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Bad eBay Seller - Abso-Computers
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Basically he is selling T-Mobile sim cards on eBay that he advertises as 4G capable. Well I take them to the store and they tell me they are the older non-4G capable cards. I contact the seller and ask if there is anything he can do since the cards are not as advertised. He tells me I can send the cards back and I would be given a full refund.

I send the cards back in the mail as he requested. Two weeks or more go by and I have not heard anything from the seller. I contact him and ask him to check if he misplaced the cards somewhere when he gets a chance. Another 2 weeks go by. I tell him if he does not refund the money by Saturday I will have to leave bad feedback. So that's what I'm doing now. Hopefully this will help at least one person avoid problems like I experienced with this seller.

Difficult to Receive Refunds Even if Your Purchase Is Not Shipped.
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an item of eBay and the following are the chain of events that have occurred: Sept 18; purchased an item on -- the estimated delivery date was Sept 23. Sept 19; received a note from the seller that he was out of town and would not be able to ship my item until he got back into town possibly in four days, so basically (because of weekend processing) this meant my item would not arrive on Sept 23. Sept 19; requested a refund/cancellation from the buyer if he could not deliver the item on time.

Sept 20; since I have not heard from the buyer, I called eBay CS (15 minute wait) -- eBay says I have to wait until the seller passes the Sept. 23 estimated delivery date before I can open a case. Sept 23; seller sends me a note saying he will cancel the transaction, but the seller does not cancel the transaction (so am still out $$). Sept 23; I try to open a case with Ebay, but the eBay website says that I have to wait until Sept 25 to open a case.

Sept 24; I was finally able to open a case, but I get a message from the eBay website that I can not "escalate" the case or get a refund until Sept 30. Sept 24; I try to call eBay customer support -- 30 minute wait to talk to someone... My point is that compared to a department store eBay is lacking in swift returns and customer service, and does not seem screen sellers at all.

Resolution Center Useless
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Rating: 1/51

Bought 11 CD's in eBay auction **. Item paid by PayPal. Shipment through USPS never arrived. I complained and Paypal refunded my money. Seller said he did not get tracking number and was "sorry". Seller mainly works musical CD's with over 170 transactions. His eBay ID is Orange-Clock and eBay offered ZERO help and would not allow feedback to this incompetent eBay seller.

Seller says he had no "experience" shipping large quantities of CD's although he ships about 4 or 5 a day and admits to having problems with other shipments. His satisfaction rating is 100% probably because, like me, eBay would not allow negative feedback because I received a refund. Shame on seller for being irresponsible and eBay for condoning this type of auction.

Too Much Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- When I bought a grill for less than usual, I thought I was getting a good deal. The seller promised "new", not opened, in original container. When I received it, I noticed the box was "resealed". When I opened it and laid it out, I noticed small dings and scratches, with what looked like, a weld job. If I wanted to return it, I would have to pay for the return.

When I contacted the seller, looking for some of my money back I did not get a response (of course). When I contacted eBay they told me I have to deal with the seller. (1) What good is the buyer protection plan, if they don't honor it? (2) Why should I have to get in touch with the seller when it's their customer? Seems to me, that Ebay is an easy way out for sellers, with no recourse for the buyer. STAY AWAY FROM EBAY. YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU BOUGHT!!!

Constant Terrible Experiences
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Rating: 1/51

I recently ordered a new set of taillights for my truck. I received them and installed them, no problem. They stopped working after a week. I contacted the seller to get the ball rolling on replacing them and was informed that he was "out of stock". After trying for a week to get a return label, as his return policy stated that defective products would be replaced and shipping would be paid by him, I finally sent them back and told him the amount the shipping cost me in the hopes that he would return my money. Obviously, that wasn't the case. I have tried contacting eBay several times and nobody seems to know how to resolve my problem.

I can't open a report because he has already refunded the money for the lights, just not the 15 bucks I paid for shipping his defective product back to him. This is the third experience I have had with eBay with similar results. I will never again buy anything on eBay. It is a constant hassle to get anyone to help and I often end up paying more that I would have if I had just gone to a retail store.

Great Website
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Rating: 5/51

I have bought A LOT of stuff on eBay, usually the buy now items. I never really bid on things, but I have never once had a bad experience! I always get what I pay for, usually very timely. Yes I go on eBay to find cheap things, so of course I do get some items that are not the best quality. But I expect that... for example I bought a car charger for my phone for 5 dollars! It lasted six months before it broke but I live in Minnesota and park outside so I think it froze.

