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"Service" dogs in stores
Posted by on
SHORELINE, WASHINGTON -- Because of my large family and children with dairy and gluten allergies I easily spend at least $500 at Fred Meyer monthly on food alone. I typically go to the one in Shoreline as its closer to my house on average three times a week. In the past month alone, I've seen a dog in the store once a week. I'm not talking about in a carrier, I'm talking about in the produce, dairy, meat section. Sometimes in the cart, sometimes on a leash. I understand service dogs come in many shapes and sizes but isn't there a regulation for licensing service dogs with a jacket or something? I've even seen a "service" dog take a piss in the meat section before. It's horrendous. I've spoken with disabled people who require service dogs whether for PTSD or epilepsy and they never get upset, they have their dogs properly marked and under control. I'm sorry but when your "service" dog is on a six foot leash walking around like it's in a park, there's obviously something going on.
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Venice09 on 02/07/2011:
I'm not too knowledgeable about this, but it does sound like some people in that particular store are taking advantage of the laws allowing service animals. I assumed service dogs were better trained than what is described in your review. I read somewhere that store owners/managers are not allowed to ask customers if it's a service animal. I agree that they should be tagged or somehow identifiable.
Starlord on 02/07/2011:
Au contraire, venice. The only question they MAY ask is if it is a service animal. And contrary to popular belief, there is no requirement for a vest. We have two service dogs, chihuahua/Mexican Hairless mixes. They are both hearing assist dogs, as we are both hard of hearing, and the dogs alert us to sounds we cannot hear, and people approaching us. In addition, my dog, Munchkin, is cross-trained for diabetes. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are allowed to go anywhere the person with them can go. My wife carries ID cards for both animals with all the pertinent information, including the 800 number for the Justice Department, ADA desk. Youa re not allergic to dogs, no one is allergic to animals, but the dander of certain animals. Our dogs are cleaner than most people and better behaved than most kids. At least, they don't run wild through the store, tearing up the toy department. We are responsible for keeping our dogs under control, and if there is a problem, WE will remove it ourselves. How would you like it if you were told your children could not enter the store? One of my pet peeves is people who try to pass off pets as service animals, as they give legitimate service animal owners a black eye. the dog who urinated in the meat department should have been removed immediately. That behavior is unacceptaqble.
Venice09 on 02/07/2011:
I don't remember where I read that, Star, but it did seem odd that store owners/managers could not verify that an animal was indeed a service animal. I think the OP is referring to people who try to pass off pets as service animals, which I think everyone would agree is wrong. If that's what is going on at this Fred Meyer, I think they need to crack down on the violators. Are owners required to carry ID for their service animals?

I agree that service dogs are more well behaved and cleaner than some children.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
I am allergic to cats and some dogs (dander), but only when I am in a very confined space, like someone's home. Otherwise, I have no problem with them. Some people treat their animals like children and feel it is fine to bring them everywhere--and I'm talking about people who have non-service dogs just to be clear. Some kids do behave more like animals than animals themselves.

It does sound like this Fred Meyer is allowing any dogs to be allowed into the store. People really need to be more respectful and stop stretching the boundaries just so they can take Fluffy along. Star, I never knew there is no requirement whatsoever, so I can see how a Store Manager's hands would be tied if someone answers yes to the service dog question.
fast327 on 02/07/2011:
I'm allergic to people in elevators with high octane perfumes and cologne!
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
Yes, fast, that is a pet peeve of mine too. It actually makes me sneeze. Why do people impose their "fragrances" on us? Many people are truly allergic to these.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
Contact the store manager and give your feedback to corporate. And hey, it's Aurora Ave., that's actually pretty mild when you consider all the nasty things that that Ave. is known for. I wouldn't walk my dog on Aurora Ave., let alone take him in a store there. here is an interesting link, at the bottom it details how the dogs should respond in different situatuions in public.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
While service dogs need not have identification. It seems as if this particular location allows pets in general. Issue here seems to be irresponsible pet owners. I'm like Anatolian hearing assist dog behaves better and is cleaner than most kids and quite a few adults I know.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
It's a shame we live in country so devoid of any notion of freedom that our Government forces shop owners to allow dogs into their stores. Of course now the consequence of this is that we now have a population explosion of service animals. Wonder why.

Boy I 100% agree with the OP on this one. A grocery store is no place for dogs. No if, ands or sniffing butts about it.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
Roth, and what do you suggest a responsible, handicapped person do? Come walk a mile in my shoes, if I could. Put some earplugs in your ears and try to go shopping. I am for as little gubment as possible. If a person's assist animal is not behaving properly, unclean, aggressive, etc management has the right to remove them. It seems in THIS PARTICULAR CASE that neither management nor the pet owners were living up to their responsibilities.

