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Let's Put Our Foot Down America!
By -

Don't trust your online banking. A bank officer even admitted that you can't trust it and that it is not as accurate to the consumer as it is to the bank… then why have it? We are a middle income family that uses our debit card for everything… first mistake. Charges are held for days, sometimes up to a week. Bank of America got us this week for nine $35 fees. They put through the largest item first to the smallest so they could hit us for all nine. I was charged $35 for a slurpee at 7-11 and $35 for a McDonald's hamburger. Our online banking did not show the pending items, only 2 that would put us in the red.

We went to the Bank and made a cash deposit to cover our pending 2 items, plus additional funds, yet we were hit that night for 9 items. Today, we went in and showed the banker our print out of what was actually pending according to their bank on line, but he responded by telling us the other 7 pending items could be accessed by yet another link, that is not on the main page that shows your current register. Our loyalty or our explanations didn't matter and we were at the banks mercy, there was nothing we could say or do to reverse any of those fees.

Most of the items that we got hit on were many days old, being held back until there were nine total they could get us for. Part of this is our fault for sure for not keeping track of every slurpee or hamburger bought, but BofA knows our patterns, and they have us by our check books. They hold back your charges until you overdraw yourself because you think you have a balance according to their bank by phone or online banking. They told me depending on the charge, it sometimes takes days for the paperwork to come through. Yeah right, they know every transaction you make and the minute you make it.

They have no mercy, nor do they care if your power is being turned off or you can't buy groceries. Six months ago, the maximum they could hit you for was 6 items, but the manager told us today they just raised it to 9, so watch out. America is in the worst shape it has ever been in, and more than 50% of American's live paycheck to paycheck.

We need to put an end to the banks stealing our hard earned money. They have many tricks up their sleeves that rip off their loyal customers (25 years loyal) because they can get away with it. They are sitting fat right now while our country is hurting and we need to put our foot down. We should all close our accounts on the same day and give our business to someone else like a good old fashioned credit union. We need to somehow send a BIG message to Bank of America!

Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank Of America Anyone?
By -

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO EMAILED ME YOUR INTERESTS, CALIFORNIA -- FILE FTC COMPLAINTS HERE information is at the end of my review: Well, what can I say? After having experience it for myself, I wish that I had done a quick net search BANK OF AMERICA RIP OFF and read the thousands of Americans that have been reamed by this institution. I would have taken my small business bucks elsewhere! Within the roughly six months that I have been with this 'bank', I have authorized under 5 checks.

In all fairness, I have bounced one of them because of a deposit that was made and 'held' by BofA conveniently until this item bounced and I was assessed a fee. However, BofA has managed to rack up a whopping 1700 apx in fees and I do not even know from where these are coming. I have payroll and expenses and so I opened up another checkings account in order to pay these people and EVERY dollar placed into this account, BofA takes and puts into the other EVER increasing in fees account! Now, they are going after my unattached personal bank savings accounts??

My business accounts are attached to my EIN # and my personal savings are attached to my social security #, I called and confirmed that they were in fact unattached (recorded the conversation -- always record your conversations with BofA) yet they persist with stealing this money from me!!

Bofa has even gone so far as to change my personal accounts into business accounts! I have proof, their own proof, that they have done this!! So, now, I am sustaining damages and may have to close my business and go on welfare to pay my rent… SHAME ON YOU BofA. If you cannot get 'Stimulus' money, it is not right for you to steal it from the blood and sweat of hard-working Americans… SHAME OF YOU BOFA.

ADDENDUM: I believe that I will file suit (small claims or other), file complaints with the BBB, file complaints with the consumer departments within the Federal and State governments, alert President Obama that he also needs to be 'pissed' off at predatory banks such as BofA (not just AIG).

I found this information from another poster (whose post has somehow become 'unavailable'… hummm? Oh well, until I am censored, file banking complaints here (enough complaints will bring action): Office of the Comptroller of Currency - Customer Assistance Group. 1301 McKinney St., Ste 3450 Houston, TX 77010. 1-800-613-6743 or email: customer.assistance at COPY TO: FDIC CONSUMER RESPONSE CENTER. 3245 Grand Boulevard, Ste 100 Kansas City, MO 64108. Fax #703-812-1020.

