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Unprofessional Corporate Behavior
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Rating: 1/51

I signed up for DirecTV service through AT&T and the sales women I spoke to signed me up for a higher priced channel package than I wanted. She also put me down as wanting ALL HD with a DVR (that I didn't want). The sales women also stated that I would receive a $50.00 gift card as part of the promotion they were running for new customers (I never received it ) that was a lie! The only way I believe this happen is their sales people must be getting paid on commission.

I ordered the basic channel package without the HD service. I had no idea that the install personnel was giving me ALL HD service equipment. I did ask the installer why was I getting a DVR and he told me it was promotional (no charge), that was a lie. Then the installer told me that he had to collect $30.00 because of the way he had to mount the satellite dish (another lie). DirecTV's corporate office told me that mounting a HD dish on a pole is listed as standard installation, and requires no charge, instead of refunding my money they would only give me $30.00 off my next month's bill.

Once I received my first month's bill and started asking questions about "why is it so high" that's when I realize what they had done! Every time I talked to a DirecTV personnel (trying to fix the problem) I was told that it would be fixed or that I have HD equipment so I must pay for HD service!

After 3 months of trying to get my bill fixed I told DirecTV personnel that I wanted a copy of the audio recording of my sales call. They told me I couldn't have it! So I informed them that I never signed a release form on the rights of my voice so that sales call is as much mine as it is there's. That's when they started trying to work with me and they only fixed my bill after I told them that I would get my Lawyer to subpoena that phone recording for court. After hearing that, they fixed the bill and I still never got a copy of that phone call!

Nine months later we moved to the other side of town and took our equipment and had it reinstalled. Once again (because we moved) all the problems with the bill started all over. I was told that it was reset by the computer system. So I (again) had to call them over and over trying to get my bill fixed. So again I had to deal with DirecTV personnel telling me that would fix the problem, then they don't. My wife and I talked about what we should do about DirecTV, so I called the cancellation dept asking questions and one thing I was told is that if you cancel a contract early there is a $10.00 charge per month still left on the contract (a lie).

We decided that the best way to deal with our problems regarding DirecTV is to cancel our contract. I called the cancellation department on October 15th @ 11:45am and they tell me it will be a $20.00 fee per month that we were still under contract. During this call I told them that I wanted a itemized bill with all fees and past due amounts sent to me. We never got the bill and DirecTV said they sent it on Oct 27th. They told me that in the letter that I didn't get it stated that if my bill wasn't paid by November 5th that they would take it using a debit card that we had used in the past.

On Oct 6th DirecTV took $377.10 from our bank account causing three over draft charges of $30.00 each, that's a total of $461.10 that we weren't ready for. We noticed this on November 11th and called DirecTV @ 8:29am using number 1-800-531-5000. I spoke to DirecTV personnel Sunia #**, Suzie #** and Marisa #**. I noticed that they all had the same accent and asked Marisa "what county are you located in?" She responded "the Philippines".

Basically what these Filipinos told me is, I was given enough time to pay so they took the money and they don't care if I got the letter or about the overdraft charges! DirecTV is one of the most unprofessional, un-American corporate entities that I have had the displeasure of dealing with! If a company can't hold up their part of a contract then it should be void!

I was still waiting on my bill when they had stolen those funds from my account without my knowledge making them responsible for the over drafts! DirecTV needs to change the way they do business, starting with the sales people and ending with the customer service and people skills of their employees. On a final note there should be some kind of steps that can be taken when someone is canceling their account based on corporate incompetence!

Unauthorized Bank Withdrawals and Bill/Contract
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Rating: 1/51

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I want to say I never had a bad thing I say about DIRECTV till now. I had there services back in 2000-7 then moved to Utah when it all went to crap. To start with the problem with my bill never being straight also I referred 2 people to the company and still they treat me like just a mother dollar sign. I contracted with DIRECTV and my bill for the first year should have been 18.75 with all my discounts also they said I would get free show time for 3 months as a trial, I advised them I did not want it.

Anyway my very first bill was 80 something dollars! When I called in to question this I got a whole other story. And the reps are programmed to blame you and tell you your contract and why you signed up for like your a clueless dumb customer. I mean the level of disrespect that some of these reps have is unbelievable! So they said my bill was 80 and that's what it was going to be. Long story short I have never paid a contracted price like I was told, all the discounts they have gave me where lies!

Also I'm not on here telling lies just check my bill and my account and you can see how ** up it really is! The second year was the worst! They took a customer that loved the service to hate the service! Not only did I spend countless hours wasted on the phone over the years, they have never took the initiative to say they are sorry, and of course why would they care they are a multi billion dollar company.

So to try to shorten it some more, I get to the last few months on my account. My mother advised me she wanted TV service and I was about to say "go with dish or cable," what did I do? My dumb ** calls DIRECTV and sees how I can refer my mother 'cause she wanted to keep up with Spanish and see the Spanish channels. So I called DIRECTV and spoke with the representative he advised me that If I changed the service that it would not extended my contract, so I called BS.

