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Budget Pet Care
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NOT Putting This Stuff on My Beloved Pet. TRUST FACTOR.
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Rating: 1/51

MANITOBA CANADA -- I ordered a 3 month supply of Frontlne Topspot, or so I thought. I received Frontline Combo stating this was a replacement for the Frontline Plus. This was from a Canadian company, Budget Pet Care. The substitute product is made in the UK and they had to send it due to a manufacturer's shortage. The company made no attempt to solicit my approval for the substitution prior to their shipment. They are willing to let me return the product to Huntsville Missouri (really?). But since I am not happy with the product, they insist I still pay for their shipping of it to me, so they will be deducting $5.00 for the original shipping charges. For a product I did not order.

I quote another comment..... "BEWARE! IF THEIR SUBSTITUTION PRACTICE IS UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!! There is no way I am placing this on my pet. I do not trust them. The color of product is not same as my Frontline Topspot, don't know about the Plus. THE BOX WAS NOT SEALED! The three for small dogs were not even in a box. Also took BudgetPetCare.com THREE days to even ship product then emailed that it would be here in 10-14 business days, if it did not arrive, email back and they would refund my money. Now that is an idea....... hhhmmmmm.

But I am an honest person. So to Missouri it goes, $5 I don't care, will not fight them for $5. I will spend my time instead in posting this review won every site I can and then on my Womens-Fiction Blog (Myths, Dense Observations and Lies W've Been Told)," - you can take this out if you want, just want to make the point how bad it is, disillusioned about Canada now, I trusted this purchase. This company fits my criteria for shady. I'm ticked.

Outstanding Company and Frontline Products Are Safe!
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Rating: 5/51

HUNTSVILLE, MISSOURI -- This is a company that I have dealt with for a number of years. They made it possible for me to get Frontline Plus for cats at a cost that was about half that of the veterinarian's office (cutting the price from over $15 per application to less than half of that!). Plus, they've offered outstanding customer service and great shipping times (even though the product can come from various countries around the world). I typically receive the product within 7-10 USPS shipping days from the day the order is placed.

Concerning others' issues with either product being substituted or being sent from another country... it's a non-issue. I've contacted the manufacturer of the product and they are all equivalent. In the US, they will only allow it to be sold by licensed vets or a few major outlets which allows for price fixing here, but since they use product made by the same company around the world, it allows for the savings. Check budgetpetcare.com's website and look at the details of the product. It explains the difference in labeling.

They are an excellent, reputable company to deal with and I would not hesitate to deal with them for any item in the future. The few times I've needed to contact their customer service with any questions, I received an e-mail reply in less than about four hours and outstanding phone support the one time I did call. They were polite, courteous, and knowledgeable and answered my question on the first contact which is something that many companies struggle to do.

They make taking excellent care of your pet possible at prices that just are not attainable sometimes here in the US. They are based in Canada and they have my complete trust. I would recommend this company to anyone needing pet products as a way of saving money and still getting great service!

Company Response 02/12/2014:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thank you for your support and comment.

We are committed to:

Genuine Products
Free Shipping on All Orders
Free Vet Consultation
100% Re-Ship or Refund Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
3-in-1 Buysafe Guarantee



Great Price and Fast Delivery
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Rating: 5/51

U.S.A., NORTH CAROLINA -- I don't know what all the complaints are about. I ordered Frontline Plus for small dogs (listed on their site as "Combo"). The price was great and it was delivered to my home in just over a week. There are two differences between the one sold in America and the one sold in the UK. Here they are: The UK version "Combo", has a slightly higher amount of one of the two chemicals and the weight of the dogs listed on the package is in kilograms instead of pounds. I called the main number for Frontline here in America and they told me the EPA hasn't yet approved the UK version for use in America.

I asked them if there was any real difference in the chemicals and they told me it was the same, just that one of the two chemicals was a slightly higher dosage. I said to them that people in the UK are applying it to their pets and they aren't effected in a negative way, so what's the big deal? They said they couldn't comment on it because it's not yet available in America. Bottom line is, don't buy it here in America because your vet or where ever else you are buying it from is just ripping you off. It's been over two weeks since I applied it to my animals and there has been no bad reaction to this product of Frontline ("Combo").

I recommend this site to everyone. Absolutely outstanding.

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Rating: 1/51

Ordered Frontline Plus. Received Frontline Combo. Received a form letter stating that there is a shortage of Frontline Plus and are substituting. Shipped back today. Called the company who got very agitated. They said they don't have much Frontline plus and combo is the same. I explained that this is false advertising and that I need to agree to a substitution. Anyhow they said they are going to charge me star $5.00 for return. I told them I am NOT paying $5.00. I spent $12.00 to ship back. Stay away from this company! I reported to the BBB today. Also I cancelled the credit card I used afraid they will steal the number.

