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Information for the UNINFORMED **revised**
By -

TEXAS -- Well, this goes for those ignorant people that do not get informed before using a company. I personally think FedEx is a terrific company. If anyone needs to know about their Declared Value (which, NO, its not 'insurance'):

*Declared value is never to be considered Insurance, cause no we aren't going to give you the coverage Farmers Insurance does.

*For any jewelry and such, you are LIMITED to $500.00. (So if you go to one of the staffed facilities and they tell you they can put $501.00, NO its not going to be valid)

*If you think just cause your package got stolen or lost does it mean you are going to be refunded anything. A claim is a claim. Be reasonable.

*Don't call and say "hey, my shipper stuffed an antique vase into a brown box with no bubble wrap or foam, it arrived in pieces, can you give me the $6,000 that were declared?" haha cause no its not going to happen.

If you need to know about the Ground Services, well chances are, you're never going to get your package lol.
Anything Ground or Home Delivery, well you're pretty much... the **. Why? Because, yes, FedEx uses subcontractors that half the time don't give a rats butt if you ever get your Home Delivery package, which by the way, I've seen be delivered at very VERY late hours of the day.

If you're going to ship internationally, I suggest you INFORM yourselves about customs documentation!! Don't expect FedEx to 'assume' you sent the package with proper documentation. Then there is a customs clearance delay, you yell your lungs at the CSR's because of YOUR mistakes. Face it, shippers make their stupid mistakes as well. I got a caller once asking for a freaking telephone # for a DROP BOX. Do you know what a DROP BOX is?? It's a box, in the middle of a street. Now tell me, if a drop box had a phone, who would answer it?? EXACTLY!

Oh yeah, keep your tracking numbers, Please!! We aren't magicians. We are not going to look for a tracking # with your telephone # or with your social security. Capisce? I suggest people inform themselves before shipping. And I do apologize for those who felt as if I came out as rude, but I guess working for them is no help. I do feel as SOME people are in fact ignorant. Not everyone of course. I think the job gets frustrating, when those ignorant few call 600 times asking you for UPS's phone #. Or when they yell at you at the top of their lungs for not being able to find their package that they shipped out 2 years ago, and they have ABSOLUTELY no info.

Some people need to realize, "hey the CSR didn't lose my package, I'll try and take it easy." But we need to face a lot of facts here, a lot of big corporations nowadays simply don't give a ** about customers anymore. Why? Because they have so many customers, it won't really affect them if they lose one. I don't agree with this form of handling customers at all, but I doubt one voice can be heard. I suggest, be firm! And please get informed. If anyone has any questions about the different services FedEx offers, please ask. I'd be more than happy to point you out to what would be a better pick for you. So once again, I apologize for the rudeness and hostility.

FedEx Service
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We've all got stories of how companies no longer care enough about our business. Somewhere in the growth of a business, it seems the customer often comes last when setting policy or when, on the local level, management interprets policy for the convenience of themselves and not their customers. Case in point, a recent encounter I had at FedEx while in Boston.

I found a FedEx 2 blocks down from my hotel (187 Dartmouth Street) and arrived at the store around 7:15 pm on a Tuesday night. The FedEx website had indicated last express drop-off as being 7:30 pm. I made some copies for the shipment, completed the air bill for the shipment, put everything in my envelope and sealed it. By now it was about 7:25 pm and I got in a short line with 2 people in front of me. The lady being serviced was doing more than just dropping off an envelope. She was having a FedEx box assembled by the one clerk working the FedEx cash register so it was taking extra time.

At 7:29 pm, having advanced not one bit since the packing job was still taking up the one clerk at the FedEx register, ** (perhaps the manager on duty?) announced that it was 7:30 and he needed to close out the FedEx drawer and all persons waiting in line needed to go elsewhere. Prominently positioned just above his head was a clock that clearly indicated the time as being 7:29 pm. I immediately challenged him, pointing to the clock just above his head and showing it was 7:29, not 7:30.