Obsfucation on 02/07/2011:
I think this whole issue could be cleared up if service animals were required to be clearly marked. I don't think this would be a hardship for their owners, and may in fact save them a great deal of aggravation.
The penalties for passing off a pet as a service animal should be as high, or higher than those imposed on parking (illegally) in a handicapped marked parking spot.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
Obs comment illustrates perfectly the natural evolution when the government sticks their nose in where it doesn't belong. You need even more regulations, more crimes against the state and more tribute to the government. God it's enough to make me vomit.

Now the right answer is to let businesses decide whether or not to accommodate service animals. Let customers with service animals make consumer choices based upon those businesses meeting their individual needs. Collectivism doesn't work. Never has. Never will. Let the free market handle this because it will do so brilliantly. It's just that simple.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
Roth, OB has a good point, but the cost for registering would be prohibitive to many handicapped people.
For lack of a different comparison, the difference between a business posting against service animals and a posting in a business prohibiting law abiding citizens from carrying weapons, is choice. The gun toter has a choice, the handicapped person does not.
dan gordon on 02/07/2011:
I've shopped at that store and have to agree. I don't think these are service animals at all just people walking in with their dogs. I'd suggest sending a link to this article to FM corporate
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
dan, thanks for the clarification. That makes it a whole different situation.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
"The gun toter has a choice, the handicapped person does not. "

So as private business owner I should lose my rights and control of *MY* property because of somebody else's misfortune? I just don't get it. That's not freedom man. That socialism/collectivism/tyranny.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
Why does someone's need for a service dog trump someone else's allergies to dogs?

On a thread from a while ago, there was great discussion on how much cleaning a hotel must go through if a dog so much as stepped paw into a hotel room. The need for such cleaning was because the next patron may be severely allergic to dogs. Okay. What if that same patron wanted to shop in this store with the OP, with these "service dogs" prancing several feet away from their owners?
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
I apologize, but common sense and reasonable discussion has gone out the window here. Bye! Tapes fingers...
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
So I'm to understand it's common sense for a private business owner to be forced to cater to a very small portion of the public at his own detriment and expense.

Toto makes a great point. The government is forcing business owners to accommodate one group of customers at the detriment of another group of customers. How's that fair?

Like they say fair and common sense is in the eye of the beholder. If it's for my favor it's always fair.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
Sheesh...I would have gone straight to the manager and said something about the dog's owner misbehaving. I'm all for service dogs in public places but they need to be well trained with well trained masters.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
I guess, according to your reasoning, it was alright for businesses banning blacks, different restrooms etc? So would you think that anarchy is the better way? (tightening tape on fingers)
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
So I guess according to your reasoning everybody should be forced by the government to accommodate everybody else? Make provisions for short people in the NBA? Fat girls in the Miss America contest? Smart people in congress?

I don't know what anarchy has to do with depriving people of their property rights but I got to be honest it can't be any worse than imperialistic bankrupt social state we find ourselves in today.

Liberals are always touting darwinism unless of course "survival of the fittest" runs a muck of liberal dogma.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
1. you did not answer my question is it OK for a business to keep people out because of their color, religion etc?, politicians are also good at avoiding things they do not want to face.
2. I'm more of a centrist and not a member of any polluted party. Vote for the person, just so happens the majority of the ones I vote for are conservative.
3. If the short, fat, are up to the task and make the team, no problem, ain't no smart politician. My grandson's "mother" found out my son had signed him up for competitive basketball, she signed him up for one of those feely good leagues where they don't keep score and they have to play everybody so nobodies feelings get back dodgeball!
3. COMMON SENSE must prevail and that is what's wrong now. We see the same thing, just phrase it different.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
To answer your question Jkt what another man does with his property is none of my concern. If a restaurant owner wanted ban jewish canadian latino catholic black smart asses then I say fine that's your god given right to do so and I will go else where. I would not look to the government to force a man to accept my presence or my business. I don't desire to be where I'm not wanted all this government BS serves to do is make it hard (that's what she said) to know where that is.

I strongly believe that whether it works for or against me. I believe in freedom. And let me tell ya brother true freedom is as ugly as Ruby Senn.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
Roth, then anarchy is exactly what you are describing.
Anarchy (from ἀναρχίᾱ anarchíā, "without ruler") may refer to any of the following: * "No rulership or enforced authority." * "Absence of government; a state of lawlessness due to the absence or inefficiency of the supreme power; political disorder. ...
You have to have some sort of collective leadership, controlled (ie your vote) by the citizens. Fortunately the founders of the country realized that. I will say it again....personal responsibility and common sense have gone for the most part. But, I do agree that it's cause is in part to our gubment handing out, enabling, and stretching into every aspect of our lives.

jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
The poster had a valid complaint regarding animals in the store, as dan gordon stated, he has been there and states that this particular store allows pets. Don't go there.
It is a person's responsibility or "right" (if they have an allergy, phobia, shakes etc stemming from "something") to be aware of their surroundings and avoid their particular problem.

It's really simple.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
I don't get some think service animals are the only solution. It just occurred to me we have four deaf and two blind people on the payroll and they get by every day without service animals. And when I say deaf or blind I mean 100%.

