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Treated like a Liar and a Crook
Posted by on
I have been a Capital One customer for years. I have always paid my credit card bill on time and normally a payment well beyond the required payment. On January 7th 2011 I was contacted by the Fraud Division of the bank. They were inquiring about 2 large charges that I had made. I confirmed that I had made the charges, so everything was business as usual. I later received an email confirming my conversation with the Fraud Department. On January 14th I attempted to charge $135 worth of rodeo tickets by telephone but my Capital One card was declined. I contacted Capital One and was transferred to the Fraud Division. They informed me they had placed a hold on my card due to suspicious charges on my card beginning January 12th and continuing almost to the time I contacted them. The charges were for a rental car in Arkansas,(I live in Texas) and then on the same day several charges in the United Kingdom. This is what set off the bells in the Fraud Department and a hold was placed on my card. I informed them I did not make any of the charges, that I had been scammed, (them too) and that I fully understood why a hold had been placed on my card and happy they had. I was informed my current cards would be canceled and new ones re-issued, and since I was such a good customer the cards would be sent out in 2 days instead of the normal 5-7 days, and I would be given an extra 1000 "Bonus Points" for my trouble. I was satisfied with the whole experience until the Fraud representative told me my account showed to be out for collections. He could not explain why as I had never been late with a payment, and in fact it showed they had received a payment of $2000 the day before, which is true.

Here is where things really go down hill fast, and makes me think that someone at Capital One is the actual scam artist. I'm transferred to the Collection Department to ascertain why my account is in collections. I'm informed by them that I, (yes, I) have placed a "Cease and Desist" order on the bank not to contact me, so my account automatically went to collections. I informed them I never did that, and why should I, since my account was, and always has been in good standing. The representative had no answers for me, but would have to once again transfer me to another department to have the order removed. This time I'm transferred to a gal who is the type you always read about as the service representative from Hell, a customers worst nightmare, someone that would be better suited in life working with dead people in a morgue so as not to torture the living. First she comes off with an attitude that I'm some kind of deadbeat as I put a "Cease and Desist" order on my account which I had not. Then she wants to know why I had placed such an order, which I had not. Then she refuses to tell me when and who placed such an order because of "Security Reasons". Then she refuses to give me the name of her supervisor for "Security Reasons", and also refuses to transfer me to that person, "as they won't be able to help you anyway". It was obvious she was trying to control me and the conversation, but having been a police officer for over 30 years in a large city that wasn't going to happen, so she finally let it slip that the order was placed on my account August 30, 2010, but refused to say who placed it, only saying it may have been placed in error. By this time I was worn out, having been on the phone for 1 1/2 hours. I finally convinced her to remove the order, but then she had to add insult to injury and told me I would have to speak with Customer Service to have my new cards re-issued. I told her of my conversation with the Fraud Dept. and they said they would be sent out in the next 2 days. She informed me (like she was doing me a favor) that she would authorize new cards to be sent out instead of customer service but my waiting time would be 5-7 days, not two, take it or leave it.

If a "Cease and Desist" order was placed on my account why was I contacted twice by the Fraud Division and also sent emails by them, even though I hadn't placed the order in the first place? Why have I been able to use my card since August 30, 2010 if my account had been sent to collections at that time? Why was I refused the name of the person who placed the cease and desist order, or even the date when it was placed, even though I am the only account holder? Why was I refused to speak with a supervisor, or even their first name? Is there someone within Capital One that placed the cease and desist order setting be up for future scams? If anyone out there can answer any of these questions, I'll be glad to listen. Thanks.

Confused in Texas
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Avoid Capital One Lackluster Cards
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Since December I've been trying to contact someone, anyone, within Capital One that has both the ability to think and make decisions... Going back to November, I was told I had 2 offers, 1 for each cap one card I have. One offer was to have my annual fee eliminated and the other offer was to have my annual fee reduced. I called in, talked to the representative about the offers and ultimately I was told the changes would be made momentarily. Now March and I still have not received my fee reduction. After many calls, many online chats, and complaints to OCC/CAG, I'm still not getting any response from Cap One. I talked to Linda, Executive Response Committee, and she told me she would respond by phone or secure message/email in 1-2 days with answers to all my complaints. Now over a week later, She hasn't responded. There are more complaints! I've had 1 card for over 2 years, and asked for a credit limit increase, since 2 new cards I've opened within the last year (chase slate & Citi preferred) offered 3-5 times an initial credit limit than cap one, a card I have had for nearly 3 years. I also asked for a CLI for the other card, a card I had for 1.5 years, both were denied. In short, I was real interested in knowing why I was denied, simply because my credit is fairly excellent. According to, Equifax and TransUnion has me at 744 & 782. My Experian Plus Score is 759. I have never been denied credit, mainly because I only request it when it makes sense. My credit file has a nice mix, low utilization and all accounts (except with cap one) have competitive rates (used car loan at 4.7%, mortgage at 4% and credit card rates ranging from 10.9 to 13.9%). Anyway, even though it is federally mandated to give a reason for denial, I have never received their reason. I asked for this CLI back in November, the same time I was told about the annual fee reduction. I brought this back to the attention of a cap one reps repeatedly, again asking for the denial reason or send it to me, and they told me they cannot. Ultimately, I'm now looking at legal avenues to remedy all the issues I'm having. Sure I can close the accounts, and may do that, but as you well known, closing accounts can have a negative impact on your score... I'd rather just be treated fairly and continue having the accounts opened, then either use them or never use them... Small issues like the fact that cap one uses only overseas reps, mainly out of India, is annoying but not a huge issue. It usually takes going through the first 3-5 customer service reps just to get an adequate English speaking representative This isn't as big a deal, just a little frustrating! I'd stay away from these guys entirely. Go with a company like Chase or Citi, where customer service is truly customer service and when they offer something to you, they follow through on it. According to Cap One reps, as of January 1, 2012, they will no longer offer annual fee reductions and because they didn't adjust my account throughout the month of December, they now cannot reduce my annual fee. In a nutshell, because of incompetence on cap one's end, I'm now stuck with an annual fee forever. I've tried to get some sort of response from anyone, but at this point, they simply do not respond. I've tried emails, secure messages via cap one's website, tweeted to @askcapitalone, repeated phone calls, and on and on... They all say they will have to get back to me regarding these issues but never do or simply never respond to the emails or tweets at all. I also have learned that Cap One was involved in a class action lawsuit and lost the case! The findings: Cap one is/was involved in the unethical practices of keeping credit limits low, push consumers into opening another high annual fee, high rate, low credit limit card, instead of increasing the customers credit limit. It's an actual business model of Capital one, because the low credit limits hinder a consumers credit score, the additional hard pull inquiry lowers a consumers credit score, and the high annual fee and high interest rates, improve their bottom line. By keeping their customer's credit score low the consumer has few choices in getting another card from a reputable card company, this is their way of entrapment. Back when I got my fist cap one card, I was surprised how low my credit limit was, especially considering I had other cards that had far better terms and much higher credit limits. After talking to a rep, I was told Cap One is more likely to increase your credit limit after you open a second card. So trusting them, I opened a second card a few months later. Now, several years later, I have still never received a credit limit increase... Plus that got me into having 2 annual fees. I rarely, if ever, carry a balance. Cap One knows this and they see annual fees are their money makers. So even though I have spotless credit and even though I was granted an annual fee reduction, Cap One simply changed their mind on eliminating my annual fee without ever informing me about it... Trust me, you want to stay away from this company. I asked Linda if it's going to take another class action suit before you learn these and other unethical business practices they are involved in are predatory. I'm still waiting for a response...
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trmn8r on 03/03/2012:
I wouldn't do business with a credit card company that charges an annual fee out of principle.