I've bought a lot of clothes as well and for what I pay I know I'm getting a good deal. Anyway I love eBay obviously and no I don't work for Ebay. No I'm not being paid to write a good review. I just honestly always had the best experience with them!

Customer Support
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Rating: 1/51

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA -- Tried to change my e-mail address. Hadn't used eBay in long time, so info needed updating. They would only send username and password to old e-mail address, which is no longer good. Absolutely no way to do it. Didn't let me create new account, either. Called customer support, and after several prompts, finally got live person. Problem, they don't speak English!!! They are located off shore, and could not communicate with me!! I am done with eBay for good. This is the most user unfriendly website I have ever encountered!! They did recommend that I listen to a tutorial to change my e-mail address.... how stupid! I don't think eBay will stay in business.

Ebay's Customer Support Is Beyond Terrible
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I am a seller on eBay and have been for years now and I am really fed up with the customer support that eBay has to offer. It is completely terrible. The worst I've experienced in my life and that's saying a lot since I really have had some terrible service.

Since I have been a member for so long, you'd think they would treat me better since I am more prone to giving them negative feedback if treated wrongly. What makes matters even worse is that I am also an extreme buyer, so I know both sides of the story and buyers are treated slightly better but not by much. The overall support is just terrible.

Firstly as a seller, eBay provides absolutely no security and buyers usually abuse their feedback. But personally I had my account put on restriction because I was, "selling too many items." they they proceeded to ask for proof of merchandise. If you have a regular account, not a company account, how can you provide proof of merchandise?

They are basically slandering their own motto where it states that they are the place where you can sell old items and earn a little extra money. Who keeps receipts for items you bought for family members or your children years ago? What if it were a gift? It's simply impossible for home sellers to provide "proof of merchandise", period.

Not only were they harassing me by putting my account on restriction. But for over two months I called in every day to resolve whatever issue they had with me. Countless times would they tell me they would call me back or send me an email to address my concerns and I NEVER received a response. They always told me that the department I was trying to get a hold of had no phone support and they didn't know their email address for me to contact them. Sounds hard to believe that they don't know how to get a hold of one of their own departments, don't you think?

Two and a half months later I called back in and spoke with a phone representative and they FINALLY slightly lifted the restriction. Instead of the previous items I was allowed to list (as many as I want), I was allowed to list 5 items. 5 items couldn't even pay for gas money. As a seller since 2007, you'd think they would treat me with a little more respect then only giving me 5 items.

When I threatened them that I would cancel my account completely, only then did I receive a response and after leaving a long detailed message the only part they responded with was, "We do this to all our sellers." Does that make sense to you? We are bringing in all this money for them and they are treating us like s***. If it weren't for us then they wouldn't be as successful as they are now.

I felt I needed to voice my opinion because I understand that there are people who cheat eBay and do them wrong, but for me to be a member for that long and to have excellent feedback, there's got to be something wrong with the eBay company.

Ebay Destroyed My Store and Selling!!
By -

I sold items on eBay for over a year. I had 100% positive feedback until the end of March. Where do I begin with this? EBay will black mark any seller if you receive neutral or negative feedback or if a buyer opens a case. Buyers know if they open a case it 100% guarantees they get their money back for any reason. This includes them destroying items or sending back empty boxes - eBay kisses their ass. The first bad review was a woman who bought a epad tablet from me.

Two days after purchase I am sending out her order. After I just dropped it at the Post office she gives me a negative feedback saying "worst experience ever". I never got one email from her. Ebay regardless counts it against me! I sold about 50 tablets in 2 weeks. Ebay never put any restrictions or selling limits on me due to being a long time member before they started that. I go on and my account was suspended! They said because my sell gross was 10,000! WTF! I had to submit paperwork about all my electronics. I had no sales due to this. No money for 2 weeks till they approved me to sell.

They gave me 5,000 a month gross. This is not profit! I had 2 buyers open. Not described cases (very common lie with buyers). I got black marked for that. They lie saying items not working bs. Items came back fine. They just wanted their money back. They should just send it back asking for a refund. I then start selling again. I had a buyer receive a tablet and send me an email cursing at me. I told him to return it if he did not like it. He opened a case after I told him to return it. It came back DESTROYED. The buyer took the tablet apart.

