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Service Termination/Equipment Return
Posted by on
Oooh Dish Network gets mad when you cancel their service. Well guess what guys? Don't tell me on three separate occasions I can get something, then after you install tell me I don't get it. I cancelled this awful service after only two hours. TWO HOURS! Let the nightmare begin. I was informed by the gentleman who was oh so sweet until I stood firm in my decision to cancel my service that I had 15 days to return the equipment or be charged for it on the credit card I provided to pay my installation fee. Hmm okay. Since he said they'd send out boxes for the equipment to be returned that I should receive in a few days, I didn't think much of it. What about the equipment on the roof you ask? Dish Network doesn't pick up their equipment so I can either climb up there or hire someone to remove it.

Fast forward 6 days (no boxes) I receive a missed call from Dish Network. I call the number back and the representative doesn't know why I was called. Okay. I suggest that may be someone was calling to see if I'd received the boxes to return the equipment. The representative says that is why I was called, that the boxes were sent out the day I cancelled and that I should receive them 7-10 days after the ship date. That's odd because that doesn't leave me much time to return the equipment. Fast forward one day (one week after cancellation) I receive a call from their account specialist who tried to get me to return to Dish Network by saying their customer service was superior to my cable company.

After arguing with this guy, who was incredibly rude after I didn't budge (sound familiar?), I again try to confirm that my boxes have been sent. Guess what? There is nothing in the system that says boxes have been shipped. Hey, guess what again? The boxes are a courtesy, Dish Network doesn't have to provide boxes, and I have to return the equipment one way or another or be charged according to this specialist. Nice. Guess what one more time. I live in California. The address to send payments is in California. The address to send the equipment back? Colorado. Of course. So now I have to pay my hard earned money to send this crap back to the worst company I've ever dealt with AND pay for insurance AND pay to get it there in 4 days or be charged. I'm not even sure I won't be charged after reading all of these complaints!

Dish Network: I learned about your tactics the hard way. You purposely don't send return shipping labels/packaging and/or send it out too late for the customer to get it back to you in time not to be charged. Then you charge their cards and send them through endless loops to get charges reversed hoping they'll give up. If there were some way to go about filing some sort of lawsuit against you for being a shady, disgusting company, I would. I hope to be done with you once I ship this equipment off. I can only imagine what people who had your service longer than the two hours I did have to go through. You make me want to bow down and kiss the feet of my Comcast service.

To anyone who has to deal with this same issue of returning equipment, think how they do. Be sure to include your name, account information, etc. in every box you send them. Insure your package, get a signature for confirmation of delivery/receipt and remember to protect the contents with shipping bubbles or those annoying pieces of foam whose name escapes me. You don't want them saying they received equipment but didn't know who it belonged to, that the package never reached them, or that it was damaged during shipping. Can't you just see that happening?

To anyone who is thinking of switching to Dish Network, think again. It's one thing for a company to have complaints about breaks in service due to the satellite but this company has complaints in the worst possible departments! They have awful customer service representatives, take your money, and hassle you on reversal charges. Take the hints and stay away.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/15/2006:
How was the reception/quality using the Dish Network?
epeoples on 07/16/2006:
Totally agree. I admit I had some other bills I had to address so my Dish account fell behind. I called them to tell them that I understand why I was disconnected but that I still wanted the service by setting a date to pay them off. They told me they could do nothing for me and that collection proceedings are automated and cannot be stopped.

I received boxes in the mail to return my equipment with a notification that said I had 15 days to return it. Again I called and expressed my desire to keep the service by paying the account off on a certain date. They told me there was nothing they could do. Then they just took money from my account, $60 this time. I couldn't understand this because it had only been a week since I received their notification. I called a rep who told me that it's all automated no man knows the hour of these actions. So I said forget it. I'll return the equipment now. I no longer want anything to do with Dish Network.

I asked if a rep could come out and pick the equipment up and they said no. I asked if I could take it in personally to one of their local retailers and they said no. I would have to climb on my roof and retrieve their receiver and mail it with the turner boxes and remotes myself. It was the only way, I was told. I informed the rep that I would box their equipment up and send it back the next morning, which I did.

Two days later more than $400 vanishes from my account. They have now made my mortgage check bounce. I call them with the tracking information for my package and they tell me this means nothing until they say they received the equipment. My money will not be refunded to me until they confirm that they've received the equipment. I will not be reimbursed for overdraft or late fees caused by their actions.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Once they have a hold of your credit card or your checking account they will not let go.

