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Comcast doesn't honor the service prices
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Potential Comcast user, please be aware that this company doesn’t honor the contract agreed prices, I contracted triple play bundle at 99 dollars but couple months later they came back with the story that additional TV’s outlet (Bundle comes with only one) and telephone converter box rental prices were increased and start charging new prices. Don’t be surprised, what they want is signing in you and then start breaking itemized prices that end up making your payment more than what was agreed initially. The initial bill was 121 and now it changed to 130 dollars.
I am posting this complain because I think this is not a fair business practice.
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Skye on 01/21/2011:
I'm not under any type of contract with Comcast, but I do have them for my cable.

In my recent bill, they included all new price increases for EVERYTHING.
Nohandle on 01/21/2011:
Golly, I thought I was the only one. I agreeded to the triple play, if you will, and everything rocked along fine for a month or so. The only thing I had added was my home telephone service since I already had internet and TV with them. And, YES the price was $99.00 plus tax for a year for all three services.

I called when I received an inflated price and no one seemed to know what I was talking about as far as the $99.00. I was dismayed as well. Some supervisor couldn't find any record but decided to put my monthly charge back to the original quoted price for a period of 6 months. Strange, really strange. I'll deal with it with the so called 6 months are up.
NickL11354 on 01/21/2011:
Its like this for all cable & cell phone services. When you ask what they TOTAL bill will be each month they somehow 'Don't Know'. And of course they will 'never know' what the price will be the 2nd year even though you have to agree to a 24 month term.

Yes, there is an additional charge for HD (which only includes about 30 HD Channels or less for that price), additional charge for any additional outlets and for phone.

However, Comcast is better than Verizon FIOS. A supposed $109 triple play was never less than $170 a month. Many times additional charges & services were sneaked onto the bill without my approval
NickL11354 on 01/21/2011:
{{{I called when I received an inflated price and no one seemed to know what I was talking about as far as the $99.00. I was dismayed as well. Some supervisor couldn't find any record but decided to put my monthly charge back to the original quoted price for a period of 6 months. }}}

Wow, this promo is only advertised on the radio several times an hour (at least in the Boston area). Stores & services like this are trained to NEVER KNOW (selective amnesia) about these promos. They assume all customers buy on impulse and are too busy to care about their bill (or they just put it onto a credit card)
Anonymous on 01/21/2011:
These companies will always find a way to add fees. When they offer you that triple play, of course its all for basic service, not including taxes or fees. I switched from Time Warner to DirecTV, and am absolutely satisfied. My bill went from 120 dollars a month to 56 dollars.
SteveWiginowski on 01/21/2011:
I really don't like Comcast in general. I've had my fair share of run ins with them, even though I just became a customer in July of 2010. The pricing was never really fully explained to me. They said it would be something like $109 a month for the HD Triple Play Package. Next thing I know, my bill adds another charge. When I call them about it, they say that it is for the Comcast Internet Box and Comcast Cable Box. To me that should be included, unless of course I can run the Triple Play package without those two, but I don't think I can have internet, cable, and phone without the Comcast Boxes.
Anonymous on 01/21/2011:
I don't know what everyones deal is with DirecTV. I went over everything with a fine tooth comb, I added everything I wanted, read the terms....and before signing up, they showed me what my bill would be for the first year.....and I was able to come up with a total of what my bill will be the second year...which is still cheaper than what I way paying for Time Warner.....our tech was awsome, and our service has been spot-on, with no billing issues.
Anonymous on 01/21/2011:
I had an extremely heated discussion recently over my $119.00/month bill somehow ballooning into $140.00! I sat with my itemized bill, side by side with the advertised flyer. There only explanation was that the $119.00 was for the "service" and not the equipment such as the modem. Those incurred separate monthly charges. I implored to them that the "service" was unaccessible without the modem, therefore was basically useless to me. They MUST be a total package together. By the end of my conversation, I had a free modem charge for 1-yr:) You just can't stand by idly and let them take advantage of you. Stand up to them!
TFRANKLIN on 03/13/2011:
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Company does not care about its customers
Posted by on
When I tried to get Comcast service (June 2008), I was told that I could not because I apparently had service in three different homes and businesses. I knew that I did not, so I thought someone stole my identity and got cable. This went on for over a month until a lady by the name of Karen called me to tell me that it was a mistake. She apologized and told me if I still wanted service that they would work something out. Then I spoke to Gina who promised me a few months free of service (6 months) and a year free of HBO and Showtime. Well, I should have looked at that as a sign, because that was a start to my problems.

