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More than 200 BBB Complaints
Posted by Max90 on 06/04/2010
My recent order with eFaucets.com has added one more complaint to the over 200 already received by the BBB. Please do NOT give this company your credit card, they are unethical. I placed an order with this company via the telephone this week totaling nearly $1,500. The customer service rep, Becky, could not have been more professional, sweet and polite as I placed the order (appears to be a ploy). She even gave me her private extension number in case I had any other questions about my order.

Within minutes of making the phone order I opened the email order confirmation to discover my credit card was charged $50.06 more than I was quoted and I realized that the color was incorrect. So, I immediately called Becky. I explained the problems and she said that they could not exchange the color as the order had already processed and was shipping. She said that I would need to receive the order then call for a return auth from eFaucets.com. Once I received the auth, then I can send the order back. And, I am responsible for shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee. I was shocked, as it was less than 15 minutes sicne this same customer service representative was extremely helpful. I brought to her attention we had just spoke a few minutes ago and that I just want to change the color of the items being shipped, as it makes no sense to ship over 300 lbs of plumbing products to me when it is the WRONG product. She said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager. She became rude and said no they would not be able to make changes and that I should have read the company policies, that once order is placed it will be shipped. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. Which, another women got on the phone and was rude from the moment she began speaking. She stated that the order had already shipped. I asked her for the shipping company and tracking number, as it would have been an amazing accomplishment to pull six items from a warehouse, pack and prepare shipping in 15 minutes. She became hostile and said the items have shipped and there is nothing that can be done other than receive the package and go through the return process. And, eFaucets response to the the overcharge on my credit card, was that they would forward to the accounting department for an adjustment within 7-10 days. I also followed up via telephone, fax and email with Christina who manages customer complaints for parent company eImprovements.com. I have yet to receive any return communciation.

In reviewing documentation sent with email order confirmation, eFaucets.com charges a 20% processing fee for declining to receive a shipped order (hence why they refused to exchange and/or cancel shipment), plus a 15% restocking fee for returned products and all shipping fees. Absolutely unethical business model.

Please save yourself time, money and stress by NOT doing business with this company.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-06-04:
Looking at this and other reviews for Efaucets.com you can be assured I wouldn't order from them. Thanks for the review.
Posted by ok4now on 2010-07-10:
Don't stress yourself out dealing with these unethical lying toads. Immediately cancel the order, refuse delivery and file a C.C. dispute. Why should you be charged a 20% processing fee & a 15% restocking fee? That is pure profit for them and money out of your pocket. Dispute the charge, get all of your money back and let them eat the order.
Posted by Linda Grice on 2013-07-09:
I have been waiting for 6 months for them to credit my credit card for a return. Each time I talk to them they assure me it will be done. I think they are hoping I will forget it but I won't.
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Ripoff Charges
Posted by Tiredofripoffs on 01/22/2008
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I had construction going on at my house and I needed a certain faucet ASAP. I ordered a faucet on their online store. Their website states that orders typically ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of an order. I called within 10 minutes of placing the order to check when the order would be shipped. The customer service woman said that the faucet was not in stock and it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery. I then immediately cancelled the order stating that I could not wait that long to receive my order. She said that she would cancel the order and that my credit card would not be charged. I called again later that same day to confirm the order was cancelled. The next day I received an email stating that I was being charged a 5% cancellation fee. I responded and said that I was told that I would not be charged anything since nothing was done on my order. They then said that they had put my order on a truck and had to remove it and put it back into inventory, when I said that I was told the faucet was not even in stock, they said that they had to charge me because they processed the charge and refund on my credit card and there were fees associated with that.

When I called my credit card company and confirmed there were no charges associated with that, they then said that I cancelled the order because I found it cheaper elsewhere, which was another false statement that they made up. I have all this documented in emails back and forth. I did find the faucet in stock at another company, but paid the exact same price - so if they would have had it in stock I would not have cancelled the order.

