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Non Performance of Obligations
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a Frigidaire freezer in 2007 and, three years later, I purchased an Electrolux Extended Warranty (service contract). During the life of the Extended Warranty I called for service because my freezer was not getting as cold as it should and it was accumulating a lot of frost (not a frost free model). Electrolux sent out a, so-called, service technician who looked at it and told me that there was too much food in it and freezers should not be loaded over 50% of their capacity.

I found other accommodations for the excess food, ensuring that the freezer was not loaded more than 50% but this did not fix the problem. I called for service again and Electrolux sent out a, so-called, service technician from the same company who had a different story this time, telling me that the drawers at the bottom of the freezer were not going all of the way back, impeding the sealing of the door.

I couldn't see that the drawers were impeding the closing and sealing of the door but I defrosted the freezer anyway and discovered that the door seal was still not sealing and I could feel the cold air escaping from the bottom door seal when the door was closed.

I called for service again and requested another appliance repair company to do the inspection/repairs because all I was getting from the company that they were sending was a lot of busy work for me which was not fixing the problem. They did send another inspector who took several pictures of the door and bottom seal and left with the comment that the door was misaligned.

Several days later I received a call from Electrolux stating that their findings were that the misalignment was the result of "consumer abuse" of the door and they would not repair the door. I informed them that that was absurd and an examination of the pictures that the technician took would show that the door was not damaged and there was no consumer abuse. They informed me that there were NO pictures accompanying the report and Electrolux was standing by their decision NOT to cover the repair of the door. How very convenient that the pictures that were taken which would make my case and refute their claim had just vanished into thin air!?!?

I have filed a complaint with the BBB but Electrolux is sticking by their decision NOT to perform on its contractual obligations and they are doing it through deceit. I have also filed a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the results of that one are pending. BUYER BEWARE when dealing with Electrolux Extended Service Warranties! Like me, you might pay perfectly good money for a perfectly worthless piece of paper.

Stove died; horrible customer service
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONWIDE -- My induction range (a little over three years old) stopped working. Actually, the burners stopped working; the oven appears to still heat. I get an error message with a horrible repetitive beep. Of course it is out of warranty. I'm waiting for a repairman to return my call, but in the meantime I can't shut off that beep.

Electrolux is no help. I call them, they have me do things that don't help, then they put me on hold and hang up. "We'll get you a supervisor.... please stay on the line we're looking for that supervisor.... please keep holding..." Hang up. Probably a circuit board -- not surprising my Electrolux refrigerator of same age has gone through two circuit boards. The only thing worse than the quality of Electrolux appliances is the quality of their service.

Major Repair Needed
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Rating: 1/51

This review is for: Electrolux EI30ES55JS 30 Slide-in Electric Range - Stainless Steel. I had this Electrolux Slide-in range EW30ES65GSF (Premium Major Appliance) for about 3 years. Since I also had a gas range in the kitchen, this electric range saw very little use. The oven had never been turned on. However, last year, the error message of E15 kept coming on at no reason and the annoying beeping sound would not stop. Pushing the cancel button as instructed according to the Manual did nothing.

The only way to shut it off was to switch off from the circuit breaker. At the beginning, it would reset itself. But now, it would not even reset at all. Calling Electrolux to find out what options I have. Here are the options they gave me: purchase a two years extended warranty for $800 or buy the relay board for $700 dollars. No way am I going to spend that kind of money to repair this piece of junk it probably will break down in no time. My close friend also had a Electrolux range and had the same experience. So I am putting it out to the trash collector. My advice to you: Don't waste your money on this brand.

Induction Cooktop Defective
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Rating: 1/51

LITTLE RIVER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Purchased the $1,700 induction cooktop in June, 2015. Since that time there have been three service calls for inability for sensor to properly read cookware. The lock mechanism periodically does not unlock resulting in the appliance not being usable for days at a time. I discovered that I needed special cookware for induction, which was not properly spelled out in appliance description. So that is my bad.

