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My Oven Had Flames, Sparks and Melted
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Rating: 3/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a new condo in 2003 and the Spectra was what the builder installed. It worked fine until I preheated it, put my food in. I was lucky as I was in the kitchen and noticed a flame. It was as described by others, sparks, flame. I turned the oven off and kept the door shut, but in that amount of time it burned right through the electric coil. A piece about one inch was on the oven bottom. A neighbor had this happen to him years ago. He had to call the fire dept. by the time it was caught.

Oven Heating Element Caught Fire
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My oven had a bright light with sparks coming off element. Immediately I turned off the oven. The fire did not go out after turning the control to off. I had to pull oven out and unplug before it would go out. I am disappointed. Glad I was near the oven when this took place. This oven should have a recall. I saw so many reviews for the same issue.

Customer Service (Or Lack Thereof)
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Rating: 1/51

UNKNOWN -- 4/21/13: Got declined at a vending machine to buy a $1.50 soda. Had $2000 of credit limit available to purchase. 4/22/13: Spent 1 hour and 32 minutes on telephone trying to speak to a credit card representative at GE/Paypal Extras MasterCard regarding issue. 1:45pm - Called "customer service" number on the back of my card, got stuck in endless IVR loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

1:55pm - Called "customer service" number on Paypal site along with an assigned 6-digit randomly generated code issued on website to use for better/faster routing of my call. Once again got stuck in endless loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

2:05pm - Called PayPal'™s main number after a third venture through an automated system, finally was able to get to a live person. They looked up my account and said "they could only help me with my PayPal account, not my PayPal MasterCard. They nicely (or as I thought) transferred me to the "correct department".

2:15pm - Transferred to 2nd person. Not sure whom I got transferred to but they immediately said I was in the wrong place and transferred me to the "correct department" (or so I thought". 2:20pm - Transferred to 3rd person ("**"). ** looked up my credit card number twice only to tell me, guess what, I'm in the wrong department. I am now in the "Prepaid MasterCard" department for Paypal. She further tells me that "she cannot help me", that I should "hang up, call back and start from the beginning" as I called the wrong number.

I informed her that I didn't call the "wrong number" but was in fact transferred by another Paypal employee, she restated that "she cannot help me, that I should hang up and call back"??? After a multitude of going back and forth, I of course asked for a supervisor only to be told that "there isn't a supervisor". I said okay a manager then, she said "there is no manager"???

I then tried another approach and asked "who do you report to", she replied "nobody". I challenged that and her final response was "I report to the company". I repeated that back to her to be clear I heard correctly and said "you don't have a supervisor or a manager and only report to the company?". She said that is correct and reminded me that "she cannot help me". I then asked to be transferred to any person in a management position and she replied "they cannot help you"??? Astounded I said okay let me hear them tell me that. (of course they wouldn't tell me that right?...let's see).

2:47pm - Transferred to 4th person (**). A female who when asked identified herself as a manager. At this point to be safe I asked her for her name and ID number before proceeding to have to explain my customer service issue and the path I went to get to her. I also requested the ID number of the previous employee (**) who was terribly rude, short and inconsiderate. She tells me "I doesn't know, you should have asked her that before she transferred you to me"...HUH?

I asked "Aren't you her supervisor or manager?" She said "No". I asked "Are you a member of management?" She said "Yes, I am a Manager." I'm thinking great, I'm going to be helped finally, I've reached someone in management and they'll make sure I'm taking care of. Wrong. ** now begins to tell me that she "cannot help me". Also said that I should hang up and call another number to try again"? Huh? This is a manager?

I ask if she can directly transfer me to the "correct person"...reply is "No". I ask if she can directly help me...reply is "No". I ask if she thinks it's okay to treat a customer like this, especially after what the customer has clearly been through with 3 other agents? She said "well you're calling the wrong department"...seriously didn't she listen to any of my story about how I got to her? Now for the height of the call...The "MANAGER" - ** - ** apparently decided she had enough of me (the customer asking for help) and just hung up on me, disconnected the call.

Wow! After the long career in customer service if I were monitoring these calls on the phone system for quality assurance or training purposes this call would serve me several purposes: The ability to protect my customers from poor customer service from some obviously uncaring customer service employee and manager. The need to walk down the hall to Human Resources to initiate an immediate termination of these employees and removal from the call center floor. A great training for new employees and retraining of existing employees on how never to ever handle a customer.

