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Fedex Lost My Package Two Weeks Ago
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I DROPPED a box (pre-labeled and prepaid by Apple computer) on a Fedex box Saturday the 11th of April 2009.

The box contained a broken (but brand new) ipod touch, which I was sending back to apple.
Well, since that Saturday (2 weeks ago from now) no one has seen the package again!!

Apple has not received it yet and Fedex says that the tracking number (which is 100% correct, as I double checked it with apple) has no history, it's stuck and the shipping does not appear to have occurred.
There's no activity at all on the tracking number.
But I shipped it 2 weeks ago!!!!


As I did not had it scannerized by anyone but simply put it on a Fedex box, they of course were able to do that, as I had no receipt to proof that I had shipped the box.

It' s very very disappointing.

I come from Italy and I had always felt that in the USA everything was precise, functioning and working.

That's why I put the box in the Fedex drop out container. I thought: if this container is here it must mean that it is 100% safe, secure, guaranteed.
But in fact IT IS NOT!

Apple has no proof that I shipped the ipod, and they therefore won't refound me of my loss.

And Fedex keeps on (1) blaming on apple (2) saying that they will try to search for my box, but what they do is NOTHING (they don't even call me back to tell me how this "research" is going.

I hate this. I spent 250 $ on that ipod, and now I have lost all the money.
And it's only because I trusted Fedex.


How can they loose track of a package?
How can they loose the package itself?
How come that they won't really help you in finding where the hell your package is???

I really think that someone stole it, it's the only possible thing at this point as TWO WEEKS HAVE PASSED SINCE I SHIPPED THE BOX.

And what pisses me off more is that I totally believed in Fedex before that.
They have this strong corporate image that says that they will ship your packages whenever and no matter what.
But that's totally untrue!!!

And apparently, many other people have had my same problem with them.
Here on the web is loaded with complaints about the fact that THEY LOOSE YOUR PACKAGES.

What am I supposed to do now?????

I wish that this complaint I am writing will succeed in making hear my voice at FEDEX.


I want my package back, I have all the shipping details and I have witnesses who saw me dropping the package in the Fedex box in Brooklyn -NY.

I SIMPLY WANT WHAT'S MINE BACK. It's just not fair that they lost (or that someone stole?) it. I trusted them. I trusted the system. And they lost my ipod.

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jktshff1 on 04/25/2009:
Good post and information.
If the label was issued to you by Apple, for return of the item, and not scanned by FedEx, it won't be in the system. Not necessarily a FedEx fault (while it could be the driver).
Just a lesson to anyone returning or shipping something of value, never just drop it off in a box, and be sure to get a receipt.
madconsumer on 04/25/2009:
this is the importance of shipping in person at a location.
proseleno on 04/25/2009:
Of course I did learn the lesson that NO ONE SHOULD NEVER DROP ANYTHING ON A FEDEX BOX.
But still, I did not know that before as I come from Italy, and I had never used FedEx drop boxes before.
I thougt that system was secure and functioning, I did not expected it to be unworking and unwarranted.
And someone did lost my package.
And I still am without the ipod touch for which I had paied 250$!!!
So I don't really think I could be satisfied in knowing that now I have learned a lesson.
It was a 250$ lesson!!!!!
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Lost package, Disrespectful employees, Refusal to make home deliveries, Witnessed driver ?
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- It seems someone had the review I left last night removed within 24 hours, so I will go into more detail and tell of MY personal experiences with Fedex. It began with a lost package that was listed as delivered on the website. I will admit my address is a difficult matter and that I have had to give explicit instructions to all the carriers but Fedex is the only company that has complicated the matter further. I immediately called Fedex to let them know that I had Not received my package. After I had to convince the rep that I had been home all day and that no the package had not been delivered I was told I would receive a call back within 24 hours. I did and I was connected to a very nice, sympathetic woman who did her best to try to find this package and actually had a heart after I had to deal with the terminal manager in Gainesville Florida. Calls with the terminal manager went back and forth for over a week with this awful person, who had the audacity to accuse me of lying and who actually laughed at me when I finally broke down in tears. He was the absolute rudest person I have ever dealt with concerning deliveries to my home. Eventually the package was deemed lost and the seller had to apply for a refund and disperse the refund to me. This took months.