The customer no-service you have received is ridiculous.

I was under the impression that Cap One catered to people who have impaired credit or perhaps a limited history. If your credit is good, perhaps throwing Cap One over the side is in order. I use Chase and I love them. (and there are no fees on either of my cards)

As far as credit line increases, banks are a lot more reluctant to issue them than they used to be.
alex on 05/25/2012:
I don't know but I have been having Capitalone venture for a year now, and my experience with them has been all pleasant so far. I don't know about the customer service from India, but so far all who have answered me whenever I call (about twice a month or more in average) are all from the US. Now regarding the fee, although I got mine waived for the second year, I don't mind paying that fee of 59 dollars, since I made hundreds of dollars (probably around $2,000) out of their reward program (2miles/dollar). I just got the citi preferred as change, and I still get to find out how citi banking works. I don't expect to get as much rewards as Cap1 venture, but I only got to have a different credit brand. But Cap1 customer service have been great with me so far.
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Biggest mistake done by Capital one Master Card EVER
Posted by on
On April 7 2011 I went to get my mail at home and was socked to find out that I got five (5) letter from Capital One, all letters were address to me and my address, after opening each letter I found the letter stating that Capital One was mailing out new credit cards with chips to those who did not have chip credit cards and I would have to activate it or them, after opening all envelopes I found myself with FIVE CREDIT CARDS!!!!, I called Capital One to ask why they mailed me five (5) Credit cards and to my surprise they were OTHER PEOPLES CREDIT CARDS WITH THERE ACCOUNT BUT THE LETTER WAS TO MY NAME AND ADDRESS!!!!. They passed me along to the Fraud department where the representative took the info down, I asked why I was not sent my credit cards yet and if what happened to these people happened to me did FIVE PEOPLE GET MY CREDIT CARDS LIKE I GOT THERES !!, and was my credit check for there info. I was not happy and very worried, the fraud representative said he can only pass me on to the accounting department to speak to a supervisor and that I would have to wait FIVE business days to get my new cards but I could not use my old card which did not expire yet. I advised him this was not far because this was CAPITAL ONES MISTAKE and I should not have to go though the hassle of this, the representative said he could not help me I would have to speak to the supervisor in the accounting department, he passed me along and I had to explain the situation all over again. WOW !!! I advised him that any criminal minded person would have taken advantage of this and Capital One would not know and the customer would not know either until it was to late, the supervisor told me he was pleased that I call it in and thank me I asked if he would do something for me since I was honest enough to call and REPORT THERE BIG MISTAKE!!, the supervisor told me all he could do was put a rush on the delivery on my card...BIG DEAL THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT B4!!!. I advised that I could go to the media to and let them know what DUMB MISTAKE THIS WAS ON CAPITAL ONE MASTER CARDS PART this was. The so called supervisor seem to be grateful but would not do anything to help me, really. I advised him this kind of mis halfe should never happened ...I mean if they mailed me one (1) by mistake it is understandable BUT FIVE (5)< credit cards..WOW. I advised that he make sure the departments responsible for this correct it and do better. After getting off the phone for 1 1/2 hrs I called back to speak to the supervisor again and was transferred to the fraud department were I spoke to a very rude female after I told her to read the notes on my account in which I had to tell the supervisor b4 to write down she told me she could not, I told her that the representative b4 was able to and I did not understand why she could not transfer me, I said to her she needed to be more helpful then rude and trying to have an argument with me since I can go to the MEDIA AND REPORT THIS MISTAKE TO THEM!! and this could bring the company down with there reputation she was still very rude, I hung up and made the discussion to tell the media and warn other customers of this since this representative was rude considering it was CAPITAL ONE that mailed me five other peoples card card with my name and address on the letter. BECAREFUL WITH CAPITAL ONE AND HOW THE DEAL WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFO AND WHO THEY GIVE IT TO with or without inten because they company itself is not careful!!!! Still waiting to be comp for this good will I did
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 04/08/2011:
What exactly are you waiting for? A reward? Sure, they messed up, but it was also in your best interest to report this. Did you consider for even a minute NOT reporting it?