I think they are trying to scam me out of $13.85 - it is not a large amount, but I am not paying it on principle. They did absolutely nothing and should not get paid for that.
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Posted by grumpyguy on 2008-07-25:
We had a similar experience. We ordered a heated towel rack over a month ago. We just got our credit card statement and saw that our account had been charged, even though the item was on backorder. This is a shoddy business practice
Posted by freeman101 on 2010-03-08:
Very similar experience with lightingcatalog.com (owned by eimprovement.com). I ordered a ceiling fan that was supposedly "in stock" and "usually ships within 2 to 3 days". After I placed the order, I noticed that my credit card was charged immediately. After 2 weeks, I noticed that the fan had still not shipped. When I contacted them, I was told that it could take 5 to 6 weeks to receive the fan. Of course, if you read the fine print on their website, you can't cancel the order without being charged a restocking fee. I would not order from any eimprovement websites unless you are in no hurry to receive your merchandise. Very questionable business practices.
Posted by redone2177 on 2010-05-27:
The company still holds a "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. File a complaint with them too it is easy.http://wisconsin.bbb.org/consumers/
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Misleading, Uninformative, Unhelpful, Perhaps a Scam
Posted by John.postlethwait on 02/11/2014
RACINE, WASHINGTON -- After ordering two items that had to be "Special Ordered" and on their website "Usually ships within 10 days", I started communicating with them about the status of my order. After seeing the "10 days" on the website, I was next told "3-4 weeks, but usually sooner" from a Customer Service representative. After that I was told it would ship "this Wednesday", after that came and went, I was then given a timeline of 5-12 days AFTER "this Wednesday" for when it would leave their warehouse and be on it's way to me...

Deciding I had had enough, I asked to cancel my order over email during the weekend (a Saturday.) An employee responded, but said I could only cancel orders via the telephone, and only on Monday through Friday. I waited until Monday and tried to cancel my order by calling them, as is apparently their policy. I was told them items were "in their warehouse" and it was "impossible" to stop them from shipping to me, even though the cancellation policy on their site said that so long as it had not left their warehouse, I could cancel any Special Order for a 15% restocking fee.

Amazed by this, I asked what would happen if I refused the shipment that I could not stop from shipping even though it hadn't shipped yet, and was told I would pay a 20% refusal fee, on top of the 15% cancellation fee I was already trying to take on, and that the items would go back to the exact same warehouse they came from, but could not be cancelled from leaving out of.

The entire time of this 40-day wait for a product, they kept telling me it would leave in under 30 days from the order date. The importance of this is that if a Special Order has a "lead-time" of under 30 days, you cannot cancel it without a 15% restocking fee. After that 30 days had expired, they then continued to lead me on as to shipment times, until I finally tried to use their cancellation policy and incur the 15% fee I had been trying to avoid by simply waiting. When I got fed-up, they refused to help, and told me not only was I getting the 15% fee, they were going to tack on another 20% because they cannot make a phone-call to an employee in a warehouse.

This business essentially seems to be a scam to keep merchandise while reaping their markups through horrible fees, terrible Customer Service, and refusals to do anything – even things their site clearly states they are willing to do. They do not follow their own policies, yet use those same policies to make you pay for things you may not ever get.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-02-12:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company.
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EFaucets.com Order shipping via Estes
Posted by Toni545266 on 01/28/2014
Ordered from eFaucets. com on Jan 1st. Ordered 2 items. Kohler sink and toilet. both items arrived in perfect condition. driver was rude and rushed me while I was trying to inspect the products. Overall great experience.
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I Can Return Their $475 Mistake for $512 Shipping - Criminal
Posted by Jatacotree on 10/07/2013
BATON ROUGE, CALIFORNIA -- I had a phone discussion and was assured that the shower stall walls would fit in a corner. After the discussion the salesman said lets record this. So you want model xxxx. I answered yes ordering the shower stall.

The walls sent do not fit in a corner.
I request to return the item but they say it is my fault that I ordered the wrong item.

Ok, I have learned my lesson that they only recorded my yes and none of the assurances he made. Shame on me.
The item was $326.65 + $149 shipping = 475.65.

