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Gateway's Horrendous Display of Customer Service
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- First off, it is no coincidence that Gateway Review Forums are absolutely loaded with terrible reviews. That should be noted by anyone reading this, and passed on accordingly. I'm a fairly reasonable guy, and I can confidently say that the customer service I recently received from Gateway has undoubtedly been the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Similar to many other reviews on these forums, my issue with Gateway involved their warranty, the repair center, and Gateway's failure to act with even the slightest amount of integrity during the entire process. I'm not even a classic reviewer - I haven't written one in years. I've been pissed off and tempted plenty of times, but I'll usually just let it go. This situation with Gateway, however, is just so absolutely horrendous, that I am left with no choice but to do my part in spreading the word on the pathetic excuse for a company that is Gateway.

I bought my Gateway PC (Windows 8) on May 21st, 2013. Not 2 months later, I cannot install Windows Updates without an immediate freeze, cannot shut down the computer, cannot restart, reset, refresh to factory settings, system restore - nothing. The hardware is busted. So I call up Gateway and after basic troubleshooting attempts, they advise me to send it in for repair under my 1-year Limited Warranty.

After a long discussion, they tell me to ship it out to them in Texas to the Acer Repair Center. I was foolish enough to not consider the shipping cost, which was ~$40.00, until after the fact. That night, I call up Gateway requesting a refund on the $40.00 - reasoning that I just bought the computer two months ago and should not be responsible to pay for the shipment out to them - and they tell me they won't do it. So that pissed me off, but I had other things going on - and I let it slide.

Two weeks later (yesterday), my computer arrives back from the Acer/Gateway Repair Center. Very excited, I open it up and plug it in. Had I read these other reviews, I would have already known what was about to happen. I turn it on - and this is 100% accurate - within 30 seconds, I realize that every single problem with the PC remained unfixed. I literally couldn't even believe it, so I tried a couple of things with the hopes that it was just rusty. Negative. Gateway had sent me back my PC, two weeks later, in the same defective condition it went out. Not a single defect was fixed. So I call Gateway.

My biggest issue was not that it remained defective (although that obviously pissed me off quite a bit), but that it took me one attempt to plainly see that the computer was not fixed. I logged on, did a quick check, and immediately noticed. What does that say about Gateway's technicians, let alone Gateway's level of care for their customers? After 30 minutes or so of back and forth, I make my way to the "highest" level of customer service that exists at Gateway - the corporate section. Needless to say, the conversation was highly unsatisfactory.

I wish I had recorded the phone call so I could post it right here with my review. The customer service at this level wasn't just horrendous, it was virtually non-existent. At the end of the long, fruitless conversation I had with that robot, the best Gateway was willing to offer me was a 30-day extension on my warranty (10 months away). And she couldn't tell me enough how great of a courtesy I was receiving from Gateway. I was so appalled by this suggestion that I refused it, and don't regret doing so.

Despite me explaining that I bought the computer two months ago, paid $40 to ship it out there, and patiently waited two weeks for its return only to find it in the same condition in which I sent it out - there was nothing Gateway would do to rectify the situation. So that was that. My computer is currently on its way back to Texas, likely to return defective for a second time. In the literal sense of the word, it is truly unbelievable that a company of this size could possibly be so devoid of integrity.

I think it's safe to say that I wish you stay far away from Gateway products, both for my, and your, personal well-being. At least until they get their act together, which doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. For one, based on my, and everyone else's recent experience with Gateway, their computers seem to be very poorly manufactured. Every other review you find on Gateway mentions continuous failures in their PC/Laptop.

Second, when your computer does inevitably malfunction, you will have no choice but to ship it out to Gateway's Repair Center. Who knows what those numbskulls even do over there, but if we're going off of these reviews, they certainly aren't doing their job. And third, every single time you have even the slightest issue with your computer, you have to deal with this disgrace of a customer service process.

I remain stunned from the entire experience and my subsequent discovery of all these other reviews. I advise anyone considering purchasing a Gateway product to think twice, and even three times, before doing so. They simply cannot be trusted right now. I let the Gateway corporate team know before I got off the phone that I would spread word of my experience with them, and that is what I must do. Take these words, and spread them.