My problems are:
Cable is not working properly. Receiving constant error messages.

Phone and internet works intermittent.

August 2008 - Feb. 2009 I have met all of the techs at Comcast who could not fix the problem. I was given an additional 6 months of free service for the inconvenience and also to assist with finding out the problems.

March 2009 - April 2009
The same problems along with new problems with the Comcast service and no one can tell me if the problem can be fixed.

June 2009 - January 2011
I am having problems and the person that I am working within the Comcast corporate office does not seem to care of the problems that I am experiencing.
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Skye on 01/16/2011:
Call the 800 number for Comcast. Select the tech suppor option. When they answer, ask them to please connect you with their loyalty department. Yes they have a loyalty department. We had some issues with Comcast and could not get them resolved, and were told by a tech to ask for the loyalty department. Our issues were taken care of immediately, and finally resolved.
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Comcast Triple Play phone order
Posted by on
I spent 2 hours on phone ordering Comcast triple play service
via toll free number on Comcast website.
I was scammed... almost.
Bridgevine company answer phone on behalf of Comcast.
I told him I was looking at online promotions, he said because I was a current longtime cable customer he would give me triple play for 12 months, no contract @ 39.99 a month. I closed the deal with him, set up installation with the next department he forwarded me to.
I woke up this morning, called Comcast to confirm order. Bridgevine company, in behalf of Comcast had ordered me no cable TV, Internet@ 44.99 for 6 months and telephone for 29.99.
I had received no documentation from anyone via email so I suspected the nightmare was in progress.
While talking to Comcast to review order, I asked them to cancel entire order... what would they do if they were me? I was told to call their subcontractor and complain...
What else can I do to make Comcast's life a little easier?
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Alain on 01/16/2011:
Hopefully Comcast will take the hint and talk to their contractor about customer service.
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You can't cancel your service on ePayment
Posted by on
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- I have been with Comcast for 3 years and decided to cancel and move to Verizon Fios, good deal so thought why not... Take extreme care with Comcast for you will have issues canceling your service if your on the ePayment options (auto pay) according to my bank the ePayment option gives only Comcast the option to cancel taking the payment from your bank, in other words you cannot cancel Comcast until they decide they are going to stop taking funds from your account, I canceled over 2 months ago and they are still continuing to take the usual payments, so I have called them over 10 times no one at Comcast can help, I visited the offices, but no one can help, no one cares regards the plight of corporate theft from my bank an hard earned cash, when will they stop this theft, well no one at Comcast can tell me for there is no defined status for canceled customers, they will eventually refund the extra non-service charges but can't tell me when, can't tell me when they will stop charging me and don't have a facility to return payments to my Bank, the bank has give me one option, to close my account and open another.. But they warned me that Comcast will try to take the amount and if not possible will issue a non payment charge against me, add this to my credit record and it will cause more issues than its worth, so basically if you decide to cancel Comcast for what ever reason, make sure to come off the ePayment option months and months before you stop the service, I talked to someone confidentially who worked for Comcast and he told me that its a standard abuse tactic, they do it because they can, it is theft but your totally helpless to do anything about it, they are a bunch of scammers and thieves and get away with this type of tactic because there is no option for a non customer like me to get to anyone that can sort this mess out...