BTW: The poster below, has been quoted as posting I LOVE BANK OF AMERICA! Every single post that he/she has posted has been gleaming towards bofa and others (all that I have read)... Hummmm. Can you spell paid t r o l l?? Online Reputation Management Companies are pretty good at what they do, guys. Read all of the comments - those of the below poster and those of his comrades as well as others who have had more real experiences with bofa and other institutions.

They Lost TWO Deposits!
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Hi there, my name is **. We have a nightmare to relate about Bank Of America deposits being "lost". It all started about a month ago when I decided to sign my $2500 loan check out to my husband's bank account. We deposited the money in the ATM and thought nothing more of it. We had done this same transaction dozens of times with no problem.

Then came the note in his account that, "Payee not on account". Thinking that it was a simple mistake, we went to the bank branch to work it out. There, we found out that they claimed to have already mailed the check back. Only they didn't know if they had mailed it back to us, or to the issuer. So we had to wait to receive the check, which wasn't going to be easy to stop or to reissue.

The check never arrived at either destination. Fortunately, we had contacted the issuer, paid the stop-payment fee, and paid to be reissued the check. (not to mention paying on a bounced money transfer to India!) They asked us to mail them the cancelled check should we ever receive it. We never did. So we changed the account to reflect my name as well as my husband's. We were assured that this could never happen again.

Three weeks later I deposited my daughter's Social Security check. It was to be paid in my name. I was clearly the payee. So I signed the check, and deposited it in the ATM. Four days after that, we again received the same note, "payee not on account". Hoping to God that they didn't send this check out, I called the bank, only to receive a callous note that my name on the account had been erroneously put as ** instead of **, and that screwup meant that the check in the name of ** was rejected. OK, so the check would again be sent to us, and we would simply re-deposit it, right?

WRONG. Not only did the check never arrive, but according to Social Security, it had been cashed in another state outside Illinois. The bank refused to take responsibility, and white SS will issue another check, I don't know what I will do about the one which was cashed. I did, after all, sign it! Thinking that it was going to be deposited into OUR account, I never thought that the Bank of America would LOSE it and that someone, possibly an employee of that same bank (after all, if it had been "lost in the mail", wouldn't it have been cashed here in IL??) might actually steal the deposit outright.

After speaking numerous times with officials at the office of the CEO of Bank of America, we have still never received any satisfaction. Nobody is admitting to any wrongdoing, and I may have to pay that money back to social security. I am really upset about this, as it is the second time in less than 30 days that it has happened. Obviously, something bad is going on at Bank Of America!

The contact information is this: I first talked to the manager at Bank of America IL1-111-01-01, 963 W Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657. (773) 244-3093. Then after getting a pretty snotty response, I called: ** (pronounced **) ** at CEO of BOA (813) 882-1142. Then spoke to Leilani Southern, same CEO of BOA at (704) 386-5687.

** reimbursed us for the many fees we encountered after the $2500 fiasco. But he refuses to acknowledge BOA's fault in losing and/or stealing our social security check. Leilani Southern was very obliging, and she said she would get back to me. She never did. And that's where things stand. The scary part is that I wonder how many other customers have lost deposits to BOA?

Most Horrible Bank Out There
By -

Don't even look at BoA for any kind of account unless you are very rich. They treat hardworking people like trash. They charge fees for everything they possibly can, and use sneaky tactics like lining up your purchases, largest to smallest with the hopes that you might forget the $1.45 cup of coffee you had and go over your checking limit so they can hit you with outrageous overdraft fees. Now, I take responsibility if I go over my limit and will pay the overdraft fee, fine - but using their system of largest to smallest transactions, instead of one fee, I could get as many as 5 of them… all for a cup of coffee.

Seriously, their online banking system is the worst. Your balance is never correct. In fact, it tends to be more than you actually have. One of the reasons online banking has been marketed as being convenient is because it was supposed to free people from having to write checks and carry around a registry.

