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Special Delivery?

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- I have noticed an increasing trend, especially where I work. I understand that the delivery companies of the world, UPS & Fed-Ex in particular, are under time restraints and more pressure than the average neurosurgeon. They speed to and from, jump in and out of their delivery trucks, and get on with life before you even knew what hit you. I used to be a delivery driver of sorts myself for about 2-yrs, so I can relate.

What I cannot relate to is that they think their time is more important than any other person out there working a job in the world. Case in point: I stopped across the street for a fountain drink at the gas station/convenience store, and was standing patiently in line to pay. There was one customer in front of me in line waiting as well. The cashier is ringing her up, and as she is being handed her change, two Fed-Ex workers come in the store.

One goes to get something to drink, while the other literally walks up to the counter, plops a few packages on the counter next to the customer, reaches over her outstretched arms (still awaiting her change) and asks the cashier to please sign her electronic clipboard. The poor lady in front of me had no idea what to say.

Well, if any of you don't already know me by now, I'm never at a loss for words...good or bad. I looked right at the Fed-Ex worker and said, "Excuse me, but who do you think you are? I don't care what you are delivering, but unless it's a priority package for the President of the United States, then you can wait like everyone else. And I think you owe this young lady an apology for butting in right next to her." The Fed-Ex worker said, "I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry." The young lady in front of me politely replied, "So am I". LOL!!! Priceless.

Birthday cake delivered to someone else.
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I contacted "We Take The Cake" (WTTC) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a very nice group of people who bake wonderful things, to send to my daughter via overnight delivery a special cake to arrive on her birthday. I provided complete address information. WTTC did as requested.

I called the bakery on Thursday to determine when the cake would be delivered as it had not yet shown up. They said they would check on it and call me back, which they promptly did. It seems there was a "mix-up" at FedEx and the cake was being delivered the next day, Friday.

I called my daughter Friday eve to see if she enjoyed her gift. It never arrived. As WTTC was closed at this time I called FedEx. I was told they attempted to deliver the package but couldn't "locate the apartment" (there are no apartments, just four townhouses side by side and everyone knows one-another so it would have taken the effort of asking).

The cake, reportedly not deliverable, was then delivered to a completely different address and "left on the doorstep" as "no signature was required". There was no explanation as to why this happened. I was then told they would "investigate" the issue, pick up the cake and deliver it. I was also told that a claim could be filed but it had to be initiated by the WTTC.

My impression of the call to a pleasant and apologetic FedEx customer service representative is the representative was thoroughly trained at 'handling" me and others. I was just another client to be apologized to, passed on and gotten rid of.

Conclusions: I doubt they'll do much, if anything, except make excuses and allegations that this was someone else's error. My daughter's special gift was delivered to someone else (perhaps to a driver's friend) on a whim. FedEx has also indirectly tarnished 'We Take The Cake's' reputation because the second half of the package - the caretaking and delivery of the product - blatantly failed. Most important: FedEx failed at its, for them insignificant, for me, big, mission.

FedEx are Thieves
By -

On June 30th, 2009, my fiance sent a package through FedEx containing a 14K, three-stone diamond engagement ring and two lipsticks from Montreal, QC. The package was picked up from Anjou, QC, brought to Mirabel, QC, where it arrived at the FedEx Memphis, TN, facility. After a two day clearance delay in Memphis, I received the package in Kenner, LA, on Friday, July 3rd, 2009, at 8:42 A.M. When I opened package, the ring was not in the package, but the two lipsticks were. I immediately contacted FedEx about my missing ring. I was put in contact with a FedEx customer relations representative who began a search for my missing ring.

Since it was a holiday weekend, I did not receive any updates about the status of my missing ring until Monday, July 6th, 2009. As 5:00 P.M. EST, I was told by the FedEx representative that my ring could not be located and gave me the option of beginning the claim process. I was reluctant to stop searching for the ring, so I left that decision up to my fiance, since he is the one who bought and shipped the ring. My fiance told FedEx that he would like their organization to search a little while longer for the ring.

