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The Damaged Product Delivery Capital of the World
Posted by on
Here is the story sent to eFaucets concerning my bathtub problem.

Current Situation:

I called your Customer Service Department on three separate occasions today (Jan 12, 2010) in an effort to resolve a problem with a product delivered to my home. The product is a Kohler Bathtub, Item # K-716-47 and it was ordered on November 13, 2009 along with other Kohler bathroom fixtures. The total order was $2641.18. The products were to be used for a bathroom renovation in my home. The contents of the order were delivered at various times however; the bathtub was delivered on December 1, 2009, according to your records. The bathtub arrived on a wooden pallet and was strapped to the pallet with steel bands. The tub was shipped in an upside down configuration. In other words, the bottom of the tub was on top (completely exposed) and the top of the tub was resting on the pallet. The tub was placed in my garage by the freight carrier. I immediately inspected the shipment, including the tub. I used a large high beam flashlight to survey the interior and the exterior of the tub and found no defects. I also took inventory of the remaining order and determined that we had received everything that was ordered from eFaucets. The shipment was complete. There were no apparent defects in the bathtub.

The Issue:

I am 60 years old and by myself, could not “flip” the tub over to check the portion of the tub that was resting on the pallet and not exposed during the inspection. The delivery driver did not offer to help turn the bathtub over (probably for insurance reasons). I had to make a decision and decided to accept the bathtub and all of the other items in the shipment. This tub weighs over three hundred pounds. It is cast iron. I could not move it by myself!!

On Monday January 11, 2001 a contractor we hired to perform the bathroom renovation, began their work. On Tuesday, January 12th, the contractor was ready to install the new bathtub. It took three people to upright the tub when preparing for the installation. As soon as they had the tub on its side everyone, including me, learned the tub was defective. When the tub was flipped on its side the contractor and I noticed two cracks on the top of the tub in the area where it was resting on the pallet. The work was stopped immediately. At this point I began to call your Company to see if this situation could be remedied. One of your representatives said the 30 days was up to file a claim and told me to call Kohler because this was a warranty issue. Kohler offered to send a person (at my expense) to repair the tub and I told them I was not going to have a brand new tub repaired. They told me to contact you again and to tell you this is not a warranty issue. Your Company continued to tell me the 30 day time period was up and it was not efaucets’ problem anymore. They also mentioned the “Warehouse” told them there was nothing they could do!! What does the warehouse have to do with this???

The Result:

I now own a $440.50 bathtub that is totally unusable. This is a shame. I liked your service and your prices. I trusted your business to deliver. I know you are insured and bonded and my problem would probably not represent a loss to your company.

I expect you to remedy this situation!

If we are not able to mutually agree to a remedy than I will immediately pursue the following:

· I will notify and file a written complaint with the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office. My nephew is a Missouri States Attorney so this will not be difficult.

· I will notify the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau and any consumer advocate group that I can find in the state. I am sure you have several.

· I will never buy another product from your Company again. It’s a shame. I have three bathrooms in my house and I intend to renovate all three (one is in progress) in the coming year.

· I will use the internet to spread the word concerning my experience with eFaucets.

I just can’t believe that in the interest of good customer relations you would stick me with a defective bathtub. I have no recourse. I find this to be truly unbelievable. Needless to say my wife is also terribly disappointed.

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User Replies:
Rebecca on 10/16/2014:
This company turned out to have some of the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune to be subjected to.
I ordered some bathroom accessories for my newly remodeled bathroom. Somehow I ordered two towel rings and two shower grab bars....I think it was a computer error on their part....whatever. When I tried to contact them by email to arrange the return of extras, I never got a response at all. Later when I contacted them by phone I was would it would be a couple of days and would get instructions via email....a week later they arrived and were so convoluted that my local UPS store couldn't figure them out either. What we did figure out was that the cost alone, to return one grab bar, would be more than the bar itself. UPS staff said they had never seen a less accommodating return policy and suggested I contact e faucets again.
I went home and called again and was told only that I didn't need to put the unwrapped item into a third wrapping/box as the directions indicated and no further help was offered. No return label was offered, even when asked for.
I've never written a complaint about any company...ever, but
This company took my money, my time, and my patience and I'm not a happy camper
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More than 200 BBB Complaints
Posted by on
My recent order with eFaucets.com has added one more complaint to the over 200 already received by the BBB. Please do NOT give this company your credit card, they are unethical. I placed an order with this company via the telephone this week totaling nearly $1,500. The customer service rep, Becky, could not have been more professional, sweet and polite as I placed the order (appears to be a ploy). She even gave me her private extension number in case I had any other questions about my order.