Still unsure as to how to resolve my credit card issue. After I take some blood pressure medication, go for a long walk and ask God for forgiveness for my thoughts I might try back in a week or two. Until then, what was my "Primary Card" is now removed from my wallet and placed in a desk drawer at home for some future consideration. The card was a fine card, the associated customer service or lack thereof if ever needed is the determining factor for the discontinued use of this card, inability to recommend GE or Paypal and need to find assistance in resolving my issues.

Company Response 04/23/2013:

**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 042313_m3c_rockysacco**

I'm sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at with your name and phone number. A member of our consumer advocacy team will call you to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital

Washer fails to perform
By -

I bought the G. E. toploader infusor model washer in Sept 09. It was marketed as an energy saver. After four months of watching my clothes go through cycles of wash, rinse, spin and come out twisted, wrinkled, covered with lint and detergent residue and looking worse after washing than before, my energy is depleted. After acquiring skin rashes from detergent and probably soil retention, I'm out of patience.

I was skeptical from the start when I saw the amount of water versus the size of the load that supposedly could be accommodated by this machine, but I continued to try all the manufactures “remedies” for “problems”. I tried different combinations of water level, soil level, etc. Nothing made any difference. On January 24, 2010, I called GE to ask for a refund or different machine. I had explained that there was nothing malfunctioning in the controls, but the machine was not accomplishing what it purported to do, i.e., CLEAN CLOTHES. I was told a repairman would have to determine manufacturer's defect and then issue an authorization.

The repairman who came the following day, wasn't interested in the fact that the machine doesn't do what it's supposed to do. He disinterestedly explained that as the repairman, as far as he could see, everything was working properly. He took the load of clothes I saved to illustrate my problems with the machine and “arranged” them around the drum, explaining as he went, the process, as if I hadn't been doing exactly that for four months.. He was just running a demo, ignoring the crux of the matter. He opened the lid now and then pointing to an item of clothing that was floating around the surface of the water., to illustrate that the machine was indeed “cleaning”.

I disagreed and said so. The water barely covered the clothes. Again, he wasn't interested in the fact that no matter that the mechanics responded to commands, there were no good results coming from the actions. He did not wait for the load to finish. It took too much time. He simply advanced the program and declared his work finished.. He told me my complaints needed to go to customer service, not him. He wasn't interested in seeing the results of his “experiment”. The clothes were still wrinkled and covered with residue and lint, when I took them out.

The repairman also said the “large” and “super” water level designations gave about the same amount of water, so it didn't matter which you used. What??? Same thing for the fabric softener, either choice gives the same amt. So in other words, the “extras” on the dial are deceptive, giving the impression that there is an added advantage to this machine. Their true function, it seems, is to provide the repairman with something to point to as a remedy when you give him any particular complaint. One should not have to override or duplicate functions on a new machine, or extra rinse to get the basic results which the machine claims to get… clean clothes.

When I told the repairman there were many complaints similar to mine online, some even worse with destroyed flooring from overfilling machines, he insisted shaking his head no, that he hasn't heard of these things, indicating that I was wrong or lying. It was like talking to a robot. He was totally scripted from which he did not depart and his attitude was galling.

Finally when I insisted that he must, as a company representative, show at least some concern that there are inherent problems with the performance of this machine, he told me this machine does not have a deep rinse, but just a spray rinse. That was his defense. He had no concern for the very real situation, that I was stuck with a farce of a machine that does not produce. His standard response was to refer me to customer service, which did nothing but use his evaluation (no malfunction) as their rationale for refusing a refund or replacement.. So much for results.

But it wasn't lost on me that in spite of his dismissive attitude, he was well aware of every problem I presented.. He had heard it before.. For every problem I had, he pointed out an option. Residue? Use HE liquid. I never used anything but HE liquid. So that was no cure.. Skin rash from residue? Use second rinse.. No, I shouldn't have to use a second rinse to offset a brand new, inefficient product. In the end, he claimed that he was being abused. If not so egregiously insulting, it would have been hilarious. Surely, a customer stuck with a ‘lemon” of a machine because the manufacturer refuses to acknowledge its defects, has a far more legitimate claim to abuse.

I regret that I bought into the “energy saver” farce. I guess it all depends on what “energy” is. This washer uses more energy with all the extra steps, rinses, washes, etc. necessary just to get it to do what the agitator with a couple of dials did routinely. Then there is the “energy” used in the “aftercare” of the finished wash to remove lint, residue, etc from the clothes, and try to reduce the twisting and wrinkling.

