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Terrible Customer Service, Bait and Switch
Posted by Stephaniebriskey on 01/04/2013
We switched to Dish from another satellite company because of their unethical practices after being a decade long customer. Less than a year after installation, our receiver stopped working. No amount of resetting would restart the equipment. Found while speaking with the representative that we were not receiving HD for life as offered during our signup, as well, which was rectified by a customer retention representative Since I wasn't 100% happy with the current equipment we had, the customer retention representative offered to upgrade us to a new receiver (remember, the old was was DOA so needed to be replaced regardless) for no charge in exchange for extending our contract for 2 years, which we agreed to.

Installation was great, accepted 2 year extension. A month and a half later (which is now), we were charged a fee for the receiver, and discovered that we were billed for a protection plan that I never requested or agreed to add.

Called and spoke with three different agents, including a manager. All three claim that there were no "notes" put in our account about upgrading our equipment, and without these "notes" there is no way they can refund the fee. In addition, there is a fee for canceling the protection plan that I was never informed of. A protection plan that the customer is expected to pay to cover equipment that doesn't even belong to them. If they didn't charge me the protection plan, they would also charge a fee for the tech to come out to replace their equipment that didn't even make it a year that was sitting in a protected piece of furniture.

Also, because I did agree to the extension of our contract, and they made no notes about their offer, we will be charged early termination fees if we cancel our service. So Dish has created a method for breaking their contract with their customers, all while ensuring the customer can basically to ensure Dish provides their promised service.

I was, until today, extremely happy and satisfied with Dish. Now I am a disgusted, dissatisfied and certainly no longer loyal to Dish.

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Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2013-01-06:
HI, my name is Cheri and I work on the Social Media Team at DISH. I would like to apologize for the issues that you have experienced with our service. I would be happy to review your account and see what I can do to help! Can you please PM me or email me direct at Cheri.Torres@Dish.com with your account number or phone number on the account? I look forward to assisting you! Thanks!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Posted by Phil on 2013-01-29:
Me too. 8 year Dish customer, decided to go back under contract for upgrades, on both the internet and TV. I was told that I could keep my dish e-mail address. Right after the upgrade was complete My E-mail account at Dishmail.net was suspended, yet my I phone was still logged in and worked just fine which makes sence (it is G-mail)

When I called the Dish broadband call/assist center I was told that I was told "wrong" and that instead of my dishmail.net address -I would be required to use a dish.com address.

This is a great inconvienance since I have a business account amd multiple E mail accounts with dishmail.net.

I am now reconsidering the changes to my TV service and upgrades that I had planned to do since what has happened to me so far is a classic bait and switch -all the way.

After complaining to the broadband tesh support person I was told my account could be reactivated for 24 hours, then I was told for 48 hours, when I asked to speak to a senior person at Echo-Star my account with dishmail.net was then extended for 7 days.

What seems to be is consistant here is that there is a clear an absence of rules to follow in this case since the so called "rule" prohibiting my maintaining my long held and valued dishmail account account seems to be a moving target.

I then asked to be connected to a more senior Echostar person, and I was told I would be. I was placed on hold for 10 seconds and disconnected.

I am considering a BBB complaint, and legal action in small claims court here in Ohio.

I will be contatacting Ms. Torres to try to resolve the matter first.
Posted by kackiecnm on 2013-05-09:
Me too! If "misery loves company," read my review/complaint to be dated today (not yet posted) --- I am outraged and my multiple "issues" are still not resolved after repeating them over and over in multiple phone calls --- as with you, "history/notes" that I specifically asked to be entered into my "account file" have mysteriously disappeared. Aside from warning others, we need to report them to FTC, FCC and file complaints with area BBB, and your state's DCF

Interest how our experiences parallel, including the only good thing where the on site installer/techs but
everything else was like "falling down the rabbit hole" to find fraud, incompetence etc.! I am planning on also filing a claim in my local SMC and in the complaint add that I am a ripped off "senior" ---statute State and Fed under "elder abuse" that should shake them up. Plus I will subpena copies of my phone records to illustrate how many calls I had to "customer service" --- and oxymoron with MORON underlined!
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Dish Network illegal actions
Posted by Dishnetwork is horrible on 03/06/2006
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- This company is first off horrible with customer service, then they are very deceptive when you try to cancel and lastly they charge you incorrect charges so they may place your account in collections! I am here to offer some assistance to those whom have been treated unjustly as I have. Here is what you need to do! document time/date/ and everyone you talk to along with their responses!

