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HAMILTON, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered the incorrect sink. Within minutes I caught my mistake. I tried cancelling but no such luck. I called the company and they said they could not cancel because it had not yet been processed. I got an email and said it was being processed. I cancelled again. I received another email and said preparing to be shipped. I cancelled again. I got another email and said it was shipped. I received it 10 days later. I called and told them I had tried cancelling. I requested an RMA # to return it.

It took 5 days to get that number and it said I May be charged a 15% restocking fee. I called and asked them if that could be waived because I had tried to cancel. They said NO. They are going to charge me approximately $85.00 for something I will not have. That's some CUSTOMER SERVICE. Never again.

I Will Never Buy From Here Again
By -

After talking with an eFaucets associates I ordered two vessel sinks on OCTOBER 12th. I received two wall mount sinks, not vessel sinks, of which one of them arrived broke. I was told I would need to scrap the broken one and send the other sink back after I received an RGA number. After 3 days I still had not received an RGA number and I called eFaucets where I was informed it could take up to 10 days. After 10 days I called eFaucets because I still had not received my RGA number and I was then informed that it would take up to 14 days. I finally received the RGA number, NOVEMBER 16th, and it instructed me to ship the non-broken sink back to the manufacturer in CANADA which cost me another $72 to ship. I shipped it on NOVEMBER 18th and it deliver NOVEMBER 30th. Now I am $700 into a transaction and I have nothing to install in my clients new master bathroom. I then monitored my bankcard to make sure that I received a credit for the sinks.

After waiting at least 7 days and seeing no credit I called eFaucets where they informed me it could take up to 30 days to receive my credit. After waiting 30 days and still receiving no credit I called back several times to hear the same story that it would be issued this week, it would be issued today, it would be issued in two days, etc... I finally received a credit for $276, DECEMBER 17th which I did not understand because the non-broken sink was delivered to the manufacturer on November 30th so that was plenty of time to issue the credit back for both sinks.

I called eFaucets where they informed me it was for the broken sink only and they would not issue a credit for the other sink until the manufacturer issued them a credit for the returned sink which could take up to 30 days. I called eFaucets to let them know that the initial credit never showed up on my account and to check to see where the second credit was at in the process. I was told to contact my credit company because they issued the credit and on the second credit it would be issued in two days.

I waited two days and did not receive a credit. I called back and they told me that it would be issued that day, to no surprise it was not. I called back and they issued the credit December 29th of which they stated it could take up to 30 days to show up in my account. Purchased OCTOBER 12th, still not resolved DECEMBER 29th. $700 paid out with $528 potentially being returned. Make your own decision on whether to shop eFaucets bc I will never again.

Poor Website, iffy company
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Ordered a Kohler sink from them which turned out to be a special order item. When the site for the sink displayed, the link "check for availability" displayed above the green bold faced text "usually ships within 3-7 business days". Apparently this is their way of saying it's a special order item and it will ship in 7-8 weeks. I received an order confirmation that said I should be getting shipping confirmation shortly. After waiting for 2 weeks and not getting a shipping confirmation, I contacted them via an IM web chat where they confirmed it would take 7-8 weeks. This wasn't suitable for my project and requested to cancel the order.

Two days later I was told the order couldn't be canceled because it was on a truck to them from Kohler and they should get it within 2 weeks. I called them and was told I would have to pay a 40% restocking fee if I was to cancel the order once shipped from Kohler. Now, I'm left waiting with no way of confirming that the item is in fact on it's way. Further I was told that since the link "check for availability" appeared instead of a number, I should have known that it was a special order item.

Basically, they put the onus 100% on the customer to pick up all the nuances of their site and policies. My gripe is if they knew it was a special order product, rather than displaying the link "check for availability", why not just say its a special order item and it may take up to 7-8 weeks to get in? Of course I wouldn't have ordered it then and they would have lost a sale. I'm not going to say they are a dishonest company, but they are certainly not straight forward and I consider them less than honest. We'll see how long it takes or even if the product arrives....

Bad customer service
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Dealing with the company has been a very bad experience. Anyone please stay away. They leave you on hold 20 minutes before they get back to you. I just wanted a simple answer about my order and it was a long experience. Plus the fact they were rude, and threatened me saying I could not cancel this order at all if I was unhappy with the product.

I tried going directly to Kraus manufacturing company to see if I can get help there and the manager named Dan was just as rude. I think he worked for e- faucets and went through the same training. Stay away from both companies.

