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Cheaper car rental rates - no way
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Rating: 1/51

Checked on car rental at Budget for Anchorage AK: total $372.44. Then I went to Expedia to get a better rate, but the cheapest rate it had for the exact same period, same size, class, etc was $441. One wonders how they can advertise 'cheaper' rates than if you go directly to the rental company.

Refund Not Yet Received
By -

I had booked a flight to Orlando from Seatac for 7 days. Due to bad weather the flight was canceled. We decided not to go. We asked Alaska Airlines for a refund and received one in two days. We also called Expedia to cancel our car rental so they called Dollar car rental and they waived the $50 cancellation fee. After we returned from our alternate vacation, I noticed my credit card bill had not received a refund for the car rental or the booking fee. I've been calling and asking for a refund (four times now). Average hold time 20 minutes. I've been told, "We're taking care of it." Fifteen days later and still nothing. I'll update what happens.

Next day (Sept. 3rd 2008) I was told I'd be contacted yesterday... no callback. I called back. I was told ** was working on it right this minute! Will call back. I'll wait... Next day (Sept. 4th 2008) ** called me back yesterday and told me the matter was resolved and I will get a full refund. (Might be one of those "The cheque is in the mail" type of things.)... I'll wait again. Next next day (Sept 6th) still no refund. I'll update next when I call or when I get my refund.

Next week (Sept 12th) still no refund. I called and asked what the hold up was. After much ado about nothing I was told that ** was not working that day, but she contacted the refund department and they said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get back my refund. I then explained to the call center clerk that if I returned a pair of running shoes I would get credited for that instantly. I don't think they're allowed to hang up on you because I was being very long winded (remaining professional). I told her I would call back twice weekly to see how thing are progressing with the refund.

Sept 22nd still no refund (maybe I'll copy and paste updates). I was on hold for under 1 minute this time. I asked for ** the supervisor - not in today. Last time I checked he worked Monday to Friday. This was a relatively short because I'm getting tired of the same old crap.

October 16th Still no refund. I received a letter from my credit card company (CIBC Visa dividend card) requesting supporting documentation for the services not received. I gave them a call (30 seconds on hold) and explained to them that these negotiations were entirely conducted over the phone. CIBC Visa told me that they would credit my account and would let Expedia dispute the charge reversal. Hopefully this matter is finally resolved. No thanks to Expedia's much less than straight up business practices. Thank you CIBC Visa!

Reservation, Denied!!!
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I've never bashed a company on the internet until now. After getting home and doing what I should have done previously, due diligence, I would have never reserved a vehicle through Expedia.com for a rental vehicle from EZ rent a car. Run away! Spend the extra $5 to $25 per day, and get a vehicle from any different company. If you don't believe this? Enjoy your time writing my same review.

European car rental through Expedia.com
By -

I reserved a car rental in Italy through Expedia.com. When I arrived in Milan, the rental company, Lukauto, charged me 50% more than my Expedia reservation which included Super Insurance that was already included in my reservation. After I returned the car and inspected it to see that there were no damages, they claimed that I damaged it and charged me $560 for repairs.

I e-mailed Expedia.com 3 times and the only answer I received was an instruction to call the customer service number. When I called the number and spoke to their agent, I was put on hold for 45 minutes and then was connected to the U.S. office of the crooked car rental company. Expedia offers no help to their customers and I would never rent a car through them again.

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