fromReno on 06/02/2008:
I am from Reno, and I am having the same problems. "Wait for the box" then no box appears. I have to pay to return with my own money, now the month is almost up because they told me to wait - so not only do I have to return, but I have to express! I picked up the equipment locally, but I cannot return it locally. I am so mad I am going to put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I suggest you all do the same.
froggy12 on 03/04/2011:
We have been with Dish Network for about 5 years now in two different cities and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I just cancelled last week and switched to DirecTV because my boyfriend is a SF Giants fan and wanted MLB network and some Bay Area channels. The thing is, if you read reviews for any of these companies, you always see the same complaints. DirecTV is no different. You call as a new subscriber and they treat you like royalty but after they get you and you try to call for customer service, they then try anything they can not to talk to you anymore. I think Dish has done a lot lately to improve their customer service. They sent me a box w/in 5 days to send all my equipment back and told me I had 30 days. Got the box today and I can take it to either a UPS store or USPS, which is super convenient. They tell you exactly what you need to send back and provide all the packing materials, etc. We definitely would have stayed with Dish if they had the channels we wanted. I personally like their DVR better having used DirecTV now for a week.
anony on 06/27/2011:
I also encountered lot of problem in Dish. They are the worst company to deal with and they will charge tremendous amount of fee in de-installation. Moreover, returning equipment back to them is hassle as you have to track until you get next bill.
kinthenorthwest on 07/03/2011:
I agree with you they are horrid if you cancel.
I have been with them for over 5 years now but had to cancel.
They have been stalking me on the phone...Over 1/2 a dozen hangups ...
mark mahoney on 11/06/2011:
big problems. my contract has been up over a year. they raised the price and when I switched to direct they tell me it will cost me 15 bucks to send back their equip.I also have always paid a 5 dollar a mo. for the service plan that is supposed to also cover shipping.I read the entire book and contract at least 20 times and could not find anything that says I should have to pay this.I just cancelled dish today,and they got me so upset .the worst I have ever seen.I told them I will pay the couple of days they think I owe them but as far as the 15 bucks ,I would spend a thousand to fight them instead of 15 for their equip. if it was mine I would pay if I wanted it back.DISH NETWORK SUCKS . I don't usually take time to carefully look at bills,but I dragged 4 yrs. of dish bills out today ,and found they have screwed me several times.who can I talk to, or write to about this.glad I switched,direct has twice the channels,and much better about 5 bucks cheaper
gt on 12/09/2011:
You're preaching to the choir. It seems that everybody has been having trouble with this service provider, me included. I purchased their Dish Projection Tv with their HD receiver. Their logo burned an image into the screen, and they would not assume any responsibility for it. Later, they realized they had a problem and started to use "screen saving" programs to eliminate the problem. But too bad for all the consumers that suffered the image burns. Also that sold an HD "off the air" receiver with the deal, but once you discontinued their service and went to strictly "off air antennae reception", their receiver "software" would not let you use the receiver, unless you were still connected to their satellite dish!! Well, "Mene, Mene Tekel", their days are numbered, what with all of the video streaming and other free programming being presented over the internet. The competition is high now, and we don't have to rely on their "birds" in the sky any longer. And they have not been working too well anyway with the "solar flare" activities. Dish is feeling the pressure and will be "acting out" even more now. Stay away from them and turn to the internet for your viewing enjoyment. It is getting to be a real competitive video entertainment market out there, and advertisers are going to be offering a lot of new "free programming", or other purchased entertainment at a greatly reduced rate over the internet. To Dish Network...."What goes around eventually comes around....and I don't feel a bit sorry for you"
j magee on 03/29/2012:
I recently switched from DISH to Verizon Fios which is more reliable and less expensive. Also a much better signal. I went through the same routine about boxing up and returning their equipment including dragging out an 8 foot ladder to retrieve their $20 lnb.I'll be taking their stuff to UPS today to ship back, It should be interesting what happens next. Fortunately I took pics of all their gear in the box so there is no back and forth about missing stuff. But fortunately I'm friends with 2 very good and aggressive attys in Fl. Good bye dish and good riddance.
Donna on 06/25/2012:
Seems like a lot of us in FL are getting ripped by Dish TV/I called eight on your side/Tampa,FL Channel 8 news for some advice. This the worst financial rip off contract I have ever gotten involved with. I was happy with Bright House Cable,but my husband seen the add for $29.99 a mo. deal and here he went on the PC signed up for auto payment. Two year contract,one frustrating go around. He died now March 24,2012. I just now got the boxes for equipment return. Thank havens his auto pay was done with his back card only so the bank stopped his card right away. Even with the return information,not any photo looks like my stuff,except the receiver. With storm Debby,I had to wait now to get things done. I had to go online to even know where to get that dumb thing off the sat.(thank havens mine is on the lawn),but Storm Debby'. down pours not a help.Now I am still confused about the darn switch,I have no idea where it is and photo on the paper they sent me doesn't help. Wished I had paid more attention to the installer setting things up. Age 64 no one to help me move a big heavy TV,I am ready to pay bright house cable guy to come help me-this is the last time I will ever deal with dish TV unless it is in a court room to shut them down. Nice to know I am not alone,but mad to know once they get your credit info or debit bank auto payments,they treat so many people this bad and are getting payments whether you like or even get your service to work. All my poor ill husband wanted to do was watch TV at a reasonable price,cause we are on his retirement only. For now I am with no TV for a month now,didn't even know storm Debby had been named,cause my PC got line problems due to the weather and I couldn't get online. My radio keep losing its signals,static would take over. Soon as I get the money-I am getting a hand crank weather radio. I need to find some PC music to chill out now.
Joe on 11/05/2012:
1.5 hr. wait time for customer service. $430 early termination fee after 2 days of service (signal stopped working). $200 for the receiver because it took over a month to get the box AFTER the deadline. "Executive" resolution "Supervisor" could barely understand English. Never thought something so harmless would turn into such a disaster. I should have checked reviews before because it seems like this happens to everybody. You would think there would be laws to protect consumers from these unfair practices. Hope they build their reputation back before everyone switches to Comcast. But I'm sure they are already aware.. Oh well you live and you learn.
Allz on 04/09/2013:
I'm moving to apartments that do not allow satellite. Have had 2 year Dish contract for 5 months, called them to cancel, they were going to take the early termination fee of $350 right out of the account I gave them when I signed up! I feel like an idiot for not reading the fine print, I've always had cable and if I had to terminate because of a move there was no huge fee so I was unaware of this practice. I CANNOT afford to have that much come out of my account right now! My solution was to just keep the service even though I cannot use it, and reducing service to the bare minimum which is $36/month, will terminate later when I can afford to. If I had it to do over I would NEVER sign their damn contract, in fact I wouldn't even use them if there were ANY alternative!!!
Michael on 07/01/2013:
I had DISH too. They threatened to charge my card. I called the bank and they changed my card # for me. Returned my equipment and still haven't been charged the cancellation fee!!!
R zubiate on 08/25/2013:
I agree that we should not be bearing burden of disconnecting, packing, and shipping the equipment back to Dish. They should use their own money by sending a technician to pick up the equipment. Perhaps the individuals that have had to do this in the past should get together and present a Class-Action suit perhaps a judge will rule in our favor. I don't feel it's my obligation to get the equipment back at my own expense.
amyhoover3676 on 09/04/2013:
The CEO of Dish is Joe Clayton. His email address is If you have issues with Dish, you should email him and let him know!
Carl on 11/08/2013:
yup, same thing, waiting almost two years for "packing boxes" with a $317 bill in addition. (paid a month in advance 2 days before I cancelled). Who you going to call ? BBB is in bed with BIG business. States AG's are too busy smacking down petty minutia. Dish is the absolute worst, and nobody in Government gives a dam. I notice a previous post "E-mail CEO, Joe Clayton", what a joke.
almost a customer on 11/12/2013:
Glad I took the time to read some reviews . I was just about to call dish about their service , think I'm gone stay with direct tv
Bob Koniption on 12/08/2013:
I have Cox Cable at this time. They are the cause of their own problems. I was going to switch to Dish, but then I read the reviews and I'll avoid them. I had better look at some other satellite service.
Jaycee Gorrell on 01/02/2014:
I have DISH TV I have had it for a little over a year now and I love it but I have NEVER EVER been late on a payment or had any other issue with them. I have been reading all these comments and I think I will be cancelling here when my contract is up. These experiences are horrible and just my luck they will happen to me. I was looking at getting internet through them is how I stumbled upon this forum but I think I will call AT and T I would rather pay extra money for good quality. God Bless Everyone.
Lou Bruno on 01/19/2014:
I am about to send back my equipment and realize I have misplaced the return sticker that goes over the one on top of the box. iI am just going to take it to the dish headquarters here in pittsburgh and video the info with my iphone. This was for sure the biggest problem I have ever had with a cable company.
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Poor Dish Service
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
WEBBERS FALLS, OKLAHOMA -- I had been with Dish in Grayslake in Illinois for over 17 years when I moved to Oklahoma. I called dish and took a leave of absence from their service till I could buy a house here. Once I found a house I called Dish for new service. They first sent out a female contractor who set the dish on the eve of the home and found she could not get a signal. She had trees in the way she told me and that four trees needed to be removed. I called a handyman and he came over and cut the trees but still no signal. After almost 12 hours she gave up and said she would have someone come back the following week.

