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I Should Have Known Better . . . They Are Sneaky! Some Customers Do Read What They Are Sent!
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Rating: 1/51

Cox Cable has been giving me issues lately. Despite the multiple apologies from the service reps, the multiple calls, spending 20 minutes at a time to speak to someone and still not having the issues resolved, I was ready to leave. Because of this I called Dish Network, explained to the woman that I wanted service with NO 24 month service agreement/contract and that I would not give authorization for an auto pay plan. "No problem" she says and proceeds to transfer me to someone who could process the request.

That phone call was rather long because I kept reiterating the fact that I wanted no contract and I had no intention of giving them authorization for an auto pay plan. He said this was fine as long as I was not accepting any discounts or promotions and I had already agreed to pay the $99 activation fee rather than have it waived like they do for customers on contract. He wanted to read the disclosures and asked that I save any remaining questions until he had finished reading. Fine.

When he was finished I asked again, no contract, no auto pay, and the email confirmation he said he was going to send while reading the disclosures would state this? His answers, correct, no contract. Correct, no auto pay, and yes, the email confirmation email would state that there was no contract, no early termination fee. Great! I was all set!

Well, guess what the email I received stated. You guessed it: "24-Month Agreement: If service is cancelled or terminated prior to completing the 24-month agreement, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $17.50 per month remaining. This fee may be charged to the card used to originally qualify your account." Of course I called and they stated it was a generic email and that the technician would not ask me to sign a contract.

How could I be sure of this? How could I be sure that since they added language regarding a contract that they also hadn't set me up for auto pay with the credit card I used for the activation fee? I let them know that if they couldn't send me an email with the order presented as it was agreed to in my original phone call that they will cancel the order and refund the activation fee I had just paid.

She said she couldn't send an email with what was promised in the call. Okay. Sounds shady to me... And I gave instruction to cancel the order. She couldn't do that either and that an account manager would call me within two hours. Not happy that I was told I would get a call back but whatever. I never got the promised call back but I did get an email that stated the order was canceled. I dodged a bullet and am thankful I learned my lesson before it was too late.

I just spoke to the executive office. They were so disinterested in what happened and confirmed that they would not send out an email with what was agreed upon. They are shady people! They will NEVER get another chance with me!

Willing to Do Almost Anything to Get You Back
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LITTLETON, COLORADO -- Your installer showed up 5-2-12. As a representative for your company his presence is well below acceptable. He smelled like an ashtray that was in use for several months. This in itself is a poor representation, during the install he removed cable from the back room wall and could not restring what was a perfectly good cable to start with. He informed my wife he would have to run a new cable behind the siding, this would have been OK, but instead he came out of a gable vent over to an antenna mast in mid air taped the cable to the pole of a mast which was going to be removed.

He then ran mid air to about six foot above ground, drilled a hole in our vinyl siding into the center of a drywall interior wall. Then from this point he ran mid air loose cable to the back TV. Where he entered the attic originally where there was an existing cable, he bent the metal soffit so he could put his cable in, saying he never used other people's cheap cable (this was heavy duty with a separate ground wire), the same type of cable he re-used behind the main TV.

When the picture kept breaking up the signal was below 40 I called for them to reset and told him we always had a very good signal for dish, he snapped back at me if I had ever pointed a dish, which incidentally I have several times. Regardless of that his attitude toward a customer left a little to be desired.

The 3rd of May he returned, as did his supervisor who indicated the dish was not pointed correctly and needed to be reset and a new LNB installed. The signal continued to break up and we lost the picture several times, again we called and another tech was sent out on a Sunday 5-6-12. He was polite and checked dish, after his visit I was e-mailed the first copy of your contract four days after initial installation, I'm sure this was due to him seeing the poor installation at the back room.

I called to complain about the damages on more than one occasion and was told someone would be out to check in about a month on both occasions. The reception kept flickering on and off, finally being fed up with your lack of response and apparent indifference to our situation.

We decided to cancel what was never a satisfactory service and have DIRECTV put in. Their serviceman was polite and professional every step of the way, we received a copy of the contract the day of installation. As far as my judgment on service, I was a service manager for over 20 years, so I do have a little knowledge in that area. Based on this experience I believe we would prefer not to do business with a company that has so little regard for its customers.

Resolution Update 08/08/2012:

Arkansas Attorney General assisted in resolving this case, all Dish Network charges were dropped.

Do NOT deal with this company
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Rating: 1/51

SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had service with this company for a little over two years. As far as the signal strength and actual service is concerned, I really had no complaints. However, dealing with their customer service department is an absolute nightmare.

