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CIGNA Corporation
One Liberty Place
Philadelphia, PA 19192-1550
215-761-1000 (ph)
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CIGNA Gives Different Answers Every Time You Call Them
By -

I and my doctor's office called CIGNA and CIGNA Telepharmacy over a period of two days and were told the following by various associates: 1) My daughter had not been covered for prescriptions since August 2009; 2) My daughter was covered for prescriptions and still is, but the injectable medication is not considered a prescription (although you need a prescription to get it); 3) The injectable medication could be covered under "Medical" but only if purchased through CIGNA TelePharmacy.

4) The injectable medication would have a co-pay of $20.00 through CIGNA TelePharmacy as for a prescription even though the terms of the policy indicate it is not a prescription. No deductible would apply; 5) The injectable medication would be covered under "Medical" and the associate did not know if a deductible would apply or if copay would apply.

6) Last answer - If the injectable medication is delivered to my home by CIGNA TelePharmacy there is no coverage under CIGNA. However, if the injectable medication is delivered to the doctor's office, then the doctor's office could bill CIGNA and the deductible would be waived. Who knows what the truth is, except my daughter does have prescription coverage, for all the good it does her in this situation!

Be very cautious when enrolling in a CIGNA plan
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was at one time a participant in a CIGNA HMO, and the experience was a nightmare. I was referred by my family physician for surgery, and the procedure was approved by the CIGNA office in my area. I took three days off from my job, hired a driver/companion, since I was having anesthesia, and booked two hotel rooms at the hospital three hours away. I arrived at the surgical suite at 6:00am, since I was first on the schedule, and the attendant informed me that CIGNA had cancelled my operation, because they had "made an error" in authorizing it. I then guaranteed personal payment, and I was added to the end of the day's schedule, which caused a 9-hour wait.

Upon my return home, I filed a complaint and a lawsuit, and settled, but it was insufficient compensation for the stress and interference that CIGNA employees delivered. From that point, I paid all of my medical expenses out of pocket, until an enrollment period when I could change to another company. I was afraid CIGNA would continue to make errors and cause problems. Interestingly, I never received an explanation or apology.

I always recommend to colleagues that they stay as far away from this company as possible, unless it's the only thing available. If that is the case, I advise them to prepare for confrontation, to record all conversations, and to keep records of names, phone numbers, and all correspondence. Most have thanked me later.

Nothing but Problems With Cigna
By -

Ever since my husband's company changed their insurance healthcare plan to Cigna, it has been nothing more than problems with this healthcare insurance company. I am forever calling our Health Advocate for help paying the claims. This is always after several times of talking to Cigna's customer service reps. This is not an HMO Plan but their Open Access Plus Plan where the company pays $1500 monthly for this insurance. One would think, $1500 a month would give you some decent service. Not the case with Cigna.

I will be pushing to have the company change insurances at the next renewal and hopefully Healthcare reform will do something about companies like Cigna who seem to care about nothing more than their bottom line. We were happy with Great-West Healthcare, our prior insurance company now acquired by Cigna. I understand now how this was feasible. What a shame for our healthcare services in America today!

Medication Refill
By -

For 2 years I have been receiving my birth control pill ortho-tri-cyclen lo through home delivery service. I recently had refilled my order and I was sent the generic drug (Tri-Lo-Sprintec) versus the brand name Ortho-Tri-cyclen lo. As you must know, I was very upset because that is not what I wanted. In the meantime, I wanted to go get the prescription refilled at my local pharmacy until I straightened out the matter with the pharmacy delivery service and my doctor's office.

I was told that the brand medication is no longer available to be through refills by a local pharmacy, the only way I can receive the medication is through the home delivery service. I think it is ** that patients do not have the option to be informed ahead of time that their prescription will automatically be sent as a generic when a generic version becomes available!!! Cigna is ridiculous and I hate this insurance!!!

