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Want to sell on eBay? Get ready to BEND OVER!
By -

eBay started out as such a great idea! People who had something they no longer wanted could pay a REASONABLE fee to show it to people online who might be looking for it. It was a "win/win" situation, most of the time. The feedback system wasn't perfect, but "nothing" is ever perfect. Yes, there may have been some abuses by sellers... but, in the long run, those abuses would cause the sellers to lose bidders, thus making eBay unattractive to them.

The feedback system allowed individual buyers and sellers to determine their individual level of confidence in the person with whom they were considering entering into a transaction. I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1999. With the exception of one or two transactions, out of many many hundreds, even thousands, I have had very few negative experiences, that is, until eBay began making the changes that have resulted in RABID buyers... By RABID, I mean, buyers who KNOW that I no longer have ANY power in the transaction.

They know that I can only leave them POSITIVE feedback, or nothing. They know that they have "buyer protection" through eBay and Paypal. They know that they can claim an auction item was "significantly not as described," whether that is true or not. They can "claim" anything and eBay and Paypal WILL support them because eBay has decided that the BUYER can do no wrong. eBay has decided that their CUSTOMER is NOT the individual who PAYS their OUTRAGEOUS fees, but the Buyer.

So, if an unscrupulous person "buys" something from a seller and pays through Paypal, then, receives the package and claims the seller put a brick in it, Paypal will refund the buyer's money and eBay will allow the buyer to give a NEGATIVE feedback comment to the seller AND issue a "Seller Non-Performance" strike against the seller.

There is NOTHING the seller can do to prevent this.... NOTHING. And, once the seller has been ripped off by the unscrupulous buyer, they cannot leave ANY feedback other than POSITIVE. And, IF they say ANYTHING negative in the "positive" comment, eBay will remove it.

The unscrupulous buyer may now move onto another unsuspecting seller, rinse and repeat. I am constantly reading messages from prospective buyers who tell me "I have 100% positive feedback from buying on eBay." What a JOKE!!! 100% positive feedback as a BUYER??? That means NOTHING! Because, the seller you just RIPPED OFF CANNOT leave you the NEGATIVE that you DESERVE because you are a liar and a thief.

Additionally, there are very few "checks and balances" in place to verify or validate a "buyer" on eBay. eBay wants anyone and everyone to "buy", because eBay has come to believe that the way to restore INVESTOR confidence and eBay's stock price, is to bring more BUYERS to eBay. Sadly, eBay's beancounters don't realize that a transaction requires TWO parties... the Buyer and the SELLER, and that the SELLER is eBay's customer.

My hatred of eBay and Paypal grows exponentially, every day. I have never had such a vehement opinion about them, and, in fact, for the first 8+ years of my experience using them, I was, for the most part, pleased with our "relationship." But, eBay has turned me into a prostitute. I earn the money and turn approximately TWENTY PERCENT over to them. They take it, and keep it. If I come across an unscrupulous "customer," that's "my" problem. eBay does not support me in even the SMALLEST way.

If wishing for something made it so, eBay would disappear into the sewer and its management would all be on the street wearing signs that say "Kick me, I contributed to the ruination of eBay." So, you want to sell on eBay? Get ready to bend over and don't say I didn't warn you.

Ebay's Seller Protection Practically Nonexistent for Unjust Negative Feedback
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- EBAY SUCKS!!! I would think very hard and long before I ever sold anything on eBay again. After my father died, I sold some of his foreign currency collection on eBay. Not being a currency collector or having any knowledge at all about selling currency, I posted my items with no description other than the word “circulated” which they were. When I posted my scans of the bills, I paid eBay extra to have them enlarged so that the bidders could examine them, ask questions, and make up their own mind. I encouraged questions in my “terms” section.

There was absolutely no way that a bidder could guess that these bills were uncirculated or about uncirculated. The scan clearly showed that someone had typed a date, (month, day and year) on the rim of the bill. The bill was sold, money received and shipment was successful. I next get a demand by the buyer that he wants a refund because the bills did not rise to his high standards. Since he never asked any questions and I never set out to deceive anyone, I interpreted this as “Buyer's Remorse” and refused to grant the refund.

The next thing that showed up was defamatory, nasty, unjust negative feedback which pulled my buyer satisfaction score way down. I repeatedly contacted eBay and explained my side of the story and even wrote a letter (with attached documentation) to the president and CEO of eBay. I asked that this negative feedback be removed and my score restored. Their answer was that the feedback did not fit any of eBay's few reasons for deleting feedback, that it would compromise the integrity of the feedback system to do so and that they weren't responsible for what buyers would say.