** came back with, "Sir, I said it was 7:30 and it is 7:30." "First it is not 7:30. Your own clock shows it is 7:29. More to the point, you have customers waiting in line. We got in here on time, completed our documents, and are only waiting because you don't have enough people able to process FedEx packages."

"Sir, I'm closing the drawer. You can leave your package here, but it will not go out until tomorrow." I then asked, "What is the rush? Is the driver here? Is the driver standing around waiting on us?" "No, the driver hasn't arrived, but he can come in at any moment. The drawer is closed. You'll have to take your package elsewhere if you want it to go out today." He then directed me to another location where they would take packages until 8:30 pm. I whipped out my cell phone, approached **, and took his picture for the record. I then phoned FedEx and filed a complaint.

Two days later I got a call from management, **, backing up **, saying it was policy that anyone waiting in line when the management decided it was cut-off time would not get a package on the next truck. When I pointed out again that we were only in line because FedEx didn't have enough people working the register, it meant nothing. When I pointed out that ** had acknowledged the driver was nowhere to be found so he was not, in fact, waiting around to pick up packages, it meant nothing. ** indicated it might be a mistake to post the last drop-off time as 7:30 and perhaps they'd change it to 7:15.

Do you recall when FedEx was a brilliant young company, striving to deliver incredible customer service? It grew quickly because it could deliver on time, as the FedEx marketing campaign stated, "when it absolutely positively" must get to your destination. The FedEx boost in those early years was a jab at the United States Postal Service and a bureaucracy that just didn't seem to really care about the customer.

I thought to myself, as I fumed over this most recent encounter with FedEx, how ** and ** would really do much better working for the post office. Besides, they'd have union protection behind them (FedEx is non-union) and the possibility of getting fired for putting the customer last would almost disappear.

Theft of Documents From FedEx Package
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Rating: 1/51

BETWEEN PASADENA, CA AND PRINCETON NJ, CALIFORNIA -- Be really wary about using FedEx, especially during income tax season. All of our tax documents were stolen from a package between Pasadena and Princeton NJ. The package was slit open and delivered empty to our CPA, with all that entails (identity theft, need to reconstruct every page). We know the documents were stolen because two of them were anonymously returned to us by US Mail two weeks later. Since then FedEx has stonewalled. Be really careful if you send any important documents through their care!

Did Not Deliver or Respond to Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA -- I was sent a Christmas package central California. I was not home so I requested it be delivered to a FedEx Office. Their website said it was delivered to that store but the store didn't have it. The driver said he delivered the package to my home but no one can find it and the customer service department about said, "that's too bad, your loss." I didn't hear from the Executive Assistant, a Ms. **. I guess she feels the same way... too bad, your loss. The tracking number was **.

Great job Federal Express
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Rating: 5/51

COLORADO -- I would like to thank Federal Express for delivering my package just now, at 9:00 AM, Saturday, February 11th, 2012, in such bad weather. I ordered an item yesterday morning, out of Daytona Beach, Florida, and decided to go with Federal Express Saturday delivery, because it would work best for me, I would be home.

Last night, a snow storm began, and I started to have doubts my package would arrive, due to weather conditions, and I tracked it, and as I was tracking it, so far so good. When I awoke at 6AM this morning, I looked outside and had a shock, because we are having a bad snow storm. On the news last night, they made no mention that we would be having blizzard white out conditions. I thought to myself, oh well, if it does not arrive, it's not Federal Express's fault.

But it did arrive! I heard the doorbell, and ran downstairs to find the Federal Express delivery man on my door step, all happy and smiling with my package. I've always had excellent service with Federal Express, and am glad I made the decision to have my package sent for Saturday delivery. Federal Express, well done!!!

Lazy Delivery Drivers LIE about attempted deliveries
By -

On 10/5/09, I was waiting for my "Guaranteed" delivery from a supplier whom we do business with on a monthly basis. My shipment came in two parts, one from UPS, the other from FedEx Ground. I asked my supplier not to use FedEx because they had lied the last time, claiming "attempted delivery, customer unavailable". I explained this to their "manager on duty" who told me this simply could not happen.