Within minutes of making the phone order I opened the email order confirmation to discover my credit card was charged $50.06 more than I was quoted and I realized that the color was incorrect. So, I immediately called Becky. I explained the problems and she said that they could not exchange the color as the order had already processed and was shipping. She said that I would need to receive the order then call for a return auth from eFaucets.com. Once I received the auth, then I can send the order back. And, I am responsible for shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee. I was shocked, as it was less than 15 minutes since this same customer service representative was extremely helpful. I brought to her attention we had just spoke a few minutes ago and that I just want to change the color of the items being shipped, as it makes no sense to ship over 300 lbs of plumbing products to me when it is the WRONG product. She said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager. She became rude and said no they would not be able to make changes and that I should have read the company policies, that once order is placed it will be shipped. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. Which, another women got on the phone and was rude from the moment she began speaking. She stated that the order had already shipped. I asked her for the shipping company and tracking number, as it would have been an amazing accomplishment to pull six items from a warehouse, pack and prepare shipping in 15 minutes. She became hostile and said the items have shipped and there is nothing that can be done other than receive the package and go through the return process. And, eFaucets response to the overcharge on my credit card, was that they would forward to the accounting department for an adjustment within 7-10 days. I also followed up via telephone, fax and email with Christina who manages customer complaints for parent company eImprovements.com. I have yet to receive any return communication.

In reviewing documentation sent with email order confirmation, eFaucets.com charges a 20% processing fee for declining to receive a shipped order (hence why they refused to exchange and/or cancel shipment), plus a 15% restocking fee for returned products and all shipping fees. Absolutely unethical business model.

Please save yourself time, money and stress by NOT doing business with this company.
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/04/2010:
Looking at this and other reviews for Efaucets.com you can be assured I wouldn't order from them. Thanks for the review.
ok4now on 07/10/2010:
Don't stress yourself out dealing with these unethical lying toads. Immediately cancel the order, refuse delivery and file a C.C. dispute. Why should you be charged a 20% processing fee & a 15% restocking fee? That is pure profit for them and money out of your pocket. Dispute the charge, get all of your money back and let them eat the order.
Linda Grice on 07/09/2013:
I have been waiting for 6 months for them to credit my credit card for a return. Each time I talk to them they assure me it will be done. I think they are hoping I will forget it but I won't.
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My first online complaint~~ever!
Posted on
WISCONSIN -- I wish that I would have found this site before I ordered from Efaucets. My contractor had ordered a faucet from Efaucet and didn't have a problem so he recommended them to me. Here is my story. The day before Thanksgiving I placed an order for 5 items, two Kohler products and three Swanstone products. It was very late when I finally completed the order and after I hit 'send' I proceeded to work on my holiday plans. I realized the next day, on Thanksgiving, that I had made a mistake and I wanted to cancel the order. I also felt uncomfortable ordering such large items on line and really wanted to shop local. The day after Thanksgiving, which would be the next business day I called to cancel the order. The sales representative could not find it in the system anywhere. It wasn't listed under my name, my address, my phone number or my email address. I was completely baffled. She suggested that I might have gotten confused and ordered from a different company. Was I losing my mind?? Maybe I didn't hit the send button after all since I never received a Purchase Order or Confirmation email from Efaucet, The representative assured me multiple times that the order did not exist and it was not in their system. I thought this was very odd but assumed it must have gotten lost in 'cyber space' especially since I did not get a PO number. I told her that I truly hoped that it did not exist since I did not want that order. I want to add that I later found a similar complaint on My3cents with the very same experience that I did, ie where the order didn't exist. That was a big red flag for me and created additional doubts about this company's reputable business dealings.