Got a Frontline Combo vs Frontline Plus
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- Same issue as others - when I called they said they know combo is only approved in the UK and not the US. When I asked why they took my money and sent the wrong product she said they were out of stock and have too many customers to communicate with. Ha - should have read the reviews first since they poise themselves as a NJ company but then defend how the products are the same. I would like a manufacturer letter saying this vs the retailer. Fortunate that we pay through VISA and I filed a complaint. If they want their product returned they can pay for shipping it back and not charge me a restocking fee. BEWARE of this company. Customer service no help.

They told me US vets don't like Frontline combo since they want a customer to buy from a vet. Not true - all retailers and Amazon sell Frontline plus and it's readily available and not out of stock.

Buyer Beware

Beware-scam-cheat!!! First and only ever purchase. Switches brand name Frontline plus to Frontline combo that is not even listed on their website. Over 2 weeks for delivery - rude customer service if you happen to get someone after numerous attempts. Small print so they say, I could not find, that they have the right to switch products at their choice without notifying you. Same price????? For product I did not order. Only 5 days to return they charge $5 restock and I pay return postage. Good luck on getting refund. I have already filed dispute with my credit card company.

Usually I am very careful but I got suckered by this so-called wonderful company. Run and don't look back.

My First Time Ever Scammed :(
By -

STEINBACH, MANITOBA R5G 1Y2 CANADA -- I ordered Frontline and Sentinel for my 80 lb dog on May 4th, 09. I travel for work, was in Alabama when I ordered the items and left earlier than planned for Wyoming (next job). I have since called the post office there in Al where I was staying, the Rv park I stayed in, and my family who checks my PO box in MO (where my residence is) several times. Never showed up. Today is June 29 and it is the 3rd time I have tried to contact them through their toll free number. First time I get a recording saying to leave a message. I did, no one returned my call. Second attempt at contact no one even answered.

Today when I called, it was the strangest thing. A woman answered almost right away, no normal company introduction (recording) saying that reps are busy yada yada, but I said this "This is ** and I placed an order on May 4th which I have not received. Would you like my order number?" She replies, "I am sorry, but our system is down currently. Could you please call back in 2 hours time?" I told her that the website wasn't working either and she said, "yes, it is down also." I told her that was odd because the 2 weren't related and she just... uhhhh. I said I would call back and if I got the same run around I would be calling my credit card company next.

I will be getting my money back. Don't order from them. Also a word of advice, use a credit card for ordering online over a debit card. I think it's easier to recover losses. I already called mine and they are being really good about it. Told me to make an attempt to get my order and if I couldn't they would dispute the charge and remove it from my bill, just like that. The credit card representative also told me they have been having trouble with Paypal a lot. I always thought they could be trusted! Live and learn.

BudgetPetCare Is a Savior for Non-Profit Organizations Like Us!
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Rating: 5/51

We run a small non-profit for pets in Maine and are usually short on funds. If it was not for BudgetPetCare, then keeping our rescued pets free from fleas in summer would not have been possible. They have discounted prices on all the products which made our pet caring affordable and manageable. I have never had any bitter experience in terms of product quality, delivery or the customer service guys. I call them often even if I have a slightest doubt. I think there should be more stores like BudgetPetCare that does not burn a big hole in your pocket! Thank you BudgetPetCare!

A Perfect Site for a Perfect Buy!
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Rating: 5/51

US, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a 6 month supply of Frontline Plus from Budget Pet Care before one and a month. As it was my cheapest buy of Frontline Plus ever, I had decided to post a review, but after testing its effectiveness. I wanted to check whether this company just attracts the customers with their discounted prices or they even supply standard products. I have always used Frontline Plus for my 3 dogs and so I can say that this was my Best Buy in 3 years.

As they have mentioned that the order may get delivered between 7-15 days, I received my order after 9 days. They do not charge for delivering even the cheapest product. So, the first benefit was that I received my order at my doorstep for free. No 4$ or $5 as shipping charges. Secondly, there was almost a $20 difference in the rates of Frontline Plus for medium dogs. Yes! It was a super saver for me and a bit fishy too. And, that was the reason that I chose to post the review after applying it to my pooches.

So, today it has almost been 25 days since I applied Frontline Plus to all my pooches and there is not even a single flea on their bodies. I will choose to buy from this site as I am getting the same effective product at much less price. I am entirely satisfied with the service of Budget Pet Care. I think it is a perfect site for a perfect buy!

Great Products, Great Prices, Great Service!
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Rating: 5/51

I have dealt with this company for about four years now. I have had nothing but excellent experiences. They are able to offer name-brand products at much lower prices than you can obtain from your veterinarian. Many people say that they are misleading by selling Frontline Combo (the British version of the product made by the same company) for a price that is about half what my vet would have charged me. You can get the true Frontline Plus product (again, made by the same company) for a higher price, but they are identical prices. The only difference is that one is made for the US and one for Great Britain.

I typically receive my orders within a week or so and I have never had a customer service issue. When I have needed to contact customer service, they were very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone without reservation.

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