The office then sent out a tech who got out of the truck and said there were too many trees, I would never have tried to hook up service for you. Let me walk around with my scanner and see if you have a better spot. He then told me he could get me a signal if I would allow a couple of post to be placed in my front yard. After I agreed he said I will call Okie dig and get them out early next week to look at the yard before we can dig. I understood and agreed to wait.

The next week I had a third tech come out who said that Okie dig had never been called but he had notified them and they would be next week and the office would have to send out someone again.

The next week Ron, a tech came and complained he was only given 15 minutes to do the job, and that the contractor had used the wrong line to install and it all needed to be replaced. He then called his office and started to work. After about two hours he came outside and said well bad news. I asked him what was wrong and he showed me in his haste he had pulled my TV off the TV stand and it had broken plus it put a hole in my wall. He was real upset and kept saying he hoped he would not get fired over it or at least written up.

I called his boss the next day and was assured they would pay for the set. After 7 months I did get a check for about half of it's cost. If I had to charge them for my phone time it would have been six times that much.

All the time I had been waiting to be paid I complained the Internet was slow and horrible. Dish finally sent out a tech, Ron again. He told me he had been written up but he guess he deserved it. He then went outside to look at the system. After five minutes he came back inside and told me he had repaired the slow Internet. He said he had to cut a ground for the phone which was not used anyway but was too close to the Dish install.

A few months later their was a lightning storm a few miles away. I went to bed because my signal was gone. When I woke up the next morning all three TV's were dead. I called Dish and they said for $10 they would send out another tech. I asked them to send someone other than Ron. I wanted another set of eyes on this problem.

Brian came out that Saturday and after about two minutes found that Ron had cut the wrong ground. He had cut the one for the Dish system. He told me he had it in his report and that Dish would have to replace the TV's. He took photos and checked everything including the TV's. He also installed new Hopper as well as the Joy boxes. I boxed up the old units when he was here and called Dish to request the labels to send back the old equipment. I was told to write Attention Dave Wisecamp on the boxes.

The following week Nick the lead technician came over to look at the boxes and look at the system. I told him that Tffiany [Snip] from Colorado Corporate was assigned to me as a claims adjuster. After a half hour or so Nick said he had moved the direction of my Internet dish because it was pointed in the wrong direction. And that sometimes even if the Hopper systems are UL listed they give you problems and can not be grounded. He also told me that I had a reversed wire in the master bedroom which could account for the one TV blowing out.

After he left I called my electrician Lonnie who has been licensed for over 40 years. He came over and checked the line. He told me he could not find a problem. I told him Nick had showed me his tester and it said it was bad. He pulled out the tester he carried and it showed good. He then took the outlet out and examined it and put it back. Shook his had and said they are trying to pull a flim flam on me. He did not charge me because he had checked the electric out for me before and installed a new 200 amp breaker box a few weeks earlier.

I made several calls over the next weeks to Tiffany and to the local office. Just before the two month date of loosing my TV's the manager, Gary [snip] told me that he could offer me $450 for the sets. This is again close to half of the price I paid for the three new TV's all purchased in the last year. I told him you do know these were all three TV/DVD Combo units. He said I know but you do not have to agree. Finally I told him fine send me my money and we are done I am tired of fighting for this money which is due me. If it were reversed and I owed Dish you would have been paid the full amount quickly.

