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Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- On 3/15 I was on looking at the market pavilion hotel. It's stated that it was 73% off and $92 a night through Expedia. I called Expedia to verify if that price was correct. At that time I was informed of the best price guarantee.

The representative offered to place the reservation and help me fill out the best price guarantee form so I could receive the $92 a night rate. I was a little hesitant since he quoted the reservation as being around $2660 and the new advertised price would be for $460 for five nights. He told me that he 100% guaranteed the rate as long as I did a print screen and filled out the form. I filled out the form while I was on the phone with him and was told that I would hear back within 48 hours to get the new price.

After 48 hours I never heard back. After a 3 hour phone call and being put on hold numerous times (one time over an hour) I was told that I would be transferred to someone in corporate. She said that my print screen was correct and I followed all of the requirements to receive the price guarantee. She said I would get $92 a night rate. I was told that I would not be refunded the amount until after the stay. The first representative who I booked the reservation with never did explain that.

I asked to be emailed in writing that the offer would be honored. She said she would honor the offer and the only thing I have left to do was to stay at the hotel and call once this stay is complete to receive the refund. Dorrie did send me an email but it was pretty vague. When I called back to try to talk to her to ask her to send another email that listed the prices, I was told I could not be transferred. The person also asked me to explain the situation all over again even though I was told there would be notes in my account and was given a case #.

The representative put me on hold and when she came back she kept acting like she could not hear me and hung up. I called back and had to explain again. I was told I have to wait 48 more hours to get an email with the prices listed.

On 3/19 I received an email saying that my claim for price guarantee was denied. I was shocked considering a few days prior I was told that I met the requirements to receive the price. When I called Expedia I had to explain everything again and was put on hold.

After waiting quite a while the line disconnected. I called back, spoke to supervisor Orland and went through the same thing again and was told that I be transferred to a manager. I waited over an hour on hold. The representative came back and said they have the manager and are transferring me over and then they hung up on me. Nobody bothered to call back.

On the morning of 3/20 I called Expedia again and asked to be transferred to a manager. Of course every time I had to explain the whole situation over and over again. I was transferred to supervisor Jun who then transferred me to manager Star. During this phone call I waited over 2 1/2 hours total. Star inform me that they cannot honor the price and when I asked her why I was told by Dorie ** in writing that they could she said "I don't know why you were told that." She said the only thing she could do was cancel my reservation.

I asked to be transferred to her manager and she refused. She also would not give me any compensation for almost 8 hours of being on the phone with Expedia the last week. My credit card has already been charged and now I have to wait 14 days for the credit. I never experienced such bad customer service. Nobody there is held accountable for what they say and just put you on hold for very long periods of time and hang up on you.

Poor customer service for issue with inn
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Rating: 1/51

REDMOND, OREGON -- Through Expedia I booked a hotel halfway around the world. When I arrived, the hotel was much different than published on the Expedia site, and I had to check out after one night due to safety concerns. The hotel insisted on charging for the ten nights booked rather than the one I stayed. I made an international call to Expedia immediately to report the issue and request their help. After not hearing anything by phone or email for a week, I called back. The agent kept saying I had just called that morning. I had to resurrect my records to let her know I had called a week ago and gave her the exact time and date.

After a few days later, an email came with the following text: "Thank you for contacting Expedia about obtaining a refund for your reservation at Salerno Motel Apartments. We have advocated your case with the hotel representative, however, Salerno Motel Apartments has denied your request for a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience." I submitted a 20 page report of the issues to Expedia by email with details and photos. No response has come from Expedia. It's been close to 14 days. This was not an *inconvenience* as noted in the Expedia email. It was a financial setback.

I see other postings about Expedia that indicate financial losses and feel for the reviewers. Expedia's characterization of this as an inconvenience and their lack of response in attempting to pursue the issue further leads me to stop using the website for bookings. The information on the website cannot be trusted; the Expedia staff did not demonstrate actions that show customer financial impacts are a priority.