So people CHOOSE to take their service animals into a business. There are other alternatives they CHOOSE not to explore.

Again I do not understand why anybody should be forced by law to pay for somebody else's misfortune.
trmn8r on 02/07/2011:
Urine is sterile, so I don't see a problem with urinating in the meat section unless it is on the package of beef I desire. In the cafe, yes. It's just another cleanup, if you think about it.

I've never heard of any sort of "vest" requirement, if you are suggesting some form of license is required to be displayed. It's too bad in this case, because it sounds like the store may be passively encouraging this activity. It is hard to control stupid, meaning the owners who feel the need to being their non-service animals into the store.
madconsumer on 02/07/2011:
I totally agree poster!!!

although the government does not require service animals to be marked, they should require service animal owners to cleanup after them!!!!!

I would raising heck if I saw a service animal pee on something.
Starlord on 02/07/2011:
Mad, as a matter of fact, the animal's owner is responsible for having their animal under control, and is liable for any damage the dog does. In the OP's case, the owner could and should have had to pay to clean up the offending urine. ript posted a site for service dog questions, and on that site is a very good article on service dogs, citing not only trhe business ownber's responsibility, but the animal's owner's as well. If you have any further questions or comments, call the U.S. Dept. of Justice ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301. They will be glad to answer any concerns you have.
CrystalSword on 02/07/2011:
Roth, while I am not 100% deaf, there are some sounds I can not hear...sirens when I drive is one that I can not dog Bearbear lets me know and I pull off right away, its one of the tasks he does for me. The dogs are with us
because I feel safer knowing he'll hear sirens for me and I won't endanger someone else if he signals me.

On the other hand, in the warmer months, the temps inside a vehicle can cause brain-damage or death in an animal in a very short amount of time, I will not leave our animals locked in a vehicle while I shop. Opening the windows is not always an option, it still gets hot in a vehicle, then there is also the possibility of a dog or dogs getting stolen in the parking lot.
Our dogs are small, and they are cute, and people are always trying to pick them up. A trained service dog is not cheap...imagine going to your car and finding that your pet or service animal has disappeared....

I also find that most people who have been blind or deaf since birth, or at least a very young age, have more confidence in their ability to get around and function in the work world. Someone who is relatively new to blindness or deafness, the world suddenly becomes a very scary place.

I lost the hearing in one ear about 40 years ago, thanks to my 1st husband causing the eardrum to rupture. I'm slowly losing the hearing in the other ear and can not tell what direction sounds are coming from, I don't hear people coming up behind me or approaching my right side.

Bearbear has been taught hand signals to stop and sit...while I verbalize fine, I don't yell at or command him verbally when in public. Both dogs have been taught to lie down and nap while we are eating out. And they get a bath once every 10 days with a mild, tearless puppy shampoo
so they are clean and don't have dander to aggrevate allergies. I use a blanket or my jacket for them to lay on so they don't leave any hair behind and they've been very well accepted wherever we go.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
Crystal +100
Roth, Like I said, walk a mile in our shoes, wear some earplugs and go shopping. You will only get a glimpse of what HOH go through. Not everyone is able to afford the luxury of an assist animal or wants it. I do not know what business you are in, but my assist dog, alerts me to the phone, people coming up, cars etc. Part of it is my fault, I hate wearing my hearing aids. You need to have a frank discussion with your co-workers and get their real opinion if they are able to do so without reprimand.
Starlord on 02/07/2011:
The city of Casa Grande, AZ has a great program to help city officials understand what we live with. Twice a year, city workers, except police and fire, of course, are required to be handicapped for a day. They have their ears plugged, or wear welding goggles to simulate partial or total blindness, they have to use a wheelchair for that day, and other methods to let them know what it is like to have to live with a disability. Many changes have been made in the city, like ramps at intersections and public buildings, a fund from a federal grant to install many handicapped friendly electric doors, and so on. Many businesses have gotten on the bandwagon and have tried this program. Of course, they don't have access to a supply of animals able to work with the employees, because it takes a long time to train an animal, then train them to work with a specific person. Animals obtained from any of several organizations are worth from $10,000 to $20,000, and many cannot afford that. Luckily, we trained ours from 10 weeks of age, but that doesn't mean ours are any less trained.
jktshff1 on 02/07/2011:
Star, that being said, spending my $$$$ to put in hc friendly curbs in all neighborhoods is a waste of money. They put them in ours and there is no one that uses them. Got to go with Roth in that this is a waste of money.
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
I'm glad stores permit service animals. Now, the other (irresponsible owners) need to get a clue and keep their dogs at home. No one should have to tell them--but I guess some people have no common sense, therefore, the store manager should get involved any way he/she can. I think that's all this post was trying to convey. Nothing more, nothing less.
Venice09 on 02/08/2011:
Perfect response, Obs. This should be treated exactly like handicapped parking. It's a simple way to weed out and punish the violators.
Anonymous on 02/08/2011:
I get it you guys like having your service animals with you. Cool. That still doesn't justify the government forcing a private business owner to accommodate your 'likes' and 'wants'. I believe in freedom and I believe in living my life for my sake. You'll never convince it's right for the government to force me to live my life for your sake. We just got us a just philosophical difference.
Venice09 on 02/08/2011:
The real shame is that the government has to force people to do the right thing, and that it doesn't come naturally.
Anonymous on 02/08/2011:
No the real shame is people who expect the government to force private business owners to accommodate others.
Venice09 on 02/08/2011:
I'll rephrase.