He then sent me a form to fill out that reads:
By your signature, you agree that you are completely satisfied with the resolution of this damage claim. You understand that DISH Network Services and affiliate consider this claim to be closed and will not accept further liabilities regarding this claim. You agree that the existence of this claim and it's terms and conditions are to be kept strictly confidential by all parties involved.

I refuse to sign this agreement because it is a hush order and there are several litigation's that could happen if it were signed. He agreed to call corporate legal and ask to have the document changed to read from this day forward. Today 9/26/2014 we talked and he told me that the legal team refused to change the form at all. And that the ball was in my court. If I want paid I will have to sign it.

Well the form as I told him says signed on this date so in a couple of days I will sign it but not till I have let the world know what a horrible service I have received and the way they treat customers. I could not even get a call back from Stephanie [Snip] so I am writing this for all to see before I sign.
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The Worst, Most Disorganized Corporate Entity I've Ever Dealt With
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK -- I had left Time Warner after 5 years of their service because prices just kept increasing. Meanwhile, Dish Network was offering Satellite packages with tons of channels, high speed internet, and home phone for literally 60% off the Time Warner Price. "How could I go wrong?" I thought. I wish I had never gone further than the thought.

When I signed up, I was told "Your first month will be free. You'll pay nothing for 60 days (except the signup fee which was relatively cheap). And when your first bill comes in, it should be approx. $60 since you've signed up as a part of this promo. All subsequent bills will be $60 as well. Its that simple!" Apparently it wasn't that simple. First bill arrived within 14 days to the tune of $280. Needless to say, I called to inquire and lodge a complaint if need be. This is where Dish Network TRIES to excel. You don't get pushed around from faceless representative to faceless representative with each call. Instead, the person you speak to gives you his/her name, their direct phone number, they act like your buddy, and tell you "If you ever have ANY problems, you call me directly. I'm your guy/girl! I'll be here to help you." That, to me, sounded great. Personalized service. And should anything go wrong (again), I have a name and a direct line of a person to either fix it OR hold accountable. Well, Cheryl was the first name. She signed me up. I suppose it should have struck me a bit odd that the person who signed me up was also volunteering to be my customer service/tech support person but it didn't. I called Cheryl when I got my bill, one month early and $220 higher than I was told it would be. Cheryl never answered. She never returned calls either. This went on for a week or two before finally, after pressing a number of different menu options, I got someone on the phone. Carl. Carl apologized profusely but told me the problem was, Cheryl incorrectly coded everything on my account. Thus, the overcharge. "I see" I said. "Can you just go ahead and fix that for me?"

"I can't" said Carl. "Once its in the system, there's no way to change it. But what I can do is throw a number of credits and promo codes on there to get us down to around $60." This is just downright laughable. A major cable/ISP company is running off computer systems that don't allow for changes to customer accounts?! Whatever. As long as my bill goes back to where it should be... the "credit / coding" issue is theirs to deal with. Not mine. Now mind you, I'm still on the phone with Carl every week because the wireless they promise is not only slower than advertised, it drops virtually once every hour. In the first 6 months, I went through at least 4 modems and routers. Had visits from 2 or 3 techs to examine the wiring into the wall. Nothing seemed to work. The wireless was just terrible. And... Carl told me that it was likely going to remain that way because I was on the very edge of their service area. And since its DSL... nothing they could really do. "Well, why wasn't I told about this when I signed up Carl?" He apologized. Gave me more credits and got my bill down to $0 for the next 2-3 months. Which was great... except I still couldn't use the wireless and, if there was even a slight breeze, the satellite signal was disrupted.

Two months later... bill arrives for $190. I call Carl. I call Carl again because he doesn't answer. Carl never answers and never returns calls anymore. At this point, I'm not only livid from billing issues. I'm also pissed because my wireless is half the speed promised AND drops constantly. Also, my satellite picture not only goes out in the rain, it gets disrupted with even the slightest breeze. I walked outside and saw the dish actually shaking with each tiny gust. So they sent a tech. The tech discovered it was put too close to the edge of the roof and thus, half of the mount was fastened to nothing but shingles. As dumb as that is, his solution was just as dumb. He added a brace to the base... essentially bracing it to OTHER loose shingles too close to the edge of the roof. NO ONE could figure out the wireless problem. AT ALL.

After never hearing from Carl again, I got Craig (what was with this company and hiring people who's names only start with 'C'?). Craig sent a new tech out to the house to fix the dish. And this guy was smarter. He removed the dish and remounted it to actual roof. Not just shingles. But the wireless was beyond him. Couldn't figure that one out at all. So now I had halfway decent TV (it still sucked in the rain but at least on a sunny day I was able to watch), the wireless still sucked, but at least, thanks to Craig... I was paying nothing. For about 2-3 months.

Then I got another bill. Another ridiculous amount. At the same time, I have someone from Dish in my house trying to figure out what the issue is with the wireless (which, at this point) is useless. Finally, I called Dish, told them I was breaking the contract early and frankly, I didn't care how much they had wanted to charge me for it. They'd never see the money from me anyway. I had endured 11 months of terrible customer service and horrific wireless service. I was done and moving on. Didn't matter the cost and nothing they could say would keep me behind.

Finally, they agreed to let me go at no cost. The upside was... for the 11 months I was a customer, I paid next to nothing. The downside was... I paid next to nothing because I actually got nothing but headaches and occasional TV. Oh, and the landline that I never used.

i went back to Time Warner and, within 10 minutes of the setup with Time Warner, the tech they had sent to install everything found the wiring problem that created the crap internet. I've been good at Time Warner ever since.
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Do Not Choose Dish Network
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Do not even consider signing up for Dish Network!!!
Lets start from the beginning.