Initially I was told my service would include a DVR and would be a certain amount every month. The technician came to my home and installed the equipment. He did a good job. After he finished I asked him where my DVR was and was told I was not eligible for a DVR at that time. I also found out the amount of my bill would be higher and it would be a prepay every month. I was very unhappy, since no one at Dish Network has told me this previously but I had already canceled my other service so I accepted their terms.

After a year I was told I was now eligible for a free DVR. I called Dish and was told the free DVR would cost $37.00. I turned it down and then called back, after reconsidering, about two weeks later. At that time I was told it would cost $1.00. I gave them my debit card information and was told I couldn't pay with a debit card. It had to be a credit card. I don't use credit cards. Since my 2 year agreement was up, I canceled my service and went to AT&T U-Verse. For what it's worth I received exactly what I asked for from AT&T including the whole house DVR.

When I canceled my service with Dish I was told a box with a shipping label would be sent to me so I could return my equipment. I asked if there was a charge to ship it back and was told they provided the shipping label and there would be no charge. I was also told that after they received the returned equipment I would receive a refund for $58.73. I sent the equipment back the day I received the box which was about 4 weeks after I canceled my service. This was in February.

In January I had received a check from Dish for the amount of $18.00. I was told this was a refund for the amount I had overpaid on my monthly service since I had disconnected it prior to the end of the month. I paid a month in advance each month. I waited for the refund for the equipment and never received it.

I did receive a bill from them, about a week after receiving the $18.00 check, stating I owed them $18.00 payable immediately. I called them on May 3, 2012 after receiving this notice. I was told the $18.00 was for the shipping label in the box. I also asked them about the refund I was still owed for the returned equipment and was told I had cashed that check in January. The check in January was not for the equipment. It was for an overpayment and was sent BEFORE I returned the equipment. They continue to insist the check in January was for $58.73.

I've spoken to three different representatives and have requested a copy of the check cashed in January. Today I was told that Bank Of America doesn't give copies of checks. I knew this was untrue because I have banked with BOA in the past. However, I called BOA and they verified that all Dish Network has to do is request a copy of the check and it will be sent to them. They refuse to do this.

The customer service representatives I've spoken to have done nothing but lie to me and also call me a liar in the process by continuing to insist I have already received the check and cashed it. They have made promises with no intention of keeping them. I've requested a supervisor call me and no one has called me back. Today, after being on hold for about ten minutes, I was told I was being transferred to a supervisor and instead got someone else's voice mail.

I have filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau and I have NO intention of letting it drop as it has become a matter of principle. I am seriously considering a class action suit against them as I feel I am not the only one that has been treated this way. Do NOT get service with Dish Network unless you enjoy having incompetent personnel lie to you and you enjoy the high blood pressure you will get after trying to resolve a problem with them.

Programming Subject to Change... A LOT!
By -

I had a horrible experience with Dish Network and here is my story for all to read. This review covers most of my time with Dish as well as time with them during the FOX contract disputes. I ordered Dish Network service in January, 2008. After finally getting service set up, we realized that several channels that were supposed to be included were not. A little over a year went by with the usual "Dish" service (i.e. bad weather blackouts and dish problems) but nothing major.

Then in May 2009, I called the local Dish dealer that installed the service regarding the satellite not getting a signal at all. Of the four calls I had to make, I was connected with and spoke to an employee two separate times whom which I explained my situation both times and asked for a work order both times. After making these attempts to have them come to my house to repair the equipment/service, I then called another independent dealer, whom promptly arrived and repaired the service very quickly. The first dish dealer never called back or confirmed any work order.

This next part was a very stressful and time-consuming problem. To make a long story short, the first Dish Network dealer was certified by Dish Network to install and deal with their service as well as another major dish provider. This independent Dish Network dealer ended up stealing my identity and starting a fake service with their other major dish provider but with real bills - like the one that showed up in my mailbox from a collection agency! This dealer (now out of business for certain reasons) represented Dish Network!

After nearly a month of fighting, numerous phone calls, and 4-dozen pages of documentation, the dispute was closed and I was waived of any debt accrued. Even after all that, I was still in contract with Dish and didn't have the several hundred dollars to cancel early so I trucked forward.

Another year went by and by then, the steam had settled and no more major problems occurred since the dispute. Dish had also just begun their free HD for life promotion with 2 options - you can either pay a one-time $99 fee, or renew a 24-month contract and sign up for auto-pay. I, not knowing and not informed of the current FOX dispute, renewed with a nice, big 24-month deal.

After renewing, I noticed that several of my channels were missing and could no longer watch sporting events and other programs that were very important to me. This is when I realized that programming for one of these networks had changed and I would need to upgrade my programming in order to get it. So I did, and then realized Dish had taken away another channel I watch a lot. It seemed as if they traded one for another except now I'm paying more???