I have always successfully tracked all my debit transactions in my checking account online at other banks. That's because they listed charges as they got them, in real time. And if a charge was pending, it would still be subtracted from the total balance leaving me with a correct total amount. Everyday, I check my balance, noting the purchases I made and how much I have left. That is the registry. The real time account list IS YOUR REGISTRY.

Now here comes Bank of America, who I couldn't avoid because my older bank was acquired. Most people who do a lot of online banking use the system just as a registry - in fact, all three banks I've had before (all large banks) had the same system and it worked correctly, so why shouldn't BoA's system work any differently? With BoA, transactions I would make would "appear" on my online banking statement in real time, the day I made them. That was great. However, the next day maybe one or two of the transactions that had appeared (and were pending) the day before, have now disappeared. This temporarily makes your balance more than it should be.

Now, if you use the online system for what it's intended for (as a registry of transactions you have made), it's very easy to forget a purchase you made because it isn't listed anymore. It might be a day or a week before that transaction magically comes back and is deducted from your balance. By then, you've probably used up more money than you had because you thought you had more, and they stick you with overdraft fees. That's how they make their money. I have NEVER had this problem on any other online banking system. EVER. Smells like a scam to me.

Another thought about online registry versus paper - in this day and age, with debit cards taking over the concept of a check, with electronic bill pay services and with online account access why would it be convenient to track transactions on a separate piece of paper? I mean, isn't the whole point of having online "banking" is to give you a place where you can write electronic checks and have transactions recorded for you? So you have everything in one place?

I remember hearing somewhere that BoA was confronted with this issue and said something like "customers should not use online banking to keep track of transactions." That's a lot of bull. They are saying that to cover their tracks about their horrible business practices. Like I said before, all three banks I've dealt with before had correct, real time, online transaction tracking. With all of its power, size, and "up to date" technology, you'd think that BoA would have the most accurate online technology that I was using 5 years ago at a different bank.

Point blank, your online statement should accurately reflect what amount you have available and what transactions you have made. Even if you track your money the old fashioned way on a piece of paper. Don't you deserve accuracy as a customer? Take that along with listing transactions from largest to smallest and you are just swimming in fees. Don't go here. Do yourself a favor and find a credit union or community bank that will treat you with the respect that you deserve.

Sold My Mortgage And Then Cashed Forged Flood Insurance Checks
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STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- It started 3 years ago, my husband died and the mortgage was in his name but the deed in both of ours. I gave them everything they asked for and wouldn't put mortgage in my name. I paid every month and then hurricane Irene happened. My house got destroyed. I put all my husbands life insurance into my home so we can live there. I became behind on my mortgage but was waiting on the insurance check and then I'd be current.

Well, hurricane Sandy came and I don't have a house anymore. My 4 year old and I just moved back a month before to be evacuated again. All this time BOA will not talk to me cause I'm not on the mortgage but insurance on the house is in my name. February 2013 happens and I have $44,000 in checks for Irene and about $100,000 for Sandy. The bank refused the checks and said the house was gone so they definitely couldn't accept Irenes checks cause they couldn't inspect the work. I have have receipts they don't care.

Now, I find out they served a residence I lived 10 years earlier foreclosure papers, that they said were delivered to me. Never happened, I didn't get them. We have been fighting back and forth so BOA decided to sell my mortgage to Nationstar as of June 1, 2013. I just found out on March 24th 2013 BOA got my insurance checks reissued to them (needs a dual endorsement) and cashed them through Wells Fargo bank without my signature - and I didn't even know about it. They didn't inform me, my lawyer found out.

So they got almost $100,000.00 and they didn't even own my mortgage anymore. Wouldn't take the checks so I would've been current but made me struggle all year. I couldn't even get help from the city cause I wasn't current… what can I do??? Finally they handed the money over to Nationstar but they're saying they didn't have to tell me and they don't have to put it in escrow or have my name on it? What the hell, am I in the twilight zone... I paid years for that insurance to help me and I'm getting screwed.