It seemed like a great deal to become a Dish Network customer at first. In the beginning I figured they just had new employees that messed up on my information. I have patience so I just went with the flow. My phone number, address and name were taken down wrong.

After being billed incorrectly on a few occasions I was told by the dish employee over the phone that they would give me credits for free movies on my account and that all I had to do was call before ordering the movie. Awesome right? NOPE. Every time I would call to use my free movie credit I would be told that nothing of that sort shows on my account..I would speak to about 2 to 4 employees just to get the situation resolved.

I then moved to a new address. Was the moving instillation free like they said? Yes. But when the installers were at my apartment they said that because of the direction my porch was facing they would have to go on the apartment building roof and set the dish up there....and cost up to $100.00. I told them I had to think about it. As soon as they Dish employee left my house I called Dish Network and explained to them the situation and asked if there was anything they could to about it. Dish then sent out an employee that was more experienced. He set up my satellite dish in about 10 minutes....ON MY PORCH!!! HE Then told me that they were just trying to get money out of me...What a nice honest company!..pfft.

After a few months I couldn't take it anymore..So I switched to cable.

I was on a two year contract with Dish Network so instead of messing up my credit score I continued making my monthly payment. I called Dish and notified them that I was no longer using there equipment and would just be paying my bill until my contract was up in November of 2011. The gentlemen I was speaking to on the phone said " okay, let me sent you and empty box for your DVR receiver so you can sent it back." In about a week I received the prepaid UPS box and sent back my DVR. A week later I got the conformation e-mail that they had received my DVR receiver. NOTE, THIS WAS IN APRIL 2011.


Like I mentioned earlier My 2year contract was up in November 2011.
I received an e-mail that my statement for December 2011 was available.
I then called Dish Network to make sure that my account would be canceled and I would not be charged for December.


I was told that it was taken care of and that all I needed to do was to send back my DVR receiver. WAIT A SECOND, I have done that already and even got a conformation e-mail! I was then told that they had no record of me sending it back whatsoever.
~ transferred~


I explained the situation.
Then I was told that the DVR receiver ID number didn't match what they had in there system and it did show that they got my DVR. I was told everything was taken care of again.


I got a voice mail from Dish saying that I needed to return my equipment, charges may apply..blah blah blah.


Once again I explained everything. I could tell the employee on the phone didn't know what she was doing so I asked to speak to the supervisor.


Anddddd again I explained the situation...and then transferred.. : (


At this point I was speaking with A lady in the executive office..I though " oh thank god, this lady will know what she's doing..." FAIL! After explaining the suituation againnnnnnnnnnn. I was then told that I had another receiver sent to me in APRIL when I sent Back my DVR receiver..(which I sent back to them In June not April)
OKAY....1. I was NEVERRR told that they were sending me one.
2. I NEVER got any package from Dish Network.
The employees response to when I asked her? Well you have to have equipment under your name while on a contract and that's the missing receiver that you need to send back...These people are EFFING DUMB!!! She then said "well I have the UPS tracking number for you since you never got the package" I said OK, may I have the tracking number for the empty box you sent me also? The response was " We don't keep tracking numbers for the empty boxes."

Ugh, called UPS told them I never got the package and that I needed to file a lost or stolen on the package..gave them the tracking number and I was told I would be called back..which I was..UPS then told me that they had only two shipments from Dish Network to my address.
1. A receiver was sent to me in April.
2. The empty box was sent to me in June.

I called back employee number 5 and she was "not available"
so I then spoke with guessed it

And after repeating my situation againnnn this time to another employee in the executive office he told me that I have received an additional receiver wayyy back when I switched apartments.(Which I DID NOT). I calmly said to him that I was beyond hearing story's. I told the gentlemen that I have been told a different story by everyone of your employees and at this point I don't even believe you so may I speak to your boss..he said okay I will transfer you to my supervisor. I replyed with no, I want to speak to whoever is above your supervisor because I'm not getting straight answers.
I am now waiting for they "supervisor" to call me back.

I'm sorry for the novel but now you know how horrible, untrained, and mentally retarded this company is. If I would of known that I would be charged for something I never received/had/or even known about I would of just stopPED paying them the second they first messed up.

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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 12/03/2011:
Good review. Dish and direct tv can go KMA for all I care lol. Both companies are horrible. I knew someone who had dish, it wasn't even connected half the time they used it. I just stick to my good ol midcontinent digital cable.
steve on 12/03/2011:
You went through what I went through. My installers (4 different ones at different times) didn't speak or understand English. They had a contract dispute with MSG and other networks in which they discontinued channels. I was told by an "experienced manager" that they were negotiating with those companies and should get my channels back by next month. WRONG!!!!! A good friend of mine works for MSG and said no negotiations were going on nor will they!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
TommyF@DISHNetwork on 12/07/2011:

It does sound very frustrating and I apologize for any inconvenience. I would be happy to look this over further with you.

I'm sorry to see you leave our service, but I can definitely look up more information regarding the receivers for you. As this would be account specific if you would like you can email me at and include the account or phone #.

I look forward to your response

Tommy Faust
DISH Internet Response Team
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They Lie to Get a Sale
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Beware of the Dish Network people, they lie to get a sale, we fell for it ourselves and regret it now, they swore we would not lose signal even in a storm. Well we have had it for 4 months and about a total of a week off and on whenever it rains or gets cloudy we have been without TV, and on their commercials on TV they say how they are customer friendly and care about us so much, then why do they want to charge 350.00 to stop service. If they cared that much they would be happy to stop it if a customer wasn't happy, but I guess they must know that a lot of people are going to stop service or they would not charge so seeing as how they already know how much it will cost just goes to show they already know people are going to be unhappy. So much for customer service. If you enjoy watching TV I would advise strongly not falling for Dish Network like we did. It will cost you dearly in the end and I mean IN THE END!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 06/15/2012:
There are two ways to keep customers; 1) Provide good service, 2) Use a contract.