1) call their custmer service and attempt to resolute!
2) call their legal department and inform of a lawsuit!
303-723-1000 (ask for legal department
3) Go to the courthouse and pick up a small claims lawsuit form. VERY, VERY, VERY easy.
a) Fill it out for the amount they state you owe unjustly (you can only fill it out for monetary damages)
b) Look up your Secretary of State webpage and get the registered agent for your state.
c)Put under reason: Unfair business practices and a short description of how they unlawfully charged you!(really brief)
d) you can then either notarize and mail or drop this form off
e) This usaully costs about forty dollars but after you get your default judgement it will be reimbrused by the Dish Network!
4) After you file this lawsuit dish network's registered agent will most likely not show up in which case you will easily file for a default of judgement in which case teh court will then assist you in getting your judgement from the company.
If by some miracle they show up just ask for a continuance or
plead your case. They usually don't show up because it costs them much more to go to litigation then just to settle.
5) If they do not remove your deragatory remark after teh dispute then you may sue them for an additional 1,000 for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
PS: You may also file complaints with the following:

I hope this helps and remember you owe it to your neighbor to ensure all large business follow the law.
(I am not a lawyer but I have personally followed these steps and recommend them to everyone whom has also had issues with this company.)
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Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-04-08:
Please contact me on a possible Class Action Law Suit against Dish Network.
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Horrible service and lied to multiple times by supervisors.
Posted by B.cole444 on 11/26/2012
FAIR OAKS CA, CALIFORNIA -- I went with Dish Network and at first it was ok. My bill was around 91.00 out the door price. That came with 250 channels but no premium channels. Long story short one of my DVR's goes out and I call to get someone to come out to fix it. First off it takes them 4 days to come out. I wanted to upgrade my receiver to the VIP 922 and replace the old DVR's. so before doing so I asked the supervisor I spoke with multiple times would this affect my bill??? He told me they would wave the 17.00 per receiver for the next year.
So for the past 3 months they have been charging me close to 130.00. I have made many calls to sit on hold and get transferred to supervisors who can't speak English and run me around in circles.

Finally I had it and cancelled service with them the other day. I will be getting a bill from them that they can settle up with my attorney.

My two cents is I would look to direct TV if you have it. They seem to be much better in all services.
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Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2012-11-27:
We are very sorry for the issue that you have experienced with our service. If there is anything that we can review for you please feel free to PM me with your account information and more details on the issue. Thank you.

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Posted by Nathan on 2013-01-03:
I cannot comment on your experience with Dish but I will say that TV, Phone, and internet providers seem to all be the same as cell phone companies. They all at times have horrible problems and at other times may actually do some good things. The biggest problem is the contracts because as soon as it is signed, the company seems to exhibit the belief that the customer no longer really matters
Posted by sandy on 2013-06-06:
Disconeccted dish:paid the final payment. Then a month later I get a e-mail they are debiting my checking for $60 for a movie and a fight I did'nt order,(the fight was 9 months ago) and also shipping, to ship to ship their boxes back..(They had shipped extra boxes too me and I was politely shipping them back to them!)When I called and asked for a supervisor....ha.ha....you can never speak to a supervisor,,,,they are never available to come to the phone.....
One time asking for a supervisor they hung on me 3 times,,,,thats why I am no longer with dish!

Posted by Kevin on 2013-06-27:
I promise that Direct is no better and have been getting the same treatment as you are with Dish. Lots of people that (I don't know, I will have to transfer you.) Then you get cut off magically, time and again in the same day. No, Direct TV, is no better in service or billing.
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Discontinue Services and You Get Stalked
Posted by Kinthenorthwest on 07/03/2011
As long as you a customer you are ok. If you want to discontinue Dish services, Heaven help you. They will harass and threaten you to no end. I am not sure why they have taken this course of action. I have kept my bill paid ahead at all times, yet due to financial problems needed to cut back.

I just discontinued my service with them & they have been horrid. I have been getting hang up calls from then and threatening calls from them about their equipment which I will ship once I get the boxes they are supposed to send me. I have had to document so much it's not even funny.

Since my service ended less than a week ago I have gotten over 1/2 a dozen calls from them. 2 with no person at other end, one was a sales representative who hung up after identifying himself, one was another sales manager, and just today I got another call; a recording threatening to charge me if they did not receive their equipment. I am beginning to feel like I am being stalked. I see their number come up on my caller id and I don't know whether to run or answer.

Be careful of trying to end services with Dish Network. Below is my story that started on June 11, and I'm not really sure it has ended yet.

On June 11, 2011 I called Dish to cancel my account at the end of my billing cycle. I gave them two reasons; High Cost and outsourcing of their customer service department to countries outside of the United States.(Have you ever tried to talk to a customer service representative from another country. 75% do not actually understand English, even though they might speak it decently ).