For the grand finale of this horrible experience. - Early October, 2010, I noticed that the channel in which I upgraded to watch was no longer there... again! Then, I began seeing commercials airing in regards to Dish Network and only Dish Network, that a dispute they were involved in was the reasoning behind 19 regional sports channels being removed from programming.

Soon after, I found stated on numerous websites that on November 1, 2010, Dish Network customers could also lose the entire FOX Network period! This is one of the main channels my family and I watch for several programs and sporting events and would mean losing all of those plus weather, news, etc.

OK, now for the real grand finale!!! Just when you thought it couldn't get better! I started my own research, looking at different cable and satellite providers for anything similar to the dispute that Dish Network was involved in. Not only did I not find anything regarding other providers in any disputes, but the only results that surfaced were in regards to Dish Network and their dispute from several newly-created websites built just for this issue!

So, after getting several quotes for TV service from different providers, I ended up switching to a local, highly-rated cable provider that had a package with all our missed channels, HD & DVR service, as well as additional channels that we never had but wanted! And, I'll be paying the same as I was with Dish to get more programming! A win-win for me. They also have no contract or early termination fees, ever! The whole process took less than 30 minutes to get everything setup and a work order for installation!

The next step was to cancel my service with Dish. For some reason, while picking up the phone to dial, I got a really good feeling! I called and after going through some automated stuff, I hit "0" to be transferred to a representative. I happily told the lady I wanted to cancel my service. She asked why and I told her due to the current contract disputes that have caused me to lose a lot of programming that I watch and I didn't want to wait around to see what happens on November 1.

She went on to inform me that other providers will be affected and that Dish was just the first to get hit. I informed her that that is not true and that I've already confirmed that with at least 2 major TV providers that service my area. She then transferred me to the loyalty dept. to cancel service.

A gentleman picked up and I went through the story with him as well. I also asked to be compensated with the termination fee due to the hassle, lost programming, and the upgrade I made that resulted in more lost channels. He said he wasn't able to change or waive the cancellation fee. I continued to explain that I, as a Dish Network customer, have done nothing wrong and have upheld my end of the contract. I shouldn't be penalized as if I'm just calling to cancel for no reason. He repeated the same answer. He went on to set up cancellation of service and asked me I'll have to pay $15 to ship their equipment back on top of the $220 cancellation fee!

He also asked me if the actual satellite on my roof was difficult to get to. I ultimately told him it was, so he waived the return of the dish and the fee - good note to remember. I asked to speak with his supervisor. A few moments later, a guy picked up (not a gentleman this time!) and said, "This is **, how is it that I can help you" (stressing the 'I', as if he couldn't do anything different). I asked him the same question in regards to something other than a $220 goodbye along with paying $15 to return the equipment. He said, "No." Just flat no.

He then raised his voice as I was trying to continue my good reasoning in why they should rectify the situation with some kind of compensation by talking over me and getting louder. I then had to raise my voice just to talk saying, "I understand the contract has a clause stating 'programming subject to change', but to what point, half or all of it?" He answered yeah, if it's necessary. I said, "Is this really Dish service?! Is this really Dish Network customer service?!" He said, "With your attitude, yeah." and then hung up on me!

I had to call back to verify that they scheduled my disconnection since I got hung up on and didn't get confirmation the first time and also to pay the $220 cancellation fee. I also remembered to cancel my Autopay feature so they won't be able to continue billing my bank account for a service that doesn't exist. I gave Dish Network their $220 goodbye which doubled as my guarantee that I will never return to Dish Network for any reason or for any service. I do not and will never recommend Dish Network for any service they offer.

I hope this story helps not just current Dish Network customers but television consumers abroad. Take a stand and voice your opinion. There are thousands of comments in regards to the current dispute that Dish Network is involved in with most of them saying they will leave if the lost programming is not returned. You have options - take them!

Lied to about Equipment being sold, NO call backs, Poor Customer Service, Took back Equipment Promised
By -

I am a new Dish Customer and to be honest with you I am very unhappy. I feel that I have been misled, lied to, treated poorly, experienced horrible customer service, been given the run around, and overall have had a horrible experience with your company to date.

My issue is the following, to be clear: I did a lot of research deciding if we were going to go with your company, Dish or with your competition DirectTV. I spoke with numerous salespeople and can give you their names and ID numbers as well. Here are the facts: when we purchased Dish, I explained to the rep how we watch TV. The rep told me that what they were putting on the account and giving us would allow us to do exactly what we wanted to do. This was a lie, but I didn't find out it was a lie until after installation and figuring out how to use your system.

Here is how we watch TV, this will help going forward so that you understand what I told the rep and how the equipment that we were sold/given doesn't match or allow us to do what we want to do. We have 3 rooms. Living room, bedroom and attic. My fiancé watches TV in the attic and I mainly watch TV in the living room and bedroom.
I am rarely in the living room and bedroom at the same time, so the rep suggested that we mirror those TV's, which I was fine with.

