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Fox Rent A Car
5500 W. Century Blvd. (Off Airport)
Los Angeles, CA 90045
855-571-8410 (ph)
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Fox Rent a Car - San Diego - Bait and Switch
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I rented a Jeep from Fox Rent A Car in San Diego, at the location near the airport. I was excited to get a car from them, as they are one of the only car rental agencies you can rent a Jeep from. I rented the Jeep on Tuesday September 15. The Jeep ran well, gas consumption was minimal, the inside plastic windows were very scratched up and hard to see out of, but I was willing to sacrifice that for getting to drive something other than a PT Cruiser.

On Friday the 18th, as I was crossing over the bridge from Coronado island, back to the city, the Jeep began to shake violently. I could barely hold the wheel and control the vehicle and I thought we were going to veer into oncoming traffic to the left where our merge lane ended. There was a blue mustang behind me about 2-3 car lengths apart. When the Jeep started shaking, the car pulled back what looked to be 7-10 car lengths as I guess it became apparent from that driver something bad was happening. I was able to pull over at the next exit and immediately decided to take it back to the rental place.

Before I arrived I pulled out my contract to call the place to let them know what was going on, and I looked at the price at the bottom of the piece of paper, and the price has a different estimate from what I and my friend remember signing. I thought they had given me a carbon, but this was clearly another copy that didn't have either of our signatures on it.

After we got to the agency, we described our incident with the shaking, and then brought up the price difference. We were told that the original paperwork we signed was "shipped" to LA for filing. I demanded that they then locate it and fax it. The gentleman then explained that we agreed to return it in empty and that was the additional fee. I explained to him that we in no way signed anything that was going to allow him to charge me $371 up from the original contract we signed at $300.

After much back and forth, and promising to get a manager, lo and behold, out pops the original contract that we had signed, with the original $300 agreement. I demanded a copy in which they refused and the manager then explained that the extra $71 was for them to refill the car.

Before I even pulled away from the agency on the day I picked up the car, I clearly asked the attendant helping us that we were in no way obligated to fill up the tank, or return it on full. He insisted that they have their own gas pumps and it's cheaper for them to do it, that we didn't have to worry about putting gas in the vehicle. I've rented cars from several vendors over the years and knew it sounded fishy.

After much arguing with the manager, he asked why we hadn't brought the vehicle in earlier. I had to explain to him several times that the shaking incident JUST HAPPENED no more than 15 minutes before our arrival. He then asked how much gas was in the car now, which was still a quarter full. He explained that he would have to charge us $3 a gallon to fill it back up, then get us into another car. I explained to him that there was no way I was paying for gas in a car that I was not happy with, was a danger to their customers, and that the bait-and-switch pricing was leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

Then I asked him how it could possibly cost and extra $70 to fill up a Jeep regardless? I can take it down the street and fill it up for less than $40. The manager then again asked why we didn't bring it in earlier again! It was such a run around. He then proceeded to tell me he didn't believe anything I has said about the Jeep, and that we were just trying to get a free tank of gas out of the deal. He then told me and my friend to get out. He refused to help us.

I could go on and on about this incident, but I've never ever been asked to leave a place of business or been called a liar, especially over a vehicle that could potentially kill someone. We did end up with another vehicle after we called the corporation and spoke to a representative there. We spent two hours outside of a place that refused to deal with us over a tank of gas. The replacement vehicle was a Chrysler 300 and has keyless remote entry, which already doesn't work. The attendants are friendly, but please be aware and double check your paperwork before you leave the place.

Worst Company to Rent a Car From, Complete Scam!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- First of all, I thought my trip would be awesome as planned, took my uncles for a visit to Las Vegas, and then a visit to California. I had reserved a minivan for the California trip, reserved a car from Los Angeles on 4/22 and return it in San Francisco 4/24 for an awesome price of 139.00. As the moment we stood standing at the car rental pick up stop I felt something was wrong, there was a sign for each rental company on the bus, waited 20 minutes and no sign of Fox rental. Finally, it came, a small bus that says Payless/Fox, we quickly got on, we didn't have a lot of time to waste, for my uncles visiting United States for the first time from France.

When we arrived, I checked in and was asked "What insurance option did you want, the basic, the whatever and the full coverage?" There wasn't an option to say no, so I said "basic," and the guy ask me if I want to prepaid a tank for 2.89 a gallon, so thinking "hey that's cheaper than pumping it myself" so I agreed. I was totally wrong!! They charged me more than 50.00 for that tank, of a minivan?! It's more than my BMW which I pumped with premium. It was a total shock to see my bill ranged up to 455.00 plus deposit fee of 150.00, which has not been refunded to me yet.