I advised him to stop smoking whatever it was, and it COULD happen because I was sitting on my front porch waiting for the truck when the tracking website claimed they were at the door! My supplier advised me that to receive my order by the deadline, FedEx was their only option from the origination point.

Well, today I heard the doorbell ring and there was UPS with half of my order. I signed his electronic pad at 4:20 pm and set the large box just inside. As the UPS driver started his truck I saw a FedEx truck go down the street slowly. My wife went to call our supplier who said both boxes would be delivered today. I got a sinking feeling in my gut and went immediately to the computer to check the tracking.

Sure enough, they had been to my house again! This time with at 4:21 pm when he "attempted delivery". The UPS driver was still there (I signed his pad at 4:20), my wife was on the phone with our supplier at that moment, and I was standing out front apparently looking at a FedEx truck with stealth technology. I even told FedEx this when I called. They said we were the driver's last stop (really?) and he was in route back to the distribution center. I reminded them that only 10 minutes had passed! How for could he be! Hutchins, TX is an hour drive from my house.

The only reply was "We can't MAKE him go back, Sir. You can come pick it up tonight after 8:00 pm or we'll reschedule delivery for tomorrow sometime." So people out there in consumer America, here's my choices; I get to drive an hour each way to collect my shipment tonight (because they CAN MAKE me drive there), or I can wait until tomorrow and pay my employees a day's pay to sit and wait (and pray) the FedEx phantom driver comes.

They've gone too far folks. They can get away with this disgusting and dishonest behavior because we allow it. Do yourself and others a favor. Please tell your friends, family, bosses, co-workers, stores you shop in, and especially websites you buy from not to use this horrible company that couldn't care less if WE are victimized! FedEx Ground sucks, plain and simple.

People Have No Training at FedEx - Poor Service
By -

On 6-24-11 I received a call from an employee of FedEx express who said they were going to deliver toner ink I had just ordered from my printer supplier. It was supposed to be overnight delivery and this employee gave me a tracking number and claimed the package would be delivered on Friday, June 24, 2011. I waited all day and no one rang my doorbell or left a unable to deliver slip on my front door.

Three days later, on June 27, 2011 I called a warehouse of FedEx here in Oregon, WI to find out where the package was. No one from the company had called me to inform me they could not deliver the package. The employee I talked with told me it was not delivered because it did not have an apartment number on it. When I informed him it was Apt. 1, he said it would be delivered the next day.

Two or three hours later on June 27 another different employee called me and told me they could not deliver the package at all without authorization from the company it came from which happened to be Dell. I had ordered an ink cartridge for the printer and I never before had a problem. I was angry that this package would be delayed even further and argued and argued with this employee as to why they could not now deliver that package that they had in their hands.

It had the right name, it had the right address, why could they not deliver it? If they had ID, I would show them ID. The package had to be signed for anyway. No, she would not deliver it until she had authorization from Dell and I did not know when she would call Dell and when Dell would call her and give her the authorization. We got into quite an argument because she would not bend and deliver the package. I asked her why the other person said it would be delivered the next day.

I finally told her to send it back to Dell. I would reorder it. Perhaps then, I would make sure I got it. The trouble is these people are all independent contractors and they get treated so badly by FedEx, they are always leaving and new ones are coming in and they must not have any training or any common sense or courtesy. I hope I get this next package and get my ink cartridge.

Forgery, Fraud And Breach Of Contract
By -

Well, this happened to me twice. The first time I called the vendor to tell them we have moved and they said the package was on its way, I called the FedEx to intercept the package and while getting transferred and pass around I looked at the tracking number online and it said delivered. How the delivery guy manage to deliver the package to an empty house and get a signature is beyond me.