Hotel and Car Reservation
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Got to Ft Lauderdale, FL and found Expedia did not make my hotel reservation even though I had the fully paid receipt and printed reservation in my hand. The manager of the hotel spoke with Expedia for us at 1 PM on Saturday and told them the reservation was not listed and the hotel was fully booked. Expedia told us to go on to another hotel 15 minutes away, and they would pay the difference in price for us to make up for the trouble they caused us (a delay of 3.5 hours).

The next hotel said Expedia made the reservation but said nothing of paying the bill. The next day, Expedia denied to us that they ever said such a thing and that we had been "no shows" at the first hotel. The manager of the first hotel told us Expedia had "pushed through" a reservation at 5:58 PM on Saturday to cover themselves. How underhanded can one company be? We are going to court and notified Visa to credit our paid charges back to us. They are currently holding the charges and investigating Expedia.

Hotel Reservation Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I made a hotel reservation through Expedia, paid extra to be able to cancel it. Had to cancel the day before yet the hotel charged me as a no show. Talked to customer service at Expedia 2 different times being on hold for an hour each time. They assured me they would process a refund, gave me a reference number and everything. They just lie to make you happy at the moment. Still no refund. When I call back they just say "we are so sorry" and the story changes. Do not use expedia.

Worst Customer Service - They Don't Care!
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Rating: 1/51

UTAH -- Here's the letter that I wrote to Expedia after a very bad customer service incident:

As a customer with an unsatisfactory experience with your customer service support, I would like to take the time to write this letter just to express why I have decided to no longer use Expedia for any future travel needs. I am hoping that you value your customers and appreciate input on where you went wrong. I hope this will help create better experiences for other customers in the future.

In October of this year, 2015, I traveled to Boise where I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. I had a wonderful booking experience and a very pleasant stay. Upon checkout, I approached the front desk clerk and asked to have my bill split so I could have two separate receipts, one for each night and each receipt only showing only one of the nights. Basically, I needed receipts that made it look as if each night was its own stay. I explained that I was traveling for business and was here in town to attend an education conference.

It wasn't in the school's budget to cover all of the expenses so I was paying for one night out of my own pocket and the other night was going to be reimbursed to me by my school. My director did inform me that I would need to bring in the hotel receipt with ONLY charges for the one night on it. In other words, a receipt with charges other than what I needed to be reimbursed for (such as an extra night) could not be processed by the school district HR department.

The employee looked up the reservation and informed that I would need to contact Expedia because she did not have access to any information regarding what my room rate was. She told me that if she could see my room rate, she would be more than happy to help me but she was sure Expedia would be able to take care of it.

On November 2, 2015, I called your Expedia customer service number and spoke with a very polite gentleman who I could tell wanted to be helpful but he just couldn't be. He put me on hold multiple times while he was constantly back and forth with his supervisor. I was informed that “the system” didn't allow him to break the stay into two nights so he was not going to be able to help me.

I explained my predicament to him and asked him if there was any way to allow the hotel to see the room rate so they could be the ones to issue a receipt. He called the hotel and, in the end, told me that wasn't going to be possible. I then asked if there was any way for Expedia to issue a receipt without using “the system”. I wasn't surprised when I was informed that was not possible either.

I expressed my deep dissatisfaction. I honestly do not think that the request I was making was really so big! I informed him that I believed that this is a case where Expedia, as a company, has the obligation to make this right to me, their customer. Especially considering the ONLY reason this request can't be granted is simply due to a limitation with what the computer is able to do. I asked for a refund for the night's stay that I am not going to be able to be reimbursed for through my job which, of course, was not something he could do for me.

I then informed him that this incident was causing Expedia to lose a customer – for life. In the end he was able to offer me a $50 credit towards a future hotel stay. I asked if that could be applied to the previous stay I was calling about and I was told that it could not be used for past stays. I declined the $50 offer. I don't plan on using Expedia again so making him go through the trouble of issuing me a credit seemed a little bit silly.