I said "I want to speak with your supervisor" and come to find out the supervisor also confirmed the same thing, "Mr. ** you will not have your contact extended nor will there be cancellation fees your contact ends." So the representative said "do you want to shut off the TV services now or wait till This November 2013." I said "shut them off and send the last 2 bills via paper to the address stated with my address." The representative supervisor said "OK you're all set gives me a confirmation number and I think things are finally good!" Hell no. I get an unauthorized payment withdrawn from my personal bank checking account for the amount of $104.16!!!

Now wait it get way better. Not only do they pull my money from my account they also say they have current amount due of $68! How the hell do you figure if there is only 2 months left to my contract and my normal bill is around $40 that you would take "unauthorized" 104.16 then tell me I still owe another $68? Even if I paid both months In advanced! That still doesn't add up!

Oh but here's the real kicker, out of the blue they said I had an early termination contract. So that was another fee! Another 9 months they say! If you think I'm out age well he'll put my shoes on and take the walk! Even if they said "sorry will give you free service for life or 2 years or anything" I would tell them "no thanks keep the tip 'cause you don't do business like that." And if they have this recorded they can go back and fire some of the dumb people they hired. This is a company where the left hand doesn't know the right hand is doing. #1 in service? Please, spare your self at least be honest and say 75-80 percent approval ratings, tell is like it is, instead of sugarcoating it.

Lied to Me About No Contract
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I normally don't do this, but DirecTV has pushed me over the edge. I have been a DirecTV customer since 2009. When I moved to my new house, they informed me that I needed a new receiver - which I had to pay for - because they would not give their long-time customer the same "deal" as brand new clients. Back in December of last year, my receiver ceased working (yes...the one I paid for). When I called DirecTV to replace it, they wanted to charge me for the new receiver AND pay the shipping. I was appalled.

For those of you who don't know (or who are not aware), you RENT your equipment from DirecTV. So, their piece of equipment that I RENT broke, and they wanted me to pay for a new one. Imagine that you rent a house or an apartment, and the dishwasher or washing machine breaks. Are you expected to PAY for a new one? Of course not. You are already paying them a (exorbitant) fee each month. Maintaining THEIR equipment is THEIR responsibility.

I called Charter and set up for a technician to come out the next day. I then called DirecTV back and told them to cancel my service. My contract had long since expired with them. The "service representative" on the phone gave me several discounts on my monthly bill and beat out Charter's price AND waived the fee on the new receiver. I asked (SPECIFICALLY ASKED) if I was going to have to sign a new contract. He answered "NO". I stayed with DirecTV.

I have decided that I no longer am getting a benefit from my satellite service. We are not a heavy TV-watching household, and services like Netflix and Hulu do just fine at a far less expensive price. I called today to cancel my DirecTV service and guess what? Oh yes. I'm being charged a cancellation fee. Talking to a supervisor did no good. I was also (rudely) reminded that if I failed to return my RENTED equipment in time, I would be responsible for that also.

In this day and age where our devices are offering us more and more options for viewing and obtaining information, you would think that companies like DirecTV would do what they can to retain as many customers as possible. They've lost me. And, I hope that any of you reading this will take pause before signing up with them. DirecTV, your days are numbered. And I will smile smugly as technology advances, and you are left behind. An old expensive relic with way too many commercials.

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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I know that this is just one of the many complaints that you must receive on a regular basis concerning DIRECTV and the way that they deceive their paying customers, but I hope that with this complaint added to what must be a very large pile of complaints might do some good and help shed light some of their questionable practices.

I need to start out by saying that I have been a loyal customer of DIRECTV since 2007 and I have never been late with a payment or had to make a partial payment. I have my DIRECTV service provided through Century Link as part of a bundle. When I contacted Century Link, the company that I have had my phone service with for over 40 years and also have always paid my bill in full within 24 hours of receiving, stated that they could not help me concerning the issues with DIRECTV service even though I make the payment to Century Link.

When I contacted DIRECTV and asked why my bill with them was as large as it was ($87.99), they told me that I was on a older plan for my service and that I could change to a newer plan that would give me a better package at a lower cost. I inquired about the various plans and was sent the information that included the different plans that they had and the price for each plan.

I chose the Choice Extra Package that is listed on DIRECTV's website and is shown to be $68.99 a month. I contacted DIRECTV on 6 occasions and talked to six different reps. And asked what the final price per month would be for the Choice Extra Package. On all contacts that were recorded and can be confirmed by the recordings, I was told that the price for the package would be $74.99 per month.

