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GE Electric Dryer Control board catches fire
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- After 5 years and 8 service calls, the control board catches fire. We have replaced this board previously under GE Appliances service plan in 2008. In 2011, the same control board catches fire 5 weeks out of warranty. After sending pictures of the damage which clearly shows that the control board does not meet UL safety requirements and the fuse not blown, GE will not do anything but offer a replacement board at a discount or a $75 gift card. If you have this model PLEASE CONSIDER REPLACING BEFORE THIS CAUSES A FIRE IN YOUR HOME!! I will never purchase another major appliance from GE. The pictures taken of this catastrophic burning of the control board is being sent to Underwriters Laboratory for their evaluation. GE does not take this seriously.. There should be a recall of this model.
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trmn8r on 03/23/2011:
Can you point to the specific UL spec that is being violated? The fact that the fuse is not blown but there was a short that caused a fire
does not by itself mean there is a breach.

The $75 seems to be a standard carrot that GE extends. I found a complaint dated 2006 about the same board, and a $75 refund was also offered in that case.

I'd take the $75 and go buy a new dryer.
azRider on 03/23/2011:
hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like a condenser blew. does your lights ever seem to get bright then back to normal, or dim then back to normal? it may have blown out because of a bad neutral from the pole. we had a similar issue but with a washer. we had been blowing cards, and also some other electronics were short lived. a smart repairmen said to have my power checked out by the util company. sure enough it turns out the neutral line was lose at the pole and causing a bad current into the house. this was enough to make some circuits overload and short them. in most cases it does not cost anything to have the electric company check the incoming power line. so you might want to do this. it may be the power company's line!
2cent-er on 05/19/2011:
I know it's an old post but if you have Neutral problems and there's a ground wire attached to a cold water pipe you'll notice green buildup[galvantic action]on connection.
JFC on 07/27/2013:
We have/had the exact model. The control board caught fire several days ago. Thank God I was right there when it happened because it could have been catastrophic. We purchased this dryer in 2006. I had a Kenmore dryer that was 20 years old and I gave it away. As far as I know that dryer still works and has never had an issue. I am with you. I checked for recalls but there was not one for this model. There definitely should be.
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Good Customer Service, with Help from Home Depot
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
Maybe it's something in the water, but we have had to replace our water heater more times than we can remember, all while under warranty and all from Home Depot. The last time the replacement brand was out of stock so Home Depot gave us a General Electric unit with an eight year warranty. Lo and behold, it started leaking yesterday, after only three years of use.

My husband contacted GE, and after providing some basic information and doing some simple troubleshooting, it was determined that the unit would be replaced. No excuses, no weaseling, no mind games. Just an authorization for replacement. So, off to Home Depot he went with the old tank and back he came with a new one. The overall process was fairly smooth, with only a few glitches that were quickly resolved.

This is the way customer service should work. General Electric and Home Depot together turned what could have been an expensive and inconvenient ordeal into a painless process.

Now if we could just figure out why we go through so many water heaters!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/22/2012:
Great review, Venice. See, you've been thinking too much about something failing (:
DebtorBasher on 03/22/2012:
They must know your high position here on this site!
Venice09 on 03/22/2012:
Yeah, my premonition was a bit off. At least I didn't have to research or choose a new one. They gave us the exact same model. But now I'm wondering if it too will leak in three years. I'll take it for now though.

It's been a long day. It's not easy watching my husband do so much work. ;)
DebtorBasher on 03/22/2012:
You should have him fix you a nice dinner and a drink.
Venice09 on 03/22/2012:
I should have done that for him! But, you know, the water was turned off so I couldn't cook, or do laundry, or clean... hehe

Hmmm.. maybe that leak wasn't such a bad thing after all.
Alain on 03/24/2012:
Excellent review! It great to see not one, but two companies providing proper customer service! Tip o' the hat to GE and Home Depot!
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Worthless hunk of metal and plastic
Posted by on
The following is a letter sent to GE on 7/6/2011.

To whom it may concern,

Dear sirs and/or madames;
Let me preface this letter by first stating that my wife and I are extremely water conscious because we live in a extreme drought ravaged area and there have been no more than 35 loads of laundry run through this machine since the day it was installed.

This is also the second one of these models we had installed. The first one was so poorly assembled that it actually tore itself apart during the first load that my wife attempted with it.

We have 2 major issues with this washer and either one makes it a useless hunk of metal and plastic.