I'm curious as to exactly what kind of compensation you're looking for.
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
All you got was letters. Even if you had gotten the credit cards and used them they eventually could be traced back to you and you would face jail time. Wanting a reward for notifying Capital one leaves me speechless. You choose to spend all that time trying to gloom one. Computer mistakes happen in life.
Venice09 on 04/08/2011:
Throwback, the OP did receive five credit cards. But still...
tnchuck100 on 04/08/2011:
What I find appalling in this is Capital One's attitude. Granted the OP should not be expecting any sort of reward. But Capital One should have shown some appreciation and over-nighted her card to her. However, the "there is nothing I can do" attitude is typical of most customer service today. In this case she must have been speaking with "Peggy"!

It is likely this same mistake has more instances out there. I think the OP should notify the media. That is the ONLY thing that will get corporate attention to fix problems.
momsey on 04/08/2011:
I am with you that this is a major mistake. What I'm not with you on is you looking for compensation for reporting the mistake. That's what you should have done, so your compensation is that you did what you should have done.

I don't understand why you can't use your credit card until you get your new one, and it would have been nice if they were more interested in helping you. Go to the media if you feel the need, but a person getting five credit cards in error is not going to make the evening news and/or take down a company as big as Capital One.
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
Capital one has gone down hill fast over the last few years. I'd cancel my Capital One card but unfortunately seeing that they are my oldest credit line they got by balls in vice. What can you do?
trmn8r on 04/08/2011:
Remember that they really don't owe you anything. They extended you the right to borrow their money, which they can revoke at any time.

In cases of possible fraud, the use of checking and credit accounts is often restricted. They really don't have the power to do much other than expedite delivery to you, which it sounds like they have done.

Did they screw up? Yes, and it was nice of you to point out their error. But I don't think threatening them is in the same spirit as being helpful. As far as being "comp'd," I am not sure what compensation you feel you deserve. If it were I, the satisfaction of bringing an important matter to the bank's attention would be sufficient.
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
credit card companies SUCK. My partner has an American Express card. ONE TIME, he just forgot to make a payment. It was an honest mistake. As soon as they sent him a reminder, he paid the bill immediately. They penalized him with a high interest rate for 6 months, and would not budge when he called and spoke to them. Its ridiculous. Credit card companies and banks are relentless in screwing people over, and they know they can get away with it. Its disgusting, but what can you do?
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
you know, its okay for THEM to screw up and make a mistake...oh hey we're sorry! But when the CUSTOMER makes a mistake, WATCH OUT, they will attack you like a rabid pitbull!
trmn8r on 04/08/2011:
P-C -> There is nothing in the credit card agreement about not sending a letter addressed to other account holders. If there were, you could hold them accountable.

But there are several clauses, including the most important - making your payments on time.

It is making a deal with the devil, there is no doubt about it. But I know that every time I agree to get involved with these companies. I can understand people who are more principled, and don't want to get involved at all. I'm willing to take my chances and live dangerously I guess.
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
TRM. I understand being penalized. If you are the person who is late several times a year in your payment, yeah penalize them. The point I am making is my partner and I are ALWAYS on time when we pay our bills. We have had this AE card since 2001 and we have paid it on time EVERY MONTH. This one time, may partner thought he paid the bill on his billpay, but he didn't. Like I said, an HONEST mistake. If CC companies are THAT stubborn and selfish, that they can't distinguish the difference between someone who has paid on time forever, and the person who is late ALL the time, then I don't know what to say. I am just expressing the TRUE side of how these companies are. They want you to perceive them as being this great wonderful company, when they are truly and evil enterprise hell bent on trying to ruin people's lives. I truly believe that. They got us by the danglers and they know that.
brendalin on 04/08/2011:
Not sure if people are reading what happened exactly,read the info carefully it was not just mail letters but other peoples credit cards in the letters as well, b4 putting your comments read what was done to the person carefully first, I agree companies do make mistakes but they mailed her five peoples credit cards not one, come on people, this sounds bad for the company and did call them but no one wanted to help either, and it is a credit card not a line of credit too the treatment from them was not good and everything done was the right thing.It makes you wonder if doing the right thing is the good thing to do nowadays, but then you have to wonder if it was your credit card what would you expect to be done???
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
I wonder why you are referring to yourself in the 3rd!
brendalin on 04/08/2011:
Sorry ript I am using my friends PC to read her comments it not, BTW even if it was her what does it matter r u getting the point!!!
Venice09 on 04/08/2011:
I am still curious to know what kind of reward you are expecting. Can you give an example?

