possibly". WOW!

I highly doubt that Bank of America is doing so exceptionally well during these hard economic times that you can afford an employee who has no regard for giving good Customer Service, not to mention retaining loyal Customers. I will be forwarding this letter to Customer Solutions, all of my former BofA Colleagues, all So. Cal BofA branches, and everyone in my Address Book.

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madconsumer on 07/31/2009:
here on the east coast it is still 7.31.09.

all this over a non verbal employee?
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
??? Indeed MadC, that would also make it 7:17 pm on 7/31 right this minute on the west coast.
PepperElf on 07/31/2009:
I personally don't require employees - even if they are "serving" me - to be bright chipper and sweet. As long as they do what's needed that's good enough.

Why should I demand them be perfect robots when I cannot do that myself?

Maybe he was having a bad day. And before anyone says "well keep it at home!!!" remember... he's human. Sometimes you can't just magically erase a bad mood just because an employee demands you smile and be sweet.

Or... as one story I read went...
Customer ordered a coffee and the barista didn't smile. The customer needled her about it saying "Why aren't you smiling?!!!!"

The barista said, "My dad died last night." And then started to cry.

This is why you NEVER needle an employee about why he or she isn't smiling and buttering up the customer.

Sometimes they have a valid reason to be unhappy. We are NOT gods to demand they shut off all emotion just to make us feel good.
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
oh shenanigans, pepper elf. they are not humans, they are robots, here to serve and serve with a smile, always a smile.

oh and mad c, the date, according to the review, is 6/31/09.
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
KJ, where be this 6/31 you speak of? The OP listed the date at the top of their complaint as 8/1/09.
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
"I went into the branch yesterday June 31, 2009 to make a deposit."

considering the letter date says 8/1 tho, I guess they really did mean 7/31.

Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
It's very confusing using the word "yesterday" in a review that was clearly posted today, especially since there is NO June 31st.
PepperElf on 07/31/2009:
maybe she was having a "bad day"

like the employee was....

grandma005 on 08/01/2009:
When I go inside of a Bank to make a deposit all I care about is making sure the deposit is correctly made to the right account. I am not there to start a social club. I don't care if they talk to me or not. By not talking to me the line moves faster for others. Talking creates mistakes. How would you like a Teller talking to you while counting out money too?
ejack053824 on 08/01/2009:
Like Stank of America cares.
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
Why is it any of your business if he is having a bad day or not? Are you his therapist?
People still need to work to earn a living no matter what personal problems they may be dealing with.
I personally prefer no conversation over meaningless small talk.
yoke on 08/01/2009:
This has got to be some type of joke.
madconsumer on 08/01/2009:
"August 1, 2009

To Whom it may Concern- ..."

"yesterday June 31, 2009 ..."

there are two conflicting dates given. therefore this review has close to none creditablility.
DebtorBasher on 08/01/2009:
I'd like to know when June ever had 31 days in it.
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
Considering how cheerful she was to close your accounts, I suspect this wasn't your only, or first issue with them.
ticia232 on 08/02/2009:
Why am I having a major feeling of deja-vu? I swear I have seen this exact complaint written on here well over a year ago. And I don't mean a similar complaint I mean this exact complaint (even the exact same relatives that had problems as well.)

Well at least that explains the date problems since someone is obviously recycling old complaints.
BOAsucks on 08/18/2009:
the BOA that we should all aware:
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Let's Put Our Foot Down America!
Posted by on
Don't trust your on line banking. A bank officer even admitted that you can't trust it and that it is not as accurate to the consumer as it is to the bank...then why have it? We are a middle income family that uses our debit card for everything...first mistake. Charges are held for days, sometimes up to a week. Bank of America got us this week for nine $35 fees. They put through the largest item first to the smallest so they could hit us for all nine. I was charged $35 for a slurpee at 7-11 and $35 for a McDonald's hamburger. Our online banking did not show the pending items, only 2 that would put us in the red. We went to the Bank and made a cash deposit to cover our pending 2 items, plus additional funds, yet we were hit that night for 9 items, Today we went in and showed the banker our print out of what was actually pending according to their bank on line, but he responded by telling us the other 7 pending items could be accessed by yet another link, that is not on the main page that shows your current register. Our loyalty or our explanations didn't matter and we were at the banks mercy, there was nothing we could say or do to reverse any of those fees. Most of the items that we got hit on were many days old, being held back until there were nine total they could get us for. Part of this is our fault for sure for not keeping track of every slurpee or hamburger bought, but BofA knows our patterns, and they have us by our check books. They hold back your charges until you overdraw yourself because you think you have a balance according to their bank by phone or on line banking. They told me depending on the charge, it sometimes takes days for the paperwork to come through....yeah right, they know every transaction you make and the minute you make it. They have no mercy, nor do they care if your power is being turned off or you can't buy groceries. Six months ago the maximum they could hit you for was 6 items, but the manager told us today they just raised it to 9, so watch out. America is in the worst shape it has ever been in, and more than 50% of American's live paycheck to paycheck. We need to put an end to the banks stealing our hard earned money. They have many tricks up their sleeves that rip off their loyal customers (25 years loyal) because they can get away with it. They are sitting fat right now while our country is hurting and we need to put our foot down. We should all close our accounts on the same day and give our business to someone else like a good old fashioned credit union. We need to somehow send a BIG message to Bank of America!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
personally, I feel sorry for any poor sap that has to work for this hobknob of a company.
Suusan B. on 06/29/2009:
You are the one that swipes your debit card therefore it is your responsibility to not give BofA (or any other financial institution) a reason to charge ou an overdraft fee. The only way to do this is to maintain a balanced paper check register and not rely on the bank to do it for you via on-line banking.
madconsumer on 06/29/2009:
it all depends on how you used the debit card. if you entered your pin number, it will show immediately to your online account. if the merchant proccessed it as a credit, then it can take up to a week to post.

keeping a paper register is the only way you can avoid any further fees. the online information is accurate for balancing the posted transactions, not pending.
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
All banks are doing it. BofA actually has the disclaimer on their website that says they can process the transactions in the order "of their choosing", not in the order that they come in. They are "legal thieves."
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
I reiterate: there should be a test before you are allowed to have a checking account. Clearly they are not for everybody.