1) The first issue is with this machine's capacity or rather lack of same. When my wife uses the Super load option the weight of just 4 bath towels causes the tub to sink down and the pulley assembly which turns the tub is forced onto the floor of the unit causing it to rub and grind metal on metal. This is obviously a design flaw as I have read other peoples similar complaints about this model on the internet. This flawed design problem was confirmed by the repairman who stated that he has seen this same flaw on this model at other peoples homes. This alone should because for a recall on this model washer, but there is more.

2) The second problem we are experiencing is that EVERY time we use the washer it leaks water onto our wood floors from the water inlet located "inside" the washer. Let me be very clear here and state that this leak is not coming from the water supply lines going into the washer. The leak is happening "inside" the washer's inlet. This design flaw as well as the first one mentioned above was shown to me personally by the repairman who looked at it today. The repairman also stated that the reason this was happening was because of "calcification" due to the hard water we have in our area. This again is a major design flaw in this machine. We owned a Kenmore washer and dryer set for 20 years and we never had ANY hard water problems with the washer and in fact never had ANY problems with it whatsoever! When we moved we, sold our Kenmores and thought we would purchase a new modern and upgraded washer dryer set which would use less water and sadly we picked these units of yours.

We are now left with 2 options as to our laundry. We either continue to use this machine and let it leak onto, and further ruin our floor, and/or let it grind itself into oblivion or we take our laundry to a laundramat. Neither of these options is acceptable.

We are not expecting GE to replace our wood flooring, though that would be an honorable thing to do but, because these flaws are inherent in the build of this unit and will continue on into the future, we fully expect that you will either refund our investment in this washer and have it hauled away or at the very least that you replace it with a model that actually does the job it is advertised to do.

Our faith in GE and it's desire to build and support a good product is entirely in your hands and we hope to hear back from you on this matter in a timely manner.
Dr. Wayne Poulin
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User Replies:
Kurizumaru on 07/06/2011:
let us know if you get a reply! That's actually very useful! Thanks!
Sharon on 06/10/2013:
I have this washer and it's a total piece of junk. It does not get clothes clean, no matter how much water you select, how much or little detergent you put in it, how heavily or lightly you load it, or the water temperature you select.

I have huge problems with wrinkles, lint imbedded in the clothes, and cat hair that (rather than be washed out - imagine that!) is actually ingrained into the fabric because the water pulls it through the cloth as the washer's primary cleaning method. The wrinkles are also imbedded forevermore. No amount of drying, lightly or fried, helps with the wrinkles, despite shaking out each and every piece of laundry as I transfer it to the dryer from the 'washer'.

I called GE and asked them about this. They told me to run a second rinse (so much for my water saving) and to never wash towels, chenille, or other soft materials with anything but themselves. Once again, if I have to wash Everything separately, there goes my water savings.

Man, I Hate this washer. I was embarrassed this week when an afghan I had Just washed shed cat hair on a guest. (No, the cat had not been on it yet, and it had been dried, so whatever the dryer's lint filter could get wasn't enough to make it presentable for company.)

Oh, and the clothes coming out of it stink too.

Man. I HATE this washer. But the last one I had was a front-loader, that despite its great expense, blew a circuit board. Couldn't justify the $750 repair fee.

Why don't any manufacturers recognize that there is a niche for well-made washers that work and endure? I would pay $1000 for a no-frills washer that had a five year guarantee on it. But no, all I can find is disposable washers that Do Not Work. !!!
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Warranty and Customer Service issues
Posted by on
Think twice before you purchase anything from GE. Please find below what we've experienced these past 2+ months and still, we haven't got it resolved yet.

Our fridge started acting up since Dec 13, 2010 (not even 2 years after purchased date).
Because it is still under the warranty, we called for service.
First scheduled on Dec 17 - couldn't find the address; technician was given wrong address by GE rep.
Dec 22 - changed mother board, compressor not running, try to fix.. still not working
Between 12/22 to 12/29 - changed mother board again, still not working
Dec 29 - installed inverter, no cool; still not working
Jan 4 - installed new diverter; waited for 24 hrs.. it finally starts cooling, and it was not working the next 24 hrs. Called and file complain. Requested to wait for another 24 hrs. Finally, on Jan 7th, the fridge works as what it's supposed to be.

