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Worst customer service and not cancelling my phone service
Posted by Nileshcanada on 02/21/2012
TORONTO -- I was told by an account manager that there is no contract. I can continue up to the time I want. Later, when I requested to cancel the home phone service, they are telling to pay early cancellation fees as it is automatically renewed contract.
I called sales people for new home phone service. The agent told me that there is no automatic renewal. I have recorded that talk.
I called 10-15 times to get rid of Comwave.
They are not responding. They are sending invoices.
They are not giving me the physical office address to return the modem.
What else we can do in such cases?

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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-23:
Contact the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services (6th Floor, Mowat Block, 900 Bat St., Toronto, Ontario M7A 1L2--[416] 326-8800) via http://www.sse.gov.on.ca/mcs/en/Pages/Contact.aspx
Posted by Kim on 2012-12-05:
Thank you so much.. I was almost going to try them out but your comment prompted me to check the BBB to see if there were other complaints, of which there were many. Thanks again for saving me a lot of frustration. 8-)
Posted by ETIEN on 2013-01-31:
Would like to add WARNING based on my experience with Comwave during 9 months in 2012.
COMWAVE claims to be Canadian company but in fact it is a company that has its base in Pakistan and they have extensive involvement in Pakistan economy. Just search on Google: Comwave Pakistan.
Canadian company was setup to raise money for operations in Pakistan in North America USA and Canada) Naturally there are many immigrants from Pakistan living in Toronto and they invested and they manage company. Comwave has no known physical address. All communication is done over the phone. They 4 divisions.
1.Sale department. Well trained and polite people
mostly located in East Asia ( Pakistan, Philipins and also in South America ( El Salvador).
They will tell you everything you want to hear.
Quality service, 24 hours 7 days a week personal technical support, low cost, low long distance, free service, no contract-you are free to leave at any time you wish etc.
2. Accounting division.
All your phones go to their Comawave Server monitoring centre and your call duration and destinations are recorded which is the basis for preparing monthly invoices.
3. Technical support division.
when you Technical support be prepared to spent even an hour. You will be put on hold again and again. Tech support people are far away from Canada and the only advice they will give you is to reset your internet and comwave telephone adapter (which transfer voice into digital pulses.
This takes about 5-8 minutes. You may have to do it every day many times and it may not solve your problem. When you phone again and againg asking fro help and complain to them they will mark you based on your tel number as COMPLAINER. Next time you call for technical support you will be bounced from one to the other. " Please hold I am going to transfer you to another technician who may be able to help you. He or she will recomend resetting your Internet Modem and adapter by unplugging. At this moment you have lost telephone conncetion and you must call again and waite another 20-30 minutes and you will speak to a different person who will tell you to rest your Modem and Comwave adapter.
When you reach that extreme point in frustration and you decide to close the account you will be told by a person in accounting that you can cancel you must pay the amount you owe them based on 3 years contract. Monthly cost times 36 months.
When you protest that you did not sign any contract and that you were specifically told that there is no contract you will be told that a person who told you that was not fully knowledgeable of company policy which states that
from the moment you sign up you have 30 days try it. After 30 days you enter by default into a 3 year contract. To cancel the contract they required 30 days advanced notice in writing.
So basically from the moment you sign it you must cancel it immediately otherwise if you try the service just for few days and wish to cancel the service it is too late and you will automatically be in a 3 year contract and responsible to pay the amount that Comwave would get if you stayed 36 months. They claim that you agreed to Terms and Conditions during you signing up and they have recorded you answers and you said YES to respecting Comwave Terms and Conditions.
There is nothing in writing presented to you to read as you get when you signed up with Cell phone providers.
Comwave has a document that customers have no chance to read or even see it.

It is Called: LEGAL DISCLAIMER-Residential
Terms and Conditions.

I was able to get this document and it says:
-Customers are entering a 3 years contract by default unless they specifically request 30 days in advance of contract expiration to close the account. If they do not receive it 30 days in advance request to close their account
RENEWED for another 3 years.
"Comwave has the right to refuse service but subsciber is still responsibsle to pay monthly charges.
Comwave has the right to refuse service at any time for any duration without any notice to subscibers who owe any amounts to comwave without prior notice.
-Comwave is not responsible and liable for quality of service.
Comwave is a Marketing Company and does not provide actual telecom services.
Subscribers are responsible for early cancellation fees (ECF)
All comwave Contracts are renewed automatically for another years term unless specifically requested 30 days before anniversary.
The subscriber acknowledges that Comwave services are provided on a best -effort basis and lack of serervice or poor quality is not the ground for contract termination.
This information is not given in writing or verbally during signing up.

