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Visit to Disneyland
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Rating: 3/51

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- We just got back from visiting relatives in CA over the Holidays. We live in NJ. The one thing that I wanted to do while on our [vacation] to CA was go to Disneyland. I have a 13 year old son who has some special needs issues and I thought it was best to get a doctor's note to see if we could avoid wait times in line which would make for a more pleasant day for him. Now, my son is very sensitive to the term Special Needs and very much aware of how he is perceived. His special needs have mostly to do with learning disabilities, sensory issues and ADHD. He is not handicapped.

When he heard that we had to wait on a "handicapped line" to get a pass to avoid lines, he freaked out. He almost started crying and wanted to leave the park. He had to have his picture taken, like a mugshot and every time we went on a ride, the employee that we handed the pass to would look at it and ask for the person whose name was on the pass, which was my son. There was absolutely no discretion which made him very self-conscious.

Disneyland should be the ultimate place to forget that you have a disability. I know the park is trying to accommodate everyone and some procedures are necessary since many people take advantage of a special situation for their own benefit. My recommendation is to limit the amount of people that enter the park, and treat people with special needs specially. Call it "Our Special Guests" and get rid of the word "handicapped" and do whatever you can not to make people with disabilities feel singled out. They have to live with this everyday of their lives.

I love Disneyland and have been going since I was a kid. I don't know if I will ever get my son to go back. But it be nice to know if he did, it would be a more positive and enjoyable experience. I hope someone with authority to change things at Disneyland reads this and gets back to me.

Overcrowded, Overpriced, Rude Staff, and Dangerous for Handicapped People
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- My family is not wealthy by any means, but we wanted to take my kids to Disneyland. We finally arranged a trip to California and Disney was the main goal. We got there at opening time and there is way too much gimmicky overpriced stores to have to walk through to get to the rides. Then when it comes time to wait in line for a ride, prepare for a standing wait of up to an hour or more. My son is severely handicapped. By noon the park was so crowded, he was getting jostled, pushed, shoved. We finally found where to get a large stroller but with the crowds it was next to impossible to push the stroller through.

The lowlight of the day was when we went on the Haunted Mansion ride. There were so many people crowded into the ride that I couldn't see or hear what was going on. At one point, people are told to hop onto some moving cars to continue on to the end of the ride. There were 4 of us in the group.

My mother and other son managed to get on a car. My son and I were being left behind and it was EXTREMELY hazardous for my son with a paralyzed leg to "hop" onto a moving car that is in water. As I saw my mother and other child disappearing, I THREW my handicapped child into an already occupied car and jumped into it AS IT MOVED. Then I angrily told the female attendant "THIS BOY IS DISABLED" at which time she shrugged and said "WELL, YOU DIDN'T TELL ME". There is no way I could have told her anything because of the crowd and noise level in the room. I sat there through the rest of the ride and cried, my arms shaking.

Totally ruined my trip to be mistreated and have my son at risk. Many rides at Disneyland are old and outdated, with tiny music and dirty cars. The crowd level is dangerous and ridiculous. The prices are way too high. But mostly, I give this park a THUMBS DOWN for special needs people.

NOT the happiest place on earth... overall BAD experience
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Arrived at Disneyland October 24, 2012 with friend to celebrate our birthdays. Parked the car and headed for the buses when it all started going downhill. The parking attendants asked if we would like to purchase our tickets at their kiosk in the parking lot but had to use a credit card. I agreed and purchased to one day passes for $87/ea. When my card was charged the attendant says "Oops I charged you for a 2 day pass for a total of $362.00 and there's nothing I can do to change it. Here you'll have to go ticket booth inside the park." At that point no one at the friendly kiosk booth no longer wanted to make eye contact or talk to us... Just wanted us to go away.

Next we find the ticket booth, explain what happened and the attendant says "Ohhh, well okay, yeah I'll credit your card." I asked if it would credit immediately and she responded, "Yes, of course." Well two days later and I've still been charged $362.00, no credit. When I called Disneyland and finally reached a live person after 10 phone calls, they informed me I would have to take it up with my credit card company... They actually said it was my problem now. THEY WERE ONES WHO MADE THE MISTAKE AND NOW IT'S MY PROBLEM.