Jan 31 - fridge was not cooling
Feb 1 - called for service, request to send us new fridge; customer service insisted to fix the fridge again (RIDICULOUS!!!)
Feb 3 - the earliest date tech. could come out to fix. Tech. didn't have part, ordered and reschedule to fix as soon as the part delivered.
Feb 4 - part was delivered in late afternoon
Feb 7 - called to schedule for service - the earliest date would be Wed 2/9.
Feb 9 - received service, fridge back up and running.. for the next 10 days
Feb 19 - fridge was not cooling (I believe it started last night, all food was warm this morning and we had to throw them all away, again.

They have had many opportunities to fix the problem with my refrigerator, and at this point it seems that it is unfixable. Although they are paying for the repair bills for the refrigerator, this still costs me with my time (I've been put on hold while dealing with GE representative / left message and waited for them to call me back, etc., ), lost wages (every time we scheduled for service, we lose at least half day if not full day of work), food spoilage and the added cost of buying prepared foods to eat, not to mention the possibility of food-borne illnesses from improper refrigeration.

The refrigerator needs to be replaced. It is a lemon. Apparently, agent cannot authorize this transaction, however, I am sure that someone within the firm can. Unfortunately, every time I asked who they're reporting to, or if I could call someone else, the agent would never provide me with the info... Somehow, I really like their job.. they can screwed up, being rude, and do whatever they want, and we can't even report their behaviors to anyone!

We have reported this issues to Better Business Bureau and we will seek further legal remedies / bring this matter to small claims court in our area.

Do yourself a favor.. DO NOT buy anything from GE. That's my3cents to you.
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/20/2011:
Sounds like they aren't leaving you any other options other than small claims at this point.
RC Hixon on 05/22/2013:
I have had the same experience with GE. Rude, rude and ruder as time went on. Only after promising a lawsuit they have finally sent us another piece of GE junk. Took a year to get this problem, I hesitate to say, resolved. Funny how now I get calls from gee inquiring about their haha service. Could not get a call back before. Will never buy ge again and will tell EVERYONE I know to follow suit.
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Washer fails to perform
Posted by on
I bought the G. E. toploader infusor model washer in Sept 09. It was marketed as an energy saver. After four months of watching my clothes go through cycles of wash, rinse, spin and come out twisted, wrinkled, covered with lint and detergent residue and looking worse after washing than before, my energy is depleted. After acquiring skin rashes from detergent and probably soil retention, I’m out of patience.

I was skeptical from the start when I saw the amount of water versus the size of the load that supposedly could be accommodated by this machine, but I continued to try all the manufactures “remedies” for “problems”. I tried different combinations of water level, soil level, etc. Nothing made any difference. On January 24, 2010, I called GE to ask for a refund or different machine. I had explained that there was nothing malfunctioning in the controls, but the machine was not accomplishing what it purported to do, i. e., CLEAN CLOTHES. I was told a repairman would have to determine manufacturer’s defect and then issue an authorization.