The Choice Extra Package cost $68.99 and $5.99 for their protection plan in case there is an equipment failure, which totals $74.99. I made sure that asked all six of the Reps. if the $74.99 total per month was the full price per month and as the recordings can verify the answer was always the same. The monthly total would not exceed $74.99 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16th I received an order conformation showing the $68.99 Choice Extra Package and contacted DIRECTV to ask them why the $5.99 for the protection plan did not show on the conformation. After speaking to four Reps I was told that the $68.99 was only part of my monthly charges and the correct cost per month will be $97.97.

I was told that Choice Extra Package was $68.99. The Protection Plan was $5.99. Total for New Plan $74.98
The hidden charges are listed here: Choice Extra Package $68.99, Protection Plan $5.99, DIRECTV Extra Pack $4.99, HD Charge $10.00, DVR Charge $8.00. Total For new Program Plan $97.97. Difference With hidden Charges $22.99.

While $22.99 does not seem like a large amount, when you multiply it by 12 it is now 266.28 per year.
With the creative way that DIRECTV is charging their customers, the amount that they are getting from their customers when the number of times they are doing this becomes very large and it probably would be a great idea if some federal agency that can do something to stop this kind of underhanded billing practice, look at this and do what they can to stop the customer abuse.

DIRECTV Email Customer Service Is In The Toilet
By -

When trying to get something in writing from DIRECTV this may provide some insight as to what you can expect from their email customer service. I have made this same request periodically without difficulty. It appears things have changed.

In the past I have suggested/requested you provide the customer contract expiration date in "My Account" on your website and have it printed on the paper statement. Several website revisions and updates have taken place since that time. So far no one has cared enough to add something as simple as this. That being the case I must resort to periodically emailing you to verify that my expiration date has not changed. So here we go again. What is my contract expiration date? This is information is readily available to you. Simply respond with the agreement expiration date. If you are unable to accomplish this then pass it to someone who can. It's not that difficult.

DIRECTV's response: "While we don't have the exact information for your agreement through email, we've set up a special phone line with a PIN Number that you can used to reach one of our account specialists directly. Our specialists will assist you in providing the accurate information about your agreement easily. Please call us at 800-824-9081 between 8:00 AM and 1:00 AM ET daily. When the system asks for a Personal ID Number (PIN), enter ** (this PIN is good for five days).

On the other hand, we appreciate your feedback about the agreement included on your online account and paper statement. Any new enhancements to our services are subject to change until a formal announcement is made, so I don't have any information that I can share with you right now. I have, however, forwarded your email on to our management so that they can have a record of your request."

It appears you believe me to be quite naive. Let me assure you, such is not the case. You are, however, doing an excellent job convincing me that your abilities leave much to be desired. This information has previously always been available via an email request. It is not proprietary information. I am not interested in what a customer service representative may tell me on the phone. Statements that are made on the phone carry no accountability. I require something that provides hardcopy documentation regarding my current agreement expiration date.

So far your efforts to avoid providing this information is proving that DIRECTV's regard for their customers is slowly but surely deteriorating. I can understand not allowing anything that would alter the account being done by email for security reasons. However, supplying an expiration date of a customer agreement via email in no way compromises the account. There are far too many complaints on the internet about people being misled with inaccurate information when obtained verbally by telephone. It has happened to me as well. That is why it took me a year and half before I had enough information IN WRITING to proceed with the HD upgrade.

Even at that there were still shortcomings in what was promised and what was actually done. But it was eventually worked out satisfactorily. In addition there are many, many complaints about DIRECTV extending agreement dates without the customers knowledge or consent. I do not wish to be caught unaware of the conditions of my account. Since DIRECTV refuses to make the agreement expiration date available online or on the billing statement I must resort to keeping tabs on it this way. DIRECTV's obvious deliberate withholding, or at least making it difficult to obtain documentation of this account critical piece information is a seed for distrust.

What is presented verbally on the phone is not held accountable. This is why I require this information in writing. Your stance on this issue has all the earmarks that DIRECTV's legal department or corporate policy will no longer permit you to put anything of significance in writing. That can only be interpreted by the customer as calculated deception. i.e.: Tell the customer anything by phone. Deny it later.

I'm sure you are aware that you lose many customer by these frustrating, deceptive, misleading practices. The loss of customers at this point is not great enough to cause DIRECTV to become more customer friendly. Someday it may. I will update this if DIRECTV has a response.

DirecTV absolutely horrible
By -

PORT ST LUCIE, FLORIDA -- On October 13th 2011 I had, had enough of my picture constantly going out due to the rain. I had just finished trying to watch a show I had recorded from the night before only to find that over 20 minutes of the show didn't record due to the rain the night before. The 5 days before this it had been raining quite a bit and during that time I had no picture regularly, there were periods where my picture was out for 2-4 hours at a time. Living in Florida during the summer it rains a lot, and I had the same thing throughout the summer.

UFC pay per views that I spent $50 dollars a piece on with a house full of friends ready to watch the fights only to have the picture go out for half of them including the final two rounds of a championship fight. Needless to say after one of my favorite shows not recording I was at the end of my rope. I called in to cancel my service. I had had it. I called the 1-800-DIRECTV phone number and after telling the automated system I was calling to cancel I was put through to Oscar in the retention department. I told Oscar my problems and frustrations and he began offering me things to try to keep my business.