The kicker to this, I believe it was 5 months later, the package arrived with NO explanation as to where it had been. I did call the seller as the refund went to her initially but no I did not call Fedex back. My very next dealing with FedEx was the absolute REFUSAL of the driver to deliver the package to my home. Twice we had to drive into town and retrieve packages we had paid to be delivered to our home.

The third time it happened I absolutely refused to retrieve the package and that driver has delivered all packages. Once he found our home, he has made every delivery and been quite nice since. To top all this off, last night my husband ACTUALLY witnessed, and all of this can be documented Fedex, very suspicious behavior by a Fedex driver in D'Lo Mississippi.

He had just stopped at a truck stop when a Fedex driver had pulled up in front of the truckstops dumpster. He said the driver exited the delivery van, opened the side door and was inside the van for approx. 60 seconds, and then upon exiting the vehicle, the driver threw the package away. My husband immediately called me to tell me about it. Curiosity was killing him about the package but I asked him to let me make a couple of calls before he went dumpster diving. I immediately looked up the local sheriffs office for that area of Mississippi.

I called and let them know what he had witnessed. I also called Fedex but could not give anymore information other than what my husband had witnessed and where. The young lady seemed totally baffled as to what to do and only after I informed her that I had also called the local sheriff did she tell me she would contact the proper terminal. I had questions as to whether she even knew which one it was but could go no further at the moment. When I called my husband back, he was in the process of telling the officer sent out that he had not called about the package. It only took a few seconds for me to explain to him that I had called but by then the sheriff had already left.

This after having retrieved the OPENED and now EMPTIED package, asking my husband if he had called, and tossing the package back in the dumpster. I asked my husband to retrieve information from the package then as I was infuriated at the officers lack of care about this crime. I called Fedex back and was put through to a ground terminal. It was the incorrect terminal but I had the tracking number and names now on the package so that the proper driver could be reported. The person assured me he would see to it that it was taken care of. My experiences with Fedex led me to wonder if it would so I also looked up the person the package was being shipped to on the internet and contacted them to let them know what had happened and where their now empty package was.

I was so angry I almost called the local media for the area. I cannot in good faith ever recommend Fedex after our personal dealings with them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/27/2007:
Unbelievable behavior.
Anonymous on 09/28/2007:
I bet this happens more often than any of us realize it does, the drivers just don't expect anyone to catch them in the act like you did.
fazie on 09/28/2007:
I'm speechless!
JackHell on 11/24/2008:
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Lost Christmas Present!
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- On December 21, 2007 I paid for overnight delivery of a Christmas gift. The present was unwrapped (a pair of pants) anad fit nicely into the FedEx envelope mailer. I entrusted the package knowing that by paying overnight fees of $37.01, the package would be delivered on December 24, 2007.

December 24 came and went and the package was not delivered. Now - according to tracking, the package left Memphis, TN at 4:34 am on the 24th. Memphis is 90 minutes from Tupelo, MS - the destination of the package. Not delivered on 12/24 or 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, Jan 1 or 2! We called and found the company completely inattentive to our complaint and request for a refund of the overnight shipping charges. We were told that someone would contact us. That they did. I was not available so they said they would call back in 24 hours. No - no return call.

On January 6, 2008, I called FedEx again and asked about the status. The rep indicated that I should start a claim and that currently they were still looking for the package. The system would not allow a claim to be entered. I tried going to the website and it wouldn't come up. The claims form online is not currently available.

When I told the lady I would cal again - but that as I understood it, the claims process would enable me to get a refund of the shipping cost of $37.01 and the cost of the pants $51 she responded that Fedex would pay for the pants but that I would not necessarily get the shipping cost back. GO FIGURE - what other business can charge for NONDELIVERY of the service???

