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Beware Dell Financial
Posted by on 09/12/2003
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I purchased a computer using Dell Financial Services with 90 days same as cash as advertised of the Dell website. I purchased on 2/7/03 and paid off 4/28/03 which is withing my 90days. Since then I have been advised I did not have 90days same as cash (as advertised) and have been billed late charges and finance charges which continue to build. I sent by certified mail with return receipt a dispute to Dell Financial. Even though this was signed for, I am advised there was no dispute received. I have tried calling on numerous occassions to Dell Financial and their collection company IC Systems which my account has been referred to. I have been hung up on, advised my account will be noted I refused to pay an so on. I did not refuse to pay for the computer, I paid it in full but I am profusely disputing all late charges and finance charges which at last statement are 223. So buyer beware, DO NOT use this financial service offered through Dell. Don't believe me? Research for yourself all the complaints online. There is even a site ihatedell.net, you can also check the community forum on Dell's site or simply type "dell financial complaint" in your browser and see what pops up.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-21:
I myself have experienced bad service from Dell Financial Services. I am right now in the middle of a nightmare. I ordered a laptop and monitor using the 60day same as cash option. I received that with no problem. I, two days later, ordered a server using the same line of credit that was extended to me earlier. For some reason, the server was canceled without any reason. I didn't even think anything was amiss until the day that the server was supposed to arrive. It didn't. I then happened to notice that my order had been canceled for some obsure reason that no one from Dell Financial Service seems to be able to let me know about. They gave a vague...they need more info and gave me an actual(well I am beginning to believe she isn't really real) name of a person and an extension. I have called her and called her and called her. I have received no answer from either her nor the online resolution. I can't even e-mail dell financial services yet, because I don't have my id number yet. So my advice to anyone reading this...find another way to finance your computer. This is my second bad experience. Would have thought I would have learned after the first one over a year ago.
Posted by edd on 2004-02-09:
BEWARE of Dell Finacials 60 day same as cash deals,once you sign their finance agreement you are locked into a 4YEAR financing program unless you actually CALL them for a payoff, (the amount indicated on your invoice is nor the payoff amount. If you do not call them & send a payment for what you presume is the payoff, your entire payment will be posted to 4 YEARS worth of interest first & you will be obligated to make payments for the full 48 months. In order to payoff the account early you will be hit with a fee to close out the account, this is in addition to the $70.00 documentation fee they hit you with if your payment should reach them after the 60 day period. It's a total rip off, hard to beleive its even legal. I guess ripping of people on the financing helps keep the prices down, not a good business model - I know I'll never buy another.
Posted by jmund on 2004-02-23:
Dell Financail Services did the same thing to me. Told me my account would be interest free and because I didn't read the fine print on their bills never noticed they changed the date on when the interest would start accruing. Who would think a reputable company like Dell would use such a shady financial service??? And trying to get ahold of a live person on the phone is next to impossible. I have talked everybody I know out of buying Dell computers based on their policies regarding customer service and intend on talking as many people as possible out of buying Dell. It is my only retribution.
Posted by Prof Dave on 2004-04-21:
In December 2002, I purchased a Dell computer as a gift for my sister, who does not live with me. I opened a \"Dell Preferred Account\" to pay for the computer, and paid it off completely within 2 months.

In October, 2003, my sister was contacted by Dell to purchase an extended warranty on her computer. She agreed to purchase the warranty and was told that she would be billed for the $189.00.

In March, 2004, I received at a bill from Dell for $242.00. After numerous frustrating calls with so-called "customer service representatives," I found out that my sister's warranty had been billed to my account--without any authorization from me.

Since then, I have been unable to have Dell straighten the matter out. I have numerous reference numbers for credits to my account. So far, none of these credits has been made. I continue to get calls from Dell (and bills with additional late charges). I have a detailed record of all the customer service representatives I have talked to, and all of them have promised me they would credit my account. Their typical response is "don't worry, we'll take of it."

I have spent hours and hours of time on the phone with customer service representatives (in India) who say they will take care of my problem, but do not.

Overall, I find the representatives are unable to understand English, and they are not doing what they say they are doing to credit my account.

Is there someone I can contact at Dell in this country who can help me out? I feel harassed. Is there a potential lawsuit here I can investigate for harassment? Anyone have an e-mail address for an executive at Dell?

Posted by Lisa on 2004-05-13:
Hmmm, DFS seems to assess charges of the same amount against everyone. The complaints I've read here seem to all be in the $220 range. I have a similar complaint against Dell.

