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Dell Technical Support ;Dissatisfaction
Posted by Paisano on 11/16/2004

After 4 months of trying to solve technical issues in my computer with the so claimed "Award Winning Dell Technical Support" I sent a letter to Dell complaining on their poor technical support copying the local BBB.
A few days later, for purposes of privacy I would call "Mr. L.C." from Dell Executive Support, contact me by telephone on November 1, 2004 and sent e-mail to BBB stating his views about the issues.
His position, typical of a big organization that defines the situation as “blown out of proportion”, was covered with a delicate soft veil for purposes of good public relations, but plowed ahead by trying to flex its muscle when it comes to receiving any criticism or bad mark.
By tactfully asking questions conducive to confuse the issue or find a fault, Mr. C. did not bring any satisfaction to my original complaint. Mr. C.'s explanation of the problem to the BBB was not accurate. He made it sound that I was not able to connect to the internet via a router because of software set-up. If he had read my original letter, the problem started with the modem in the computer and the inability of the Dell technician to solve them. The main claim was about poor service support. In addition, the router was connected after I had the computer fixed by a private individual.

Given the whole history of the problem per my original letter sent to Dell and the BBB, it appeared that Mr. C. did not read my letter and if he did, I can only deduce his main goal was to get on the good side of the BBB. I was taken aback by his reaction or total incomprehension when Mr. C. repeatedly stated that it would not have been necessary for me to contact the BBB since they could have solved the issue directly. Further, he took the position that no matter what additional steps I would take, Dell would consider the case close after his call.

My original letter also pinpointed my forewarned intentions, which were sent previously via e-mail to Dell, that I was going to contact a private party to fix the computer. Dell had plenty of time to notify me at that time of their policy of third party expenses not been covered.

The amount of credit requested from Dell does not justify me spending additional resources on this claim. I reluctantly accepted Mr. C.'s offer of $ 50.00 online coupon. It does not nearly represent what I went through with Dell in time and efforts which forced me to hire a private technician. The settlement was not satisfactory and I will certainly not support Dell’s products in the future.

I stand by my original complaint that Dell Technical Support failed to properly diagnose and support the product by not providing the required and proper customer support that this case needed. On a scale of satisfaction 1 to 10, I give Dell a dismal low score of 1.

If you have similar issues with Dell, do not hesitate to contact them and copy the local BBB. That really seems to get their attention.

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Posted by bill on 2004-11-17:
Dell's tech support is award winning. They won the "Most Useless Technical Support" award.
Posted by dischidia on 2005-01-17:
I had the same problem with JUNO. I finally got them to credit me about $35.00. It took 30 e-mails to every department I could find, plus the BBB (a key decisions point, I think.)

The last half of the e-mails stated that they were spending more money nitpicking me, than it would cost to pay me. I also point out, that my bad "word-of-mouth advertising" would cost them extremely more than $35.

I don't know if it was the sheer volumn, or that I was correct, or the BBB or the realization that they were wasting money to make me vocally angry, but they finally credited me the money.

I suggest that if you don't get the service you expect from a vendor, to do what I did. Just remember to be nice to the person on the other end of the phone. They didn't make the policy and might even help more, if you are friendly to them. If you are a woman, when you get management on the phone, go ahead and cry. I believe, Juno got me to that point.
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Dell Class Action Lawsuit
Posted by Jeri on 08/05/2004
TEXAS -- Class Action Lawsuit possible under the Fair Credit Billing Act, Section Z.
Dell's billing is incompetent. We have been attempting to pay our bill to Dell since May 04(previously our payments managed to go through). We have now been turned over to a collection agency. When we call Dell to try to fix this problem, they claim they have not called us since 9/03. They also state that our last payment went through in May, though the collection agency shows the last payment in April. This is a small sample of the hell we and others have been through with this company. Lets hit them where it hurts, in the pocket book.
I will be contacting lawyers to see if we can get someone to take this case.
If you are interested, email:
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amazingly poor CS from Dell
Posted by on 08/24/2003
I was a loyal Dell customer for years, primarily because of their prompt, responsive customer service. In the last year, though, this has degraded to an almost unbelievable degree. Starting with the fact that the phone numbers listed on their website for contact are all inaccurate.