I guess you found out the method DISH Network uses.
Starlord on 06/17/2012:
Saying Dish Network lies is like saying an automobile has four tires.
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Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Absolutely THE WORST company I have ever dealt with. I had to leave Direct TV (loved them) when I recently moved and my new building does not offer their service, but has a contract with Dish Network. There Customer Service is horrible, I had to wait until the tenant before me was removed from their system before I could even order the service, then I had to wait for 22 days for them to arrive. I was charged $60 per box for them deliver it(!) I was never offered HD when I ordered the service (that should be a no brainer in this day and age), and was told by the guy installing it I had to call to request HD (?!?!). When I called, they told me they would have to charge me an additional $100 for the different boxes to be delivered and I would have to wait another 20 days. On top of it all, they make you prepay for the service, took the money on the day I ordered it, and it will be automatically debited from my account 30 days after I ordered it. Meaning, I paid for 30 days of service and only got 10. They suck so bad, I wish I didn't even own a television! STAY AWAY!!!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/23/2011:
The Gerber baby doesn't like them, either? Speak to the building management about the problems you had with Dish. You can also relay your experience to
TommyF@DISHNetwork on 06/23/2011:
redrubyshoes, I saw your complaint and would like to provide more information.

As Alain mentioned you can talk to the management about the problems, but since you have your own separate account I can review the billing with you.

Any payments we collect up front are for your first month of service from when everything is completely activated. E.G. If it was activated 25 days after setting it up and making the payment; it would still go for the full month. If I could get more information on your billing situation that would be great.

It sounds like you're on auto pay which may have been required for a promotion. I can review that for you also and check it out.

Equipment upgrades do have a cost on them, but if I could have you message me an account # or phone # I can check it out and see if there's anything we can do.

Let me know here if you'd like any assistance and I would be glad to help. Also, would it be possible to provide me more information about the 20+ day wait? Thanks!

Tommy Faust
DISH Network Executive Offices
Clay on 11/06/2014:
I stopped their service and went to Direct for Dish got too expensive for what they give and they want the receiver back that I paid in advance for so I wouldn't have a lease fee. Plus $17 shipping . Now they say I have two receivers and why on earth would I have two receivers while I have never owned any more than one tv all the sixty plus years I have bought tvs1 They are a rip off company. Their customer service is terrible !
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They Rip People Off!! Do Not Get Dish Network. You Will Be Sorry
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- If I could rate Dish Network with negative 5 stars I would
This company is a joke! I 1st signed up in February of 2013. When I singed up I ordered the everything package
Because I'm a new customer I was SUPPOSED to get a special rate of $73.00 a Month for the 1st year. They promised me I would have l my local channels including FOX and ABC and WB. We'll guess what?! After the guy came and set everything up for me he then tells me I won't be getting All my local channels! I should've know better when I asked them to email me my contract and they said no, they don't do that. That was a red flag. And it gets better. After 3 months they started charging me the regular rate. I refused to pay it because that's not what I signed up for. (And I have always paid my bills on time, never once late) so They fixed it. A few months go by and they screwed it up again and again and again. Now my bill is 120 something dollars when it shouldn't be and they won't give me the everything package for that price. They will only give me the top 240. I also was supposed to have ALL the movie channels as well with my package, They still try to charge me every month for them. Again I call them up and have to get it fixed. Every darn time I call them each person is telling me something different. They make up stuff just to shut you up but never fixes the problem or they say that I'm wrong. I literally have 3 pages of notes from every conversation I have with them. I write it down, I repeat back what I write, I've even gotten employees names and badge numbers. Which didn't do any good. For them to say that I heard them wrong every time they must think I'm pretty stupid! That's why I document everything from the time and date as well. Wait it gets better. So I complained about how they lied to me about getting FOX & ABC. They told me to go buy an antenna so I could get the channels. So I asked how can I DVR my shows then using that. They said you just hook it up, so I did that. There was no possible way to do so. So I called them up and complained once again.... The guy I spoke with had no clue what I was talking about. So I said screw it. Well a few months later, again I was being charged more than I should've been and mentioned how they told me I could DVR from the antenna. They said I needed a device. Then they wanted to charge me $50 bucks for!! I flipped out and she finally said they would send it to me for free. So I get that a few days later. I don't have the right kind of antenna!! No one ever told me to buy a specific one. I emailed them asking if they will credit my account if I buy the one I needed. They said no! They did credit my account for the 1st antenna . $30. But it's the wrong kind!! All these people do is stress everyone out. I'm so sick of them!! I'm about to threaten them and bring them to court for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! I have all the proof I need by printing out everyone's complaints. My family has a few lawyers so that's not going to cost me anything. So if they try to charge me all these fees that everyone is talking about I will fight them! And I have no doubt in my mind, I will win. And from now on I will record every conversation I have with these people. It's not illegal as long as you tell them. And that's another thing! They say they record they're calls. That's a fat lie! I've told them numerous times to listen to the conversations if they don't believe me. Then they come out and say they don't record them. There's so much more to complain about but I'm sure your sick of reading this. Needless to say DON'T USE THIS COMPANY! If it sounds too good to be true is really is. All they do is lie. The 1st time you talk to them they're really sweet and conniving. Then the next thing you know they're screwing you over repeatedly and don't care! I haven't been with them for not even a year yet and I don't plan on continuing my service. I've never had as many issues with one company. I really wish I read the reviews online before committing to a two year contract. This has been a terrible experience. Don't be fooled by the good reviews. Companies actually pay people to write good reviews. It's all made up. They need to start making laws to protect people. I don't know how these people can do this to innocent people. Anyway I hope this helps with your decisions. And please go with a different company and save yourself the headache and hassle.
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User Replies:
sweetgapeach74 on 01/08/2014:
My parents have had horrible customer service with Dish Network recently. They have taken over $1000 that was UNAUTHORIZED out of 2 different accounts. They don't take care of their customers, and severely rip people off. When they take money without any kind of authorization, it is called THEFT. They are a bunch of crooks and criminals. They need to be fined severely and shut down for the over charges and theft of money and for the poor customer service. I will NEVER trust or believe one word any Dish Network representative says. Do NOT go with Dish.
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Outrageous Cancellation Fees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CLERMONT, FLORIDA -- My husband and I decided to go with Dish Network when looking to change cable companies and were somewhat happy with it even though we would loose reception anytime is would get cloudy outside but continued to stay with the company. After a period of time they raised our rates with no notification, I found out when I noticed the auto debit from my checking account was double what it had been previously. My husband called to inquire about the increase and was told that the price we were paying was only good for a certain period and we were now being charged double what we had agreed on so we decided to cancel after another cable company was charging the same price but it included internet service so we cancelled the service. My husband made sure that we were paid up in full and was told we had a zero balance. We were told that they would send us a box to ship back their equipment after about 2 weeks we called back to find out about the box that we had not received to be told that it was on it's way and there would be a shipping label with it for us to use, but we would be charged that fee on our debit card. My husband told the customer service person that they were not to charge our card anymore than that fee and were assured that was the final charge. We finally received the box about a week later and sent all equipment back using their shipping label. A couple weeks later we were surprised to find our debit card had been charged $207.00, when we called about it we were told that was the charge for early cancellation, that we had broken our contract with them.