I went to Costco and bought their cookware for induction cooktop. The serviceman came back and stated that I should get another set of induction cookware as the sensors are not reading. Thank heaven Costco has a first rate customer service and allowed me to replace it with a different cookware. No questions asked and I did not even have the original box. You gotta love Costco.

Electrolux still will not replace the cooktop even though the problems persist. They extended the warranty 90 days and will not replace the unit. They are the worst customer service department and they also have issues with their induction cookware. Ironically they also start the warranty from the date they ship it and not when a customer receives it.

Extended Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I called for service on an extended warranty (full coverage) for my Frigidaire refrigerator that the gaskets on the double top doors were turning mildew. They stated that they were not covered. They stated unless the refrigerator wasn't cooling the refrigerator, they would not cover the gaskets. Even though the refrigerator was constantly running and cold air was escaping, causing the mildew, they would not cover the gaskets. I told them this was completely unacceptable, and I was totally disappointed in the service of the Electrolux Warranty Corp. and I canceled my warranty. They are ripoffs. All they want is your money and they don't repair items.

Electrolux Refrigerator Problems
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Rating: 1/51

ARKANSAS -- I purchase the Electrolux model EI26SS30JS1 refrigerator, I thought this was going to be a quality product. The first problem was the cheese kept on freezing in the back part of the cheese drawer. The service repairman came out twice to fix it, and could not figure it out. I complained to Metro Appliance who sent out their other repairman. He could not figure it out either and replaced a panel, it still freezes. Now the ice maker quits working periodically and I pull the ice drawer out and jiggle it and push the button for fast ice.

I was cleaning thoroughly for the first time and pulled out the bottom drawer. I pulled up this plastic cover and was SHOCK to see a pile of melted plastic that is melted in the refrigerator. The water line is stuck in the mess also, this is a big fire hazard, how does a it get hot enough to melt that much plastic? Of course I have to wait until Tuesday since it's labor day, I googled problems with Electrolux appliances and of course it is all over the place.

Purchased a Defective Product With Extended Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI -- We purchased a beautiful Electrolux EI28BS56IS stainless steel refrigerator from Lowe's in Meridian Mississippi 11-30-10. We had a Sears Kenmore refrigerator that was approximately 16-19 years old. It was still working well but was stained and had cracks in the plastic where someone has dropped a heavy jar. While shopping at Lowe's, we were mesmerized by the beauty and BRAND NAME of this refrigerator. My husband is retired navy and lives on Social Security and I work part time since my cancer treatment. This was a luxury but we were planning on this lasting a long time, maybe for our lifetime.

We moved it in, but kept the old refrigerator pushed against another wall to make it easy to transfer items after the new Electrolux cooled. Thank goodness we did that. We had trouble with the ice maker right away, but curiously, even though the new one was 'bigger' than my old fridge, it would not hold everything that was in the old one.

What? How is that possible? Oh well, it is a good time to clean out items. Now I have less but the shelves won't adjust to really be useful. You would have to take out a couple of shelves to fit in milk and soda. That leaves even less room. You have to sacrifice sometimes to get something else, right? But what have I gotten - a really expensive albeit pretty refrigerator that takes up more room but actually holds less. Why does the ice machine make that knocking sound but doesn't make ice?

Purchased 11-30-10; first repair 12-15-10. I asked the repairman his opinion about the refrigerator - I won't quote him, but he mentioned he wouldn't take it if I gave it to him free. I was concerned, but what choice did I have? Keep my fingers crossed and pray.

I came to despise that refrigerator. Every time I walked into my kitchen, there it was, sitting there like a big stainless steel lemon, reminding me it was a time bomb waiting to go off - reminding me of my mistake. Calls to Lowe's and Electrolux - too numerous to count. Next repair 03-22-11. Next repair 04-01-11. Although I believe there was at least one more visit from the repairman, I can't find documentation, so I won't count it.