Again, extreme care if you cancel Comcast they will continue to bill you for service you no longer have, and you cannot do jack about it... tell your friends tell your family and tell anyone you know who has Comcast to watch out... I got screwed but make sure you don't.
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spiderman2 on 10/28/2009:
This is one reason I won't use autopay on anything. The idea of a company having free access to my bank account makes me sick and this is why. I went from Comcast to FIOS and didn't have any problems, but I used to send them a check every month, their online paying system kept freezing on me and it was easier to send a check. They did reimburse me for the half month I didn't use (you pay in advance with them) but only after the technician came out and physically disconnected the cable. Hopefully you can get this resolved and they will reimburse you from the date you cancelled. Good luck.
Anonymous on 10/28/2009:
Your bank is incorrect. You certainly can place a stop payment against ACH debits from Comcast.
PepperElf on 10/28/2009:
this is why I don't have auto pay with any of my bills right now, except my car insurance.

I pay my electricity, cable, and storage unit bills manually
thedutydoctor on 10/28/2009:
KenPopcorn, I'm with Wachovia and there is no way for hem to cancel this, they can cancel the ID for the payment but from experience they have had with Comcast they will use another ID and it will just go through, I spoke with the Manager directly in the Rockville office, if you something that I don't the please share, but if the manager says there's no other way then to close my checking account which I don't want to do for other reasons, I'm stuck... Please share what you know for I will be very interested indeed...
thedutydoctor on 10/28/2009:
spiderman2, I guess its a lesson I learned the hard way , and thanks for the feedback... I'll update if and when they stop the theft from my account,
Anonymous on 10/28/2009:
Duty is correct, or should I say Wachoiva is correct. Yes, they can put a stop payment on the ACH BUT all Comcast has to do is change the amount by one cent or change the ID number... and the charge will go through.
thedutydoctor on 10/29/2009:
New update - Comcast service van outside the house this morning disconnecting the cable!! The wheels within comcast turn slowly for sure - I also received another bill from them yesterday, this time for $24.98 apparently for services that I had used in October... well as you know the service was terminated months and months ago... this is hopeless, I tried calling customer service again this morning but as usual know one knows anything about anything, no notes on the system, no idea why the bill was sent.

I called the billing dpt, very vindictive this morning, almost a "Why are you bothering us with this petty issue, you'll get a refund' apparently I'm supposed to just accept the fact that it will take its own sweet time to get sorted, and chug through the Comcast sausage machine, again no one can tell me why I was billed for October, they did admit that I had no equipment but as the bill comes from another department, there unable to comment on why it was sent out... You know the more I deal with Comcast the more I am beginning to think its a complete non-communications situation, accounts have a system, customer service have a system, repairs and support have a system, but each one runs autonomous to each other, with DMZ's around each unit which has no way to pull something like my situation out of no-mans-land and resolve it... I guess why waste time, I'm no longer a customer with Comcast, sweet!!

I'll keep you posted....
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
Duty, you just might (even though you don't want to) have to do what Wachovia suggests. You might have to close that account and open up another one. It doesn't take long, probably 10 minutes tops. That might be the only way you can stop them from taking your money.
thedutydoctor on 10/29/2009:
bearkatkitten - its looking like its my only option, my concern are two fold in that the ineptness of Comcast may actually impact my personal credit score if they are not able to take funds, in effect place me in a non-payer situation, by the time it is sorted out the damage could be far worse and damage to my credit score, I'm also hesitant to do this, as the Bank said your completely at the mercy of Comcast, and they could if they do not receive payment issue collection proceedings for failure to pay the bill... bearkatkitten - its causing me some real grief as to what's the best plan, continue to let them take my money, and eventually in 2010 I'll see a refund, or close my checking account and risk a bad credit score, or worse collection agency on file... I'm scheduled to talk to a lawyer this Friday, he's confident he can win the case for both the charges for non-services and damages and costs, I'll keep you posted, do you know if there is a Federal body that looks after the communications side, like an ombudsman... where I can officially complain about Comcast?

Will update as more transpires.
thedutydoctor on 11/16/2009:
Update.. I took the liberty to cancel my checking account at the bank, and opened another to prevent the comcast ACH from hitting the account again, I did this to be on the safe side... well!!

Saturday morning a check arrived from Comcast for the illegal charges and thefts to my account, get this ...less a $24.99 charge with a further supporting comcast bill, this charge according to the customer support robot was for a correction to my account regarding incorrect service billing by comcast service.... WHAT SERVICE..

