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Comcast Crappy Services
By -

LAKE BLUFF, ILLINOIS -- About 3 or more weeks ago I decided to take on a home-business call center job since I was off from work for 3+ months with my hand broken in two places and no money coming into the house. I finally passed all of my qualifications to work for this company so I decided to call AT&T to put a "dedicated phone line" into my computer room area so that I could make some money typing term papers for students (very slowly because my hand was broken and still is) and doing some call center services just to have some sort of money coming into the house because I am a single mother who lives in a $900,000 home.

And since I had no money coming in I was using all of my saving to survive. Anyway after speaking with AT&T they gave me some crap about it taking almost 3+ weeks to put in my phone because there were rains all across the United States, and a lot of phone lines were down. I asked AT&T what that had to do with me??? I also told them it was sunny and not raining where I lived. The operator told me that there were no technicians to put in a line for me.

I didn't want to wait, so my next decision was to call Comcast since I already had their cable and two cell phones with Comcast. When I called about 3 or so weeks ago, the operator told me that I was in luck - that I could have something called the Triple Play at approximately the same cost. He said that I would get lot more cable channels, a higher wireless speed on my computer and a dedicated phone line put into my computer room.

On that Friday, a guy (who had no writing on his truck and no credentials to present) said that he was from Comcast and the only reason I let him in is because I did in fact call Comcast. When he came into my house he was very rude to me. He asked me where were my telephone wire connections within the house and I replied that I didn't know. He looked at me in disgust and said that "Everyone should know where the things in their houses are." I was very insulted but I needed to have my phone line put into the house so that I could help support myself.

I asked him if I could show him around the house and he said no, he could find himself around and that he knew how to turn on the lights. I found that to be a rude statement as well. He asked me if I was using cable or wireless on my computer. I told him that I didn't know because my daughter took care of all the electronics but she was at work and I was letting him in her place. Finally after not finding whatever he was looking for, I volunteered to call my daughter so that she could tell me if our computer was wireless or using cable (or whatever).

After I called my daughter to have her explain to him, he walked away and said, "I don't want to speak to her; I didn't ask you to call her, you speak with her." After a while he asked me where my attic was. I showed him that my attic was located in my clothes closet and I left the room. After some time of going from the attic and back and forth to the basement, he put in a cable box, and drilled a whole into my wall saying that someone else would come out and take care of the wire/cord because he didn't know how to fit that. He also told me that I had a speedier internet.

I asked him if I also had a dedicated phone line. He said, "Don't you know what you want - you should have told me that in the first place." I was furious but I still didn'™t say anything. I just wanted him to do his work and leave. He started walking out of the door, signaling that he was finished, when I noticed that he hadn't even connected the phone line to the telephone so I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing so. He didn't even check the line to see if it worked or whether I could receive or make calls.

Later, after he left, I went outside to empty the garbage. I cried. This guy had drilled a whole completely through my house, dug up the front of my yard to hide the wire into the ground, dug up another part of my front lawn to bring the thick cable wire to the other side of the yard. I also noticed that while stepping into the dirt, he took the dirt off of his shoe by rubbing his shoes onto my sidewalk. I have my house up for sale so everyone that came by to see the house was stepping into mud. If that was not enough, he left the cable wire wrapped around my house, which proceeded to wrap around a HUGE spool where the rest of the cable wire had wrapped.

As of today, 9/16/07, the spool still sits on the side of the house, I still have no phone line. I had to pay Dell Computer over $125.00 to put my software back into my computer after this idiot did something to my cable connections or wireless connections that wiped out my software. If that isn't enough, since that cable wire has been sitting right in front of my house where my 5 year old grandson plays at, my grandson tripped over the cable line and busted his lip.

I am very scared that I am going to be sued if someone else trips and falls onto my property, so I am losing time and money because I couldn't work on my computer, I still don't have a phone, my front lawn is torn up, there is a live wire crossing my yard, hanging off of a spool. When I went back into the house I found out that guy had stood on one of my designer chairs to hoist himself into my attic. He didn't even ask to use a ladder.

