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Treated like a Liar and a Crook
By -

I have been a Capital One customer for years. I have always paid my credit card bill on time and normally a payment well beyond the required payment. On January 7th 2011 I was contacted by the Fraud Division of the bank. They were inquiring about 2 large charges that I had made. I confirmed that I had made the charges, so everything was business as usual. I later received an email confirming my conversation with the Fraud Department.

On January 14th I attempted to charge $135 worth of rodeo tickets by telephone but my Capital One card was declined. I contacted Capital One and was transferred to the Fraud Division. They informed me they had placed a hold on my card due to suspicious charges on my card beginning January 12th and continuing almost to the time I contacted them.

The charges were for a rental car in Arkansas,(I live in Texas) and then on the same day several charges in the United Kingdom. This is what set off the bells in the Fraud Department and a hold was placed on my card. I informed them I did not make any of the charges, that I had been scammed, (them too) and that I fully understood why a hold had been placed on my card and happy they had.

I was informed my current cards would be canceled and new ones re-issued, and since I was such a good customer the cards would be sent out in 2 days instead of the normal 5-7 days, and I would be given an extra 1000 "Bonus Points" for my trouble. I was satisfied with the whole experience until the Fraud representative told me my account showed to be out for collections. He could not explain why as I had never been late with a payment, and in fact it showed they had received a payment of $2000 the day before, which is true.

Here is where things really go down hill fast, and makes me think that someone at Capital One is the actual scam artist. I'm transferred to the Collection Department to ascertain why my account is in collections. I'm informed by them that I, (yes, I) have placed a "Cease and Desist" order on the bank not to contact me, so my account automatically went to collections. I informed them I never did that, and why should I, since my account was, and always has been in good standing. The representative had no answers for me, but would have to once again transfer me to another department to have the order removed.

This time I'm transferred to a gal who is the type you always read about as the service representative from Hell, a customers worst nightmare, someone that would be better suited in life working with dead people in a morgue so as not to torture the living. First she comes off with an attitude that I'm some kind of deadbeat as I put a "Cease and Desist" order on my account which I had not. Then she wants to know why I had placed such an order, which I had not. Then she refuses to tell me when and who placed such an order because of "Security Reasons".

Then she refuses to give me the name of her supervisor for "Security Reasons", and also refuses to transfer me to that person, "as they won't be able to help you anyway". It was obvious she was trying to control me and the conversation, but having been a police officer for over 30 years in a large city that wasn't going to happen, so she finally let it slip that the order was placed on my account August 30, 2010, but refused to say who placed it, only saying it may have been placed in error.

By this time I was worn out, having been on the phone for 1 1/2 hours. I finally convinced her to remove the order, but then she had to add insult to injury and told me I would have to speak with Customer Service to have my new cards re-issued. I told her of my conversation with the Fraud Dept. and they said they would be sent out in the next 2 days. She informed me (like she was doing me a favor) that she would authorize new cards to be sent out instead of customer service but my waiting time would be 5-7 days, not two, take it or leave it.

If a "Cease and Desist" order was placed on my account why was I contacted twice by the Fraud Division and also sent emails by them, even though I hadn't placed the order in the first place? Why have I been able to use my card since August 30, 2010 if my account had been sent to collections at that time?

Why was I refused the name of the person who placed the cease and desist order, or even the date when it was placed, even though I am the only account holder? Why was I refused to speak with a supervisor, or even their first name? Is there someone within Capital One that placed the cease and desist order setting be up for future scams? If anyone out there can answer any of these questions, I'll be glad to listen. Thanks. Confused in Texas.

Avoid Capital One Lackluster Cards
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Since December I've been trying to contact someone, anyone, within Capital One that has both the ability to think and make decisions... Going back to November, I was told I had 2 offers, 1 for each cap one card I have. One offer was to have my annual fee eliminated and the other offer was to have my annual fee reduced. I called in, talked to the representative about the offers and ultimately I was told the changes would be made momentarily. Now March and I still have not received my fee reduction.

After many calls, many online chats, and complaints to OCC/CAG, I'm still not getting any response from Cap One. I talked to **, Executive Response Committee, and she told me she would respond by phone or secure message/email in 1-2 days with answers to all my complaints. Now over a week later, She hasn't responded. There are more complaints! I've had 1 card for over 2 years, and asked for a credit limit increase, since 2 new cards I've opened within the last year (chase slate & Citi preferred) offered 3-5 times an initial credit limit than cap one, a card I have had for nearly 3 years. I also asked for a CLI for the other card, a card I had for 1.5 years, both were denied.

