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Worst Warranty Repair Service Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

Had the timer mechanism fail on my 8 month old electric dryer and am now at 3 weeks and a 3rd scheduled service appointment with no repair in sight. I called on a Monday to request warranty repair and was given an appointment for that Thursday. No one showed up so I called the repair company and they told me they did not have a work order. Called GE and they told me the repair company had rejected the appointment and they had no other service firms in my area. Transferred me to Consumer Relations and they scheduled someone to come out from 100 miles away.

Tech showed up and asked, "Where are the parts?" He took 5 minutes to look at the dryer then got on the phone with GE who told him what parts to order. 10 days later still no call from GE or the service company. I called and they told me the parts were in and that the tech would be by today. At 5 pm I called the company and they told me GE had called them and cancelled the appointment because they were not going to pay for a company to make a 100 mile service call!

I called Lowe's where I purchased the unit and they called GE to try to get a Return Authorization so they could replace the dryer. GE refused and instead scheduled an appointment with another service company without my knowledge. This means waiting another five days for someone to show up, order the parts and then another 10 days to get parts and maybe get a repair.

I called GE Consumer Affairs and asked why they cancelled the appointment when their selected vendor had the parts and I was only a couple of hours from having my dryer repaired. Their records showed the appointment cancelled but no name and only the explanation that the repair was "not cost effective".

I told them I wanted them to issue Lowe's a Return Authorization so I could replace the dryer but they refused and said a simple repair would correct the problem. I told them that nothing was simple about the way they did business and so far I was on my third appointment and still four days away from having someone come by just to look at the dryer and order parts. I have now been without a dryer for three weeks and there is only one laundromat in this town and often every machine is in use.

GE offered to explanation for the service cancellation other than to say "we don't cancel appointments but I see here that we did cancel this one". Without anyone actually having looked at the machine, they are sending the parts to me for the tech to install when/if he finally shows up. The first tech did not even open the machine top to see if the timer was really the problem so they are sending these parts out on the chance they will fix things.

The worst part is that GE service and consumer affairs is in Memphis where they select one of the lowest wage places in the country. Four out of five reps that you get on the phone cannot be understood and you have to keep calling until you connect with someone who speaks recognizable English. We will never, I repeat, NEVER buy another appliance with a GE name. I sent a letter to Lowe's asking them why they sell appliances that cannot be serviced in the regional area, but they don't care either.

GE Oven Microwave Combination, GE Refridg, Ge Dryer
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- Purchased new home, no prior occupants, in November, 2010. GE profile appliances were installed when we purchased. I purchased the dryer the same week we moved in which was Thanksgiving, 2012. The refrigerator computer board went out. Has to replace. Two visits from repairman and we ended up replacing the board ourselves.

Microwave Oven combination: Microwave would not shut off. Called qualified GE repairman. Replaced computer board. That was not the problem. The microwave door latch was defective. After 5 years, GE decide to not make a replacement part for a door latch so the entire unit had to be replaced. GE gave a replacement cost which was lower than Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. I booked a replacement and handed over more than $1,000. That was over a month ago. I still do not have a replacement oven installed. It's one issue after another with GE and with GE's delivery and installation company.

Clothes dryer. The timer switch broke. Most of the information I had showed many, many timer switches have broken. Watched a YouTube video on how to replace the switch. Was told to "shop around" for a replacement part as GE will try to charge quadruple the going price. I found this to be completely true. Fixed dryer ourselves.

Congress needs to look into these appliance companies. I believe they are scamming consumers. They force you to buy a new unit by not making replacement parts, deliver the new unit, take your old unit and fix it and then sell it as refurbished. Well, how did they get the replacement parts? I spent all day on the phone and internet searching for a microwave door latch all across the US and internationally and no one has the part. The internet is full of the same complaints.

GE 1.4 Cu Ft, 1100watts Model JES1460DSBB
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Rating: 1/51

BARTONVILLE, ILLINOIS -- The interior light went out in the microwave. I contacted GE to inquire about the warranty seeing as the microwave was purchased in June/July. After providing a model/serial number I was told the unit was built in 2016 and the warranty was no longer in effect. I purchased the microwave in 2017. Upon inspection, the fan motor connection had melted/fused to the metal tab attached to the motor relay. I was told to get the microwave out of my house due to it being a fire hazard. I thought General Electric was a trusted/reliable brand. Glad I wasted all my money purchasing a General Electric microwave, I will never purchase any GE product!