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that I have received the total outstanding amounts back in full, less of course interest, or any form of apology for that mater for the inconvenience they caused, then again I'didn't expect an explanation or reasons why the error had take place... because to do this you would need to care, and comcast don't care,.. so I consider this fiasco closed.

I will never recommend comcast to any of my friends, or to anyone whom I have the pleasure to talk to in the future regarding services for internet, telephone, TV... they are a bunch of thieves, hiding behind a policy to scam and misinterpret a situation for maximum frustration and gain.. I hate them deeply for the issues that they caused to me.

To anyone who may be reading this post thinking about signing up to comcast, THINK VERY CAREFULLY!! and look elsewhere...

My thanks go out to everyone at my3cents for their comments/support I trust my postings with regards to Comcast service will help some poor unsuspecting citizen from being shafted as I have been by this bunch of reprobates over the last few months.

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies and Gentlemen, and good luck for the future...


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Bait and Switch
Posted by on
I've had Comcast providing my HDTV, high speed internet as well as phone service for 2 years now. The service has been satisfactory, but Comcast is famous for luring in new customers with great deals and quick customer service at first (if you're lucky) and then soon treating said customers like chopped liver after they're no longer "new."

After years of being a loyal customer, the monthly service fee, much like an adjustable mortgage rate, will skyrocket with no notice. Meanwhile, you see a Comcast commercial for this wonderful price that you, a loyal long standing customer, are not eligible for. Upon calling Comcast to try to re-negotiate the bill, you get an "I couldn't care less about you" attitude from every customer service person (I spoke w/ 4 different individuals, one extremely rude).

Comcast is practically driving away their long standing customers with unreasonable rates. We must play the game of changing service providers every couple of years to get the "new customer deal" with each company.

I can see that this plan must work for Comcast's CEO, who is lounging on his yacht while all his minimum wage minions do nothing to retain business with loyal customers.

A total disappointment.
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tnchuck100 on 06/22/2009:
Valid complaint. But no bait & switch. Companies seem to go to great lengths to get a new customer but will do absolutely nothing to retain one. Strange.
Anonymous on 06/23/2009:
The secret to getting a better deal is to threaten to cancel. Then you will be transferred to 'retentions'. Those people have the power to grant offers not available to first tier CSRs. I used that routine successfully when I had Comcast and it works quite well with Verizon. Yesterday I renegotiated my Verizon triple-play to get more TV channels and higher internet speeds for only $2 more a month locked in for 2 years.
Starlord on 06/23/2009:
Please learn what Bait and Switch actually is. So many people throw it around, it has become totally meaningless. There is no Bait & Switch here
savvycustomer on 06/23/2009:
I took the bait (the introductory offer), then the rate was switched to much higher than I was told it would (not to exceed 150 per mo which it had been for a few months). I was told this over the phone, got nothing in writing. That's what I call bait and switch. I think I can do better than 200 a month for TV, internet and phone. If I'm wrong, please inform me.
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Inaccurate Bills
Posted by on
I'm a long-term (many, many years) customer of Comcast.

I recently made changes to my Comcast service, downgrading my cable and internet.

This should have resulted in a significantly lower bill (according to the phone rep). I just received my monthly bill and the amount of the bill was $20 higher than the previous month.

Based on the bill and Comcast Customer Service, the reason for the higher bill was Comcast billing me for a partical month of service, totaling over $25. The intersting part is that the dates of service for the partical month were the same as a bill which I had already paid (the previous month).

I also noted that Comcast also tried to stick me an HD/DVR Acitivation fee of $17.73. I've had my Comcast DVR for well over 2 years. So, that was intersting.

After 2 phone calls (first call - I was put on hold for 10+ minutes and disconnected), I finally got a billing supervisor on the phone to review the bill. She almost immediately reversed the DVR Activation fee noting this was a mistake generated by the billing system. So, if you have a Comcast DVR and you change your service be on the lookout for this one. Apparently, Comcast's billing system is adding this charge and you can bet it won't be reversed unless you call.