Fedex has built itself as the premier shipper, charging a premier price for their service. Their motto 0 When it absolutely has to get there. Cute that they don't say when it might get there. What shabby service - even when their employee tried to help, their services failed even their own employee.
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yoke on 01/07/2008:
Sounds like a FED EX driver needed to finish some Christmas shopping!
Anonymous on 01/07/2008:
You paid $37 to have a $51 pair of pants sent? That's nuts.
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Lost Package
Posted by on
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- On Friday morning I sent a package,from Alaska containing two envelopes and some paperwork for my son's schooling, very important paperwork needed for his loans for school, and paperwork from his deceased father for him to have. I paid the extra amount asked for so that it could be delivered on Saturday. Monday, my son called from Arizona and stated he had yet to receive the package.

I called customer service on their 800 number and was referred to someone in Scottsdale, Arizona who told me that he showed the package had been delivered on Saturday at 11:18 a.m. and there was a signature on file. When I told him my son didn't get the package, he told me to check with the office since there was an apartment number on the package.

After calling my son back and advising him of what I was told, he went to the office to check on the package. He called me while he was in the office. They looked in every nook and cranny of the office and still no package.

I again called customer service and was referred to the same person in Scottsdale, Arizona. He then said that he would talk to the delivery driver and see what he could remember. Both times I talked to this person, he said he would call me back.

Again, the next day, I called customer service and was connected with the person in Scottsdale, Arizona. The story then was the driver said he had delivered it to the front door of the apartment. My son and his roommate had been home all day Saturday and no one rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. They were waiting for the package because I had told them on Friday it would be delivered on Saturday.

When I questioned the person in Scottsdale about the signature on file, he stated there was no signature on file. This was a delivery to the front door package. When I asked why I had been told there was a signature on file, he said he didn't know why anyone would tell me that. When I told him it was him that had told me that, he said he wouldn't say any such thing because that was not on the screen in front of him.

I confronted him about the different stories I was receiving and he said all he could tell me was what was on the screen in front of him and that he was very sorry, but the package seemed to be lost and FedEx was not at fault. I could put in a claim for the amount I paid to ship the package. He said that lost packages do not happen very often, but this seemed to be one of those times.

I told him that it seemed drivers that drive the same route, no matter how busy, should be able to be familiar with their route and go back over the previous day in their mind and figure out where or what he did with the package. The apartment building that the package was delivered to has a policy of deliveries being made to the office, not to a specific apartment. When I talked to the person in Scottsdale, he stated that in those cases there is usually a signature of file and the package is left in the office drop box or in a secure area near the office. Yet when I talked to the same person the next day I got a completely different story.

Now I am faced with the stuff in the two smaller envelopes I sent being lost and the paperwork for my son's schooling lost and maybe he may not be able to get the loan he needs because of the time involved in him sending me the paperwork again for me to fill out my portion and again send it back to Arizona. Yet all I get told is I'm sorry, but we do not put any value on paperwork or anything else in the envelope, so you can file a claim for the shipping cost! It doesn't matter that my son may be kicked out of his apartment or even his school because FedEx did not do their job properly or can't even remember if they did, but I can file a claim for the shipping cost! Do I sound bitter? You bet I do and that doesn't even begin to describe my feelings at this time!

My advice, don't use FedEx! They don't value you as a customer nor do they value anything you might be shipping that is a part of your life, but has no value to them! They don't hesitate to tell you that they are not responsible for losing the package nor the fact that paperwork has no value to them! Never mind the fact that some of the paperwork was from my deceased husband and can never be replaced! If you are sending ANYTHING IMPORTANT DO NOT USE FEDEX!!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/27/2007:
If your son and his friend were home all day waiting for the package, why didn't he get it ?
Did your son step out for a few minutes ?
I have never had a problem with FedEx.
Have your son check with all the neighbors.
steve101 on 09/27/2007:
Sorry for your loss. Next time use USPS overnight. They will get a signature confirmation even if its an apartment. If no one is home they will not leave the package at the door. For very important papers add registered mail. With this service, anyone that handles the package must sign for it and the packages are securely locked.
Anonymous on 09/27/2007:
USPS is the worst. Do not use them as they are very lazy. Stick with the private companies.
Anonymous on 09/27/2007:
Why oh why are people so doubting of the consumer. Just because one person hasn't had any problems with FedEx doesn't mean that no one else on earth can't. Sorry for your problems with FedEx, redrose. Hopefully the package will be found in a short amount of time.
bho55 on 09/27/2007:
You can call and demand that the driver go back and get the package where he dropped it off and take it to the correct place, and get a signature......
redrose on 09/27/2007:

No, my son did not step out and he has already checked with all of his neighbors. Just because you have never had a problem with FedEx doesn't mean that all of us have been so lucky. That is the point of my complaint. I don't know why my son didn't get the package, but apparently neither does FedEx, for which the driver should be able to remember where he might have delivered the package.

Nohandle on 09/27/2007:
"No Signature on File" merely means they left it at someone's front door with no one to sign for it. It could have very well been a substitute driver, not familiar with the area. I can't tell you the number of times I've come home and found a package intended for a neighbor and just took it to the neighbor's house and left it at their front door. Signatures at one time were required with Fed Ex, UPS and the rest. Obviously these companies determined it was to their advantage not to wait around for a signature. I certainly hope your son's package is found and thanks for the warning for others. Steve101 is correct, USPS requires a signature; otherwise, you'll get a card in your mailbox to pick up your package.
hvnbnd4hvnsk on 09/27/2007:
Fedex also lost one of my packages for 5 monthes after insisting it had been delivered. I was actually accused of lying by the terminal manager. He also laughed at me after I broke down in tears. I have had a driver absolutely refuse to deliver the packages to my home. The last driver, I absolutely refused to pick them up after paying for home delivery. He now delivers. And my husband has actually witnessed a Fedex driver throw a package into a dumpster at a truckstop...the package had been opened and was emptied. Yes, I notified the police and Fedex in Miss from Fl. I would tell anyone who is having packages shipped or reciving shipped items to avoid Fedex at all cost.
jktshff1 on 09/28/2007:
While I sympathize with you, I am reading that this was a rush job. Either your son was late sending them to you, or you were late sending them to him. Is this correct? If so why the wait on such important papers?
redrose on 09/28/2007:

The school papers can always be redone. The paperwork I am most concerned with and upset about was the stuff from my son's deceased father. This paperwork is not something that can be redone or replaced. The other paperwork was just given to him by his counselor at school, so we have no idea why it was so late or anything, but as I already stated it can be redone.

jktshff1 on 09/28/2007:
No copies??
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Lost time from work
Posted by on
ARIZONA -- I had a delivery scheduled for Mon 3/1/10 between 5 and 7 pm. I left work early and had to write off a couple of hours. The item is a game table that weighs about 350 lbs. So I waited and waited, around 645 I called customer service and gave the tracking number. I was told the shipment hadn't even come in and that I should have been called and the representative didn't know why it wasn't done. I was told to call back the next day and reschedule.

So I did and asked why I wasn't called and my time = money was wasted :(. The new representative was immediately defensive claiming she didn't know, when I pointed out that the truck hadn't been loaded so obviously someone knew, and that I had called (as described above) she just remained indifferent and seemed angry about my legit compliant. I pointed out that this should be considered a failing for such a large and established company and that I've I've had better luck with small independent companies. We made another appt and then this time they called to reschedule but seemed irritable despite this, I feel like they now define me as a "problem" customer despite their failing. The jury is still out since I haven't received my shipment yet.
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Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
You need to be calling FedEx Freight. Anything that heavy or large won't go regular UPS unless it is boxed and you have to assemble it. Even then, 350 pounds is more than over their ground limit I believe. Residential isn't going to know. Exactly what did the tracking number say?