GE Monogram Wall Oven
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Rating: 1/51

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased all GE Monogram appliances for my kitchen redo. I have had nothing but problems from the start. First, my refrigerator has had numerous service calls at $99 a call. Next, my induction cooktop is super sensitive to touch and is constantly freezing up! Most recently, I had a service call on my wall ovens. At first the problem was that it took 30 minutes for the oven to reach 350 degrees! Ridiculous! So, I contacted GE service who came out for another $99. The tech told me these ovens take a very long time to get to temperature! Never told me that when purchased! However, not the biggest issue!

Two weeks later I come home to my ovens "beeping" continually and control panel locked! So, I contacted GE again... could not come out for 4 days, so without ovens. Same tech, Dan, showed up and spent a total of 5 minutes diagnosing issue. Tells me that my control panel is shot and will cost $1,400 to replace! Seriously! The ovens are just a few years old and this is a vacation home. I am hardly here and when I am, never cook.

So, I have been back and forth with customer service and still no resolution. It is my belief that the technician somehow fried my control panel when adjusting the temp settings. GE is not helping me out at all. Very frustrated and would never buy or recommend GE again.

Defective Microwave That GE Refuses to Reimburse for After Instructing That I Destroy the Machine
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased a microwave that had a defective control panel in April. Called warranty service to have repaired. GE declined to repair and insisted on sending rebate check to buy a new GE product. I removed the serial number per their instructions and sent it to a facility in South Dakota with a copy of the purchase receipt. After waiting a month for the check I purchased a small 2nd hand unit. Called GE on June 14th to complain.

They could not find the service application, and after 40 minutes on the phone (at my expense) they wanted to send me a rebate check good on another GE product but only after I sent them the receipt for the 2nd hand replacement microwave I purchased at a Habitat for Humanity Restore over 6 weeks ago. I do not have the receipt (saw no reason for keeping a receipt for a $20 replacement).

Eventually, I was offered the rebate check but I was so disgusted with GE that I decided I would never purchase a GE product again since they refused to refund my purchase price under any circumstance. I assume they planned to deduct the cost of the 2nd hand unit from their rebate offer. SoGE profited from keeping my $184.89 since that's all they were interested in from the beginning. Obviously, GE is not interested in any measure of customer satisfaction. Their policy borders on legal theft, in my opinion. I will never purchase another GE product under any circumstance or for any reason since they refuse to stand behind their product or warranty honorably.

GE Large Capacity Top Loading Washing Machine - Washing Machine Hell
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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- GE Large Capacity Top Loading Washing Machine hell - After 2 weeks of using a new GE washer, I noticed a few items had "holes" in them. I assumed the dog had chewed on the towel, as he has done in the past. WRONG! Within the first month, literally everything we owned and had washed developed the same pattern (hole in the body of the item being washed). I lost my new sheets, new towels, lingerie (washed on hand-wash cycle... what a joke!).

Long story short, it took almost 1 year of calling, 3 repairmen saying it was a design flaw, and a threat from my attorney to sue the company, before they entertained my situation. I had to send photos of everything with holes, provide itemized statements of the cost of my clothes, towels, etc. LOTS of work for a problem THEY created! After 2 more months of Washeteria use, which they did partially reimburse me for, they picked up the piece of junk, refunded the purchase price, and had to pay me $1500.00 for everything the washer ruined.

Now 2 years later, things still develop visible holes, as they had been damaged and just didn't rip all the way through. Wish I had known the hidden damage, because it should have been more like $3,000 in damaged items! They rushed to cut the check when the attorney got involved!

BUY a SPEED QUEEN WASHER. NO REGRETS, no issues in 2 years, and when I mention it to repairmen, they have never been called to work on them! Solid, no frills, no problems, get a Speed Queen! Google it and find the little, local independent retailer in your area. I can't wait for this Kenmore dryer to die, so I can get the matching Speed Queen dryer! And, it a full load of clothes takes only 30 minutes, not 90, like the GE piece of junk! Get a Speed Queen if you can!