After searching the rest of that week, FedEx told my fiance that the ring could not be located and was offered to begin the claim process. My fiance started the claim process on Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 and concluded the claim process on Thursday, July 16th, 2009. My fiance insured the package for $500. Although the ring's actual worth was more than $500, my fiance was told by FedEx that this was the maximum amount the package could be insured for. My fiance received a check on Friday, July 24th, 2009 for $564.00, the 500 insurance amount plus the shipping costs.

The official story is that FedEx "lost" my ring, but obviously, one of FedEx's employees stole the ring since it was the only item that was missing from the package. After this entire experience, I have to say that I feel doubly victimized by FedEx. Not only was our merchandise (the ring) stolen from us but we were also cheated out of our money by only receiving a small portion of the ring's worth. Receiving an engagement ring is a dream for many women. Unfortunately, FedEx has destroyed that dream for me. Needless to say, I will never use FedEx again and will actively try to avoid ordering from companies that use their delivery service.

Where's UPS When You Need Them?
By -

I have a small business. I ordered supplies from a company who ships FedEx ground. I needed these supplies to complete an order, so I was tracking this package closely. Imagine my surprise when, on the delivery date, nothing arrived. I tracked the package and was even more surprised to see "customer not available/business closed" as the reason for non-delivery (I was here).

I called FedEx the next morning and was assured my package would be delivered that day. Same scenario -- no package arrived. I tracked the delivery again, and was surprised by the reason it was not delivered: "incorrect address." The address is correct on the package, by the way. I called FedEx again and spoke to a supervisor. I asked that the driver call me when he was in the area and I would give him directions to my location. "Hey, no problem," I was told.

So for the third day, I waited. I even received a follow-up call from FedEx customer service checking on the package. Unfortunately, same scenario -- no call from the driver, and no package. I just tracked this package yet again, and the reason for no delivery is "incorrect address." That tells me the driver simply doesn't care - he used the same excuse as the previous day, and never bothered to use the telephone number ON THE PACKAGE to contact me.

The package is now listed as being on the truck for delivery "the next business day." If it does not arrive Monday, I plan to instruct FedEx to hold it at their facility for pickup -- I'll send UPS to get it for me. UPS's system of assigning drivers to the same route is unbeatable - my UPS delivery driver is fantastic and even knows the names of my dogs! And FedEx wonders why their profits are at record lows?

What Do You Mean I Can't Pick It Up
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- I order a product from a company in Carlsbad, California. I live in Anaheim, California. The package left Carlsbad 7:03PM 2/29/08 (last scan). I waited till Monday knowing that the package had already arrived that night at the Fullerton Express Facility. At 7:27AM 3/3/08 the package was scanned at the Fullerton office. At 8:01AM 3/3/08 I'm informed that because the shipper paid for 2 day service, that is what they get. The FedEx rep said that because it is for delivery on the 4th that is when I can pick it up, even though it is already scanned into their facility.

NOW MY RANT! I understand how policy works, I understand that some packages have a higher priority for "delivery". What I don't understand is why you have lazy people who do not wish to do their job! If my package scans that it is AT the facility then I should be able to pick it up early, I'm saving you time and gas, as you no longer have to deliver the package. I'm not getting a refund or partial refund of the shipping as a result of picking it up early, therefore you make a little extra of that arrangement.

I'm not taking away from the priority of anyone else's package as I'm not having it delivered, if anything I'm helping to give someone else their package earlier as the driver no longer has to deliver my package. Here is another interesting story for you to chew on as well.

My wife works for a company that does "mail/web" orders and ships worldwide, well they mostly use UPS (I wonder why) but when they use FedEx the driver complains, even yelled once, at the warehouse staff to load the packages for him (keep in mind that the day he yelled there were only 5 packages, none of which weighed over 86 lbs. (that is the heaviest they send which is only on occasion most of it is 25 to 35 lbs.).

