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Choice Home Warranty
1090 King Georges Post Rd
Edison, NJ 08837
1-888-531-5403 (ph)
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Worst Home Warranty Company I Have Ever Used
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- My first claim to Choice was for a blocked sewer line. The toilet was backing up into the tub. The plumber assigned was Ajax Plumbing who could not come out for 5 days. I called to see if I could get someone sooner and was told no one could come sooner. Ajax missed the first appointment and set another one 2 days later. One week after I reported sewage sitting in my tub, Ajax came out and said they couldn't clear the line. They wanted to use a camera to see what was clogging it and dig up my front yard. I called Choice and complained and complained. They finally gave me permission to use my own plumber who came out the next day and used the outside clean out to clear the line in 15 minutes.

My next claim was the washer drain. Because the sewage sat in the line for a week, it had backed up into the washer drain and I could not use my washer. My first call to Choice I was told it was not covered. My second call I was told it was and I was given permission to use my own plumber. Again he cleared it the next day in an hour. After 2 weeks of asking about my claim I finally had to fax it to the claims department and was then told the $60 claim was not covered because there was no outside clean out on the washer drain. Since the plumber charged a standard service call fee, I didn't understand why it mattered how the drain was cleared.

The manager over claims told me her job was to enforce the policy and it was suspicious I was calling again in such a short time for another blockage problem.

It's obvious Choice Home warranty isn't a company that wants to repair anything. They want to collect a yearly policy and get out of paying anything for repair services. The plumber they sent out knew they system was to get the homeowner to pay through the nose for something a good plumber could do in minutes.

Deceptive Trade Practices
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Rating: 1/51

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I entered into a home warranty coverage plan with Choice Home Warranty on 08/19/2015. At the time that I entered into the coverage plan, I was told by Adam [snip] that the plan would go into affect in 15 days due to having an existing plan. At that time my current plan with American Residential Warranty was in effect. I was not told that I needed to cancel the policy immediately. In fact I was told to leave it in place until the new contract went into effect with Choice Home Warranty.

I called on 09/17 to submit a claim on an A/C unit that failed and was told that my contract was not in affect until 09/19/2015. I explained the above and was told that I would need to provide proof of coverage under the American Residential Warranty plan at the time that I signed up for the Choice Home Warranty plan. I had purposely not paid the American Residential Warranty plan for August due to the new Choice Home Warranty plan. American Residential Warranty would not send me a copy of my contract until I made August which I did in order to obtain proof of coverage at the time I signed up for Choice Home Warranty.

When I sent the proof of coverage in I was then denied coverage with Choice Home Warranty due to not terminating my contract with American Residential Warranty at the time of the A/C failure. This is a complete double standard. They required me have existing coverage then denied due not having cancelled my coverage prior to the failure of our A/C. When I called back a fourth time that supervisor told me that all I needed was proof that the contract was in place at the time that I signed with Choice Home Warranty. Then I was told that I needed to show a bank statement showing payment for August. When I stated that I could do that I was told it wouldn't matter due to the failure being previous condition. Even though the equipment failed on 09/16 and the policy should have gone into effect on 09/14. This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks practicing the bait and switch routine at every opportunity.

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Rating: 1/51

BEDMINSTER, NEW JERSEY -- Do not waste your money with this company. I had the policy for over 30 days which my policy clearly stated was my waiting period.

45 days into my policy my garbage disposal decides to start leaking. We called and couldn't get through so we did a claim on line. An automated phone call confirmed that our claim was received and gave me the name and number of the plumbing service that would be out to fix the issue. I also received an email that confirmed as well as stated the issue that we had reported which was a "leaking garbage disposal".

The plumber called us and came to the house. He called Choice Home Warranty to get the confirmation number where they informed him this service would not be covered as the policy was too new.

I called Choice Home Warranty, and was told that they had deemed this "pre-existing", that this leak couldn't have happened in the few days that my policy was in effect. I questioned them as to how long would it have month. two months, three... The response was I don't know maybe two or three months. I questioned is that on every appliance in my home and she stated yes. I again questioned, so if my washing machine dies 6 months into my policy you can still claim that? She responded with it just depends on what happens to it.

I was extremely upset that there was no set definition of what could or could not be pre-existing and that this could be a "loop hole" out of paying for anything. I was also upset that they didn't have the common courtesy to call the repair man prior to him making a service call to my home to cancel this claim.