Fast forward about three weeks when I get a call from the freight company wanting to set up a delivery time for the two Kohler items. I was flabbergasted, a bit confused and somewhat angry. I immediately called Efaucet and the representative was able to access my order right away. I proceeded to explain to her my attempt to cancel and that, according to her company, the order did not exist. How can I cancel something that did not exist?? She proceeded to tell me that it was my fault since had I entered my email incorrectly. I find this hard to believe since my email auto fills and I had received several emails from efaucet regarding in stock items and other questions I had on the products before I ordered. Having worked retail for many years I have learned that you never tell a customer that they are wrong. Bad business relations! I explained to her that I would not accept those Kohler products and that I wanted the Swanstone items cancelled. After that conversation I immediately called my credit card dispute resolution center to file a complaint.

The following day I found My3cents and realized it could possibly turn from bad to worse after reading other customers trials and tribulations from this sorry company. I thought if I accepted the Kohler products and tried to return through their system I could end up in a deeper hole since so many people had trouble with returns. I had lost all confidence in this company to be straight forward in their business dealings. In the end I did refuse those items and documented their return. I also tried to cancel the Swanstone products but they claimed it was not possible since they had already left the Swanstone warehouse. After many phone calls with Efaucet and my credit card company they wrote me a congratulatory letter claiming that the Swanstone order was cancelled and they were planning to give me a credit for two Swanstone products~~I ordered three. The credit amount doesn't make any sense. It doesn't add up correctly and nothing is itemized. I am disgusted with this company and I cannot believe that they are still in business. My next move is to file a claim with the BBB and the Attorney General in the state of Wisconsin. I want a complete return, every cent. I've taken so much time trying to resolve this issue. In my mind they owe me plus interest! I have never, ever filed a complaint like this in my entire life. In my opinion, their business practice is unethical. Do not shop with Efaucet!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/10/2012:
Welcome to My3cents, and we look forward to not only hearing a resolution to this topic, but we look forward to many more reviews from you in the future. Feel free to hang around awhile, and check out other reviews, comment on them yourself, and join some of the regulars in the Community Forum section just to shoot the breeze about everyday life.
At Your Service on 01/10/2012:
I would agree that wisdom would suggest you purchase major items locally. Not doing so is inviting trouble.

With that said, however, I've got to point out that you did ultimately make the purchase with eFaucets. Some people feel entitled to being able to arbitrarily cancel an order being, "only two days later". This is not necessarily the case. Many vendors now do not house product independently. Their website becomes nothing more than an ordering system with the manufacturer. In such cases, THE VERY MOMENT you make an order, there are steps taken and costs produced which are not reversible.

They should have had a way of tracking down the information the day after Thanksgiving when you called, even if you did enter the incorrect e-mail address. However, even if they would have it doesn't mean there would not have been repercussions for placing said order.

Hopefully, all will work out well Karen. Even though you may have the frustrations and costs associated with placing and then later canceling the order, you will hopefully wind up with what you like and be able to place this all behind you.

Best of luck.
griffin21 on 01/10/2012:
It is probable that the email address on the forms that you've filled out for questions before the order and the email address that you entered on the order form (supposedly mis-keyed) are logged separately --- so getting answers to questions and promotions might have been through one email and not the other*.

Since the item did not arrive until several weeks later, did you not notice the charges being made to your credit card?

In a way I'm jealous that something actually did arrive for you. I am still trying to recover a charge made by a vendor immediately after my order in August. Nothing ever arrived (supposedly to their facility so they can ship). I eventually did get a "refund" ... but then like the experience of many other customers, they turned around and "inadvertently" made a fresh new charge.
trmn8r on 01/10/2012:
Whenever I am dealing with a new web portal, I do a Google search for it and try to locate complaints. My one failure is buying a Dell without seeing all the complaints about customer service.