I bought TWO computers from Dell in December 2002 - 180 days same as cash. I paid $300 and some dollars in January and set up an automatic payment system through my bank online. In late February, I received a dunning notice from Dell. I checked with my bank, and it had sent the check - for $300 (minimum monthly payment was $30). I waited to see if the check would clear, and when it didn't, I contacted the bank again, and had them send me a copy of the check so I could prove one had been sent. They did so and also stopped payment on that check. I cancelled the automatic payment process, and sent a check myself in March in the amount of $600. I also stated on the check that it was to cover the required monthly payment for the months of February, March, April, May, and June. Dell now had $900 from me, when only about $90 was required to have been paid under the required monthly minimum.

Dell continued to impose nonpayment charges and late fees on the February check - even after I sent them proof the check had been mailed to them. I told them I refused to pay any late charges or interest. Every month Dell added additional charges. I paid off the total amount of the account - but not any late charges/interest - in June, within the 180 day period. However, Dell continued to bill me. I wrote them and again refused to pay the late charges since they had been sent a check, and it was Dell who had lost or failed to process it. A few days later, I had a letter from a collection agency, trying to collect $153. I responded to the letter and sent them proof that I had paid the account in full. The agency agreed the account HAD been paid and ceased collection efforts.

Dell continued to bill me, however, and the bill continued to increase each month. A couple months later, I received a letter from a SECOND collection agency - now seeking to collect approx. $225. I sent that agency a copy of the letter I had sent to the first one, and it, too, agreed I did not owe any money and ceased collection efforts. Dell finally quit billing me, but early this year, when I refinanced my house, I discovered that Dell had reported the account as a loss on my credit report.

Along with this, the laptop I purchased never worked properly, and has now broken completely. I am now in the process of trying to resolve this by emailing every address I can find in Dell. I intend to make a complaint to the AG and the BBB in TX also, and I am seriously considering suing Dell Financial for fraudulently posting a loss.

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Dell...the WORST customer service ever
Posted by Daytona955 on 03/10/2006
I have been dealing with Dell now for about 2 weeks. After placing my initial order I realized that the laptop would not meet the needs of my company. I immediately called to cancel the order. This was done less than 24 hours after the order was placed.

I was initially told that that the entire order was canceled. I then received an email saying that part of the order shipped 2 days later. I again contacted Dell and was again advised that the order would be canceled and all packages returned back to Dell and my account would be credited back the amount.

A week later I receive one of the packages. I call Dell yet again and was told that the item would be picked up and returned within 48 hours. Today I receive a call from someone from Dell who knew all my information and everything about the order. This agent of Dell was rude, spoke broken English and did not seem to comprehend any of the questions that I asked. He ended up hanging up on me for no apparent reason.

Since then I have been on the phone and their computer chat service for the better part of 4 hours trying to get this matter resolved. I have currently been on hold for over an hour attempting to contact a supervisor. I have been hung up on, transferred back to the main menu, been told that they refused to transfer me to a supervisor and placed on hold for a sick amount of time.

I have yet to experience customer support that is this far below standards from any company.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-03-10:
Ahh. Another Dell customer service nightmare. It appears that their customer service has progressed from just not being helpful to being rude and unhelpful. Keep up the good work Dell!
Posted by miketech on 2006-03-11:
Is it safe to say 5 out of 6 people who hate their new computers choose Dell? I'm being sarcastic but in truth I can't imagine your nightmare trying to resolve an issue with them and no service tag number. I'm just imagining this from what little I have delt with Dell.
Posted by miniscule8 on 2006-11-16:
I can relate with all the problems with Dell, I've been trying to get a problem resolved now for over two months with no success. I have finally given up trying to deal with Dell's non-English speaking support group and have decided to just inform people to stay away from this company. It's personal now. I also have been ignored, put on hold for hours and been referred back and forth to individuals who don't have a clue. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny. I have over 10 full pages of written conversation with their reps. and at the end of the final page just before I told them to stick it, I was asked if there was anything else they could help with.
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Dell Customer Service Outrage
Posted by Gwinstonj on 07/02/2004
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I feel like a citizen who's become so disillusioned that he decides to change political parties.

