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Never Buy From This Company
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Rating: 1/51

Poor descriptions of certain products led me to order the wrong seat for my new toilet. Getting someone on the line to change this was an absolute nightmare. The wait time was horrendous. When I did finally get somebody, I was chastised for not ordering the RECOMMENDED seats on the toilet's description page. I DIDN'T LIKE ANY OF THOSE. Never received confirmation that seat was changed. Called again, wait time FORTY FIVE MINUTES to speak to someone. FINALLY, somebody gave me a tracking number for the corrected model seat. TERRIBLE COMPANY, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I feel sorry for people who work those phones. It has to be the most miserable experience of their lives coming to work for this place everyday. NEVER AGAIN.

Miserable Customer Service
By -

I purchased an American Standard Titan Pro Round Front Triangle Toilet (2846.016) from them online on 7/17/10. Their website then shows the status as "waiting on carrier" (as in waiting on confirmation from UPS). So I immediately call UPS - they have nothing from eFaucets for me. I call eFaucets - they say that means they haven't gotten it to UPS yet?? Uh, OK. Sure....that makes sense - blame the carrier when you've never even had them pick up the item. They tell me the item is on its way and should be here in 2 weeks. So why not just put that in the status instead of some sneaky, deceptive message?

Two weeks go by - no update (online order status still blames UPS), no toilet. So I called AGAIN and was told it will be here on 8/13. 8/13 comes and goes - nothing, website still says same thing. On 8/13 I called AGAIN and spoke to nasty, ill-informed CR Rep by the name of ** who told me it would be here 8/27. I was fairly annoyed at this point and asked to speak to supervisor - she refused (said nobody was available - really? At 2:00 in the afternoon?). So I asked to have supervisor call me - she said she would.

Then she told me in a snotty little voice that I shouldn't have received free shipping (uh, your WEBSITE says free shipping on all orders over $99 - this toilet is $300 sweetie so do the math!). No supervisor ever called. Wow - big surprise. Today UPS shows up with 2 packages! Yay! Ah, but wait - they sent two TANKS and no BOWL. Really?! So I called AGAIN - they have "no idea" how I got 2 tanks - but I will need to pack it up and be available for UPS to come pick it up! Like I have nothing better to do than sit around at home waiting for UPS to come get something that I never should have been shipped to begin with?

Oh yes, and the bowl was not going to be in for TWO MORE WEEKS. Oh, and the CR I talked to said that supervisors "don't do call-backs" so she has no idea why ** would say this? Did I mention they charged my credit card 8 weeks ago? Yeah. Nice. Don't buy here.

Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

I spent over $1000 with this company and have received the worst customer service ever. Unfortunately, once you make your purchase you are on your own. They have misleading information on most products. I even went as far as confirming the details of the products on the live chat and when I mentioned this to the customer service supervisor SHE told me I was LYING! She also proceeded to tell me that I have never called or contacted them before the day of the order when in fact I have talked to several of the customer service reps before ordering the products.

The customer service supervisor is a NIGHTMARE. She is useless and rude - she even hung up on me when I was able to prove that I spoke to someone there before. I will be reporting them to BBB and having a lawyer draw up letters to the president of the company.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I made an error within 10 seconds after I completed my order. I called their Customer Support number and tried to cancel the order. I was told the order could not be canceled. The error my problem!! So, I have to accept delivery of the item and get authorization for a return. This requires me to pay freight both ways $99 each way for a total to $198) plus a 15% restocking fee (another $60). All this for an item costing $350!! The buyer should beware. Once you click on the "BUY" button, you are stuck with the item. Forget their claim of free shipping (they mask it with a separate charge called "freight") and forget their customer service. Customer satisfaction is a joke!

Poor Customer Service and Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased an American Standard toilet seat. It came busted. The company requires that I return the busted item at my own expense. Not only that, they may not refund my money for 30 days. This is the worst company for returns.

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1-800-891-0896 (ph)
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