After many minutes on hold, the supervisor also has applied a $20+ credit for the partial monthly bill. Apparently, the billing system doesn't take into account promotional rates. So, Comcast will charge you for a partical month at non-promotional rates (which is significantly higher than the promo rate).

I'm no legal expert, but Comcast is systematically overbilling customers. Apparently, Comcast's billing system cannot account for customers with existing DVRs nor can it accurrately prorate partical monthing fees for promo rate customers.

Lawsuit anyone....
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 06/17/2009:
Good job in calling their hand!

You can bet these billing errors are not mistakes. They rely on the fact that most customers won't catch it or do not want to be bothered with the hassle of getting it corrected. They make many thousands of dollars this way. And it's not just Comcast, many of the big companies make extra money this way.
MRM on 06/17/2009:
"Bolt," I applaud you for keeping an eye on your bills and correcting it. I'll even be more happier if you cancel the cable (but keep the internet.) Cable... who needs it?
Nohandle on 06/17/2009:
Some folks still need cable if they want to watch TV at all.
MRM on 06/17/2009:
They can watch tv over the air broadcast and it is free.
Nohandle on 06/17/2009:
Just curious here MRM, what if the nearest air broadcast station is 100 miles away or a couple of mountains prevent reception. I'm serious.
MRM on 06/17/2009:
I'm talking in general here. That same logic can be applied to cable as well.
Anonymous on 06/17/2009:
MRM, after reading the Direct and Dish reviews here, you couldn't pay me to give up my cable.
MRM on 06/17/2009:
Ken, that is awesome. I have Cox cable and I'm happy with the pricing (less than $50 with basic cable).
Anonymous on 06/17/2009:
I have Cox cable too, and I can't stand them.
Nohandle on 06/17/2009:
I understand MRM. I wouldn't have cable if it wasn't a necessity if I want to watch TV. I also have a family member who couldn't get TV period if it wasn't for cable. You guys who have a choice, I envy you. I wouldn't pay for it either.
MRM on 06/17/2009:
MissMarple, walk away with your money by watching free over-the-air broadcast! I believe there are more than 30 channels over-the-air high definition broadcast for free! Cable... who needs them.
BokiBean on 06/17/2009:
Ken, there are tons of Comcast complaints too! I have DISH and love it, the only thing I worry about is if I ever have to cancel. But all these "entities" have many complaints...
Anonymous on 06/17/2009:
The thing that bothered me about Comcast is their lack of technical knowledge...I had modem issues and their fix was to reboot it everyday..It got a little old....
Anonymous on 06/17/2009:
Where I live over the air broadasting signals really stink. This may have changed with the transition to digital. I have no complaints with Cox Cable so I will keep them for now.

As for Comcast, when I lived in their service area they SUCKED. Both cable and internet services were horrible and the customer service was right along with them. I caught several billing errors as well. Good job on calling them out on THEIR errors. Whether intentional or not they should have checks in place to avoid these errors... or maybe they rely on people to not pay attention and just pay out.
BokiBean on 06/17/2009:
Comcast was absolutely horrible here when we had trouble with them and they were basically the only game in town. Now that the dish people have taken tons of their territory they made a concerted effort to give better customer service and work better on tech problems.

A lot of time, I think issues with any of the "big boys" are due to location.
huge on 06/25/2009:
I love comcast !
my number one choise ever !!!!
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Worst Experience Ever
Posted by on
TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- After 7 years with my previous provider, with hurricanes and tornadoes I never lost service. To save a few bucks in these trying times I decided to bundle my package with Comcast. What a mistake that was. I received service on Thursday and 3 days later had no phone or internet. Called cus service and was informed that it would be 3 more days before a tech could be sent out. I explained to the cus service representative that I have 4 children and that my parents are in their 90's and either they send someone out the next day or cancel my service. The response was "does that mean you want to cancel service sir" yes was my answer. Also at time of ordering the triple package we were told that we were to pay the installer $174.98 When he got there, which we did. Three days later we received a bill from Comcast for $508.70 Including the $174.98 And had no service. While waiting for a week for our previous provider to hook us back up we had intermittent phone service or we couldn't hear the person we were calling but they could hear us. As far as the internet service goes the devices were installed in the garage and we had to constantly go down the steps outside to unplug and plug it back in to get on the internet. We were told that once we turned in the equipment that we would be refunded the $174.98.

