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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Triciashelley86 on 04/30/2013
INTERNET -- Expedia's customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I am sure they are probably getting sick of seeing my name, and I don't really care. They and the hotel screwed me over and I won't go quietly. I booked using their "unpublished rates" which until now never had done me wrong.

When my husband and I arrived at the Monumental Movieland in Orlando our room smelled like mold, it had broken things throughout the room and the room itself was disgusting. We decided we couldn't stay there and stayed in the room long enough to book somewhere else for the duration of our stay in Orlando. We called Expedia and they refused to refund our money, I wrote several e-mails to them all of which were responded to with wrong information, and I wrote several complaints on their Facebook wall. Finally I was contacted by their "tier 3 customer service agent" what a joke. I was actually told they won't refund my money because I didn't call them or try to resolve the matter prior to checking out of the hotel. They think that the issues could have been fixed. REALLY this is what I was told, after reading the description of the room above how many of you would actually have wanted to switch to a different room inside the hotel?

I will never use this site again and I hope others will save their money and go to one of their competitors that actually have a customer service worth a sh*t. If anyone would like more specific details please feel free to send me a personal message at triciashelley86@Yahoo. com. I have no problem spreading the word about what an awful customer service Expedia has.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-04-30:
That's Expedia's policy. You have to call them so they can try to make it right before they will issue you a refund. I'm sure the rest of the hotel was as bad as you described the room, but when you purchased the rooms through Expedia, you agreed to play by their rules.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-04-30:
I'm curious. Is using the unpublished rate cancellable or refundable?
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-30:
I would never use them under any circumstances, but that being said, I think I agree with them. You should have called while you were still at the first hotel. You never gave them a chance to try and make it right, perhaps by finding a different hotel for you.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-04-30:
Now you realize why discerning travelers will not use a third party service like Expedia. Best to always book directly with the hotel.
Posted by triciashelley86 on 2013-04-30:
I booked my own room elsewhere, I had been using Expedia for years and I have never once have had an issue like this. I worked in customer service for years, regardless of what their policy is on refunds they should refund it especially in extreme situations like this. On their unpublished rates it gives you a hotel rating which this one had like a 3.5 star, which is why I booked it. I can't believe they actually do business with this hotel, I would have rather stayed in a homeless shelter than this place. Either way I don't have to worry about what fine print they have on their website anymore, I won't use them again and neither will my family or friends, refund or not, their lack of customer service is infuriating.
Posted by jag on 2013-07-21:
worlds most worst company is expedia. this company is fraud and lot of scams... thousands of complaints on expedia.. expedia is doing office scams ... expedia should ban....

i never prefer expedia in my life.....

worst worst worst expedia ....
Posted by lynae on 2014-01-08:
Their customer service reps hang up on you or put you hold and never return....you can sometimes hear them laughing and singing in the background. Expedia uses slave labor from the Phillippines. Is it any wonder their customer service stinks just like expedia does.... I will never use that sham company again!!!
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Expedia Puts You Out In The Streets With The Homeless
Posted by Dontdoexpedia on 07/04/2013
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- First time using Expedia. I book a Quality Inn Hotel room near the Clearwater airport. I spent 2 hrs searching websites and boy do I wish I wouldn't have gotten this hotel or used Expedia. The hotel should have been named homeless ghetto inn. Homeless people obviously renting rooms weekly (cuz their were washing machines in the halls-red flag #1) were partying in the pool next to my room until 5 am!!! At 2 am I finally got fed up because there were like 15 people w coolers naked in hot tub and loud as hell drunk. Asked to change rooms. The room I got changed to had mice droppings on table and chairs. The next 2 rooms I tried also has mice droppings or drunk homeless people in the hallways.