Bank of America Steals Child Support

PROSPECT, CONNECTICUT -- I was just charged $140.00 in fees that Bank of America applied one day before they got around to posting a child support check ($758.00) that they received three days earlier. Then to add insult to injury, they gave me a $35.00 dollar "courtesy refund," whatever that means? According to CT Support Enforcement, my delinquent child support check was deposited in my Bank of America checking account on 1/6. Bank of America charged me $140.00 in fees on 1/9, and they posted my support check ($758.00) on 1/10.

When I complained, they wrote that after reviewing my case, they would issue a $35.00 credit, it's just utterly ridiculous! If they were in the right then how do they justify the $35.00 credit, was it a gift? I also love the sarcasm, "esteemed customer" and pointing out that my savings account was at zero! I'm a divorced mother of two, working 24 hours a week while taking the prerequisites for nursing and my child support was over a month behind! I don't think the banks in general are in any position to make sarcastic remarks about managing one's finances!

I have written to them several times to no avail! They claim they are justified and wrote the following, "Please be advised the $758 credit from CT Child Support is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. After reviewing the ACH transaction details our records show that the credit was scheduled by the initiator to post on 1/10/2012."

Why would CT Support Enforcement make me wait till the 10th to receive money belonging to me? How convenient for BOA! According to CT Support Enforcement's automated service the money was deposited on 1/6. Now after paying bills, I'm left with $40.00 in my account till next Friday, and I can't buy gas, groceries or anything else! The best part is that of the checks they "covered," not one of them totaled $35.00. Bank of America's policies are the sad result of corporate greed!

Cash Deposit Not Credited - BoA Truly Does Not Care About The Small Guy
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had been a satisfied customer of BoA for over 6 years, until this last month. One Saturday in April, I went to deposit $380 in cash at an ATM that I frequently use. Got the deposit receipt, kept it as usual to make sure that the deposit is posted online, got my card back, waited until the ATM was completely done and left.

Now, you may call me an idiot but I had been successfully depositing cash into ATM machines for at least 4 years now without a single problem. YES, that does NOT mean that something can ever go wrong, but my problem with BoA does not center around the actual deposit, so read on before you criticize (I've read some posters on this website that jump on complainers' throats, so I'm just preemptively covering my own @$$ here).

So, the deposit NEVER posted on the online banking website, which I check at least once a day. I immediately called and filed a claim with the Electronic Claims (EC) department. Simple machine malfunction, I understand, it happens. No one's 100% perfect all the time, and BoA is a huge company with thousands of ATMs to manage. They even gave me a temporary credit so that I could write my rent check that month, and in a month, I got a formal letter from the EC dept saying that they ruled in my favor and thus made the temporary credit permanent. I was honestly very pleased with their relatively quick service.

However, fast forward a month, they reversed that “permanent” credit for $380 without any kind of notice. Fortunately I had enough money in my account, or I would have had to go through that whole NSF charges hell. However, little did I know that was pretty much the last time I'd see that money. I called the EC dept to complain and they said that it is their ATM department that took out that money for reasons unknown to the EC dept?

Okay, I kind of understand that. BoA is a HUGE company and different departments can sometimes have miscommunications. So I filed another formal claim with the EC dept, got a temporary credit, which obviously was reversed second time because this was a “duplicate claim” although the second claim pertains to the REVERSAL of credit without any kind of notice, NOT the ATM deposit. Their own “investigators” took a whole MONTH to investigate that ATM deposit and deemed it legitimate.

Well, now, apparently the other department can only see that I was credited twice but NOT the fact that I was debited twice? I can put in $380.00 in the search window on my internet banking website and get that information in about 5 seconds, but okay, fine. I've since talked to about 20 different EC dept agents and THIS is where my problem with BoA is. I have my phone records showing phone calls to the EC dept direct line lasting 20-30 minutes, placed almost every other day.

Almost every agent I have talked to seemed understanding and although not very knowledgeable about what's going on, and EVERY SINGLE agent I have talked to have assured me that they are taking meticulous notes while I explain my case over and over again from start to end, and two of them even told me that they put this “escalade” status on my claim that makes the process go faster. Well, don't you know it, the case never got resolved and it never got ANYWHERE. THE THING IS, every time I talk to someone, they have NO IDEA what I am talking about.

