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Rude, Lazy Employee at Fred Meyer Oak Grove
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OAK GROVE, OREGON -- I was returning bottles and cans with my children that they had collected from neighbors for money to go to camp... I was told by a younger employee named ** that I had too many cans and bottles and that I would have to go to the back of the line while another customer that had been waiting went ahead of me. I said "O.K., no problem" and let the other customer go ahead of me even though I only had about 20 or 30 bottles to go. The next customer was VERY slow but I waited patiently while he did his bottles. When he was done, I went back to work and quickly finished my returns.

We had quite a few returns that needed a hand count, so we let ** know and she said something that I couldn't hear and kept on doing other things. I waited patiently and after a few minutes asked again for her to count our cans. At that she replied that we had too many cans and she wasn't going to count them. I said,"oh...really?" I have NEVER had an employee act that way toward me. Most of the people I've worked with at F. M. have been helpful. I don't believe that an employee at ANY store should be treating customers in such a way.

One minute of her precious time would have made the difference between a happy customer and an upset customer. And by the way, I have NEVER posted a complaint about anyone before!

Terrible customer service.

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- The customer service at the Springfield, Oregon store is atrocious. I don't want to single out the specific employee as this was more of a straw to break the camel's back. The employee was scowling the entire time, which, as a former employee of Fred Meyer myself, I can completely understand. The haphazard management and continual "I don't know, ask someone else" guarantees that employees are on edge.

Scowling I can deal with. It was her refusal to greet me, even after I gave a friendly "hello" that was the immediate downturn of my shopping trip. I had left two 12 packs of soda in a basket, and she snapped "this is why you're supposed to take these out of here" at me before slamming the basket onto its side to dump them out. It was my mistake to leave them in there, but that reaction was completely unnecessary and a polite "please take these out in the future" would have sufficed. The only redeeming thing she did was to scan a coupon for my purchase without my asking, and saving 50 cents was not worth the experience.

Unfortunately this is on par with the type of customer service I receive at this location. Most of the cashiers are harried and I only receive a greeting half the time I come. One cashier barely glanced at me, didn't bother to say hello, and complemented the jewelry of someone behind me before I had even paid. There is no reason to drive across town for the chance at a slightly improved experience at another Fred Meyer store when there is a Safeway, an Albertson's, and a Winco all within a shorter distance and the prices are about the same. I'm done being treated like garbage in your stores.

Never Complained Before Now
By -

CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- I've never complained before about Fred Meyer. I was always happy until now. I stopped by Fred Meyer on 82nd Drive in Clackamas, OR, went to their deli and picked out some fried chicken. Back at home, there was this white thing barely sticking out of the coating on one of the chicken breasts. I began pulling. It was a LARGE full white feather.

I don't have any idea how this thing could have been missed? Maybe the chicken come already coated for frying before Fred Meyer gets it? I don't know. All I know is it turned my stomach upside down and I never want to eat a piece of chicken again. Sorry Fred, but I won't be eating food out of your deli again.

Something here's got to be broken.
By -

BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON -- I've been (trying to) refill my prescription there for the last year, and without fail, EVERY time I go there, they've 'mysteriously' lost my insurance info. Every time I go, it's the same old woman behind the counter, saying it's the insurance company's fault, or it's my fault, it's never their fault that I have to call my insurance and get all of my info again and again b.c their computer can't seem to save anything.

The old woman doing this typically treats me like a huge burden, and often asks invasive questions about why I'm on birth control pills in the first place. Usually, after about an hour of back and forth, I'm finally handed my pills, but if I'm lucky they'll hand me the wrong ones and we get to do it all over again *facepalm*. I'm going back to having my prescriptions mailed to me, this pharmacy is garbage.

Above and Beyond!
By -

NAMPA, IDAHO -- I found a candle centerpiece at my local Fred Meyer store (Nampa, Idaho) that was perfect for a large fundraising event I was working on for my employer. They were beautiful and on sale! The problem was that the store only had three and I needed approximately 75 of them. ** the store Director went above and beyond to make this happen. She and her employees scoured every Fred Meyer in and out of the state and I had all 75 of my centerpieces in time for the event. These fragile centerpieces were shipped from all over to my local store at no extra charge and the sale price was honored! This is great customer service!!! Thank you ** and crew!

