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Consistently Poor Service for Internet, TV and Phone. Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- Comcast has been the worst internet and phone service provider I have ever used and I am an experienced user. If there is another choice for TV, Internet or phone services my advice is to go with it. Customer service from the Philippines is friendly but powerless to get anything done.

We have had service issues for a year and I've been patient but they promise and never come through. The internet goes down or is extremely slow practically everyday. I've gone to the supervisor level and get promises that regional engineering is going to contact us and come up with a solution and it NEVER HAPPENS; I'm not talking about the solution. I am saying they never even contact us. It is unbelievably bad, worst service ever!

Worst Cable Provider in the Whole Country
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Rating: 1/51

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- I have kept Comcast for almost three years because every time I will get upset with their poor service they will "reduce" or give me a better deal for my service. I have had the following experience with this company: rate go up gradually for the same service, my internet stopped working (several times), being charged for a pay-per-view I did not purchase, being charged late fees for a bill that was paid in time, and finally they are taking away channels and limiting what I can watch (they take away about 2 channels a day).

We also kept this provider because we will be at the current location temporary. I am very happy to say that we are finally relocating to a different state and will not be needing this horrible service anymore. This is one of the most horrible cable and internet providers that I have personally dealt with. Do not recommend it to anyone.

Comcast Doesn't Honor the Service Prices
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Potential Comcast user, please be aware that this company doesn't honor the contract agreed prices. I contracted Triple Play bundle at 99 dollars but couple months later they came back with the story that additional TV'€™s outlet (Bundle comes with only one) and telephone converter box rental prices were increased and start charging new prices. Don't be surprised, what they want is signing in you and then start breaking itemized prices that end up making your payment more than what was agreed initially. The initial bill was 121 and now it changed to 130 dollars. I am posting this complaint because I think this is not a fair business practice.

Company Does Not Care About Its Customers
By -

When I tried to get Comcast service (June 2008), I was told that I could not because I apparently had service in three different homes and businesses. I knew that I did not, so I thought someone stole my identity and got cable. This went on for over a month until a lady by the name of ** called me to tell me that it was a mistake. She apologized and told me if I still wanted service that they would work something out. Then I spoke to ** who promised me a few months free of service (6 months) and a year free of HBO and Showtime. Well, I should have looked at that as a sign, because that was a start to my problems.

My problems are: Cable is not working properly. Receiving constant error messages. Phone and internet works intermittent. August 2008 - Feb. 2009 I have met all of the techs at Comcast who could not fix the problem. I was given an additional 6 months of free service for the inconvenience and also to assist with finding out the problems. March 2009 - April 2009 The same problems along with new problems with the Comcast service and no one can tell me if the problem can be fixed. June 2009 - January 2011 I am having problems and the person that I am working within the Comcast corporate office does not seem to care of the problems that I am experiencing.

Comcast Triple Play Phone Order
By -

I spent 2 hours on phone ordering Comcast Triple Play service via toll free number on Comcast website. I was scammed... almost. Bridgevine company answer phone on behalf of Comcast. I told him I was looking at online promotions, he said because I was a current longtime cable customer he would give me Triple Play for 12 months, no contract @ 39.99 a month. I closed the deal with him, set up installation with the next department he forwarded me to.

I woke up this morning, called Comcast to confirm order. Bridgevine company, in behalf of Comcast had ordered me no cable TV, Internet @ 44.99 for 6 months and telephone for 29.99. I had received no documentation from anyone via email so I suspected the nightmare was in progress. While talking to Comcast to review order, I asked them to cancel entire order... what would they do if they were me? I was told to call their subcontractor and complain... What else can I do to make Comcast's life a little easier?

Comcast Is Overcharging for Everything
By -

Comcast has had nothing but complaints since they have started from bad customer relations to bad and slow internet speeds to extra charges for everything they do. I got tired of dealing with them so I switched to Stream DirecTV. I have been using my computer to do all my TV watching and always have HD channels and switch to Vonage for phone service. My overall bill has dropped to half. What makes it even better is that I hooked my computer to my LCD TV and can watch it all on my normal TV. Best thing ever.