I would be satisfied just knowing that the mistake was discovered, that I did the right thing, and that it was being taken care of. Then I would hope that if my card somehow got into the wrong hands, that person would also do what was right.
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
It only matters insofar as it is creepy when people do that, and distracts from the actual complaint, friend. I am not dull, (first impression aside) - I do get the point. brendalin should consider climbing above the CSR's and supervisors and contact Capital One corporate.
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
And BTW - you're not a good liar, I wouldn't quit your day job, friend brendalin. :)
Feel free to insult me all you wish, but not my intelligence, or lack thereof.
brendalin on 04/08/2011:
Listen "Jack the Ripper" oops I mean ript, no one is insulting your "intelligence", he was just correcting your misunderstand no need to take it to that level. You have to much time to be dealing with this at such a personal level, and yes I will consider going to corporate thanks for the advise. BTW no one is insulting you, had you not put that comment none of this would have happened...If you continue with this then you are showing the "lack of "
Anonymous on 04/08/2011:
LOL! Jack The Ripper, good one! Made me smile, thanks. Just don't say that too loud, Debtor's got a thing about Ol' Jack. :)
DebtorBasher on 04/08/2011:
*Looking behind me as I walk past this thread*
brendalin on 04/09/2011:
Re: Venice09 comment about rewards- Please read the compliant again, nowhere does it say I was expecting a reward. I am not looking for a gold metal, It would have been nice that they showed some kind of appreciation and like it was suggested b4 maybe do an overnight for my own credit cards in which they did send to another client's address, but they not admit. I went through so much hassel for a mistake they did. Capital One is a big business and they claim they value their customers, if that was the case they should have shown that to me, for example I had an issue with another company that is also very big and they showed there appreciation by given me a credit (in which they did not have to) and tickets to a baseball game) now I will not say who the company is because I respect them enough for doing what they did for me, and I even got family and friends to use there product, this is how companies should be thankful to there so called valued customers not given them a hard time for a mistake the business created themself. I pay a small fee for my cc it is not much but they could have even said we can credit you that fee, I mean what is 60 bucks for Capital One considering what they put me thou, this is what I was talking about. I missed a treatment at the hospital because of this and mentioned it to them...they did not care it took them 1 1/2 hr to get me to someone who would be able to handel this issue. I mean Yes this would have been a small gesture even thou Capital One is a big company, but I would respect them more, I mean if this was to happened again I would do the same thing but the CS was rude and not helpful a rep had even told me they had many customers call in with the same PROBLEM, nice to know!!! I know no one cares if I missed my hospital appt and got sick after that is not the point, had they showed appreciation you would not be reading this right now. And even thou I was about to miss my appt I still stayed on the phone to try to help them get this dealt I am not looking for a reward but appreciation of some sort would be nice show that you value your customers. Now when I see the commercials and they ask "Do you know what is in your wallet?" I say it could be someone else's Credit
If you were a billionniar and you had 50,000$ in your wallet for no reason and you lost your wallet, and someone found it and brought it back to you and nothing was touch in the wallet , are you saying you would not show appreciationof some sort?? If not then you are cheap....Some People do good things out of the goodness of there heart,and when you show back that appreciation, either a business or indivuals you let others want to have be good hearted people, and the more good hearted people we have the better the world can be!!! Capital One did not even try to help me with my own CC and I dealt with some rude non helpful reps and no one knows anyone there either,and with your own comments I am wondering if you are not a Capital One Rep
Venice09 on 04/09/2011:
I was slowly seeing your point until you insinuated I'm a Capital One rep.

Sorry, but I don't see the difference in a reward and showing appreciation.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. I do not expect nor desire to be compensated for acting like a decent human being. I have been offered compensations and "rewards" many times, and have always turned them down graciously.
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
"Still waiting to be comp for this good will I did"

"Good will" in the American Heritage dictionary says one who is benevolent. Benevolent is "An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts."

By definition, one does not get "comped" for charitable acts.
momsey on 04/09/2011:
Now I'm wondering why you missed a hospital appointment because of this?

Again, it was a big screw up on Capital One's part. In reality, though, you can't do anything with a new credit card you receive in the mail in error. You would have to activate it first and you usually need to know the last four digits of the cardholder's social security number in order to do that.

You did what you should have done. There's your reward.
brendalin on 04/09/2011:
Too bad this did not happened in America (USA)
BTW one can and does get comped for charitable acts but it is up to the individual to accept it, but that is not the point of the complaint
P.S Never assume, get the facts straight first
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
Ironically, another definition of charity is "lenient judgment of others." Cap One could use some of that. Or, they could be reported to the media to expose them for the "DUMB MISTAKE" they made.

It's really a toss-up.

momsey -> or call from the cardholder's home phone, I believe.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
I am kind of appalled that Cap One made an error like this :( I do not care so much about the reward issue - it is such a minor point in the grand scheme of things.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
this is a really good review... I'm appalled to see one of the comments on this review mock the ops spelling of one word.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
Isn't it ironic
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
lol from Ashley Furniture rules? oh yes. and we all know THAT'S not someone who works for them!
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Capital One has One of the Best Rewards Programs Out There For People with Fair/Poor Credit Ratings
Posted on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- If your like me you want your value for all your purchases. Nowadays banks are offering Reward Programs for your business. But don't jump the gun first without doing your research. I have spent the last 2 days researching all over the internet because I'm looking to rebuild my credit. My current credit score that I pulled on September 20 is right now at 570, 568, 588 from the three bureaus. I had some problems with managing my credit cards because of my ex girlfriend wanting stuff so it added up. Now that I'm single I'm looking to rebuild what was my 700 credit score before I met her. I'm currently 23 BTW and have only had credit for about 2-3 years.

So to get back on the subject I spent the last 2 days researching different cards that offer reward points based upon my Fair Credit Rating and found that Capital One has one (if not the best Reward Program for people who fall into the Fair/Poor Credit Rating). This is taking Overall value into consideration meaning for every dollar you spent how many pennies are you getting back from their Rewards Program. Some Reward Programs out there will give you a $10 Gift Card for say 5000 points while another Reward Program will give you $50 for the same 5,000 points.

Let's take this example my Capital One Visa Orbitz Card for people with Fair/Poor Credit Rating offers you No Annual Fee plus 1 point for every dollar you spend and 3 points for every dollar you spend on if you take a look at this particular Rewards Program you will find a different selection of Rewards. But you have to be careful because you might end up with a $10 value for a reward and lose more. Heres a good Reward that they have. For 5,000 points you can get $50 Gift Card for, so you got $50 to spend however you choose.

If you wait and double it to 10,000 points you can get a $100 Best Buy Card so both of these rewards offer you 1% back on your money which is OK it's average and good for a people with not so good credit. Travel Rewards are about the same on this card 1% Back on your purchases but you get the no blackouts feature which is good too but for someone like me who rather save money and not travel it's better to stick with Gift Cards. Now here is an example of a bad deal. They have a $25 Gift Card for places like Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, I-Tunes, Blockbuster, etc.. for 3,000 points. Now that's a bad deal because if you wait and save up for an additional 2,000 points you get to double the Gift Card and get a $50 card for 5,000 points instead of paying 6,000 points for the same exact thing. I was looking at other Credit Cards and Overall Value for the "Fair/Poor Credit Rating are much worse than this.