For example, their website lists "Customer care: Home & Office: 1-800-624-9897" and if you ever feel like driving yourself nuts you should spend a few minutes trying to use that number to get some "customer care"

Most recently, I attempted to buy a laptop from Dell computer and there was some kind of error with my credit card. I don't know what kind of error because they never contacted me about it, just cancelled the order. I didn't find out about it until two weeks later when I wondered where it was and checked on the order. They were unapologetic, but did offer to sell me a laptop over the phone, which I didn't do, preferring at that point to try a competitor for a change and see if I could see an improvement.

Two months later, on an unrelated issue with Dell, I had to contact them for a software key. I ultimately ended up speaking to four people, three by email, all in the same CS ticket, and one by phone.

The first person to contact me stated that the product key would be found on the side of my PC. That turned out not to work, so I contacted them again. This time a different person replied on the same CS ticket, saying the code would actually be found on the package that the software came in.

I replied that I couldn't locate the package and was there an alternative to that? The rep stated that they would arrange for replacement software to be sent and could I please confirm my address and other info. I did that and then a third person, previously unheard of, replied to still the same CS ticket I had started orignally, saying that he was sorry but the software could not be sent because I was past a 30 day time-limit. That may be the case, but I felt I'd been misled now, and said so.

If there was no way to send the software, the time to say that was when I asked what to do, not after promising to resolve the situation. I wrote back and explained that I had already been promised the software and was expecting it already. The same agent wrote again saying he was sorry but there was no way.

So I called Dell, at this point just to express my dissatisfaction not trying to get the software which I assumed would be impossible at that point. The phone contact listened to my story, apologized and promised to send the software, which may or may not happen as this was today.

Economically the biggest damage was in the delays. I could have had my laptop faster, and been using it for its intended purpose, if they had lived up to their responsibility as a merchant and kept me informed. And it's basically the same with the software, the loss is that I could have replaced it a week ago or more if they had simply said they couldn't help me instead of stringing me along with lengthy delays in their email replied, and ultimately with flat out lies about what they would do, however unintended.

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Posted by on 12/05/2001
INDIANA -- Mr. Dell,

We are very disappointed in the service that your company has given us during the past year. It is very difficult to get through to the techs sometimes waits as long as 2 hours. We have been told on numerous occasions sorry you will have to call customer care for that or corporate only to be told once you are in that are sorry technical needs to do that. I had one tech who told me sorry for your mess but there is nothing that I can do and I don't have the number or name of anyone who can help. We reformatted our system eight times with technical, had the memory, motherboard, processor, and hard drive replaced. We then received a refurbished system and it still doesn't work. We have given up trying to get a computer that works and feel like we are out $1700 as the computer has not worked in the entire year we have owned it.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-23:
I had the same problem. I replaced the video card and processor myself. When they wanted me to replace the motherboard, I quit!! I took it to a computer store who also screwed me and did not fix the computer and I was out $185. I finally received a whole new tower from Dell after 3 weeks of a living nightmare. I'm typing on it now and only pray it will keep working. I know how you feel.
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I am totally disgusted with Dell
Posted by Disgustedwithdell on 11/17/2007
1. I purchased a new Dell tower a few years ago. I returned the new monitor due to the horrendous refresh rate that cause my monitor to flicker within 30 days. The replaced it with an awful BUT REFURBISHED monitor. "It was their policy." BUT I BOUGHT IT NEW AND IT WAS DEFECTIVE! I was told, "They all work that way." I escalated it and lost the battle. The monitor went into a closet until my old monitor finally died. Then I had to deal with the flickering for a couple of years.

2. Within a year of buying Dell's tower, it had so many problems and customer support was so script-oriented that I replaced it with a Gateway that I still have and it's great and customer support is knowledgeable. Dell's customer support told me to do things to my computer that I knew would totally mess it up. I also had to escalate each time I called to get someone who I could understand (or hang up and figure it out myself).

I stopped buying Dell. A friend of mine had similar problems with her expensive 8200 series. She was on the phone for hours trying to fruitlessly get problems resolved.