They all claim that the agent who talked to me previously did not take notes or take proper actions (the agent I talked to today placed a “service call” whatever that means? Probably was lying, anyway). THAT MEANS, all that time I was talking to these agents explaining every single detail about my case over and over again, THINKING that they were listening and taking notes on it because they were going to help me, they were probably just yawning and zoning out. Or maybe laughing at me for fussing over just $380. ALSO, WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE ACTIONS THAT THEY ASSURED ME THAT THEY WERE TAKING?

Every single one of those agents have promised me something - “Oh, I just talked to someone over at that department and they are going to take care of it.” “Oh, this is just a simple misunderstanding. We're going to look into it right away.” Yea right. Every single one of those agents have told me that this “will be resolved in 10 days.” That was over a month ago.

They're obviously just telling me that to shut me up for 10 days, but obviously I keep calling back and what do you know, they'll make me explain the whole thing all over again because no action was taken that I would have to wait 10 days for. They are clearly just taking my calls and not doing anything about it, since when I talked to another EC dept agent today, there were no notes or actions taken on this and she “doesn't know why.” Same crap, different day. Sure, theoretically I could have put in an empty envelope for $380 as they told me that a lot of people do - I probably lost at least a year of life being frustrated over this, and countless wireless minutes.

Lastly, I apologize to anyone reading this who may be offended because I am, after all, sitting here writing about “only” $380. From reading some of the other stories posted on here, I really AM lucky, I guess and I really feel sorry for anyone on this forum who were not as lucky. Everyone I've talked has told me to consider this “a $380 lesson” and move on, and be thankful that it did not involve a bigger sum of money and that is what I am planning on doing.

I am opening a new bank account next week with another bank account next week, and moving all my money out of BoA's reach. I have simply lost my trust in BoA, and do NOT want them anywhere near my hard-earned money, no matter how little it may seem to other people.

The thing that kills me most is that if it were ME who owed them $380, heck even if it were only $0.01, whether it was a legitimate charge or not, they would be dragging my good credit through mud as soon as they can file a report, and doing everything they could to make my list as miserable as possible. Or maybe things would be different if I were a big business pulling in a lot of money for them - maybe then they would be more willing to help and actually give a hoot. What can the little guy do against the corporate America?

What A Joke!
By -

HERMISTON, OREGON -- On June 13, 2006, I went into a Bank Of America branch in Hermiston Oregon to open a checking account. I filled out the paperwork, submitted my Drivers Lic., gave them my money, they took my picture, and I was out the door. The account I opened was electronic only, no checks. I don't believe in writing checks. I was told before I left that in 5-7 business days I would receive my Check cards in the mail, and I could start using my account that same day.

One week later, I checked my mail and received my cards. Upon opening the envelope, I saw someone elses picture on both cards with my name on the cards. I contacted the bank on the spot. They informed me that they made a mistake and asked me to come into the bank and turn in the cards, then new cards would be mailed in 5-7 business days. I explained to the bank that I lived 116 miles round trip from the nearest branch and that it would cost me 40.00 in gas and take two hours of my time to do this. The bank then said to call a 1-800 number and they could just do it over the phone. I called the phone number and explained once again the entire situation.

After 45 min. on the phone, they told me they would send out new cards with no picture. One week later, I checked my mail only to discover the cards still had this other persons picture. I just could not believe it! At this point, it had been over two weeks since I was able to use this account, costing me many hours of time and gas money to find other means to pay my bills and locate remote ATM machines.

I called the bank again on the spot to tell them they had made another mistake. The Bank told me it was not the banks fault, but the company who makes the check cards. I explained that this was starting to cost me money and a lot of time. I told them I needed to have access to my money and I could not drive two hours to a bank every time I needed funds. They had a very poor attitude, would not admit any fault, and said "all we can do is send you out another set of cards." I explained that for over two weeks. I have had to take drastic measures to survive.