The real shame is that the government has to force people, including private business owners, to do the right thing, and that it doesn't come naturally.
Anonymous on 02/08/2011:
The right thing according to who? I don't see where letting dogs into a grocery store is either right or wrong. It's merely a choice. A choice you agree with therefore you want forced upon somebody by law.
Venice09 on 02/08/2011:

Live together or die alone.
jktshff1 on 02/08/2011:
well put V
Anonymous on 02/08/2011:
Here's some good humanity for ya courtesy of the ADA. A Detroit lady was able to walk away with over 300 grand because an apartment complex refused to waive their no-pet policy to accommodate the ladies emotional-assistance dog. What the sam hill is an emotional assistance dog anyway.

This is what happens when good intentioned people try to force by way of law their good intentions upon others.
Starlord on 02/08/2011:
jkt, I use a power chair, and if there were no cutouts at intersections, I would have to operate my chair in the street. Is that right?
jktshff1 on 02/08/2011:
Star, I understand, but exiting at a driveway and continuing to the next one doesn't seem to be a problem. I just don't understand the difference. I have been in this house for 40yrs and know everyone in the neighborhood. NOT ONE (emphasis only) wheelchair bound, crutch bound, handicapped person has ever used them (city spent @ $6,000.00 per ramp that includes tearing up the existing sidewalk and curbs, putting in new ones, replacing the grass etc). Heck, all the kids walk down the middle of the street anyway. I could understand in a retirement community, Around hospitals, care places etc, but to mandate them in every neighborhood is a waste of taxpayer $$$. You know I am handicapped (arthritis & HOH) but I just can't justify the $$$ vs the benefits.
Anonymous on 02/08/2011:
No Star, it's not right. It would only seem "right" to someone not faced with your daily challenges. Your freedom would be taken away. That's just not right at all. Those curbs are also good for other people too, such as mom's with strollers, lest we not forget that.