They gave me no alternative to the high cost except to return the DVR and save $5 a month by not using their DVR plan.

Between the 11th and 27th I did receive two calls that hung up on me and a couple of survey calls. On the 27th a manager called inquiring why I was leaving, yet did not offer any type of solution.

I woke up on the 28th at 5:30 am to find they had disconnected me, even though I was paid up through the 28th. Between the 28th and the 1st I received three more calls that hung up on me. The one on the 1st identified himself as Alex from the sales department and was trying to get me back as a customer. I not only told Alex but another Customer service Representative that I did not wish to receive anymore sales calls from them. Yet after Alex I received another sales call who hung up right after give his name and company.

After receiving an email on the 1st demanding I immediately send back their equipment I I promptly called their Customer service representative to inform her I had not received the boxes yet. She told me no sweat that I had 30 from the date of disconnect. I documented the call to the best of my ability.

On July 3, I got awoken to yet another call from Dish. It was a pre-recorded message tell me that if I did not return their equipment immediately they were going to charge any account of mine they had access to . Realizing that I could document their online chat easier I used that and documented.

Again I informed that agent that I had not received the boxes. At first he asked me to turn on my TV so they could trouble shoot the problem. I again repeated that I had disconnected my services. I was again told I had 30 days. This I again documented.
As I told a friend I feel as if I am being stalked by this company. I have been and am doing my best to end this in a friendly manner in case I might like to use their services again in the future. Right now I see no reason to ever use their services again. This has been a very horrid experience so far and actually a bit scary.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-03:
It sounds like a nasty combination of sales tactics and "anticipatory" bill collection.

After reading the reviews on Dish, I would never use their services. Good luck, and make sure to track those packages when returned.

If you don't receive those boxes soon, I would be prepared to supply your own, and call them to find out how and where to send them.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-03:
great review.

very helpful!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-03:
awesome review
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-07-04:
Not sure if you all got it from my post.
But if you have to talk to Dish, do with online chat.
That way you have a way to back up everything.
You can print the chat and have it emailed to you.
Very good way to not end up playing but they said.
This way you have it in print.
Posted by TommyF@DISHNetwork on 2011-07-05:
kinthenorthwest, I have responded to the message you sent me! Hope to hear back from you soon.
Posted by Augustus2099 on 2011-08-03:
My sister She tried to get dish And I told Her No way After she went on this site she has since stopped trying to get Dish. I thank these reviews I know that what Dish is doing is against the Law and you can contact the BBB and settle this.
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-08-15:
Since my mess with Dish I now do not use satelite or cable to get my tv service.
with a cheap antenna, a good Blu ray Dvd player, a steamer device I get what I used at Dish for $20 a month.
initial Investment was about $200....

Its been almost 2 months now and I cant believe that I paid what I did for TV service that I get for practically free now..
Posted by ClassACtionnow on 2013-02-25:
Since there are so many in agreement as to this socalled company being nothing but crooks, why not a class/Action Suit . There Must be some worthwhile Lawyer out here who will work for a fair price to represent so many that have obviously been Bilked .
Posted by ClassActionYes on 2013-05-29:
I've been with Dish for nine years, and have decided to cancel. They have gone out of their way to make it difficult. I had to beg them to send me a return box, and then I find out that i'm expected to disconnect equpment from the dish itself, which is not a simple task. Oh, and the dish is "yours to keep" according to the Dish rep. Gee, thanks!

How does one start a class action anyway?
Posted by beverlyinvirginia on 2013-06-15:
I have cable internet, get all my TV and Movies and Sports that I need. New release movies like Hansel and Gretel, Snitch, @ blue-hq.com Youtube has TV and movies and some sports. And the networks offer programs like Leno, etc
Posted by Rallen on 2013-08-04:
Give Dish the boot and they become devious. The loyalty department could care less. And Dish says they have negotiated a price to get the boxes back to them by UPS, but I discovered they make a profit on each box also. If Dish has your credit or check card on file they will go into your account and create havoc. Don't walk away from Dish-Run!
Posted by Tom on 2013-11-16:
If they have your credit card number, contact the cc company and have the cc number changed. I have had to do that in the past.
Posted by shepherdkisses on 2014-02-28:
Call the credit card company and have your number changed. Have your phone number changed too, or do what I do and give them the old house phone number. The class action suit should be against all of the Attorney Generals in each state that have let Dish off with a slap on the wrist. THEY are not doing their job which is supposed to be protecting us, the consumer, from companies like Di@k Dish.
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Posted by Johnandmissy on 09/16/2012
CALIENTE, CALIFORNIA -- I have had Dish for over 20 years, their TV service is among the best. I have had their satellite Internet for several years, nothing but trouble. Its slow, Very slow. It drops the pages etc. I cannot check my usage, which you now have to do because your are limited. I turned off my system and unplugged it because I was gone for three weeks. But according to Dish I still used my Internet. They have no idea what they are doing. Your usage is always aver the limit no matter what you use or do.