Don't Take the TRIPLE PLAY PACKAGE You Will Lose Channels
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DELAWARE -- I would like to voice my complaints with your company and how you treat your customers. I took an offer which I thought would save me money and improve my cable service. I was not informed when I took the Triple Play package that I would lose 100 stations. The lady nicely told me what I would get and said nothing else would change. I asked all the necessary questions - fees, charges, early termination fee, what was included in the package etc. If I would have known that I would have lost 100 channels by changing to this package I would of never done so. The entire process was a waste of my time.

I got the telephone offer from sales on 07/10/09. The next day I received a message that my appointment had been rescheduled for the next Monday. The gentleman arrives around 6 pm for a 1-5 appointment slot. He did not have the DVR/HD box - told me I would have to go get this myself and hook it up myself. This is unacceptable service. Nothing happened the way I was told it would.

This entire process was a waste of time and money. I had to take off early from work. When I called about this nothing could be done for me and nothing was offered to me. It was made to be my fault. As if I called your company and requested this. I felt like my business was not appreciated. I do not appreciate the type of low down service you provide your customers with. I will be looking into other cable providers that won't nickel and dime their long time responsible customers. Thanks for hustling me into nothing.

Customer Service
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- On 5-19-09 I had a problem with my bill, I called customer service for help. I spoke to someone who did not identify themselves or give me an identification number. It was hard to understand the gentleman which leads me to believe it was an overseas representative. I was told my bill would be adjusted by $71.14 and to submit a payment for $163.60 which I did the same day.

On 6/5 I received a bill with no type of adjustment except a change in my bundle. I called customer service, once again no identification. I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold. I was than disconnected. I adjusted my own bill and sent out payment same day. My frustration is that I should not have to call the company on a monthly basis if there was follow-through with the employee that answer the call center phones. I am presently searching for a new carrier.

Comcast Crappy Services
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LAKE BLUFF, ILLINOIS -- About 3 or more weeks ago I decided to take on a home-business call center job since I was off from work for 3+ months with my hand broken in two places and no money coming into the house. I finally passed all of my qualifications to work for this company so I decided to call AT&T to put a "dedicated phone line" into my computer room area so that I could make some money typing term papers for students (very slowly because my hand was broken and still is) and doing some call center services just to have some sort of money coming into the house because I am a single mother who lives in a $900,000 home.

And since I had no money coming in I was using all of my saving to survive. Anyway after speaking with AT&T they gave me some crap about it taking almost 3+ weeks to put in my phone because there were rains all across the United States, and a lot of phone lines were down. I asked AT&T what that had to do with me??? I also told them it was sunny and not raining where I lived. The operator told me that there were no technicians to put in a line for me.

I didn't want to wait, so my next decision was to call Comcast since I already had their cable and two cell phones with Comcast. When I called about 3 or so weeks ago, the operator told me that I was in luck - that I could have something called the Triple Play at approximately the same cost. He said that I would get lot more cable channels, a higher wireless speed on my computer and a dedicated phone line put into my computer room.

On that Friday, a guy (who had no writing on his truck and no credentials to present) said that he was from Comcast and the only reason I let him in is because I did in fact call Comcast. When he came into my house he was very rude to me. He asked me where were my telephone wire connections within the house and I replied that I didn't know. He looked at me in disgust and said that "Everyone should know where the things in their houses are." I was very insulted but I needed to have my phone line put into the house so that I could help support myself.

I asked him if I could show him around the house and he said no, he could find himself around and that he knew how to turn on the lights. I found that to be a rude statement as well. He asked me if I was using cable or wireless on my computer. I told him that I didn't know because my daughter took care of all the electronics but she was at work and I was letting him in her place. Finally after not finding whatever he was looking for, I volunteered to call my daughter so that she could tell me if our computer was wireless or using cable (or whatever).