To the poster, do yourself a favor and go into the bank, and ask them to explain to you how debit cards work, because they work the same way at every bank. If you aren't able or willing to keep a check register, cut up the card and stick to checks and cash. At the end of a year, you can take a vacation with all the money you will save.
old fart on 06/29/2009:
There is no particularly good reason why anyone cannot keep a check register straight with on-line banking..

For those of you who think it's the banks fault, THINK AGAIN!!
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Think of a debit card as cash. If you don't have any cash in your pocket, you can't make the purchase. Likewise, if you don't have the available funds in your account, you can't make the purchase with your debit card (without incurring a fee). You can't rely on a float to make the purchase then deposit the funds later to cover it. Even paper checks can be scanned and turned into an EFT.
MaggieMcT on 06/30/2009:
How do you expect the online balance to show checks/debits that haven't been posted yet? Think!
Alain on 06/30/2009:
I don't use on-line banking. Don't need it. Guess I'm old fashoined, but from posts like this and others I'm not inclined to bother with it. Maybe that's why the banks and I get along usually.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Man, I hate big government, but they really need to step in and stop this crap. I am almost to the point where I buy everything with cash.
Becks13 on 06/30/2009:
I clearly understand if you don't have the cash you can't make the purchase, and the use of a simple check register. You are missing the point. Banks like BofA are capitalizing on people who take advantage of the convenience of a debit card. It is easier than going to the bank and getting cash. When you use your card for every purchase including a soda at the convenience store, a register becomes a nuisance. People think they can depend on their on line banking or bank by phone. I have seen transactions appear, then disappear moments later. You can't tell me that with technology today that BofA takes a week to post transactions. It's a scam. America needs to go back to the older days when we only used cash and old fashioned checks with registers.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Becks, the posting has nothing to do with the bank, it has to do with the merchant and when they batch and submit their debits. BoA gets tens of millions of these each day in great big batches. No one is going through them and selectively holding them; when they receive the file they post it.

Online banking was never designed nor intended to replace a check register; in fact with debit cards you need them more than ever. If it is too much of a nuisance, you have two choices, use cash or accept the fees.
CrazyRedHead on 06/30/2009:
I don't see anything that the bank did wrong here. You obviously are not keeping a check register. Online banking is not designed to be used solely to balance you checking account, only as a tool to assist. You should always keep a paper register and write everything as it goes in out, and treat pending as immediate. You are responsible for knowing your balance every minute of the day, everyday. I don't find using a checking register a nuisance, actually it's quite the opposite. You will find that all banks manipulate the incoming from highest to lowest, but if you have adequate funds it shouldn't matter in what order they come in. I also agree that one should take a test before getting a checking account. If more people would just do that and read the terms of the account in that little booklet you receive, there may be less problems in the worlds. Oh, and quit blaming the banks on your own inability to manage your own checking accounts.
MaggieMcT on 06/30/2009:
"When you use your card for every purchase including a soda at the convenience store, a register becomes a nuisance."
Well, if it's more of a nuisance than overdraft fees, you've got nothing to complain about. But, come on, using a debit card for a soda!! Unreal!
BokiBean on 06/30/2009:
If you're not going to keep your own balance, you're going to have to keep a hefty pad in there so that you don't get stung for overdrafts. Pad the account and then forget about it, don't try to play catchup because its going to backfire on you.

That said, Bank of America is the WORST at gouging their customers for overdraft fees and they are unforgiving.

They've already settled on 35 millar dollar lawsuit about their overdraft practices and lame fees and continue to do it...apparently, the lawsuit was just a drop in the bucket compared to what they can fleece their customers for. It must be extremely lucrative, and they are determined to continue to do it.

Look for a good credit union, they're not out to make the most of your bad situation. In fact, that's not how they do business at all. They will overdraft you, but they won't try to steal your purse at the same time.
armywife74 on 09/22/2009:
I agree with a poster hatecrooks from another BofA post, many of these people that post a comment to a negative post about BofA are the same one's that have other positive post about BofA on other sites. If I'm a happy customer, I'm not going to go looking online for the company that I'm happy with and see who's dissing them, I couldn't care less cause I'm happy, why waste my time defending their names if I'm not getting paid?
MaggieMcT on 09/22/2009:
armywife, there's a difference between "defending" the banks and telling people how they can avoid overdraft fees.
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Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank Of America Anyone?
Posted by on
Well, what can I say? After having experience it for myself, I wish that I had done a quick net search BANK OF AMERICA RIP OFF and read the thousands of Americans that have been reamed by this institution. I would have taken my small business bucks elsewhere! Within the roughly six months that I have been with this 'bank', I have authorized under 5 checks. In all fairness, I have bounced one of them because of a deposit that was made and 'held' by BofA conveniently until this item bounced and I was assessed a fee. However, BofA has managed to rack up a whopping 1700apx in fees and I do not even know from where these are coming. I have payroll and expenses and so I opened up another checkings account in order to pay these people and EVERY dollar placed into this account, BofA takes and puts into the other EVER increasing in fees account! Now, they are going after my unattached personal bank savings accounts?? My business accounts are attached to my EIN # and my personal savings are attached to my social security #, I called and confirmed that they were in fact unattached (recorded the conversation--always record your conversations with BofA) yet they persist with stealing this money from me!! Bofa has even gone so far as to change my personal accounts into business accounts! I have proof, their own proof, that they have done this!! So, now, I am sustaining damages and may have to close my business and go on welfare to pay my rent...SHAME ON YOU BofA. If you cannot get 'Stimulus' money, it is not right for you to steal it from the blood and sweat of hard-working Americans...SHAME OF YOU BOFA.