I was told I needed to upgrade to a more usage system, I did I went to their new faster excel, exact same problem slow slow and it drops and I still cannot check my usage. I even purchased a new computer because I was told mine was to old. Same problem. The real problem is their the only game in town. Stay away, bad business.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-09-17:
You can file official complaints about this poor product and lousy service at: http://www.dca.ca.gov/consumer/complaints.shtml http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-17:
Satellite internet in general is pretty bad. It's slow, expensive for what you get, and the bandwidth limitations are a joke. You might be better off with dial up actually.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-09-17:
Odds are 1) the dish is off peak or 2) there is a bad or loose fitting
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Early Termination Fee
Posted by Bellmaya.7777 on 03/31/2013
CASTRO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- My husband is totally not happy with Dish' services, so he called to cancel and ask for any fees. The customer representative said you just need to settle $18.96 and return the equipment otherwise you will be charged. After 2 months, they send us this "UPCOMING AUTOMATIC CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD" $227.50, so I called them and I told the lady account specialist that my husband specifically inquired first how much we need to pay but $227.50 was never mentioned? this is her answer "It doesn't matter, whether we mentioned or not during the cancellation the termination fee is valid."

What was that? I mean, the reason we call to ask how much is the termination fee? Had we known that, we probably just stick for the next 13 months, and the lady again said "I apologize if it wasn't mentioned during the cancellation, but it doesn't matter whether it was mentioned or not, it is in the contract that you need to pay termination fee".

It's the same as fooling us consumers right? we did our part call them and inquire they would not disclose to us how much because it was in the contract, you come to them hoping to get the right answer yet you won't get then in 2 months boom! "UPCOMING AUTOMATIC CHARGE IN YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD". Looking and reviewing our contract takes time calling them is a little easier, but I never thought that that will not be honest to you. Don't be fooled by this people like my family do.
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Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2013-04-02:
I understand your frustrations and would be happy to assist you with this. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com.

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Posted by Samantha on 2013-06-25:
I just had the same thing happen to me! I called and cancelled. told I'd be charged a early termination fee... id get the final bill shorty after returning my equipment... never got one! i called and called and called and kept telling me there was no balance and they cant help me! It took 40 days to finally get a letter saying they would be taking it of my account in a week! I hate dish! And am telling everyone I know how horrible my experience was!
Posted by Del335 on 2013-07-09:
SAME thing happened to me. I cancelled on 5/4, and just got a bill for almost 150 (it's 7/9), even though I talked to TWO different agents that ASSURED me there would be no further charges. What's worse, my credentials are apparently not valid anymore, so I can't even LOG ON to my account anymore. GRR!!! I HATE dish. Save yourself the headache and just get Netflix.
Posted by Harrison on 2013-11-08:
We have dish in two different states and we will be terminating ASAP! They are crooks! They lie to you to get the contract and then they leave ya hangin! Don't trust them!
Posted by Barbara on 2013-11-08:
Before I moved from Oregon to Illinois last month I called Dish to find out what I needed to do...nothing, just take my equipment (not satellite dish) and have Dish come out to install in my new location. If I cannot get service at my new location, then my early termination fee would be waived. I had the installer come in IL and there was no place for the satellite dish line of sight. He told me that there would not be an early cancellation fee due to no service available, and that they would send me boxes to return the equipment. All good, until I got a bill for the month of no service, and when I called to tell them of the error I was informed that there would be a termination fee for the balance of my contract. I told them that 2 different reps had told me that there would not be a fee if I could not get service in my new location. I was bumped to the "Executive office", and was told that I needed to pay the early termination fee because it was my fault that I moved where I could not get a signal. I asked if there would be a fee if I died? No, or if I moved into a retirement home - otherwise, you have to pay. What a rip off and the bottom line is that you cannot cancel without a fee no matter what any of the local people tell you, they do not know what they are talking about. Only Veronica knows...
Posted by Jim Bowman on 2013-12-10:
I have had Dish for 4 months and hate it. In October I lost CBS for 6 weeks and now NBC and FOX have been blocked as poor Dish is being asked to pay "3 times" the previous retransmission fee,

How come no other provider is experiencing so much difficulty in negotiations? All my friends with Charter and Direct get a full array of channels.