I called all day Friday, from the time he left until late Saturday evening. I was hung up on by operators. I was told my operators that they could not send anyone out right away because there was other people waiting for services that were already in line. One SUPERVISOR told me that she didn't have to listen to my frustrations and that she would hang up on me, so I hung up on her first.

On WEDNESDAY of the following week, I got a knock at the door. A Comcast employee showed up to my door. Comcast didn't even mention that they were sending anyone out. Anyway, he presented his credentials, proceeded to fix the cable (which was not working properly), repair a few problems with my computer that Dell forgot to fix, he put the door back onto the attic ceiling which the other guy had left off.

I asked him why the other guy didn't have credentials and no Comcast written on his truck and the new Comcast guy told me that sometimes Comcast does not send real Comcast people out to fix problems that they sometimes send out contractors. I was so pissed I didn't know what to do. I told this guy my story and he was utterly flabbergasted. He was very nice, very helpful, and extremely sorry that I had been put through the wringer.

He compared what he could and said that someone would be out to deal with the hole in the wall, hide the cable wires that were sticking out of the ground and wrapped around my house, and to pick up the large spool of wire that was still sitting on my lawn. I called Comcast right away and thanked them for sending in a wonderful repairman. I was told that someone was going to come out and inspect the sight and correct all of the mistakes.

I Want Comcast to pay for my lawn, to give me a dedicated line with several months off of my dedicated line, my cable TV and my cell phones. I also want them to pay for the monetary employment I might have had if I had a telephone to use.

On September 19, 2007 my contact with the call center has said that my contract will be voided because I have not kept up with my part of the bargain and worked as an employee on behalf of their company and that my credentials will not be restored without requalifying after 1 year. My mortgage is behind, as are the rest of my bills, I still don't have the "Triple Play." Comcast operators are rude.

I called Comcast from Lake Bluff, Illinois, which is where I live, and I was still speaking with them on the telephone when I got to Chicago, which is about 50 miles away. I have been lied to, cussed out, hung upon, and told off. I don't have anything else to say. Comcast services speak for itself.

Poor Service
By -

MINNESOTA -- On Saturday, June 9th an installation was scheduled for the Comcast bundled services between 11:00 and 2:00. The tech showed up at 10:45 and did call first. His order did not call for a wireless connection to the second computer as I had requested. He returned to his office to get the equipment, promising to return that day and complete the installation. He did not return and did not call with an explanation.

I was left with a computer that could not access the current internet provider and I had to spend several hours reconfiguring and updating a laptop to access the dial up service. My basement (main) TV was not working with the partially installed system, 2 other TVs were not installed with the new system, and my house was littered with debris and materials. No one from Comcast ever apologized or provided an explanation for this action.

I called to reschedule to be told that the only options were the following Thursday or Sunday – no attempt to do anything extra to make up for the bungled installation. I selected Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00, so I could be present to oversee the project as confidence in Comcast was declining. After not hearing anything by 10:00, I called and attempted to get a time and confirm that the installation would still occur. I was told that they could not do that until 11:00. After being persistent and finally getting a supervisor, he said that he would check and get back to me. He did not.

Several other frustrating phone calls resulted in a “supervisor” calling me to say that he would be by at 3:00 to finish the installation. His attitude was that he was doing me a favor and seemed more interested in dominating the conversation than obtaining or giving information. At 3:00 he had not shown up and I called again. This time he was supposed to be there at 4:00. He finally showed up about 5:00. The first thing he said was that he was afraid of my dog (the first tech had no problem), turned around and with a big smile returned to his truck and left – He had just gotten out of finishing an installation late on a Sunday afternoon.

At this point, I was livid and called again to speak to a supervisor. He promised that a tech would finish the installation between 8:00 and 11:00 the following Monday. I stayed home from work for understandable reasons. I called at 10:30 to see what was going on and again was told that I had to wait. Again going to a supervisor, he agreed to contact the tech for a status.

While I was waiting on the phone for this status, I considered how the Comcast service would be once I was just another customer if it was this bad while I was a new customer. When the supervisor returned, I asked him to change the work order to have the equipment removed as I was cancelling the installation and I considered it to be a breach of contract by Comcast and therefore I owed nothing. I am sure that I will be billed, and it will be paid after I finish ice skating in Hell.

