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Liars and Cheats
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Federal Express would not refund for package not delivered and claimed that a 26-hour delay in getting a package to their Memphis hub from Nebraska was due to storms (a one and a half hour flight). No storms were reported; no tornadoes, as claimed by their service representative.

This is the third time in two months that Fed Ex has lied about so-called weather delays. My advice: never use Fed Ex unless you want to be lied to and cheated out of delivery fees.

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jktshff1 on 05/14/2011:
What was the date the package was supposed to ship and when was it to be delivered?
madconsumer on 05/14/2011:
when was the package shipped? also remember that memphis is being flooded.
jktshff1 on 05/14/2011:
mad, Memphis is not flooded, parts of it are. A portion of the Riverside is and mostly neighborhoods in the north and southwest. The airport and FedEx hub were not affected in any way as well as the majority of the city. All the major attractions are open with the exception of mud island. Right now the Griz won last night at the forum downtown, the Memphis in May BBQ is going as normal for most of the people. The news has over hyped this as usual.
trmn8r on 05/14/2011:
In my experience delivery companies do not lie when they say say weather impacted delivery. What day was the package shipped, arrive?

The media has hyped the flooding of the Mississippi, but they have accurately covered the Memphis situation on the channels I watched. Including mentioning that FedEx isn't affected. Memphis in May BBQ - did that once - most excellent. They moved it a bit this year, as it takes place right on the river.
Melissa Graham on 07/01/2013:
I also had a bad experience with Fed Ex. Fed Ex Freight is just as bad at lying and cheating customers. They make excuses to why they were not able to deliver so they can extort "re delivery fees" . ($100) And if you don't pay them, your delivery is held hostage or sent back ! Even if it is YOUR OWN INVENTORY THAT YOU ALREADY PAID FOR. The fed Ex Corporation has obviously developed a toxic attitude that comes from the top and trickles down to all other employees.
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Premium cost without service
Posted by on
I wanted an overnight letter package via FedEx delivered next day (4/21/11 Thursday to 4/22/11 Friday) and two different FedEx offices said it could not be delivered until Monday 4/25/11. Granted, this was the Easter weekend, but FedEx promotes 'guaranteed' overnight delivery. The cost was the regular "overnight" price, but no "guaranteed" delivery until Monday 4/25/11.

Next time, I will use USPS with a four day turnaround at 50% lower cost.
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madconsumer on 05/01/2011:
it depends on the location of the delivery. some areas did not get FedEx deliveries on 4.22.11. most business did.
trmn8r on 05/01/2011:
Are you always going to be shipping on Easter Weekend? If so, then USPS may in fact be the way to go.

OTOH, unless you hit some other holiday, FEDEX may be a good option. If you want truly guaranteed overnight service all the time, you may have to hand carry your package to its destination.
Skye on 05/01/2011:
Yes, it does make a difference due to locations. Sorry they could not accommodate you.
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Unreliable delivery service with deceitful customer service personels
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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered an overnight delivery of 2 live lobsters from Boston to California for a very important person, and was promised the package would be delivered by 3:00 pm on 12/21/07; however, the package was never delivered. When I called FedEx the first time tonight I was told by a gentleman with a Spanish accent that there was a delay due to a snow storm in South Boston. I told him I have been tracking the weather channel and the weather is perfectly clear in Boston. However, according the tracking information online, it clearly showed the package had arrived at the sorting facility in California, which is about 30 miles away from the destination, since 7:28 am 12/21/07. The gentleman now told me that the delay was due to a SNOW STORM IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, unknowing that I am currently in California, and have been living in the state for the last 30 years (Hahaha)!!! That was a good one; unfortunately, I believe FedEx needs to retrain its employees on how to B.S. with some common senses or they should consider hiring people with at least a high school diploma.

Anyway, I called the company where I had placed the order and was told the delay was caused by FedEX since the package had left Boston and there was no snow storm in Boston.

I called FedEx for the second time, once again,I was told the same B.S., SNOW STORM IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, by another employee. Unfortunately, the employee refused to accept my claim for damage since FedEx still has not attempted the delivery and that there were too many packages for delivery during this time of the year.

Regardless of all the SNOW STORMS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, I will file a dispute with my credit card company for FedEx's unreliable and deceitful service. In addition, I WILL make sure my company will NOT continue to do business with FedEx again!
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Anonymous on 12/22/2007:
Let me put your mind to ease, there is a ****load of snow in Boston. So, yes, it was snowing. The airport is *still* backed up, according to the news I just watched.
tnchuck100 on 12/22/2007:
Ken, the OP stated the tracking information placed the package in California. At this point what difference does it make how much it is snowing in Boston? I like the "SNOW STORMS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA" excuse. That's rich.
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Overnight delivery on December 21
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I ordered clothing through Neiman Marcus and paid $53.00 for overnight delivery to be delivered on Friday, December 21, 2007. When it did not arrive, in tracking it, I read that the "delay was beyond our control." I called and was told it was "weather." When I mentioned that the online tracking indicated the item was in the same city and I could look outside and see that the weather was clear. The agent then told me, "the driver had too many shipments because it's Christmas time." In my business when we know we'll have high demand we schedule accordingly. I would think FedEx would do likewise.

I now expect the package tomorrow, which is Saturday. How silly of me. If it arrives on Monday, December 24, I know I'll be fortunate. The new name for FedEx should be "FedEx - We deliver sometime when we feel like it."
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User Replies:
old fart on 12/21/2007:
Fed-ex."when it absolutely, positively has been there sometime or another"!
railgun on 12/22/2007:
Fed-Ex "When is absolutely, positively has to be used as a soccer ball"
jRon on 05/20/2008:
Your dissappointment should lie solely on the company. I can guarantee your driver was given 16 hours worth of work by FedEx every day in December, occasionally someone's Neimann Marcus doesn't make the cut. Order your XMas presents two weeks ahead of time next year.
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