Dish probably makes as much money ripping off dissatisfied customers as those who can't afford to cancel service.
Posted by Ken on 2014-02-21:
I was a loyal DISH customer and liked their service very much. Personally, I think they have better HD video quality then ATT HD service.

Back in Dec, I moved to new apartment which happened to be 'North Facing' appartment without DISH signal, which I was not aware till DISH rep told me about it. And as a layman, I had no clue that 'North Facing' appartment would not have DISH signal. If I knew it, I wouldnt have moved to North Facing appartment, anyway who wants to pay early termination fees for no reason!

After moving to my new appartment, I called DISH and scheduled a move service. As expected, DISH rep came to my appartment on weekends morning and tried to figure out if he can get DISH signal which he couldn't. I lived in 3rd floor there is a appartment fence right next to my building which has 5-6 DISH and Direct TV antenna attached to fence. I asked DISH rep if he can put my DISH on appartment fence and can run the wire from there. Without analyzing much, he said appartment wont let him do it and he can clearly see wires chopped from those antenna. Since it was weekend, I didn't had option to call my appartment and ensure that information provided by DISH rep was correct.

Since, it was not possible for me to get DISH signal ( as per that DISH rep), I called DISH same day and terminated my service. When explaning the north facing appartment and signal issue situation to DISH rep in phone, I was yelled and told that I am gonna have to pay that termination fee regardless. It looked like that DISH lady on the phone was having bad weekends.

The irony here is, when I checked with my appartment manager next week about having DISH antenna on their fence, she told me that its perfectly fine and I can do it, and that is what other residents were doing. Those chopped wires were from those resident's DISH who had moved out of that appartment community. There you go... If that DISH rep would have waited till next day and checked with my appartment manager, I would have to terminate my service and pay early termination fee !!!!!

Now can some one reading this explain me if it was fair enough for me to pay early termination fee just because my appartment was northfacing with no DISH signal and on the top of that DISH rep misled me saying I cant have my DISH in appartment fence without checking with my appartment management eventhough it was possible !! Average people in this world wouldnt know that north facing appartment will not have DISH signal!

Posted by Don on 2014-02-27:
I am sick of getting ripped off. I would recommend to everyone to write the AG and file a complaint. They do not even respond to me. So sick of being cheated and lied to by this company. No Honor in them.
Posted by bmbutler on 2014-02-28:
Initial poster's situation similiar to mine. Did not have some channels I was paying for while they fought with local companies to get paid more money. Cancelled on 1/10/14. Magicially received email on 1/12/14 that all channels had been restored. Amazing coincidence. Received yesterday statement dated 2/11/14 that balance due was $-10.96 that that this was the final balance on my account. All their equipment immediately returned with their prepaid UPS label (they charge you for it btw.) and documented received on 1/22/14. One thing I also did was cancel the credit card on my account right before I called to cancel so they could not sneak attack me with any undue billing.

Now Dish says I owe over $275 for ETF. Called and told them I was in position of bill stating final balance is a credit. Can still logon to their website, but it even shows balance due as $0! I have filed compliant with NC Attorney General office today and sent copies of 2/11/14 statement and screen print of today's website account screen showing balance due of $0.
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Beware of upgrading/cancelling issues, Don't use auto-pay!
Posted by Mclay on 01/28/2013
NATIONAL -- Upgraded to the Hopper System through Dish. Dish failed to mail return boxes (as is there policy and practice) after repeated calls, for weeks. Dish finally e-mailed shipping labels and I packaged at my expense. In the meantime Dish electronically transferred 646.00 out of bank acct.

It took a month to resolve and they have not returned a dime to this time!!

Each and EVERY phone call to Dish is a new and different story from some $##@$#@% representative or resolution team member.

Never, Never, Never give dish access to your bank. DONT USE AUTO PAY! Some day you will pay heavy for that monthly convenience. Best Bet, Don't leave Cox for Dish. I wish it would be easy to quit all of this. When I was with Cox, I could hand carry boxes into a COX store and make changes quickly and easily.

Debating small claims court for damages. I could come up with several!
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Posted by Satellite fan on 2013-01-28:
Except one small thing. In your residential service agreement you agree that the return of the equipment is your responsibility. Dish and directv being a completely national company, do not have local stores because they are dealing with the entire country. Something the cable company cannot say. But per your agreement you do not have a claim for small claims.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-28:
very helpful review, and voterd as such!