Also, when we arrived we intended to stay late to see the lights of Disneyland and they informed us the park was closing at 6:00 P.M. for a party but we would still be charged full rate and sorry. We had called and checked online prior to heading there and everything said it was open 9 to 10 p.m., when we told them, they said "Sorry, we're closing at 6:00". It's been a while since I've been there. The staff all appear tired and bored with their experience and I'm out $362.00 for a mistake on THEIR PART THAT WANT NO PART OF CORRECTING. FURIOUS TO SAY THE LEAST!

Stolen property
By -

Upon check in on August 14th, 2011, we had breakfast reservations at 1900 Park Fare Port Orleans Riverside, said they would hold my luggage until we were finished in the parks. We had come from another hotel, not an airline. I distinctly remember everything I packed. When we returned to our room, our luggage was brought to us by the bell hop, from the bell hop storage. There were 3 2-liter bags of soda, 2 boxes of juices, multiple snacks initially noted missing. I started to unpack, and much to my surprise, was every single piece of jewelry that I brought down missing. The jewelry was at the very least worth $1800.

I called the next morning, and they said they would check into it. Received a call that night, that they did not find it. Wednesday, spoke to **, manager of bell hop services, who stated she would look into it. Thursday the 18th. Security was sent to my room. I filed a report. When I returned home I filed a report with the Orange County police. I was told to also file a claim to Walt Disney World. I did. I faxed over the complaint 3 times, with the Walt Disney report number, and the Orange County police report number. I emailed Walt Disney and they said they would pass the information along.

Now home almost a month, and I haven't heard one word from Walt Disney regarding this matter. This trip took us a long time to save up for, and it was for 10 days, and after day one, the rest of the 9 days were wrecked from this incident. I thought Disney was supposed to be a trusted place, however, I see that it is not. I requested that they review tapes in the bell hop room where luggage is stored, I was told they do not have them, are you kidding me, our personal belongings are there, and they are not being watched.

It saddens me, that what my family looked forward to for two years was wrecked by someone actually opening up my luggage, rummaging through it, and taking what was not theirs. And NO action was taken by Walt Disney. Nothing was done by Walt Disney World to even soften the blow of this. We were totally disregarded. I feel horrible for my children that what they looked forward to thinking this was the happiest place on earth, and now went back and told all their friends how my jewelry and other items were stolen from us. And as I told their parents, I don't know if I would recommend going, Walt Disney World disappointed us.

Disneyland Christmas Nightmare
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- I took my seven year old daughter and mother to Disneyland for Christmas. I thought it would be amazing and a great way to celebrate the holidays. Boy was I wrong. It was soooo crowded and they had strollers piled up everywhere. You had to just move around them the best you could. There was so many people you were walking shoulder to shoulder being led down these roped off areas like a herd of cattle. People were frustrated and so you had to deal with being stepped on, pushed, and shoved. The wait time for an average ride was 1 to 2 hours. We didn't even use our FastPass the 3rd day we went home. Don't ever buy FastPasses. It's a ripoff.

I paid $20.00 for 1 caramel apple and 3 small rice crispy treats my daughter picked out and they were awful, old, and stale. Customer service was non-existent. My daughter got a $12.00 balloon on Christmas Eve that lit up and only lasted 2 hours. She cried both days and asked me to take her home on the 3rd day so we left.

The bus passes you get from your hotel are supposed to offer buses every 20 minutes what a joke. They came every 45 minutes to an hour and were full most of the time. My mother needs a wheelchair so we really were relying on these things. Our smoke-free room at our hotel had about 8 or 9 burn holes all over the counters in our room. It was disgusting and dirty. I think what bothered me the most though was the MADE IN CHINA label on EVERYTHING IN DISNEYLAND. Disneyland is American big business AT ITS WORST. The level of greed in this country is at an all time high and I will never subject my family to that again.

Freaky, Crowded Disneyland
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Sunday, May 3rd. I took my 3 sons and another young boy to Disneyland for a surprise. First of all it cost half of a fortune to get in the park! Secondly it was a long walk and 30 minutes to get to the ticket booth. The place was PACKED and there was only ONE TICKET booth open. I would have turned around and gone home if it weren't for the little faces looking up at me with pleading eyes... So ONE MORE HOUR AND $500 later, we were finally in the "happiest place on earth".

It was AWFUL! Maybe it was a special occasion, I don't know, but it was packed and a whole bunch of really freaky people were walking around with ripped up black outfits, pale skin and freaky make-up to look like vampires I think. Some of them were mean and one was saying nasty stuff to one of my sons. They basically took over the park.