I've been a Dell customer for several years now. Last August, I bought an Inspiron 8500 laptop. By May, the laptop's video card had gone bad and I was told to return the laptop to Dell for repair. I was given an address to which to send my laptop (and an accompanying code by which my issue should have been recognized). A little more than a week after returning my laptop to Dell, I phoned to follow up on its status. I should have been suspicious when the customer service rep had trouble pulling up my name in association with my machine. Ultimately, she told me, however, that my laptop would be returned to me on Friday. I double-checked my address with her and waited.

Friday came and went with nothing delivered to me. On Monday I phoned Dell again. After several hours of being transferred, put on hold, and dropped, it finally became clear that the address I had been given was the "Returns" address, NOT the "Repairs" address. (Who knew!) My laptop--with 9 months of class notes and other irreplaceable data--had been REFURBISHED and RE-SOLD. Imagine my surprise! I would truly have thought that Dell's service people would have referenced my account and seen notes (I assume notes were taken and input) relating the fact that the machine was only to be repaired.

Dell apologized and the representative told me she'd call me back "shortly" to give me the details of the machine that Dell would send to replace my system, considering that this was Dell's error. She did not call me back.

On Tuesday, I spent another approximately 4 hours on the phone with various clueless Dell representatives. I was at one point told that Dell would replace my machine (which I had bought brand new and was still paying for) with a refurbished machine. I WAS OUTRAGED! I asked the representative if he would accept that if he were me. He, by the way, said no.

I demanded to speak with a manager. First I was told that the manager was busy with another customer, and then I was told that the representative was experiencing difficulties with his phone system and could not forward my call. I asked for the manager's direct line. I was told that the representative did not know it. I asked for an address to which to send a letter. I was told that the representative did not have one. I was asked if I'd like to have someone call me back. Laughable--considering that the last representative that promised to phone me back had still not phoned me, more than 24 hours later.

In the end, Dell agreed to send me a later model, new machine, but that the machine's warranty would pick up where my old machine's had left off, i.e. I would effectively have only one month to be able to return it for free servicing. I am still arguing that Dell should give me the same warranty that my old machine had and that the clock should be reset so that I have one year in which to have this new machine returned to Dell for any necessary servicing. This machine could easily be a lemon that I'd be stuck with. Dell has thus far refused, even though a year's warranty costs less than $200. You would think that they would offer that to me, considering that I have lost almost a year's data due to their bungling. Not to mention that the company should have the confidence to stand by its own products.

Dell seems like it has become a decentralized nightmare. Not having a brick-and-mortar shop into which I can walk and complain, I feel nearly powerless to get things resolved. Some of the customer service reps I spoke to were in India and others were in Panama. The left hand did not have a clue what the right hand was doing. And many of the service reps I spoke with were just foolish. At one point, a rep asked how he should refer to me, though he had asked me my name three times. I wanted to scream!

At this point, I will not buy another Dell machine and I will advise others likewise. I have never had such poor customer service in my almost 40 years. Certainly Dell professionals know that it only takes one event like this to ruin a customer relationship. Until about June 15th, I was prepared to continue being a loyal Dell customer. No more.