I called eBay and had video and picture proof. They still gave him his money back! I then have another guy mad because he destroyed his tablet trying to program it. I told him I don't refund customer damage. He thinks it's because they're fake! He really knew nothing about android programs. He writes a review saying Fake tablet! He calls eBay saying his Microsoft 98 certification makes him an Android expert. Yeah whatever **!

He wrote all my buyers who left reviews! I then get 3 more cases buyer admitting his harassment and lies. Ebay sides with him regardless of all my proof vs HIS MOUTH!! I have facts and documents from manufacturers. They send eBay messages encouraging buyers to file claims due to what he said as well! I talked to eBay appeals and other departments. They tell me buyers are allowed to do what they want! This buyer destroyed my company and so did eBay! No proof just mouth!! My Paypal that Ebay owns is negative and I can't pay it! I am sick of this. I need a lawyer!!

Open Letter to eBay (A Cautionary Tale)
By -

I have been a long time eBay user, a loyal customer and seller, advocate, cheerleader, and even a shareholder of the company stock - but my most recent experience has forever changed my opinion of this company.

My journey to resolve a 2-minute simple situation took me deep into the bowels of eBay'€™s indifferent and arrogant customer service department, tumbling down a black hole I found myself in the pit of customer service hell, snarled for weeks in their labyrinth I was flushed out the other end of this mind-numbing experience having wasted countless of hours of my time, only to find myself no closer to a resolution. Convinced this company couldn'€™t give a damn about customers.

Short story: I sold an item to a buyer that ended up in dispute. eBay settled the dispute in my favor, yet the buyer was still able to leave negative retaliatory feedback, even though their stated claim was fraudulent. My question (and request), is it possible to have this erroneous feedback removed? Much abbreviated "G" rated history of events:

Over the course of three (3) weeks I have spent no less than 30+ hrs on hold.
I have spoken to 22 different customer service representatives and had 6 separate chat sessions.
Each representative required that rehash and re-explain in exhaustive detail, ad nauseam, the same points over and over again (22 + 6 = 28 times) because they keep NO record of your previous call/transcript.

After each lengthy explanation, every representative told me they did not have the authority to help me with this matter, but assured me this would be taken care of, and transferred me to the Trust and Safety dept (who do have the authority) where
Each time I was promptly disconnected or rang busy (19 times).

Each time I was told that if I get disconnected they would call me back. I'€™m still waiting for those 19 callbacks.
Start over again.
On 3 occasions the transferred call actually made it through (yay!) to Trust and Safety where I was able to explain the circumstances to a live human, only to be put on hold so they could "€œlook into it"€, and then I got disconnected again.
The End!

My initial thought was that my experience was the result of complete unmitigated incompetence, which is almost tolerable. But after three weeks of exhaustive effort and numerous conversations with these staffers, I am convinced I was on the receiving end of a malicious and insidious strategy at eBay to throw up so many unbearable, herculean, and painful obstacles that you get worn out, ground down, and just go away bewildered.

There is no way anyone can justify and explain away the experience described above with a lack of training of staff or simple ignorance in customer service department. This was mean-spirited, arrogant, and disrespectful. The fact that everyone in this department at eBay was "€œon the same page"€ exposes eBay's leadership, the intent of their customer service scheme, and their total lack of regard for those who, in the end, pay their salaries. This has been, without equivocation, the absolute worst customer experience I have ever encountered. eBay makes the airlines industry look like five-star JD Power customer service rockstars!

As a consumer: It is unacceptable for any company to treat their paying customers with this level of disdain, disrespect, and lack of regard. I have never encountered this level of unaccountability, ignorance, and indifference at any company I have ever done business with. Thankfully there are other auction-retail options, do I will vote with my two feet, and take my business elsewhere.

As a shareholder: A strategy that centers on giving your customers the proverbial stiff-arm and middle finger is not a long-term sustainable business strategy (This also in part explains why my investment has been in the tank for years). A multi-billion dollar company can fly blind for a long time (maybe years) with incompetent pilots, a dysfunctional flight plan, and a broken autopilot, but eventually this vessel will meet the side of a mountain and crash. It is inevitable.

And as a shareholder I have seen enough to know my investment is not in capable nor ethical hands, so I have sold my entire long term equity position in this company, and will take my money elsewhere. I tried in vain to reach someone at eBay to tell this tale of whoa, but of course I was put on hold, disconnected, hung up on, etc.

This was not meant to be a rant that falls on the trash-heap along with millions of other unanswered complaints. Rather, my hope this ends up in the hands of someone at eBay that actually gives a damn about the company and their customers, and becomes a wake up call for this once great company.

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