Here is the scenario that I gave the rep: it's 10pm, I am in the living room watching TV live and recording another show on another channel at the same time. My fiancé is in the attic watching live TV and recording another show on another channel at the same time as me (10 pm). The rep that we spoke with told me that the plan would include the channels that we specifically wanted, which was true. I was also told that whatever receivers he was sending would allow us to do that. I was also told even though with the mirroring, I would have remotes for all 3 TV's. I only have 2. This was a lie.

Our current situation, the equipment that we were sold does NOT allow us to watch TV how we want to. We were misled and flat out lied to just to get a sale. When the installer came, and told me that he only had 2 remotes, I let that slide, because at the time, I know that mistakes sometimes happen and I thought that I was working with a reputable company that would provide excellent customer service and a good product (television service).

I have spent well over 15 hours on the phone with various reps at Dish. I have wasted a lot of my cellphone minutes and my valuable time. I have been given the run around and I am at the point of wanting to return the Dish and go to your competition and give them my business.

So, after realizing that our Dish receivers/programming didn't work the way we were promised. I called Customer Service. I was given the run around and no one would help me. They thought that I was just trying to get something for free, which I wasn't. I just wanted Dish to make it right and give us what we were initially sold on. Please note, I do have every rep's name and ID as well and can provide this to you as well.

So, I was getting nowhere with Customer Service and remembered that I kept the salesperson's number that I initially spoke with. I called the Sales Office. ** remembered speaking with me actually and apologized for giving me the wrong set up and that is when we brought his boss ** into the conversation. ** wanted to make it right, since his employee told a customer the wrong information.

** was able to issue me whatever additional equipment that I needed as well as the remote, based on fixing the mistake that his rep made. "He apparently put a promo code into your system for this. It just so happened that we were have technical issues with our Dish and I had a Level 4 tech coming out on Sat." So what ** did was add the additional equipment to that job for Sat. This all happened on a Monday or Tues, then come Sat when the tech comes to my house. He is completely unaware of any additional equipment. I have a printed email from your company telling me that I was going to be receiving it.

So, with the tech standing in front of me, I called **. He wasn't in, so I spoke with **. While I had ** on speaker, the tech called his contact ** at Dish as well and he put her on speaker. So, the 4 of us could all here each other. ** was very rude and told me that corporation took back the promo that ** gave me because it was unauthorized. They didn't even have the decency to call me prior to the tech coming on Sat to tell me that they were taking back on their managers promise to make things right. Did I mention, that I have a printed email from your company stating that I was getting the additional email.

So, we had everyone on the line and we all could hear each other. Then ** hung up on me. I wasn't rude and I found her treatment towards me to be extremely unprofessional. I am still trying to get in contact with her supervisor to explain to them how their employee is treating customers. The tech that was standing in front of me heard her and ** from Sales who was on the phone heard her hang up. A minute later ** told me that she notated the account that I hung up. Then ** told me that he then added a follow up note saying that he heard her hang up. So ** told me that he couldn't do anything without ** who was the manager.

The tech helped us get the TV to work, by the way which was a very simple fix that should have been able to be fixed over the phone, but your phone tech's were not able to do help over the phone, my fiancé spent at least 2 hours trying to troubleshoot over the phone prior to the tech coming out. Just a quick mention, the tech was very unhappy that he had to do such a simple service call, when it should have been able to be worked out over the phone. The tech was **. He was very nice and professional. To be honest with you, he is the only person that has treated me with a professional attitude throughout this whole ordeal.

So, after ** hangs up, ** tells me that he will tell ** what happened and they will escalate the “hanging up” issue to **'s boss as well as the removal of my promo to get the equipment that I was promised. I had to call ** to follow up almost every other day. They never once gave me a courteously follow up call to give me a status update even if it was to let me know that they didn't have news, but were still working on it.

I am an inside sales manager, if any of my reps treated our customers or prospects in the manner that you are treating me, I would fire them in a minute. I am not just someone who is looking for something free. I am a customer who wants to be treated with respect and to work with a company that I feel appreciates my business.
I can't tell you how many times I called in, but I can promise you it's near the 30 times. Mark at this point.

I keep calling in and asking for ** and I'm told he is out of the office or on the phone and will call me back. He never does. Then one day, I believe that he actually answered the phone and pretended to be someone else. This is absurd at this point.

I call in yet again on another day and get **, she was rude and told me that she would transfer me to the legal dept. because at this point I am sick of the runaround and I am going to pass your legal info onto my lawyer and let them handle it. I've wasted too much of my time. I asked ** for the number, she said she couldn't give it out, but that if we were disconnected she would call me back right away. I asked her to promise to call me back if we were disconnected. She hung up on me and I never heard from her again.