Its still on the bill and now they are saying they have no record of it to be refunded. It took 45 min on my cell phone to get Comcast cancelled and service back with AT&T, who were very understanding considering the Comcast installer cut all the wires coming into the house and had to be spliced back thank goodness by AT&T at no extra charge. All in all out of 13 days we had service less than half of it.

Worst experience ever
tuscaloosa Alabama
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Comcast Authorizes 12 Month Promotion Without Customer Consent
Posted by on
POINT PLEASANT, NEW JERSEY -- I’m hoping that you can enlighten me regarding my current situation.

I had to explain to my children (3yrs & 6yrs old) why our premier line-up had been terminated and unavailable for their viewing. If you have children then you can appreciate that losing Spongebob for even one day was met with great unhappiness. However, over the week-end my girls adjusted to public broadcasting just fine. Imagine my surprise when my toddler told me this morning that she was watching Disney.

During prior correspondence we’ve established that not only was an official resolution not executed, but the suggested “promotion” mentioned by Frank was neither detailed nor met with great enthusiasm on my part due to extensive negative incidents.

Today I have the premier package. Friday this was terminated before I could hang up my phone.

Today, Monday Feb. 16th, Comcast continues to lack quality communication skills not only between employees but extends this inadequacy to their customers.

I would like to know why my service has been restored since I did not authorize this and prior to the week-end I have received basic cable. Since I am left in the dark, yet again regarding Comcast’s actions I would appreciate an explanation.

Thank you

Andrea Gerstner

I have just found out due to billing at Comcast that [snip] authorized a “promotional” package with Comcast at 10:41 A.M. on Sat. Feb. 14th 2009 without my knowledge or authorization. I was not contacted by any member of Comcast until Saturday evening when a “promotion” was offered in a short email mentioning only a monthly discount.. I was told by Comcast that I would be contacted on Monday Feb. 16th to discuss this promotion. At this time I have yet to receive any details of this package that [snip] authorized. I have not been contacted at any time by Comcast to validate the initiation of this “promotional” package.

The new mail will be Please be sure to update your address books.



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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/17/2009:
This sounds more like a Vonage, DirecTV or DISH trick. Maybe Comcast is taking lessons these days? (VH info)
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Stop overcharging and wasting my time.
Posted by on
MERCER ISLAND, WA 98040, WASHINGTON -- I've been trying to solve a problem with Comcast for more than a year. I basically gave up, but just when I thought I could live with things, Comcast went out of its way to waste my time and reopen the wound.

For reasons that are long, boring, and really make no sense, last summer I agreed to a deal with Comcast to pay more than I had to for all three services: A Triple Play.

Then earlier this week, I received a letter from Comcast telling me that I was going to receive REWARDS because I was a Triple Play participant. All I had to do was take a minute or two and log in to their site. Hey, thanks! Here's what happened next.

1) Couldn't log on to the site. Too busy.
2) After a couple of hours, I was able to log on to site. Entered information requested, and told my information didn't match their records. Please reenter.
3) After several fruitless re-entries of information, I was directed to call Comcast.
4) Called Comcast. Placed on hold.
5) Comcast operator unable to tell me why I received letter. Mentions that I'm going off "promotional rate". I asked what "promotional rate?" No coherent answer.
6) I ask to speak with supervisor. Operator grills me on reason and then says no supervisors available. One will call tomorrow.
7) No supervisor calls.
8) I email "Rick G" who is Comcast Vice President and advertises that any request for assistance directed to him will receive a reply in 24 hours. After 72 hours, no response.
9) Go on Comcast help forum and ask for help. Moderator promises fast response. Promised assistance never materializes.
10)On so it goes.

No one call explain my bill, why I am paying more than the "Triple Play" rate, and why I received a letter than cost me several hours of aggravation only to find out that Comcast wouldn't honor its own offer for a reason that no one can explain.