I don't know if they have changed, but problems with a tower and a monitor and horrendous customer support are enough reason for me to never purchase Dell again.

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Posted by miketech on 2007-11-17:
Dell use to make awesome computers. Then they went totally cheap and I can't even explain how bad they got. From what I here Micheal Dell must have realized his family name was infact on the box and he took back some control a year or so ago and they are getting a bit better.
Company rating on here is 1.5 ouch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-17:
You have been in what we call DELL He11! (VH)
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-17:
We have a Dell laptop that is only two years old and we hate it. We wished we would have gotten a Think Pad instead.
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-11-17:
I'm using my Thinkpad T60 right now... very pleased with it... But I think they are discontinuing this model in place of the T61 line, which I hear is not the same quality.

I was bummed to hear IBM sold out to Lenovo, and now we are all starting to see the effects of that sale... lower quality.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-17:
Spart, I also have a Thinkpad and really like it. It's getting old (It's an IBM) and needs to replaced but it just keeps on running so I can't see parting with it just yet.
Posted by miketech on 2007-11-17:
The old think pads are unreal. I have one from 1998 (P2 233 with 96 megs ram) that I use for a coaster and it still works and I have treated it roughly. It doesn't have enough power to be effective now though.

I was also sad to see Lenovo. I doubt they will be the same.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-17:
Mike, yeah the Chinese will screw up a good thing, just give them some time.
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-11-17:
I had one (T60) for my last job and it worked great... I abused that thing and it always worked. So I bought another just like it for home use... unfortunately it was after IBM had already sold-out to Lenovo... I don't think my newer T60 was the same quality of my older T60... but it is still pretty good.

As for the T61 models out now, I've seen a few in stores and they look and feel cheap... but I have not used one so I can't say how well they work. Though I read a complaint on here about one recently...
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-17:
Spart my father in law has the T60 and he loves it. It's almost 10 years old and it's the only laptop he uses. He just bought a new mac and still likes the T60 more.
Posted by David on 2007-11-17:
I have had nothing but good experience with Dell. Over the past four years I have purchased Dimension 4500, 4500S, and B110 desktop computers and an Inspiron 600m notebook computer. All are still in use in my home and have had no problems.

My employer also uses Dell computers almost exclusively. Any problems we have had with these Dell computers have been software or configuration related and get resolved by our IT department. These computers are very reliable and we have not had a single hardware problem at our location in the three years we've been here.

As for Gateway, I stopped being a Gateway customer when I installed a card into a new Gateway computer and it didn't properly recognize it. I went the Gateway web site for support and downloaded the latest BIOS and drivers and proceeded to install them per the instructions on their site. This didn't fix the problem. I called them for support and told them what I had already tried. They told me that by updating the BIOS I had voided the warranty and they could no longer offer free technical support. Bye bye Gateway.
Posted by Frustrated with Dell Support on 2013-03-06:
They have NOT changed. I am on the phone with them as we speak (for almost 2 hours) and have heard dead silence now for the last 45 minutes. I think they put me on IGNORE!!!!
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Don't Give Up
Posted by Hate Dell on 08/14/2007
If you have had trouble with Dell Financial Services, DO NOT give in to them and their bulliness. Our small company purchased two computers on the 60 day agreement. Both were paid in 70 days with late fees and interest. Should be end of story right? Wrong...they continued to send billing statements stating no payment due. They decided to start calling 3 years after the first statement and tell us that we owed $700+ on each account. I battled with the Service Reps and stated that they were charging me for having an open account that I did not owe them for product. They stated that because we did not "CLOSE" the account after I paid it off, that it remained open and we continued to get charged.

My Advice... DO NOT pay them for anything other than the product. They will threaten that they will report it on your credit and that it will negatively affect you. Don't fall for that. Pay what you owe on the product and close the account. Write a letter stating that you are upset with the way they handle their financial services and you will be happy to spread the word on them. I know some of you are probably frustrated, but take the time to write one last letter and move on. They like to play hard ball.

This morning I called and let them know I would be mailing them a check for $50.67 which paid for 36 months of postage and $1.00 per month to send an invoice. I wrote a letter which included copies of blogs from the internet on their company and sent it to the Financial Services area as well as the VP of Marketing and the VP of Consumer Services.