Per **, she said that a 3rd party sales company where ** (from Sales) who sold me the equipment were from, were actually not Corp Dish employees and that I needed to work out the issue with them. ** said that they actually had the right to issue me the credits and give me the equipment, but they would have to absorb the charges for their mistake. ** wouldn't give me the name of the 3rd party company that sold me the service, she said that she couldn't find it in her system.

So, after getting hung up by **, I call back into Sales, ** tells me that ** is no longer with the company. Then I go over and explain my situation to him, expecting him to pick up the ball since he is now the “Manager”. “He has been for the past week”, he says. I also must add at this point, he is a very “green” manager and lacks management and customer service skills. He tells me that he can't help me and to call customer service. He was short and rude with me. I told him that I wanted to speak with his boss, whoever was **'s boss as well. He told me that he was the boss. I told him that he obviously reports to someone and I asked to kindly speak with that person.

Then he puts me on hold in a very rude manner and guess who is on the line, it's **. He told me that he was transferred to another dept. ** lied to me and told me that he was no longer with the company. This is another lie that a Dish rep has told me. ** explains to me that he did his best to try to help me, I don't believe him at this point, but he puts me in contact with ** takes my info listens to the situation that I have now probably explained for about the 40th time and promises me that he would get back to me by the end of the week. This was on May 5th around 8pm EST. I haven't heard from him since. I have left him numerous messages and NOTHING

I have been lied to, over-promised and under-delivered, treated poorly and have just simply to put it - been strung around and have wasted a lot of time. But, now it's the principle of it. I want your company to make it right.
I should NOT have to pay for additional equipment, when I was initially told what I was getting is what I needed for how we watch TV. I was also told that I have to pay to have someone come back out. This is absurd that your company is not willing to own up to a mistake made by a commissioned and untrained salesperson.

Per your reps, I need dual receivers for both the attic by itself, then a dual for the living/bedroom mirrored TV's. I would also like a remote for the living room as promised. I should NOT have to pay for this since I have an email stating that I am getting equipment but never received it. I also have very detailed notes of who I spoke with and what about. I am asking for someone in upper management or at an executive level to contact me immediately. If not, I will simply pass this onto my lawyer and you will hear from her within the next couple of weeks.

Disappointed Employee
By -

NORTHEAST, USA -- I was recently hired at Dish Network. The pay is great, the co-workers are easy to get along with but the company does not stop changing operations. Everyone gets mixed up, the wrong things get put on vans, the wrong things get accounted for, etc. Obviously, I am not here to review working for the company. Overall they are solid and they are a Fortune 500 which means job stability likely is good. I am extremely happy at my job and do not have a problem with anyone I work with.

That aside, hopefully everyone understands I have no bias whatsoever. Before moving back to my hometown I had DIRECTV. DIRECTV had everything: great programming, affordable packages, reasonable rates for additional receivers and DVRs and AWESOME customer service. I was accidentally charged an installation fee and immediately after checking my account I noticed this and called their customer service. They apologized profusely, extended my HBO/Shotime 3-month free trial by a month and gave me a free month of programming ON TOP OF deleting this bogus charge.

As a Dish employee I receive a special discount for using the service. You're eligible after one month of your hire date. I received my certificate number to use when signing up. This special number identifies me as an employee and automatically (or should automatically) set my account up as an employee account. The guy on the phone informed me that my number didn't work so I double checked my e-mail. It was the exact number. He tried again only to have computer issues and transferred me to someone else, who transferred me back to the original representative.

Finally he said it went through and I was ready for my install. The phone call took 63 minutes and I would estimate roughly 45 minutes of that were spent on hold. Very annoying. Not only did I lose my morning appointment but I did not get other things done that I should have been able to get done.

That headache was over and two days later the installer came to my house. I was quoted 2-4 hours for install and he was done in 3, not bad I guess, for one television. DIRECTV took less time on an older and bigger house to install a dish and receivers in three rooms.

Now for signal strength. Not even 24 hours of install my signal went out. Clear day, sunny, not too many clouds, no precipitation, nothing covering the dish or in the way and BAM, out goes the signal for a good two minutes. I let this slide. As I'm writing this review my signal has now been out for about an hour. Customer service has no idea why. Me neither. They inform me my receiver is raising no red flags and I am informing them that it's a clear night. This is frustrating. Thankfully, since I have a discount, I was able to keep my digital cable account for a larger variety of channels and just use Dish to save on premiums (HBO etc).

In three years of subscribing to DIRECTV I had only two problems. One I mentioned that was resolved quickly and another with an issue of a receiver not getting local channels. This was also promptly fixed and we were given their "everything" package for free for a month including all premium channels. Not once did their service cut out, NOT ONCE.