So I booked a car for 139.00 and turned out to be 305.00 and it does not state clear what was charged!!! Very upset, I'm glad the reviews helped but it was too late for me to look up this company. I hope this review helps people in the future because the minivan I reserved has scratches and dents all over. When I returned it, the guy looked at me and ask if that dent was new. I said, they gave me a beat up car, and they only have one brand car, which is the Dodge minivan, in different colors, they don't have a pleasant smell, and it is not new cars. People should not rent from this company at all.

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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX AIRPORT, ARIZONA -- I was traveling with a friend in Arizona, who made a reservation with Fox Rent-A-Car because as judged by the internet offerings, Fox by far offered the lowest rates. It turned out to be an example of a "bait and switch," and I agree with all the reviews which I subsequently read about Fox, all of which were universally negative.

First, the line to get to the agent was insufferable. I literally waited in line for well over an hour just to pick up the car. In fact, the agents at the adjacent "Payless" car rental joked that when compared to Fox, their company should be called "Wait-less."

When I finally got to the desk agent, he immediately put on the hard sell for me to get GPS, insurance and various other "options" which I repeatedly stated that I did not want. (I understand that an agent gets a commission whenever he sells such "options.") Some such "hard sells" are to be expected, but this was relentless and time-consuming.

As for the $45 per day rate which my friend and I anticipated, I was given another hard sell about why such a small-sized car would be inappropriate for the type of trip I was taking, so just to end the conversation (which was approaching the two-hour mark, including my wait in line), I agreed to upgrade to a $69 per day car.

I rented the car on a Monday afternoon, and specifically told the agent that I would be returning to on Wednesday between 2:00 and 3:00. He said that was fine, and that I would be charged only for two days even though I would be taking possession of the car just prior to 2:00 PM that Monday.

Lo and behold: When I returned the car at about 2:45 PM on Wednesday, I had been charged $282 for three days. At the risk of understatement, I went ballistic, and fortunately being an attorney, I was able to "resist" the manager's attempts to intimidate me, and even intimidate him a bit in return.

Finally, after I had wasted another 45 minutes of my time, the manager (reluctantly) agreed to charge me just for two days -- so my initial $45 per day expectation turned into a two day charge of $179.40. And that does not take into account any of the aggravation. Next time, I'd rather walk than use Fox. It was one of my worst consumer experiences ever.

Do Not Rent From Here!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Whatever you do, do not rent a car from this company! It may look like you are getting a good deal, but in the long run it will end up costing you! My husband and I reserved a compact car for exactly one week. We picked it up in Las Vegas, which was a nightmare. You have to take TWO different shuttles from the airport, and have to drive miles out of the way to get there. Then once you are there, you will have to stand in line for a ridiculously long amount of time.

I had purchased insurance through Expedia (where I booked the car from), but the woman at Fox told us that didn't really count as insurance and we would have to use theirs. She assured us that we could still cancel Expedia's within 24 hours of picking the car up, so we wouldn't have to pay for two separate insurances. This mistake was ours, since we believed her, when in fact we could not cancel our previous insurance.

Anyway, the woman told us to go and pick a car from Lot 5, but when we walked outside, there was only one car left in Lot 5 and it had a slip that said "no battery" on it. I refused to wait in line again so we just took a car from Lot 6 and nobody said a word about it. Everything was fine with the car, until we went to return it. I had booked it through Expedia to drop it off in Phoenix, but when we got there the guy said, "No, you are supposed to return it to Vegas." They ended up charging us a "drop-off" fee, which nobody had told us about before.

And then, a couple days after we got home, I noticed an additional $580 taken out of my account! I waited on hold for 55 minutes until I finally got through to their customer service department, and was told that they had "made a mistake." When they finally refunded my money a week later, they refunded that amount, but not my $150 deposit.

I tried calling them back, but they insisted they had refunded it and refused to give me the $150 back! So in the end, I was supposed to pay $28.77/day for the car (not including insurance), but ended up paying $57.57/day! It would have ended up being way cheaper if I would have just went with a reputable company! This company is a complete SCAM!

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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Absolute horrible experience with Fox Rental. After waiting 1 1/2 hours at the San Fran airport (while coming from across the country) and getting in the car we noticed this vehicle has definitely been in an accident due to the drivers bumper hanging out slightly. After driving down the Pacific Coast hwy we noticed it was getting worse of hanging and have to keep pushing it up, and driving at night you have to use the high beam lights because the headlights were off center.