I believe that I will file suit (small claims or other), file complaints with the BBB, file complaints with the consumer departments within the Federal and State governments, alert President Obama that he also needs to be 'pissed' off at predatory banks such as BofA (not just AIG)...

I found this information from another poster (whose post has somehow become 'unavailable'...hummm? Oh well, until I am censored, file banking complaints here:
(enough complaints will bring action)

Office of the Comptroller of
Customer Assistance Group
1301 McKinney St., Ste 3450
Houston, TX 77010
1-800-613-6743 or email: customer.assistance at
3245 Grand Boulevard, Ste 100
Kansas City, MO 64108
Fax #703-812-1020

The poster below, has been quoted as posting I LOVE BANK OF AMERICA! Every single post that he/she has posted has been gleaming towards bofa and others (all that I have read)...Hummmm. Can you spell paid t r o l l?? Online Reputation Management Companies are pretty good at what they do, guys. Read all of the comments-those of the below poster and those of his comrades as well as others who have had more real experiences with bofa and other institutions.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/17/2009:
Oh, this is definitely predatory.

You will need a lawyer, because this is massive banking fraud that BOA is committing.

Voted helpful.
Slimjim on 03/17/2009:
Slimjim on 03/17/2009:
You should be on the phone with them constantly until you do know where the fees are derived from. At that point, you can decide if retaining council to litigate would be prudent.
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
There is no fraud here. The poster admits to bouncing a check. Probably more than one... probably more than twenty. What is needed is an accountant type who can sort out his accounts and get them in balance. I would also suggest making an appointment with the branch manager. Explain that you're in over your head with this problem and see if they will work with you to resolve this.

Once that is done, keep your personal accounts separate from your business accounts. Banks have a right of setoff, and they can take funds from any account on which you sign. Always a good idea to have them in another bank.
Slimjim on 03/17/2009:
Solid advice Ken.
grandma005 on 03/17/2009:
Ken is right! Only have one account with each Bank. I learned this the hard way.
Soaring Consumer on 03/17/2009:
Here is the problem, he is not being told what the fees are for and why the fees are still increasing and why they changed his account types and linked his accounts without authorization.
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
You j/k about sending a bomb to your local branch? I'm sure the Feds will j/k when they haul your butt to court and prosecute you.

I am not a fan of BoA at all, but Ken got this one right. The bank is not committing fraud here, it's you that's committing fraud.
Slimjim on 03/17/2009:
Soaring, do you really believe the bank is charging $1,700 in fees and actually not saying why.
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
SC, you're only reading one side of the story here..a bank cannot arbitrarily change a person's account type. If this were the case, this person would already have retained an attorney and gone after them for fraudulent practices. A bank can however take funds from one account to cover fees in another account, as previously explained it's called a right of offset. It doesn't matter if one is a business account and the other is a personal account, as long as the name is on both, it can be done.
Soaring Consumer on 03/17/2009:
There are indeed many holes in the story that need filling:
"I have bounced one of them because of a deposit that was made and 'held' by bofa conveniently until this item bounced and I was assessed a fee." How long was the deposit held? What type of deposit was it? (cash, check, etc)

What it seems to me is that they are just adding fees on top of fees on top of fees on top of fees, yet what nobody knows is that if these fees are actually legitimate or not. This definitely seems completely separate from the bounced check fee. Right of offset is understandable, but if the money is just being thrown into something I will title "an illegitimate void" then I would consider it fraud.

And according to the OP, the bank did arbitrarily change his account types.

As far as I see it, I usually assume that everything posted is true until proven otherwise, especially since he claims to have proof.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
OK. Well it seems that I have taken my break at an appropriate time. To clear up so things: the ONE check that was bounced was bounced with a deposit that covered the amount 6 times over-however it was a check that was deposited. I have several accounts with the crooks opps I mean with bofa and when the fleecing started with the account that amassed to 1700, I was told that electronic debits, etc were causing the fees--however, they bofa would not render much information on these accounts save a couple of toll free #s for which I could never reach anyone and phone calls were not returned. Now, I was told by our friendly bofa rep that access to that account would be blocked for me. It was not and the charges (8 at one time) continued. My company accounts were under an corporation and my personal accounts were under my ssn. An corporation is a legal and separate entity so attaching my personal assets should not have been an automatic at-their-discretion thing. I had not since sought counsel because I wanted to believe that we could handle the situation at this level without my having to get the FTC, the BBB, the Federal and State Consumer Protection agencies, and legal counsel involved. However, it seems, that this will have to be one fought in court and/or the court of public opinion. A quick net search and you will see that I am not the only victim of bofa.

To the ones responding who, clearly have been hired by bofa, to monitor their online reputations, nice try. You are obvious.
madconsumer on 03/17/2009:
ken, spot on as usual. best answer!
madconsumer on 03/17/2009:
by the posters rehetoric reply, it shows they need not have a bank of America account.

To the ones responding who, clearly have been hired by bofa, to monitor their online reputations, nice try. You are obvious."

ever heard of satified customers??
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
"Ever heard of a satisfied customer?"...

Not with bofa yet.
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
With all the alternatives available I for the life of me don't know why anybody would risk doing business with BoA.
old fart on 03/17/2009:
"send a mail bomb to your local Branch"...???

That's not a joking matter bud!