I do understand what you mean, jkt. Maybe they could use a bit of common sense when installing them in little used areas. I live in a small town in the US and we have them everywhere too. I do see disabled people using them when I'm out walking. I guess it just depends on where you live. People go out a lot in our town because they don't have to drive to the small businesses.
jktshff1 on 02/08/2011:
"common sense", now that ain't going to happen anymore.
There has to be a middle ground somewhere.
Anonymous on 02/08/2011:
I know, jkt. It's gone right out the window in most instances.
Starlord on 02/08/2011:
No one may be using it now, but just remember, every able bodied person is only seconds from having to use all kinds of special equipment. A knee strike that took all of a quarter second, and I went from being a bowler, dancer, martial artist, stunt man and more, to being a couch or mouse potato. We have gotten far afield from the OP's original complaint, that of people fraudulently passing pets off as service animals. Store managers or owners need to learn more about the laws concerning the ADA. It seems to me that many people do not have an accurate understanding of the ADA and why it was passed.
jktshff1 on 02/09/2011:
Starlord, but it has been a civil, interesting conversation. We all learned something about the others.
Starlord on 02/09/2011:
Amen to that, my friend.
JustMeKimberly on 10/14/2011:
As a person with a disability and a service animal, I feel the need to put my two cents in on this subject. I cannot tell you how many times I have been approached by employees or management of businesses in the Local Eugene/Springfield area about my service animal. I have no problem with this. I almost come to expect it because my service animal is a 9 lb. dog. I have no problem when they ask if she is a service animal, even when she is wearing a vest that makes it fairly obvious if you can read English. I have no problem with the occasions when they are still not satisfied and they inquire what her job is, or what she was trained for. However, there are always too sides to every story, so this comment is aimed at the management or owners or whomever is in charge at the establishments that I DO have a problem with. Businesses: Train your employees about the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to your business. I have actually had an employee make a disbelieving "grunt" and raised an eyebrow when I answered his "inquiry" about my service animal. I have had people demand proof. It has been suggested that I leave a place. I avoid these places now like the plague. They do not receive my patronage. Due to my disability, I do not cause an uproar, for it will make it worse for me in the end. Although now that I think about it, I guess they would get to see first hand whet my service animal's "job" is. Management, if you want to cover your ass, train your people. Not everyone is like me. Some might file a suit due to this behavior. To the people who try to scam about their pet being a service animal: Having a disability sucks. Pretending to have one is beyond stupid. The only word I can think of for that kind of behavior is "Karma". Kind of of like when your mom would say "Don't make that face, or it will stay that way." Because of you, I am the pariah in the grocery store, when if fact, I am innocent of wrongdoing.
CAT on 05/09/2012:
Sounds like a lot of whining on this board. Toughen up a little people. I don't have a dog at all but when I see them in the store it makes me HAPPY! I have lived in Paris and other countries where people engage animals in restuarants, on buses and everyone gets along just fine. People that are handicapped don't always have a visible handicap, like diabetes, heart disease, CP, etc, There is no need to get uptight. You won't get near enough to a pet in a store unless you go right up to it to set off any allergies. My daughter has allergies and she still chooses to get near animals although we don't own one. My whole family likes seeing the American people loosen up a little and enjoy life.
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False Advertising During "Grand Re-Opening"
Posted by on
LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I was so excited to see a great sale on pork chops advertised in the "grand re-opening" sales flier for my local Fred Meyer. Although I do not generally shop at Fred Meyer, this coupon for boneless pork chops for 88 cents per pound caught my eye. I struggle to find enough money to feed my family so I decided it was worth going to the store to shop for my pork chop dinner there. I also took the sales flier to my parents and they decided to make the trek over there with me. When I arrived in the meat department and found the packs of pork chops a bunch of shoppers were huddled around it. I figured the crowd was due to the great deal on meat, but then I noticed a small note on the refrigeration case apologizing for a "misprint". Basically they were not offering the pork chops for 88 cents per pound but $2.50 per pound!!!! How is that a miSprint? The numbers aren't even the same. Clearly it was just a ploy to get people in the door. Everyone was clearly as upset as I was. Several shoppers said we should get some signs and protest the false advertising. I finally went and found a meat department employee and asked if they would honor the coupon that I had brought from home. I got the snide remark "it's half off the regular price of $5.00 per pound, what more do you want" with a laugh. I said what I would like is for Fred Meyer to honor it's own sales flier since this mishap is clearly not my fault but the store's. She walked away like I was the one who was crazy. Needless to say, I did not buy the pork chops nor any other meat. I wouldn't have bought anything at all except I brought my parents with me and they needed a couple of things. All in all I will not be back, highly disappointed with the false advertising and lack of integrity of the Fred Meyer store.
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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 10/28/2010:
Unfortunately, there is usually a disclaimer somewhere on the sales paper that they are not responsible for prices that are in error. Next time you see a sale price that sounds too good to be true, make a phone call and see if its correct and if they have the item. It could save you a wasted trip to the store.
Anonymous on 10/28/2010:
I can understand being upset about a misprint, but did you really think the store would be selling pork chops for 88 cents per pound? I would have been skeptical when I got the ad. Mistakes happen. I hardly think its worth complaining about. Now if this happened on a weekly basis, then yeah, Id be a little bit more upset.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2010:
What they said, but you would think that the store would have offered something in return.
Venice09 on 10/29/2010:
Just because 88 cents is not even close to $2.50 doesn't mean it wasn't an honest mistake. I doubt they did this just to get people in the store. It wouldn't make sense to annoy customers that way.

A very low price is not always too good to be true, especially if it's in the form of a coupon. I get some really good deals with flier coupons. But misprints and mistakes can and do happen, and unless it happens frequently, I wouldn't boycott or badmouth the store. Yes, it's disappointing and inconvenient, but it's not the end of the world.
werelucky on 10/29/2010:
It could have also have been someone at the place where they print the circulars changed the price because they didn't like Fred is wrong to assume that they are guilty of false advertising. If something seems to good to be true, then it probably is.
employee on 06/20/2012:
I work at a Fred Meyer Store and our director would not stand for that. He had every employee watch a video called 'give 'em the pickle' so we know that we need to go the extra mile for our customers.

The video even states that without customers we would not have our paychecks, and that the customer is the boss. I am sorry your experience was disrespectful, and very upsetting. Not all employees or stores are run that way.
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Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I work for King county I assist a disabled, deaf amputee. He has very little support and few funds. I've been shopping for him for the last five years. I receive a check from King County and I take care of the gentleman's shopping. He also receives some state funds on a debit card. The debit card has been read as zero funds that last three times I've used it. After running it again it has shown sufficient funds. I explained this to the employee who called a manager over and both said it had no funds - which I explained was not possible as last week when the same thing occurred it was run again and had 58 dollars on it and less than 8 was used.
Every time I shop I am looked at with suspicion and the manager is called over to look over the check and ask for ID. I've learned to tell them it's a slash five and they look at me like it's their first day.
Tonight I was told the card had one dollar on it and the check could not be accepted as the check was written to client before crossed off (initialed and filled out to Fred Meyer) So the client - did I mention he's deaf and is missing a leg and is mentally handicapped? Yeah that guy he's got no food this week.
Every week I go through this song and dance and holding up the line -
but this week perhaps because it was near closing time they chose to let the food in the cart rot rather than go to the trouble to work through their incompetence -
Can you not develop a better system to manage a dynamic that's been occurring consistently for the last five years?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
That sounds pretty rough. I hope they get this straightened out soon. I would not like to know someone is possibly not eating because of a "glitch" in someone's system.