So, aside from getting a court order, I'm out of luck even though I didn't do anything wrong or try to mislead anybody. eBay has removed the option of a seller to give negative feedback to a buyer because they don't want the buyers to be discouraged and not bid while the seller has very little protection against the unreasonable demands of a buyer who can retaliate and ruin a seller's reputation on a whim. So MY integrity can be compromised but eBay's feedback system can't. In other words, every seller MUST be prepared to give a refund on every item they sell, to every bidder for any reason no matter what, or face unjust negative feedback.

Even if you stipulate, “All Sales Final,” the buyer can still demand a refund and post negative feedback which lowers the seller's score when they don't get it. That's feedback extortion! Well, eBay, you can take your business and shove it up where the sun don't shine. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS UNDER THOSE RULES UNTIL YOU GIVE MORE PROTECTION TO THE SELLER.

Anyone who does sell on eBay, or is thinking about it, is warned that you could be the next one that eBay screws. Then again, after you get the item back and pay the refund, you can always re-list it on eBay again and pay the listing fees for a second time. Either way, you lose and eBay wins!

eBay Ripped Me Off as a Seller, and Ignored My Numerous Complaints for Over a Month
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- eBay prevented my account from activity for over a month, due to their system failure, and failed to remit my seller funds, and refused to return numerous calls for help. This large company took my few dollars of a sale, and said, "tough, live with it."

Sucks ass
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Rating: 1/51

** eBay, they do not cater at all to sellers and charge 10% for items you sell including having to pay for damn shipping if you listed it as so. Every crackhead is on to get deals so don't auction or else you'll get ripped off. I bought a game for $42 off eBay and a month later it sold for $26?! WTF. I wouldn't mind if I could see cost of shipping or cancel transaction before bum pays but eBay provided no such thing. I need to call one of their representatives and blow up on them.

2 Way or 4 Way They GET You
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Rating: 1/51

PRESTONSBURG, KENTUCKY -- I am on disability and was trying to make it. I sold items over $600.00 in a month and a half, yet there is a low amount in my account, the rest went for items listed. Then I sold an item worth $170.00. Now it is on hold because buyer said she did not get it. I gave information that showed I mailed it. Don't sell out of the USA, you get ripped off. That money was taken out of my account and put in her's, after eBay/PayPal had been told at customs that my item was there, still on hold.

I retained a lawyer with some friends of mine that had been through the same thing. Right now, our group has grown to 143 people. We are taking our downloads and tracking numbers, and printed where it shows. We will not be cheated anymore. I lost items, but no more! I want justice. We are also going to squeaky, also to the B.B.B.

EBay Rules and Get Free Items
By -

FREEBIE Time on Ebay. Go get your free products compliments of EBAY. Let's take a long look at what is EBay. First we look at the agreement conditions and their incorrect wording and meanings. They try to state it'€™s not an auction only a platform to allow buyers and sellers to trade. An auction by any standard, all fees apply and it'€™s run on a normal web auction lines. Now consider there is more private person selling online than dealers, yet EBay classifies everyone as trade or corporate sellers so the trade practices laws apply but in all cases they do not.

Like any auction event trade the auction laws are simply buyer beware. So why do this, well it's a game EBay's plays, they classify the buyers having 90% protection and the sellers almost none. Again one must take a serious look at how this is set up and why, the system is derived around a feedback from the buyers to the sellers and the greater the amount of good feedback the higher the sales will be. But the catch with EBay is only three bad feedbacks and the seller is terminated and in a real dirty tricks way.

On Termination everyone is let known this trader is a crook and all sales or pending sales will be cancelled forthwith, the business of this trader is over due to non credibility. Consider many have been in operation for years and have gathered thousands of good feedback, great seller, great product, all lost. Totally unfair of EBAY.
Take a look at many of the seller auction. One would see disclaimers to the fact of offering the buyer the opportunity to contact them to sort out any problems before and red bad feedback it placed. Fear of being terminated is always high on the list.

What EBay is doing is scaring the Sellers to give away free stocks and or credits to keep his place on EBay. If one was stupid enough to try to fight this with either EBay or PayPal the seller would be at a 99% disadvantage and will lose, even if the buyer is lying. Under the conditions the buyer can say it was not as advertised, say anything or not received it makes no matter, so the buyer can get a free products every time. Most sellers give products and credit away. As it cost more to be terminated. Than losing a single item.

Now if it goes to a fight and the seller states he wants the product returned before a credit is raised and that would be the best method for all. But PayPal has a stupid method. It lets the lying buyer go and get a Post or freight tracking number and they credit on that, the buyer does not send back the item it's only method of Instant credit with no checks.