The second time was last month, first day the delivery guy left a door tag with an X mark next to the signature area which said sign here and will leave the package at the door and I did. Next day the driver left another door tag but this time no X. I got mad and called the FedEx and they said they are not going to deliver it again until Tuesday as they are close Sunday and Monday. I got so upset that I called the vendor who was not very helpful. They said it will be delivered Wednesday at which time I said cancel the order and they said the only way to cancel the order is not to sign for it and don't accept the package.

I went to work on Monday and come home to a big package at my door. When I called the FedEx they said someone signed for it... and faxed me a paper with MY signature on it. To make the matters worse trying to protect themselves they have my 20 year old son as the caller and contact person too, who was at the college 200 miles away, just proving that they pull the old record as he has been dealing on eBay since he was 12. Forgery is in their Policy otherwise two forgery by two different drivers. The next one will be on National TV... I am going all out with surveillance cameras or even see if local TV defenders group would be interested in this.

FedEx - really bad service and customer service
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I shipped a box via FedEx Ground on March 16, 2010. When the box didn't arrive when it should have and the tracking number yielded no information, I called FedEx. They told me the box was lost. I called every day and finally on March 26, by identifying the contents, the box was found. I was also told that since I shipped it the slowest way FedEx offers that my shipment would not be given any priorities and would be delivered “sometime next week.”

Once the box finally arrived, one item was missing. I tried to file a claim and simultaneously, wrote a letter to Fred Smith, the CEO. On April 9th, a ** responded, telling me they would look into the situation. Several weeks went by and I finally got a voicemail call from a woman who said she was “as high up as you could go.” I returned the call but never heard back. I tried again in May and June. People would promise things and then not follow through.

I finally faxed a claim form to a ** on June 30. I also spoke with her and confirmed the mailing address if using USPS. Guess what? ** had the check sent to the wrong address! And, then they made me wait until they got the check back before reissuing it. After I threatened a lawsuit, the check arrived--via FedEx Express on SEPTEMBER 8, 2010--only six months after this entire fiasco started.

We all know that customer service is dead in this country. Save yourself the stress and don't ever use FEDEX!!! (BTW, I heard that FedEx has outsourced ground services). I'm sure Fred Smith, despite what his company does to people, will get a bonus this year.

In closing, did you know that FedEx's mission statement begins with "FedEx will produce superior financial returns for shareowners..."? My guess is that since the mission statement says that only “corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards,” that when my box was opened someone helped themselves to whatever they wanted.

Rude and Unhappy Sales Clerk
By -

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- June 30, 2010. Yesterday, I went to a FedEx Kinko's Office here in Stockton, California, FedEx Office 5125, to have some documents faxed. This particular site has a very rude and unhappy sales clerk; the store was close to empty and there was only one customer besides me in front of her computer. The store was surprisingly too quiet and there was no greeting whatsoever...not even "May I help you?" from any of the 3 employees who all appeared stoic and detached from their surroundings!

My concern as a customer is this: After this sales clerk fed my documents into the fax machine, she did not bother to say anything and failed, as a courtesy to a customer, to let me know that there is some waiting time involved until transmission is verified. She proceeded to go back to her computer and did not bother to look at me or anywhere which made her appear like a robot.

After waiting for a few minutes, I asked, "Is there another cashier who can help me so I can pay what is due?" This sales clerk replied in a very stern and unfriendly tone, "There is a wait time and you can go somewhere else if you want to go!"

Her bad behavior is completely unacceptable. Evidently, her personal issues should not be brought into the work place. She is young and this type of behavior may become unmanageable for her and will surely make a bad impact on her social life. I suggest that the company puts in more effort, emphasis, and training of employees about the utmost importance of customer relations.

However, the store manager should be commended for exhibiting excellent customer relations. She re-faxed all 4 documents (was not done correctly by the sales clerk) and apologized for my unpleasant experience and promised to advise the sales clerk. The manager's demeanor should be mirrored by all your employees. Her facial expressions and mode of speaking reflected a satisfied and happy manager of FedEx Kinko's! Remember this Equation: Customers = Revenues and Salaries

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