They showed no sympathy, and stated in 5-7 days I would get new cards with no picture. I saw no other option but to accept what they offered, and said fine. One week later, I checked my mail and can you guess what was there? You got it! Two more cards with the same guys picture. I almost fainted, started feeling sick and unstable. Here it is over three weeks after I opened this account and I still can not access my money.

By this time, I had spent over 200.00 in gas going to different places to get money, around 75.00 in ATM fees on another card I have with another bank, and 25 plus hours of work lost running around in circles. Since I make 55.00 an hour, this really started to add up. I found myself making constant trips to absurd locations to cash small checks and use ATM machines, since no merchant would dare consider letting me use a card that had someone else's picture. I, as you can imagine, was very upset! I thought and thought about what to do.

After doing extensive research, I decided to call the corporate office for Bank Of America in North Carolina. After waiting on hold for about 30 min., I was transferred around and around, and then found myself talking to the same people here in Oregon. The attitude of all the people I spoke with was exactly the same, they just did not care at all. I explained for the 10th time that I had a total of 6 cards with another person's picture and was going broke trying to pay my bills.

Let me mention, each time I called to tell them about the mistakes, they put a hold on my account without ever telling me. This time I spoke with a district manager. She told me she was very sorry, but there was nothing she could do. Then went on to tell me she could DHL or Fedex me new cards with no picture and I would get them in 4-5 days. She also said there was no guarantee they would not have the other person's picture on them again. OMG!!! I felt like jumping off a bridge. I told her "thanks, I will contact my attorney," and hung up.

As of this time, I now have over 40 hours of time invested in running around, phone calls and research on laws and regulations. I have lost lots of money in gas, late fees on bills, double ATM fees that I would not have had if I could have used my cards in the stores, missed work making long trips to get cash, large phone bills calling them etc. I have found out that the bank has violated 3 or more federal laws and a few state laws also. I have no idea how many inside regulations they have violated. My attorney tells me he only does family law, and tells me I have a open and shut civil lawsuit.

I have not had time yet to take this any farther yet, but I plan on never giving until this is resolved. Bank of America is the Largest bank in the US. This is how they treat their customers. I have had to withdraw all but a few dollars from this account and put it in another bank so I can access my money. I arranged direct deposits for this account and that had to turn around and withdraw them. This has turned into a total nightmare over someone else's picture on my cards.

ATM Transactions
By -

CONNECTICUT -- I am currently in a dispute with Bank of America in regards to an ATM transaction. On 04/21/06, I gave my husband my ATM card to withdraw funds to pay bills. My husband is not listed on my account, but since he was off that day, he would be able to take care of the bills. I have done this many times before with no problem. Well on this day, my husband went to the drive through ATM, which we have used before without ever having any issues.

Well, that day he requested $600.00 @ 8:18 am. Sometimes with BOA if you have direct deposit, your money will be available before 9:00 am est time or not until 9:00 am. This is the case, he requested the $600.00 and automatically the card spit out and a receipt stating a $600.00 transaction. And the screen went directly back to Welcome to Bank of America. I have used ATM machines since they started and I know that if you request funds, 2 things happen - 1) either the funds are unavailable or 2) they give you the money. My husband figured the funds were not available at the time.

Well, I got to work about 45 minutes later and as with every payday, I check my account. I saw a $600.00 transaction pending. I called my husband to discuss what time he was going to go out and pay the bills. He immediately informed me that he did not get any money and what happened with the ATM. I told him there was a pending transaction for that amount. I immediately contacted customer service and spoke to a CSR out of New Mexico office. He told me that it was odd but to let the machine do it's posting overnight and that the funds should be credited back the next day which was Saturday, April 22, 2006.

I went the BOA branch first thing that Saturday with no funds being refunded. I spoke to the branch manager and he said there was nothing he could do because the branches do not handle ATM transaction. I then called the customer service number on the back of my ATM card and filed a claim in the debit card department. I was told by a representative that she did see a problem with the ATM. I was told that the $600.00 would be credited back to my account on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 and that I would have to sign a form and return it back to BOA.