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User Replies:
madconsumer on 05/02/2008:
why not cancel the services? the good thing about comcast is, no contracts.
BvF7734 on 05/02/2008:
That is about the only good thing with them. Everything else about them is bad.
Anonymous on 05/02/2008:
Well compared to the dish networks, they look pretty good.
BvF7734 on 05/03/2008:
I have dish and have not had a single problem at all over the last year tat I have had them. Bills are always right unlike Comcraps were.
DRKELSO on 05/24/2008:
The triple play is only a year long deal and the rewards program is a perk you get for having all 3 services.
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Poor Service
Posted by on
MINNESOTA -- 1. On Saturday, June 9th an installation was scheduled for the Comcast bundled services between 11:00 and 2:00. The tech showed up at 10:45 and did call first. His order did not call for a wireless connection to the second computer as I had requested. He returned to his office to get the equipment, promising to return that day and complete the installation. He did not return and did not call with an explanation. I was left with a computer that could not access the current internet provider and I had to spend several hours reconfiguring and updating a laptop to access the dial up service. My basement (main) TV was not working with the partially installed system, 2 other TVs were not installed with the new system, and my house was littered with debris and materials. No one from Comcast ever apologized or provided an explanation for this action.

2. I called to reschedule to be told that the only options were the following Thursday or Sunday – no attempt to do anything extra to make up for the bungled installation. I selected Sunday from, 8:00 to 11:00, so I could be present to oversee the project as confidence in Comcast was declining. After not hearing anything by 10:00, I called and attempted to get a time and confirm that the installation would still occur. I was told that they could not do that until 11:00. After being persistent and finally getting a supervisor, he said that he would check and get back to me. He did not. Several other frustrating phone calls resulted in a “supervisor” calling me to say that he would be by at 3:00 to finish the installation. His attitude was that he was doing me a favor and seemed more interested in dominating the conversation than obtaining or giving information. At 3:00 he had not shown up and I called again. This time he was supposed to be there at 4:00. He finally showed up about 5:00. The first thing he said was that he was afraid of my dog (the first tech had no problem), turned around and with a big smile returned to his truck and left – He had just gotten out of finishing an installation late on a Sunday afternoon.

3. At this point, I was livid and called again to speak to a supervisor. He promised that a tech would finish the installation between 8:00 and 11:00 the following Monday. I stayed home from work for understandable reasons. I called at 10:30 to see what was going on and again was told that I had to wait. Again going to a supervisor, he agreed to contact the tech for a status.

4. While I was waiting on the phone for this status, I considered how the Comcast service would be once I was just another customer if it was this bad while I was a new customer. When the supervisor returned, I asked him to change the work order to have the equipment removed as I was cancelling the installation and I considered it to be a breach of contract by Comcast and therefore I owed nothing. I am sure that I will be billed, and it will be paid after I finish ice skating in Hell.

5. The tech came and started removing the equipment and did not reattaching the system as it was prior to Comcast mucking everything up. I instructed him that he was to leave the system as Comcast found it. He sullenly complied for the most part. He attempted to give me a change order receipt that did not specify what had occurred, namely the return of said equipment. I insisted that he write and sign (employee number) that the equipment was returned. Again, he sullenly complied.

6. As he was removing the equipment, I was on the phone ordering the Verizon fiber system.

7. At no time in this process did Comcast do any more than say the right words on the phone. There was no real attempt to rectify the bad situation. There was no real attempt to provide customer service. They have totally lost control of what is happening in the field with their techs. The whole operation can be summed up in one word – DYSFUNCTIONAL.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 07/05/2007:
Sounds like you are a hothead. Comcast should be happy you are no longer their customer. BTW; if you don't pay your bill, you'll be sent to a collection agency.
bsb7140 on 07/11/2007:
I work for Comcast, sure am glad you are no longer our customer :)
azdee on 01/05/2009:
[snip] All any customer wants is for the service to be provided when and how it is promised. When you guys do sh@tty work we all get pissed. The only reason cable companies get away with the crap they do is because the consumer has so few providers to choose from. Hope your Dr. repairs your messed up body parts the same way you repair and install your cable equipment :(
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