It is interesting if you do that with eFaucets - they created a few web addresses that come up first, with "complaint" in them. One says "To reduce complaints we've created a Complaint Resolution Center..." Sounds like a red flag. Of course if you look further you will find a ton of complaints.

When ordering online, it is really best to be 99% certain that you want to follow through. web portals are set up to efficiently process orders, and unfortunately cancelling orders is too often not a smooth process (if possible at all). If you have to get into return shipping that is another can of worms.

I hope you get all your credits.
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In-stock/out-of-stock trickery and their policies-BEWARE
Posted by on
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- This e-tailer is the WORST one that I have ever dealt within 11+ years of buying online. They are unethical at best and downright nasty when it comes to customer service.

Here's my experience: called to place an order via phone for a part that their website showed "3 in stock" with a notation to "call to verify." So, that I did. I called and placed an order on a Sunday afternoon. Rep checked and said product was OUT OF STOCK...would be in by middle of the month and then they would process order and ship it. I thought timeline would be OK for my kitchen renovation but 2 weeks seemed a bit long to wait. I asked her for a delivery date and she was curt and rude and said "when it comes into the warehouse." I should have known then that I should not do business with these people. But, I proceeded with the order. Thankfully, it was for a very small amount of money.

After talking with my installers, we decided to proceed with countertops, sinks, etc and decided that I could not wait 2 weeks for this part. So, I called 4 days after ordering and asked to cancel the order--I was following eFaucets OWN POLICY. You *can* cancel before the order is fulfilled. I *knew* that I was in the right--my part was OUT OF STOCK, so canceling the order (per their policy) should not be a hassle. Boy, was I SO WRONG!

I called to cancel...you would have thought I'd placed a call to outer space--they didn't have my order, they didn't know my name, they didn't have my email, or phone number or that part number. What?!? NO trail at all of an order from me--sneaky people. IF they *can't* find the order, they surely can't cancel it. Interesting game they are playing.

So, after nearly 2 hours of phone calls to customer service and speaking to several people, I thought I'd do better via chat. Tried chatting with customer service, too. No, don't know you, don't know your order. Maybe you ordered from somewhere else? What?!? This customer service is the lousiest service I've ever experienced.

Can't cancel my unknown order. Next day, 8:30 AM, order is processed. Wow! They somehow found it overnight...and processed it with lightning speed. I called immediately and again received the run-around both on phone customer service (dreadfully LONG waits) and 3 chats (chat sessions somehow mysteriously just die in the middle of chatting). However, I saved all of the text from those chat windows. The reps make snide comments. I mentioned the name of the representative from the day before--and this new representative says, "no one by that name works here." She can chat quickly about that...but ask for your order number to be canceled and you'll be put on LONG HOLDS with comments like "I'm checking with my manager," or "I'm checking with the warehouse." Then, we *can't* cancel your order because it's already processed.

I tried again with the customer service phone calls and chats and literally felt like I was beating my head against a wall. The customer service "supervisor" did come on the chat and tell me that she was canceling my order...I asked for confirmation (like a cancellation number via email) and she said "we don't provide info like that." Huh? What kind of business people are they? But I have a digital copy of the chat where she said she was canceling my order.

I have filed a complaint with the State of Wisconsin Dept. of Consumer Protection. I have also disputed the charge with my credit card. I'm stunned at their lack of decent business practices, their bending their policies to make the sale go through no matter what, and their dreadful customer service.