Now when it comes to people who love to use their Debit/Check Card and protect their Credit. The Capital One MasterCard Debit/Check Card is the best Reward Debit/Check Card Card out right now. I called them today to fixed some errors with the Credit Report Bureaus and the Customer Representative told me I qualify for this Debit Card. It gives you 2 points for every dollar you spend, 5,000 bonus points after you make your first "Credit" purchase and a 50% Annual Point bonus at the end of the year, NO ANNUAL FEE and you get to keep your old Debit/Check Card and bank account so everything stays the same except you get rewarded.

The Reward Program for this card though might be different from the Orbitz card above. I haven't gotten the card yet and I can't check out the Rewards Catalog just yet, but in the terms it says "$10 in cash back for 5,000 points" and "redeem for great brand-name merchandise worth $100 for 40,000 points" yes you double your points instead of 1 point per dollar but Overall Value isn't the same as say 5,000 points for a $50 Gift Card. Still though a Debit Card/Check let's this with a Annual Point Bonus for not doing anything out of what your currently doing with any kind of plastic card (Secured, Debit/Check, Credit Cards) for people with Fair/Poor Credit Rating isn't such a bad deal after all.

I mean sorry American Express I would have loved to apply for your Preferred Gold Rewards card but I already knew I wouldn't qualify.

I looked at other Debit/Check Card Reward Cards like the ones from Chase and they want an Annual Fee, they give you one point per dollar and they have a bad Rewards Program.

You must be a Capital One Card Member and a have a good payment record with them before they consider you for this Debit/Check Card.

Yes Capital One might be a Conservative Lender and they have their bad reputation for bad customer service but I've personally have had a good experience with them and I've been with them since Nov 2007. Well I did have a problem with them when I started because they kept getting the wrong address and their computers wouldn't update my address every time I called and I kept not getting the card in the mail and getting hit with Late Fees for a couple of months but I fought with them about how was I supposed to mail in the payment for the $29 annual fee that was my only balance without making my first purchase if I haven't even gotten my card plus I haven't even been able to get a bill of where to send the payment because your poorly trained representatives or cheap broken down stupid computers can't update my correct address and got that fixed on my credit report and got the Late Fees taken off. Other than that I've been happy with Capital One so far.

So if your looking for a good Rewards Program and you fall in the Fair/Poor Credit Rating these 2 cards will work great for you. Grab both the Orbitz Card and Debit Card and see how you'll improve your credit and get rewarded.

After getting approved for the Debit/Check Card I may just switch and use that card as my everyday card. I don't know yet guess I'll just have to research the Rewards Program for the Debit/Check Card when I get it and see if I get more value than the Orbitz card.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 10/08/2008:
You are being led down a path. These "reward" programs are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. In the long run you will net nothing. All this "free" stuff has already been factored in through their interest rates, fees, and the many hoops you must jump through to take advantage of these perks. Plus, for example, just one glitch with an Orbitz transaction will completely offset any "rewards" you thought you had gotten.

Spend what you earn. Only what you earn. Nothing is free. Except maybe the advice of the experienced members here on my3cents.
Anonymous on 10/08/2008:
Best answer (as usual) Chuck. I can't add a thing!
Anonymous on 10/08/2008:
You sold called experts forgot to mention that if the people are like me and don't carry a balance every month by paying in full the reward points are great. Your such a good expert chuck that you forget that Credit Card companies who give you rewards are doing it so you can use the card when you buy. The merchant then has to pay about 3% of your purchase to them. So essentially the credit card company is paying you to make them more money. Of course they want you to keep a balance so that you really don't get any real reward but if you pay in full it's worth it. And if it's a Debit Card you can't lose.
old fart on 10/08/2008:
jktshff1 on 10/08/2008:
of who are you amenen????
credit is just something someone else makes money off of. don't do you no good
old fart on 10/08/2008:
Wilmer... I would bet that half the folks on M3C have had rough periods in their life and have had to bite the bullet, (including Me..).. if you must use a card use it ONLY for necessities, keep your checkbook balanced, BTW, start using a check register for its intended purpose and pay your bills BEFORE the due date..For what it's worth I was forced into bankruptcy in 1983 but with self discipline and time I now have a credit score of 816 the last time I checked... It won't happen overnight but it will happen..
old fart on 10/08/2008:
Jktshff... I was "ameming " chuck..LOL
jktshff1 on 10/08/2008:
I figured you just had a brain fart!!!
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Stay Away From Capital One!!!
Posted by on
FRUITLAND PARK -- I am cutting and pasting my consumer complaint I have with Capital One Credit Card company that I wrote at Consumer Affairs. I would implore and beg someone from your office to read what hundreds, if not thousands of people are having to deal with concerning Capital One. Basically they are the most greedy, unscrupulous, and corrupt company I have ever had to deal with. I am not the only one. There has to be some way of stopping their predatory lending and collecting practices. Below is what I wrote:

Back in the Late Summer of 05. I was a small business owner and my business was not doing well at all. My wife and I came very close to filing bankruptcy. Were 3 months behind on our mortgage and at least 4-5 months behind on all our credit cards. ( I believe we had at least 5 credit cards). Then we had a slight turn around with enough money to get caught up on our Mortgage (1st priority). We cancelled our Bankruptcy proceedings and worked with all our creditors in trying settle our debt. I only had so much money to do this. All our credit card lenders were willing to settle the accounts except for Capital One. I explained that I only had so much money and that I could pay the principle and interest but would not and could not pay the late fees.

They were the rudest, most condescending people I have ever dealt with. They were adamant that they wanted everything like right now to include all the late fees. I had maxed out my limit of $500. But with all the fees they wanted close to $900 to settle. I said I could pay the $500 principle and possibly up to $200 in interest. They said no way. I wrote them a very lengthy detailed letter explaining my situation but never heard back from them until in Late 07 I get a court summons indicating that Capital One is Suing me for $1200.00 and that to avoid judgment they recommend mediation.

