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FedEx Corporation
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Clean Air Health Equipment Boxes Separated
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- I had been expecting 1 package (or so I thought) from a Air Filter company. A friend in town was accepting and signing the delivery slip for me at his residence because the apartment building that I live in is not set-up for deliveries of any kind. The reason I was getting the clean -air unit is because I was becoming very ill from the second-hand smoke coming into my apartment from other apartments.

"Time was of the essence" so to speak because I was becoming more and mire ill by the minute, with my respiratory system fully compromised and my asthma flaring up big time. On the day of the delivery, one box was delivered to my friend for which he accepted and signed for; but, upon viewing the tracking documents it seemed that there had been a second package, which contained special filters, that had been sent from the company, along with the first.

To make a long story short, the packages had been separated by FedEx, and they had been sent in different trucks with different drivers. This meant that now it was possible that I would have to wait the entire weekend PLUS the following Monday, due to FedEx delivery services not working on Mondays. This three day hold-up could have meant that I would land up in the hospital.

I was able to intercept the second delivery trucks route by making calls to FedEx and my friend was able to pick up the second package at a terminal. Of course, there should have been a message from the company to FedEx to not separate the boxes, but the onus was still on FedEx.

Fed Ex Wheeling, Illinois Facility
By -

If you are having something delivered via FedEx, I suggest you request it not be sent through the Wheeling, Illinois, facility. I have many, many things delivered by FedEx, and 95% of the time my items arrive promptly and in good shape. The 5% of the time when there is a problem, it's because it's "stuck" in the Wheeling, Illinois facility. Every single time. Unfortunately, I forgot that when I ordered my frozen food on 2/18.

I tracked it to Wheeling on 2/22, the date my e-mail notice said it would be delivered. It's still there on 2/23, the new date my e-mail notice said it would delivered. I just spoke to a FedEx rep, who told me my food is now scheduled to leave Wheeling 2/25. We'll see. BTW, my shipment was divided into two boxes, and for some reason box 1 did not go through Wheeling and arrived on 2/22 (semi-frozen but thawing and with no dry ice remaining).

Working Conditions
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- To Federal Express: I work as a Concierge in a condominium in Center City Philadelphia. I don't know if you've ever been in Philadelphia in August, but the heat and humidity are unbearable and doing any kind of physical activity outdoors can kill you. I found out from my FedEx driver/delivery man today that FedEx delivery trucks are NOT air conditioned; I also found out that my delivery man has to load his truck every day himself at the distribution center, which is also NOT air conditioned.

This is incredibly cruel - these poor drivers/delivery men are dealing with near 100 degree temperatures and FedEx doesn't even care enough about them to install air conditioning in their vehicles or distribution center. Yet you want everything delivered ON TIME! You're lucky things even get delivered at all! Greedy, heartless pigs!

Damaged Items
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MICHIGAN -- I ordered several panels for my 1951 Plymouth from a company out of Michigan. FedEx sent 1 small box and the other box {which was large, and had most of the parts in it} was damaged in Michigan. I got the 1 box, but never received the other. I waited a week, and nothing. I called FedEx, and after a lot of run around, they admitted that it was damaged. Wasn't going to tell me, or the seller.

After contacting the seller, he called them. They were not going to do anything. The lady on the phone said that I would have to straighten it out and file papers to get a refund. The right tracking number wasn't even on it. They should have contacted one of us, but they didn't. The seller just got the package back 1 week after I talked to them. He is sending new, but now he has to fight them. Now my project was put on hold for 2 extra weeks because of them. FEDEX YOU SUCK.

Very Rude Driver
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Had questions to the driver. When I walked up he drew a bottle of soda out of the truck. I walked up saying that was not nice. He didn't even look at me. A knock on the window, the window was rolled down a little so I know he heard what I said. When I knocked at the window he said "don't touch the truck." I told him I just wanted to know if he knocked at the door when he delivered the package. He knocked at the door. He just was very rude and nasty asking me why. I walked of and told him I will complain about him being so rude and walked of. Next time he should throw stuff out the window in his neighborhood.

People have no training at FedEx - Poor service
By -

On 6-24-11 I received a call from an employee of FedEx express who said they were going to deliver toner ink I had just ordered from my printer supplier. It was supposed to be overnight delivery and this employee gave me a tracking number and claimed the package would be delivered on Friday, June 24, 2011. I waited all day and no one rang my doorbell or left a unable to deliver slip on my front door.

Three days later, on June 27, 2011 I called a warehouse of FedEx here in Oregon, WI to find out where the package was. No one from the company had called me to inform me they could not deliver the package. The employee I talked with told me it was not delivered because it did not have an apartment number on it. When I informed him it was Apt. 1, he said it would be delivered the next day.

Two or three hours later on June 27 another different employee called me and told me they could not deliver the package at all without authorization from the company it came from which happened to be Dell. I had ordered an ink cartridge for the printer and I never before had a problem. I was angry that this package would be delayed even further and argued and argued with this employee as to why they could not now deliver that package that they had in their hands.

It had the right name, it had the right address, why could they not deliver it? If they had ID, I would show them ID. The package had to be signed for anyway. No, she would not deliver it until she had authorization from Dell and I did not know when she would call Dell and when Dell would call her and give her the authorization. We got into quite an argument because she would not bend and deliver the package. I asked her why the other person said it would be delivered the next day.

I finally told her to send it back to Dell. I would reorder it. Perhaps then, I would make sure I got it. The trouble is these people are all independent contractors and they get treated so badly by FedEx, they are always leaving and new ones are coming in and they must not have any training or any common sense or courtesy. I hope I get this next package and get my ink cartridge.