The repairman who came the following day, wasn’t interested in the fact that the machine doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. He disinterestedly explained that as the repairman, as far as he could see, everything was working properly. He took the load of clothes I saved to illustrate my problems with the machine and “arranged” them around the drum, ,explaining as he went, the process, as if I hadn’t been doing exactly that for four months. . He was just running a demo, ignoring the crux of the matter. He opened the lid now and then pointing to an item of clothing that was floating around the surface of the water., to illustrate that the machine was indeed “cleaning” . I disagreed and said so. The water barely covered the clothes. Again, he wasn’t interested in the fact that no matter that the mechanics responded to commands, there were no good results coming from the actions. He did not wait for the load to finish. It took too much time. He simply advanced the program and declared his work finished.. He told me my complaints needed to go to customer service, not him. He wasn’t interested in seeing the results of his “experiment”. The clothes were still wrinkled and covered with residue and lint, when I took them out.
The repairman also said the “large” and “super” water level designations gave about the same amount of water, so it didn’t matter which you used. What??? Same thing for the fabric softener, either choice gives the same amt. So in other words, the “extras” on the dial are deceptive, giving the impression that there is an added advantage to this machine. Their true function, it seems, is to provide the repairman with something to point to as a remedy when you give him any particular complaint. One should not have to override or duplicate functions on a new machine, or extra rinse to get the basic results which the machine claims to get…. clean clothes. When I told the repairman there were many complaints similar to mine on line, some even worse with destroyed flooring from overfilling machines, he insisted shaking his head no, that he hasn’t heard of these things, indicating that I was wrong or lying. It was like talking to a robot. He was totally scripted from which he did not depart and his attitude was galling. Finally when I insisted that he must, as a company representative, show at least some concern that there are inherent problems with the performance of this machine, he told me this machine does not have a deep rinse, but just a spray rinse. That was his defense. He had no concern for the very real situation, that I was stuck with a farce of a machine that does not produce. His standard response was to refer me to customer service, which did nothing but use his evaluation (no malfunction) as their rationale for refusing a refund or replacement. . So much for results. But it wasn’t lost on me that in spite of his dismissive attitude, he was well aware of every problem I presented.. He had heard it before. . For every problem I had, he pointed out an option. Residue? Use HE liquid. I never used anything but HE liquid. So that was no cure.. Skin rash from residue? use second rinse. . No, I shouldn’t have to use a second rinse to offset a brand new, inefficient product. In the end, he claimed that he was being abused. If not so egregiously insulting, it would have been hilarious. Surely, a customer stuck with a ‘lemon” of a machine because the manufacturer refuses to acknowledge it’s defects, has a far more legitimate claim to abuse. I regret that I bought into the “energy saver” farce. I guess it all depends on what “energy” is. This washer uses more energy with all the extra steps, rinses, washes, etc. necessary just to get it to do what the agitator with a couple of dials did routinely. Then there is the “energy” used in the “aftercare” of the finished wash to remove lint, residue, etc from the clothes, and try to reduce the twisting and wrinkling. This interaction with G. E. has been infuriating. I would never again do business with or buy a product of any kind from G. E. A company that feels no ethical responsibility towards its customers, reflected in the dismissive attitude on the part of the G. E. repairman deserves to fail.
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User Replies:
GE Appliances on 01/29/2010:
This is Megan from GE. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating experience. Please email me the details (model #, phone #, case #, etc.) at and I will look into it.
mom26 on 02/08/2010:
I could have easily written this review. I have had all of the same problems. This is an inferior product. It is not broken because it never worked. GE should exchange these washers for ones that will get your clothes clean and not twist the ones on the bottom into rags.
mom26 on 02/12/2010:
I was told today to put the dirty clothes on the bottom and go from there. Just another way to say the clothes on the top don't get clean.
bunnygirl on 03/03/2010:
oh no, I finally picked a GE washer out of three. The first a Kenmore front loader, a beauty, but expensive, so I sent it back, then I went to Lowe's and got a Maytag, 24 hours later it did not spin out the water, back it went, I begin to think now, I will never find a decent operating washer after much research and comparison shopping online, so I decided to choose the GE listed above and boy am I sorry, same complaint, my clothes are ruined, all my sweatshirts and black clothes have so much lint I cry every-time I remove them, residue on black looks bad, I can't afford new clothes,please if anybody out there can advise me, I would appreciate it, I am not rich I cannot afford to buy another washer, this pile of junk is not paid for yet.
Venice09 on 03/04/2010:
I too could have written this review. The washer was a different brand and had a different problem, but the service guy had the same attitude. I've been washing clothes for decades, and in an attempt to convince me there was nothing wrong with the machine, he gave me a lesson on the proper way to do laundry and insinuated that I didn't know what I was doing. I had a feeling he never did a load of wash in his life and was just reciting from script. It was a good thing my husband was home because I was so furious I had to walk away.

My point is that it's not just GE. It can happen with any brand. Buying appliances is a crap shoot. That's why you should research the particular model instead of avoiding an entire brand/company. And even that's not a guarantee. I will say though that if you're not satisfied with the company's customer service, then you should move on to another company.
2cent-er on 07/24/2010:
What a shame. they rush this stuff out there and then act like you're crazy.. that tech should have used common sense and told you "look Ms.,obviously you have a problem but until they come up with a 'fix' for this-all I can do is make sure everything's working the way they designed it".. he could have stated on invoice that there is a washabilty problem that is not repairable at this time and customer is completely dis-satisfied..he knows there's a problem, the factory knows there's a problem. you just have to wait it out-until they have a 'fix'. Ge is really good about coming up with the corrections, it just takes time. this doesn't solve your problem right now but stay proactive on this..
Venice09 on 07/24/2010:
I don't think there was going to be a fix for my washing machine, and I think all the techs that worked on it knew that, too. They were just following orders to string me along so they wouldn't have to replace it under the terms of the warranty. It took a year of my time and energy and lots of inconvenience and aggravation to finally get a new one. Looking back, it wasn't worth it. I would have been better off not buying the extended warranty and replacing the washer myself.
Walt12 on 11/22/2011:
musician on 02/27/2013:
I too, bought a GE top loader from Ra Lin in Syracuse NY it has all the problems stated in above and previous complaints. The store refused to give me a refund. I finally went to small claims court and was dismissed by a cronyism arbritrator who admitted to never reading my documents of proof, laughed at my exhibit of slimed clothes, and left his provided for document folder on the table for the janitor or find at some later date. I'm left with the option of contacting the national media maybe Anderson Cooper about this fraud. Anyone with me?? This pile of junk cost $540.00 and is worthless!! I want my money back!!
agitated on 04/25/2013:
I have had all the same problems including slimy spots. We have had GE out six times and each time for the same reason
Paul Parkhurst on 05/09/2013:
Our experience with the infusor is the same as all I've read so conclusion is that this product is a fraud...worse washer we've had in fifty years of marriage !!
Fed up on 07/16/2013:
My experience with the infusor is the same as everyone else . GE should offer refunds for these washers.
Steve on 09/24/2013:
Not so high efficiency when it comes to clothes cleaning.
I can deal with the wrinkles, but failure to remove dirt seems to be a big failure, sure its fine with my office clothes, air conditioned office, no sweating, clean area, so its not a big deal as long as I don't spill my coffee, but any of my yard clothes, work on a car clothes or work out clothes, forget it. Less soap, no joy, more soap, no joy, different HE soap, its all the same, dirty clothes that need to be scrubbed by hand.