Arriving in long beach California we had a flat. Not upset about a flat, it happens. I am extremely upset at how it was handled. I had my husband change the tire with the spare and called Fox Roadside and they directed me to the nearest Firestone saying, "that's where you have your account with."

The lady at Firestone is claiming Fox does not have a account with them, after spending 30 minutes with Fox Rental and Firestone. We finally can get the tire changed, after waiting 45 minutes for 1 tire, the Firestone lady tells me "** called and said Firestone must put on another brand new 3 tires." Now I'm upset! I paid 1000$ for this rental and the tires should have been checked and ready to go before my arrival of picking up vehicle! I do not have time to wait 2 hours for the delivery of the tires and more time putting the tires on.

We are 90 miles from San Diego to drop off this horrible vehicle and my last day on vacation and waiting 2 hrs for 4 brand new tires and delivery before we can continue our trip to San Diego! I called to talk to a representative and was on hold for 35 mins, and no one answered. I am extremely mad and upset that you don't have your cars inspected before renting them and now ruining my vacation. Question is why am I spending my vacation time getting your car fixed?

Buyer Beware. Experience Was Pretty Bad, Really Low Rate.
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Fox Rent A Car in Orlando Florida. My experience with Fox Rent A Car was pretty bad. Fox lures its customers in with a really low rate for a rental car in Orlando. That's the only good thing I can say about Fox. The initial rate was low. $12 for a compact car for 4 days for total cost of about $65. BUT: Buyer Beware… Read EVERYTHING no matter what you verbally tell them. Trip reason: "Emergency" trip to Florida to check on 90+ year old mother. Bad stuff about Fox:

  1. Fox is an off airport location. Have to wait for bus coming and going. Needed to find by GPS in order to return auto. Arrival was at 11 pm Thursday in dark.

  2. The employees attempt to upsell everything. Inside, denied any upgrade 4 times. Finally, after 9 hours of travel, handed paperwork, "initial here". Bad idea. They had added charges I said I did not need.

  3. Outside, again the upgrade. Started with, "oh, you will not be comfortable in that car." Was told car I was given was a "free upgrade", who knows. Had to still drive 1.5 hours to destination, so glad to finally get out of there and on the road. With all the insurance, taxes, fees and scams, you will end up with a bill DOUBLE of your expectation, so definitely equals other places and you won't have to deal with our frustrations and rude employees.

  4. Return was problem, first finding the place again and then finally getting bill. Why so expensive after internet booking numbers? Was to be about $70. Sure, the $100 extra deposit is supposed to be returned. Discovered when returning that the auto collision and emergency repair that I told them I'm already covered with my current insurance was ADDED, more than doubling the cost. Counter person clearly did not care. So asked for manager and Manager ** did not even pretend to work with me in any way to adjust the unnecessary charges.

All the other car rental companies in Orlando will need to be out of cars before I'll rent from Fox again. It's a cheap rental, and you get what you pay for, and Buyer Beware... Read EVERYTHING no matter what you verbally tell them.

Don't Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I booked a car with this company, paid for it months before the period I had it rented for. They never said in the contract that the location was off site and I would have to get a shuttle to their location. Once I arrived at their location, the clerk handled all the paperwork and proceeded to tell me I would have to make a deposit, not even mentioning this would tie up the deposit funds in my bank account unless I used a credit card vs. ATM card, I used an ATM card. Once I asked about this she said she couldn't re-do the transaction. Arghh… So I dealt with it!!

Upon returning the car, I checked the car in, all went well. The clerk said they would be refunding my deposit and it would take 3-5 business days. OK, well I returned the car on the May 7th, and it's May 19th and I still HAVE NOT received the refund!!! I have called several times, and have heard every excuse possible. Will NEVER EVER use this company again. I will make sure to use the well known rental companies and never experience this with any of them. Pay a little more and you will have a LOT less problems!

$15.30 a Day Turned Into a Bill of $548 for 6 Days
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I have never used Fox Rent a Car but their name popped up on a Google search for car rentals in Florida. Online, they quoted $12.50 a day for economy which would total $75 plus $10 a day for extra driver. I didn't need insurance as I have coverage. The rental counter was off-site so a shuttle was needed to get there. The agent immediately noted that I had rented an economy, stated how small and unsafe it was and suggested I upgrade to a compact for an additional $20/day.