In short, I was real interested in knowing why I was denied, simply because my credit is fairly excellent. According to, Equifax and TransUnion has me at 744 & 782. My Experian Plus Score is 759. I have never been denied credit, mainly because I only request it when it makes sense. My credit file has a nice mix, low utilization and all accounts (except with cap one) have competitive rates (used car loan at 4.7%, mortgage at 4% and credit card rates ranging from 10.9 to 13.9%).

Anyway, even though it is federally mandated to give a reason for denial, I have never received their reason. I asked for this CLI back in November, the same time I was told about the annual fee reduction. I brought this back to the attention of a cap one reps repeatedly, again asking for the denial reason or send it to me, and they told me they cannot. Ultimately, I'm now looking at legal avenues to remedy all the issues I'm having. Sure I can close the accounts, and may do that, but as you well known, closing accounts can have a negative impact on your score...

I'd rather just be treated fairly and continue having the accounts opened, then either use them or never use them... Small issues like the fact that cap one uses only overseas reps, mainly out of India, is annoying but not a huge issue. It usually takes going through the first 3-5 customer service reps just to get an adequate English speaking representative This isn't as big a deal, just a little frustrating! I'd stay away from these guys entirely. Go with a company like Chase or Citi, where customer service is truly customer service and when they offer something to you, they follow through on it.

According to Cap One reps, as of January 1, 2012, they will no longer offer annual fee reductions and because they didn't adjust my account throughout the month of December, they now cannot reduce my annual fee. In a nutshell, because of incompetence on cap one's end, I'm now stuck with an annual fee forever. I've tried to get some sort of response from anyone, but at this point, they simply do not respond. I've tried emails, secure messages via cap one's website, tweeted to @askcapitalone, repeated phone calls, and on and on... They all say they will have to get back to me regarding these issues but never do or simply never respond to the emails or tweets at all.

I also have learned that Cap One was involved in a class action lawsuit and lost the case! The findings: Cap one is/was involved in the unethical practices of keeping credit limits low, push consumers into opening another high annual fee, high rate, low credit limit card, instead of increasing the customers credit limit. It's an actual business model of Capital one, because the low credit limits hinder a consumers credit score, the additional hard pull inquiry lowers a consumers credit score, and the high annual fee and high interest rates, improve their bottom line.

By keeping their customer's credit score low the consumer has few choices in getting another card from a reputable card company, this is their way of entrapment. Back when I got my fist cap one card, I was surprised how low my credit limit was, especially considering I had other cards that had far better terms and much higher credit limits. After talking to a rep, I was told Cap One is more likely to increase your credit limit after you open a second card. So trusting them, I opened a second card a few months later. Now, several years later, I have still never received a credit limit increase... Plus that got me into having 2 annual fees.

I rarely, if ever, carry a balance. Cap One knows this and they see annual fees are their money makers. So even though I have spotless credit and even though I was granted an annual fee reduction, Cap One simply changed their mind on eliminating my annual fee without ever informing me about it... Trust me, you want to stay away from this company. I asked Linda if it's going to take another class action suit before you learn these and other unethical business practices they are involved in are predatory. I'm still waiting for a response...

Way to Go Capital One Credit Card Company
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Rating: 1/51

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- WAY TO GO CAPITAL One CREDIT CARD COMPANY - First off Capital One is only out to destroy people! And what you are doing is condoling Capital One and all the financial company to do so by this action. As far as I am concern Capital One raised the credit limit on their own! I found out that Capital One seized my account by attempting to buy groceries for myself. Not only was I surprised I was humiliated by Capital One's their actions by doing this! I also do not have any money to put gas in my car nor attempt to pay bills. Also, not able to have food on my table until this issue is resolved. I have not eaten since Saturday May 2nd.

I would like to know what you are going to do about this. It burns me up that these people as humans can condole this! As far as I am concern, this financial company is out to destroy people. I do wonder how you can personally live with yourself as a person. I do not wish harm on anyone since I am not God to judge! But I will pray for these people to be judged. Not only have you frozen my account, but you have frozen my pension money! I am very upset that Capital One has not even returned my call for the last three days with answers to this matter. I have been told with one conversation that they will return my call within five to ten days.