The lint is another problem, there is so little water used that there is no way for the lint to float away from the clothes. Here is the kicker, so you got this washer to save energy, no more drying your clothes on the line unless you are majority owner in a lint roller company, so into the dryer they have to go.

Just a sad washer. Reciently looked at new washers at Lo*es, none of the GE top loaders have infusers, they are all old fashion adjitators, you know and I know there is a reason for this, it works, the infusor does not.
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Customer Service (Or Lack Thereof)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UNKNOWN -- 4/21/13: Got declined at a vending machine to buy a $1.50 soda. Had $2000 of credit limit available to purchase.

4/22/13: Spent 1 hour and 32 minutes on telephone trying to speak to a credit card representative at GE/Paypal Extras MasterCard regarding issue.

4/22/13: 1:45pm - Called "customer service" number on the back of my card, got stuck in endless IVR loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

4/22/13: 1:55pm - Called "customer service" number on Paypal site along with an assigned 6-digit randomly generated code issued on website to use for better/faster routing of my call. Once again got stuck in endless loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

4/22/13: 2:05pm - Called PayPal’s main number after a third venture through an automated system, finally was able to get to a live person. They looked up my account and said "they could only help me with my PayPal account, not my PayPal MasterCard. They nicely (or a I thought) transferred me to the "correct department".

4/22/13: 2:15pm - Transferred to 2nd person. Not sure whom I got transferred to but they immediately said I was in the wrong place and transferred me to the "correct department" (or so I thought".

4/22/13: 2:20pm - Transferred to 3rd person ("Gail").
-Gail looked up my credit card number twice only to tell me, guess what, I'm in the wrong department. I am now in the "Prepaid MasterCard" department for Paypal.
-She further tells me that "she cannot help me", that I should "hang up, call back and start from the beginning" as I called the wrong number.
-I informed her that I didn't call the "wrong number" but was in fact transferred by another Paypal employee, she restated that "she cannot help me, that I should hang up and call back"????
-After a multitude of going back and forth, I of course asked for a supervisor only to be told that "there isn't a supervisor". I said okay a manager then, she said "there is no manager"???
-I then tried another approach and asked "who do you report to", she replied "nobody". I challenged that and her final response was "I report to the company". I repeated that back to her to be clear I heard correctly and said "you don't have a supervisor or a manager and only report to the company?". She said that is correct and reminded me that "she cannot help me".
-I then asked to be transferred to any person in a management position and she replied "they cannot help you"??? Astounded I said okay let me hear them tell me that. (of course they wouldn't tell me that right?...let's see).