Well if were where really under contract how could they just increase our rates, when we asked that question we were told that our rates had nothing to do with the contract, that's funny when the only paper signed included the rates on it. People need to beware Dish Network is a very corrupt company who doesn't care about their customers they only care how many of them they can screw over and I am guessing they thrive on people canceling their service early because they like taking peoples hard earned money it a time where the economy is very poor and only getting worse.

I have one better, a couple months prior to us cancelling our service I was watching TV on a Sunday evening around 11:00 pm to have my service go off, when I called about the problem I was told that they disconnected the service per my request which I had not done and why would I do that at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night, when they couldn't find any notes on the mishap they reconnected my service how crazy was that but we get charged for cancelling, what a joke. I hope they choke on this money.

Everyone please beware, Dish Network is a terrible company and I would never recommend them to anyone.
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User Replies:
azRider on 10/16/2013:
it sounds like you did not read the contact. Both Dishnet and directv have cancellation fees. its clearly in the contract. its also clear that the price you get to sign up is a promotional number and its only for a limited time then you pay normal price. its all clearly written, you need to read before you sign.
cmthru on 10/16/2013:
Why oh why do people use debit cards for any online purchase including recurring charges. That allows merchants or vendors to withdraw your cash at any time. A computer glitch or mistyped keystroke can wipe out a bank account in seconds. It's a fight to get your money back. Credit cards have a higher level of protection including disputing charges.
jonthethird on 10/17/2013:
cmthru, even with a credit card they may have well found themselves with additional charges. It is all in the small print, enforcable with the credit card companies.
Bob Peck on 11/07/2013:
Before cancelling anything, be sure to lose the credit card U are using, and get a replacement with a new No.
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High Pressure Sales Tactics, Lies About Service, Failure to Correct Problem and Refund Money.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I initially contacted Verizon to find out if FiOS service was available in my area. It was not, but they said they partnered with Dish Network for cable TV and Internet service and I might want to talk to them. I really wanted a bundle to include phone service, but this was not available to me either through Verizon or Dish Network.

I asked Dish for information on their cable and internet services. The Dish salesperson described what they had to offer, and when I hesitated, they improved the offer. I already had a phone/internet/cable package with another company, and when I told them the Dish cost for cable and internet was about the same as my current company, they improved their offer again. I said I wanted to discuss the offer with my husband first, and they told me that if I didn't sign up right then, and called back later, the offer would probably not still be on the table. They also told me that with the Internet service they offered Internet support through Geek Squad. I told them that I didn't want the Geek Squad service as I really had no problems with my Internet currently, and currently had free support through my provider. They told me I had to take the Geek Squad service but that it was free for the first month and I could cancel at any time and not be charged. I told them I didn't like to sign up for anything billed as "free" but that would require me to cancel in order to avoid charges. They again told me I had to take the Geek Squad service with the internet. I again said I wanted to discuss this offer with my husband, and was again told that the offer was not guaranteed if I didn't sign up then and there. I agreed, thinking I could just go ahead and cancel if we decided not to proceed. Dish gave me two phone numbers to call if I wanted to cancel, one for the cable and Internet and one for the Geek Squad service.

We did decide not to proceed and two days later, I called Dish to cancel everything. There was never an installation of any equipment. They did refund my fees, but my bank statement showed a charge of $19.99 for Geek Squad. I called the number given to cancel the Geek Squad service, which turned out to be a Dish phone number. Dish told me they could not cancel that service or issue a refund, and that I would have to contact Geek Squad myself. I said that I called the number the salesperson gave me to cancel Geek Squad and they said that was incorrect. I also told them that I never had any dealings with Geek Squad, never authorized Geek Squad to charge my bank and that all of that was apparently done by Dish, so why couldn't Dish cancel it since they, not me, initiated it. They continued to tell me they could not do it.