What it boils down to is you have the laziest, sorriest, slowest bunch of employees in the shipping business, you need to change your motto to "The World on OUR Time". All in all... I should not have been told even though we have your package right here we WILL NOT give it to you till tomorrow because that's when it "should" be delivered.

Computer Information False
By -

TULSA/CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA -- As a service to the customer Fedex has provided information to the customer on your computer so you as a customer can get quick reliable info. Enable you to check to see where your package has started from (time and date) and where it goes before it gets to you. I love that and I think it's a fantastic idea for the customer to know the route of travel before it gets delivered... When I saw that my package has arrived in a nearby town I got excited... I knew then that its was only a few hours away.

Later that evening after waiting all day long and not even as much to see a Fedex truck in the area. I went to my computer to check and I saw that the driver try to deliver my package an hour ago at the very resident... the one that I had been sitting and waiting for all day long. Now that makes me furious... not only did this happen today it repeated the same misguided info the next day... and I'm saying what's wrong with this picture. I'm still aggravated.

Every time this happen I was on the phone complaining to 1-800 Fedex customer representative about the false information that was being put out to me. All they could say was that the package is still on the truck. 9 o'clock came and went I gave up. The next morning it came to the door. I question the driver and he said this is the first time he has been back to this area since last Sat. which was a week ago. I checked the computer for delivery time and it was right this time.

Someone or somebody needs to find out what is going on here... putting out false information to Fedex customer. I was supposed to do several jobs in my hometown for those two days of waiting... lost money just because of lying info. I say that because the driver that had my package for those two days punch in the times he said tried to delivery and didn't. I know that because I was here and for sure no notice was placed on the door like they're supposed to do when no contact is made. That to me makes Fedex look bad. Now I know how Fedex operates and now and I won't be mistaken next time. Customers beware... this is an ongoing problem.

Why won't you help us?!
By -

MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- We just moved into our new home a little less than two weeks ago. Since then we have been receiving a large amount of mail and packages for the former owners. It turns out the former lady of the house ran a small business here and we are inadvertently receiving her business mail and packages. USPS and UPS have been wonderful in not delivering things to the house after we told them that the former owners relocated, but FedEx is a different story.

Since Monday we have received 3 FedEx deliveries to the house, and we cannot refuse the deliveries as the driver never rings the doorbell to let us know that he was even here. We have yet to even see this person's face. He/She just leaves them on the porch and walks away.

We have called the 800 number well over 7 times explaining the situation to them and they are no help at all. One person even suggested we put a sign on our front porch refusing all deliveries for the former owners. Sorry but that's not going to happen. I shouldn't have display signs all around my house and yard warning delivery people that the former owners do not live here anymore.

The only way we have been able to get rid of these deliveries is to take an hour drive to the nearest FedEx hub on our time and our gas money to have them sent back. All the while accepting liability for these mailings because we could not verbally refuse them to the driver. We have been taking pictures of the boxes to prove what condition they were in upon receiving them and also noting down what time we noticed them on the porch and the date and day of delivery.

I do not want to keep accepting liability for these packages. According to our homeowners insurance if the former owners claim that things were missing or damaged in the packages we can be held financially responsible to replace them. How fair is that to us? We have spoken to our realtor and she said that she would make contact with them. But until she does we are stuck with these deliveries and stuck making trips to the hub, once again on our time and money. I just cannot believe that a company this size does not have any way to stop these packages from coming here. USPS and UPS did, so why can't FedEx?

The Grinch That Stole Christmas
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I usually try not to complain about shipping services. The number of variables makes any reliable delivery timeframe impossible. I will however complain this time because of customer service blunders the company has committed against me. On December 5th I ordered several Christmas gifts. The website I used only offered FedEx for package shipping. Having had a lot of problems in the past I was wary but went against my better judgment and placed the order. The package moved very slowly, but as I said I am not here to complain about that.

The tracking website gave the date of delivery to be 12/15. Lucky for me I was off to pack for a flight to see my family and would be home all day. The day passes and finally I get curious around 4 pm and log in to check on the package. The wonderful ghost delivery had been attempted. First it was rescheduled, and then the driver decided to skip me. Needless to say I was upset.