Comwave shows in their advertisments a ribon
" Consumers Choice Award" 2012.
It is important to know that Consumers Choice Award does not mena that company was chosen by customers as providing excellent service to customers. Consumers Choice Award is a Marketing Fraud.
Any company even with extremely poor service can buy the right to display
Consumers Choice Award by paying for the right
to display beside their name in advertising.

Comwave management has already been found to defraud consumers of millions of dollars and Comwave excutive has been jailed for fraud.

Comwave uses Canada and USA as a base to lure middle class people who are looking for ways to save few dollars here and there to reduce their financial stress. Comwave needs money to support their extensive operations in Pakistan.
If you bite into bait of Comwave Lower cost telephone service they will get your money for at least 36 months even if you want to cancel and close account because of very poor telephone service.
Comwave uses intimidation, threat of being harassed by a collection agency, increasing penalties for delay and want their EARLIER CANCELATION FEE to be paid in total.
This is extortion: They do not provide a service
they claim that you have a contract with them,
in their LEGAL DISCLAIMER they say that: COMWAVE Services will be subject to ECF .
Comwave will provide customers who require it a copy of voice recording as proof that customer agreed to terms and condition for the cost of $25.00.

COMWAVE must be stopped misleading customers.
They must be forced to do business according to Candian laws and not Pakistani laws.
Customers must be asked to sign a Contract or allow customers to leave with say 3 months payments and not 36 months.
Affected comwave customers must organize and find lawyers and investigative reporters to examine legality of business practices and file a CLASS
ACTION against COMWAVE practices.


Posted by brian fox on 2013-07-30:
the worst phone service i have ever dealt with lies and more lies just to make you go away.
you can not get a supervisor to take to the cut your service off for no apperent reason.got 6 months free on the 4th month they cut my service off because i did not pay????? when contaced they said it was a mix up restarted my service only to have it cut off the next day for same reason .
when i got hold a service rep and told them iam still on free trial they hooked me up again
now a week later after 45 mins on cell phone i have no service and they dont no why so service dept is looking into it may take 48 hrs.
just a complete scam dont have anything to do with them run.
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Telephone Service
Posted by Pera on 08/25/2010
I switched my home phone line from Rogers to COMWAVE to save money on my telephone bill. This is my personal experience.

1) First Comwave customer service said, I required a router to connect to high seep internet modem which will cost $76.00 and took my credit card # and said other than the extra Router, the Comwave line will work just the Rogers line. But this was not the case. Comwave claimed I would be able to use my normal phone jacks. This was not so. When I called them, they said they did not guarantee it would. I was asked plug every phone straight into the Router. This was just stupid as I have 3 floors and require phones to be on all floors. The CSR suggested running a line from the phone in the basement to the router on the top floor. I asked him if he would have a phone line running across his entire house.
2) Comwave home phone did not support my Home Alarm system run by ADT.
3) Comwave took my phone # from Rogers. When I switched back to
Rogers, Comwave charged me $50.00. This was after they said, I would be able to refund all of my money with in the first month if I was not satisfied with the service.
4) Comwave's line had a lot of noise and was not as clear as a normal home phone line.
5) At one point during the time I had Comwave service, the service went out for about 6 hours.
6) Just 2 weeks, they charged me from my credit card $76.00 +$56.50 but will now only refund $ 50.00 when they receive their router box.

People should be very carefully when you subscribe something like VOIP phones, especially Comwave.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-08-25:
Today's world of technology is not for the techno-illiterates. (No disrespect for anyone intended.)

The point is many technical services available today are fraught with 3rd party dependencies. Many times these requirements and restrictions are not disclosed by one of the service providers. Their sole concern is getting you into a contract by any means possible. Deceptively if need be. Should problems arise you are caught in the middle of corporate finger-pointing. With little recourse.

In today's environment it would best in anyone's best interest to check with some one who already uses the service you are considering or is technically savvy.
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Comwave Cancellation Woes
Posted by Catti on 01/16/2007
I had this company's VOIP service for three months, and got fed up with the dropped and missed calls and overall lousy service, so I cancelled the service. They wouldn't give me any instructions on where and how to return their telephony modem, then they charged over $250 to my credit card for the modem without my permission. I called their customer service again and they finally gave me a shipping address. I was told if I returned their modem right away they'd reimburse the $250 to my card and also reimburse me for the cost of the shipping - but only if I used "Standard Ground" shipping method, which is not traceable. I was also asked to fax them the Canada Post receipt as proof I shipped the modem, which I did. I shipped the modem to the address Comwave gave me. Now Comwave can't find my modem (they lost it in their warehouse, or maybe gave me the wrong address?) and they are refusing to remove the charge from my card, even though they told me they did get my faxed receipt. I've had to file formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Toronto Star, and my credit card company to try and get the money back that they stole from me. I'm still waiting for my money. By all means, avoid these lying rip-off artists, or you'll be paying for your mistake later, as I'm doing!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-01-16:
This is mainly for the benefit to others reading this review. It is better to pay the shipping yourself in a case like this. You NEED that tracking information to dispute the charge with the credit card company.
Posted by chipH on 2007-01-16:
COMWAVE is the WORST VOIP SERVICE is i have come across.
They did same thing and finally I ended up loosing couple of dollars in shiping and fake bill. I just had similar voice quality and call drop problem and very next week I had to cancel their service. you can write to their president
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Don't Buy Home Phone Services
Posted by Fave on 01/13/2010
My mother purchased the Comwave home phone in November 2009.Immediately her extensions were not working and so she was told to buy their phones which were " free". She did and she did not know that this means she was cancelling her trial period and going into a contract.