I kept telling him I wasn't interested and that what he was offering me just wasn't enough to deal with not having a picture half of the time. First he offered me a $50 credit off my bill for the month, I said no. Then he offered me Showtime free for 12 months on top of the $50 credit, I said no. The next thing he offered was an additional $10 off my bill per month for 12 months on top of the other things. Still I said no. His next offer was to add the NFL Sunday Ticket for free to my account on top of the other offers, to this I decided that maybe worth staying for so I told him OK, but that I wanted a technician to come out and check my dish.

We set up a date and time for the technician to come out. Oscar gave me a confirmation number and another phone number of 1-888-355-7530. After putting me on hold for a couple minutes we were done and I was happy. About 6 hours later when I got home I decided to check out what was on Showtime only to find that I wasn't getting the channels. So I once again called DirecTV. This time I got Melinda on the phone employee id # **. Melinda pulled up my account and told me that there were no notes on my account, that nothing had been done, and that the system showed that I hadn't called in since February.

I told her about the entire conversation earlier with Oscar, and all the things that I had been promised all of which I had written down. She put me on hold for several minutes and came back only to tell me that all of the things that were promised to me to keep my business could not be honored and that the only thing she could do was give me Showtime free for 3 months. I was furious. Here I've been a loyal customer with DirecTV for years, stayed with Direct TV even after years of frustration of my picture going out, only to be told that everything that was promised to me I could not get.

I spent close to a half hour of my day on the phone with Oscar for nothing, and I spent over a half hour on the phone with Melinda dealing with this. I asked her about the fact that the system told me the conversations were being recorded and that I wanted the conversation to be pulled up. Her response was that's for training and that's not possible. Then she told me the only other thing she could do was offer me the NFL Sunday Ticket at HALF PRICE! I told her absolutely not, that DirecTV was not getting another dime out of me. I should be getting money from them for the horrible service and frustration I've had to go through.

Melinda's attitude was one that I really couldn't believe. It was one of just not caring at all, like she didn't care if I stayed with DirecTV or not, like my business was nothing to the company. I told Melinda that I wasn't even going to bother trying to talk to a supervisor and that I'd be calling Comcast and once I had a date scheduled for the cable to be hooked up I'd call back and cancel service with DirecTV, and she very easily let me off the phone. I want you DirecTV to know that I intend on complaining to every single agency, website and forum that I can possibly find.

I'm going to let everyone know exactly what kind of "service" you provide and the dirty tactics you employ to try to keep customers. I also plan on letting all of my customers my company deals with about your company. You see in owning a, let's just say technology based company my employees see a lot of customers every day, often times customers will ask us what's the best computer we recommend or TV and very often we are asked about cable and satellite providers and before we would always recommend DirecTV. You can bet that will never happen again.

This issue with me ultimately will cost your company tens of thousands of dollars if not more. You're not just losing one customer. To be promised something only to be told you can't have it is ridiculous. Your reliability percentages are lies, fabricated to earn you business from your competitors. You can still do the right thing. But by my experience with your company to this point, I'm sure I'll never hear a thing from you. Maybe I'll be proved wrong.

A Loyal Customer Backlash
By -

Back in 2005 I was a loyal DirecTV customer, my service was disconnected because I thought my brother was going to pay it, but he didn't. I owe DirecTV 200 dollars which they are never going to get. Now while at that time they never posed a problem it is a lead into how times have changed at this current point.

My grandma was in the hospital and had some trouble out of Comcast managers to the point where she wanted to switch services. Since I used to have DirecTV and previously had no problems I suggested that we called them, and inquire into a package in order to save money. The CSR gave me no special deals. But could hook us up for 52.90 and after 12 months the most it would go up to is 65 dollars. No problem. My grandma was paying roughly 120 dollars with Comcast at the time so a split in service would be no problem. Back in 2005 DirecTV had quality service so I figured once she learned the remote there would be no problems.

Boy was I wrong! Where do I start? They charged her 90 dollars, but explained that her bill got lost, and they would refund her the money because they put her money on another person's account. Excuse me? What? You're going to use my money to pay another person's account. I thought you had a system the monitored that my money was going to my account not somebody else. This is inexcusable for any company striving on quality.

Remember how I said our bill was going to be 65 dollars. Well it went up to 75 dollars. My grandma was paying 75 for the past however many months it's been. Then one day the bill goes up to 89. On the previous month's bill it shows 75 even with the 3 receivers we have. Now tell me something, how can be an ethical business practice to raise your rates every three months? If I'm told I'm going to pay 65 dollars a month after my service goes up damn it I better pay 65 until I'm dealing with a state tax.