I did do a search (parent company is ehomeimprovement, LLC) and found the name of the CEO and of the PR Rep--they will be hearing from me, as well. The leaders of this company should know what it's like to be a customer of this company. Worst experience EVER.
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User Replies:
MAD! on 12/08/2010:
Amazing! I wish I had read your review prior to ordering. Very similar experience. I disputed the charge on my credit yesterday and AMEX contacted them. Amazingly, when I checked my order this morning, it was processeed and "Awaiting tracking number from UPS" when yesterday it was not even close to being processed.
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Customer Service And Return Policy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
IDAHO -- I ordered a kitchen sink from this company and never received an email confirmation that my order had been processed. The next day, I checked and my credit card had been billed.I waited one week--big mistake--and still no email confirmation so I called the Customer Service Department and was on hold for well over half an hour. I asked the customer service representative what the status of my order was since I had received no email confirmation but my card had been billed. Again I was put on hold while she checked the order with UPS. This went on for 15 minutes while she kept checking with UPS. Finally, she came back and said my order was a "special order" not in stock and would take up to six weeks to be delivered. I told her this was not acceptable since my kitchen remodel would be put on hold waiting for the sink and asked to cancel the order and refund my card. She said this was not possible since it had already been sent to the warehouse and was waiting to be shipped. I told her there had been no email verification that this was a special order and their website indicated it would be shipped within 10 working days. She had no answer. I was furious at this point and said this was fraudulent to bill my card before it had been shipped. No answer. The sink came without any of the drain hardware (this information was not disclosed when I ordered the sink!) Now I am stuck with a sink I cannot use and it will cost over $50 to return and still not sure if my credit card will be refunded. This company is a fraud. I wish it could be shut down before someone else has to experience what I did.
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Misleading, Uninformative, Unhelpful, Perhaps a Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RACINE, WASHINGTON -- After ordering two items that had to be "Special Ordered" and on their website "Usually ships within 10 days", I started communicating with them about the status of my order. After seeing the "10 days" on the website, I was next told "3-4 weeks, but usually sooner" from a Customer Service representative. After that I was told it would ship "this Wednesday", after that came and went, I was then given a timeline of 5-12 days AFTER "this Wednesday" for when it would leave their warehouse and be on it's way to me...

Deciding I had had enough, I asked to cancel my order over email during the weekend (a Saturday.) An employee responded, but said I could only cancel orders via the telephone, and only on Monday through Friday. I waited until Monday and tried to cancel my order by calling them, as is apparently their policy. I was told them items were "in their warehouse" and it was "impossible" to stop them from shipping to me, even though the cancellation policy on their site said that so long as it had not left their warehouse, I could cancel any Special Order for a 15% restocking fee.

Amazed by this, I asked what would happen if I refused the shipment that I could not stop from shipping even though it hadn't shipped yet, and was told I would pay a 20% refusal fee, on top of the 15% cancellation fee I was already trying to take on, and that the items would go back to the exact same warehouse they came from, but could not be cancelled from leaving out of.

The entire time of this 40-day wait for a product, they kept telling me it would leave in under 30 days from the order date. The importance of this is that if a Special Order has a "lead-time" of under 30 days, you cannot cancel it without a 15% restocking fee. After that 30 days had expired, they then continued to lead me on as to shipment times, until I finally tried to use their cancellation policy and incur the 15% fee I had been trying to avoid by simply waiting. When I got fed-up, they refused to help, and told me not only was I getting the 15% fee, they were going to tack on another 20% because they cannot make a phone-call to an employee in a warehouse.

This business essentially seems to be a scam to keep merchandise while reaping their markups through horrible fees, terrible Customer Service, and refusals to do anything – even things their site clearly states they are willing to do. They do not follow their own policies, yet use those same policies to make you pay for things you may not ever get.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/12/2014:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company.
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Confusing and deceptive
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I agree that this is the most deceptive internet company I've had the displeasure to purchase. I ordered faucets and didn't realize that 2 showed 0 quantity when it also stated usually ships in 1-2 days. Next day I called about expedited delivery and was told order would ship on Tues from NJ. When order didn't ship, they told me items were out of stock and would not be available for at least 3 weeks. I cancelled and no mention was made of 15% cancellation fee. No where on the confirmation does it show items are out of stock. How deceptive can you be!!
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 06/01/2012:
I just sent them an email, letting them know that I will not be a customer of theirs, given the numerous complaint I have read.