I still paid the plumber the 45 service call as it was not his fault, and advised him to "raise hell" with Choice Home over this less than stellar service.

As I stated above, Don't Buy unless you have brand new appliances.

Will Not Pay for Repairs
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Rating: 1/51

Do not waste your time and money on Choice Home Warranty Company. I unfortunately made the mistake of not doing my research and now it has caught up to me. I should have known when they called me on my cell phone that there deal was too good to be true. They told me that for only $500 they would cover a convincing amount of thing from my A/C unit, washer and dryer, plumbing even my pool equipment. Little did I know they had a disclaimer to not pay for just about everything especially if the cost would be more than $500. From a business point I get the concept because enable for them to make any money off of the warranty they provide they have to make sure they don't pay more then what they suckered their customers in to paying. So here is my situation that I have had the pleasure of dealing with this company. So I live in Florida so of course the A/C goes out on a nice hot day. So I made my claim online because calling them will take up plenty of your time.

The repair man came and looked at it with in two days which hey not bad. After paying my $45 call fee. The repair man found was that the evaporator was leaking and unrepairable. Of course Choice didn't believe him so they told me I had to pay the repair man a $79 leak detection fee because they don't cover that lol. So the repair man was able to isolate the leak and it was leaking from the fins. After a couple of hours on the phone between the repair man and me we were told that they would contact me because a supervisor had to review the claim before it could be repaired. So I received a call the next day telling me that they wouldn't cover the evaporator because it had rust on it and wasn't normal wear and tear. The evaporator is 30 years old what is it supposed to look like. Plus where it was leaking had no rust and I was actually impressed how it looked for being so old. So now I have a complaint with many others on Better Business Bureau. As of right now they have a C- rating with BBB.

This company should not exist. Do you research because there are a bunch of warranty companies that do cover rust and corrosion. Now I am paying $700 to have my evaporator replaced.

Choice Home Warranty Is Rip
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Hello everyone,


I just want share my experience with Choice home Warranty recently. Please find my list of issues with them just in few days.

  • At the time of enrollment they try to over charged and made multiple transactions, got a call from credit card company and I requested them to decline the transactions. What if you don't get call, you need to go the hassle process

  • Absolutely I didn't get any information about policy for 20 days, after I made repeated calls then they sent policy number via email and then 2 days after info arrive in mail too. This is an example of how poor their service is.

  • At the time of enrollment representative promised me that effective date can be current if I show an active policy, I faxed the information but this did not happen. I made 15 calls about this and no use.

With the above all issues I sent the cancellation request in writing and then representative started bargaining to keep me like what about if I only charge half year price for full year an first service call fee. I strongly said please simply cancel. I waited for two weeks for refund. I didn't get the refund. I called today and they finally refunding but they are charging $50 (administrative fee) + $39 ( 1 month fee). Even though I cancelled service in my first 30 days, they had charged all these. Initially they told me that risk free 30 days.

Based on my personal experience I would recommend you stay out of this company. If the customer service is like this even if something happens you can assume what will happen.


Scam - No to Choice Home Warranty
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- CHW is a very bad company, I filed a compliant which is in the covered item. The appointment is Fri 9-11 am and technician finally came at 4:30pm after I keep calling him. Then he said the claim department is closed and he needs to collect the service call payment and come back next Monday after got the authorization code or pay him $200 to do the job. He also mentioned I should go with a good warranty company like "Old Republic". I suspected he will never come back at that time. I check again on Monday morning and he said he is talking with CHW, then CHW denied in the after noon. This technician said I can pay him $200 to do the job since CHW is not paying. I was so angry and call CHW to cancel my policy and the representative said I need to mail a written letter to their address. I felt the whole thing is a scam because the following reasons:

  1. When I called to file a claim, the phone representative tried to deny the claim first. I insist the problem and finally they assign a technician.

  2. Not sure if the technician is a scam as well. The appointment is 9-11am and he came at 4:30pm to come to collect easy money of service call fee without doing anything and say different things to me and CHW. Want to ask me to pay $200 and said CHW is not good and should go with other company. Interesting, he is assigned from CHW.

  3. Finally CHW just said they are not going to cover no matter what I say the problem is.

  4. I was mad to call to cancel and the phone representative asked me to send a written letter to the address. No online, email or fax. So I mailed a cancellation letter.