My grandma has called about the bill to see why it's going up. CSR's as previously mentioned are complete idiots. But she was on the phone arguing with them over it. I told her, and my grandpa told her just don't tell them you're not paying for it and hang up. Refuse payment if they have you that upset. Also about 6 months before that we had a 4th receiver. It was out. DirecTV said that even though we had the 6 dollar insurance that we had to pay 49 dollars for a new box. I said no that's okay and hung up on the representative Why even bother paying extra for insurance when it's useless?

How this company can market deal's and then drive up the prices is insane. DishNetwork, and Comcast both have their advertising where you can understand. I don't mind sitting through 2 years if I've got quality service. If all I'm going to get is an overpriced heap of junk, where no quality exist then why even give them a try? When it rains we have no TV, if the wind blows too hard we have no TV. Now there is a problem with my box.

I've done the trouble shoot for 30 seconds, and have reset my box, but all it will say is searching for Satellite signal. Funny thing is my grandparents boxes work, but I get to suffer from nonexistent quality from their service, and also their equipment which is leased.

Next month we are switching back to Comcast because of very poor service from the CSR's, and also from the very poor quality of the overall Satellite experience. It pains me to learn that DirecTV used to be all about quality, but then only gives a damn about the all mighty dollar to the point where the service suffers greatly. Anything they will charge us to switch back will be refused. They can send it to collection all they'd like because there has to be away that DirecTV learns it's not right to up your fees.

Tell me how does a 52.90 package go up to 89.00. DirecTV has been doing this for years, and it looks like it did not learn is lesson in 2007. Anybody who wants in on a class action lawsuit count me in. FOLLOW UP: Well I figured I would write a follow up since I called the insurance part of DirecTV, and guess what? After having a new roof put on and I specifically told them not to mess with it. Things happens right? Well DirecTV employees apparently haven't ever had a new roof put on their homes, and then have gone through this situation. I'm sure over half of the staff is paying the competition to avoid this.

So my set up was not sometimes correct the insurance to relocate the dish. Six dollars and the setup to relocate was not covered by the insurance. Would be a 49 dollar charge. I flat out told them no. So I figure my and my friend can do DirecTV's job for them for free since they don't find it necessary to include this as sometimes correct their insurance.

As may more have echoed. Stay away from DirecTV. Find a quality provider who won't put you through any hassles, or any excuses for why they don't provide something. Their insurance is useless if it's not covered when something you don't forsee happens.

DirecTV should be forced to cover these instances, but I'm saving you all the trouble. Avoid them at all costs. Don't make the same mistake I did. If you are a customer and are happy fine. But I just don't see any reason to pay to get screwed. DirecTV has lost another customer, and we're never going back.

Horrible Customer Service, Fraud
By -

This is the email I sent to who is apparently the head for dispute resolution. Still awaiting a reply

I have been given your email address by a low level manager of yours regarding a major issue I have become aware of. I have been a DirecTV customer for the last 10 months, all of which unfortunately have been not very pleasant.

First off I would like to inform you that I am a Certified C-10 Electrical contractor and low voltage specialist in San Diego, CA. I have owned my own business for the last 7 years and until today have recommended your service to several hundred clients over the years, my recommendations for your services will cease today!

I called this morning to inquire about package changes and got drastically thrown of course when the first customer service employee I spoke with informed me that I am in a contract till Feb. of 2011!!! When I originally signed up for DirecTV service in Feb of this year I signed and agreed to a 1 year contract with many benefits and new customer bonuses. I was happy and looking forward to my DirecTV service being activated in the next couple days. The tech showed up on my house on that Saturday and I had everything ready for him, he needed not run any new wires, there was no need to install or align a new 5 lnb dish as one was already on the house, all he had to do was make 1 phone call. I opened the box and installed the DVR as I have a very elaborate and very tidy equipment rack. The tech was in and out of my house in less than 30 minutes! I then received a bill for my first months service that in no way shape or form was indicative of the service that was originally set up for me. After several hours of phone calls, several hours of waiting on hold, and after speaking with no less than 10 representatives of DirecTV, 8 of whom claimed to have a "managerial" title, I finally came to find out that when my paperwork was processed I was put back in the system as an "existing customer"???? OK; I used to have DirecTV service, over three years ago and in a different city, at a different address, under a different phone number, and under totally different contractual terms all of which were fully obligated and paid in full and terminated when I left that residence. So since I was "reinstated" by your company as an existing customer all of the discounts that were afforded to me as a new customer were revoked without any knowledge or consent. My package was set not at the level I had signed up for but at my previous, as in three years ago previous, package level which happened to be about $100 a month more than I had signed up for. This debate went on for about 2 weeks before I finally received a phone call from a "Dispute Resolutions Manager" who clearly saw what had been taking place agreed that it was totally wrong, credited my account for all wrong doing and the made sure I was given all the rebates and bonuses I was promised by DirecTV in the first place.