Of note, they quote $15.30 a DAY for renting a compact so he was already double talking and charging me $32.50. Then he proceeded to intimidate me into prepaying $45 is gas and told me that it would take a tank of gas to drive from the Keys to the airport and there were no gas stations on Route 95. I stood my ground and found out that a tank of gas lasted 4 days of driving to the Keys and all around. We agreed to upgrade and by then I was so confused I didn't pay attention to all he was saying.

In short, what should have cost us slightly more than $100 according to their website ended up costing $548 on my credit card. I am still trying, unsuccessfully to get through to their customer service for an explanation and have requested an invoice online. The phone rings, I'm put on hold and after 30 seconds it goes to a busy circuit signal. Don't ever use Fox Rent a Car -- they're a scam.

Saving Few Dollars Is Not Worth It!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I reserved a car online and tried to pick it up today. However, when they were charging my credit card, the customer service said that their system is recognizing my card as a debit card. Seriously?! I wish it is, then I will have that much unexpected cash in my account!!! Woohooo!! Anyway, he was nice enough to seek help from his manager to check on their computer system. But the manager is not of any help. He was insisting there is nothing he can do and he even said he has received several complaints of the same situation.

I definitely understand if this is an isolated incident/error. But to hear a manager telling me that several clients experienced the same issue before (while using other credit cards) is UNACCEPTABLE. As a manager he has not done anything? Where is the leadership skill here? I offered to call my credit card company for him to confirm but he just kept on insisting that I can still use the card but they will run a credit report which will affect my credit score. To rent a car?!

I can tell that the manager is not apologetic for the inconvenience but has a plain "I-DON'T-CARE-ATTITUDE". I called customer service on their toll free number hoping that they may have a technical support team or another manager who knows how to "go above and beyond" to help a customer. Big mistake!!! A rude customer service named ** was just so eager to hang up and will not even allow me to finish a sentence.

So, bottom line is (1) Never trust Fox Rent A Car to know the difference between a debit card and a credit card. (I used the same card before with HERTZ without any issue); (2) If you are to rent a car with them, bring more than 1 credit card (my mistake, I brought 1 credit card and a debit card); (3) Do not expect to be treated with courtesy. Or the best thing to do is NEVER RENT A CAR WITH FOX… NOT WORTH THE SAVINGS.

If I cannot trust their system with a simple task of identifying correctly my card as a credit card, how more can I trust it with my credit card information, my driver's license information, and more so, my social security number? Hhhmmm… This makes me wonder.

Horrible Customer Service and I Never Received the Vehicle I Reserved!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- FOX Sucks! I would give them (0) stars if it would allow me. I actually booked them through Expedia along with my flight and hotel. I thought it was quick and easy to book everything together. I did notice that the prices for the rental were very reasonable. However, their customer service is terrible, the worst!

I reserved a minivan because I had 6 people with me on vacation in San Francisco. The line at the SF Airport was the longest and slowest. When I got to the counter, ** was fine until I declined the extra insurance on the vehicle. He then continued to ask my cousin (the other authorized driver) 4 times if he wanted the extra insurance. He got pi**ed off when we didn't purchase it and said "Fine, it's your life".

Then he proceeds to tell us that the minivan is not available and he will upgrade us to an Equinox. Normally this would be fine, but we had 6 people and the Equinox only seats 5. So he promised that some minivans would be coming in that night and he would call me and meet me at the hotel and swap out our vehicle. So we agreed.

I never received a call and never received the minivan that night. I proceeded to call the SF office several times the next day, only to wait on hold for 20-30 minutes and never got anyone on the phone. When I finally spoke to someone, she was pleasant, and promised to send me a minivan asap. Again, it didn't happen.

I called again and ended up speaking to a rude lady in LA. She told me it wasn't policy to meet customers at the hotel and swap out a vehicle. And that I should be happy that I received an upgrade. At this point I'm furious. I didn't want an upgrade, what I wanted is a vehicle that can seat 6 people, not 5!!! I was in SF for 4 full days, and never had an adequate vehicle for my party. So we had to make other arrangements (including taxis) so when it was all said and done, we ended up spending way more than we would have with a REAL car rental company like Hertz or Budget, etc.

And I made sure to fill up the tank right before we turned it in, and they still charged me for 3 gallons of gas at $5.59 per gallon. I will NEVER use Fox again. Customer service is way more important than saving a few dollars, especially when we are on vacation from out of state and are trying to haul around 4 adults, two children, and all our luggage.

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