I can return the item for $512 shipping via same carrier plus $50 restocking fee making it more expensive to return than throw in the trash. I have now read other customer complaints and do not trust them to refund anything.
Shame on them. They are criminals.
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Posted by d on 2013-10-07:
dispute it with your credit card company
Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-07:
OP may lose in a credit card dispute. OP states they have a recording of a 'yes' response but not the salesman's assurances. And that's what they will use. If the OP has the name of the salesman, plus date and time then there could be a chance of a refund.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-08:
I agree with cmthru - I believe the OP is out of luck. With the internet, it is always, always wise to check for complaints against a company that is new to you. Unfortunately, the OP learned this lesson the hard way.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-08:
EFaucets.com has a lot of very bad reviews. I can't help but wonder if they ever get a return customer. From what little I know of them I would never give them my money.
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Below Poor Customer Service
Posted by Jpc926 on 07/19/2013
Purchased a kitchen faucet replacement part - did not fit and called customer service for a RA#. was on hold for 10 minutes but the phone message said I was first in line for service.

When I received the instructions to return this item, I had to follow a 10 step guideline.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-19:
Have no idea what Efaucets does for repeat business? I have never, ever heard of a happy or pleased customer. I'll pay more at the local hardware or big box store than ever trust Efaucets with my money.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-07-20:
Either e-faucets does a huge amount of business so their complaints are proportionent with their sales or they are a crappy business.
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Dishonest. They Never Sent Product but Took My Money Anyway!
Posted by Md.kenney on 06/10/2013
ONLINE -- On January 16th I placed an ordered for a towel ring and tissue holder adding up to $196.35. After about a week I received the towel ring fine. In May I realized that I had not received the tissue holder. Checking my credit card statement, I was charged for both even though I received only the one item. I immediately called and was told that they would send out the tissue holder overnight. A month later I contacted them again and was promised that it would go out. It never happened. I then demanded a credit to my account.

It's June 10th and they still have refused to give me my money back.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-10:
It took three months to realize you didn't receive 1 of 2 items? They're probably not going to compensate you as anything could have happened to the tissue holder. You could have lost it, or broke it. At least that's probably what they'll say.
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Good Prices, but Rip Off Shipping Charges
Posted by Billat908 on 04/02/2013
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I ordered two medicine cabinets and entered the secret code for the free shipping.

All went well until the very end, when suddenly there was a $189 charge for "lift-gate shipping". fortunately I caught it in time and aborted the order.

I have trouble understanding why they needed a lift gate truck for a couple of medicine cabinets that weigh 38 lbs each.

I subsequently ordered the same cabinets for $7 more each, but the shipping was $30 for both. And that was UPS, not unreliable, damage-prone Fedex.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-02:
Did you contact them and ask why you didn't get the free shipping? If so, what was their reply?
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Lousy Service
Posted by Js.waldo.point on 03/22/2013
Requested stock check: received email that part was in stock. Ordered part through website. Checked a couple of days later. Had to call 800 number 5 times to get through. Agent found order but part not shipped. Part was out of stock. No email, no follow through. No nothing.At least credit card was not charged.

Customer service? What's that?

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Company Lies to Make Money - Don't Support This Business
Posted by Rlindstrom on 01/21/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I ordered a faucet late one night and in the morning realized I had purchased the wrong item. I called the company to see if they had the product I really needed and they did not. So I tried to cancel the order. The customer service representative told me items were processed immediately and my faucet was already on the dock to ship. She said she would waive the restocking fee and just to call for a return authorization number when it arrived.

Well first, the item was not on the dock ready to ship. According to their own tracking information, the order didn't ship out until 5 days later. When it did arrive, I had to call FOUR times to get a return authorization number and they then informed me they would NOT waive the restocking fee. So basically I was out the money to ship a product I did not want to my house, another $27 to ship it back and about $60 in the restocking fee.

All the while, there is NO REASON my order could not be cancelled before any of this occurred. I truly believe I was lied to so they could at least pocket the $60 on the order.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-21:
The cancellation policy is clearly spelled out on the eFaucets website - "it is impossible" to cancel and order once placed, assuming the item is in stock.

Regardless of the statement that your item was on the loading dock, the terms or ordering/cancelling are advertised. Many web portals these days do not allow you to cancel an order - it is important to check this before ordering.
Posted by bethadd on 2013-01-24:
I agree that there is no reason the company couldn't have cancelled the item. The comment the item was on the loading dock was a outright lie. And while their terms or ordering/cancelling are advertised, they contradict themselves. Hence, the customer is forced into a no-win situation.
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