(I assume admin has already taken note of this...)
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
old_fart -- After you turn this OP into the site admin why don't you forward a copy along to the FBI. I'm sure the boys at the bureau will get right on this one.
old fart on 03/17/2009:
I'm pretty sure admin has already read this one crabs.. they don't need my help...
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
"My company accounts were under an corporation and my personal accounts were under my ssn. An corporation is a legal and separate entity so attaching my personal assets should not have been an automatic at-their-discretion thing."

hatecrooks, it would greatly benefit you to read the T&C of your agreement with BoA..they can and do exercise their "right of offset"...if your name is on both accounts that all they need. It doesn't matter that one is a business account and the other a personal account.

There are many posts here about BoA's shady ways of posting deposts/credits that cause the most amount of NSF's for their customers, that I find apalling... but I think in your case, based on what you've told us, that there may be a bigger issue here of understanding how managing an account, or multiple accounts, works. JMHO of course and I am thankfully not a BoA employee.
Slimjim on 03/17/2009:
hatecrooks-incorrect. I'm not saying it won't happen, but I'm like mad and have never had a problem with Bank of America. On a corporate level doing business with them, they aren't my favorites when it comes to their protocols, but using them as for credit card and personal accounts, has been almost pleasant for me.
Labrynthfire on 03/17/2009:
If you have trouble paying your bill don't just not pay it. Call them and discuss what can be done. I see to many consumers violating their end of a contract and blaming the bank. You also should not have been doing business banking with personal accounts. I have a BoA credit card, mortgage, saving and checking accounts...never had a problem.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
Old?? I am probably younger than you, old fart...just for the record, we 'kids' call j/k JUST KIDDING. One who is serious wouldn;t post it they would do it....Anyhow, OK so your advice is to read the fine print before dealing with bofa. It must have been really fine because I did not notice this clause in any of the paperwork that I received. Maybe it came with the paperwork that was sent to me one week later in my 'welcome' package? Now, for ACTUAL consumers on this bulletin, beware of bofa. Do not just read my post, do a net search on this bank and any other bank. How you bave behaved towards old customers determines how you will behave towards future customers. The choice is yours. For the paid bofa, etc, much do they pay you? Just curious.
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
hatecrooks -- Honestly dude why don't click on 'Edit Review' then delete the 'mail bomb' part out. It adds no flavor to your complaint.
old fart on 03/17/2009:
Hatecrooks.. it was wise of you to remove the bomb reference.. smart young man there!
Slimjim on 03/17/2009:
1. first, lose the tude and the accusations about shills and BOA employees HC. All rebuttals here are common sense replies and show no inclination of BOA partisanship. Credibility really takes a dive when posters start that "you must work there" cr@p simply because they disagree.
2. I think you hit it when you said do a search on this OR ANY other bank. Fact is, all banks have tremendous amounts of complaints, no matter which one you review. Simple numbers in customers accounts for a lot of that.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
Labyrnthfire...I was not doing business with personal accounts. Again, my personal accounts were kept separate and not utilized by me for business usage. The additional business account was to be used for business expenses. Bofa took money out of my personal accounts. I have no problems paying my bills, but the balance was growing so fast because of fees assessed by the bank. All they would provide me were toll free #s that were useless. Now, I am going back to I can pay bofa so more bank fees...
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
Thanks for the advice, Slim. It just seems a little suspicious when a poster only has glowing reports about everything and on every bulletin, somewhat. Most consumers would not take this much time to comment on a positive experience--I mean litigate as if their life and their commission depended on it. I believe in difference of opinion, but be truthful. If you are a paid poster, state so. If not, post away, however, if it comes across as personal (or, vested interest), it probably is.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
btw, I do not have an attitude and do not want it to come across this way. I am actually pretty calm, smiling (b/c I am already problem-solving) and pleasant as usual. Thanks.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:

Office of the Comptroller of
Customer Assistance Group
1301 McKinney St., Ste 3450
Houston, TX 77010
1-800-613-6743 or email: customer.assistance at
3245 Grand Boulevard, Ste 100
Kansas City, MO 64108
Fax #703-812-1020
madconsumer on 03/17/2009:
bank of America is for people who can manage a positive bank account. all others need to use a credit union or a tin can and mattress.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
CRM/SEO...CRM/SEO...CRM/SEO...Reputation Management Company/Search Engine Optimization...I have been wronged by this institution and I am STILL willing to hear all sides! Any person who is locked into one position without flexibility is either fixated or on the books. There are options for those companies and company reps who want to post their responses...not on the BB posing as a consumer like a wolf in sheep's clothing leading real sheeps astray.
hatecrooks on 03/17/2009:
madconsumer (03/17/2009)...all others need to use a credit union or a tin can and mattress."

At least your money would be safe from legal bank robbers (banks) and will earn the same interest. Hey, a tin can might be America's answer guys!!! Maybe we can,individually get some 'bail out' money to stimulate our economy!! lol
madconsumer on 03/17/2009:
I earn interest, do not pay over draft fees, have no hidden fees, my deposits are available in a reasonable amount of time. as long as I have available balance, it does not matter what order my debits are made. I do not count on an immediate deposit to cover purchases I made.
livefully on 03/18/2009:
thanks for the info. I agree send the president our concerns he said he wanted to hear them. maybe if they get enough compliants Bank of America will finally have to help the people that keeps them in business. If we are giving them money to hand out to people why are they not doing it. what are they doing with the stimulus money they got hum.
CrazyRedHead on 03/18/2009:
I wish I would get paid for posting good things about BOA or any other company.
hatecrooks on 03/18/2009:
You are welcome, Livefully. Banks are a good and necessary element, however, fairness and good business practices which consider the Goodwill element must be implemented into their policies. Otherwise, greed runs the show.