I called Expedia...2am-4am was on hold! And after my long wait and speaking to two separate supervisors with two calls each 1-2hr calls...I was told they could not transfer me to a different hotel because they don't do reservations from 10pm-6am and its 4am. Also no refunds or transfers can be made because the hotel manager (who of course was unreachable) has to give approval they won't charge before Expedia can help. Found it! The purse. Thanks. supv's confirmed this. But they could make a reservation at another hotel and I pay! Excuse me? Didn't you just say you can't make reservations at this time? Hmmm.

So when I said are you telling me you are putting me out on the street at 4am?! The Expedia employee said yes ma'am I am sorry but I am saying that. WOW!! When I called Expedia 6am that day couldn't help me until Monday this was Sat. Also when I called corporate office of Expedia one option said push #6 to talk to someone and I did..3 times and no one ever answered for 20 minutes ring ring ring. Each time. Then other choice said leave a msg push 2 I did and it said sorry we are not able to connect you at this time! Lmao...SMH!!! WOW. NO BETTER THAN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
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Posted by Losyaxons on 10/16/2012

We attempted to check in to the ANEMON Hotel in Denizli, Turkey on Sept 27th, 2012. OGUR, the front desk manager refused to even look at our EXPEDIA confirmation number and said he had no rooms available. The hotel was obviously double booking rooms already sold to EXPEDIA. We were told to leave and that there were no rooms at any of the other hotels either. We checked in to the better located North Point Hotel. When we attempted to recover our money from the ANEMON, they told EXPEDIA we were shown a room which we refused and now they are actually trying to keep the money! Expedia is siding with the hotel and has told us they can do nothing, even though the hotel is blatantly trying to steal from us and the hotel video would prove us right. Thankfully, we have American Express and will recover our money. We will not use EXPEDIA again and recommend others avoid them as well. The ANEMON HOTELS organization is dishonest and readers should not trust them either.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-10-16:
As you can tell from reviews both here and on other sites, third party travel contractors such as Expedia tend to do a less than stellar job should any problem occur with your bookings, whether it be with hotels, airlines or rental cars. They claim to give you a bargain price, but reality is that the aggravation and lack of customer service usually isn't worth what you may (or may not) save. When you book directly, you are the customer and not the contractor and you will often receive better customer consideration as a result.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-10-16:
I have been to Turkey, and there are some nice little hotels that are part of american chains. They worked out great. The problem with Expedia is that it is only the booking agent and will believe the hotel, if they misrepresent what occurs.
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Don't expect issue resolution & watch out for unauthorized card charges
Posted by Dldinucci on 09/13/2012
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have an Expedia travel coupon for a $50 discount. 1st problem - on line system wasn't working to process for my booking. I called Expedia to book my room. The man from India (Dee Dee) ran the information and told me my hotel room would be 59 dollars with the discount and took my credit card information.

He then put me on hold to get me a confirmation. 20 min later he said his computer was frozen and to hold. For the next 50 minutes this continued with him checking back periodically. Then he hung up and called back.

He told me next that the coupon system at Expedia wasn't working. Therefore my card was charged for the full reservation amount but Expedia would credit 50 off my card. (This went from 11 P.M. to 12:20 a. m.). He then transferred me to someone who asked to take my reservation. I was in bed by then and was not happy. She then transferred me to a supervisor (Ram/also India) who explained to me once again they would refund me the $50 if I booked the reservation. I asked how long until the card was refunded - 2 weeks! I told him I would not book then. He told me my card was already charged the full amount and it would be two weeks to credit my card.

I HAD NOT authorized AT ANY TIME this charge. When I told him this was unacceptable he argued and said "obviously you authorized the $109 or we wouldn't have your credit card number." I explained I authorized $59. I cancelled the reservation.

Went on my bank today and find 13 authorizations on my credit card from Expedia! I called to speak to a manager but you must go through the system. So I started with Auburn (India)who when I tried to explain what had happened she interrupted immediately and said "we have solved this by crediting your card there is nothing else to do." I asked to speak to a Manager.