How do they have they say so to tell you where and where you cannot get your prescription refilled. Prior to even starting the home delivery service, I used to get the ortho-tri-cyclen-lo refilled at my local pharmacy and now 2 years later that option is no longer available? Cigna sucks and I am also going to write a complaint about the home delivery pharmacy as well!!!

How Employees Are Treated
By -

VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- I just wanted to vent about the way employees are treated in this company. After I was approved and even received correspondence from the company for short term disability due to my pregnancy. The Dr. wanted to take me out early due to severe stress and the fact that my manager would threaten to write me up if I used the bathroom more than twice a day. After I came back from maternity leave I received an email letting me know that my maternity leave was now denied and I owe them over $2000 and it will be taken out of my paycheck. I called and let them know I will be seeking legal advice because that isn't right. About a couple months later my newborn son was sick. So sick I could not take him to daycare. I remembered I saw that I had sick time leftover so I decided to take it. The next day I returned I worked half a day and my manager called me into a room and said it was Cignas new policy to terminate any employee who takes any unplanned time in January. I never signed anything or was even verbally warned about this ahead of time. I did notice in the same month a supervisors son had taken unplanned time but was never terminated.

However being terminated was the best thing that could happen seeing as how our health benefits were horrible and we have not gotten a raise in almost two years.

Do Not Buy Insurance Coverage From This Company
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I got Cigna through my husband's work. This is the first time I have Cigna. The coverage said that they cover acupuncture. Since my cancer treatment, I had many pains on my body. I had tried physical therapy many times, but it doesn't seem to work. Since my Cigna insurance cover acupuncture, I decided to try it with my doctor permission. I picked an acupuncture doctor through the network, cause I don't want to have any problem on denial of my treatments. After a few treatments, I felt better. My neck was able to move better and shoulder not so tight. My back pain was almost gone. I felt so much better emotionally and physically.

Then, my acupuncture doctor told me that Cigna was not paying him. When I called, they told me, they denied the coverage, cause I didn't call them for permission to go see an acupuncture. In my entire life, I have never experienced this before. If my insurance coverage said they will cover acupuncture with my family doctor's permission, then, this should be covered. I even picked a doctor under their network, hopefully this way will have no problem, but Cigna, just finds ways to not pay their coverages. What kind of insurance company is this?

My husband paid for our insurance coverage every month through his paycheck, so we won't have to worry about paying so much when we need to go see a doctor. Cigna has fail to do that for their clients. Because Cigna had rejected to pay for my acupuncture bills, now I had to stop my treatments. My neck, shoulder and back pain have come back.

Due to this experience, we will not buy Cigna again next year. I will encourage whoever out there trying to look for a health insurance coverage, make sure you do not pick Cigna Corporation. You do not want to deal this kind of situation like me. P.S. I will research this kind of practice about Cigna. I believe, this kind of company practice is totally wrong. Maybe a big cost of lawsuit will get them understand the basic moral of human nature.

Cigna Tel-Drug Idiocy Accidental or on Purpose
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My first experience with Cigna has thus far created three problems. Upon receiving 5 prescriptions from my doctor they first canceled the order because they "could not reach my doctor for verification". I was not notified by them and continued to wait for my prescriptions in the mail. It was only when I looked on-line that I found out that the order was canceled. When I called them they said were unable to reach my doctor and get approval. I told them to try again and they called back to tell me they had received approval.

After waiting another 2 weeks for my mail order prescriptions I checked on-line again. Only the cancellation was shown. When I called them they said they could not fill one of the prescriptions because my illness (CFS) was not among those listed for this medicine. The medicine is an antiviral drug, and what I have is a virus, but Tel-drug determined it was therefore an experimental drug and "they do not cover experimental drugs". This drug has been around for about 100 years and I have been taking it for 20 years. I don't know of ANY medication specifically for CFS.