CrazyRedhead, if you want to get paid to post good comments you can sign up with any Results Management Company or Search Engine Optimization company that has available openings and that you meet their individual requirements. on 03/22/2009:
what good is $78.00 going to do when they stole over $4000.00 from me in this overdraft thing the problem that I had two accounts that were linked with bank of America and the fact that they had overdraft protection on them didn't mean anything at all. The saddest part of it all was it was opened by the bank of America MANAGER herself in rincon ga it took me months to find it, being a single mom of three I worked 15 plus hours a day and did not have internet access to my account. when I did discover it I confronted the bank manager her response was "I can't do anything about it you should have kept better tabs on your money" which was precisely what I thought I was paying them more for, is it not? not only did they close my account, but they reported me to the credit bureau preventing me from EVER having another account with anyone!! Then to top it ALL off they had the audicity to send me a bill trying to say I owed them more. Nobody at the company would do anything always telling me someone would be contacting me of course that never happened. I do till this day have all the proof to validate these claims anyone that has any advice or similar problems please advise...
hatecrooks on 03/23/2009:
A family member of mine was conversing with our neighbor and the same thing was done to her son...predatorial fee practices, etc. When I met with a representative at the bank, I could hear the conversation of another bofa customer...same problem...overdraft fee charges where there should not be any...I believe it cost under $20 to file a small claims court lawsuit in most states....Maybe everyone who is being robbed by bofa should file suit in order to get their fees returned??
grandma005 on 07/17/2009:
Chase taught me a lesson again. They took a Bill payment out of another account that I did not have enough money in and charged me a NSF fee.
armywife74 on 09/22/2009:
I have had an account with BofA for a few years and never incurred a problem with them til Jan 2009 when I started getting these so called "overdraft fees" on my account when in all actuality my account never went into the negatives. I have received a refund for only two of the many fee's they have charged. When I contact them in regards to the matter of charging overdraft fee's when my account never went into overdraft, they give me the so called "manage your money spill", "make sure you have enough in your account", etc. They inform me that the reason my account was charged overdrafts fee's was because of an authorization that never left or cleared my account for 2 days later and so once that authorization was placed, my account went into overdrafts, thus triggering an overdraft charge. But at the end of that same business day, my account was not in the negatives, never in the negatives all day. They also informed me to go by my record of items coming out of my account and my record of my account balance, that I could not rely on their "account balance" that I was given online, over the phone, or via ATM. So if I can't rely on my balance on the internet, over the phone, or via ATM to be correct, then how do I know that they are correctly charging me overdraft fee's when in fact according to their own bank statement I receive in the mail, shows my account was never in the negatives. How is this a rightful charge? If an authorization is placed on my account, and if you read the fine print on their authorization information, it states that they can charge an unspeicified amount since they don't know the correct amount until the retailer or merchant sends the order for the money. So they can charge me for an overdraft fee because of an authorization for money that never left my account til days later. Does not make sense to me. Is it legal? Where does the money for these authorizations go if the money doesn't leave my account for days? If the money is not immediately taken out of my account, how can they say an authorization made my account overdraw there for charging overdraft fee's for items that cleared my account that day and when my account clearly states via bank statement it was never in the negatives?
armywife74 on 09/22/2009:
OK lets put it another way for you so called "perfect" customers who have never had a problem with BofA. How can an authorization for an "unspecified amount" (remember BofA clearly states they don't know the correct amount for the debit til the merchant sends a request which could be days later) trigger an overdraft fee when in all actuality the bank doesn't know the correct amount of the debit they are authorizing? How can you take money out of my account for an authorization that doesn't have the correct amount on it (for example, a restaurant ticket, waitress processes your card for the total amount minus tip, you then add the tip to the amount authorized and then the merchant gets the money several days later)and then tell me that this authorization triggered an overdraft fee for two items that cleared my account on the same day. How can you give an authorization for money when you don't know the correct amount of money coming out of the account for that specific transaction? How can you place a hold for an authoriztion if you don't know the exact amount? I could have enough in my account to cover all the transactions and the authorization could be $1 more than the actual amount of the debit and trigger an overdraft fee when in all actualality, there was enough in my account to cover all debits, but because the bank authorized more money than what the authorization was for, it triggered an overdraft charge. Is that not the banks fault? Not mine? It doesn't matter what's on my registar, the bank doesn't go by my registar, they go by their computing system which supports the online banking, phone inquiry, and ATM inquiry. So if I shouldn't go by my account balance online, via phone, or ATM, then why should I believe they are charging me correctly for overdrafts if their banking system is faulty and doesn't give the correct balance? If I have a discrepency in my account, which method do you think the bank is going to go by, their bank statements or my registar. Therefore, it's pretty much useless to have the registar if it's only for my accountability and not the banks. So if everyone is stating it's the customer's fault that they are charged overdraft fees, explain to me what the heck the registar has to do with my account balance in the bank when my balance on my registar is different than what the bank is telling me I have in my account and what is and what's not been taking out of my account. What happened to BofA policy of we won't take the actual money out of your account until the merchant request the specific amount and the item clears your account and we'll only allow them to authorize $1 instead authorizing unspecified amounts since the bank does not know what your true debit is until the merchant sends in the request? Everyone has an opinion but if you look online at the many many bad experiences that customers are experiencing from BofA and especially after the whole Merrill Lynch/BofA merger and BofA paying billions of dollars in bonuses illegaly, then that should tell you something about their banking procedures.
Holdupamerica on 03/01/2012:
this gives a hole new meaning to tern to bank robbery and adds new respect to Robin hood, billy the kid, and the next in line to stand up for American people.................
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Settlement Fraud
Posted by on
On October 31, 2008 I contacted FIA card services for Bank of America in order to pay the remaining balance of my overdue credit card account. As specified by the customer service representative XXX, my remaining balance on that date was 718.49. I informed XXX that I would not be able to pay that balance and asked him if there were any alternatives. XXX informed me that I could arrange a settlement agreement for 560.00 but that it would have an adverse effect on my credit report. I then asked XXX if he could credit the latest months over limit fee and late charge because I would then be able to pay that amount. XXX informed me that this would be acceptable and proceeded to credit the latest month over limit charge and late payment charge and process a phone payment of 655.00 to pay off the remaining balance. Upon receipt of payment I informed XXX that I wished the account to be closed and was told by XXX that the account was now paid in full and closed.