On April 25, 2006, I received the $600.00. In between this time, I moved and my mail was being held due to a change of address. On May 4, 2006, I checked my bank account to see the balance. I noticed that there was a reverse credit of $600.00 on my account. I immediately contacted BOA and told them that if they reversed the transaction based on the fact that I didn't sign the letter, it was due to my mail being held. I was told that no mailings were sent and that their investigation determined there was nothing wrong with the ATM. I then requested to speak to a Supervisor.

I spoke to a male supervisor and explained to him my situation. I told him I wanted the investigation re-opened because I did not receive funds. He told me that he will give me a call in 24 hours with the findings. On Friday, May 5,2006, I waited until 11:00 am est. time before calling BOA. I left several messages with no one returning my call. On Saturday, May 6, 2006, I went to the BOA branch and spoke to the Manager, again I was told there was nothing they could do being it was the weekend. I again called the Debit department and they expressed how sorry they were that the Supervisor I spoke to on Thursday would give me a call on Monday, May 8, 2006.

Well, today is Monday and no one has called me. I called the Debit department again and got a CSR, who told me my investigation was still open. I told her that I needed to speak to a manager. I spoke the manager of claims and she told me my claim was denied and that there was nothing more to do. I told her that I wanted to get the documentation from the investigator so that when I file my police report I would have some sort of communication. I asked that this information be faxed. I was told that I could not receive a fax and that it would have to be mailed. She was very rude, with her comment in saying there was no fault in our machine.

So basically, she is saying that I received the money. She also informed me that on April 24, 2006, 2 letters went to my old address. 1 said that they are opening an investigation due to my request, and the other letter stated that the investigation was closed and there was no problem with the ATM. I then contacted the Banking Commission for my state and opened a claim. They then directed me to the Corporate office.

I called and explained my story once again. I was instantly offended by some of the comments made by the women. One thing she said that because my husband was an un-authorized user of the card. BOA could say that my husband took out the money and didn't tell me. I was so mad at this. I told her that if I thought that, I would not be on the phone talking to you. I told her that I would go through whatever in order to get me money back. 1) I will file a police report, 2) I will go forward with my claim with the Banking Commission and 3) I will also contact my local news to get this matter out in the open.

I told them to run the video to see if someone came after him and took the money, she said the cameras don't show what people do at ATM just shows there face. I will not drop this matter until they refund my money and once that is done. I am closing my accounts.

They Gave Away My Life Savings
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Bank Of America gave away $29,915.62 of my life savings and won't give me one red cent back. Bank of America cashed 42 forged checks at 8+ of their branches while I was sick and I ended up in the hospital and under 24/7 medical care for a month. The bank told me when I reported the wrong balance that they were definitely were forged and they are going to cover their mistake but due to the large amount it would be transferred to the bank's fraud department. I got a call a week later from a ** and here is where things get really bad.

** pretty much laughed and said "boy oh boy, you really got hit hard didn't you." I said "What? Your bank said it's insured and I get reimbursed, right?" ** laughed and said I was at fault for not reporting it sooner. ** said "it had been more than 60 days from the first forged check." I said "where is this rule and what about the last forged check written 2 days before reporting the fraud and closing my account?" ** just laughed and said "that doesn't matter." "What about the banks managers mistake on issuing the checks to the wrong account?" ** said with a laugh, "That does not matter."

I explained how I had become sick and how I had gone to my local branch and talked with the bank manager about a internet purchase I had been charged twice for $20.00. I explained that the bank manager had me close my checking account and how she (**) had set up 2 new accounts for me to prevent any fraud to my accounts.

** of the Cle Elum, Washington Bank of America branch explained that I was to just use one account to keep money in and the other account to do ALL transactions from. I was to use the first account ONLY to transfer funds to the second as needed and that way No One could really do much fraud and it would be notice right away and dealt with.That's what I did... Also **, explained that if fraud occurred it was covered by the bank. Total Security Protection as stated on your websites.

Well that sounded good to me and after all, this was a bank branch and manager I had done business with for 18 years so they know how to keep my money safe right? WRONG! This was in late July 2004 and I was busy seeing doctors to try to figure out why I was feeling sick. I had a bunch of test done in the middle of August, I had more test done and also received a box of checks to my new active account.