August 2013 - a strange but somehow familiar knocking sound is coming from the kitchen. I sense a sick feeling beginning in the pit of my stomach. My husband checks the ice maker - there are a couple of pieces of ice in the bin with some odd black color. Check the filter (we have also dealt with 2 cracked filters that caused water leaking onto the floor). Change filter just in case. Nope - still doesn't work, but I am getting used to the knocking noise.

I called Lowe's service company - they can't find the record of our previous visits (surprised?), wait, hold on, and on, and on... I finally hung up while on hold and called Electrolux directly. I explained what I was dealing with (again), and they do have the record of all 3 previous repair visits, but since I purchased the warranty from Lowe's, I need to call them back. OK, thanks. I called back to Lowe's Service Company.

A Lowe's manager at the local store told us to ask for an RA number from the service company. (After 3 repairs you can ask for replacement?) The rep at Lowe's Service Company said we needed 2 more repairs under the extended warranty because the first 2 repairs were under manufacturer's warranty and they DON'T COUNT!

WHAT? Don't count as what? They were repairs that were needed. That doesn't make any sense. By reading reports online about this model, the company knows the problems it has had. They have to know it's not reliable. Are they just hoping I will give up? I don't have any money, but I do have lots and lots of time to send my review of Electrolux and Lowe's and Lowe's Service Company everyday and tell everyone who will listen.

When we remodeled our home, we purchased all appliances, hardware, lumber, bath fixtures, and remodeling items from Lowe's. I am very disappointed in the way they are taking care of this. I am very disappointed in the brand Electrolux. Read more than just this review - check all the other unhappy customers. Electrolux should be ashamed for having their name on this POS (excuse my language). I can guarantee I will never knowingly purchase any item made by this company. I wish I could go somewhere besides Lowe's but our town doesn't have a big choice. I will avoid Lowe's wherever I can if they don't find a way to make this right.

Since the refrigerator is still covered under the extended warranty that WE PURCHASED, Lowe's has set up a service call for 18 days from now. My concern is what happens after our warranty runs out? We know, and they know, this appliance is a lemon or just a defective design since many of these don't work properly. Are they just hoping it will make it until the warranty has ended, and we are on our own? This doesn't seem like an honest way to do business. If you buy an Electrolux appliance, BUYER BEWARE!!!

BEYOND DONE* Where should I go now?
By -

Where do I begin? One year ago, I completely remodeled my kitchen and designed it around the Icon Series line from Electrolux. I purchased a 48" gas range, dishwasher, hood, fridge and freezer. In all, I spent over $19,000 just in appliances. Additionally, I remodeled the kitchen to accommodate the new 4' range and the new fridge/freezer which recesses into its own wall with a surround that gives the look of a SubZero.

Within three weeks of owning these new units, the refrigerator starting warming up. Parts were ordered. The fridge continued to not keep temperature and to freeze over. All said and done, one year later, I am now on my fourth unit from Electrolux. It, too, has the same warming issues. I have thrown thousands of dollars of food away, as the fridge will not stay below 48* F.

Although I'm not necessarily angry at Electrolux for their lack of support, because they have been very prompt about responding to the issues each time, I have grown increasingly tired of the bi-monthly appointments to defrost a fridge, the continued inconvenience of having to monitor the fridge temperature, and the continued loss of food due to spoilage.

Historically, Electrolux has given me two options when they determine that the unit is beyond repairing: 1) A full refund on the unit, or 2) a replacement unit. Once again, I am at the point where our local dealer is saying that they are only authorized to perform one defrost per month from Electrolux. After five subsequent visits, they are compelled to deem the unit "un-fixable" and proceed with Customer Service to determine a game plan. I am beyond this point. Now I'm faced with the SAME options, no doubt. But here's my frustration:

I could accept another fridge, in hopes of this being the one that works. However, industry wide, it has been demonstrated that this product has issues. Do I really want to go through this timely process again? OR, do I accept the refund of monies? Sounds great, until you realize that the opening that was specifically designed for this unit (and companion freezer), does not accommodate anything else. To do most anything will require that I once again pay to have my kitchen remodeled! And what do I do with its companion freezer (which also has had warm-up issues!)?