I received Daniel (American) in the corporate office. He explained that they had put a credit toward my card and therefore the issue was resolved. I asked if they do anything for customer satisfaction, take responsibility or at least apologize for the horrible experience I had. No. He said it was the representative who had screwed up, not Expedia. I asked if they stand behind what their representative does - NO. I asked if they do anything to appease or assist customers who have had a horrible experience. - NO. I asked if there was a way to cash out my
Expedia credits as I NEVER WANT TO USE THEM AGAIN. NO.

All in all Expedia charged my card for an amount that was not authorized. Spent over 2 hours on the phone on the first day. (And 45 minutes the 2nd in trying to talk to a manager) And now have 13 authorizations on my card with still no hotel.

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Expedia charges more than rack rate; some discount
Posted by Bellis on 07/28/2012
Booked thru Expedia. 5 nights at. Montana b and b. $225/night. Arrived for vacation stay. Learned that others were paying $169 for this room. Furious. Complained to Expedia. No good response. Never using Expedia again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-07-28:
I've found booking directly through the hotel is usually cheaper. I have AAA, and when I price the rates with my AAA discount, it's more expensive than the hotel's regular rates. Same as when I go to sites like Expedia or Hotels.com.
Posted by Ben There on 2012-07-28:
Hotels room rates are like plane tickets and cruises... The prices change all the time based on supply and demand. If your rate is flexible, you can normally get your price reduced to the new lower cost.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-28:
You agreed to the rate when you booked. Unless there is some kind of a guarantee, I'm afraid you are out of luck.

I don't ask others what they paid when I stay at places, go on cruises, etc. Once I have paid, I judge my satisfaction by comparing the experience to the cost.

The lure of companies such as Expedia seems to be the prospect of saving money. I've never understood the concept, since adding a middle man should increase the cost. Like shorty, I still use AAA for reviews and discounts.
Posted by bhskittykatt on 2012-07-28:
Ben There is right that rates are flexible. At my motel, if the price at check-in is lower than what a guest booked it at, I give them the lower rate at check-in. The problem with a site like Expedia is that you've already paid them their money. Expedia then takes their cut, and passes the rest to the hotel or motel. It's out of the hotel's hands at that point what you were charged. That's why it's usually best to book directly; if something comes up, the hotel has the power to work with you directly.
Posted by bee on 2012-07-28:
TRMN8R - adding a "middle man" as you put it does not increase the cost. Travel agents do not charge any extra, and many times find the cheapest available rate for their clients. That's a third party right there and that saves money.

When booking travel, it is your responsibility to ensure you are getting the best deal for your travel dollar. Expedia is fine for searching hotels in a particular town. But I would never book through their site. Check the web page of the hotel chain directly or call that hotel and see what their rates are. Or, contact a travel agen who can do those things for you and many times has the ability to find other discounts due to contracts with various suppliers.

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Multiple Issues
Posted by Erin_kaitlin07 on 06/22/2012
I work at a hotel front desk, and on TOP of third party reservations not having guaranteed room types (so don't expect that double you thought you booked), but when I had trouble finding a reservation for a guest, I was, actually still am, on hold. It has been, as of right now, 58 minutes and 45 seconds. I recommend booking directly through the hotel you wish to stay in.
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Posted by bhskittykatt on 2012-06-23:
Not to mention Expedia often wants up to a 30% commission and control over last-room availability. I'm so glad my chain doesn't deal with them. We work with a few other 3rd party site though and have had off-and-on issues with them misrepresenting our amenities and such.