Don't Buy From Gateway
By -

I bought a 30" monitor from Gateway in early 2008. It recently began failing. I called their number, and got an automated response robot. It demanded that I enter my serial number, which is of course printed on the back of the monitor in tiny letters. I entered this number several times, and each time it was rejected, and I was then hung up on. I kept trying to talk to a live person, but I was unable to. Apparently, if the item for which you're entering the serial number is no longer under warranty, it rejects the serial number and they won't even talk to you! That's pretty bad.

So then I tried to talk to someone in sales. Well, you can't even talk to them if you want to buy something from them! They redirect you to one of their authorized resellers, and then hang up on you. All I wanted was to get some information to help me find some place that could repair this $1500 monitor. I did manage to "chat" (meaning conversing with them by typing into a window and reading their much delayed responses) with one of their support technicians who reluctantly agreed to communicate with me, and I ended up taking the thing to Best Buy.

They insisted that they couldn't service the monitor unless it was "in their system," because they absolutely had to have an in-house sku. Failing to find this sku would result in them having to email headquarters to get one generated, and they said this could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I'm without a monitor. Well, after about an hour, they finally got the sku, and sent it off to be repaired. I should have it back in a couple of weeks, or maybe more. Meanwhile, I am using a spare monitor that I bought off Craigslist for $80.

This pretty much took up my whole day. Oh, and I didn't know it was the monitor, and I bought my computer from Dell. I chatted with Dell, and they thought it was a bad graphics card, so I ordered one, got it, installed it, and found out that this wasn't the problem. So I had to bundle it up and ship it back, and put the old graphics card back in. All this, because Gateway apparently used substandard parts, and has no customer service. They used to be so nice. Avoid Gateway!!

Gateway LCD Monitors = C.R.A.P.
By -

CHRISTIANA, DELAWARE -- Bought two of their 22-inch FPD2275W LCD monitors in late Sept. 2007. What a huge pile of crap!!! For starters, Gateway uses a non-proprietary composite connector, so an RCA jack would not fit. Thus, no composite connectivity with this monitor. The 3x RCA connectors worked -- for about 1 hour. Then, the image fell apart and never came back -- another cut-rate circuit fried!! So, if like myself, you wanted to use this monitor also for video or game console connectivity -- forget about it.

I called Gateway Tech Support the day after I purchased the two monitors. They told me that this was "beyond the scope of the usual tech support" and that I would have to pay a $79.95 "fee-based support." The day after I got my monitors!? I don't think so. Also, beware that no warranty card or information comes with the monitors in the box!!! You are entirely unprotected with these creeps!!!

As everyone notices, the bleed-through is so bad, it seems like they have three or four fluorescent tubes lighting up the screen from beyond. Forget blacks -- you hardly have grays. There is no uniformity on the screen -- more like a map, with highs and lows. I also had 3 RED PIXELS on one of the monitors all burnt out when I powered the thing on. I returned both Gateway monitors to Circuit City on the third day after purchasing them, WHERE I WAS HIT WITH A 15% RESTOCKING FEE!!! Thus adding insult to the injury already suffered.

Listen up: stay the hell away from Gateway products if you know what's good for you. Now that ACER had purchased GATEWAY, word out is that ACER will just ax the brand anyhow, so morale at Gateway must be at an all-time low. Plus, their products are classical duds.

Frustrating Experience With Gateway Customer Support
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I purchased the Gateway Desktop PC Model No: GT5263E along with the 22 inch wide screen LCD Monitor (Model Number: FPD2275W) on Nov 24, 2006 from Office Depot. [Serial Number: CCZ6A N10 03370] The 22 inch monitor is a defective piece. It has vertical patches in which the images and text look blurry. I contacted Gateway Technical support on Dec 8, 06 and went through the rituals of all the initial checks and troubleshooting. The technical support representative (** – Badge no. **) concluded that the monitor is faulty and they will be sending the replacement monitor.

The monitor never arrived. So I called again on Dec 15. I again started all over with the new tech support person ** (Badge ** - the number seemed suspicious). He took my credit card info, told me that the retainer of $98 will be charged, but after that nothing happened. I again called on Dec 21, 06 and spoke to third rep – ** (Badge No. **). She was not successful in setting up the RMA. At least she acknowledged that there is some problem. She informed her supervisor – ** who was supposed to resolve this. On Dec 22, I called again (4th call) to find the status of the replacement monitor. The rep – ** (Badge **) could not create the RMA.