I will scream this from the highest mountain top and will send a letter to Michael Dell, though I don't imagine much attention will be paid. I can only believe that he doesn't know the depths to which his baby has sunk in terms of customer service.
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Posted by Numadiver on 2004-07-13:
Well, I certainly must agree with everyone complaining about Dell's Customer Care Department. It is a total and complete joke. All I wanted to do was to change the word processing program from WordPerfect to MSWord. After speaking with someone and being placed on hold for 1/2 hour while they "checked out something" I called back only to get another rep to whom I had to re-explain what I wanted. I was advised that the change I wanted had been made and that there was no additional cost. One week later I looked to see what the status of my order was and found out they changed a component and not a simple program. Repeated calls to Dell produced no results except being told "I'm so sorry for the problems you are having" and then having me hold. Meanwhile, what they really did was just stick me back in their answering system. I guess they all have the attitude of letting someone else deal with it. I wrote a letter to Dell and was offered a free $89.00 camera. Yet they still would not correct my program problem. If I wanted it changed, it would cost an additional $149 and take an additional two weeks. As this is a graduation present for a college bound nephew, this time delay was unacceptable. If I wanted the program, I would have to buy it separately for an additional $340.00. Keep in mind that this change was already supposed to have been made and it is totally their error.
I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying a Dell to change their minds. This has been a total nightmare for me. I cannot believe that changing a simple program takes 2 weeks and has been impossible for Dell to perform.
I told them I would never buy another Dell product, but I have a feeling that they've been hearing this alot lately and just don't care. The image that they portray as a company that you can trust and cares about their customers is just smoke and mirrors.
I wish that I had seen this site before I ordered a computer from them.
Posted by dalef on 2004-07-16:
Dell's lost a lot of business from me as well. We just bought a $3 000 computer from a local computer store rather than them. I wonder if they know that being cheap with service now cost them at least one computer and maybe more? Ah well, Voodoo next time (:
Posted by Bababooey on 2004-07-20:
Dell has outsourced it's customer support operations to India, so when you are calling Dell's Customer Support Number, you are actually talking to someone in India. If you are lucky, you will get an Indian customer support representative who speaks clear and understandable English, but more times than not, you will get someone who speaks with a heavy, unintelligible Indian accent.
Posted by americks on 2004-10-19:
I am doing a documentary on Customer Service and if anyone is interested in sharing their stories contact me at americks0@lycos.com
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The Downfall of Dell service
Posted by Jurrasic2 on 01/17/2006
It is a sad state of events reading these issues with Dell. I once worked for Dell both in their tech support and in their sales dept. During those days we had a goal FTR (First Time Resolution) We did it not because it was our goal, but because we had pride; pride in our product and pride in our abilities to get the job done right the first time!
Things were really good for a few years there. Dell Tech support was winning all kinds of awards and we felt good about ourselves. Of course all good things must come to an end and they did!
Suddenly tech support was off to India, and here are the basics of that. In India these techs need a four year degree to qualify for a position, and in comparison their paychecks are nothing compared to what ours were- of course in India these paychecks are really good. I don't have a four year degree, but I do have my certifications and to be real honest-after having listened to these fools my certifications are worth twice their four year degrees.
After my job went to India Dell was kind enough to put me in sales, and I found myself with the same issues as tech support, but with a different slant. The conversations would start like this...Thank God, someone who speaks english I can understand. I have a tech issue and I know you're in sales, but I don't know where to turn. Even though I was not supposed to do it, as long as the person on the other end of the phone wasn't screaming and cursing at me I'd help them. Usually I could resolve their issues in under 10 minutes, and if I couldn't I would advise them on what exactly to say to tech support to have their issue resolved.
One of the reasons we did so well wasn't soley because of our product knowledge, but because we could navigate through the Dell red tape. We knew how to get results, because we could make informed decisions and used our own initiative. Problem is that the techs in India don't have initiative, If it's not in the script then it isn't!
Not that it may do much anymore, but you can always write Dell to complain:

Dell Corporation
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-0001

They will never bring back consumer tech support to the US, but they did bring back corporate tech support back.

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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-18:
Dell use to make a really nice stout great working computer. I worked on an old Dell P3 today that runs better than the new crappy P4's with everything on board they make that barely run out of the box. Don't buy a Dell odds are it will suck out load.
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Where to send Dell Complaints
Posted by Randi on 04/10/2004
CALIFORNIA -- I just posted a response to a Dell complaint regarding Dell's financial "scamming". I then read a lot of other complaints and noticed that people were asking where they should send complaints to. I have the information so thought I would share it.

Texas State Attorney General:
Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

Better Business Bureau
Austin Office
2101 South IH 35, Suite 302
Austin, TX 78741

Dell's Corporate Office:
Dell, Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Dell Financial Services
C/O Customer Service Correspondence Dept.
PO Box 81577
Austin, TX 78708-7577

Instead of paying off any Dell billing and just walking away with a sour taste in your mouth, you should write a letter, with all pertinant information included (copies of actual emails, orders, etc.). If enough people do this then maybe something will actually be done about it. Venting is good, but action is much better. I know I am not giving up, or giving in.

Good luck!
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Posted by T_VOR on 2004-04-11:
I have been buying from Dell for about 6 years and I have had nothing but TOP NOTCH SERVICE from them.

If any problems came up I would always come out ahead. The 24hours in house service was great. I just bought another Dell Laptop last week.