The buzzer connection to allow her to open the apartment door through the telephone system has not worked from day 1 and if we call Comwave they refer us to the Super. Then the super of the building tells us to talk to Comwave.

Now my mother decides to go to another provider and Comwave wants to charge her $ 200 for " cancellation of contract " !!!!!! She is 83 years old.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-13:
"She is 83 years old."

What does her age have to do with anything? Are you suggesting they took advantage of her because she's elderly?
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-01-13:
Thanks for your warning on Comcave Canada. I don't live in your area but many do. No matter the age, most companies don't take age into consideration in opening an account as long as they are legally responsible. My 92 year old aunt enjoys using her age as a response but she's sharper than most anyone. Actually she uses it to her advantage if it suits her.
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EPhone service for PC sucks
Posted by Brucebigelow on 12/11/2012
QUALICUM BEACH -- I have a PC and could not try the free ePhone trial on a mobile device. Like a fool I paid $33 for the service with a Nanaimo, BC number. My internet connection isn't super but I regularly make calls with Google Voice and their quality is fine. The voice quality using ePhone is horrendous. Most of the calls dropped and when I could get through to my friends the quality was so bad they could only make out a few words I said. I did a phone quality test and the results were poor. I asked for my money back but was told that since they have a free trial for the ePhone (they do for mobile devices but not a PC) they would not refund my money. As I had paid through Paypal I have opened up a dispute through them.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-12:
It's good that they provide free trial service through mobile devices. It provides a good opportunity for others to find if the service works well for them. I wish you could have tried it out first. At least you were under no commitment to continue with the service. I'd be surprised if Paypal is of any help in reversing the charge, however. Please let us know if they are.
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Horrible Service and Disconnection Charges
Posted by Patelpadma on 02/05/2012

COMWAVE is cheating people to get service. Loyalty department has no Loyalty at all. Please careful and ASK them is there any other charges to cancel their service.

I got very bad experience with COMWAVE HOME phone service. At first when I got call from telemarketer I was told there is no other charge and I don't want to go to contract I can cancel any time without any charge. Now they ask me to pay shipping charge to get their modem. I got phone set up and there are no clearance in their line at all. I did many complaint and was advised they are fixing it. I was tired off using their service, After holding phone about an hour every time I got the tech and was asking me to get some test done. Even though problem is with their device they try to blame on your Internet company. Final result they don't accept their service is really really ----bad. Now I called them to cancel it and asked twice and confirm that there will be no other charge as I don't have contract. I was told it is OK to cancel and will be no other charge with two different Rep. After half hour some one left message there will be $50 Disconnection fees. I called back and talk to Loyalty dept with Nelson. This person Nelson has no Loyalty at all and he is totally lying about we had informed you. They cheating by not telling you in beginning to get service and charging you after when you ask to cancel.

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Problem with porting a number out from Comwave network
Posted by Nasir32 on 04/29/2010
TORONTO, OHIO -- Just wanted to mention that there is another big problem that comwave telecom has is porting a phone number out of comwave to any other service provider.

I noticed that when I ported out our business phone number from comwave to bell. Number (905)388-0008 was ported to Bell. Since comwave released this phone number it receives calls from anyone in the world but comwave clients can not call that number anymore. When any one who has comwave phone service calls this number he gets the message "[I]This number is not in service"[/I]

It's been more that a year now and this number still don't receive calls from comwave network. You can call and try now, it will work from any other phone but comwave.

I have recently ported out another phone from comwave to FreePhoneLine. ca and having exact same problem. When spoke to comwave support they would say it is Bell and now FreePhoneLine problem.

What I think the problem is that when someone ports his number out from comwave to other service provider they simply unassign that number but they don't reroute or divert it. Comwave system keeps thinking that number is still owned by comwave and not yet assigned to anyone.