I went to the mediation in Aug 07 and it was a joke. The Lawyer representing Capital One had his Marching orders and indicated that they would not settle and now wanted the whole amount, but would take payments. At that time my business was on life support. I was working a $10/hr job just to put food on the table for my family. I said no. I can't afford those payments and I did not agree with the amount owed.

I was sued, the judgment for Capital One for roughly $1500 w/Lawyer fees added on. I have not yet paid back the judgment. I have shut down my business and am currently working a commission only job. Had Capital One been willing back in 05 to work with me. They would have gotten their money plus interest. But after researching Capital One. I realize their goal in making money/profits is in the late fees. They are aggressive beyond belief, almost bordering on predatory lending practices. I know What is NOT in my wallet and I will never, ever, ever get a Capital One card again. And I am almost making it a one man crusade to stop people from getting a Capital One Card, without at least doing a google search under Capital One Consumer Complaints.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 06/25/2008:
at the first sign of trouble, you should have cut up the cards. by using them, it only made your situation worse.

I do not find any reason to find fault with Capital One. you made the charges, and you made the mistake. time to live up to it.

finally, with your refusal to pay the amount owed, makes it harder on everyone else. this is the reason why so many credit card companies are raising interest rates.

next step for Capital One is wage garnishment!
Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
I'm surprised that Capital One didn't settle like most companies. I'm with madconsumer on this one. I don't see where Capital One did anything wrong. They took you to court where a judge decided you owed the money. It's nothing personal just business.
Mad Eye Moody on 06/25/2008:
I still think Capital One could have been more understanding. Ulitmately they want customers. Had they settled, they would have kept one who could have charged more to the card, paid more interest, which is profit to them. It's always bad business to alienate a customer who's willing to pay most of what they owe. However, the fact that you showed up at the summons speaks to your character - I'm sure they were banking on you not showing and them getting a default judgment for an even higher amount.
Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
As the US economy slides into the abyss, Cap-One and others will be suing more people over otherwise trivial amounts. Prevailing in a suit is one thing, collecting is something else. I also applaud you for showing up. Take care of food and shelter first. Communicate with the court and the creditor every time you send what is left over toward the debt. Few courts will grant garnishment orders when the debtor demonstrates a sincere best effort at paying a judgment. Even the most hard-nosed judge knows that blood cannot be squeezed from a turnip. Good luck!
madconsumer on 06/25/2008:
days of living on credit cards are over.

"Few courts will grant garnishment orders when the debtor demonstrates a sincere best effort at paying a judgment."

the poster stated he refuses to pay them.
2inform on 06/25/2008:
Some states do not allow a creditor to garnish wages.
TGT101 on 06/26/2008:
You mean that this other business is trying to make money. They have policies that are completely told to you upfront when you agree to get the card.
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Capital One is Corrupt! Avoid it. Mailing Address for CEO
Posted by on

Basically, I think the letter below covers the lowlights of my four year experience with this company. Three years building up good credit, and one year after I closed the account in disgust I'm still waiting for them to report the good credit I built up with them. If you are being charged suspicious late fees, they are fraudulent; they do this to a lot of people. When you decide to close your account, the games begin. If you intend to pay off the balance, send a certified letter return receipt requested in with the right amount on the day they will receive it (they play games with the interest). Send it in plenty of time. Below, you can find the mailing address for their CEO. You can find the mailing address for the Attorney General of their home state, Virginia, on line. I'd say that sending copies of your letters to them to her sounds like a good idea.


May __, 2005

Mr. Richard D. Fairbank
President & CEO
Capital One Financial Corp
1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, VA 22102


Dear Mr. Fairbank:

Capital One is holding my good credit hostage through lies and subterfuge. There is currently a housing crisis where I live and the loss of the asset of the good credit I built up with you is serious. Multiple attempts to get you to report my use of credit had no effect. Your employees claimed twice that you would at least sent me a letter confirming my account history and use of credit but they never did. This is not an accident. I’ve found many accounts online of similar behavior by your company intended to prevent your customers from leaving you and getting credit elsewhere.

You also charged me for late fees even though I mailed my checks in time(and there are plenty of complaints about you doing this online) You preventing me from closing my account by subterfuge (and there are plenty of complaints about you doing stuff like this online.) Dealing with Capital One has wasted incredible amounts of my time. You’ve for sure lost a customer for life and I’m not the only one.


My good credit reported accurately under BOTH my organization’s name (and employer ID number) and my own name and social security number. That report should say that I paid my bill on time for three years, except for one thirty days late payment, and that the account is it now closed and paid in full. This should all be reported to the three main credit reporting agencies under both names and as well as Dunn & Bradstreet for the organization. You made me personally guarantee this account and if I assume the liability, I deserve the credit too.

I want $1,000 for the loss up to now of my good credit history, stress, much wasted time and punitive damages. This includes roughly a hundred dollars for improperly charged late fees. This amount is symbolic and in no way reflects the true losses involved. I will ask for more later if I have to file a complaint or lawsuit.

If my credit has not been accurately reported within 30 (thirty) days from the receipt of this letter, and I have not received a check for this amount, I will file a complaint with the Attorney General of Virginia.


(this customer)

cc: The Honorable Judith Williams Jagdmann, Attorney General of Virginia
The Honorable Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of New York

[Although I don't live in New York, this Attorney General is tough on corporate criminals and I want him to know about Capital One]

Good luck to anyone in dealing with this company. Based on my life experience including this episode, It might be best to get a card from your own bank or a large reputable bank in your area.
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User Replies:
holycrap on 12/06/2005:
do not get a Capitol one credit card, you will regret it. warned you.
Ann O Nymous on 06/07/2006:

I had a lot of people want to know what happened with this.