At any rate, they gave me another phone number to call "Best Buy", which was somehow associated with Geek Squad. Again, wrong number. I was given 5 wrong phone numbers. When I finally got the right number to call Geek Squad, they told me that they never offer a free month of service with the right to cancel during that time without incurring any charges. They told me that Dish lied to me. Geek Squad was very professional, and handled my request for refund and cancellation of service in a very friendly and agreeable fashion, I have no complaints about them, and might consider their service (separately) in the future. I believe the Dish salespeople will say anything to make a sale.

I had Dish service for cable only in the past, and was pretty satisfied with it. However, I didn't like the fact that customers have to pay for any repairs to the equipment, which Dish maintains ownership of, and customers have to pay to return the equipment, which is owned by Dish, when the customer cancels their service. I found a better deal for my cable which was a package deal with phone and internet and cancelled the Dish service. When I said I wanted to cancel, they offered all sorts of incentives to stay, incentives that were never offered to me while I was a customer for three years. I still cancelled. Like others, I didn't receive the return boxes in a timely fashion but returned the equipment as soon as I did receive them.

This is not a customer friendly company. If you deal with this company, I would suggest getting any offers in writing (in great detail).
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User Replies:
Kenneth Cooke on 02/27/2014:
Its not dish, its the shady marketing groups that sell Dish. I just got off an hour an and half marathon customer service black hole where I spoke to Dish, InfinityDish (scammers) and Geek Squad. I told the dummy at InfinityDish (not associated with Dish) that I DID NOT WANT THE GEEK SQUAD SERVICE, yet I was billed the initial 39.99 charge and 5 months later they submitted paperwork to Geek Squad to take 19.99 a month from my credit card. Just keep an eye on your credit card or bank account statements to make sure you are not being billed for something you did not want.
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Terrible Customer Service, Bait and Switch
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
We switched to Dish from another satellite company because of their unethical practices after being a decade long customer. Less than a year after installation, our receiver stopped working. No amount of resetting would restart the equipment. Found while speaking with the representative that we were not receiving HD for life as offered during our signup, as well, which was rectified by a customer retention representative Since I wasn't 100% happy with the current equipment we had, the customer retention representative offered to upgrade us to a new receiver (remember, the old was was DOA so needed to be replaced regardless) for no charge in exchange for extending our contract for 2 years, which we agreed to.

Installation was great, accepted 2 year extension. A month and a half later (which is now), we were charged a fee for the receiver, and discovered that we were billed for a protection plan that I never requested or agreed to add.

Called and spoke with three different agents, including a manager. All three claim that there were no "notes" put in our account about upgrading our equipment, and without these "notes" there is no way they can refund the fee. In addition, there is a fee for canceling the protection plan that I was never informed of. A protection plan that the customer is expected to pay to cover equipment that doesn't even belong to them. If they didn't charge me the protection plan, they would also charge a fee for the tech to come out to replace their equipment that didn't even make it a year that was sitting in a protected piece of furniture.

Also, because I did agree to the extension of our contract, and they made no notes about their offer, we will be charged early termination fees if we cancel our service. So Dish has created a method for breaking their contract with their customers, all while ensuring the customer can basically to ensure Dish provides their promised service.

I was, until today, extremely happy and satisfied with Dish. Now I am a disgusted, dissatisfied and certainly no longer loyal to Dish.
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User Replies:
CheriT @ DISH Network on 01/06/2013:
HI, my name is Cheri and I work on the Social Media Team at DISH. I would like to apologize for the issues that you have experienced with our service. I would be happy to review your account and see what I can due to help! Can you please PM me or email me direct at with your account number or phone number on the account? I look forward to assisting you! Thanks!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Phil on 01/29/2013:
Me too. 8 year Dish customer, decided to go back under contract for upgrades, on both the internet and TV. I was told that I could keep my dish e-mail address. Right after the upgrade was complete My E-mail account at was suspended, yet my I phone was still logged in and worked just fine which makes sense (it is G-mail)

When I called the Dish broadband call/assist center I was told that I was told "wrong" and that instead of my address -I would be required to use a address.

This is a great inconvienance since I have a business account amd multiple E mail accounts with

I am now reconsidering the changes to my TV service and upgrades that I had planned to do since what has happened to me so far is a classic bait and switch -all the way.

After complaining to the broadband tesh support person I was told my account could be reactivated for 24 hours, then I was told for 48 hours, when I asked to speak to a senior person at Echo-Star my account with was then extended for 7 days.

What seems to be is consistent here is that there is a clear an absence of rules to follow in this case since the so called "rule" prohibiting my maintaining my long held and valued dishmail account account seems to be a moving target.

I then asked to be connected to a more senior Echostar person, and I was told I would be. I was placed on hold for 10 seconds and disconnected.

I am considering a BBB complaint, and legal action in small claims court here in Ohio.

I will be contatacting Ms. Torres to try to resolve the matter first.
kackiecnm on 05/09/2013:
Me too! If "misery loves company," read my review/complaint to be dated today (not yet posted) --- I am outraged and my multiple "issues" are still not resolved after repeating them over and over in multiple phone calls --- as with you, "history/notes" that I specifically asked to be entered into my "account file" have mysteriously disappeared. Aside from warning others, we need to report them to FTC, FCC and file complaints with area BBB, and your state's DCF

Interest how our experiences parallel, including the only good thing where the on site installer/techs but
everything else was like "falling down the rabbit hole" to find fraud, incompetence etc.! I am planning on also filing a claim in my local SMC and in the complaint add that I am a ripped off "senior" ---statute State and Fed under "elder abuse" that should shake them up. Plus I will subpena copies of my phone records to illustrate how many calls I had to "customer service" --- and oxymoron with MORON underlined!
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