THIS IS WHY WE DON'T GO TO MAGIC MOUNTAIN! Some of the "vamps" guys were wearing girly vamp clothes and another guy was in a very, very tiny mini skirt. We seen one with a casket on his back. What's even weirder is the day was so hot, I thought I was going to pass-out in one of the 90 minute waiting lines to get on a ride. We could barely walk through the crowd. We had to hold hands to keep from getting separated.

At the end of the day we were able to ride 3 RIDES! My youngest boy had a migraine brought on by stress and heat. He was spooked in a line when some crazy vamp was wearing contacts to make her eyeballs look like a cat. He started to think that real dead people were around us. Disneyland is not the place it was when I was a kid. I was online today looking for a way to write them.

Not the happiest place on earth anymore
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- What a nightmare this place has become. I took my grandkids for their first visit coming from out of state. They saved their money for over a year to make this trip. What a disappointment!! The rides are so old everything was breaking down. It's a Small World was not even opened nor was Indiana Jones. The Pirates of the Caribbean broke while we were in line and we had to leave the line after already waiting in it for 40 minutes. Coming back later when it was fixed only to wait another hour. The Matterhorn broke down after being in that line already for 1 hour. Thunder Mountain broke as we were about to get in that line.

Next day we went over to California Adventure only to have the Grizzly River Run break down while my grandkids were on it. At least they gave them a pass for 6, to go to the front of the line on any other ride (besides the ones in car land) for their inconvenience of getting stuck. Soaring over California had a breakdown as did screaming California! What a ripoff. I'm sure Mr. Walt Disney would not approve of what his parks have become. So disappointed!!

Missing Child
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, TENNESSEE -- On May 30, 2013 my 8 year-old granddaughter became separated from our family group. I immediately reported my granddaughter missing/lost to an employee, whom contacted their supervisor, whom took me to City Hall to make a formal report at which time security was contacted.

My husband made the first contact with security and remained with them throughout the ordeal. The family continue to frantically search for her whereabouts for three hours. After two hours of searching for her, I began to approach Disney employees in shops, rides, street workers, etc., asking if they knew the name of the little girl missing, description of her and/or what she was last seen wearing. NO ONE KNEW ANY OF THE ANSWERS. THEY WERE UNAWARE OF A MISSING/LOST CHILD.

I returned to City Hall to speak with SECURITY to demand answers as to why no one was searching for my granddaughter, that their front line employees were unaware of any "missing child". I was informed that their front line employees aren't briefed on this matter that only the supervisors are made aware of the situation and were to keep a lookout for the child, along with security.

I then phoned 911 to report that my grandchild had been missing for more than three hours at Magic Kingdom and what Disney's procedures were to a missing child report. 911 stated that Disney had not phoned this report in to them and that they would send an officer out to speak with the family. The end result, my granddaughter had found a family member and was with them. But, during this time, did any Disney SECURITY or SUPERVISOR ever approached her to see if she was the missing child?!!!

Extremely Rude Customer Service
By -

I purchased the tickets for military family discounts. Unfortunately, my brother cannot go with us because he's not allowed leave on the weekend we plan to go. We planned to go to Disneyland because we have a wedding to attend and decided to let the kids have fun at Disneyland. Anyway, called customer service ticketing and told them the situation about my brother and his roommate being unable to go with us. I just wanted them to refund the tickets. Said it's not their business since I purchased the tickets through a military station.

I said all military discounts are final and cannot be returned. Rep was rude and told me the discounts are created for military personnel to spend time with family. No kidding, but unfortunately, my brother cannot go. So I asked them to either let me email his ID or fax the information over to them. She said she can't do anything about it. And there might be a possibility that I can't get the amount refunded. But if it does, it'll take 8 - 10 weeks. What? Anyway, I just want my money refunded. I am no longer excited about Disneyland. Should have never trusted those darn commercials about this place being a happy place.

Turning a dream into a nightmare
By -

I visited Disneyland with my family Dec 28 2010. Ten hours later I managed to get on 4 rides. At $300 for a family of 4 that amounts to $75 per ride. Add $150 for unhealthy and hard to get food and $450 and 10 hours later I felt ripped off. It is obvious that they wanted to stuff as many people as possible on the park to the point we were being pushed and shoved and got basically nowhere. Fast track (now that is a misnomer) waits were 2 to 3 hours. What a horrible experience. Never been in such a crowd before.

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