We purchased the fridge/freezer for the look. We designed/remodeled our entire kitchen around "the look." And now we are one-year into our "look" and don't know what to do. All I want is a fridge/freezer that works! I don't want to create waves...... but I believe that my husband and I are now BEYOND DONE!

We want something with dependability - like the old fridges that a person can still find running in people's garages. You know, the 1950's - 1970's fridge in multiple colors? They are still running. They are still dependable! Maybe I should just remove the doors off these units, install piano hinges on them, mount them to my wall for a facade and put one of those old dependable 'garage fridges' in behind!

Where should I go now? Should I pursue legal attempts to force them to pay the contractors to remodel the kitchen so I can put something else? Should I pursue them for the substantial loss of foods? Should I bill them for my time spent twice-monthly? Do I continue allowing them to give me a new unit every couple months, performing bi-monthly visits between each replacement defrosting the unit and replacing supposed defective parts? How many years do I keep playing this?

My last fridge was purchased in 1990...... it's STILL running strong with NO PROBLEMS. My expectation of how long a unit should perform is pretty high. Maybe it would be in the best interest of Electrolux to just buy me the SubZero that they're modeling after and save themselves thousands more dollars!

Electrolux/Frigidaire front load washing machine
By -

Two years ago I purchased a Frigidaire Electrolux Galaxy Series Front Load washing machine. As of a week ago, my washer stopped working due to what the error code read as a broken door lock. Upon notifying the company, I was informed that because the part I needed was on back order I had two choices. First, sit back and wait for the part or, accept a 60% rebate check to go purchase a new machine.

After thinking this over, I decided that 60% was unacceptable as I bought this washer in good faith that it would work for some time. I called the company back and after explaining my stance on the situation I was put on hold. Shortly after the operator came back on and said the part was there and I would receive it in three days. Monday I received the part and it had nothing to do with my washing machine or its problem.

When I called the company for the third time, I was told the part I needed would not become available until February 6th. I was then offered another rebate for 70%. Again I explained to the person on the other end that I do not feel I should have to spend 30% on a washing machine that I just bought 2 years ago. How is this fair? He put me on hold for a while and returned with a list of three local handymen and told me I could try to get one of them to come over at my expense. However Electrolux would purchase the part if one of these men had it.

Later in the day, I called the company a fourth time. This time I was calling to find out how to override the test mode because I was told by a couple of other unsatisfied consumers that it may get the washer going. Please understand, I have an 8 year old daughter and an 11 month old baby. Going to the laundromat with two children in tow is horrifying especially in the winter which is why I bought a washing machine 2 years ago.

After asking for the override information, I was put on hold and passed around 7 times until I finally insisted on speaking with a manager. That is when a lovely gal named ** came on the line. She offered me a $200 refund check for my laundromat troubles which I thought to be fair. She then said she had found the part and was going to overnight it to me. She had to double check for this and later in the evening she called me back to say she was successful in getting the part I needed. Easy to say I was thrilled.

Today the part arrived. When I opened the box, there sat a large black oven door handle. Am I to assume I was being asked to beat my washing machine with it until it worked? I called ** and left her a message. I also called the company again and found myself back at square one, being told I am expected to wait what in the end will be a total month to fix a simple door lock issue on my washing machine. $200 does not even come close to the costs this will incur. ** never returned my call.

I am going to summons whomever I have to in order to force the company to recall this product. After all, if this door lock is on such a long back order due to high demand, wouldn't that be a red flag insinuation that perhaps there is a serious problem here?

Avoid Front Load Washer
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Rating: 2/51

I paid the most for this top of the line stainless steel drum Electrolux front-loading washing machine and it is the worst one I've ever owned. It destroys my clothes. It caused the clothes to pill and tear even on the delicate cycle. I have never had this happen before. I would never buy another front loader or an Electrolux appliance.

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