The tech came and started removing the equipment and did not reattaching the system as it was prior to Comcast mucking everything up. I instructed him that he was to leave the system as Comcast found it. He sullenly complied for the most part. He attempted to give me a change order receipt that did not specify what had occurred, namely the return of said equipment. I insisted that he write and sign (employee number) that the equipment was returned. Again, he sullenly complied.

As he was removing the equipment, I was on the phone ordering the Verizon fiber system. At no time in this process did Comcast do any more than say the right words on the phone. There was no real attempt to rectify the bad situation. There was no real attempt to provide customer service. They have totally lost control of what is happening in the field with their techs. The whole operation can be summed up in one word – DYSFUNCTIONAL.

Comcast Has the Worst Customer Service EVER!!!
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- I was thinking about becoming a new Comcast customer and made a call to XFINITY. I was routed to the Richmond Virginia office and reached a lady that had no business working anywhere let alone in a customer service call center. I have rocks in my garden that have more signs of intelligence than this person. Not only was she rude, laughing and couldn't answer ANY questions, but she flat out lied. Disgusted with this person I called XFINITY again to reach someone else and asked for a supervisor ** who flat out lied and was just as ghetto spoken as the first individual.

I was looking at a Triple Play package and was curious about two things. My first question to her was in this package it states "A Digital Voice modem is necessary to bring XFINITY Voice from Comcast into your home. Add $7.00 per month." I asked if this was included in the $199.99 or would this be in addition to my bill. She said it is included in the $199.99 which is a lie - it isn't.

Second question was in the check out it says that the package prices do not include applicable taxes and fees. So I asked her if I could get an approx. price of what these taxes and fees might be monthly. After her telling me no 20 times she finally goes hold on and 1 minute later gave me a figure of $18.28 and said we looked it up.

Why wouldn't you do your job as a supervisor in the first place and look it up. So instead of just the 2 questions I decided to ask her a final question and said to avoid the $7.00 monthly rental (the one she said was included) can I just purchase a voice modem and use it? Her answer was, "No you can't purchase a voice modem and use it," (another lie). I called back in hopes of getting someone with some kind of brain and got lucky. I was routed to a person in Washington state and she was able to really answer my questions in 30 seconds.

Comcast Promo Pricing
By -

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- During these hard economic times shouldn't we be able to trust our service companies we have had for years? I have been a Comcast Cable customer for years. Comcast had this new deal called the Triple Play that was going to save me lots of money. I signed up for it and had explicitly asked for how much each service was going to charge. I wanted the cheapest charges for every service, cable, internet, and phone. I was given cable service at 49.99, phone service at 19.99 and internet service at 24.95. This is going to be my prices? Yes, I was told. My bill would be around $115 a month. Great sign me up.

When the installer came out to hook up my phone and internet services I specifically asked him to go over my pricing again. He called his manager and we all went back and forth until I was promised the same prices as on the phone. OK install it then. My first bill I received was $240. This is for prorated month charges. Fine. I paid that bill. Two more bills came for the promised $115 a month. Everything was fine and I was now a happy customer. Bill number 4 was for $137. Why so much higher than my promised rates?

I called and was explained that I had all promotional pricing. My phone service had just reset to 39.99 and my cable was going to be setting in two more months to 74.99. The customer service agent explained to me that I had a great deal because I have unlimited long distance calling. I do? I was never told of this and I had never used the unlimited long distance in the three months I had service.

Now I am very upset because I no longer trust Comcast as a company. They can not tell you of their special "promo" pricing when you set up your plan and let you be surprised every time you get a bill. I email "Rick" the CEO or whatever of the company. I received a call today from Comcast telling me they will put me in a new promo pricing for 6 months. What happens when that pricing is up? "Oh you just call and get new promo pricing." So every 3-6 months, depending on how long your pricing is good for, you get to call the customer service line and beg for new pricing.

Why should we, as "valued" Comcast customers have to do this? Just give me one price. Just say this is what it is going to be. I don't have time to call every few months and wait on hold forever to try to get new pricing. My time is valuable. I'm calling Dish Network and AT&T back!