Just to let you guys know that if you are planning to port your number out of comwave, you'll never receive a call from a relative who is still comwave’s service.
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Posted by Chuchu on 09/21/2009
I think, On the end of may or on the beginning of June I started my bussines with COMWAVE INTERNET PHONE COMPANY. I pick up my phone and dialed their numbers and some guy he picked up the phone. I told he that I need their phone servies. He talks nice. He told me, they have 2 services. The first one IT is contract FOR 3YRS $14.95.The second is month to month payment $19.95 and anytime I can stop it. What I need is to pay month to month no contract. I had used this phone servies foe 3 month and I stoped it. Now this comwave company changed the story and my login to contract. Befor when I login it did not show me about contract. then they toke $250 for cancellatin and adminisration fee.
I had a toke with THE PRESIDENT OFFICE SHELDEN SAMUEL. He told me that this month to month payment service after 3 month it goona be contract. Some other time I had a toke with one of their lady agent. She said since I start this servies it was contract. What can I say.
I tolk with CRTC Governmental complaint agents. BUT they did not do any thing. I am just looking some others governmental people who can hear me. PLS ANY ONE WHO KNOWS ANY THING PLS EMAIL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO. soultesfa44@yahoo. com

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
If you talked with the president of the company (which is pretty rare, I must say) and he basically told you no, then there is no other higher source to go to. You said you talked with a lady after the president. What is she gonna do? Over ride the president?? Read your terms of agreement.
Posted by KCRovert on 2009-09-21:
With all the toking you did, I'm surprised you can get anything done! :-p
Posted by eddie on 2013-09-11:
I ordered Comwave a modem, paid for the shipping. I was not able to get a signal on my phone, returned the modem on my money and they still charged me 1 mo of service (from the bank account originally provided for shipping cost).This is a joke/scam whatever you want to call it.
They say 6 mos free. Lairs!
Stay away!
Their ads are missleading.
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Long Distance
Posted by Carlosrds200289 on 09/28/2011
Comwave had a scam going on where you could your cell phone for unlimited calling for $20 a month and also unlimited calling by dialing a special number where companies like rogers/bell etc won't charge you any extra fees if you were on a $20 plan let's say for 200 minutes you could call as much as you want just that you would dial comwave number enter a pin so this way it would go through comwave and your local cell company won't find out about it. Well people to let you know it was the biggest scam I ever seen because they have rip me off and my brother over $500 since our companies did find out about it and charge you extra minutes & LOCAL DISTANCE HAS THEY SAW FIT AND KNEW WE WERE GOING THROUGH COMWAVE TO DO THIS CALLS. When I call the general manager she gave me some nonsense of complaining too late and that I wasn;t using the appropriate number to get their service and that why my provider charge me for every call, They also had the guts to tell me they won;t refund me a penny because it was my fault, Well comwave S.O.B'S I will let the media know about this plus take you crooks to court for being such mongers and total S.O.B's in your customer service and false advertising something that doesn;t work and sceemming reputable providers like rogers in the first place. You watch and see you big crooks and you will file for CHAPTER 11 when I'm finish with you guys since you been total jerks about it and no customer service or sastifaction in the first place.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-28:
I found both unlimited calling for $X per month, and Y number of minutes per month (eg 200) for $X a year. Your complaint seems to allude to both.

Which plan were you supposed to be on? At a glance, your complaint that alleges a scam appears to be about the very foundation this company's business model is built on. Are you sure you were following the prescribed procedure?
Posted by Starlord on 2011-09-30:
Apparently, admin has once again taken umbrage at my voicing my opinion. I did not keep a copy of my comment, so I cannot question their decision to delete me.
Posted by GreenstarYT on 2011-09-30:
I would vote you helpful star but I can't yet :(
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-09-30:
+10 starlord
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Horrible phone service, horrible costumer service.
Posted by Eddafa on 08/27/2011
When I sign up with comwave, I chose the no contract option, cancel anytime, they sent me a modem for which I was charge $75.00, I was told that if I ever do not want their service I was going to get my money back, after two months of bad service, drop calls, people I called weren't able to hear me, I decided to cancel the service, for 3 months I tried to talk to somebody, but I got put on hold for very long period of time, to the point that I had to hung up, and called again latter, they kind of refuse my cancellation order, even no I had the contract that said cancel anytime no penalties, finally the told me that in order to cancel the phone service I will get a phone call from the president or vice president of comwave to discuss my cancellation order, I do not recalled having somebody so important from bell or rogers ever calling me to discuss why I want to cancel a service, well anyway the guy calls me when he probably knows I am at work, the last time he called me was to say that they were going to charge a fee for cancelling the service from them, even know I was paying more money a months to cancel anytime, now I am stuck with this modem and the fee that they charged to my credit card, I think this people are crooks they promise anything in order to get you to sign service with them, do not fall for those adds of cheap service because at the end you will loose more than what you were paying before
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Posted by comwave :( on 2013-07-30:
I specific told them that I do not want a contract and they said yes no problem
the service is really bad now I want to cancel and they would not let me, or I have to pay a penalty they really suck !!
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