  5. I finally got a response to fax a cancellation form after I specify I am going to cancel on the claim case.

If they only collect the premium and try every possible way to deny the claims. I really don't know why we need this kind of home warranty insurance. Also I think we shouldn't pay the service fee if the technician didn't do anything, otherwise it becomes an easy money for them to collect. They just came to collect the money and always said come back later and never come back.

Does Not Honor Contract
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Simply put, this company will not honor your contract. The company looks for reasons to deny your claim, and will not honor your contract even if the contractor says that the failure is due to normal wear and tear (which is specifically covered under the contract).

One of my claims was denied, not because the part wasn't covered, but because "something didn't seem right in the diagnosis."

Another claim was denied even though they told both me and repair technician that the repair was covered under the warranty, prior to him doing the work. The told me to complete the repairs and submit a receipt for reimbursement. I waited 30 days, and called to find out the status. I was told that the repair was not reimbursed because the part was not covered.

Another claim was denied because the "part wasn't covered". I purchased optional coverage to cover the part at an additional charge. I questioned the denial, and I have yet to receive a response from management.

Another claim was denied because there were some slight mineral deposits on the fixture. It did not matter that the technician told the representative that it was not the cause of failure nor was it part of failure. When I spoke with the company representative, he accused the technician of lying in his diagnosis of "normal wear and tear". (He made this statement about a company that they tried to assign to the job).

To make matters worse, I had to pay out of pocket for all of these expenses, with promises of reimbursement from them.


Please heed my warning!!! I am consulting with an attorney to determine recourse. I have a recorded conversation with Ron from this last round where he asserted that the contractor was lying. Does anyone know how to start up a class action lawsuit?

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Rating: 1/51

We first filed an ac claim with choice home warranty in August 2015. They sent out an appliance repairman. He came to our home several times each time siting a different issue twice adding freon once with a dye in an attempt to find out where it was leaking. He never returned. Yesterday our ac started acting up again so we called and pay our service fee again. They sent an actual HVAC tech who was able to find the problem within 20 minutes! The coil is leaking and is rusted. So now choice is denying our claim because 'they don't cover rust' that would be fine except we purchased our house in the last year with a home inspection that found no issues with the unit inside or out! So now we have this guy pumping freon into it and it's just leaking out....hmmm in the attic in Georgia for 2 months I wonder why it's rusted! We will be attempting to appeal the denial but feel the need to to put out HONEST reviews for other consumers! Their website shows 5 star rating yet I cannot seem to leave one! So where did those 5 star reviews come from?

Air Conditioner Warranty
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Rating: 1/51


I have home warranty with Choice Home Warranty and recently filed a claim for my Air conditioner (Make: Bryant) when it stopped working.
The company sent the technician who diagnosed that the compressor had failed due to the reason "shorted to ground".

Normal life time of this A/C is about 12-15 years as per the technician and this A/C has been running for almost 19 years which reflects
the maintenance I do about the appliance.

But Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is denying the claim saying that the unit is not properly maintained and invoked some fine print
saying that it failed due to rust and corrosion which is not at all mentioned by the technician who attended the unit.

I see that CHW has denied claims like this multiple times for various customers with the same reason and I see a pattern of malpractice.

Please note that this company is engaged in just providing some repair work but does not really replace any broken appliances.
It always finds some reason to deny the claim when a unit needs to be replaced. So it not exactly a home warranty company but charges premium like one.
Heard from some of the contractors that CHW advises them to change their report to suit the requirement of the company so that it can deny the claim.
I see the CHW is already penalized by NJ, Division of consumer affairs and has been advised to change its business practice.
In spite of that, CHW is continuing with its malpractice.

Please beware and research yourself well before wasting your hard earned money on this fraudulent company.


Warning Total Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- We've had their insurance plan for about 3 years and had to use them twice, once for a plumbing problem that they never fixed, they actually sent an AC tech to fix the issue that didn't have any plumbing tools, he had to go to Home Depot to rent them and still couldn't fix the issue, I had to hire a plumber to fix it and the other time was this week 7/15 for an AC issue that they said they wouldn't cover because they said we hadn't had the AC unit serviced even though we have and according to their own plan doesn't mention the servicing. Please do yourself a favor and use another company, these people do not honor their own policies.

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