Next let's mention picture quality. I have an HDTV. I also still subscribe to my digital cable service. Both my satellite and digital cable receivers are hooked up with HDMI cables so there should be no picture difference. Switching from digital cable to Dish inputs on my TV I notice a huge difference in picture quality on my locals and channels such as ESPN, Discovery etc. Dish's picture is darker and definitely not as crisp. Also, on a lot of my local channels the Dish receiver boxes them in. In other words I get annoying black bars boxing in my picture. I am no advocate of digital cable but I definitely expected better quality out of Dish, after all they do advertise that.

Lastly, my biggest complaint, is their billing. Because the guy who set up my account obviously failed at setting it up for an employee my first and second month's bill (due within a few weeks of ordering) is significantly more than what it should be. No discounts applied. I called customer service with my employee number and the certificate number (used to set up the account) and again I was on hold for about 20 minutes of the 30 minute call. Yes, very aggravating, especially when it eats away at your mobile phone minutes.

The representative told me there was nothing he could do so I asked for his supervisor who also said there must be a mistake (yeah, no **). She informed me the only way I could fix the problem was to talk to my supervisor or my local HR representative and have them resolve the issue because I guess Dish doesn't pay their customer service department to resolve issues. This is becoming a hassle. I e-mailed my HR representative and still haven't received any reply. So now in a couple of weeks I am going to be responsible for paying a bill that is higher than it should be.

Additionally, and a bit unrelated to what I was talking about, they call me with an 866 number 1-3 times a day usually around dinner time for a survey or with a representative to ask about how I like my service. Get the hint guys, if people are immediately hanging up, they don't want to deal with you. That is VERY annoying. Even though I receive a discount I'm strongly considering just having the service discontinued, paying whatever they want me to pay and have my equipment hauled off. It's not worth the headache.

To conclude: as I mentioned, I am happy at my particular office. No beef with anyone. But I am very, very, very annoyed that this is how their customer service offers absolutely little to no help for a fellow employee. It really makes me wonder how they treat regular customers who do not receive any sort of discount. All in all, I have to be completely honest as I am in every review I write. Compare the packages, compare the programming and do your research. From surfing around on this site and many others it's obvious that DIRECTV has way more fans.

I definitely would recommend DIRECTV over any other provider and if satellite is your only option immediately rule out Dish Network. Another thing to take into consideration is, they're both going to be very competitive in pricing, they have to be. DIRECTV might cost a little bit more but you get what you pay for with Dish. Also, in researching you'll realize DIRECTV has more satellites in orbit than Dish Network so signal strength will be much, much more reliable. I know I'm supposed to include my location, but since I'm an employee I do not want to give anything away that could potentially harm my job. Let's just say I reside in the Northeastern part of the US.

I'm Suing Dish Here's My Intention To Sue Letter
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LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- I'm Suing Dish!!! Here's my intention to sue Dish letter: On 12/10/08 my Dish bill was paid in full with a balance of $0.00. On 12/10/08 Rose/Billing Supervisor at Dish agreed to meet a competing offer to me from Direct TV for 250 channels plus locals plus HBO and Showtime at $60 per month and agreed to cut my December bill paying in advance for December, to $60. In bad faith breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, interference with competing offer, fraudulent billing practices, fraudulent credit card practices, harassment and fraud, Dish did not cut my December 2008 bill to $60, did not bill me at the agreed rate of $60/month at any time since our contract of 12/10/08, and has repeatedly phoned me and emailed me and mailed me fraudulent bills with fraudulent demands for exorbitant sums I do not owe. I have fulfilled all my obligations by paying $61 - $65 /month to Dish since December, 2008 on time, in advance, in full. I have OVERPAID Dish each month by paying $61-$65, as the taxes are $0.41. Between December, 2008 and March, 2009, I phoned Dish 3 times and requested Dish correct its bills, mitigate its bad faith actions and perform its obligations, but Dish refused while admitting DIsh records reflect Dish's agreement on 12/10/09 to charge me $60/month, and also admitting that I have paid $61-$65 /month timely as and for payment in full.

A full six months ago, in March 2009, I noticed Dish in writing of the foregoing facts and demanded: "This shall serve as formal and final demand that Dish correct its bills to show that I have paid in full each and every month timely, mail me written proof of said bill correction, bill me henceforth at the agreed sum of $60/month, and cease all harassing phone calls, emails and fraudulent mailed billing statements. Your failure to perform your obligations shall force me to sue Dish. This shall serve as formal notice that I prohibit any phone call from Dish henceforth and that I shall tape record all phone calls from Dish without further notice for evidentiary purposes of fraud and harassment.