So, here I am, left to eat a business travel expense that I honestly cannot afford. I am a single mother of three small children trying to make ends meet on a part-time teachers' salary. $130 hotel stay that I wasn't planning on paying for is a big enough deal to cause financial hardship. So much so, that I am actually crying while I am writing this letter. I am not choosing to include this detail to add drama but rather to paint a real picture of who your customers are and the hardships that we face as a result of not being taken seriously by your company.

I am not writing this letter to ask for a refund or even expecting to get my receipt split like I've been asking. I just simply want you to understand why I'm not longer an Expedia customer. I also sincerely hope you take this matter to heart and make whatever changes necessary to allow for more flexibility within your computer system to grant reasonable customer requests, such as allowing multiple night stays to be broken up over multiple receipts. I hope it saves future customers the headache that I have had to experience. If you have any questions about the details of what has transpired, I would be more than happy to discuss this matter with you in more detail.

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Rating: 1/51

This is EXPEDIA TRAVEL quote: Expedia price match - we guarantee the lowest price on hotel and holiday package bookings or we refund the difference - terms and conditions apply. JUST CAME BACK FROM THE BAHAMAS. According to Expedia, I booked an "ALL INCLUSIVE HOTEL". When we arrive...SURPRISE!!! The hotel notifies us that we are not booked for an all inclusive hotel say. "How would you like to pay for your all inclusive charges that total up to $940?" YES!!! I called Expedia and they confirmed I did in fact book all inclusive hotel stay.

So, here I was, caught in the middle of the Hotel and Expedia going back and forth... Approx 2 hours later and with no time left for me to continue on this "he said/she said" between these two companies, I had to run off to catch my flight... MELIA ALL INCLUSIVE HOTEL...Rip Off!!! It is all a scam and worst experience with EXPEDIA EVER!!! I will NEVER return to the Bahamas and will NEVER book through EXPEDIA. Empty promises and false advertisement is not something you want to experience when you work hard for your money and expect a vacation free of ISSUES!!!

Customer Service Still Not Satisfying
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Rating: 3/51

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- There is no question Expedia is one of the top voyage booking websites. It includes numerous advantages that made it the initial pick in any traveler's listing. Even if basically useful, the site's customer service is not as quick to respond because it should be. It decays its popularity as one of the leaders whilst competing with competitors. I confronted problems for my bookings with buyer service, and also certain information didn't look like to be suitable as told via the organization agent over the phone.

In case you're concerned I like better using the because they offer the same deals/hotels/flights etc as Expedia, nonetheless on the site there could be found some extra listings of hotels, that are not listed on top of the habitual sites. Those hotels in their system has been a great support for me, because they are not only reasonable, however also equipped with the nicest facilities.

Don't Expect Issue Resolution & Watch Out for Unauthorized Card Charges
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have an Expedia travel coupon for a $50 discount. 1st problem - online system wasn't working to process for my booking. I called Expedia to book my room. The man from India (**) ran the information and told me my hotel room would be 59 dollars with the discount and took my credit card information. He then put me on hold to get me a confirmation. 20 min later he said his computer was frozen and to hold. For the next 50 minutes this continued with him checking back periodically. Then he hung up and called back.

He told me next that the coupon system at Expedia wasn't working. Therefore my card was charged for the full reservation amount but Expedia would credit 50 off my card. (This went from 11 P.M. to 12:20 A. M.). He then transferred me to someone who asked to take my reservation. I was in bed by then and was not happy. She then transferred me to a supervisor (**/also India) who explained to me once again they would refund me the $50 if I booked the reservation. I asked how long until the card was refunded - 2 weeks! I told him I would not book then. He told me my card was already charged the full amount and it would be two weeks to credit my card.