4/22/13: 2:47pm - Transferred to 4th person (Casey - ID#83764)
-A female who when asked identified herself as a manager.
-At this point to be safe I asked her for her name and ID number before proceeding to have to explain my customer service issue and the path I went to get to her.
-I also requested the ID number of the previous employee (Gail) who was terribly rude, short and inconsiderate. She tells me "I doesn't know, you should have asked her that before she transferred you to me"...HUH?
-I asked aren't you her supervisor or manager? She said "no"
-I asked are you a member of management? She said "yes, I am a Manager"
-I'm thinking great, I'm going to be helped finally, I've reached someone in management and they'll make sure I'm taking care of.
-Wrong. Casey now begins to tell me that she "cannot help me". Also said that I should hang up and call another number to try again"? Huh? This is a manager?
-I ask if she can directly transfer me to the "correct person"...reply is "No"
-I ask if she can directly help me...reply is "No"
-I ask if she thinks it's okay to treat a customer like this, especially after what the customer has clearly been through with 3 other agents? She said "well you're calling the wrong department"....seriously didn't she listen to any of my story about how I got to her?
-Now for the height of the call...The "MANAGER" - Casey - Employee ID#83764 apparently decided she had enough of me (the customer asking for help) and just hung up on me, disconnected the call.

Wow! After the long career in customer service if I were monitoring these calls on the phone system for quality assurance or training purposes this call would serve me several purposes:
1. The ability to protect my customers from poor customer service from some obviously uncaring customer service employee and manager.
2. The need to walk down the hall to Human Resources to initiate an immediate termination of these employees and removal from the call center floor.
3. A great training for new employees and retraining of existing employees on how never to ever handle a customer.

Still unsure as to how to resolve my credit card issue. After I take some blood pressure medication, go for a long walk and ask God for forgiveness for my thoughts I might try back in a week or two.

Until then, what was my "Primary Card" is now removed from my wallet and placed in a desk drawer at home for some future consideration.

The card was a fine card, the associated customer service or lack thereof if ever needed is the determining factor for the discontinued use of this card, inability to recommend GE or Paypal and need to find assistance in resolving my issues.
Company Response 04/23/2013:
**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 042313_m3c_rockysacco**

I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at with your name and phone number. A member of our consumer advocacy team will call you to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 04/22/2013:
I know you said you called the number on the back of your card but wasn't given the option for a live operator. Did you try pressing 'O' a few times anyway? Many times they don't give it to you as an option, but pressing 'O' (the letter, not the number), it will take you to a live operator.
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New 2012 washing machine
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I purchased a brand new washing machine by General Electric, however my understanding is that all brands are doing the same thing so the spotlight is not entirely on GE. Top loading washer - nice large tub, however the tall agitator had dwarfed. To that, I figured a revision was warranted after some testing had concluded that a tall agitator did not help to get the clothes clean. Wrong!!! You can't test these machines out in the store - once it's home and it's hooked up - you are saying to yourself, "where is the water?" I put 3 bath towels in the machine - had intentions of doing a large load. The agitator barely moved, but that's not the worst. When I opened the top lid - - there was only about 2 inches of water in this large tub. That's it - that's all you get. The tub is huge - so it allows you to believe that it's designed to accommodate a large load - but there is no water. The items were literally sticking up in the air - out of the water - as the lid says, "this is normal." How can anything get clean, if it can't get into the soapy water ??? How can the load be submerged into the soapy water - if there isn't any ????? What's more - there is nothing you can do to override this machine's decision NOT to give you anymore water. I spoke with GE about this, they said that the EPA is in control of this. Something has to be done, I've now brought my old washer back into the house which I had sent to the garage - I'm now treating it with kid gloves - will not give it away - I'll get it repaired until I can no longer do so. It fills up to the brim - washes clothing with the tall agitator - it's "golden" to me now. I had no idea that the new washing machines (top loading) had been so severely redesigned and not for the better in terms of washing and getting items clean. It doesn't even truly save water - because people will end up doing more loads of laundry(several small loads)which can be immersed into the water - which causes more electricity for certain and eventually more water - who wants to have to wash one king fitted sheet in one load, then wash the king flat sheet in yet another load - this could take all day, ridiculous. We're going back in time to where I'll be forced to wash the sheets in the bath-tub by hand.
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unhappy999 on 05/21/2012:
I bought a new washer a few months ago. There are now 2 types of washing machines, the HE (high efficiency) and the regular washing machine. You must have gotten the HE type which uses very little water. You have to make sure to use detergent labeled on the front as HE. I bought mine at Lowe's and they explained both models. I didn't really understand how the HE machines would get clothes clean so I bought the Whirlpool regular top loading washing machine where I can control the water level just like on my old machine. I don't really care for the lid locking but that is pretty standard now for safety. I also don't care for the fact that the lid has been closed for the water to go in. But there are still washing machines that use a full tub of water. When buying new appliances, you really have to do your research and ask a lot of questions.
trmn8r on 05/21/2012:
Water conservation appears to be a top priority, which means we must be anticipated to run out of it.