I then spoke to the manager ** who had nothing new to offer but was also very rude on the phone and does not deserve to be a Customer Support Manager. In my 4 calls each lasting at least 45 minutes plus emails I have wasted 4 hours of time which I bill to my clients at the rate of $200 per hour. This is more than the cost of entire PC that I am stuck with.

If there is any problem in RMA processing, I should be notified by email or phone call. Just ignoring is very irresponsible. I bought the Gateway machine thinking that I will get a better service. However, exactly opposite is happening. I am frustrated with the attitude and style of the technical support. I recommend to stay away from Gateway even if they offer their products free to you. Because they will give you all faulty pieces and the customer service sucks. They are not only un-professionals, but very arrogant as well.

Customer Service
By -

Gateway's Customer Service is appalling. I will not describe my story here since it is cumbersome and redundant. The bottom line is that the public needs to know the facts: Gateway products and customer service is totally unprofessional. They do not respect the warranty or the basic rights of the customer ending up with poor products. Do yourself a favor – look for other companies. - Frustrated customer.

Poor Customer Service
By -

Where to start. They were impossible to get to the right person regarding a monitor that was sent in for repair. Rude service personnel who hung up when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I called again and was told that supervisors do not take call about their subordinates. I was told that if I had a problem I would have to write a letter to the company. They told me a repair to my high def monitor would take about 7 to 10 days. I sent the monitor in. It was under warranty but I had to pay for the shipping.

When I tracked the monitor it had been received 10 days prior and they sent no confirmation that they received it. When I talked to a representative they said that it could take 30 days. Why didn't tell me initially so I could make other plans. I use the computer for my work. I even emailed them to find out about my monitor. I never received a reply. This is the worst customer service I have ever had.

I will make sure I let every know that they should buy Dell or any other computer company rather than Gateway Computer as they will not give good service if anything goes wrong. Finally I received a phone number and they could not find my service request, my service ID nor my monitor. I finally gave them my FedEx tracking number and they are now trying to find the account. It took another 20 minutes to find the monitor. When they found it they said it will take 10 more days to repair it. It appears they have done nothing to repair it as yet.

Gateway Monitors Are Crap and So Is Company Service
By -

TRENTON, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Gateway 19" LCD Monitor in May of 2006. Yesterday I turned on my computer and the screen would not light up. To check it out I plugged in an old (10 Year) CRT Monitor I had. It took right off so I knew it was not the computer. I called Gateway customer service and after a half hour of screwing around with wrong published numbers and their talking computer I got to speak with someone. He said his name was of course ** although it sounded more like it should be "Gunga Din."

After explaining the problem and giving him the model and serial number he explained that it is normally a two year warranty but since I bought it from "Office Depot" it is only a one year warranty. He also said in order for him to continue talking to me I would have to pay a fee of $65.00 and he had a litany of other fees I could choose from. So he said in so many word, "You bought it. It's your problem." Tough **. I tried doing an online chat with Gateway customer service and they dropped the call 7 times (**).

All conversed in broken English, do you think they may be giving a fake name? So I had no luck with Gateway and called to see if I could get the monitor repaired with no luck. So a less than two year old monitor goes to the curb and I go to the DELL store or someone other than Gateway. There's about $350.00 down the toilet.

Gateway FPD 21 HD Monitor
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I purchased this monitor 12 months ago. As of today has stopped working. There is a problem with the internal power supply. The monitor has no picture and can not be turned off. I have to unplug it. I believe this is a fire hazard and will be recalled if Gateway will admit there is problem with the monitor and stand behind the product. Gateway's customer service is awful. Do not purchase their products. They refuse to put managers on the phone and all they want to do is sell replacements.

I have read of other people having the same problems with this monitor and customer service. Help. Can anyone help me resolve this problem. I need answers on how to get this resolved with Gateway. I have called and called Gateway, no response. Has anyone dealt with Gateway and gotten them to stand behind the product after the 12 month warranty is up. Please let me know how you did it. Gateway should be ashamed, quality is not there nor is the respect for its customers - which it says is they are "devoted to treating customers with respect." They do not. Please Gateway, follow your code of ethics!!!

Computer Monitor Fire
By -

Would like to hear from anyone who has had a Gateway computer monitor that caught fire.

Sent Wrong Monitor - AGAIN
By -

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- I've been waiting since October 2004 for the monitor to my Gateway. Finally, it arrived - wrong one. Agent said (in writing) one thing and sent another. Today I received a bill. I would really like to talk to someone in that company about how I'be been treated.

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