It almost sounds like this person is just complaining to complain.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-12:
Dell USE to be great. Dell USE to test their machines before shipping them out. Dell now uses offshore resources to give you the customer service run-around. I would avoid Dell unless you are buying a 5 year old used system. The older systems were built well, and are probably still reliable.
Posted by Randi on 2004-04-13:
T-VOR: I do not complain just to complain. I expect service and working computers when I spend that kind of money. As well as accountablility. I was offering information to others. For someone to be derogatory towards me is to go against what "My 3 Cents" is all about. And against the recommendation "Please respect other members when posting". You should be ashamed of yourself for misusing this site.
Posted by wch on 2004-05-07:
Thank you Randy for this informative list of addresses and contacts. I too have had the run-around with Dell. I began my journey with great recommendations from an IT friend. I also run my own business- three at the time. I was told that I would have specific rebates which I not only printed out from my Cart, but was stated from the sales consultant. I then received the packing slip, with the system, without the agreed rebates listed. Within a three day period of figuring out this, I began calling the sales rep, but with no response. I then call Customer Care and I began, for about a week, transferring my business information from the old computer to the new Dell. I spend more time on the phone hopping from one ill-informed person to another with no end in sight and no rebates. To make a long story short, I sent back the system and was very dissatisfied with my sales rep, all associates that spoke broken English, and dell corporate who limits its’ associates to allow the consumer to speak to Dell management!!! I have told my story so many times; I won’t have a problem articulating that information in a personal letter to every service available - thanks to Randy. The story is not over yet, I am still waiting for Dell Financial (the left hand) to credit my account since Dell Customer Care (the right hand) cannot speak to Dell Financial and visa versa. Dell has lost my business. I will look to an HP, or a local company that is reputable, honest, supportive, touchable, and interested in the buying public.
Posted by NHow on 2004-06-07:
Thank you SO MUCH for posting these addresses. After a month (and counting) or "service" problems over a defective modem (it's still not working properly), I may take the next step and send written complaints to the places you list. I had actually found the BBB address myself and was going to file a complaint with them if they have not fixed the problem by the end of this week. I think it may be more effective to file with the Texas AG's Office as well.
Posted by RBiggs05 on 2004-12-06:
I am not complaining to be complaining either. I have been done wrong and it should be fixed! I didn't ask for anything to be done like this, why would I? I love my Dell computer it's the financial department that needs the work.
Posted by Wantsomerespect on 2007-11-28:
I ordered a Dell laptop on Nov.3,2007 with a Nov12 delivery date. By Nov 7 the Dell website showed it left production but no tracking info. I called and got a DHL number. The DHL number would not track and the story begins...So far over 7 calls and e-mails , no computer, I canceled the order after they admitted it was lost. There is always someone different at he middle eastern call center, and have been promised that my credit card would be refunded. They called agian on Nov 26 to tellme that it would take 10 more days to remove the charge. How can they place a charge instantaneously, but take 20 days or more to remove it? I am 5 days away from a lawyer. This company has changed. When I see a company ignore customer service needs and quality issues, it usually means they are in serious trouble. Dont be surprised to see this giant roll it's eyes and fall. If you own Dell stock Send them a message,sell it.
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Incredibly bad Dell technical support
Posted by Clubber on 09/28/2004
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Dell's technical support is absolutely horrible. Not only do you always have to wait no less than thirty minutes to get connected to one, but they waste another thirty minutes of your time by making YOU troubleshoot the computer problem! They also have YOU take apart the computer (memory, harddrives, power sources, etc) to do the diagnostics. I told them I had the AT HOME service, which I naturally thought to mean that Dell would send a service tech to your house to do this. Technical support said I was mistaken and that a tech would be sent to my home with a replacement part once I was able to trouble shoot the part that was causing the problem. In that case, why am I paying over $300 a year for this at home service, when I can just do it myself and order the part from Dell directly? This complaint does not even touch upon the fact that the Indian that I was dealing with barely understood much of what I said. So much for outsourcing I guess. I have learned my lesson: NEVER BUY A DELL COMPUTER AGAIN, EVER!!!
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Fraud by Dell Financial Services (DFS)
Posted by Jayman on 10/22/2004
SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK -- This is a letter I am writing to DFS. I am considering a class action. Any thoughts?

Dear Sirs:

This is in regards to account 6879 4501 1900 1167 273. The entire present balance on the account, $70.53, is in dispute.

In May, I purchased a new computer for $1983.90. The balance to avoid finance charges for this was due by September 1, 2004. I paid off this full amount before September 1.

In June, I purchased a service contract for $169. The balance to avoid finance charges for this was due by October 1, 2004. I paid off this full amount before October 1.

When I paid off the $1983.90 balance, I included explicit written instructions to apply the payment to the May purchase. These instructions were disregarded, and about $3-$4 of this payment was instead applied to the $169 service contract, and I was then billed over $70 in finance charges because of this $3-$4 balance that you kept on my account despite.