The gist of it is, Capital One refused to pay me for my annoyance or refund the fraudulent late charges. I still believe, however, that the best way to communicate with them is by snail mail letter to the CEO, preferably certified, and with copies to regulatory agencies.

Here are additional details: I was told that Capital One reports their small business accounts to the Equifax small business exchange, although I have not checked to see if this is true. I successfully closed and kept my account closed. I got copies of all my past statements after an extraordinary effort.

As you may know, Capital One is headquartered in Virginia.

After sitting on it for some time, then Attorney General of Virginia Judith Williams Jagdmann claimed that she didn't have juridiction over this matter (I find this highly unlikely; there were ample causes of action) and referred it to another state agency. The Attorney General of Virginia is elected and the CEO of Capital One has made some rich political contributions in his time. This whole thing smells. It makes it look like Ms. Jagdmann let a massive consumer fraud take place under her nose. Not good.

The Attorney General of Virginia referred the matter to the Bureau of Financial Institutions of the State Corporation Commission of Virginia. They sat on it for a while. Then Locke H. Trigg, Regulatory Compliance Analyst responded almost as if he was acting on behalf of Capital One telling me that everything was fine and there was nothing to be done. This smells. People will think they cannot trust businesses operating out of Virginia because their whole regulatory apparatus appears to have been bought and sold. AOL is headquartered there and has also pulled some stunts.

By doing research and by people contacting me, I discovered that there are an extraordinary number of people are being ripped off by Capital One. One thing they do is treat people with past credit problems particularly badly, taking advantage of their shame. They may also take particular advantage of people who are in a financial bind. I believe that they do this on purpose. I believe that they have done this to thousands of people.

Capital One has been the subject of several class action lawsuits. Two were by Attorney's General of states. Capital One has so far appeared to be able to defeat most of the class action suits against them, reminding us that the courts were made by and for rich white men.

Capital One was selected for the Rogue's Gallery of They are the subject of numerous complaints at consumer websites.

These are some individual complaints:

These are some grievance sites about the Capital One:

I tried to get the media to cover this story but they won't touch it. I believe that this is because Capital One is a heavy advertiser. I tried Lou Dobbs on CNN, all the network news departments, Sixty Minutes, Primetime, Nightline, and the National Enquirer, among others. No luck.

You can file complaints about your experiences at consumer websites like these:

There are addresses of some regulatory agencies to whom you could cc your letter to Capital One's CEO. I would not expect a lot of action from these agencies, but I believe that a cc to a law enforcement agency heightens concentration.

The Honorable Bob McDonnell
Attorney General
State of Virginia
Office of the Attorney General
900 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Commissioner of Financial Institutions
State Corporation Commission
1300 East Main Street
Suite 800
P.O. Box 640
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Good luck. You deserve to be treated better than people are treated by Capital One, even if you do not have perfect record. No matter what your record looks like theirs is much worse. I wish you better times in your financial affairs. May Capital One be exposed and brought down by their own evil.
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Avoid Capital One Credit Cards - Bad For Your Credit!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I had the CapitalOne Venture card for 4 years for the promise of no annual payment, no foreign transaction fee, and award miles for Travel. First of all, they ran my credit twice on the application - which does negatively affect your credit score - and then could do nothing to fix it. When that ordeal was done with and I was excited that I had used the card and built up a little more than 35,000 award points to redeem I was disappointed to discover that they were next to useless, and far less valuable than advertised and hoped.

I might been OK with the fact that I was getting next to nothing out of the loyalty program (where anywhere else 35,000 miles was enough for a round trip ticket in the US and then still have 10,000 miles to spare, since I didn't have to pay anything to keep the card open, but then the customer service, was absolutely awful, by far the most unprofessional people I have ever spoken with, and didn’t even care to assist me with an error they made because I made a payment after day-30 on my account – which they automatically report to a collections agency the day that you do not send payment, so it immediately affects your credit score. (word of advise, if you are going to use this card, be very careful to never be even a day late, because your rates will instantly skyrocket (despite what they might tell you when you’re signing up for the account). They cannot reverse it, one it is sent to collections, and will not warn you no matter how many hears you have been there, or how small the amount. (I recently when through this over $7.25…. frustrating to say the least when there is not so much as a call or letter advising that a payment is past due after having had an account with them and paying on-time, in-full for over 4-years, they have my email, my cell, and my address, and advised that they do not notify you unless you specifically requested to receive these types of notifications in advance, and they do not care about hitting your credit score, even if you are just one day late on the moth, regardless of the reason.

There are a lot of great credit card options out there, and tons with travel benefits, no annual fee, nor foreign transaction fees. Use a company that you can trust (Personally, I love Wells Fargo or Chase and will keep my accounts there. Even the credit cards that do have the annual fee are worth it, just for the piece of mind that you and your finances are in good hands. AVOID CAPITAL ONE AND PROTECT YOUR FINANCES AND CREDIT.
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User Replies:
Jay on 10/15/2013:
While it is true Capital One is one of the poorer choices of a credit card out there you need to be aware there is not typically a tier level when it comes to late payments. Late is late. One week, one day, one hour....late is late.
Weedwhacked on 10/15/2013:
". frustrating to say the least when there is not so much as a call or letter advising that a payment is past due after having had an account with them and paying on-time, in-full for over 4-years"

Your explanation above makes no mention on the terms and conditions that you agreed to by opening your account with them. You were late with a payment and I'm sure the contract states the fact that they send your delinquent account to a collection agency.
John on 11/28/2013:
I can tell you with 100% certainty that Capital One has internal collections, and does not even come close to that point until at least 30 days past due, most of the time 60 days past due. Not one day late from the due date, most likelyt you were 31 days from the due date. Any credit card company would put you in a similar position. And the allegation it was reported to an agency is completely false.
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Awful Company to Deal With - Never Sent Me a Bill
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have a Capital One 360 savings account that I am closing because of how awful the Capital One Credit Card treats people. I would have never believed this would happen to me. I went to use my card and found that it was in collections. I had paid my card off 8 months prior and had the card sitting to the side. They allowed deductions to be made to my card and never sent me a paper bill. It came to me via email which since I have the other account with them had been automatically filtered to my savings folder. They did not try to collect the money owed from me - I never received a phone call. It turned out that these charges were auto deductions as I am told by the card services representative.