I counted the checks and locked them in my desk at home. I don't use checks unless there is no other way. I use the visa to pay almost everything I do - bills, gas, food etc. I write maybe 2 checks a month on the average and mail them from a drop box. Heck, I watch the news and hear about mail theft now and then.

Late August, I went on a trip for 2 weeks and returned to find out from the doctor I had a disease and if I did not feel better soon, I needed to seek medical help as this disease can be fatal if not treated correctly. I had to seek medical help and check into the hospital on 10/16/04 and was under 24/7 medical care till 11/11.04 at which time I was under home care with my sister for another month. I am still under a doctors care and temporary disabled. I don't know how long or if I will ever be off the disable static?

Well, back to Bank Of America!!! Little did I know that the Bank Manager had issued the checks I received to the secure account she had told me not to use for anything but transferring money to my second active account. My check where stolen and I didn't even know it because I had one check book with me for those few check I might have to write and that was very few checks in several months time. Heck, I was in the hospital a month.

From September 1st till December 23rd, the theft's wrote 42 checks for $29,915.62 against my secure account. The last check was written for $1,233.00 on the 21st of December. That is more than 60 days from the first check forged so the bank says I lose it all. I got my hands on a bank account rule book that the bank doesn't seem to give everyone when the open an account (ignorant is no excuse for the law) and here is what I read on page 32

Bank of America account Rule Book (Deposit Agreement And Disclosures), Page 32. "If your Statements shows transfers that you did not make, tell us at once. If you do not tells us in writing within 60 days after the statement was mailed to you, you may not get back any money you lost after the 60 days, If we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money if you had told us in time."

I reported it after 60 days. Hummmm? Here is what the next paragraph say's in there little rule book??? It reads like this. "If for a good reason (such as a long trip or hospital stay) kept you from telling us, we will extend the time period."

The bank refuses to even consider my claim. I have letters from the bank vice president of relations Jim Blanton in Seattle and the investigator ** in Seattle saying you been denied and we don't want to even talk to you anymore, basically they say Go Away!!! All letters to Ken Lewis the CEO of Bank of America are just forwarded to Seattle main office. The tallest building in the Northwest USA. The Columbia building in downtown Seattle.

This is down right bank robbery!!! The bank has given my life savings to criminals and told me it's not their problem. Your bank was put in trust of my money. I have tried every way possible except a long expensive lawsuit to get my money back. I have all the documentation to prove everything I say and welcome being contacted by a good lawyer or any other form of help. Right now I would like to hear what the people have to say. I will not go quietly into the dark and be silent. I will not vanish without a very long fight.

How can they use the word (America) in their name and steal from people like this? This brings new meaning to the words Bank Robbery!!! I was robbed by Bank Of America. The gloves are off Bank of America. I tried your way for justice and it took you well over 60 days to even tell me where the checks where even cashed at. 2 checks you call undetermined bank locations. What? You cannot even tell which branch of yours they were cashed at?

The police need to know this to know whose jurisdiction the crimes were in and what agency goes after the criminals, and you're well aware by now that I closed my account and protested your Bank of America branch (Issaquah Wa. West branch) yesterday that cashed over $11,000 dollars and 18 forged checks at, and you know that a few thousand cars driving by saw my sign.

You know people came up to me and read my flyers and letters and you know they agree with me 100%. Most were shocked but read your managers letters and your rule book and said "oh my gosh, the bank ripped you off." Doesn't Bank of America ever check signatures? Not in my case, they never checked a signature even once.

All you did and can do is watch me tell everyone my story and calling the police on me did no good, did it? I was just telling my story and protesting as this countries 1st amendment protects me to do so. The police called me and said I was total legal, later that day. So you cannot hide behind the police either. There is no slander in telling my true story. Our founding father knew this and made it the very first amendment. True shall prevail. Free Speech is alive and well and if my protest is total legal as it will always be.

When will you see your business is the people and their accounts at your banks? I trusted your bank… I guess most people do trust their banks? That's where we are supposed to be safe with our money. If that trust is broken, what will become of that bank???

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