If the unit did not come either to the hub or from the hub, they can't do anything.
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FedEx Lost My Cymbals
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I moved recently. Due to time and money concerns I had to ship 15 boxes via FedEx Ground through my job. Long story short is, FedEx lost one of the 15 boxes. And the contents of two others were broken. However, the missing box contained one of my drums and ALL of my cymbals. I am a musician. I moved to play music. And now I can't. I'm stuck. I have talked to two very helpful people within the company but it seems that they can't do much, due to FedEx policies. I'm not sure what to do. It seems I have no recourse. I filed a claim with a woman named "Goldie." I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life. She's lied to me twice now about the possible outcome of my situation.

FedEx made me a laughable offer on a claim and then made it worse by not telling me they were sending this laughable offer to my employer's home office! Now I won't even see that. Please, if anyone has any ideas, help me. I'm at wits end. I don't have the money to replace these items and I don't know what to do.

Thank you.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/28/2008:
If you didn't take out insurance on the items, their liability is limited. And usually they will send the payment to the person that paid for the shipment (in this case, your employer), as that's who their contract is with.

This isn't just a FedEx ground thing, it's the same with UPS.
BobJohn on 07/28/2008:
I am not sure, but if you have some kind of renter's or homeowner's insurance they may help cover the cost though I agree it should but the carriers problem to pay. Hugh_ is right too.
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Posted by on
PORTLAND, OHIO -- FedEx's signature guarantee means nothing. Don't think that because a signature is required for delivery that your package is safe in FedEx's hands. Last fall (2006), I sent my wedding dress out of state to have it cleaned and preserved so that I could keep it as an heirloom. However, when the preservation company shipped it back to me via FedEx, it was grossly mishandled. Either the FedEx driver accepted someone else's "signature" as my own or the driver signed for it him/herself. It wasn't even a signature-- it was simply my first name (no last name!!) printed in someone else's handwriting. Perhaps the driver "signed" for it him/herself and left it on my doorstep, and then some passerby stole it. Or perhaps the driver simply let some person off the street "sign" my first name and then handed it over to this person who then stole it! I'll never know, because FedEx never provided an explanation. Trying to get them to talk to me over the course of several months was futile. Trying to get compensation from them for the loss of this item of great personal value was even more hopeless. FedEx lost one of my most cherished possessions and did nothing to make amends for that. This is unacceptable and unforgivable.

I will not use FedEx ever again, and I plan to encourage everyone I know to do no further business with them either.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/18/2007:
Absolutely correct that signature service means nothing as all it means is a signature for delivery - any signature. They do offer a real signature service with delivery to a specific person but it costs much more. Unless the dress was shipped with insurance coverage you will never get a dime. Have you checked with the preservation company to see if they included insurance?
MRM on 07/18/2007:
A similar situation happened to me when I was tracking my package online and it was signed by another person in another city. I contacted Fedex, and told them they had delivered the package to the wrong address. The next day, I received my package.
Anonymous on 07/19/2007:
Just curious. Was there no one local who could preserve the dress? Why trust it to some out of state outfit if it was that important to you?
mangomaiden on 07/19/2007:
What a terrible thing to have happened to you! PassingBy is correct - you will have no recovery unless the dress was shipped with insurance. If I must have something valuable shipped to me, I've always paid the extra cost to have the item insured. So far, I haven't had anything lost or damaged, but the peace of mind knowing that I'll be covered has been invaluable.
protect your rights on 10/05/2007:
Angry bride, contact me at I might be able to help.
nala976 on 10/15/2007:
I feel your wedding band was stolen while being shipped from WA to OR via FedEx. The package was opened and resealed, with the empty ring box wrapped in bubble wrap. I had to call and flile a claim, then call 3 weeks later and re-open my claim when no action was taken (although they tried to tell me that the claim had been resolved and already paid out!!!). Long story short, items of "extroardinary value", per the FedEx handbook, are only insured for a max. of $500. Learning my lesson the hard way, I've now received my claim check which is worth less than half the actual value of the ring. I, like many of you, am never going to use Fedex again and I'm spreading the word to all who will listen.
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