As of early December I received a statement that says I have a remaining balance of 65.16. The statement shows that the previous balance on the account was 718.49. It also shows that there was a payment of 655.00, a late charge credit, an over limit fee adjustment all being applied on 10/31/2008 bringing the total amount applied to the account on 10/31/2008 to 725.00. However, it also shows Bank of America decided that they would reverse the late charge adjustment on 11/21/2008, 3 days before the end of the billing cycle. They also proceeded to charge me interest on the reversed credits after my account was supposed to reconciled and closed.

Shortly after receiving the statement I also received a letter stating that I agreed to a settlement of 560.00 for this account and that it was being reported to the credit bureaus. This is completely false as I agreed to no settlement and paid my balance in full as of 10/31/2008 as noted on my statement.

I then contacted Bank of America on 12/11/2008 and spoke a customer service representative informing them of the mistake that was made with my account. The customer service representative then informed me that the individual that accepted my payment (XXX) went back into my account and reversed the adjustments on 11/21/2008. I informed the customer service representative that this was unacceptable and that I would like to speak to a manager. I was then placed on hold for 54 minutes at which time I decided to call back. I then spoke to a customer service representative named YYY and explained the same situation to her. YYY informed me that I had agreed to a settlement of the account in the amount of 560.00. I once again informed YYY that I did not agree to any settlement and that I had paid my balance in full as of 10/31/2008. YYY proceeded to place me on hold again and transferred me to a Mrs. ZZZ (she would not provide a last name) of the Norfolk division. After Mrs. ZZZ reviewed the account she apologized for the mistake and informed me that she would be sending an email to the loan department to rectify the mistake and that I should call back in 2 days.

I then contacted Bank of America on 12/15/2008 and spoke to customer service representative TTT. TTT informed me that I had a remaining balance of 65.16. I once again explained the same details and was informed by TTT that the reason the overdraft limit fee and late charge was reapplied was because that when I paid off the account there was a remaining balance of 1.67 as the finance charge. I then informed her that on 10/31/2008 I overpaid the account in the amount of 6.51 and that that amount would be enough to cover this finance charge. TTT then requested a contact number so that she could have an account manager contact me regarding my account.

I am still awaiting that call.

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Cashier's Check Hold
Posted by on
LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- After being a loyal customer with Bank of America through good times and bad for DECADES, I have finally decided that I no longer will tolerate being treated like a criminal.

I brought in a $5500 commission check from my employer (a long respected local major Real Estate firm) to the local BofA branch I always use on Wednesday 7/16/08 and attempted to deposit it into my account. I requested that it be posted immediately as I had a business trip scheduled for the next day. I was told no, they had to hold the check. I very politely requested access to $1000 as needed about that much for my trip. I was told that a two day hold was required and was referred to "supervisors" who turned out to be the greeters at the front of the bank. After telling my story, one of the greeters took my check and said he would ask the manager.

After a few moments, the greeter came back, looking rather abashed and said it was not possible. I took the check and went to the bank it was drawn on, a local bank a few miles away. That bank took it and cashed it with no problem. The cashier patiently listened to my story. I was so pleased that I immediately opened a savings account. The teller hesitated when she opened the drawer and suggested that I carry a cashier's check back to BofA instead of all that cash, since they "wouldn't put a hold on that".

I agreed, but then asked for $1000 cash, and the rest made into a cashier's check, just to make sure.

I went back to BofA and deposited the check (there was a whole new crew - all very young). After the deposit was made and AS I WAS TURNING AROUND TO WALK OUT, the teller said there would be a two day hold on the check.

I turned around and very loudly said, "You're putting a two day hold on a CASHIER'S CHECK???" Everyone in the bank heard me, and one older woman in line made a wry comment how our money isn't ours anymore. I ranted (no swearing!) about how my husband and I had been BofA customers for decades and I just couldn't see the logic in holding a CASHIER'S CHECK drawn on a local bank when in real estate we regularly transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars instantaneously, why ON EARTH would it take 2 full days to verify the validity of a cashiers check drawn on a local bank that's just a phone call away?

The cashier then rather sheepishly said I had immediate access to $100. I stared at him disbelievingly for a second, stormed out and swore I would close my account and never do business with them again.

After coming back from my business trip the next day, I found 3 NSF charges on my account. I called customer service (what a joke of a name) to request that they be removed due to the circumstances. I was told no. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who also said no, I had been informed of the hold, therefore they were not liable and I had to pay the charges.

I was very upset and told her I couldn't understand their logic, especially with a long time customer. She was very snooty with me and told me she did not have to listen to such language - I had to think about what I had said, it was "damn". I was absolutely speechless. Not only was I being treated like a criminal by my own bank, but I was being lectured on using an extremely mild expletive by some kid??? Then I told her that after over 25 years with BofA with service getting worse every year, I was closing my account and hung up. I think I used the word "hell" in that rant. Bad me.

(On a side note, my husband called them about 1/2 hour later and demanded that the charges be removed and THEY REMOVED THE CHARGES. Does this smack of sex discrimination - they refused to do it for me but did it for him - or just that my hubby is more forceful and browbeat them into it? Who knows.)