One of the auto deduction was from QVC and was for a two time purchase - in other words it came through 6 months after first purchase. This is not a charge you think about. It was a mistake on my part that I must have signed up for emails instead of paper but once you have a person who consistently pays on time why wouldn't a red flag pop up that something is wrong here? They wrote off the $$ amount and put my card in something called a charge off and then reported me for an n9.

To this day I have never seen a bill. I did pay the entire amount off immediately. However, they ruined my credit by not corresponding with me. I was someone who made payments regularly for large amounts $700-$1200 payoffs. Then 50-60$ charges start coming through and they don't shut my card down they let it build while no payments are made. Awful company to deal with - I wish I had known how bad that they were - I hope someone sues this company for what they do to people.

My theory is that they can write off non paid debt under $1000 and that they somehow get tax credit. It must be worth more to them to not collect and tarnish a persons credit record than to collect when it is such a minimal amount. I had an 8000$ credit limit with them and a perfect credit report. Please do not open a card with this company. They do not care about you. I am closing my savings account with this company.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/11/2013:
I'm sorry, but I don't agree Cap One is at fault based on your complaint. It is your responsibity to pay your bill after using the bank's money, even if you do not receive a bill. You both allowed debits to occur that you did not track, as well as neglected to remember that you switched to electronic statements.
BigAl on 09/11/2013:
It is not the credit companies responsibility to monitor your credit. It is your responsibility. They sent you an e-mail that you ignored. Is Capitol One resposible for how you have your e-mail set up? Are they resposible for purchases you make then forget about? It is your responsibility to handle your finances.
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BEWARE: Capital One Venture Card only offers High interest Option
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I'll start by saying I have had a Capital one card for at least 10 years. I've been happy using it overseas, but unhappy about the APR issue and finally challenged them over it several times this week.

I think you should be made aware that the 11.9-19.9% APR range is a scam.That's the only way I can describe it, seeing as it doesn't appear to be possible to get it lowered below 19.9%.

When I called to ask why my APR was 19.9% even though my credit score is about 825, they told me it was because it was all they could offer me. No 'body' on the phone would even discuss the 11.9% or tell me what I had to do aside from having a good credit score to get it. I called several times over several days about the issue just to be thorough, and I got the same stonewalling each time.

I eventually had to hang up and call the 'new cards' line pretending to be a new customer wanting the card to be told anything about the APR. They told me that the APR was decided based on my credit. Surprise surprise!

So, the application line says its given based on my good credit, but the customer service line says I can't get it lowered from 19.9% even with my 825 credit score.

I just want to share my very disturbing personal experience with everyone. When I call each time, I get an overseas call office that sound like they just want to read off the screen. When I repeated my question clearly asking "what does it take to get a lower APR" the lady at the other end would just get confused and say they were giving me all they could give me. Total Stonewalling... and as I hope you are starting to pick up.. pathetic excuse for customer service.

I emailed them at my account on their website too and they said they couldn't help me but to call the number. I did that 3 times just to give them a chance. I have a witness who was even on one of the phone calls with me (who, after hearing their bizarre treatment of me as a customer, no longer wants to get one of their cards by the way!)

I think everyone should be fully aware of the TRUTH rather than the facade.

Thank you
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 08/12/2013:
You do realize that you don't have to accept their credit card, don't you?
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Bad Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ELMA, WASHINGTON -- I opened a Best Buy credit card now issued by Capital One. I went to use the credit card today and found out that Capital One closed it on me. They closed the card because I had too many inquiries on my credit report. This happened even though I have a perfect payment history with them.

I applied for a car loan in November and the car lot made 11 inquiries and the agent at Capital One said I shouldn't have applied for the car loan. Seriously that is the most absurd reason I have ever heard for closing someone's account. Not only can the customer service agents barely speak English but to close it for the reason they closed it. Hello, credit card companies make periodic reviews of your credit what is Capital One going to do close everyone's account just because they don't like how many inquiries are on it.

Sounds like they are working themselves out of business. Will never have anything to do with this company again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/12/2013:
You may want to go to this website to see if they can assist you in resolving this problem:
leet60 on 02/12/2013:
Credit accounts being closed for excessive inquiries is not an uncommon practice for lenders, so this does not surprise me.

In retrospect, you are always better off when purchasing a car NOT to try to finance through the dealership. A bank or credit union can preapprove you for a loan amount for a car and you can negotiate your purchase for that amount. Dealerships will fire as many inquiries as possible to try to finance you (in the hopes it will be at a high rate) as they get a kickback from the lender in most cases. Never buy a car based on "how much do you want to pay a month" negotiating.
trmn8r on 02/12/2013:
"what is Capital One going to do close everyone's account just because they don't like how many inquiries are on it."

I believe this could happen at most all CC banks, not just Cap One. leet60's advice above is excellent, and voted as such.
JR in Orlando on 02/12/2013:
Look at it from a credit card company's point of view. A cardholder who is having lots of inquiries about his credit by lenders, probably means that the person is having financial problems and is seeking to get additional credit to live on. This would indicate that the chance of the person defaulting on the loan has increased.

It is unfortunate that the OP had the car lot make so many inquiries. The credit card company's computer probably kicks out the number of inquiries automatically without regard to whether it is one or multiple persons making them.
Churro on 02/12/2013:
They did you a favor. The Best Buy credit card isn't worth having and Capital One sucks. You're far better off ending the relationship now than later when the ugliness sets in.
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