Even more importantly, there was NOTHING on your written bill that informed me how much I needed to pay in order to avoid all finance charges. In good faith, I paid the full balance, in time, which your statement said was due by September 1, included the amount listed as the minimum payment due. Your statement makes no attempt to advise your customers what amounts were really due to avoid finance charges, and in fact, your statements are purposefully misleading and designed to trick people into paying less than is necessary so that you can post finance charges of several thousand percent.

After a lengthy call through several layers of your organization I was assured by one of your managers in late September that all charges had been removed, aside from the $166 balance which I paid on September 20 and which you posted on September 25. The difficulties and sheer aggravation I encountered during that call made it clear to me that your deliberate practice is to make it as difficult as you possibly can for people to obtain adjustments on highly-questionable charges. Nevertheless, I persisted. This is a matter of principle, not money, because I believe I am being defrauded. And, in the end, I was assured that these charges has been removed. I am sure that most people would walk away and pay, rather than bother with the hassle you deliberately impose. That is what you count on.

I thought, after I was done with this exceedingly unpleasant call, that this matter was disposed of. Yet, in my latest statement – incredibly – this balance still persists! I hope this is merely a mistake on your part and that I was not simply lied to as the next layer of the gauntlet that you have in place to avoid having to account for your trick finance charges.

In any event, I am livid that after spending close to two hours on the phone in September, this is still not resolved, and I am forced to spend even more time now writing this letter.

I have become extremely disenchanted with your business practices to the point where I will no longer purchase anything from Dell (after having bought five computers from Dell in the past several years). And, if this balance is not removed from my account immediately, I plan to file a complaint with the New York State Attorney General, and may well initiate a class action lawsuit against Dell Financial on behalf of what I am sure are thousands of others who are being similarly defrauded by your misleading lending practices.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt reply putting this matter to rest. This is no way to treat Dell’s loyal customers who have repeatedly done business with Dell.
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Recommend anything but Dell
Posted by DonMc on 09/10/2004
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I ordered a Dell computer for my daughter about 27 Aug. Guaranteed delivery on or before 1 Sep 04. What happens when they do not deliver. Nothing!! Gave them a shipping address in Atlanta and billing address in Alexandria VA. The CSR mistakenly entered the billing address as the shipping address. She has graciously admitted the mistake. After 8 emails and several hours on hold with Dell I am totally frustrated with DELL and will never recommend or buy another DELL.

It is 9 Sep 04 and the computer is still in Alexandria VA. DELL agreed to have Airborne pick the computer up 7 Sep to deliver it to Atlanta. I had to wait 6 hours for them to pick it up. They never showed up or called. Now add 6 hours salary to the bill. And I still have the three boxes.

Took me hour on hold to get a supervisor to talk to me. She could barely speak english. She asked what can we do to keep your business. The best she could do was offer to pay for the inconvenience by paying for the shipment to Atlanta. Thought I was there two weeks ago.

There is more negative information but DELL would not be interested in making it right either. Go to your local computer store. Recommend do not buy from dell.

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Posted by DonMc on 2004-10-04:
Continuing saga of Buy Anything but a Dell. Dell promised to give me a refund of $100 for my troubles. they told me to ship my boxes back to Dell and they would forward a new computer to my daughter. Only received 3 of the 5 boxes to begin with. Five weeks later no refund to my credit card and my daughter has 2 boxes in Atlanta and I have 3 boxes in Alexandria VA. Worst service I have ever witnessed by any corporation on any product
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Dell Technical Support
Posted by Barney on 06/14/2004
I own two Dell computers. I bought the first in 1998 and the second in 2002. The second one has not performed well: the hard drive has been replaced twice, and I am currently unable to access my floppy and Zip drives.

Dell’s technical support was bad in 2002 and has been getting worse. I called, this time, on May 30. I spoke to somebody in India who neither understands nor speaks American English, and who is not very competent otherwise. He concluded that I had a virus, which is not the case.

I tried Email Technical Support. In the two weeks since then I have exchanged more than twenty-three email messages with people who neither understand nor write American English. Most of Dell’s messages started with “Since the previous email agent is not available today ….” Most of them show that the “agent” did not even read my previous message. I have explained and corrected their misunderstandings time after time, and I have been asked to perform the same steps several times.