My Oven Had Flames, Sparks and Melted
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Rating: 3/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a new condo in 2003 and the Spectra was what the builder installed. It worked fine until I preheated it, put my food in. I was lucky as I was in the kitchen and noticed a flame. It was as described by others, sparks, flame. I turned the oven off and kept the door shut, but in that amount of time it burned right through the electric coil. A piece about one inch was on the oven bottom. A neighbor had this happen to him years ago. He had to call the fire dept. by the time it was caught.

Worthless Hunk of Metal and Plastic
By -

Let me preface this letter by first stating that my wife and I are extremely water conscious because we live in a extreme drought ravaged area and there have been no more than 35 loads of laundry run through this machine since the day it was installed. This is also the second one of these models we had installed. The first one was so poorly assembled that it actually tore itself apart during the first load that my wife attempted with it. We have 2 major issues with this washer and either one makes it a useless hunk of metal and plastic.

The first issue is with this machine's capacity or rather lack of same. When my wife uses the Super load option the weight of just 4 bath towels causes the tub to sink down and the pulley assembly which turns the tub is forced onto the floor of the unit causing it to rub and grind metal on metal. This is obviously a design flaw as I have read other peoples similar complaints about this model on the internet. This flawed design problem was confirmed by the repairman who stated that he has seen this same flaw on this model at other people's homes. This alone should because for a recall on this model washer, but there is more.

The second problem we are experiencing is that EVERY time we use the washer it leaks water onto our wood floors from the water inlet located "inside" the washer. Let me be very clear here and state that this leak is not coming from the water supply lines going into the washer. The leak is happening "inside" the washer's inlet. This design flaw as well as the first one mentioned above was shown to me personally by the repairman who looked at it today. The repairman also stated that the reason this was happening was because of "calcification" due to the hard water we have in our area. This again is a major design flaw in this machine.

We owned a Kenmore washer and dryer set for 20 years and we never had ANY hard water problems with the washer and in fact never had ANY problems with it whatsoever! When we moved we, sold our Kenmores and thought we would purchase a new modern and upgraded washer dryer set which would use less water and sadly we picked these units of yours.

We are now left with 2 options as to our laundry. We either continue to use this machine and let it leak onto, and further ruin our floor, and/or let it grind itself into oblivion or we take our laundry to a laundromat. Neither of these options is acceptable.

We are not expecting GE to replace our wood flooring, though that would be an honorable thing to do but, because these flaws are inherent in the build of this unit and will continue on into the future, we fully expect that you will either refund our investment in this washer and have it hauled away or at the very least that you replace it with a model that actually does the job it is advertised to do. Our faith in GE and its desire to build and support a good product is entirely in your hands and we hope to hear back from you on this matter in a timely manner.

Deceptive Warranty
By -

We used to have GE extended warranties for all our appliances. It used to be a good value. I even got a dead fridge replaced for shipping costs. Then, recently, I needed a repair, and found out I could no longer schedule it online, but had to call an 800 number and talk to someone not in this country. The next repair I had (OK, I confess, I will never buy another GE appliance, but I am keeping the ones I have until they die), the man in the other country (someplace where they speak Spanish) told me he could not find my contract, they would put a work order on it, and to call back in 48 hours.

Well, I had paid for the warranty, I wanted the repair, my appliance was broken, but I couldn't get any service. And, of course, they never called back. Eventually I got a supervisor, after days of calling. The supervisor said they had my warranty, but there were no providers in my area. I still naively thought I was with GE, and I knew there were many GE service people in my area -- I live in DC metro, so to tell me there are no providers in my area is beyond ridiculous.

I got the “call back in 48 hours” routine from them, at which point I pressed a little harder, and found out that they were no longer GE, but another company entirely, who had decided to cut their costs and NOT use high quality technicians, but whatever cheap contract labor they could find. They promised to get back to me, but before they had called me back some 6 days later, I had gotten in touch with GE, got a GE technician out, who immediately fixed the appliance. Then I began the long, hard journey of trying to get a refund on all my extended warranties (I had 5).