There are tighter limits in faucet flow coming within a few years - I believe the date was pushed back from 2013 to 2014.

What you observed is how the machines are designed. The clothes are not supposed to be submerged. I did not see in your complaint how well the machine gets the clothes clean.

The whole process is different - different detergent, less water.
ok4now on 05/21/2012:
The top loaders are less efficient. They use about 40 gallons of water for the complete wash cycle and do not spin dry your clothes as fast. Now when you put them in the dryer the clothes are more wet so the dryer takes longer.

The front loaders use about 14 gallons of water are are more efficient. They spin dry your clothes much faster so they come out semi-dry. The dryer has them done in half the time. The only negative is the wash cycle takes about an hour.
madconsumer on 05/22/2012:
top loaders maybe less effcient, but they do not have the same issues as front loaders.
trmn8r on 05/22/2012:
The OP has a HIGH EFFICIENCY top loader. Like a front loader, it uses much less water. By design it has features the OP is unhappy about - no/small agitator, does not "fill to the brim" with water.

It sounds like the OP was not aware that they were buying a high tech top loader - the traditional agitator models are still available AFAIK.
Anonymous on 05/22/2012:
I don't know anything about the GE HE top loader, but I'm wondering if this model is similar to the Samsung model I purchased, where the machine automatically adjusts the water level for the size load?

It is odd at first, not being able to manually adjust the load size, but what mine does is balance and sense the load size, and the water level is adjusted accordingly. Yes, they use far less water than traditional top loaders... but I have not had any issues with clothes not getting clean or having to rewash anything.
Anonymous on 05/22/2012:
What issues do front loader's have?
My front loader is at least 8 years old and we've never had a problem with it. It's not fancy, just a basic machine but is much more efficient than my in-laws fancy new LG front loader! I used their machine to wash diapers a few weeks ago when we had a plumbing problem and after a sanitary rinse and a wash, my diapers were still stained! My machine gets the stains out every time!
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GE Refrigerator Review / Complaint: Warranty not Honored
Posted by on
FT LAUDERALE, FLORIDA -- It has been only two months since I have begun using my new GE Refrigerator Model PFCS1RKZA SS (Bottom Freezer Style) for which I paid approximately $2500. There is an annoying noise which can be heard from everywhere inside the house – the refrigerator emits the noise constantly and it seems to be coming from the motor-fan. I called GE to get it serviced through the warranty; however upon arrival the technician told me that "the noise is normal". I disagreed with because my son has the same model which does not make this noise. He confessed that he has never replaced that type of motor; that it was very complicated and it would take a lot of time and effort. Then I asked him: ‘Do you mean I have to live with this noise?’ – The technician promptly shrugged and left, which honestly upsets me. I later requested another service appointment to resolve the problem, but instead I got a phone call from the # 1.800.491.2737, a person that identified himself as a GE Engineer who “was trained by the same people who designed that refrigerator”. He told me that there was no problem with my refrigerator, and that if I wanted to get it serviced, he would have to bill me $79 for the second visit. So I asked him: ‘Why would I be billed $79 if you guys have not fixed the noise coming from my refrigerator and you say you will not fix it?’ - He responded that he would then cancel the service appointment: So he did. Then I set another appointment through GE’s website and was visited by another technician from the same repairing department. When he came into my house I noticed that he had a bit of an attitude problem: He was discourteous and aggressive. He only opened the refrigerator for what seemed like 2 seconds and told me that there was nothing wrong with it and then left without further instruction or explanation. In my opinion he didn't try to listen for the noise and was most likely already told that there was "no issue" so he did not look for one. The same GE “engineer” called me later that day to inform that I was billed $79 dollar for the second servicing. I honestly rather they honor my warranty and fix the annoying buzzing sound that is coming from my refrigerator than I have to sit here and write these sort of reviews for the GE Appliance Service Department in Fort Lauderdale. However since they refuse to help me I find that this is the most effective way of warning other people about their quality of service. I recommend to anyone that would be serviced by this department to buy from a different brand.
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At Your Service on 11/13/2011:
I remember when I got our refrigerator years ago, I was real observant of any new sounds that it was putting out. It wasn't that anything was wrong with it, just that it was different than what I was used to.

The charge for the service call shouldn't have been any surprise as it was covered initially, even though no problem was found and you had been forewarned about the charge before the second service call was made.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
There you go again, diminishing the importance of a review. Oh, there's a problem alright. GE just doesn't want to spend the time and money to fix it.