I have already been burned by the "biggest first" NSF scam a few years ago. Due to a bookkeeping error that I readily admit, five items came through at the same time, but instead of paying them in the order they were received, the largest one was paid first, which left me with FOUR NSF charges, instead of the one I should have had.

I have found with very little research that NationsBank (one of BofA's predecessor organizations) was involved in a class action lawsuit in 1999 that was settled for $9 million dollars, for this very practice. So they paid a chunk of cash to make the suit "go away", but continue to "help" their customers by deciding FOR us which checks/payments should be posted and which should be NSF'd... Wait a minute... Since they were all paid against the account with their "overdraft protection", why would it matter which order the checks were posted EXCEPT to garner all those unnecessary NSF fees and therefore boost their revenue???

But I digress...

After waiting a few days to make sure everything has cleared, I am closing my accounts with BofA forever. My husband and I will be banking with a local company that actually cares about people and the value of loyal customers.

I am DONE with Bank of America.
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User Replies:
yoke on 07/29/2008:
It is common to have cashiers checks held. Even my credit union does it. It is very easy to get a fake cashier check.
Why the NSF's? Those items had to have been written before you deposited the cashier check for the NSF's to be there the next day.
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/29/2008:
I believe most banks are holding all checks these days - there is a huge amount of forged and fake checks floating around the banking world right now - they might look OK to your teller, but once they get to the issuing bank they discover the check is no good.
Anonymous on 07/29/2008:
So why do some people's deposits get held and others don't? When I banked at Arvest I made several fairly large deposits and never had a hold. After less than two months with my new bank (FNB MWC) I made a 30+K deposit into my account and the funds were immediately available -- I asked. Is there some magic formula or database somewhere that tells them this Joe is okay but slap a hold on this customers deposit? It be interesting to hear from somebody in the Biz on this one.
Anonymous on 07/29/2008:
My credit union holds checks, too. I think it's kind of standard now.
Anonymous on 07/29/2008:
The credit union I belong to doesn't hold checks.
chris513 on 07/29/2008:
Thanks for rubbing it in, steve.
Anonymous on 07/29/2008:
your welcome.

I've been with them for a long time,I cannot remember if they ever held my checks.
yoke on 07/29/2008:
My CU will put a hold on a cashiers check for 1 day. I think it is to verify it is not a fake. Personal checks usually there is no hold, unless it is an out of state check. Depending on the amount it can be from 1-5 days. My fatherinlaw likes to send surprise checks from CA and they usually take about 5 days to clear, due to the large amount. I never have a problem with the holds since I know it is protecting the members from fraud.
BobJohn on 07/29/2008:
"(On a side note, my husband called them about 1/2 hour later and demanded that the charges be removed and THEY REMOVED THE CHARGES. Does this smack of sex discrimination - they refused to do it for me but did it for him - or just that my hubby is more forceful and browbeat them into it? Who knows.)" Hmm, wonder if he 'demanded' nicely instead of getting into a hissy fit?
Principissa on 07/29/2008:
yoke our credit union is the same way. One business day for cashier's check and five business days for a check of 2500.00 or larger. Everything else is available that same day if deposited before 2:30 P.M.
Anonymous on 07/29/2008:
My friendly banker suggested that my large deposits be made via electronic funds transfers. They charge a fee for the EFT, but the funds are available immediately if the transfer is from a domestic institution.
CrazyRedHead on 07/29/2008:
My BOA will put a hold on all checks over $5,000.00 and all cashiers checks of any amount. After the hysterical hissy fit that she pulled it's no wonder that the bank wouldn't lift the hold. If you read the booklet that explains credits and deposits and there schedules it explains all this in writing. If you have adequate funds in your account then it shouldn't matter in which order they come in, and why is it a scam when you can't manage your own account?
calliope on 07/30/2008:
Customer service representatives get yelled and screamed at on a regular basis by adults. The woman had every right to be upset with your cursing. As a customer service representative I know that part of my job is not being verbally abused. If you are that upset, then you did not have enough composure to listen to what the representative had to say, which renders the phonecall pointless.
jimbo9 on 09/18/2008:
Can't stand BofA, just read some of the posted comments! All are legitament complaints about this Bank or so called bank. I can't stand 'em. but still use 'em for the low "promotional' gimmicks. And this why... I made a payment on the 5th of Sept. (in person and made sure to get a receipt)the bill is due the 7th on a Sunday. Seems flawless right. Well, I look online to view my account (giving BofA the benefit of the doubt) And saw a $39 late fee? Why???, did it not get updated in the network(computers) to reflect this payment was made? I have a BofA printed receipt in my hands! Boy am I furious and did email 'em today. This is why I became a my3cents member. To add to our love for BofA, I've always used this card with discretion-(very little) ever since I've been a slave and have had a higher % rate. In fact when I first joined I made a couple of simple charges, never received a first statement until well after the due date and then was assessed a late fee? WTF! So from then on I knew I had to watch BofA practices... I could say so much more... And yes, I can pay my bills. and so what if I can't pay the balance every month that's why I have a credit card- And yes there are fees that incur... duh!
So along with most of you, I dislike BofA just as much. We in middle MI have just recently seen these branches pop up. That is when I made a payment in an actual branch and this crap happens... So please try to avoid using this Bank it's only money they care about not practices. besides who's going to scrutinize these guys, they just took on more debt for the Govn't.
It's been a pleasure to vent out loud. Hopefully I'll be in touch soon.
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
I love bank of America. However, I do not spend money I do not have, I keep track of my spending, and if I do make a mistake, I do not blame the bank. I blame myself.