I am not sure what it take to have compassion for people. With no food, not being able to get to work! I would never be a customer of Capital One as a whole ever again. Capital One seem to be very proud of what they are doing! All they have to do is really look on the Internet and search many of the negativity about Capital One! I have seen a very unbelievable complaint about Capital One about a family losing everything and are homeless because of Capital One. I have to say that I do believe what people write about Capital One as review! The only reason is what they have done to me! Please everyone boycott Capital One as a whole! Stay away from these people!

Avoid Capital One Credit Cards - Bad For Your Credit!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- WARNING: DO NOT USE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARDS (Venture Card). I had the CapitalOne Venture card for 4 years for the promise of no annual payment, no foreign transaction fee, and award miles for Travel. First of all, they ran my credit twice on the application - which does negatively affect your credit score - and then could do nothing to fix it. When that ordeal was done with and I was excited that I had used the card and built up a little more than 35,000 award points to redeem I was disappointed to discover that they were next to useless, and far less valuable than advertised and hoped.

I might been OK with the fact that I was getting next to nothing out of the loyalty program (where anywhere else 35,000 miles was enough for a round trip ticket in the US and then still have 10,000 miles to spare, since I didn't have to pay anything to keep the card open, but then the customer service, was absolutely awful, by far the most unprofessional people I have ever spoken with, and didn't even care to assist me with an error they made because I made a payment after day-30 on my account -€“ which they automatically report to a collections agency the day that you do not send payment, so it immediately affects your credit score.

(Word of advise, if you are going to use this card, be very careful to never be even a day late, because your rates will instantly skyrocket (despite what they might tell you when you'€™re signing up for the account). They cannot reverse it, one it is sent to collections, and will not warn you no matter how many hears you have been there, or how small the amount.

I recently went through this over $7.25. Frustrating to say the least when there is not so much as a call or letter advising that a payment is past due after having had an account with them and paying on-time, in-full for over 4-years. They have my email, my cell, and my address, and advised that they do not notify you unless you specifically requested to receive these types of notifications in advance, and they do not care about hitting your credit score, even if you are just one day late on the moth, regardless of the reason.

There are a lot of great credit card options out there, and tons with travel benefits, no annual fee, nor foreign transaction fees. Use a company that you can trust (Personally, I love Wells Fargo or Chase and will keep my accounts there. Even the credit cards that do have the annual fee are worth it, just for the piece of mind that you and your finances are in good hands. AVOID CAPITAL ONE AND PROTECT YOUR FINANCES AND CREDIT.

Awful Company to Deal With - Never Sent Me a Bill
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Rating: 1/51

I have a Capital One 360 savings account that I am closing because of how awful the Capital One Credit Card treats people. I would have never believed this would happen to me. I went to use my card and found that it was in collections. I had paid my card off 8 months prior and had the card sitting to the side. They allowed deductions to be made to my card and never sent me a paper bill. It came to me via email which since I have the other account with them had been automatically filtered to my savings folder. They did not try to collect the money owed from me - I never received a phone call. It turned out that these charges were auto deductions as I am told by the card services representative.

One of the auto deduction was from QVC and was for a two time purchase - in other words it came through 6 months after first purchase. This is not a charge you think about. It was a mistake on my part that I must have signed up for emails instead of paper but once you have a person who consistently pays on time why wouldn't a red flag pop up that something is wrong here? They wrote off the $$ amount and put my card in something called a charge off and then reported me for an n9.

To this day I have never seen a bill. I did pay the entire amount off immediately. However, they ruined my credit by not corresponding with me. I was someone who made payments regularly for large amounts $700-$1200 payoffs. Then 50-60$ charges start coming through and they don't shut my card down they let it build while no payments are made. Awful company to deal with - I wish I had known how bad that they were - I hope someone sues this company for what they do to people.

My theory is that they can write off non paid debt under $1000 and that they somehow get tax credit. It must be worth more to them to not collect and tarnish a persons credit record than to collect when it is such a minimal amount. I had an 8000$ credit limit with them and a perfect credit report. Please do not open a card with this company. They do not care about you. I am closing my savings account with this company.

BEWARE: Capital One Venture Card only offers High interest Option
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I'll start by saying I have had a Capital one card for at least 10 years. I've been happy using it overseas, but unhappy about the APR issue and finally challenged them over it several times this week. I think you should be made aware that the 11.9-19.9% APR range is a scam. That's the only way I can describe it, seeing as it doesn't appear to be possible to get it lowered below 19.9%.