Since that date I have been very dissatisfied with DirecTV as a whole, why would a company so big that has to thrive on customer service and satisfaction so blatantly disrespect and misdirect their customers?

So I called this morning to inquire about making changes to my package as I am really planning on bumping my package down to the lowest level possible for the last 2 months to complete my contractual obligation and terminate my service with DirecTV. I was then informed that I am under contract with you guys until Feb. of 2011! I was absolutely confused and told by April employee number 100421021 that this was told to me by someone, she had no idea who, and that I never signed anything but I verbally agreed!? Do you guys encourage your employees to lie? To mislead? This is known as fraud in the consumer world. I was then passed onto a manage by my request, the next person on the phone identified herself as a manager but refused to give her name or employee number, once again, if there isn't anything strange going on why do your employee's refuse to identify themselves to customers? She then notified me that yes, I originally signed a 1 year agreement and that agreement was then extended another year when I added a new box in mid November.

A brief history on this HR21-100 that is now causing problems. Like I mentioned previously I am a contractor I sell and install very high end home automation systems most of which I recommend DirecTV as the service of choice, and only cause of picture quality, the customer service at this company is some of the worst I have ever experienced. I purchased this box along with 25 other HR21-100's from Amerisat in San Diego, CA an authorized retailer, distributor and installation company for ATT, DirecTV, and Dish Network. These boxes were all purchased out right, not leased! When I installed 1 of these 25 boxes at my personal residence and called in November to have it activated, your company has somehow automatically assumed possession of this box and I have now been told that I am leasing this box from your company! Please, please explain how this works~! And because I "leased" a box from you, which is not the case at all I own this box, it is mine, my contract unbeknownst to me was automatically extended 1 year without any knowledge of my own and without my consent, once again fraud and misrepresentation. Had I been notified that by adding a box to my system that I would have to endure another year with this company I would have never done it and would happily remove said box if that was the case.

At this point the representative I was speaking with was clearly outside of their comfort/ knowledge realm and I asked that they transfer me to their supervisor. Once again I was greeted by someone who was happy to identify herself as a "customer service resolution supervisor" but once again she refused to provide her name or employee number and insisted several times that the topics at hand were solely about me and my account and she needn't be associated with the current dispute, she advised me that if I had an issue that she would not listen to me and that all disputes need to be submitted in writing and may take up to 2 months before anyone even acknowledges my dispute! Please tell me this is not true. Why in the world would an employee have the title just mentioned only to refuse to do anything. Well I asked her that same question and was hung up on! No yelling, no cussing, no abusive language, just me asking with pleases, thank you, yes ma'am, and no ma'am and I was hung up on! I really hope that whomever I ended my phone call with it is notified in my account notes, because hanging up on a customer who is speaking very respectfully very calmly, and very professionally, and this should be very easy to hear because all of your phone calls are recorded, this person should be met with staunch discipline as this is a direct reflection upon DirecTV and all of its employees!

So now Sirs/Madams I am requesting your immediate attention to this matter. I will be posting this email and any responses directly on my website, and on no less than 10 consumer websites so that all may see how DirecTV handles its customers. My goal until this is dispute is resolved is to spread the word to as many people as possible, which will be in the thousands I assure you, to make sure that consumers are aware of the horrible business practices, unbelievably disrespectful customer service and mismanagement of your company and its customers. I also assure you that any positive response out of this will be met with equally positive distribution of information.

If this email and dispute is outside your allowed level of conflict resolution please see to it that this email is passed on to those who have the proper authority.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

My Company is:
CE Pro top 100
CEDIA Certified Designer and installer
CEDIA Board Member

A letter sent to DirecTV re:Customer Service Problems / Bait and Switch, Lies and Breach of Contract
By -

I hope you understand that I am not an individual that is easily irritated or upset. Congratulations! Your company has managed to succeed where others have failed. Bait and Switch, Lies and Breach of Contract, that is what I have to say about Direct TV and the services your company provide!

When my husband and I began looking at and talking about getting Direct TV, we chose to go through our local phone company because we were told (marketing through the phone service) that we could get certain benefits by signing up with your company through theirs. Specifically, combined billing (not available), great service (not provided), warranted equipment (issues with that), and as a bonus - 6 months of premium channels free (not 6 but 3, we found out today). Our phone service representative transferred us to your company (with whom they have a partnership) to complete the transaction.

I had some concerns and spoke to the representative who explained that there was a 90-day warranty on equipment and if the dish did damage my roof, it was covered. I was happy to hear that I had a 60 day out clause in which if I were not satisfied with my service, I would not be penalized. I was even more excited when your representative told me that I would get 6 months of HBO and Starz free for joining. I turned the conversation over to my husband who would schedule the service (being I would not be available) and finish the conversation as well as do the on-line rebates offer that the customer service person walked him through. I then cancelled my existing TV service and went on about my day.