Feel Free to email me if you need help composing the letter.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-14:
Dell Financial has a nasty habit of sending statements that show no payment due. But if you read the entire statement it shows that interest is accumulating. The best way to manage your account with them is to look at your statement online. At least that will show what's actually owed. I am creating another posting to relate what Dell Financial is now trying to scam the place where I work.
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-14:
Why did you call them 3 years ago to figure out what was going on? Sounds like this is negligence on your side.
Posted by dfields on 2007-08-16:
trumania... better go back and read. the Poster clearly stated 'they started calling after 3 yrs'.... duhhhhhhh
Posted by salmineo on 2008-05-05:
Same thing happen to us. Spent many hours talking to many people in India and getting nowhere. Feel if a company is going to charge you interest after three years, it their responsibility to clearly state that fact in big bold letters. And also the amount that is going to be billed should be indicated on each monthly statement you received.
We bought a MAC 5 over three years ago online. What I noticed when I ordered online, was that their was no confirmation #. So I made a telphone call to Dell. I was told that the order was taken. Then I was asked how I wanted to pay for it. Then I was aasked to set it up under under Dell Financials Services. I told him that I was not sure and would get back to him. Then I called a week later and said that I would pay by check. Paid for it by check. I would get a monthly statement with 0 balances and kept it open just in case we might buy more computers.
Then last month I get the statement we owe $2,700 dollars!!!!!!.
Can you put me in contact with "Hate Dell" of 8/14/07? could not find his email address?
His story is exactly the same as ours.
Need his help>

And three years later I get a
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Zero Percent Finance Charge SCAM
Posted by Prat on 07/31/2007
My son and I purchased a laptop for his college work on a 90-day no interest financing arrangement with Dell. We budgeted and paid the bill in full by the due date listed on the bill.

Today, I received a bill for the finance charges of $41.23. I was told by the customer service rep in India that the actual due date for the 90-day arrangement was the first of the month, NOT the due date shown on the bill. The most she could do for me was remove $20.

We have purchased Dell products for many years and we currently own five Dell Computers. My son is getting ready to take a friend laptop shopping and was going to recommend Dell. It is a shame to lose our business over this small amount of money. I have to say this experience has left us with a very bad feeling.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
Call Dell Financial and demand the pay off balance and due date. Have them fax it to you, not email, because you'll never get it. Then pay it off before the date by certified check (not a personal check) sent either return receipt or via an overnight service. That way they can't deny ever receiving your payment. Under no circumstances give them your check account number or any credit card numbers over the phone. You can access your account at their web pages. Keep an eye on it to confirm the account is closed.

The State of New York is suing Dell over the same crap that Dell did to you. I've never heard of anyone actually qualifying for the same-as-cash deal.
Posted by ProgressiveLaw2 on 2007-08-03:
Once again, Progressive Law Group is investigating a nationwide class action lawsuit for the initial 0% interest case against Dell. If you have information that might be helpful, please contact dellclassactionlawsuit@yahoo.com . Thank you.
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Worst Customer Service (or lack thereof) In The World!
Posted by Neno84 on 04/27/2006
HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- Dell Computers officially has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! And the irony is the biggest reason I chose to purchase a Dell computer was because of their reputation for having outstanding customer service.

In January of last year I purchased a Dell Dimension 8400 valued at over $3,000. I only paid about $2,300 after rebates. I was initially happy with the system. Then after a while problems started to happen. I called Dell for numerous problems that I won't go into detail about on here because it will stray from this topic.

I called Dell MANY MANY times since I've gotten the system. I am far from a racist but something is very fishy with Dell. They seem to hire nothing but foreigner who barely speak a lick of English and haven't the slightest clue what they are talking about. Their words are so scripted that it would be plainly obvious to even the most challenged person that they are simply divulging answers from a manual sitting in front of them.