Any phone call from Dish henceforth grants consent to tape recording." Dish in bad faith, despite being noticed in writing and despite my 3 good faith phone calls to Dish, refused to correct the bills to reflect its contract with me, and relentlessly and oppressively without interruption continued to send me bills and emails fraudulently claiming that I had "past due" sums, and fraudulently claiming that "We have not received payment for your last statement. You must pay the total amount due immediately to avoid additional late fees and service interruptions." Most recently, on 9/10/09, I received a bill dated 9/23/09 from Dish claiming a false "previous balance" of $114.49, a payment of $60, and false "current charges" of $81.96. The correct "previous balance" was $60, not $114.49, the account has been paid in full each month, so the correct balance should state $0.00, and the correct "current charges" should be $60, not $81.96. This date a notice appeared on my TV screen stating that my Dish service will be cancelled unless I make an immediate payment, when as Dish at all times knew, I paid my September, 2009 Dish bill in full, in advance for the entire month on 9/4/09, and that no payment is due or owing. This date Dish's bad faith conduct and false threats again forced me to take my valuable time to phone Dish and request again that Dish correct its bills and cease fraudulently demanding sums I do not owe, and cease false threats to disconnect my service unless I "immediately pay" sums I do not owe, when I have already paid in advance for 9/09. At 11:45pm this date Saturday 9/12/09, I had a completely nonsensical and obstructive conversation with your purported "billing adjustment" person Steve KKR. He admitted Dish records reflect the $60/month agreement and my written March, 2009 Intention to Sue and Demand for Performance and admitted that I paid my September 2009 bill in full on 9/4/09, then tried to tell me that the current charges of $81.96 were $60 plus $22. of "taxes" when the bill states taxes are $0.41, and also incomprehensibly told me that the fraudulent "previous balance" of $114.49" when I had a correct previous balance of $60 = overcharge of $54.49 -- were for a year of taxes at $0.41 per month!!! He also tried to tell me that the $60 per month did not include various undescribed fees and services. I told him again and again that Dish accepted my offer to pay $60 per month, period. He admitted the contract, but he refused to correct the bill, refused to mitigate Dish's yearlong bad faith conduct, refused to perform in good faith. All 4 of my phone calls to Dish both this date and from 12/08 to 3/09 were the same, admissions of the contract, then deliberate attempts to assert false vague fees and charges. Unarguably, Dish is willfully training its so-called "customer service" personnel to harm and defraud its customers, as proven in innumerable lawsuits and fines imposed by many states\' attorney generals and consumer fraud agencies. The message threatening to disconnect my service continues to display on my TV screen after my good faith effort and phone call to Dish this date to obtain DIsh's performance of our contract. As you know, disconnecting service to a customer who has already paid in full in advance for the month via credit card constitutes egregious credit card fraud, fraudulent banking practices and theft. As you know, absent my good faith reliance that Dish would perform its obligations to keep a good longtime customer, and retain a good customer in an economy wherein many people have disconnected DIsh service, I would have and should have accepted Direct TV's competing offer, and not been overbilled or oppressively and relentlessly harassed and threatened by Dish for the past year. Shame on you for treating a good, pay-on-time every month, longtime customer like this. It\'s just bad business, especially in a bad economy. Apparently, your business ethic is "Abuse the Customer." This notice shall serve as formal and final notice of renewed March, 2008 intention to sue with the addition of formal notice of intention to sue on causes of action of fraudulent inducement, fraudulent credit card practices, theft and fraudulent denial of service. I shall additionally submit at court a full record of the previous overbilling from day one of my good faith contract with Dish. Please be assured that I retain a complete record of all bills, all phone calls and all written communications. Please additionally be advised that should you in bad faith assign any false claim of "unpaid” sums to any assignee or collection agency, I shall swiftly sue Dish for additional causes of action. Yours very truly, cc: DISH NETWORK CALIF. SERVICE CORP CSC LAWYERS INCORP. SERVICE, CA Attorney General Gerald Brown, CA Consumer Protection Agency, CA Telecommunications Agency, CA PUC, BBB, Consumer Complaint online

Beware of Dish Network bad business practice and poor customer service
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Beware of Dish Network's bad business practice and terrible customer service. !!!
I have been a dish customer for past 6 years until yesterday. I upgraded my receiver to a dual tuner DVR. after the upgrade I noticed one of the international movie channel in my package, I was watching was missing. I called up Dish Network and asked them. They said they recently made changes to their international packages and made one of the channel I was watching a separate payable item. Now that channel by itself costs $20. I tried to reason with them that any new changes should only affect new customer or if customer makes changes to the programming packages. I just upgraded my receiver. And they can't take a channel that was in my package and been watching for several years and ask me to pay for it now just because I upgraded my receiver.