On June 1st, a letter was supposedly written by Direct and sent to me outlining a contract agreement. I never received this letter.
The system was installed on June 8th as my husband had scheduled.
o On June 8th, the technician could not get the receivers to work. He had to call Direct TV to troubleshoot the equipment and get it going.
o When my husband asked him how to access the On Demand (what was supposed to be part of the package), the technician told him that a different technician would have to come to our home and hook the system into the phone system to receive this service.
o After I returned home, I noticed that the cables coming into the house were not sealed, ants come into the house on those cables and cool air goes out. I should not be able to see light from outside in my laundry room. A technician was supposed to return and correct this problem. No one has come.
On June 10, I called; the system was pixilation and freezing up. The customer service representative walked me through the disconnect and set up process again.
o This was a major inconvenience and frustration. I am not a technical kind of woman. The customer service person got frustrated when I had difficulty with the information they were providing making me not only feel stupid but frustrating me.
On the June 22, my husband called because the system froze and would not find the satellite.
o While troubleshooting the system he asked when the technician would be back to complete the instillation of the On Demand feature. The customer service / technician person explained that he would have to do that himself and gave him instructions on completing the task. At that time, he explained that his schedule would not allow for this and was told they would schedule a repair tech to do it when they looked at the system because it kept "losing its programming".
o No service technician came and apparently, no service technician was scheduled (as I have discovered today).
o On July 11, my husband installed the On Demand feature himself.
Between the time the system was installed and today, I have called Direct TV six times. Four of which were equipment and or service issues.
The remote to one of the boxes did not work properly.
o I was asked to do a bunch of "troubleshooting" tasks and then told by Direct TV to go to Best Buy and buy a new remote although the equipment was less than 90 days old.
o After refusing to do this and speaking to a supervisor, a new remote was mailed to us, our bill charged, and then credited.
The recording feature on the main box, peculates the recordings intermittently, making that feature not only frustrating but un-reliable therefore not useful to me.
We were told that HBO would be available On Demand. It is not.
The system will intermittently freeze up, loose connection with the satellite, and peculate in rain or sunny weather.
o The customer service department has told me that if it is not doing what I am complaining about when the technician arrives, they cannot fix the problem.
o They walk me through the steps of moving a huge HD Flat Screen TV that is mounted to a stand away from the wall to disconnect wires, wait, and reconnect cables. I have explained this procedure to the technician (because, my husband works out of town, I have to do this). They do not care.
o I have been told that if I am not willing to (basically do their job) troubleshoot the system they cannot schedule a technician to come out and if I insist on him coming out I will be charged.
o I have explained that I do not care; I want working service and was assured that a tech would be calling me to schedule a time. I have never received that call.

Today after a month of frustration and broken promises of corrections to situations, I called Direct TV to cancel my service (being that I am still in my 60 day grace period) only to find out that what I signed up for was not what I was receiving. Jenny in your customer service department explained that there was no 60 day out clause and there was a 90-day warranty that applied to their equipment only. She also said that I was receiving the promotion of 3 months not 6 of HBO, Starz, and Show Time. She explained that the contract that I agreed to stated all of these facts. She also explained that the receivers and the remotes would need to be shipped back or I would incur an additional fee (over the disconnect fee). After some discussion about the fact I was told 60 days, Jenny told me I could dispute the charges in writing and gave me an address in Greenwood Village CO. I asked to speak to her supervisor.

Shortly Ryan was on the line. He then explained the same things Jenny had and told me that my credit card (on file) would be billed the full amount. He was terminating my service because I would not let him do his job and send someone to correct the issues I had. I explained that I had tried to get technicians out on four occasions only to be told that one would call me (which never happened). He told me he had no record of any conversations other than the remote issue. HOW FRUSTRATING! Yet another lie. Ether he was lying to me or the other Direct TV reps had lied. At this point, my husband got on the line and told Ryan to disconnect the service and come pick up the dish. Ryan said he would have it done. The conversation ended with my husband informing Ryan that he would file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and call our attorney about the fees they would be charging to my card.

I calmed down, wiped my tears, (yes Ryan had me crying, felling frustrated, and taken advantage of), looked on line for Direct TV in Colorado and placed another call. This time I called the office of the president and spoke to a person (pronounced Ja-may). He basically dismissed me but not before telling me that I would be charged between $440 - $480 on my credit card. He also told me that Ryan had not disconnected my service but he would.

I plan on posting this letter in a couple of days on every board and rip off notice advisory site that I can find and sending it to the board of directors (I am confident I can find their e-mail addresses). I will also be filing a complaint with the FTC, BBB, and the Attorney General. I will be sure to e-mail all of my friends, neighbors, business associates, and family members explaining the WONDERFUL service I have received with Direct TV and advise them to choose another service provider. My husband is currently making a yard sign just so the passer byes will get the jest of our experience. "Direct TV un-instillation due to substandard quality and customer service".