"Dish failed to mail return boxes (as is there policy and practice) after repeated calls, for weeks."

dish network drags it feet and is extremely slow to send the return lables, and or boxes to return the receivers in. this allows them to play their game, and take money from people, despite it being their own doing on why items are not returned timely.

comcast is a national cable provider.
States Served
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
District of Columbia
Posted by Mike.H_DISH on 2013-01-31:
Hi mclay, my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I understand it can be frustrating when you want to ship the equipment back and did not have the boxes to do so. I wanted to check on the $646.00 for you, would you please e-mail me with the phone number on the account to better help you?
Posted by Monika in Florida on 2013-02-04:
I was a customer of Dish for 2 1/2 years. I cancelled the service on January 23rd. I received email from Dish letting me know that they shipped the box to me for packing the receiver, which I received within 7 days. I packed the receiver, (2) remotes and the cables inside the box like they instructed and used the prepaid shipping label they provided. If I used the label, the fee was $17 to ship the equipment back. I used their label and had the box ready to go the next day. I took a picture of the packaged equipment before closing the box and made note of the tracking # so I could be sure when it was received by them. UPS shows the package being delivered to them today. I've had absolutely no problem with this at all. The fee they charged for the return shipping I felt was reasonable as the box was rather heavy when done and I felt the fee was not excessive to ship the equipment back. I had a good experience with this. I was an auto-pay customer and DISH has not deducted anything from my account
Posted by David on 2013-03-10:
Be careful Auto pay they will take what they want I have never seen so many complaints on a cable company and they joined up with ATT U verse what a Joke Att and Dish they are two of the worst be carfule
Posted by Valeri on 2013-03-11:
I am currently having the SAME issue! Cancelled more than a month ago. Claim box has been sent (twice now)and nothing. Surely they are just doing this to keep charging.
Posted by Victoria on 2013-05-28:
Beware if you decide to cancell !!! My bill went from $155.87 to $423.21! Numberous inquires and a different response each time after being put on hold ! Doesn't make any sense! They want you to stay with them so they triple charge you!
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Setting the Record Straight
Posted by Gelafontaine on 12/14/2012
Pending the arrival of a Service Tech to provide and install a second DISH receiver, I read some of the posts here for info concerning The DISH network's business practices. I believe there is reason for concern.

I decided to document my understanding of the agreement reached with The DISH Network for provision of the second receiver.

I feel fortunate that I am a former customer of Time Warner Cable and still use them for Internet access. I also feel that being in the 11th month of a 12 month agreement with DISH provided me with some valuable leverage.

The DISH representative I spoke with tried to get me to agree to a 24 month contract for "new services". I politely declined. I was offered the option to purchase the new receiver for ~$450. I declined that offer as well. It was at that point in our conversation that I asked the representative if they thought I should contact Time Warner to determine if they would want me back as a customer. My question resulted in my being handed off to a supervisor.

The 2nd DISH representative was more interested in my way of thinking.

I was offered my second receiver at no cost and with no contract. It will add $7 monthly to my bill as a second source of programming within my home. I'm fine with that.
The $15/month discount that I "received" upon initial set-up 11 months ago has been extended another 12 months. The bundle for HBO, Cine Max and Showtime has been given ~50% discount to cost about $18/mo. I'll be paying almost $100/mo. + taxes for my selection of programming.

I took 1 additional step today to forestall any quibbling with Service Rep's in the future. I summarized my understanding of the agreement reached by phone and opened a DISH Chat connection through customer service. I copied and pasted my understanding into the cordial conversation with customer service. I explained my reason for doing so as to "document my understanding of our current agreement in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future".
I think it took the customer service representative a few exchanges of info to wrap their head around what I was doing...that's fine, as well. I was given 2 e-mail addresses for future use, if needed.

Upon conclusion of this DISH Chat exchange I copied and pasted it into Word, then printed it. DISH now knows my understanding of our agreement, I have a written record of it and it is documented before installation of the new equipment.

I will assess in the coming months the value of my efforts today. HTH

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-12-14:
Good going. Please let us know how it turns out.
Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2012-12-15:
I am happy to help if you have any questions or concerns int he future. I am happy that our agent was able to get this resolved for you and we were able to keep you in the DISH family! Please email me at becki.barned@dish.com if you have any questions!