Do Not Purchase From This Company
By -

I ordered one item and was told it was in stock, but would still take 2 weeks to receive. The item did not arrive after two weeks and I had to go to a local store to purchase the item. Turns out I had only saved TEN DOLLARS by using this horrible online company. When the item finally arrived (a week late), I called to get instructions for returning. I waited on hold for 10 minutes and was then told to wait 3 to 5 days for instructions to return to come via email. I waited a week for this email and instead received AN ORDER CONFIRMATION (which I had never received before?!) but no return instructions.

I just called AGAIN to get this info, and waited on hold for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. That's right, I said 45 minutes. This company is a scam. They have horrendous service and you don't save that much money. Save yourself the grief and buy somewhere else!!

Worst company worst customer service ever
By -

Let me start by saying this company has to know their employees lie and treat customers like crap. Ordered five items, got two approximately five days later. Waited another week then decided to call and inquire on status of remaining items. After long wait on hold, was asked what items have not been received. Before I answered thought shouldn't they be telling me what items haven't shipped? After I told this ignorant so called customer service manager the items, she informed me it would take an additional three weeks for these items to ship.

I told her I wanted to cancel the rest of this order as the lead time is totally unacceptable, this lady tells me she would put in a request a request. Really? I told her I am not requesting to cancel, I am telling you to cancel it. To make a long story short, this lady sends me an email one day with her title as customer service manager. The next day I get another email from her, her title now is assistant manager. Do not order from this joke of a company!!!

Worst customer service ever dealt with!
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- Sink not delivered when they said, after I specifically called to confirm delivery before ordering. They ended up shipping from the East coast when I'm in CA so no way to make date without expedited delivery, but too late to arrange that. Now they are charging me a ton of fees to return it since I had to source it locally to make the installation date of our counter tops. Nice as can be when you're going to order; tell you what you want to hear so you place the order; rudest ever when you aren't happy. Don't ever buy from this company!

Costly mistake
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RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I am still trying to return a kitchen sink that I tried to cancel the evening after I ordered it online. It even said the order would not be placed until the next day if ordered after 3 P.M. I was told I could NOT cancel the order because it was a "special" order which I learned the next day from another agent that this was not true. I was advised I had to read the cancellation policy which is deeply hidden in their website. I have ordered many things on line, but this has been the worst. I ended up on hold for over an hour at a phone number supplied and finally called my credit card company to dispute the charge in total disgust.

The credit card agent called the company and told me they were closed. I have been trying to call again today to get a special number to send back the sink and will be forced to pay shipping charges and a restocking charge. This is a total ripoff and I plan to pursue this with federal government agencies. The company website says they open at 8:00 A.M. and it is now 8:14 and still no one answers the phone. Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I hope they go out of business. The worst customer service ever!!!

EFaucets Customer Service is Horrible Out $1000 for Cracked Sink
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- A poster on my favorite home improvement blog told me about your site. I want to warn other consumers you should order from EFaucets at your own risk. I ordered a $1000 Shaw Farmhouse sink from them 7/29/09. Unknowingly, my husband signed for the sink from the freight company ESTES while I was at work without opening the box before they left. The outside was totally undamaged when we got it and was on a pallet so I didn't even think about checking it either. That was a huge mistake. When my installers went to put the sink in on 11/2/09 (which I totally realize was 3 months later), the whole sink is cracked and totally unusable.

I called to ask what we might be able to do about it and they told me "sorry", it is the customer's responsibility to open the box and inspect before the freight company leaves. I kept asking for some type of assistance and was told "sorry there is nothing we can do". I called the manufacturer and they are not an authorized dealer so there is nothing they can do about it either.

So lesson learned, I will never buy fragile/large/expensive items online again. I personally will never buy from Efaucets.com ever again because of this horrible experience. I caution others to do the same or at least "buyer beware" and read all the little fine print. I reported them to the BBB in their state and wrote a letter to the CEO. No response as of today 11/9/09. Thought I would share.

Great Experience!!!
By -

I ordered a sink on Monday evening and it was delivered Thursday during a snow storm! I called the night I ordered the sink for delivery and talked to someone that night. They were polite and responsive to my needs. They followed up our conversation with an email. They sent an email the next day with the shipping information. Did I also mention the price was lower than in stores as well.. Lastly I was so surprised at the careful way they packed the sink. It was amazing. Outstanding service, would recommend

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