This interaction with G. E. has been infuriating. I would never again do business with or buy a product of any kind from G. E. A company that feels no ethical responsibility towards its customers, reflected in the dismissive attitude on the part of the G. E. repairman deserves to fail.

GE's Appliances and Washing Machines
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Rating: 2/51

RE: GE about to sell appliance unit to Electrolux of Europe for $3.3 billion. One overwhelmingly major GE problem is that many of their immediate past and current washers, dryers and some other products were and are troublesome, of poor design and operational qualities, came with near useless one year warranties where products failed to "last" even one or two years while costing unsuspecting consumers manifold problems and expenses. GE steadfastly at times refused to acknowledge problems, refusing at times to service the products. Perhaps Electrolux will be able to do better, but it is likely that any GE appliance unit buyer will disavow GE's warranties.

They Made Me Dis-Mantle a Working Machine
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- After having a GE de-humidifier for about 2 months, the hose connection broke and it had to be emptied manually (taking into consideration I no longer had the receipt or box). This being a hassle I contacted GE and they told me to cut off the cord and take the info sticker off the back, return it to them and they would send a rebate check to replace it.

I did so and then they send a form for me to go purchase another one and then they would send a check. They have left me with a nonworking product and will do nothing more (I do not have the money to purchase another at this point and for sure could not wait 2 mos for the check). If that was the policy why did I have to dis-mantle a working machine when they could have done the same thing without cutting off the cord?

Poor Appliance Service
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Rating: 1/51

HELENA, ALABAMA -- Please NEVER use GE Appliance Service. Service person repaired 14 month old stove, it failed same problem 2 days later. Was told it would be the next week before service because part needed to be ordered. That week the part did not ship so we were told another week. The third week we were told the service person was out on personal leave (they shipped the part to him instead of the house) and that it would be yet another week before it could be serviced.

This is a rental property and by law we needed to get it fixed ASAP (young mother, two kids). Our fix was to take our stove from our house to the rental property and hopefully GE repair will fix the broken stove at our residence. I wanted a full refund and would get a better repair company to fix but was told I could not be refunded the "service call" portion of the expense. I am stuck with this loser organization until I get my stove fixed!

Piece of Junk
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased 8,000 BTU GE air conditioner that worked for three months then started icing up. Returned it to manufacturer under warranty. By the time I got it back it was winter. Installed it at the beginning of summer. It worked a couple of months and quit cooling.

The one year warranty was only good from the original date of purchase, so I took it to a local repairman. Paid $43.30 to have it looked at. He said it has a very small Freon leak which is too close to something else that would have to be replaced to find it. Basically, it would cost more to repair it than to just go buy a new one. So, I paid close to $300 for a piece of junk. I will never buy another GE product!

Company Response 08/27/2013:

Hello, this is Donna with GE. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your GE air conditioner. We would like to help. So that we can work with you directly, can you email us your contact information and details at please? Thank you.

They Stood Behind Their Water Heater Warranty!
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Rating: 5/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Replaced my old unit three years ago with a GE from Home Depot for $500. Last year a small leak appeared around the upper heating element. A call to the technical support number and they sent a new element overnight delivery. The leak reappeared. Another call and the technician went through a series of diagnostic questions, concluding that a replacement was in order.

All I had to do was disconnect and drain the bad unit and take it to Home Depot--they had the replacement authorization online already, and loaded a new unit onto my truck. It was a DIY project that was actually made more pleasant by the good folks at Home Depot and the helpful technician at GE. Thanks for the positive experience.

They Do Not Honor Their Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased General Electric (GE) mini refrigerator in 2011. Two days before the one-year warranty was due to expire the refrigerator quit working. I returned the refrigerator to the place of purchase and they were not able to give me another one as they did not have any in stock. We then contacted GE. They gave us a certificate of goodwill rebate. I had to purchase another GE appliance then mail in the rebate with my original purchase receipt for the new appliance. They did not refund me the full amount of the first refrigerator I purchased. They instead only gave me back the amount paid for the new item which was a little bit less.

They chose not to honor their 1-year warranty. They stiffed us for the difference in price. If you get the certificate of goodwill check make sure you purchase for the full amount due to you or they will take the money and run. I have an older indoor refrigerator from 1990 - when it goes out I will not purchase another GE appliance.

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