Here is an international comment from a seller and his reason to change way over the cost to cover that problem: When I accept a payment without insurance all you have to do is saying PayPal that the item didn't arrive at your place, then you get your money back. If it really arrives or not! Is this reason enough for you. IT'S FREEBIE time for everyone on eBay as that's their rules.

This only applies to the lying cheating buyers as any honest buyer would first send an email to the seller explain his/her problem and like most sellers that would be taken care of. Here is one good seller that got the chop by 3 sellers saying bad things about the products, did eBay consider this no, he/she is history... Swimwear company. And this one was an excellent seller with over 4000 great feedback comments and eBay did not consider that.

What happens is the red bad feedback is placed online first and no amount of talking to these buyers would produce a result as it's only free item they are interested in. Ebay rules SUCK. They are designed to protect Buyers even if they are dishonest.

eBay Extortion
By -

I have been selling on eBay for 6 years now and we have and had too many problems with their policies. First of all there are no Seller Protection and eBay is just turning the consumers into thieves that can and are able to rob and steal daylight without having any fear. Here is an example that has happened to us recently:

A customer bought a transmission from us that came with 30 days warranty and 7 days exchange starting from the day received. The customer contacted us after 38 days saying that we sent him a wrong transmission, he asked us to give him another transmission or he will open a dispute with eBay against us. I called eBay and reported the problem, eBay asked me to communicate with the buyer through emails and I did and the next thing I saw was a Dispute opened on eBay.

I asked the customer to email us pictures of the transmissions showing us the difference but since he knew he was wrong, he Escalated the case and eBay closed the case in buyer's favor and asked him to return the transmission back to us.

I called eBay and spoke to Appeal Dept and explained the situation that he should at least allow us getting those photos before closing the case and the respond was, it is really funny (the representative told me that since the decision is made they can not do anything and I should wait until I receive the transmission and once it is received then I can appeal it and it eBay made a bad decision then we will get our money back). We have heard this so many times before. Last time when we called eBay reporting the problem, eBay told us that they can not do anything and we should report the buyer to the local authorities (Police).

We called the Police and they told us that is a Civil matter and we should take the buyer to court. The buyer was in Washington State and we are in Texas and when I call back eBay explaining the situation, eBay told me that they can not do anything about it. We are doing our best to do a clean and honest business but in return eBay is teaching and protecting these kind of consumers how to buy, use and then get your money back from sellers. My only hope and wish is that somebody do something about eBay's extortion.

Around 2 years ago, we called eBay and kind of argued with our account representative and he then suspended our account for around 5 to 7 business days and the reason because we fought for our right, and then reactivated our account with being managed and we got 8 Negative feedback in 1 month plus losing so many disputes.

The other day, I called our local district attorney and she told me that the only people that might do something would be the lobbyists in Washington D.C. but since they get so much contributions from eBay, I am not sure even if they do something about eBay's policies. Thanks and hope someone do something to help us!

Horrible Customer Protection
By -

Buyers beware. I was a eBay member for 6 years, with 100% rating. It started to go wrong when I bid on a all leather belt and won but the company never responded. When I contacted the seller, I was told they sold out of that item and they would refund my money but I found the same belt on many of their other listings and on their Store site. I contacted eBay and was told if they gave me my money back what was my issue? Duh, I wanted the item but they didn't want to sell it for price I won bid at. Then, it all broke loose when I bid on a very popular DVD and won. I paid for the item through PayPal as I always did and forgot about the transaction.

The next day I received an Email from eBay telling me the item was removed from their listing as they believed it was a fraudulent item and if I hadn't paid for it yet, don't and if I had, file a dispute form. I did everything the Email told me to do. In the meantime I needed the DVD for my child, another duh moment that is why I bid on first place. So I went back to the drawing board and bid on another and won. Well, I never got resolution on first DVD transaction.

It took me forever to get ahold of eBay and once I did they told me since I received the item I would have to deal with seller direct. (Okay what's wrong with this picture?) And one small problem, seller was in China but represented themselves as being in USA until item was received with China address on it. When I told customer service representative this he didn't seem concerned, I also explained I had already bid on same item from different seller and received it. His response was, "Well who told you to do that?" As if, how rude and if it wasn't for their first stupid Email, I would have received the item and would not have had any hassles.

I attempted to reach seller but site was no longer available. So, second attempt to contact eBay customer service went no better, I was told to return the item AT MY EXPENSE and then if my money was not returned eBay would give me my money back but I had to provide a tracking number to them. I mailed item back to China, cost me $32.00 to mail and no tracking number available due to out of country address because once item leaves USA no way for Postal Service to track.

