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EFaucets Was a Good Experience Overall
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Rating: 5/51

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- This was a great buying experience. I was a little skeptical about buying from them because their prices just seemed too low (if it's too good to be true - it probably is). In this case, they delivered on what they said they would. When I emailed them to ask about the low price (of a Kohler K-690-BN) rather than emailing me back - ** actually called me and explained why the price was so low (and it was because they were running a special Holiday promotion - duhhh). When he pointed me to the banner I felt dumb as I came through a price grabber site and didn't really state it was on sale.

I have since received the faucet and is as good as all the reviews I've read by Kohler reviews. I would surely buy from eFaucets again.

Bad Product! Bad Customer Service!!
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Rating: 2/51

RACINE, TEXAS -- The product I purchased was an adjustable extender arm. When it arrived, it looked like a toy mock up. It was of good quality but it was very small diameter and it would not even hold itself up under its own weight after firmly adjusting the tightening screws.

Add a shower head to this and nothing you can do will keep gravity from immediately pulling the extender arm and shower head down. You cannot tighten it enough to hold itself up. I would have to break the wingnut adjuster to give any more pressure on tightening. I contacted eFaucets and they did respond, telling me they will contact the manufacturer and get back to me. That was a week ago and no word, no follow up, no good!

Do Not Order From This Company
By -

I placed an order on the morning of Sunday November 21st. The website indicated that orders will be shipped within 48 hours and that the tracking number will be updated accordingly. I ordered the item because the website said that there were 30 currently in stock and that it would be shipped within 48 hours. By November 30th, not only did I not have the item I ordered, there was no updated tracking information. I was however charged immediately for the item on my credit card. I emailed a request for a status of the order on Saturday November 27th. I never received a response other than an automated email indicating that my email had been received.

I then chatted a representative on November 29th. She stated that item was to be shipped either that day or the next day and that the tracking info would be updated. By 3:30 EST the next day, there was still no info on my order. After spending a half an hour on hold and being told it would be 20 min, 56 sec to speak to someone on chat - I hung up. I called back a few minutes later and was spoke to rep #2 and was told that the item I ordered was backordered until the end of December! I did not receive an email or call to let me know that the item was backordered and had been told the day before that it was shipping???

She stated that there had been a miscommunication between the manufacturer and the company. I can understand that. I requested that the order be cancelled. She then looked for an item similar to the one I originally ordered and asked me to view it on the website. Once I said that it would work she checked the manufacturer to verify availability and changed out the order. She stated that the order would ship by 12/1. I did not receive any confirmation of the order changing until 12/3. She never explained that since the other item was in-stock I would not be able to cancel it.

On 12/7 - two days out from needing the faucet, I called again to get the tracking number as the item still had not been delivered. I was informed that since I had changed my order it had to go through a process and didn't actually ship!?!?! However, it was an in-stock warehouse item and would ship by Thursday - the day I needed it. When asked what I would like to do I said cancel the order. I was then informed that even though the item was still in the warehouse and had not shipped, I could not cancel it because it was in-stock.

I had to repeat the cycle of events 4 times and each time, the 3rd representative I spoke to was going back to a supervisor who was too busy to speak with me. However, the supervisor said that there was no way to cancel the order that had not yet shipped. I asked if it could be overnighted to me instead. I was asked if I was willing to adsorb that cost. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My response was: "Why should I have to pay for it? I took the rep's word that my items were going to be sent and should have arrived long before the day I needed the item. I'm sorry - I should have been offered free overnight shipping as a gesture of good will. Not told about the policy."

The supervisor stated that the expense would be too much for your company to absorb so no - you wouldn't overnight it to me. I must now go to Home Depot/Lowe's, find a faucet that I can have to be installed on Thursday morning. Then once I get this faucet, call back and request a return authorization to send it back. Save your time, money and sanity - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

Will Not Cancel Order
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Rating: 1/51

In early Dec, 2014 I ordered a faucet advertised as "in stock and ships in 3 days". After many call, the latest order ship date was estimated as the end of March 2015. In January I called and canceled the order. I was told 3-5 business days for a credit to be issued. It is now mid Feb, 4 weeks later, and my order is still open and I've received no credit issued to the credit card. The problem has yet to be resolved. Do NOT do business with this company.

Let My Experience Be a a Warning to Others
By -

WISCONSIN -- This company should be shut down. Here's a summary of my situation: On Jan. 23rd I placed an online order for a bathroom faucet. My credit card was charged immediately (verified by looking online at my credit card account). On Jan. 31st (8 days later) I received an email stating that they had a pricing error on their website and in order to complete the order I needed to pay an additional $45. I responded to the email that I wasn't willing to do so and they should honor the price on their website as it was still listed that way (8 days later). I received no response.

On Feb. 4th on went online to their website and chatted live with a customer service representative who told me they couldn't honor the price (that was still on their website btw) but her supervisor would reduce the upcharge to $25. I said to cancel the order and simply refund my money. She said they would process the refund. They also finally changed the price on their website.

On Feb. 11th I still had no credit to my credit card and called eFaucet and spoke to a customer service representative who at first tried to tell me that it would take up to 3 weeks to see the credit. I pointed out that I work in retail and know that the credit card is charged or credited immediately upon swiping or entering the info. She then assured me that she would walk the credit down to the credit department and they would credit it immediately. As of Feb. 14th I have no credit to my card. I am calling to dispute the charge with the credit card company as I feel this may be the only way to get this reversed.