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Posted by the chef on 2013-04-24:
don't you find it sad that you have to go through all that just to not be screwed later? Netflix is the way to go... Why watch new stuff, i just finished watching magnum p.i. again. It was hours of fun.
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Cancellation Penalty
Posted by Jesart2 on 11/09/2012
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Please don't sign on with Dish Network unless you can afford to pay for the 2 year contract, no matter what happens. We live in a time that is far from stable and you never know what will happen. DISH doesn't care about anything other than their profit and will go after you for everything that they can. They don't tell you this when you talk to a sales person to sign on, even before you try it, you're locked in legally. Don't expect anything other than legal recourse from this company and be prepared to pay!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-11-09:
Good warning and very true.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-09:
Of coure they don't care, their only responsbility to you is to provide you with content and the equipement to watch the content with, beyond that whatever problems you may have aren't of their concern nor should it be.

"We live in a time that is far from stable and you never know what will happen."

Correct, that's why its prudent to weigh all possible outcomes before signing a contract. I'm sorry if you're having trouble, but Dish doesn't appear to be doing anything wrong here, they are simply trying to collect money that they are legally owed.
Posted by Paul on 2012-11-09:
You must work for Dish. Dish failed to tell me that my bill would almost double after the first year. They never told me that if "their " equiptment messed up "I " would have to pay 100.00 for a service call. Of course I could pay for their "plan" that would cover that. Another 7 dollars a month!
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-10:
No Paul, I don't work for Dish. But I do have a strong sense of personal responsibility, and I try to do my homework and research before signing a contract or making a significant financial decision.

In your situation perhaps you should've done more research before signing up with Dish, I don't even have Dish service but I know enough about them that even I know that they jack up your rates after the first year. I mean if you've ever seen or heard a cable or FIOS ad, that's one of the things they almost always point out, it's pretty commonly known, even to people who don't have Dish service. Ditto for the equipment deal. Caveat emptor
Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2012-11-10:
I would be happy to assist you with your account in any way that I can. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com detailing your concerns. Thank you!

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Posted by John on 2012-12-18:
Lets face it! They all suck and can't be trusted, period!
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How to resolve a consumer issue
Posted by Dan gordon on 01/06/2011
I have been a Dishnetwork customer for the past 19 yrs. I've overall been pleased but any change to your equpt or billing will require a contract, leased equpt, autopay and paperless billing. This is where most issues seem to revolve as once they have your bank or CC info apparently it is legal for them to charge whatever they wish and you seemingly have no recourse. This happened to me and disputing my bill with my CC met with more false claims from Dishnetwork. Basiclly the bank feels if they billed you once then its ok to keep on billing you. I've done much research on Dish and even if you were charged an amount and disagreed with, such as adding a sercice agreement that you didn't agree to, and were on a paper bill, if you don't pay that portion then Dish is quite aggressive about turning you over to collection and ruining your credit. T

There is a new class action lawsuit filed in Chicago over people enrolled in auto pay who did not know Dish was going to use their 'credit' info to auto bill them. These issues have been well documented and the internet sites haves 1000's of complaints all telling the same story.

The new twist is that now Dishnetwork has people responding to these online complaints. You may think your getting somewhere having someone from the 'Executive Resolution Team' working on your behalf but after an intiaial contact your calls will go unreturned and/or straight to VM. I'm suing in Small Claims Court. My court date is in Feb. I'm convincd Dish as a std operating procedure is to deceive and frustrate their customers so that any bill will end up getting paid to avoid the problem. Everyone needs to start writing written complaints to your States Attorney General Office or file in Small Claims court. Its easy enough to do. Only some legal complaints from a govt agency will get this company to adopt more user friendly policies.