"Service" dogs in stores
By -

SHORELINE, WASHINGTON -- Because of my large family and children with dairy and gluten allergies I easily spend at least $500 at Fred Meyer monthly on food alone. I typically go to the one in Shoreline as it's closer to my house on average three times a week. In the past month alone, I've seen a dog in the store once a week. I'm not talking about in a carrier, I'm talking about in the produce, dairy, meat section. Sometimes in the cart, sometimes on a leash. I understand service dogs come in many shapes and sizes but isn't there a regulation for licensing service dogs with a jacket or something?

I've even seen a "service" dog take a piss in the meat section before. It's horrendous. I've spoken with disabled people who require service dogs whether for PTSD or epilepsy and they never get upset, they have their dogs properly marked and under control. I'm sorry but when your "service" dog is on a six foot leash walking around like it's in a park, there's obviously something going on.

To Be Fair
By -

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- OK to be fair there are some good employees here but in my experience they don't last long for two reasons. 1, since they don't kiss ass to keep their job like the other crappy employees management which is full of people who don't like people at all. I should know my friend had the hardest work ethic out there. He would get stuff don't even if it killed him but since he never kissed ass to his manager she fired him for (not doing his job) which I never saw him not working this other kid was outside talking on his cell while on the job so feel sorry for some employees. Their managers get after them often enough that they sometimes take it out on customers or they are the kiss **.

False advertising
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ALBANY, OREGON -- I went to Fred Meyer in Albany, OR because I had a coupon for Bar S Hotdogs for 88 cents (4/23/2010). I went to the checkout to buy them and was told they were $3.00. The reason given was that I had a package of "beef" hotdogs and the ones on sale were "meat". I pointed out that "beef" is a form of meat. The clerk then said that I could only get "meat" hotdogs for the sale price because the "meat" hotdogs included "by-products". This coupon was clearly false advertising. Since when is beef not a form of meat???

False Advertising
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have only shopped in Fred Myer once or twice before because I live so far away from one, but I really liked the selection, so when I was looking for a particular item (water shoes) and I was in the area, I stopped in. Imagine my surprise when I see that they have only one pair left... In my size... And it was marked 60% off lowest discounted price. More surprise when I saw that these shoes were marked both on the box and a tag stapled the sole of the shoe at $35... So 60% off of $35 is $14... I HAD to get this deal!

So I grabbed a few other things I needed and headed to check out... Well when the cashier scanned the box, it came up the $54 original price... I explained that it says $35 on the box and there is a tag on the sole of the shoe at $35, and it was marked as 60% off. So he had his manager run back there and verify.

She seemed upset to be bothered, came right back said she couldn't find anymore, just discount the $54. So I took my items to the customer service counter and after waiting in a line for 30 minutes asked them to ring it up the way they have it advertised. She said that her manager said they couldn't do it, so I left all my items and went to Big 5.

Horrible Policies, Cold Employees, Despicable Company.
By -

OREGON -- My poor parents, like good little Americans, purchased a converter box from Fred Meyer in Gresham, Oregon. They purchased it just before the crossover was supposed to happen, but then it got delayed several months since nobody else was purchasing the boxes. So now the crossover happens, and they find out they have a defective box. They took it back, with the receipt, to the store in Gresham. They said they could make an exchange in the store in Tillamook (since they had some of the boxes left). Well, they decided to make a trip out of it and go to Tillamook (2+ hours away).

They arrived that evening and were told that the person who could help them would be in the next day. Well, the next day they went in and the very cold woman (manager) in the electronic department told them too bad, they will not give a refund OR exchange. This company sells defective products and has TERRIBLE ethics. Never, in a billion years, will me or any of my friends/family purchase another item in ANY Fred Meyer. Never in my life have I had a return I tried to make rejected. What Fred Meyer did to my parents is despicable.

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