On another note, perhaps a new card is needed. Sometimes they don't work properly for one reason or another. I've had that happen to me, even though I had a couple of thousand in the account.
momsey on 07/29/2010:
Can you possibly shop somewhere else? That's pretty horrible.
momsey on 07/29/2010:
P.S. chevy, no, the churches and local community didn't take care of people like the OP's client. They were put in institutions and drugged out of their minds. They didn't get a chance to have close to a real life. No, I'm not socialist and I don't agree with the direction things are going right now, but your comment was way off base.
Helpful on 07/29/2010:
I'm glad to know someone is able to help this gentleman out. Why would you continue to return to the same store you've been having the problem with week after week? My guess is because you realize you'd receive the same issues at other stores as well. I would think that any store is going to second guess you as to using someone else's card. As for the balance, I couldn't tell you other than the balance is being read as to what it is. Try a different store to see if you do get a different response.
BEJ on 07/29/2010:
Do you have power of attorney for this gentleman? Perhaps a letter from the bank that shows you have authorization to make these purchases--I wonder if that would make a difference? Then again, I just might shop at a different store
Starlord on 07/29/2010:
Shame on Fred Meyer! We live in Chehalis, and are familiar with their store in Olympia. This kind of treatment toward someone who is disabled is pathetic. The Washington state Attorney General should be addressing this instead of plotting to boycott another state because of its laws. We need some good Washingtonians to picket Fred Meyer's locations until they get off their duffs and treat this poor individual with some respect.
Anonymous on 07/30/2010:
I'm still not certain it's Fred Meyer--but possibly the card is not reading properly. I would get it replaced and see if the problem is resolved.
Fred Up! on 06/14/2011:
When and where do we picket? Let's do it!
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Fred Meyers charges full price for items advertised as on sale
Posted by on
I had a very unpleasant experience this evening shopping at Fred Meyers. Many items were on sale, and my husband and I picked up extra quantities to take advantage of the reduced prices. At the cash register, we unloaded our groceries and other items on the belt. The cashier began to ring up our purchases. A friend saw me and walked over to talk for a moment. My husband paid for the items with his credit card. As my friend left, I heard the cashier saying, "Oh, I feel like such a dolt. I forgot to scan your coupons. You ll have to take them over to customer service."

I had planned our shopping trip for the time between work and the start of a favorite TV show. Instead of going home after shopping, however, we stood in line at customer service for 15 minutes. When it was finally our turn, it took another 15 minutes for the full process of crediting us for the $4.67 we d been overcharged. When we got done with all of that, and we were walking out of the store, I looked over the receipt at the remaining charges. It has been my experience, unfortunately, that sale items are frequently rung up at the full price at Fred Meyers. I usually try to carefully watch the prices being rung up as the cashier does his or her job. I hadn't watched this time, and sure enough, the 4 skeins of yarn I had purchased for about $23.00 had not been charged at the 20% off advertised in large signs in the craft department. We d still been ripped off for at least $4.60 even though we'd spent an extra half hour getting reimbursed for coupons that hadn't been scanned.

Several years ago I boycotted Fred Meyers for six months because this kind of experience is not at all unusual. It has been my observation that when I buy a lot of items, and some of them are supposed to be on sale, at least one or two items will always be charged at the nonsale price. This is not the cashier's fault. I object to being overcharged, and I object to having to watch like a hawk to make sure it doesn't happen. I resent even more the embarrassment of having to ask the cashiers, overworked and underpaid though they are, to correct the errors when I catch them before the final total is rung.

Fred Meyers, as a national chain, really needs to do better.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
Asking a cashier to correct a price over charge is what you are supposed to do. We do not always know how much something is. We are not the ones who key the prices into the system. We ring you up. Sometimes when sale items are posted to the system, there is a delay in the time it hits the system.

We do not intentionally try to scam anyone. No retail store does. We do the best we can with sale items and yes in a perfect world things would flow easily and work correctly. Watch your items to make sure the price is correct.

Boycotting does nothing but run you out of places to shop as every retailer on the planet has this happen.
JR in Orlando on 12/18/2009:
When you come to the part dealing with money, that has to be the focus of your attention. You snooze, you lose.
PepperElf on 12/18/2009:
plus... the cashier apologized right away ... even before you said something.

cashiers will stop making mistakes when they are replaced with robots
of course the Robot Revolution will probably end up replacing most other humans too
JR in Orlando on 12/18/2009:
Two people, 30 minute wait each = 1 hour of time to save $4.67 on coupons not rung up. Questionable whether worth the time. Why didn't you just use the coupons the next time you shopped there.

dand1001 on 12/19/2009:
You should ask for the mis-scanned items for FREE. Many stores offer at least ONE item that does not scan at the advertised or price marked on the shelf for free. Also you should contact the regulating body that is in charge of policing such tactics. It is unlawful to fail to honor an advertised price and to not have the register computers updated to properly reflect sale items.
Ytropious on 12/19/2009:
Why didn't you check your receipt while you were standing in line? I mean, you had plenty of time to do so. You could have had it all corrected at once. You seem like you have trouble paying attention to things.
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
"It is unlawful to fail to honor an advertised price and to not have the register computers updated to properly reflect sale items."