This morning I had had enough. I called Customer Support, explained the problem, and asked for a technician to come to my home. The rep insisted on making a conference call to Technical Support, but before we reached anybody the call was dropped and I have heard nothing further.

Since Dell cannot or will not fix this computer, I am going to buy another.

It will not be a Dell.
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Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-06-25:
You already know that part of the problem is the outsourcing of potential customer assistance jobs to India or Pakistan. Like they even Know Anything!!! America these days. God help her!
Posted by Bits4Bites on 2004-07-12:
It is probably "the interns" Dell uses in their commercials.

After reading these (and other) complaints about Dell's customer (un)service, I will be happily spending nearly $200 more on a compaq Laptop equilicant to a (H)ell I was looking at.
Posted by Hardig on 2004-07-21:
Same experience. Not to make this political, but isn't it the Bush Administration that called outsourcing a good idea. And isn't Michael Dell from Texas and wasn't he one of the bigwigs who attended Bush's business roundtable in 2000. Another reason not to vote for Bush.
Posted by @hotmail.com on 2004-08-04:
Yeah but John Kerry was actually for outsorcing....before he was against it.
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Don't buy a Dell TV or anything else for that matter.
Posted by AppleSnack on 03/14/2006
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- This is the longest rant I can even think of… It doesn’t even cover it in full but it should cover 90% of what I’m trying to get across. Which is don’t buy a Dell unless you want to spend hours punching yourself in the face.

I purchased a 42" Plasma TV on December 26, 2005 for $3,000 with a home install, extended warranty and mounting brackets. I mentioned that this would be installed on a brick fireplace to the sales rep to ensure I would get the correct brackets for mounting the TV. I received the TV on Jan 12, 2006 after being guaranteed a quick delivery. I opened the product to make sure I received a complete order and noticed that the screws given for the mounting brackets were for wood or dry-wall and NOT concreted / brick that I had mentioned. I then proceeded to look for the number to schedule my install and correct my bracket mounting issue. No information was provided with the product so my wife called customer service to get a phone number but Dell’s computers were out of service and they couldn’t help at that particular moment. She called back again and spoke with someone about getting the right parts for the mounting bracket which said was not part of the mounting kit and we would have to purchase those separately. Dell decided to give us a partial credit on the mounting bracket to purchase our own bolts. We then proceeded to ask for the number to the install department, we were given a number to their computer install department which does NOT install plasma TV’s. The wife called several more times back to customer service to get the correct number and was put on hold and transferred to another department for printers and then transferred again. I decided to call from my cell phone to the sales department because I know they answer the phone a hell of a lot more quickly then customer service. When I talked to the gentlemen on the phone I explained that we purchased a TV and it just arrived and that we had also purchased the home install but was not given the instructions or who to contact. He paused for a good long second and then informed me that to have the home install it costs roughly $150 dollars and he would gladly help me with the purchase. I asked him if he was kidding or if he wasn’t able to decipher what I had just told him 2 minute ago. I repeated again, I already purchased the install and I need the number to those individuals who will be installing it. Nothing came with the TV specifying how to go about getting it installed! He then replied, “You’ll have to call customer service for those numbers”. My blood is boiling now because my wife has spent the last 20+ min on hold while I just had that enlightening conversation with the guy from sales.

So I decide to call customer service myself while she sits on the line because I may get a different result with the call. I sit for about 15 min on the phone line and my wife looks at me and says she thinks she was just disconnected. I wait about another 10 min and get someone on the phone but the phone has so much feedback that it sounds as though the guy is ridding on top of a 747 and I had to end the call because we couldn’t understand each other. My wife makes another attempt because I was going to return the TV and purchase it from somewhere else… She finally gets the correct information and we make the call to the install department and are told it will be about a week before they can have anyone come out to install it. I tell my wife not to schedule an install and that I’ll do it myself and we’ll just get a refund from Dell for the install. She calls back to unscheduled the install appointment and they offer to have a guy out the next day to install it which she accepts because she doesn’t want me attempting to install a 70lbs+ expensive item on the wall by myself. I agree to let them do the work and I finally have my TV up and running on the wall.

6 days later.