I HAD NOT authorized AT ANY TIME this charge. When I told him this was unacceptable he argued and said "obviously you authorized the $109 or we wouldn't have your credit card number." I explained I authorized $59. I cancelled the reservation.

Went on my bank today and find 13 authorizations on my credit card from Expedia! I called to speak to a manager but you must go through the system. So I started with ** (India) who when I tried to explain what had happened she interrupted immediately and said "we have solved this by crediting your card. There is nothing else to do." I asked to speak to a Manager.

I received ** (American) in the corporate office. He explained that they had put a credit toward my card and therefore the issue was resolved. I asked if they do anything for customer satisfaction, take responsibility or at least apologize for the horrible experience I had. No. He said it was the representative who had screwed up, not Expedia. I asked if they stand behind what their representative does - NO. I asked if they do anything to appease or assist customers who have had a horrible experience. - NO. I asked if there was a way to cash out my
Expedia credits as I NEVER WANT TO USE THEM AGAIN. NO.

All in all Expedia charged my card for an amount that was not authorized. Spent over 2 hours on the phone on the first day (And 45 minutes the 2nd in trying to talk to a manager). And now have 13 authorizations on my card with still no hotel. EXPEDIA IS THE WORST AND HAS NO APOLOGIES OR QUALMS ABOUT HOW CUSTOMERS ARE TREATED!

Expedia Made Me Pay for Hotel They Had Not Booked Will Not Refund the Money
By -

I have booked an hotel in South India via Expedia. When I arrived at the hotel, they did not have any booking at my name. However they had free rooms so I stayed there and had to pay the hotel room directly. They told me they would not take any money from Expedia.

When I cam back home, I discovered that Expedia charged the rooms on my credit card. I called their incompetent and unprofessional customer service to ask for the refund. First call, the person hanged up on me, while transferring me to another person. Second call, the person was totally incompetent. She tried to call the hotel in India while I was on hold. She tried for at least 15 min, coming back to me several time, asking ME the hotel telephone number as the number she had done not work. It appeared at the end it was simply because she did not how to dial an international phone number.

Due to the time difference with India, she told me that she would have to call them back later. I asked her to keep me informed by email. Of course she did not, and later I learnt she just blatantly lied to me as it seems that Expedia employees are not allowed to call abroad when the customer is not on the line. So she could not take care of my problem later as she had told me.

During the third call, the lady was more competent as she managed to reach the hotel, but as it was the night time in India the manager was not there. So she told me I would have to call back another time, and during this call she would call the hotel again to speak to the manager. I explained that was impossible as I am in Europe, she is somewhere in America and the hotel is in India. So it is very difficult to find the proper time to call, and I am not going to wake up at four am just for that.

I asked to speak to her supervisor. After a long wait I spoke with the so-called supervisor who told me he was taking care of my complaint personally. That he will call the hotel directly and let me know... Of course, more than one week after, I still heard nothing from them. I had told them I could prove I paid directly the hotel, but they just seem not interested..

The amount is not a lot, only $136. So it seems that Expedia prefers to lose one long time customer, (I had bought many plane tickets and booked hotel during the last few years), just for $136.... Fair enough. It is now decided I will never use Expedia again. The customer service is a shame and I cannot stand that employees deliberately lie to you, just to get rid of you.

Another point, I am also starting to warn all the persons I know, friends, family colleagues against using Expedia. There are many other websites out there, and I am sure service cannot be as bad as with Expedia. Reputation is hard to build but can be blown very fast........

Very Poor Service in Reservations
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISIANA -- My mother died and I used Expedia to book a room near funeral home. Expedia agent billed my card and gave me confirmation number, but no email confirmation. When I got to the hotel, they said no reservation received and charged me again. I called Expedia when both charges hit my account. The agent refused confirmation number until I insisted, then put me on hold permanently. The next day, I was told I would have to call the hotel to get their approval before refund can happen. First and last Expedia booking and $14 more through Expedia.

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