You Can't Cancel Your Service on ePayment
By -

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- I have been with Comcast for 3 years and decided to cancel and move to Verizon Fios, good deal so thought why not... Take extreme care with Comcast for you will have issues canceling your service if you're on the ePayment options (auto pay). According to my bank the ePayment option gives only Comcast the option to cancel taking the payment from your bank, in other words you cannot cancel Comcast until they decide they are going to stop taking funds from your account. I canceled over 2 months ago and they are still continuing to take the usual payments, so I have called them over 10 times no one at Comcast can help.

I visited the offices, but no one can help, no one cares regards the plight of corporate theft from my bank and hard earned cash. When will they stop this theft, well no one at Comcast can tell me for there is no defined status for canceled customers. They will eventually refund the extra non-service charges but can't tell me when, can't tell me when they will stop charging me and don't have a facility to return payments to my Bank. The bank has give me one option, to close my account and open another..

But they warned me that Comcast will try to take the amount and if not possible will issue a non payment charge against me, add this to my credit record and it will cause more issues than its worth. So basically if you decide to cancel Comcast for whatever reason, make sure to come off the ePayment option months and months before you stop the service.

I talked to someone confidentially who worked for Comcast and he told me that it's a standard abuse tactic, they do it because they can. It is theft but you're totally helpless to do anything about it. They are a bunch of scammers and thieves and get away with this type of tactic because there is no option for a non customer like me to get to anyone that can sort this mess out... Again, extreme care if you cancel Comcast. They will continue to bill you for service you no longer have, and you cannot do jack about it... tell your friends, tell your family and tell anyone you know who has Comcast to watch out... I got screwed but make sure you don't.

Inaccurate Bills
By -

I'm a long-term (many, many years) customer of Comcast. I recently made changes to my Comcast service, downgrading my cable and internet. This should have resulted in a significantly lower bill (according to the phone rep). I just received my monthly bill and the amount of the bill was $20 higher than the previous month. Based on the bill and Comcast Customer Service, the reason for the higher bill was Comcast billing me for a particular month of service, totaling over $25. The intersting part is that the dates of service for the particular month were the same as a bill which I had already paid (the previous month).

I also noted that Comcast also tried to stick me an HD/DVR Activation fee of $17.73. I've had my Comcast DVR for well over 2 years. So, that was interesting. After 2 phone calls (first call - I was put on hold for 10+ minutes and disconnected), I finally got a billing supervisor on the phone to review the bill. She almost immediately reversed the DVR Activation fee noting this was a mistake generated by the billing system. So, if you have a Comcast DVR and you change your service be on the lookout for this one. Apparently, Comcast's billing system is adding this charge and you can bet it won't be reversed unless you call.

After many minutes on hold, the supervisor also has applied a $20+ credit for the partial monthly bill. Apparently, the billing system doesn't take into account promotional rates. So, Comcast will charge you for a particular month at non-promotional rates (which is significantly higher than the promo rate). I'm no legal expert, but Comcast is systematically overbilling customers. Apparently, Comcast's billing system cannot account for customers with existing DVRs nor can it accurately prorate particular monthing fees for promo rate customers. Lawsuit anyone....

Worst Experience Ever
By -

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- After 7 years with my previous provider, with hurricanes and tornadoes I never lost service. To save a few bucks in these trying times I decided to bundle my package with Comcast. What a mistake that was. I received service on Thursday and 3 days later had no phone or internet. Called cus service and was informed that it would be 3 more days before a tech could be sent out. I explained to the cus service representative that I have 4 children and that my parents are in their 90's and either they send someone out the next day or cancel my service. The response was "does that mean you want to cancel service sir," yes was my answer.

Also at time of ordering the triple package we were told that we were to pay the installer $174.98 when he got there, which we did. Three days later we received a bill from Comcast for $508.70 including the $174.98 and had no service. While waiting for a week for our previous provider to hook us back up we had intermittent phone service or we couldn't hear the person we were calling but they could hear us. As far as the internet service goes the devices were installed in the garage and we had to constantly go down the steps outside to unplug and plug it back in to get on the internet. We were told that once we turned in the equipment that we would be refunded the $174.98.