After I called my daughter to have her explain to him, he walked away and said, "I don't want to speak to her; I didn't ask you to call her, you speak with her." After a while he asked me where my attic was. I showed him that my attic was located in my clothes closet and I left the room. After some time of going from the attic and back and forth to the basement, he put in a cable box, and drilled a whole into my wall saying that someone else would come out and take care of the wire/cord because he didn't know how to fit that. He also told me that I had a speedier internet.

I asked him if I also had a dedicated phone line. He said, "Don't you know what you want - you should have told me that in the first place." I was furious but I still didn'™t say anything. I just wanted him to do his work and leave. He started walking out of the door, signaling that he was finished, when I noticed that he hadn't even connected the phone line to the telephone so I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing so. He didn't even check the line to see if it worked or whether I could receive or make calls.

Later, after he left, I went outside to empty the garbage. I cried. This guy had drilled a whole completely through my house, dug up the front of my yard to hide the wire into the ground, dug up another part of my front lawn to bring the thick cable wire to the other side of the yard. I also noticed that while stepping into the dirt, he took the dirt off of his shoe by rubbing his shoes onto my sidewalk. I have my house up for sale so everyone that came by to see the house was stepping into mud. If that was not enough, he left the cable wire wrapped around my house, which proceeded to wrap around a HUGE spool where the rest of the cable wire had wrapped.

As of today, 9/16/07, the spool still sits on the side of the house, I still have no phone line. I had to pay Dell Computer over $125.00 to put my software back into my computer after this idiot did something to my cable connections or wireless connections that wiped out my software. If that isn't enough, since that cable wire has been sitting right in front of my house where my 5 year old grandson plays at, my grandson tripped over the cable line and busted his lip.

I am very scared that I am going to be sued if someone else trips and falls onto my property, so I am losing time and money because I couldn't work on my computer, I still don't have a phone, my front lawn is torn up, there is a live wire crossing my yard, hanging off of a spool. When I went back into the house I found out that guy had stood on one of my designer chairs to hoist himself into my attic. He didn't even ask to use a ladder.

I called all day Friday, from the time he left until late Saturday evening. I was hung up on by operators. I was told my operators that they could not send anyone out right away because there was other people waiting for services that were already in line. One SUPERVISOR told me that she didn't have to listen to my frustrations and that she would hang up on me, so I hung up on her first.

On WEDNESDAY of the following week, I got a knock at the door. A Comcast employee showed up to my door. Comcast didn't even mention that they were sending anyone out. Anyway, he presented his credentials, proceeded to fix the cable (which was not working properly), repair a few problems with my computer that Dell forgot to fix, he put the door back onto the attic ceiling which the other guy had left off.

I asked him why the other guy didn't have credentials and no Comcast written on his truck and the new Comcast guy told me that sometimes Comcast does not send real Comcast people out to fix problems that they sometimes send out contractors. I was so pissed I didn't know what to do. I told this guy my story and he was utterly flabbergasted. He was very nice, very helpful, and extremely sorry that I had been put through the wringer.

He compared what he could and said that someone would be out to deal with the hole in the wall, hide the cable wires that were sticking out of the ground and wrapped around my house, and to pick up the large spool of wire that was still sitting on my lawn. I called Comcast right away and thanked them for sending in a wonderful repairman. I was told that someone was going to come out and inspect the sight and correct all of the mistakes.

I Want Comcast to pay for my lawn, to give me a dedicated line with several months off of my dedicated line, my cable TV and my cell phones. I also want them to pay for the monetary employment I might have had if I had a telephone to use.

On September 19, 2007 my contact with the call center has said that my contract will be voided because I have not kept up with my part of the bargain and worked as an employee on behalf of their company and that my credentials will not be restored without requalifying after 1 year. My mortgage is behind, as are the rest of my bills, I still don't have the "Triple Play." Comcast operators are rude.

I called Comcast from Lake Bluff, Illinois, which is where I live, and I was still speaking with them on the telephone when I got to Chicago, which is about 50 miles away. I have been lied to, cussed out, hung upon, and told off. I don't have anything else to say. Comcast services speak for itself.

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