It is so easy to fake a check that I don't blame them for holding them. When I accept a check for my online business I hold it too. I don't want to lose out on my money or my items. I bet you dollars to donuts that if you brought a BOA cashier's check to the nice bank who cashed their own check they would hold it too.
stan_cooksj on 01/13/2010:
I understand the importance of holding checks. Security and fraud is rampant in this country so it's only necessary. But 2-5 business days is TOO long in our day and age. Bank coporations (ESPECIALLY BoA!!) have the technological ability to check if funds are available almost instantaneously and most banks utilize electronic funds transfers (if non-local), so I know it's not as complicated as they're making it. There honestly should be a mandatory network that ALL US Banks and Credit Unions must be connected to so it makes this hold situation moot and pointless, but banks must be willing to cooperate. It's really just the bureacracy and competition that's in the way. Honestly if a mother needed to cash a check to feed her children she'd have to wait 5 DAYS to feed them!!! Just doesn't seem right.
Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
"Honestly if a mother needed to cash a check to feed her children she'd have to wait 5 DAYS to feed them!!! Just doesn't seem right."

But it seems right that same mother can be running a scam with those 5 kinds and when the bank cashes the check, by the time they realize the check is forged mother and 5 kids are long gone.

Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
Can we keep a mother and her starving kids running a scam out of the equation and say what it is, BANK POLICY to prevent fraud?!
Stop resurrecting threads!
Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
" Bank corporations (ESPECIALLY BoA!!) have the technological ability to check if funds are available almost instantaneously and most banks utilize electronic funds transfers (if non-local), so I know it's not as complicated as they're making it."

When checks are put on hold for any specified time... if a customer wants the hold taken off; it's the tellers (not technology) that make the calls to the other bank to see if the funds have been collected. Now, whether or not the other bank is going to release that kind of information is up to that branch. There's no way to verify if the person on the other line is who they say they are. Again, fraud rearing it's ugly head. Most banks don't disclose any sort of information like that... because of fraud.
There's always the option; if someone needs the money bad enough and the bank wants to put a 5-7 day hold on the check... to go to the bank it was drawn off of and cash the check. Sure, there might be a $5-10 dollar check cashing fee... but it's better than waiting for the hold to drop off or finding out later that the check was bad.
stan_cooksj on 01/18/2010:
Out of spite somewhat for zzrock (Thank you) I'm going to make another reply. Some of you have no empathy for actual HONEST people who I've come to know and it breaks my heart when these fat cat corps care more about themselves and less about their hard-working and sometimes unfortunate customers that really deserve the break. Yes fraud happens, but that doesn't mean others should be punished for others' dubious behavior. I still think a better option should be in place and technology is the way.

Also, cashing a check in its home institution is difficult if that bank doesn't serve your region.
Ytropious on 01/18/2010:
"Yes fraud happens, but that doesn't mean others should be punished for others' dubious behavior."....I don't see it as punishment, I'm glad fraud prevention measures are in place. It SAVES you and me, not hurts us. It only hurts impatient people.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
The OP says she has banked with this bank for decades. She tries to get them to release a hold on a check from a respected, local real estate firm. They say "no". The OP goes to the bank the check was drawn on and gets a cashier's check, takes it back and they still want to put a hold on that. They couldn't at least take the time to call the other bank?
My opinion is that this long-time customer was treated like doody. What I don't understand is why the op didn't just use the $1,000 cash that she withdrew on her trip. Why, after hearing "no" for the cashier's check, did she even try to use the BOA account?
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
By law, cashier's checks don't get held. That assumes that they are readily identifiable as such. Fraud is rampant with these checks, and many banks are choosing to take the slap on the wrist, rather than thebig loss on the check.
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
well it's been a year and a half now... I think the OP's checks have cleared by now... ? =)
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Stan, I am an honest hard working folk too. I don't spend more than what is in my account and if a clients check bounces I do not blame the bank for it.
Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
Those are SUPERVISORS! Not just greeters they are the managers and assistant managers! They sit up front and greet people to make sure the customer is being taken care of. Next time if you don't know the policy don't throw a hissy fit about it. Good thing for you there was a supervisor/manager up front because my bank there is never a manager up front to assist customers.
Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
The thread has been dormant for over a month. Note the dates, Rayg.
Arthur H. Cooper on 12/05/2013:
The OCC (The Office of The Comptroller of Currency, U. S. Department of the Treasury) provides National Banks with check cashing and holding Guidelines, called SC21 which states how and what checks can be legally held and for how long. A CASHIER'S Check < than $5000.00 can be held for two banking days or until validated as a "payable" instrument by the issuing bank. The hold can and should be legally removed at that point. Any longer holding period more than 2 days the bank must demonstrate a legal instrument instruction them to hold the funds. I.e. a Federal Tax Lien, etc.
If your cashier's check is being held after it has been validated as payable by the issuing bank, BOA or your bank is in violation of Federal Guidelines. You can contact the Treasury Dept. Consumer Assistance Group and file a complaint. You can also file aa complaint with the ABA (American Banking Association) Your states Department of State Banking Commission or Division and your states AG (Attorney General). State your case politely referring to SC21 (a very easy to read document any trained chimp or banker can understand). Be very polite when dealing with government agencies. Ask them for their help start the conversation by saying "Please help me!" You will almost never not find a friendly CSR willing to help you. State the facts and hold the drama. I know it's hard when it's "your" money. Just remember, you need their help so do your best. The penalties for bankers are severe. Banned from employment in the banking industry. The fines levied on the banks is nothing compared to the NSF charges they are raking in because of the holds. If you keep between 20k-30k in your account you will never see these problems. However, when your account balance drops below a certain point, your "relationship" with the bank changes. IMHO, you become a powerless "victim of opportunity" in their eyes and they become the predator. Stand up, Speak up and know the law and your rights. It will take you a grand total of about 5 minutes to verify SC21.
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