No it isn't. It is unlawful to advertise a price and not honor it. Having an item ring up wrong is not illegal.
kitkat23 on 08/01/2010:
I worked for Freddy's for 3 years and it's so funny to read all these "false advertising" complaints! I swear it was almost every other customer who just didn't read the coupon or the sign correctly and just "assumed" they had the right item. But it's always the cashier's fault lollol. Customers fail to realize that being nice gets them what they want. I always said "no" to the people who came up being disrespectful and ready to fight but did more than asked for the ones who were respectful and polite. I will not give you respect if I don't get it, sorry, and almost every time someone was nice to me but had the wrong item, I changed the price for them anyway; FYI
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Terrible service...all around
Posted by on
TWIN FALLS, IDAHO -- I visited the Twin Falls, Idaho store on 1/9/08 and purchased (3) 2 pack light bulbs that were clearly marked for $3.99 each. Upon check out the cashier (Kelli) rung them up at $7.99 each. After I notified "Kelli" that the price was advertised for $3.99 she said I had to go talk to the manager to fix the price. I had all ready swiped my credit card, so she took the merchandise and dumped it on the "u-scan" managers desk and left.

The "manager" a young 19-ish looking "Coby" asked what the problem was and I explained. After trying to call anyone to look up the price, he told me they were mismarked. I then stated that the sign and the SKU numbers matched and he said the associate could not find the item. I told "Coby" that I would like the price advertised....He sat there for almost 60 seconds hoping I would just take the bulbs and leave.

He then suggested that I go back to the bulb isle and confirm the price, I told him to please have an associate meet me there. When I returned to the bulb isle an associate confirmed the price at $3.99 and told me to tell the manager "we found the price". I refused and said, you need to call and confirm. When I reached the "manager" I said, did she call you and he said "no".

I told him we found the item and it was marked as $3.99. He said, "I don't know how to credit this, I have to call my manager".

Since this is getting so long....20 minutes later the manager credited my card and charged me the correct price. The female manager (I could not see her name tag" was also very gruff and had no service skills.

Terrible customer service. I will share this story wirh anyone who has experienced such service.

I must say I am from Portland, OR (Home of Fred Meyer) and they are the finest store in the Portland area. How does a corp. allow such terrible service from associate to PIC to manager?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/10/2008:
Hi neighbor. I also live in the NW and always shop at our local Fred Meyer. They are truly a great one-stop store in our area.

That being said, it sounds like they need to re-evaluate the training/employees in their Idaho store.
goku on 10/30/2009:
well first returns r supposed to be don't at the customer service desk not U scan and coby was a uscan attendant not a manager...u should have jus asked to talk to a manager right away and if their manager was unavalible ask to talk to the stoe director or manager on duty and I have a lot of issues with how some stores train there cashiers one thing that annoys me is when I koe more about the policies and that then the managers and pics
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Good Customer Service and Fresh Produce
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- Mostly had good experience with the Fred Meyer located on Thor and I-90 interstate. Their prices are very competitive compared to some of the few local competition like (Yokes Pack and Save-which is expensive, and Yokes Pack and Save who is also very unreasonable with their return policy, their produce is not rotated and not fresh). On the other hand, there are other supermarkets that fall in the middle with pricing and freshnessness. But Fred Meyer places 1st with top quality and reasonable pricing on food.
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Treated like a shoplifter
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LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON -- I was looking at shoes and a man kept watching me, made me feel uncomfortable so I walked over to men's wear, there he was again. Everywhere I went in that store he'd follow. I ended up leaving and doubt if I will shop there again. Very rude.
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User Replies:
Molly76 on 12/18/2011:
Why do people let the security bother them? Who cares! If you know they are there, they aren't doing the job right anyway. What do you care about some security person? Go on with whatever you are doing and ignore them.

Personally, I think it is a hoot when it happens to me. I turned around and there was an eyeball peeking at me through the hole in the display case. I said in a whisper, you are really crappy at your job, and the eyeball disappeared. It really was very funny!
DebtorBasher on 12/18/2011:
LOL Molly...Ask the security guard if he'd like you to bring him a rocking chair to sit in. *Seinfeld reference*
MRM on 12/18/2011:
I loved that episode as well!
Starlord on 12/18/2011:
Great response, Molly. I have worked as an LPA, and it is a challenge, trying to surveil someone without them noticiing it. Of course, there is always the possibility that the person you saw has no connection whatsoever with the store, and just happened to be visiting the same departments as you. you need to read my book, 'Paranoia and How To Treat It By Killing Your Enemies.'
trmn8r on 12/18/2011:
Loss prevention has a job to do. If they are that conspicuous, I'd stare back until they went away. If they didn't, I'd ask if there was something I could due to help them, or it they were lost.