I always advise that if you find a price through a 3rd party site, call the hotel and politely ask if they will match the rate. They'll likely be willing to, since that way they don't have to pay the comission, or deal with the headache, of a third party, so both the guest and the hotel will benefit that way.
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Charged My CC for Incorrect Reservation and Would Not Cancel My Reservation Not Refund My CC.
Posted by Marysenske on 06/18/2012
Expedia charged my CC for a reservation that was incorrectly made by Expedia. When the mistake was found, Expedia refused to cancel the reservation and refund my credit card. They kept blaming the Westin for the mistake, even though the Westin advised me to not book through 3rd party again as the Westin always has a cancellation policy. Never use Expedia again.
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Posted by danie1442 on 2012-06-18:
I too believe it's best to book straight through the hotel. I have tried to use the services that say they have cheaper deals once but noticed that they were just about the same. The cancellation policy alone is always reason to go through the hotel.

Also, when booking with airlines look at their sites, you may be surprised that you get the same deal on those sometimes.

I hope they work this out for you.
Posted by Ben There on 2012-06-18:
Westin has rates that can come with hefty cancellation penalties as well, just like Expedia has rates that allow free cancellations. You just have to read the rules of what you are buying and never assume any rate is refundable regardless of how you book.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-06-18:
Almost always best to stay away from these 3rd party sites unless you can afford to lose your money if something goes wrong. A direct booking with Westin would have provided a lot more wiggle room if an error was made by anyone.
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Bait and Switch!
Posted by Eileenfp67 on 12/06/2011
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I made reservations online for a hotel room only to find after a 2 hour drive that I was not in the main hotel and was across the parking lot in the motel.

I tried to cancel my reservations, but the man at the desk said he couldn't cancel them because I did not book through them. He said I had to contact Expedia online. Of course, having come to Columbia for an event, I did not have time to contact Expedia. I tried to get a letter from the mad at the desk, so I would be guaranteed my money back, but I couldn't get it.

I felt trapped and knew if I didn't use the reservation, I would drive home 2 hours AND get charged the hotel charges for a motel room that was never used. No matter what happens, these big companies take advantage of the situation. America used to have amazing customer service. Now, when the company is clearly in the wrong, it claims no wrong doing and takes no responsibility for its unethical practices.

I contacted Expedia, and no matter what I said it was a "Heads they win, tails I lose" situation. I was overcharged for a MOTEL room. I asked for half my money back, and they said no. No matter what I said, I did not do enough at the time, which was too stressful and difficult with plans for shows and events. It seems customer service should really be called the Lie, Cheat, and Steal Under All Circumstances Department