Although I had two months on 4 of them and 6 months on one of them, my eventual refund, after hours of phone calls and several letters and e-mails, was about $10.60. When I called, they told me that was because I had actually used the warranty services several times for service calls! GE tells me that when they sold their warranty services to Assurant, they assumed that Assurant would continue using their technicians. Well, like they say, to ass-ume makes an ass out of you and me.

To make it even more flagrant, I continued to get warranty sales pitches from these people in the mail, claiming it was GE warranty protection, with GE service, that would give me peace of mind. There was no fine print telling me that this was NOT GE service. I have kept these notices and all my correspondence, but it only makes me angry.

They took my money, and they cheated me. I am NEVER buying a GE appliance again, and I am NEVER buying warranty service because it can apparently be sold at the drop of a hat to people who are not in your area (let alone the USA), who have no clue about what is going on, who are paid to read from a script they really don't understand.

I live within 15 miles of the nation's capital, millions of people around us, and these folks in some country hundreds of miles away tell me there are no service providers in my area and I need to wait 48 hours before they can find someone? And I get someone 5 minutes later on my own, paying real dollars? Give me a break. DO NOT TRUST GE WARRANTIES!!! The whole thing is a scam!!!

By -

PHOENIX (BUT GE HQ IN FAIRFIELD, CT), ARIZONA -- Our GE Profile Spacemaker OTR Microwave, Model PVM1870DMCC was purchased and installed February of 2008. Recently, it stopped heating and was making a buzzing sound while other functions (turntable, etc.) continued to operate--just no heat. Per our (my husband and myself) research, we knew it was clearly the magnetron tube. There are a ton of complaints about GE and a lot of its products all over the web, but the MW magnetron tube issue takes center stage.

Having dealt with GE before on other service issues, we really didn't want to go through it again, but felt we didn't have many good alternative choices. We were hoping the company had made some improvements in its customer service arena, but none was experienced. Magnetron tubes are usually warranted for 5 to 10 years (depending on model), so we knew ours was under warranty, but this only covers the cost of the part, not the labor to install a new one.

Of course, as part of GE's deplorable customer service philosophy, it (GE) not only charges you an exorbitant rate for the actual service, it also charges you a separate $75 to "diagnose" the problem (and it doesn't subtract that fee IF you go ahead with the repair like most service companies either--it is simply an add-on fee), even though the signs of this malfunctioning part are consistent and GE gets calls on it all the time. This issue has been going on since 2005 or 2006, and GE is fully aware that the part and/or the entire microwave should have been re-engineered a long ago.

Still they continue to put out the same piece of crap and advertise it using the same worn-out GE slogans claiming exemplary state-of-the-art quality appliances. I wish we would have done our homework before buying this lemon, but unfortunately we relied on the good old GE name (so, pleasedon't make that mistake yourself if you're reading these reviews for purposes of researching what might be a reliable appliance).

GE has known for years that their magnetron units are defective and yet they do nothing to improve them. These parts are now, and have for sometime, made in Korea (Malaysia). The part number and other info on the box of the one just replaced in our unit, in case this is useful to anyway, is: WB27X10880 (ASM-MAGNETRON) Malaysia,

So, bottom line, while we can now buy this same microwave for as little as $329 (including shipping and tax), it cost $200 to have a new (still defective most likely) magnetron tube installed in our microwave, and that's with the part being free (under warranty). From all we have now read, we can expect this magnetron tube to go out in anywhere from 3 months to 2 years (we were lucky, compared to most, our first one lasted two years), which of course will cost us another $200 or more. What a money maker for GE!!

The research also suggests that the next thing we can expect to go on the unit will be the circuit board, another GE product part known to have a very high premature fail rate, which repair, per reports on-line, will cost MORE than the magnetron tube, because the one-year unit warranty (which I understand this falls under) has already passed.

Many of the reviewers on line have simply tossed this microwave (and other GE microwaves) in the trash, and some of them only being a few months old, because they can buy a new NON-GE unit for practically the same cost what GE charges for repairing your unit the first time.

So, consider yourself warned about GE. I have also written an article under "Policy" section here entitled "GE - A NAME YOU CAN'T TRUST" which elaborates even more on our feelings about this company. It all sounds very negative, I realize, but if you search the web, you will see it is a pretty universal sentiment, and it is so very unfortunate.

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