It really surprises me how often a complaint about them is posted, given the specialized nature of their business.
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Ripoff Charges
Posted by on
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I had construction going on at my house and I needed a certain faucet ASAP. I ordered a faucet on their online store. Their website states that orders typically ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of an order. I called within 10 minutes of placing the order to check when the order would be shipped. The customer service woman said that the faucet was not in stock and it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery. I then immediately cancelled the order stating that I could not wait that long to receive my order. She said that she would cancel the order and that my credit card would not be charged. I called again later that same day to confirm the order was cancelled. The next day I received an email stating that I was being charged a 5% cancellation fee. I responded and said that I was told that I would not be charged anything since nothing was done on my order. They then said that they had put my order on a truck and had to remove it and put it back into inventory, when I said that I was told the faucet was not even in stock, they said that they had to charge me because they processed the charge and refund on my credit card and there were fees associated with that.

When I called my credit card company and confirmed there were no charges associated with that, they then said that I cancelled the order because I found it cheaper elsewhere, which was another false statement that they made up. I have all this documented in emails back and forth. I did find the faucet in stock at another company, but paid the exact same price - so if they would have had it in stock I would not have cancelled the order.

I think they are trying to scam me out of $13.85 - it is not a large amount, but I am not paying it on principle. They did absolutely nothing and should not get paid for that.
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User Replies:
grumpyguy on 07/25/2008:
We had a similar experience. We ordered a heated towel rack over a month ago. We just got our credit card statement and saw that our account had been charged, even though the item was on backorder. This is a shoddy business practice
freeman101 on 03/08/2010:
Very similar experience with lightingcatalog.com (owned by eimprovement.com). I ordered a ceiling fan that was supposedly "in stock" and "usually ships within 2 to 3 days". After I placed the order, I noticed that my credit card was charged immediately. After 2 weeks, I noticed that the fan had still not shipped. When I contacted them, I was told that it could take 5 to 6 weeks to receive the fan. Of course, if you read the fine print on their website, you can't cancel the order without being charged a restocking fee. I would not order from any eimprovement websites unless you are in no hurry to receive your merchandise. Very questionable business practices.
redone2177 on 05/27/2010:
The company still holds a "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. File a complaint with them too it is easy.http://wisconsin.bbb.org/consumers/
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I Can Return Their $475 Mistake for $512 Shipping - Criminal
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BATON ROUGE, CALIFORNIA -- I had a phone discussion and was assured that the shower stall walls would fit in a corner. After the discussion the salesman said lets record this. So you want model xxxx. I answered yes ordering the shower stall.

The walls sent do not fit in a corner.
I request to return the item but they say it is my fault that I ordered the wrong item.

OK, I have learned my lesson that they only recorded my yes and none of the assurances he made. Shame on me.
The item was $326.65 + $149 shipping = 475.65.

I can return the item for $512 shipping via same carrier plus $50 restocking fee making it more expensive to return than throw in the trash. I have now read other customer complaints and do not trust them to refund anything.
Shame on them. They are criminals.
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User Replies:
d on 10/07/2013:
dispute it with your credit card company
cmthru on 10/07/2013:
OP may lose in a credit card dispute. OP states they have a recording of a 'yes' response but not the salesman's assurances. And that's what they will use. If the OP has the name of the salesman, plus date and time then there could be a chance of a refund.
trmn8r on 10/08/2013:
I agree with cmthru - I believe the OP is out of luck. With the internet, it is always, always wise to check for complaints against a company that is new to you. Unfortunately, the OP learned this lesson the hard way.
Old Timer on 10/08/2013:
EFaucets.com has a lot of very bad reviews. I can't help but wonder if they ever get a return customer. From what little I know of them I would never give them my money.
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Dishonest. They Never Sent Product but Took My Money Anyway!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ONLINE -- On January 16th I placed an ordered for a towel ring and tissue holder adding up to $196.35. After about a week I received the towel ring fine. In May I realized that I had not received the tissue holder. Checking my credit card statement, I was charged for both even though I received only the one item. I immediately called and was told that they would send out the tissue holder overnight. A month later I contacted them again and was promised that it would go out. It never happened. I then demanded a credit to my account.

It's June 10th and they still have refused to give me my money back.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/10/2013:
It took three months to realize you didn't receive 1 of 2 items? They're probably not going to compensate you as anything could have happened to the tissue holder. You could have lost it, or broke it. At least that's probably what they'll say.
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