It's still on the bill and now they are saying they have no record of it to be refunded. It took 45 min on my cell phone to get Comcast cancelled and service back with AT&T, who were very understanding considering the Comcast installer cut all the wires coming into the house and had to be spliced back thank goodness by AT&T at no extra charge. All in all out of 13 days we had service less than half of it. Worst experience ever. Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Comcast Authorizes 12 Month Promotion Without Customer Consent
By -

POINT PLEASANT, NEW JERSEY -- I'm hoping that you can enlighten me regarding my current situation. I had to explain to my children (3 yrs & 6 yrs old) why our premier line-up had been terminated and unavailable for their viewing. If you have children then you can appreciate that losing Spongebob for even one day was met with great unhappiness. However, over the weekend my girls adjusted to public broadcasting just fine. Imagine my surprise when my toddler told me this morning that she was watching Disney.

During prior correspondence we've established that not only was an official resolution not executed, but the suggested “promotion” mentioned by ** was neither detailed nor met with great enthusiasm on my part due to extensive negative incidents. Today I have the premier package. Friday this was terminated before I could hang up my phone.

Today, Monday Feb. 16th, Comcast continues to lack quality communication skills not only between employees but extends this inadequacy to their customers. I would like to know why my service has been restored since I did not authorize this and prior to the weekend I have received basic cable. Since I am left in the dark, yet again regarding Comcast's actions I would appreciate an explanation.

I have just found out due to billing at Comcast that authorized a “promotional” package with Comcast at 10:41 A.M. on Sat. Feb. 14th 2009 without my knowledge or authorization. I was not contacted by any member of Comcast until Saturday evening when a “promotion” was offered in a short email mentioning only a monthly discount.. I was told by Comcast that I would be contacted on Monday Feb. 16th to discuss this promotion. At this time I have yet to receive any details of this package that ** authorized. I have not been contacted at any time by Comcast to validate the initiation of this “promotional” package.

Stop Overcharging and Wasting My Time.
By -

MERCER ISLAND, WA 98040, WASHINGTON -- I've been trying to solve a problem with Comcast for more than a year. I basically gave up, but just when I thought I could live with things, Comcast went out of its way to waste my time and reopen the wound. For reasons that are long, boring, and really make no sense, last summer I agreed to a deal with Comcast to pay more than I had to for all three services: A Triple Play. Then earlier this week, I received a letter from Comcast telling me that I was going to receive REWARDS because I was a Triple Play participant. All I had to do was take a minute or two and log in to their site. Hey, thanks! Here's what happened next.

Couldn't log on to the site. Too busy. After a couple of hours, I was able to log on to site. Entered information requested, and told my information didn't match their records. Please reenter. After several fruitless re-entries of information, I was directed to call Comcast. Called Comcast. Placed on hold. Comcast operator unable to tell me why I received letter. Mentions that I'm going off "promotional rate." I asked what "promotional rate?" No coherent answer. I ask to speak with supervisor. Operator grills me on reason and then says no supervisors available. One will call tomorrow. No supervisor calls.

I email "Rick G" who is Comcast Vice President and advertises that any request for assistance directed to him will receive a reply in 24 hours. After 72 hours, no response. Go on Comcast help forum and ask for help. Moderator promises fast response. Promised assistance never materializes. On so it goes.

No one call explain my bill, why I am paying more than the "Triple Play" rate, and why I received a letter then cost me several hours of aggravation only to find out that Comcast wouldn't honor its own offer for a reason that no one can explain.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I just had XFINITY home triple play plus home security installed in my home. Installation was FREE and it states that on my contract. This was in November. However it's now FEB and I am still having problems getting my bill correct. I have a written contract saying 'zero' installation changes for triple play and home security... They keep billing me hundreds of dollars for installation.

I have FAXED the Contract, talk to the Business office. Talk to the guy that installed it (who says it was free installation and he will work to get it fixed). AND They have called me to tell me I am being cut off due to bill overdue which is all the installation changes. They told me today that I have to call the guy that installed it to have him fix my BILL. HELLO!!! I have a contract.... Don't you think Comcast would call the guy that installed it and fix my bill? THEY told me to do it... What is up with customer service?!

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