Every time I call Dell about a problem (that I spell out in detail by the way) I am always given a resolution to a completely different problem. Earlier this week I contacted Dell online and told them that my computer was malfunctioning in some area that it caused my Verizon DSL to constantly and uncommandedly force me to completely close-out of the program. This always happens with my photo editing programs as well. Imagine my disdain when after already wasting well over 20-minutes with this person, the cust. svc. rep. provided me with a link to some sort of 3rd rate anti-virus free trial software!!! I asked what the h*** did that have to do with my issue at hand? I have Norton Anti-Virus, the #1 anti-virus program on the market. Why was she giving me a link to this when I was telling her my computer had some sort of software glitch??? The last 10 times that I have contact Dell I have ended the chat session without a resolution, except for when I had to call them to get my $50 rebate for renewing my Tech Support warranty because Dell claimed they never got the rebate submittal! I demanded that they pay me my $50 which they did and they also gave me a $30 courtesy credit.

Other than that, Dell's customer service is non-existent. I have given up completely on trying to contact Dell via telephone. Other than the fact that you have to go through a million different menu options just to get routed to the right people (which is nearly impossible because the phone system is NOT user-friendly), its taken me over an hour on many occasions just to troubleshoot with a tech only to have my situation unresolved. When I chat online or on the phone, after going through all the B.S. just to talk to someone, I always end up having to be redirected to another Dell division because Dell claims that since I own a Media Center PC, I can only talk to special Media Center technicians.

Every time I have an issue or conflict with my computer, after spending over $300 in warranties over the last year and three months, Dell always tells me I have a software problem and transfer me to some service that I have to PAY FOR to so much as even get advice on the issue. So let me get this straight Dell...I already paid $300+ for this warranty that's supposed to cover most issues that may arise, and now you expect me to pay up to $100 a call in additional money for tech support that should be included??? Never again, never again.

My advice, contact the Better Business Bureau. Its the only way to get through to Dell. I contacted the BBB twice. I am actually dealing with Dell's corporate division now after a complaint I had to file a few weeks ago because I wasn't getting anywhere via phone or online chat. If you contact the BBB, there is a good change you'll actually be able to talk to an English-speaking American who knows what they are talking about and is knowledgeable and isn't reading bogus solutions to you from a standardized manual.

I will never buy another Dell product again!

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-04-27:
Just FWIW - that's how 99% of call centers operate - from a script. You pay engineers the $$ to write maintenance procedure scripts and then pay people with no real experience to follow the script - "OK, ask customer question A - if answer is Yes, goto step three, if answer is no, goto step seven" - and so on.....
Posted by KenPC on 2006-04-27:
Did you have a softwware problem on day one? If not, then it doesn't seem likely that Dell has any fault here. I will concede that they are by far the suckiest choice you could have made, but I can also see why they would direct you to an anti-virus site, because the odds are very high that you have picked up some mal-ware and that is causing your system to have problems. Dell makes the hardware, not the software, and they really don't have much say about what happens to it software-wise after it leaves the market.
Posted by Neno84 on 2006-04-27:
The problems weren't experienced from day one but again, i've always had anti-virus protection and while NO anti-virus is full-proof, I can't see how all of these problems can be attributed to a virus. I have clean-sweeped my computer three times and don't a thorough diagnostic which should have eliminated any spyware or virus in my system. Something is wrong with my computer period. I just got my Windows Media Center 2005 to start working. It hasn't worked since I got my computer but something I did a few weeks ago enabled it to start working.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-27:
Can you remember the software you installed on your computer the time the problems started happening? Did you every try reformatting the hard drive to see if it solved your problems? It sounds like what you have is a software or driver conflict. You should backup your important files and do a reformat. Any 3rd party programs install one at a time to see if you can spot the problem.
Posted by tander on 2006-04-27:
Who told you they have outstanding customer service?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-28:
i'm sorry but did you not check reviews about dell...people have been giving poor reviews about their products and customer service for years now...yes i was a victim too with dell, but i know better when i purchase my next computer---research
Posted by Neno84 on 2006-04-30:
Well back then I didn't have the means to come online and have access to thousands and thousands of reviews. I thought the rave reviews that PC World was consistently giving Dell was trustworthy enough.
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Unscrupulous sales tactics by Dell
Posted by Oleperfesser on 04/19/2006
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- You have to be verrry careful about dealing with Dell salespeople, at least at kiosks in malls. My son got a pretty hard sales pitch in that kind of setting recently. When he said he could only afford to spend $300 on a laptop (thinking this would get the salesperson off his back), he was surprised when the person said "we have a special sale--we can do that!" Then the salesperson laid out the specs for the unit, which were minimal (e.g., 256k RAM) but acceptable to my son, who thought he had a deal.