When I called to ask why my APR was 19.9% even though my credit score is about 825, they told me it was because it was all they could offer me. No 'body' on the phone would even discuss the 11.9% or tell me what I had to do aside from having a good credit score to get it. I called several times over several days about the issue just to be thorough, and I got the same stonewalling each time.

I eventually had to hang up and call the 'new cards' line pretending to be a new customer wanting the card to be told anything about the APR. They told me that the APR was decided based on my credit. Surprise surprise! So, the application line says its given based on my good credit, but the customer service line says I can't get it lowered from 19.9% even with my 825 credit score.

I just want to share my very disturbing personal experience with everyone. When I call each time, I get an overseas call office that sound like they just want to read off the screen. When I repeated my question clearly asking "what does it take to get a lower APR" the lady at the other end would just get confused and say they were giving me all they could give me. Total Stonewalling... and as I hope you are starting to pick up.. pathetic excuse for customer service.

I emailed them at my account on their website too and they said they couldn't help me but to call the number. I did that 3 times just to give them a chance. I have a witness who was even on one of the phone calls with me (who, after hearing their bizarre treatment of me as a customer, no longer wants to get one of their cards by the way!) I think everyone should be fully aware of the TRUTH rather than the facade. Thank you.

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

ELMA, WASHINGTON -- I opened a Best Buy credit card now issued by Capital One. I went to use the credit card today and found out that Capital One closed it on me. They closed the card because I had too many inquiries on my credit report. This happened even though I have a perfect payment history with them.

I applied for a car loan in November and the car lot made 11 inquiries and the agent at Capital One said I shouldn't have applied for the car loan. Seriously that is the most absurd reason I have ever heard for closing someone's account. Not only can the customer service agents barely speak English but to close it for the reason they closed it. Hello, credit card companies make periodic reviews of your credit what is Capital One going to do close everyone's account just because they don't like how many inquiries are on it. Sounds like they are working themselves out of business. Will never have anything to do with this company again.

Do not apply for Capital One Credit Card
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Think multiple times before you apply for Capital One credit card. I reached US a month ago and I applied for a Capital one credit card. Just because, this is my second time and got a good credit history, my card approved immediately and I got to email that within next 7 business days I should receive the card. But I received the card only after 15 business days and I called customer service and activated the card. Once my card activated, then I started using the card the whole day. starting from next day the card is disabled and they are checking my identity. I understand that they are doing to protect the identity, but why they can't do all the checks at the time of applying to a credit card??

Why can't they verify the credit history and check with bank accounts instead of asking customers to go to bank on weekdays? Bank policy is out dated and not at all friendly. They use the mail communication for to verify documents and that causes a lot more delay. if they can use email to notify me my card approval, activation etc, why can't they use same email for asking me documents? Totally, I am frustrated with the Capital One credit card and I am doing all the documents upload just to close the account. Even they are not allowing you to close the account. I have already asked my friends and relatives not to apply for Capital One credit card.

Cut Off Time - 5 Pm NY Times - Even When You Speak With a Human Being
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Rating: 1/51

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- My payment is due today - December 27th, 2012. I went online to pay it before 7pm Pacific time. After I found out that their cut off time for the present day is 5pm NY time I decided to call their 24/7 customer service. The girl on the phone explained that no matter that I am talking with her and that it is still December 27th she CAN'T PROCESS IT FOR TODAY?! I asked her in return "what is then the purpose of her being paid to answer payment calls since she can't process them for the same day after 5pm NY time" on which she replied with a giggle.

I bet she giggled because she's being asked this same very question every other phone call... Shame on you CapitalOne!!! Let me break it down for you: there are more noble ways of making money than accumulating late fees because you decided that the day ends at 5pm NY time!! By the way why don't you just end the day at 2 am in the morning - and laugh all the way to your bank volt!!!! You lost a customer today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 7 pm Pacific time!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

Had this co. about 15 yrs ago and canceled due to the inadequate services they provided. I've been with HSBC since then and now cap one acquires them. I am cancelling after getting screwed once again. Do not have a card with this company or any other company they are the bank for. Read the fine print to make sure. They are horrible! They put no effort to do anything that's right for you. They do not care about you. Zero customer service. And they send false info to credit bureaus that lower your credit score. They've been screwing people for years, just read the reviews. Don't know how they've stayed in business.

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