I called customer service and after dealing with some know nothing I finally got transferred to their "Customer Advocacy" Department. This rep seemed helpful and apologetic. She contacted the distribution center and lo and behold the driver could not be contacted but she put me in touch with the warehouse manager. The warehouse manager apologized and assured me the delivery would be made Sunday before my flight left. At the time I was very happy, the problem seemed to have been resolved.

Now Sunday night I am writing this on my parent's computer 400 miles away from their Christmas gifts. My wife is coming later this month for a few days but it's too late to get the gifts by Christmas. Thanks for making me feel terrible FedEx, you can be assured I will never use your service again. I really enjoyed having my day wasted by your driver and lied to by your representatives. May your books always be red.

Fedex Insurance Scam
By -

I used FedEx to ship a $700 Bathroom Sink to a buyer in which I purchased the insurance. The item was well packaged and had ample packing material. The sink although considered fragile was very thick and would have had to sustained a substantial drop to break. Anyway I filed a claim and within a couple of days it was closed. I contacted FedEx and they stated that they were unable to pick the item up. This went on for over a month in which I was contacting the buyer and FedEx and every step of the way FedEx was all but eager to close the claim each time.

Well finally after the claim was re-opened for the 6th time they finally picked the item up but then it sat at some terminal for another month. After re-opening the claim numerous other times they finally did an inspection and said that they denied the claim and closed the case. The reason according to the claims agent was that the item had insufficient packaging. I asked to have the item returned to me so that I could inspect the packaging myself since I knew it was well packaged when it left here. The claims manager then went on to say that they disposed of the item because they deemed it as being hazardous material by OSHA regulations (due to broken porcelain).

The manager then went on to quote the Fedex agreement in which I acknowledged that they have the right to dispose of materials considered hazardous (i.e. chemicals). I have extensive knowledge of OSHA regulations and I told the manager that there is no OSHA regulation listing porcelain as a hazardous material and requested that she referenced the OSHA regulation to which she was referring. She was unable to do this but still insists that it is hazardous materials. At this point the manager stands on her judgment and there is no recourse for myself other than looking into legal action against FedEx.

Long story short FedEx was all too eager to close the claim every step of the way which tells me that they are hoping a shipper will eventually drop the claim and then upon further escalation they use every and all means to deny the claim. While I was researching this whole ordeal I did find some more shocking info on there insurance agreement. Even though they collect the insurance they will not pay more than $100 for several items including antiques, glassware, art, film, photography, jewelry, etc., etc.

It seems that it would be a scam of sorts that they will collect insurance for amounts well over $100 but limits their liability to a max of $100. Well from now on I will take my business elsewhere (not that it will mater to them) but I hope to have informed others on their business ethics and help avoid similar situations.

They Lie And Do Not Care About Customers!!
By -

EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have to deal with FedEx there is a problem!!! For starters when they "miss you" and are supposed to return to re-attempt delivery on three consecutive business days, THEY NEVER DO!!! I have waited ALL DAY for them to return and then I just happened to go to my computer to check the tracking info. It said that an unsuccessful attempt to re-deliver the package had been made and I had been home ALL DAY!!! There was no new infonotice because THEY NEVER CAME.

They just issue some BS infonotice number and a BS time and then they make you drive all the way to them to get your package anyway!! Now today, I had a $1000 Dell laptop delivered to my mom's house (because she is always home and I got tired of chasing FedEx around), and the bottom of the cardboard box was totally ripped, so much so that there is no way that it held a 17' laptop!! AND the packing list on the front of the box was ripped open and the packing list was removed.

When I called to report this they were totally nonchalant and non-caring yet AGAIN!!! The "customer service" representative actually told me to just turn it on and "see if it worked". WHAT??!! It's dropped? When was it opened?? Is everything in the box? I could tell that the box had been opened and the contents removed simply by the way that the package inserts were folded inside!! They are very inconsiderate and unprofessional and I wish that companies all over would stop shipping with them!!!

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