My son then called me on his cell to check things out, and got the old "anything that sounds too good to be true probably is" speech. Sure enough, when he went back to the kiosk, he was told that, in the interval of 15 minutes, the price of the unit he'd been talking about had gone up $200.

Of course, this was all part of a bait-and-switch scam by the salesperson. Get a fish on the hook by promising anything; eventually, after checking inventory, etc., you come forward with the truth and hope the fish will stay on the line.

One would hope, however, that a company with a brand name as famous as Dell would realize that this kind of cheap, tawdry approach will ultimately lead lots of people to conclude that it's a cheap, tawdry company. In a business as competitive as this one, that's not the way to go.
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-19:
Lots of times it is the salespersons sales tactic. He or she probably gets a bigger commission off of a big ticketed computer. Don't ever buy a cheap computer, like the one's that sell for $399. They use substandard parts in those computers. You'll find yourself with allot of headaches.
Posted by Pablo7 on 2007-04-23:
I'm not sure what you are saying when you mean he thought by telling the rep this it would get him off of his back. If it's what I think it is then your son got what he deserved by using that approach which is you get what you give. If honestly your son could only afford to spend $300.00 which I find hard to believe considering your intelligence, then he should have been somewhere else or saving more money. Even you had enough sense to know $300.00 can't buy a proficient laptop computer from Dell so I am sure your son did too before walking in there. As far as the sales reps actions go, they do get paid on commission so what do you expect. They were just trying to do their job.
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Posted by FedUpWithDell! on 02/27/2006
RESTON, VIRGINIA -- Dell has the worst customer service I've ever experienced! I've spent about 4 hours on the phone (with people from India) trying to get a refund for a second monitor they sent me---when I only ordered one! --They also billed me almost twice as much for the second one, which arrived two days earlier, so I unwittingly refused delivery on the lower priced one. (AND THEY ONLY WANT TO REFUND THE LOWER PRICE!!) The people I spoke to acted like they didn't understand, were constantly trying to derail the conversation, and (tried to) refuse refunding me the correct amount. Totally maddening!
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Posted by miketech on 2006-02-28:
Dell is never off the front page. Dell's use to be great but not anymore. NOT ANY MORE!!! Sorry you bought one.
Posted by SuperSource2005 on 2006-02-28:
what do you expect? it's dell. they are worthless. you are better off building your own machine
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-02-28:
I'm waiting for the day that a Mac can run Windows. I think that will be when I switch over. There just aren't any good PC companies left that I would trust. My recommendation would be to go with small local shop in your area that builds custom systems. Since they are local, make sure they offer free support for X years, and sleep better knowing you can take your computer to a real local person if you need help. Saves on translation headaches from talking to someone overseas for 5 hours.
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-28:
What Sparticus says is the best advice.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-28:
Note many local stores offer free support. That is one of the few area they make money. Building cheap/budget systems has such a low markup that they need to charge for service/support.
Posted by Microbabe on 2006-03-02:
LOL! It's not funny, but you have to laugh. I had the same experience some time ago. I ordered ink for my Dell printer (you can only buy the ink from Dell). They sent the wrong cartridge, 4 of them. Then they charged me for all 4. When I called "customer service" I got india. They insisted that I did place the order and demanded that I pay to ship the wrong cartridges back to Dell. Then they said I wasn't getting a refund, but they would be glad to send me the correct cartridge for full price! I immediately closed my account, got rid of the printer, and vowed never to buy from Dell again.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-03:
That is part of the problem. They do not care about the customer or about losing them. There is no pride in trying to be the best or ensuring that your customers are happy.

Most of the time, they are monitored by how fast they can get rid of you. How many calls they take a day. How few calls they escalate. They have no interested in ensuring you are happy, only that you go away quickly.
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