Forgery, Fraud And Breach Of Contract
By -

Well, this happened to me twice. The first time I called the vendor to tell them we have moved and they said the package was on its way, I called the FedEx to intercept the package and while getting transferred and pass around I looked at the tracking number online and it said delivered. How the delivery guy manage to deliver the package to an empty house and get a signature is beyond me.

The second time was last month, first day the delivery guy left a door tag with an X mark next to the signature area which said sign here and will leave the package at the door and I did. Next day the driver left another door tag but this time no X. I got mad and called the FedEx and they said they are not going to deliver it again until Tuesday as they are close Sunday and Monday. I got so upset that I called the vendor who was not very helpful. They said it will be delivered Wednesday at which time I said cancel the order and they said the only way to cancel the order is not to sign for it and don't accept the package.

I went to work on Monday and come home to a big package at my door. When I called the FedEx they said someone signed for it... and faxed me a paper with MY signature on it. To make the matters worse trying to protect themselves they have my 20 year old son as the caller and contact person too, who was at the college 200 miles away, just proving that they pull the old record as he has been dealing on eBay since he was 12. Forgery is in their Policy otherwise two forgery by two different drivers. The next one will be on National TV... I am going all out with surveillance cameras or even see if local TV defenders group would be interested in this.

They Lie And Do Not Care About Customers!!
By -

EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have to deal with FedEx there is a problem!!! For starters when they "miss you" and are supposed to return to re-attempt delivery on three consecutive business days, THEY NEVER DO!!! I have waited ALL DAY for them to return and then I just happened to go to my computer to check the tracking info. It said that an unsuccessful attempt to re-deliver the package had been made and I had been home ALL DAY!!! There was no new infonotice because THEY NEVER CAME.

They just issue some BS infonotice number and a BS time and then they make you drive all the way to them to get your package anyway!! Now today, I had a $1000 Dell laptop delivered to my mom's house (because she is always home and I got tired of chasing FedEx around), and the bottom of the cardboard box was totally ripped, so much so that there is no way that it held a 17' laptop!! AND the packing list on the front of the box was ripped open and the packing list was removed.

When I called to report this they were totally nonchalant and non-caring yet AGAIN!!! The "customer service" representative actually told me to just turn it on and "see if it worked". WHAT??!! It's dropped? When was it opened?? Is everything in the box? I could tell that the box had been opened and the contents removed simply by the way that the package inserts were folded inside!! They are very inconsiderate and unprofessional and I wish that companies all over would stop shipping with them!!!

FedEx - really bad service and customer service
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I shipped a box via FedEx Ground on March 16, 2010. When the box didn't arrive when it should have and the tracking number yielded no information, I called FedEx. They told me the box was lost. I called every day and finally on March 26, by identifying the contents, the box was found. I was also told that since I shipped it the slowest way FedEx offers that my shipment would not be given any priorities and would be delivered “sometime next week.”

Once the box finally arrived, one item was missing. I tried to file a claim and simultaneously, wrote a letter to Fred Smith, the CEO. On April 9th, a ** responded, telling me they would look into the situation. Several weeks went by and I finally got a voicemail call from a woman who said she was “as high up as you could go.” I returned the call but never heard back. I tried again in May and June. People would promise things and then not follow through.

I finally faxed a claim form to a ** on June 30. I also spoke with her and confirmed the mailing address if using USPS. Guess what? ** had the check sent to the wrong address! And, then they made me wait until they got the check back before reissuing it. After I threatened a lawsuit, the check arrived--via FedEx Express on SEPTEMBER 8, 2010--only six months after this entire fiasco started.

We all know that customer service is dead in this country. Save yourself the stress and don't ever use FEDEX!!! (BTW, I heard that FedEx has outsourced ground services). I'm sure Fred Smith, despite what his company does to people, will get a bonus this year.

In closing, did you know that FedEx's mission statement begins with "FedEx will produce superior financial returns for shareowners..."? My guess is that since the mission statement says that only “corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards,” that when my box was opened someone helped themselves to whatever they wanted.

Rude and Unhappy Sales Clerk
By -

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- June 30, 2010. Yesterday, I went to a FedEx Kinko's Office here in Stockton, California, FedEx Office 5125, to have some documents faxed. This particular site has a very rude and unhappy sales clerk; the store was close to empty and there was only one customer besides me in front of her computer. The store was surprisingly too quiet and there was no greeting whatsoever...not even "May I help you?" from any of the 3 employees who all appeared stoic and detached from their surroundings!

My concern as a customer is this: After this sales clerk fed my documents into the fax machine, she did not bother to say anything and failed, as a courtesy to a customer, to let me know that there is some waiting time involved until transmission is verified. She proceeded to go back to her computer and did not bother to look at me or anywhere which made her appear like a robot.

After waiting for a few minutes, I asked, "Is there another cashier who can help me so I can pay what is due?" This sales clerk replied in a very stern and unfriendly tone, "There is a wait time and you can go somewhere else if you want to go!"

Her bad behavior is completely unacceptable. Evidently, her personal issues should not be brought into the work place. She is young and this type of behavior may become unmanageable for her and will surely make a bad impact on her social life. I suggest that the company puts in more effort, emphasis, and training of employees about the utmost importance of customer relations.

However, the store manager should be commended for exhibiting excellent customer relations. She re-faxed all 4 documents (was not done correctly by the sales clerk) and apologized for my unpleasant experience and promised to advise the sales clerk. The manager's demeanor should be mirrored by all your employees. Her facial expressions and mode of speaking reflected a satisfied and happy manager of FedEx Kinko's! Remember this Equation: Customers = Revenues and Salaries

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