Summary: Charged on the 23rd when I placed the order; company tried to claim an error and charge another $45 8 days later; agreed to refund price on the 4th and yet have no credit as of the 14th. I wouldn't do business with this company in the future at all.

You CAN Get All Your Money Back From eFaucets
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- Like everybody else writing here, I experienced eFaucets horrible customer service and deceptive practices first hand. I placed an order for items listed as “in stock and ready to ship” only to find out later that one key piece really wasn't in stock and would take weeks to come in. Of course, I couldn't cancel the order without paying the restocking fees.

I complained to the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection (eFaucets is located in Wisconsin). My main argument was that eFaucets is using deceptive marketing practices by showing that items are in stock when really they are not. It is reasonable for a consumer like myself to rely on this information and expect that all items listed as in stock will be readily available. The WDCP agreed with me and issued a warning letter to eFaucets stating that they were in violation of Wisconsin law and needed to either make sure that the stock listing on the site was accurate or remove the listing altogether.

Following this letter, I did receive a FULL refund of the purchase price without any restocking fees taken out. Unfortunately, the DCP can't help if your issue is only related to nasty customer service reps, half hour hold times, being hung up on... or any of the other wonderful experiences many of us are having with them. However, if you think you have a valid legal argument for why they should give you a refund, I strongly suggest filing a complaint. Unlike the BBB, they have the power to make a decision and force the merchant to abide by it. You can find their complaint form at: **.

I would also suggest filing with the BBB and your credit card company, but I found both to be less effective... but if enough of us complain, over time they may take action.

Efaucets Has Horrible Customer Service And Worse Return/Change Order Policy
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- Within minutes of placing my order for kitchen and bath faucets using, I called the company back to let them know that I selected the wrong shipping type by mistake. Right away, I realized I selected wrong bath sink faucets and wanted to select the correct ones. I am in the middle of new construction and I needed a series of faucets that were not available through local supply companies. When I was placing order, great service. When I needed help, they were quick to simply quote "on-line policies" over and over, with no regard to helpfulness - even though I was willing to pay for the corrections. I didn't want anything for free.

And, even though all items were displayed as in-stock on the website when ordering, most were not even available. Some are now taking up to 4 weeks for delivery! I was surprised that they could initiate the electronic transfer of funds from my bank, if the items were not even available. A week later I finally received my order. Even though I received emails stating the order (minus 5 specific items) had been shipped, I did not receive anything I needed on-time for our plumber.

When I finally reached someone in customer service (**, and the manager, **), they offered no explanation, shunned me for being naive, and basically laughed with every word I spoke. A little empathy would have been nice at that point. We are building this house on a tight budget and are in the middle of finalizing our home loan. Pulling $3500 out of my personal bank account twice to pay for the faucets caused a great hardship for me. has horrible service and they need to revise their policies to "help" the customer.

Two plumbing supply houses here in my area heard of, and said they heard they are the ultimate rip-off to unsuspecting consumers. I was willing to eat my mistake but eFaucets just continued to dig in the knife over and over again. I have filed complaints with the BBB in Wisconsin, and the federal trade commission. Interestingly, there were other complaints against at the BBB in Wisconsin where eFaucets is located.

Buyer beware when it comes to this company. And to add insult to injury, when I reordered with a local company, the local companies prices were far better than eFaucets. For example, the local company provided the roman tub faucet for $50 less than eFaucets. That was painful.

Replies Is Dishonest
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Rating: 1/51

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I ordered $4000 of bathroom fixtures from for several bathrooms. I ordered, they shipped, everything seemed OK. So I kept giving them business. And then this happened. Their website had a listing for a $700 shower door, the picture was of the door I wanted but the item # was for a different door. How am I supposed to know the model #? When I received the door, I complained about the website and delivered door not being what was pictured and ordered the correct door while I waited for them to give me return info which took them a full week. I received the new door and installed it and still didn't have return information.

When I finally got return information they wanted me to pay $450 to return ship the door (which I paid $50 to ship to me) plus a 15% restocking fee (another $105). Of course the door originally came from a city near me but they wanted it "returned" to the other side of the country. I again complained to that this was because the website was incorrect and that now it had been fixed demonstrating that was wrong. After waiting another 2 weeks for a decision, they informed me the website was correct and they would offer me no relief. Effectively I could get back $145 of the $750 I had spent.

Company Lies to Make Money - Don't Support This Business
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I ordered a faucet late one night and in the morning realized I had purchased the wrong item. I called the company to see if they had the product I really needed and they did not. So I tried to cancel the order. The customer service representative told me items were processed immediately and my faucet was already on the dock to ship. She said she would waive the restocking fee and just to call for a return authorization number when it arrived.

Well first, the item was not on the dock ready to ship. According to their own tracking information, the order didn't ship out until 5 days later. When it did arrive, I had to call FOUR times to get a return authorization number and they then informed me they would NOT waive the restocking fee. So basically I was out the money to ship a product I did not want to my house, another $27 to ship it back and about $60 in the restocking fee. All the while, there is NO REASON my order could not be cancelled before any of this occurred. I truly believe I was lied to so they could at least pocket the $60 on the order.

Confusing and deceptive
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Rating: 1/51

I agree that this is the most deceptive internet company I've had the displeasure to purchase. I ordered faucets and didn't realize that 2 showed 0 quantity when it also stated usually ships in 1-2 days. Next day I called about expedited delivery and was told order would ship on Tues from NJ. When order didn't ship, they told me items were out of stock and would not be available for at least 3 weeks. I cancelled and no mention was made of 15% cancellation fee. Nowhere on the confirmation does it show items are out of stock. How deceptive can you be!!

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