To sue Dishnetwork just go to your seceretary of states website, find the Dishnetwork registered agent in your state then sue them. Dish will have to respond or you Win a default judgment. I'll let you know what happens.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-06:
Thanks, and keep us updated. I wish you luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-06:
Great post, dan! I had Dish for several years before I switched to DirecTV a couple of years ago...it sounds like their "customer service" has dipped to as low or lower than DirecTV's. Something I do with DirecTV is anytime I have to call them about anything, I ask for an email confirmation of the outcome such as a summary of the issue and no contract extension/etc. So far they've complied each time I've had to call them.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-01-06:
consumers just feel so helpless with the advent of auto bill and no bill being sent. I'm going to push for legislation that if you subscribe to an autpay system the amt billed needs to be regulated. There are simply too many complaints to not see this as a pattern with Dish and other big companies.
Posted by MaryB@DishNetwork on 2011-01-06:
Dear Mr. Gordon, I would like to once again apologize for the problems and the lack of resolution from Dish Network. It is never good for us as company to lose our long term, excellent customers, such as you. As a consumer, I have had numerous issues with Credit Card Auto pay (CCA) in the past. The only monthly payment I allow to come directly out of my bank, is my car payment. I signed the loan and the amount never changes. For all the services I have set up (Water, electricity, phone and Dish Network), I have them on one specific credit card. I do monitor that statement very closely, every month. If I have a question, I access the bill on line. If a company refuses to fix a billing issue, I will then dispute the charge with my Credit Card. I have had to do this twice already but I did get the issues resolved to my satisfaction. I found this works best for me. I wish you well in the future and hope that Dish Network is able to find away to better resolve your type of issues in the future, quicker and more efficiently. I am sorry! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Posted by Alain on 2011-01-07:
VERY interesting information, Dan. Good review and keep us posted!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-07:
Mary, dan knows how to handle his banking, it's Dish Nutworks that is causing the problems.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-01-07:
Mary, thanks for the info. On friday I got one e mail saying Dishnetwork stands by their 'valid' claim so no adjustment is forthcoming and the next one from another person said if I wait for 4-6 wks they will process a refund for me. My point is after calling 8-10 times and being passed around from country to country, supervisor to supervisor nothing gets resolved so the consumer has no action except to sue or cancel. My issues were very simple and could have been resolved very easily. I went with Comcast, at least I'm a few blocks from their office and the people speak english. They don't hide as a nameless faceless entity. Thanks for your concern, perhaps if you had answered the call the result would have been different. Your 'loyalty' dept are some of the biggest perpetrators of bad service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-07:
The way I see it, Mary, you basically agreed with Dan that Dish is incompetent and told him the only way to resolve his issue is to dispute with his CC company (as you gave examples of how you yourself have done this). I don't see how that's going to keep customers loyal to Dish, do you?
Posted by Alain on 2011-01-07:
Methinks Dish has got a lot of work to do if it wants a better reputation. Still, they're trying harder than Ashley.
Posted by MaryB@DishNetwork on 2011-01-07:
Mr. Gordon, You are welcome and I wish you nothing but the best in the future!! Take care!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-07:
I think it's great that Dish has CSRs that have time to disseminate advice on personal banking. I never anticipated that they had such a comprehensive customer service department.

*My* personal banker actually told me about the lawsuits that Mr. Gordon refers to while opening an account at PNC. I brought up institutions using customer's banking info for transactions without their approval, and as the lord is my witness, she said "Oh yeah, Dish has done that".
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-07:
No kidding, trmn8r? That's pretty appalling.

It's also quite apparent that "MaryB" either didn't read Dan's response to her, or it just didn't sink in.

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-07:
What I told you is a true story. That's why I invoked, you know, the guy upstairs.

Agreed, MaryB seems to have cherry picked the comments as well as the review! But she is very pleasant.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-02-02:
just to update. My court date is tomorrow and today Dish called and offered to settle the entire case. I was very pleased. Just goes to show that you need to file the court case as that seems to be the only way for these companies to come talk to you. I'd recommend filing in small claims. It beats anything recommended. I'm quite happy with the outcome, just dissapointed that companies allow it to go so far.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-02:
Dan, good news for you, then :)
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-07-04:
With Dish I have found that the Use of their live chat helps a whole lot for backup.
With live chat you can email the chat to yourself and print it...
So if they try to dispute what they said you have it all.
Posted by Sassy2 on 2011-08-02:
MaryB@DishNetwork.. I think you gave Dan some good advice,I agree with you nothing should be put on autopay other than house or car payment that never changes or better yet Never use Autopay! (this is something for companies to rip off the consumer!) You are right about disputing the charges on a credit card I have also done this but I was also told by my own credit card that the charges may very well be reapplied if they do not find in my favor and I felt in my case that this was exactly what was going to happen because I had called my credit card 3 times and ask them not to accept charges from DTV and I was assured 3 times that they would not accept charges stating it was noted on my account and they guaranteed me there would be no charges from DTV.Imagine my suprise when I checked my account online a few days later there was $480 charge from DTV.I called my credit card, they told me they had no control over any charges that went through my account.I wrote The BBB and they answered regarding this.I wound up closing my credit card after the money was returned to my account.I was lucky to get my money back. credit card disputes may not always end in favor of the customer so beaware of this if you plan on using a credit card with DTV or Dish
Posted by Tommy on 2012-04-30:
Just remember folks, it's TV we're talking about. If everyone simply said "ENOUGH"!, I'm not going to allow myself to be treated like this over a stupid TV show, all this would change. Just say "NO"!!!!
Posted by Zevan on 2012-05-24:
I made the mistake of having my account on auto payment. I will never do this again. I have to do it with Blue Cross health insurance because I don't want them playing games and saying they didn't receive my payment. They themselves have raised my rates twice without sending me out the 60 day notice they are supposed to do. They know they've got me, so in this case I really don't know what else to do.
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