I know that if my company provided this type of service, it would not have any customers. Without customers, there is no income. No woman should be made to feel inadequate, un-intelligent, or frustrated the way I have. No consumer should feel as if they are being ripped off, lied to, or scammed by their service provider. When a company promises a service, a customer pays for that service, and the company does not deliver, it is theft. Theft by deception, misrepresentation, bait and switch, breach of contract, (what ever you want to call it) it is just bad business practices. I may be insignificant to you and your company. I may have made a bad choice in switching to your company, but I will make sure the people I know are informed so they can make a sound decision and not be lied to.

DirecTV does not know what Customer Service is!!
By -

We were customers since DirecTV started in the 90's, then when we moved we didn't have it for a year, we wanted it back, so we ordered it and have had one problem after another. Now we had always known that if it rains or snows, of course the reception would not work, so we'd pop in a movie and watch it. We never complained about that, just figured that that was satellite service. Well, first of all we called because we heard about bundle pkgs, the # on the ad said they did and we called it. But all they do is set you up with a local phone company and there is no bundling, not on one bill. When the installer was to come out we stayed home and waited, then later in the afternoon got a phone call that we'd have to reschedule and they'd call us back to do that. Then an hour later a man shows up with 1 dish (should have had 2 dishes as they have a different one for local channels), he stated he'd be back the next day to install the local dish. No one showed up and when I called they said we didn't have any dishes yet, I told her I was looking on my deck and I have a dish out there! They argued with me that I wasn't on the system and I didn't have any dishes installed yet. It took 2 weeks to get the local dish installed and they never did know who came and installed the first dish. NOW the fun really begins, I get my bills, one after another and they're not what I was told!! When I would call and tell then I was bundling with phone and internet with them and the price I was to pay for everything, they practically called me a liar! They said that no one would have offered us that kind of deal and they DON"T bundle! This went on for almost a year. The rebates I was to get didn't happen until almost 6 months later and many, many phone calls of reps being rude to me and not believing what I told them. I should have cancelled way back then but my husband wanted the football package they had and we put up with the abuse. Now it's been almost a year and I have been on the phone with them most every month about their billing or about then putting things on my account or removing things on my account without my consent! Finally we said we want to cancel. When I called to cancel the woman said "fine, we'll bill you for 2 years cancellation fee", I was so shocked... WHAT??? She stated that a couple of months ago we upgraded to HD and that bound us to another 2 years! No way did anyone on the phone or the installer say anything about another 2 year contract, if we had been told that we would have said "NO!!!!” Now I've called and called and no one at DirecTV knows a name of anyone in upper management to send a complaint to. I did get a representative that was pretty decent to me, I asked her about the note of the last representative I spoke to before her and she told me he wrote that I just wanted something for nothing! How dare him! As a call center representative he is only allowed to put the nature of the call and the outcome, not his so called personal opinion! Now they do have some glorified name called "Office of the president" with a PO Box address that you can send complaints to. That's a farce because I sent a return receipt complaint letter to this and there wasn't even a signature on the return receipt, only some stamp on it. So, finally I do get a call and they don't listen to the problems I'm having and just as well told me that being a customer for 15+ years means NOTHING!! And they will not waive any cancel fees for me. They kept telling me that it's just a billing dispute and they won't waive the fees. It's a lot more than any billing dispute, it's been one problem after another with them and the rudeness and the uncooperative people they have working for them, the managers who have no authority to help you are just as rude and they are in dire need of management training! When I hung up with a woman who said she was a manager of the office of the president the other day my blood pressure was 165/106!! I don't need this kind of aggravation and if something happens to me like a stroke or something, they'll be sued!!!! They didn't no more read my letter than the man in moon, it was a 3 page letter and 9 pages of notes with dates, names and problems that I had with their company. Then I decided to send a complaint into the BBB, but I needed to know the state I was dealing with to post my complaint, when I called I spoke to a woman and asked her what state she was in, she informed me she was in the Philippines in SW Asia!!!! I told her why I needed to know and she immediately transferred me to a woman in Idaho! Who by the way, just lived up to my expectations of a DTV rep, no cooperation whatsoever. Now I'm not loud swearing complaint customer, you don't get anywhere with rudeness and it's not my nature to be that way. They had gotten me to the point of tears a couple of times but I tried to hide that as to not let them gloat that they made me cry! Then I get an email from them advertising... I replied to it and said do not send me anymore emails and why I was upset, AGAIN! Then a woman calls me and she takes up about 1 1/2 hours of my time and the outcome; as she didn't listen to me either was no fees will be waived, it's not DTV's policy to waive fees AND she followed up with a recap of our conversation via EMAIL!! When I read that I was just upset again, she had worded it in such a way that it sounded like I agreed with her and that was totally false, so answered that email and pretty much told her everything I'm writing here. That was last night. When will this nightmare end? I will cancel in the very near future; the outcome after I do that is yet to come. Thanks for your time and I do not recommend DirecTV unless you want headaches!

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