When I ordered for DVR upgrade Dish Network did not tell me that this will result in losing a movie channel, such a bad business tactics. Didn't inform customer this would happen and removed a channel. I talked to the supervisors and executive office in Dish Network, they were neither willing to add the that movie channel back into package nor willing rollback entire DVR upgrade and give back my old programming plan. They said, all they could do is give me that movie channel free for 6 months after that I have to pay $20 every month for that single channel. That is ridiculous!, why would anyone want to pay $20 for channel that was in one's package for several years. So I canceled my entire Dish Network service. They were not making any efforts to keep loyal customer and were not willing to compensate for the mistake they did.

Lousy Business Ethics!!!!!!
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After dealing with losing satellite signal up to 3-4 times a week, with beautiful weather outside, over the course of a 2 year period, I guess they finally got tired of hearing my complaints and got me a new receiver. When the Tech came to install it he said the receiver that I had was not a good one, and usually goes bad, and gave a lot of customers problems. So it took them 2 years of me calling before they finally replaced it! That is only the beginning!
When they replaced the receiver, they gave me 2 new remotes to go with it. The tech set everything up and I was good to go. After 1 week the remote went bad! I was on the phone for a total of 5 hours the day before Thanksgiving 2010 with 5-6 different Customer Service (Ha Ha) reps. Kept getting disconnected for some odd reason, which is why I spoke to so many of them. Each one had me go through the same stupid steps as the one before, in an effort to try to "fix" the problem. the last Rep told me my remote was bad, and they would send me another. Once I received it and programmed it according to the directions in the user manual, TV2 got screwed up!
I told them if they were really sorry for my inconvenience, someone should pro-rate my bill for all the frustration I have gone through with the company and their lousy service over the last 2 years. They said they would give me HD for life for free. I accepted. Guess what. ITS NOT FREE!! If you want all channels to be HD, either you sign up for auto pay, or pay a one time fee of 99.00. PLUS you'll be paying an extra 10.00 every month for 2 years! The representative NEVER said any thing about that!!!! This Company sucks! Your better off reading a book! They are very deceitful! I would go with another company, but no one else offers service in my area. I HATE DISH NETWORK. Isn't there someone who will protect the consumer??

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LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I ordered Dish Network service to be installed yesterday, Aug 14th, 2010 in my home. After spending over 4 hours installing everything I realized that I couldn't record shows on my DVR downstairs and watch them in my bedroom so the installer said I could get another DVR for upstairs, and it's usually a $100 upgrade fee. When he called they told him that I would have to pay $200 since I had signed the contract already. I guess I was stupid for signing it before the work was done but I had no reason to think the company was as dirty as they come.

I tried explaining to the agent on the phone that the service was still being installed and the installer was still here but she wouldn't budge and said I would have to pay $200 for the other DVR. I decided to not get it. After the installation, the installer couldn't get the receivers activated so he called the company back and was told they were having a nationwide activation problem and it would be resolved within 2 hours. I almost wanted to cancel right then but after all the work the installer put into it I decided to wait the 2 hours.

It's now Sunday the 15th, 17 hours after the install and my dish service still isn't working. I called them back to complain and they said they would send another tech out to get it working and for my troubles give me the DVR I wanted for free. I felt like that was a good trade-off so I said OK. However, the installer they scheduled to come out gave me a call to find out what the problem was and I told him it wasn't working so they were sending him out to give me a free DVR and to get the service working. He told me that his work order only showed that he was to come out and get the service working and said nothing about the DVR.

I realized I had been lied to by the dish CS agent so I decided enough was enough and that I just wanted their equipment out of my home. To make matters worse, I had allowed them to drill a hole in the side of my home to install the service and after the installer assured me it would look professional, the inside hole was hideous and very large, although it was covered up with a plate.

When I called the company back to cancel I was handed off to some guy named ** from their executive decisions dept. and I told him the story but he must not have an education because he has no clue about contract law. He said I would be charged a cancellation fee because I hadn't given them an opportunity to fix the problem. I told him that I had been lied to twice now and as a new customer this was not what I expected from a company. I told him that d\Dish was acting in bad faith and I would not be charged a cancellation fee because I never had the service... They never got it to work. My TV is still blank.

Furthermore, I told him that they were acting in bad faith by allowing their installers to continue their work knowing full well the service wouldn't work due to their network problems. He just reiterated again that I could cancel but I would be charged a cancellation fee. I told him that I would sue and win in a court against his company but that didn't register with him so I ended the call and took measures with my bank to prevent them from charging me more money for a service I haven't even used for one second. Dish is an incredibly inept company and I will never recommend them to anyone.

Company Response 01/05/2011:

Hello, my name Tommy Faust with DISH Network. I'm sorry to hear the trouble you've had with that install. If you're still experiencing the problem I would be glad to look into it and help you further. Just email me at if you still need any assistance.

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