Final decision by eBay resolution center was for seller, since I could not provide a tracking number for an item that was supposed to be sold in the USA in the first place. So I would not recommend buying any item on eBay ever. Their cookie cutter rules and so called "customer protection services" actually screws you, but seller came out smelling like a rose.

By -

PayPal/eBay Resolution Departments. Reference/eBay Resolution Case # **. Andre ** bid on an amp that I had placed for auction, and paid for it on August 8th. My eBay page states that I will ship orders within five days. I packaged and shipped the amp on August 13th. There were several communications from Mr. ** asking when and how the amp would be shipped, and one letter dated August 12th, asking if the amp could be hooked up to his three way speakers. I spoke to the buyer by phone on the 13th of August at 3:23 P.M. I advised him that the amp had been shipped via parcel post.

On the 24th Mr. ** had not received the amp, and he demanded a refund. I reminded him that I had shipped the amp on the 13th, within the time frame my eBay page outlines. I provided him with a tracking number and information from the post office indicating that package was still in transit. I communicated that I was surprised that delivery was taking so long, but clearly it was out of my hands. Mr. ** wrote back that he did not want the amp, and that if he received it he would return it to me.

In spite of being able to see from the post office tracking information that the package had been shipped on the 13th, he insisted that I was not telling the truth. Mr. ** opened a case with the eBay Resolution Center on the 24th; Case # **. The Resolution Center urged me to respond by August 31st. The next day, without allowing me time to respond to the case, eBay issued a refund to Mr. ** for the amount of $62.95. If a resolution representative had reviewed the communications between Mr. ** and me, they would have seen that the amp was in transit, and that any delay in receipt was not caused by me.

The amp was delivered to the customer on the 27th of August. Because of eBay's rapid refund to Mr. **, in spite of evidence that the order was in transit and due for delivery within a short time, my PayPal account was debited for $65.08. A fee of $2.13 cents was charged. I have not seen a fee for this type of transaction in the past. In summary: Mr. ** is now in possession of the amp he ordered, as well as a full refund. I, on the other hand, have no amp, and $65.08 less in my PayPal account. eBay's decision to side with the buyer and completely disregard my rights as a seller, indicates a low level of professionalism.

It is inconceivable to me that eBay would refund money to Mr. ** without closely examining the details of the case, and without first ensuring that my amp was returned to me. This is a clear of case of a buyer changing his mind after an auction. eBay's actions indicate that they are willing to side with fickle buyers, and unwilling to support their sellers. The eBay commitment to good service should not be one sided. I want my merchandise returned to me in the condition in which it was shipped, and the amount of $65.08 credited to my PayPal account.

EBay Customer Service
By -

I had never used eBay before, but having been laid off work I decided to sell a whole bunch of unwanted items to raise some extra cash. EBay seemed an easy option. All I had to do was list the items, sit back and wait for the money to roll in, right? Well, not quite. Setting up the account took a reasonable amount of time and listing the items was fine, if a little long winded. Some items sold, some didn't. I received 100% positive feedback on all my sales, having made an effort to be honest about condition and to post the next working day when payment was made. So far, so good.

Suddenly eBay decide I must be a business seller (no explanation was ever offered, just links to a page about business sellers). The set my account as such, and I couldn't change it back. I couldn't list anything else without incurring business charges. I was expected to fill out reams of details on my VAT number etc. (none of which exist, I'm just a bloke with an attic full of junk).

I contacted eBay via their customer support chat system. Even getting to that stage was a long winded affair. Their filtering system to try to categorize what your problem is before you speak to an advisor was frustrating, and it took a lot of trial and error to word my problem in a way it would allow.

Finally I got to speak to a customer service representative. After several minutes of them reading through my problem they said they were forwarding the issue to the appropriate department. I was told it would be dealt with within 48 hours. Several days, and several chat sessions later and it was still not dealt with. Eventually I spoke to an advisor who seemed to grasp the problem, and they once again promised I would be contacted by the appropriate department.

To my surprise, this time I received an email. They stated that they agreed it was an error to class me as a business seller, and they would rectify the problem. They also stated it would take up to 72 hours. This seemed a ridiculously long time to change one piece of information on a customer's account, but I replied thanking them. That was on 1/5/2010. It is now 06/05/2010 and the account is still showing as a business account.

I spoke one last time to a customer service advisor (online chat again), who was polite and sympathetic (as all but one of the staff had been), but ultimately unable to deal with the issue and was only able to "escalate it to a higher level". I pointed out that "oops sorry" from the boss of a company is no more useful to me than a advisor saying it and signed off. Goodbye eBay, and thanks for a astonishingly frustrating and disappointing experience.
P.S. I still have all emails exchanged, and will add them to this review if necessary.

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