I will never use Expedia again, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know not to use Expedia.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-07:
This is the second Expedia complaint I've seen in the last 1/2 hour. Thank you for spreading the word. I can't think of a reason to use Expedia since it looks like if something goes wrong, there will be no help from them to resolve it.
Posted by John on 2012-05-29:
I just had a similar problem with Expedia. I spent about three days researching a trip for a wedding and thought it might be a good idea to stay overnight since it was just about 2 hours from home. After reading various reviews I decided on one hotel in particular. A day later I did some more research and eventually booked it.. the night of the wedding when I went to check-in... The hotel manager told me I had no reservation and they had no rooms. Called Expedia and they said I had booked at a different hotel down the road. This was completely unacceptable. I had read every review of every hotel in the area that I was interested in. Then came back a day later and read more reviews of the same hotels on different sites. I was thrifty but thorough. The hotel Expedia booked me into just was not one of them. I was livid. I had no recourse. For me it was the principal of the matter... The fact that they had pulled a bait and switch without my consent. Expedia refused to issue a refund. I called the bank that night to dispute the charges but no charge had come through. I could have gotten in my car and drove up the road to the other hotel but again it was the principal. After an hour at the front desk trying to resolve the issue I opted to drive home. I phoned the bank again once the charge appeared on my account. The bank called expedia and after long holds and various transfers and more holds believe it or not... Expedia produced a series of screen shots 'showing' that I had booked at the hotel I hadn't chosen, never heard of and had never seen. It was Orwellian. All for 91 bucks! SO in the end... Not only did I eat the charge... I now appear to be completely bat shit crazy!
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Expedia is customer service failure in refunding cancelled hotel reservation
Posted by Johnsonlz57 on 10/07/2011
We made reservations for Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, IL for our son for 8 nights. Due to change in plans, we had to cancel first 2 nights and did so, following required cancellations procedures 24 hours ahead of reservation check in. Each time spoke with customer service agent who was Indian and had only rudimentary understanding of English. Agent kept me on hold over 20 minutes each time while they cancelled reservation with hotel Received email notification of 1st night cancellation...not 2nd night. Then we had to call and cancel remaining 6 nights of hotel reservation and did it within required cancelleation procedures 24 hours ahead. Credit card statement comes and we have recived credit for 1st 2 nights cancelled ($121.98 and $126.98) but not remainder of hotel stay ($761.86). This time, another agent with heavy Indian accent keeps me on hold for over 35 minutes. Tells me she is not authorized to make refunds but will have manager do so. Next month comes and charges still not credited by Expedia. Call to hotel then confirms that hotel never charged me, but Expedia did. This time I speak to agent Fred at Expedia who says he will forward this to accounting and I should receive email in 72 hours confirming refund. I plan on calling them every 24 hours and hound them until I get my money refunded. Will never, ever use Expedia for anything again. Worst customer service ever. Would advise hotels to dump Expedia as reservation partner.
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Expedia Sucks and Will Not Accept Any Responsibilities!!!!
Posted by Cole569555 on 07/06/2011
On 7/5 I booked a hotel through Expedia's 800 number for arrival on 7/6. The agent assured me she had me set up for 2 double beds because I was traveling with my wife and our 2 teenage kids. Upon arrival to the hotel I was informed they only had a king bed available, doesn't really work for 4 people (especially with 2 teenage kids). I called Expedia and requested to refund the whole deal. They informed me that the hotel would have to charge us for 1 day and could refund the other days. I let them know that was unacceptable and I wanted everything to be refunded, I wasn't paying for a room that I couldn't utilize. After 48 minutes and speaking with a manager, I was informed their was nothing they could do (nothing at all, no compensation or any offer to help resolve the issue and still wanted to charge me for one night and refund the rest.) I went down to the front desk and spoke with the manager at the hotel. She said that Expedia should take care of it, that if they would refund everything to me, they had no problem with that. I asked if they could take care of it and she said no, because she doesn't even have my credit card info or even know how I paid, because I paid Expedia and Expedia pays them. She said she has no way of refunding it that it would have to go through Expedia, what she said made since. I called Expedia back again and spoke w/ another mgr, after 15 more minutes on the phone I finally was able to get my full refund. Over an hour on the phone, just to get my money back because they messed up. The hotel said that this happens a lot with Expedia, that Expedia can't promise a specific room type (King, 2 double, etc.), because it all depends on availability. She said that Expedia does this a lot and it really causes them and their customer's a lot of problems. Bottom line, DON'T EVER BOOK A HOTEL THROUGH EXPEDIA!!!!!!
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Posted by Ryan84 on 2011-07-06:
Good thing you got your full refund! I never buy from travel websites anymore. I had a horrible experience with Orbitz involving 2 round trip tickets to Hawaii. One of the airlines we were flying went bankrupt. We called Orbitz to have them re book us on different flights. At first they gave us a new itinerary, then they told us we owed them another $400, on top of the $1700 we had already paid a month before and had confirmed seats. Finally after 4 hours of talking on the phone, we finally got Orbitz's refund department. The gentleman we worked with worked his behind off to get us flights at no additional cost. He was on the phone with U.S. Airways, one of the 3 airlines we were going to fly, the others being Delta and ATA (ATA folded in April 2008). U.S. Airways agreed to fly us all the way at the same price we had paid for the original tickets. Ever since that experience I go right to the source....the airlines websites tend to be about $5 cheaper then the travel sights anyway, and any problems that arise can be worked out directly with the source. The middle man (travel websites) cause a lot of un needed headaches.

Did I mention these plane tickets were for my honeymoon?
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