The written notification said that they would not fill that prescription because they were "unable to obtain authorization to fill my prescription". However, it was not my doctor who refused authorization, it was a pharmacist at Tel-drug. I asked if it was common practice for them to cancel all of a person's prescriptions because one could not be filled. The Tel-Drug representative had no answer. After five phone calls four of the five medications were delivered.

During this pharmaceutical hell, they had asked for how I would pay for the drugs. I gave them credit card information and my statement showed the payment to Tel-Drug on August 11. I then received a statement from Tel-drug dated September 3 showing the amount as unpaid. When I called today and told them the charge had been made nearly a month earlier on my credit card, they said they had no record of receiving payment and I need to mail the credit card statement to them. So thanks to I do not have my main medicine and they do not show payment for the others so grudgingly filled.

Terrible Company!
By -

ALTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I'm a former employee of Cigna HealthCare and I wanted to write a review to inform everyone of how horrendous this company actually is. First of all I want to start with Customer service. The employees that take your calls only receive one week of training, ONE WEEK! They are forced to answer the calls as quickly as possible. They are told to say whatever they have to to get you off the phone and take the next call. When they inform you that they will "get back to" its crap. You will never receive a callback. They are not even given the time to research the problem to get an answer for you.

Our billing department has about a 30 day backup-meaning you send in your payment and it doesn't post for another 25 days since you mailed it, then you're in danger of being termed for non-pay, chances are it is our fault. When you are told that we have a "5 business day turn-around" that's also a crock. Have the time that you fax, or send in something, it will be lost.

If there is a piece of information missing from the form you send in, someone will shred it so they don't have to follow up with you. Most of the employees will do whatever they can to get out of doing work. It's truly the most repulsive company out there and I feel really sorry for any of you who carry them as your provider.

Disability Insurance Illusion
By -

NEW YORK -- In October, 2004, I left my job at a major record company in New York City after seven years, due to the ongoing debilitating symptoms of an autoimmune disorder called Behcet's Disease. The pain, neuropathy, fatigue, photosensitivity, and cognitive dysfunction caused by this disease proved to be too much for me to continue working at my job as Vice President of the Copyright Department. I am covered for disability benefits through my job by CIGNA Group Insurance. Unfortunately, CIGNA has refused to pay any long term benefits, citing what my wife and I believe are spurious reasons for defaulting on their contractual obligation.

Despite medical support from recognized specialists knowledgeable about this rare disease, testimonials from employees at BMG, CIGNA's initial granting of short-term disability benefits for this condition, and my being approved for Social Security benefits following a medical review, CIGNA is maintaining their position even though their doctors have never even seen me.

My wife and I have had to hire legal counsel to request that CIGNA provide documentation under ERISA law and regulations that support their position. We sent a detailed response that included further doctor's letters and treatment records, however CIGNA replied that they are affirming the previous denial. The cessation of income and mounting legal fees are causing my family severe financial hardship. I paid premiums for benefits that were clearly not available when needed.

We do not feel that CIGNA has been full or fair in reviewing this claim, and are denying benefits using stall tactics in an apparent effort to bankrupt and discourage our efforts in securing the benefits to which we are contractually entitled. A quick online search reveals numerous instances in which insurance companies have behaved similarly, often using the exact same boilerplate language to deny claimants of their benefits.

In some industries, this type of apparently collusive practice is viewed as anti-trust. We believe that CIGNA's denial was a foredrawn conclusion, and is patently unfair. For the sake of your family, please do not place full confidence in this type of coverage. We did nothing wrong, but learned the hard way.

Pays Nothing Towards Bills
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I keep getting EOBs (Explanation of benefits) from Cigna for medical services (colonoscopy, heart monitor, pathology of polyps) that Cigna does not pay one red cent towards. Yet we pay them over $4,800 a year for medical "coverage" that doesn't "cover" ANYTHING??!! That is the biggest scam I have ever heard of and it should be illegal!! Just the amount of money they rip off from us for premiums would cover the amounts I owe on 2 of my medical bills, so what good is health insurance doing me????

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