They can *treat* you like a shoplifter in their behavior, but they can't make you one.
Anna Molly on 12/18/2011:
How do we know this guy was even in loss prevention?
trmn8r on 12/18/2011:
Good point, Anna Molly. He could be a stalker and/or an impersonator, like our little female friend.
olie on 12/18/2011:
My first thought that this might be someone stalking you, too. I'd go to some place like "Feminine Hygiene" and see if he followed me there.
Although a good number of stores now group condoms with the feminine hygiene products.

I do have to admit that it was fun around Homecoming time. Teen.olie and I went looking for shoes for her to wear, and we saw the same father/daughter combo at the first 4 stores we hit. Shoe department in each. I suggested to Teen.olie that she and the girl could shop together, and Dad and I could grab an Orange Julius and wait for them to text when they needed cash. (If our mall had an actual food court, I might have actually been bold enough to approach the Dad. Mr.olie would have understood. I think.)
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Physical threat by store manager
Posted by on
ISSAQUAH -- We went to the Issaquah store to return an item based on their customer service's advice that we could return it within 6 months of purchase. The assistant store manager not only refused to honor it, but threaten to throw me out of the store when I asked to talk to the store manager or someone who is willing to help me. This is by far the most horrible customer service experience I have ever had.

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User Replies:
raven2010 on 02/27/2011:
from their website:
How long after buying something can I return it?
Returns from our Home Electronics or Shoe Departments must be made within 30 days.
Returns from all other departments must be made within 6 months.

Did you try to return eletronics or shoes??
Ytropious on 02/27/2011:
I was just going to look up the policy too. Seems maybe the worker thought everything was 6 months, but everything is except electronics. Did you buy an electronic item? Was the item in original box or used up? That could also be why they said no...
Skye on 02/27/2011:
What did you try to return? Why have you left that part out, because I think it would clearly help others.
CrazyRedHead on 02/28/2011:
I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to see what really happened.
jktshff1 on 02/28/2011:
Ditto to what were you returning? That is an important item left out of the complaint.
Anonymous on 02/28/2011:
What was the item you were trying to return? I shop at this location all the time, one of the reasons I continue to go back again and again is because of the excellent customer service. I'm curious if you were trying to return an item that did not fall under the 6 month return period and then got upset when you were told no.
By the way...ALL stores want your money.
jktshff1 on 02/28/2011:
jc, vh
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To be fair
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SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- OK to be fair there are some good employees here but in my experience they don't last long for two reasons. 1 since they don't kiss ass to keep their job like the other crappy employees management which is full of people who don't like people at all I should know my friend had the hardest work ethic out there he would get stuff don't even if it killed him but since he never kissed ass to his manager she fired him for (not doing his job) which I never saw him not working this other kid was outside talking on his cell while on the job so feel sorry for some employees their managers get after them often enough that they sometimes take it out on customers or they are the kiss asses.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/12/2010:
It's really hard to take a review like this seriously when you're telling the story from your friends' POV, that happened to get fired. Of course he isn't going to tell you he deserved to be fired, most people don't.

Anonymous on 07/12/2010:
Kiss asses get such a bad name in today's world. Like David Bowie sang, "There's no sign of life it's just the power to charm". If you can get ahead by blowing a little sunshine up the MAN'S ass I say what's the harm?
Venice09 on 07/12/2010:
I know I'm not supposed to say this, but your post is one long sentence, making it very hard to understand.
jktshff1 on 07/12/2010:
Helpful on 07/13/2010:
You may have a legitimate complaint, but it's nearly impossible to conclude with the way this is written. You may want to refrain from using the words "kiss ass" throughout such a review.
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False advertising
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ALBANY, OREGON -- I went to Fred Meyer in Albany, OR because I had a coupon for Bar S Hotdogs for 88 cents (4/23/2010). I went to the checkout to buy them and was told they were $3.00. The reason given was that I had a package of "beef" hotdogs and the ones on sale were "meat". I pointed out that "beef" is a form of meat. The clerk then said that I could only get "meat" hotdogs for the sale price because the "meat" hotdogs included "by-products". This coupon was clearly false advertising. Since when is beef not a form of meat???
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/23/2010:
If the packaging on the hot dogs differentiates "beef"on one and "meat" on the other, then it is not false advertising because what was advertised is available. If the packaging says turkey hot dogs, beef hot dogs (etc), but no packages that say "meat" then you were definitely misled.
Starlord on 04/24/2010:
My wife and I had a hot dog stand in Arizona. While technically, beef is a variety of meat, the labelling diferentiates between all meat and all beef. If the all meat was what was on sale, you are not going to get the all beef for the price of all meat. It is not false advertising, because the packages are clearly marked. You are trying to split hairs and get $3.00 dogs for $0.88. Ain't going to happen.
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