I come home Friday from work looking forward to watching some football over the weekend on my new plasma screen TV. I turn on the TV and a large black vertical strip is present thru the DELL logo that starts up when you first turn on the TV and is present thru all of the TV shows. I chuckle to myself that this can’t be happening, so I take a couple pictures of the TV as it is and call Dell. I get someone on the phone from Dell and we go over the basics, is it plugged in? Do you have all the cables connected right? Did you have this mounted in the shower next to a heat lamp while pouring dirt down the back of it? I explain that it’s been 6 days and everything that has happened thus far. So the gentlemen assures me we’ll make it easy and it looks the return is going to be a BREEZE!!!! They tell me that a technician will call me to schedule bringing out a new TV and swap the old TV out. I wait about 4 days and I call them back to let them know I haven’t received a phone call to schedule a delivery and they go over my phone information and I find out that it’s wrong. I remember when we purchased the TV that we had to correct the address because they had our old information from when I lived in a different city and bought a Dell laptop when my confidence was HIGH with dell. So, they take the number and they also have a tracking number for the replacement TV. I was a little confused, they said a technician will be delivering the product and taking the old one back. The product is scheduled to be delivered in 10 days and was shipped the same as before and I asked him I thought was to be expedited to my home and he says that it was expedited it was shipped within 3 days from our warehouse.

10 days later.

I get my new TV to replace my old TV. Again, I have no numbers for the technicians that will be swapping out the TVs. I don’t bother to call Dell. Instead, I decide to take the TV off the wall, take off the brackets and install them on the new TV that came in. I put the old TV back on its stand and put it back into the container of the new TV. Along with the shipping information was a slip to return the product thru DHL. I get everything wrapped up and my wife schedules to have the product picked up by DHL to be delivered back at Dell. They pick up the TV and I even help the driver pick the TV up and put it in the back of his truck.

2 weeks after the delivery of the new TV.

I get a call from the technician looking to schedule a time to come out and service our TV. They received the information from Dell and were ready to swap out the TVs. I inform them that I had already shipped the TV back to Dell with the return slip that was provided on the box. The technician is a little puzzled but not so much as he says Dell is pretty much a bunch of idiots and expected the mix up. I said be sure to BILL Dell for all the hard work you’ve provided me because I’m certainly not getting ANY benefits from purchasing from them.

6 weeks after the delivery of the new TV.

I get a letter in the mail stating that I have NOT returned the product and that our account was to be suspended until they receive the item. Now, I’m fuming!!!!!!! I am now getting accused of NOT doing something that I did… My own mistake was misplacing the shipping slip I got from DHL not thinking that they would lose a 70lbs + TV in the mail! I’m at work now making phone calls to Dell to clear this information up because I’m certain it’s probably sitting in a warehouse waiting to be checked in or has been repackaged and sent out to some other unwary customer who will find they have just received a broken TV. So I ask dell for the information on the Airbill they provided to me for the return that I sent them because I’m sure if they followed it up they would have seen that it has left my house and they need to do the work of finding it. Unfortunately, they don’t have any numbers that would translate into a return number even though they provided me with the easy to return slip for the paid amount of the product to be returned. They also said they tried to contact me but the number they called which was my old number that I asked them to change was still on the account… I’ve mentioned it so many times that the number was wrong that it’s irritating. The lady informed me that when a product is shipped to an address with a number the number for that order cannot be changed. So they go about it by noting the account that the number doesn’t match the old number and you hope that someone would do their due diligence to read over the account notes to see that the number is incorrect. So I call DHL thinking they can just do a reverse lookup or the originating address of pickup to my house. It seems that they don’t keep records longer than 1 month and they don’t tie the tracking information from a address rather the originating zip code and the destination zip code.

Here I am now, helpless as ever waiting for (2) big companies to figure out where they screwed up and it all comes down to (2) things I did wrong. (1) I purchased a Dell product, (2) didn’t keep a shipping receipt.

I’ll even mention my calls to Dell to have my payment for the TV deferred until I actually received the product. I didn’t want a bill showing up prior to my product especially after all of the grief I’ve had on the phone. The lady that did the deferred payment said she had no problem doing it and reschedule it for the end of the following month. I asked her to send me an email confirming the deferred payment for my records but she could not because the owner of the account happens to be my Mother and that they could not send me the information. So I asked the lady, you can let me change the date at which my payment is DUE but you can’t send me an email? She said that is correct because I’m not the owner of the account. Do you see missing logic here?

I work for a large corporation who purchases Dell products and I’m sending this story along to EVERYONE in the corporation so they do not have the misfortune that I have had from purchasing a Dell.

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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-14:
Without doubt, the company with the most complaints on this and many other sites.
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