It's getting to a point where even an original warranty is worthless. That says a lot about what an extended warranty will get you.

At Your Service, you always suggest calling another service center when the customer is dissatisfied with the result of the first one. Does that mean the customer should have to pay for additional service calls when the appliance is under warranty?

This is an excellent review. It clearly reveals what is wrong with the appliance industry and how they refuse to stand behind their products. That is a very expensive refrigerator. You should be completely satisfied with its performance.

How much does the consumer have to spend to get an acceptable appliance?
trmn8r on 11/13/2011:
In the old days (ca 1995) you could call the GE answer center, speak woth someone in the US, and get great technical support (including diagnosis of noise-related complaints. They would get an engineer on the line if needed,

Based on your complaint, and my past experience with GE, it seems like it is possible the fridge is functioning properly. My bottom mount GE fridge makes some odd sounds occasionally.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
Trmn, then how do you explain why the OP's son has the same model, and it doesn't make noise? The OP might be willing to accept the fact that she purchased an expensive refrigerator that makes an annoying noise heard everywhere in the house if her son didn't own the same model without the noise.
trmn8r on 11/13/2011:
That's why I said "it seems like it is possible" Venice. I don't know. I'd have to hear the noise myself.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
I think this statement is very telling:

"He confessed that he has never replaced that type of motor; that it was very complicated and it would take a lot of time and effort. Then I asked him: ‘Do you mean I have to live with this noise?’ – The technician promptly shrugged and left, which honestly upsets me."

I don't think people complain about their appliances unless there is a legitimate reason. I'll even go as far to say that the majority of people are willing to put up with quite a bit. If I spent $2,500 on a refrigerator and it made an annoying noise that could be heard throughout the entire house, I would be upset, too.
At Your Service on 11/13/2011:
I sure can agree with your observation trmn8r. There's been two service techs that, after listening to the sound, gave the same indication.

I think I've offended Venice09 too somewhere along the line. It really seems to bother her if anyone disagrees with something she states.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
The only thing that bothers me is when people diminish the importance of a review with assumptions and speculation, and/or try to convince OPs they are wrong or that they caused the problems themselves. Other than that, I'm good.

Of course, the techs gave the same indication. The reason is clear:

"He confessed that he has never replaced that type of motor; that it was very complicated and it would take a lot of time and effort."

Time and money. That pretty much sums it up.
2cent-er on 11/19/2011:
Have to accept a post like this at face value. bought the unit cause his son has it and he liked it. Should be simple enough; the refrig is either noisy or not! the tech[?]can either correct the problem or due to design it's not correctable. they'll never say that, it'll be- "the noise is considered commercialy acceptable."..That's a new design for them and has 3 fans.sounds like a vibration problem on one of them.. these new refrig' are very quiet[IMO]and don't emit 'buzzing' noises. certaintly not any noise, at all, that could be heard beyond the kitchen...sounds like these techs[?]don't have a clue or are too under the gun for productivity to help you, or at least be honest and polite..You can't live with this-contact GE cust' relations and get a case file started before your warranty is up. also get the appliance mgr at your retailer involved-you're dissatisfied! if Ge is using authorized service in your area have them send a different co out. if factory service- request a third tech-those two won't help you. they'll tell cust relations you're just a 'problem cust' and complaint is not valid..I sure wouldn't pay that s/c-what a bunch of hooey! doesn't sound like GE-USA that I'm familiar with. how does the 'engineer' know there's nothing wrong-he wasn't at your home to check it. plus, how sneaky to tell you after the tech[?]left- that they were going to charge you $79 after all...P/S that phone # should be did buy this from a store front retailer not a reseller-correct?
Venice09 on 11/19/2011:
I ♥ 2cent-er.
At Your Service on 11/19/2011:
Unfortunately you've made some incorrect assumptions. G.E. explained to the customer that if a service tech was sent out a charged would be levied -- and so it was.

Decibel ratings are provided by the manufacturer for most appliances. Unless it can be shown any differently, the on-site tech -- NOW TWO OF THEM -- have stated the product is performing adequately. I'm sure the techs don't mind coming out as long as the O.P.'s willing to pay them.
swimjim on 11/19/2011:
agree with everyone posting here.
At Your Service on 11/19/2011:
LOL -- best response yet swimjim!
trmn8r on 11/19/2011:
If you agree with everyone, it's a double-dog Spot-on bet someone will agree with you. That's not me talking, that's probability.
2cent-er on 11/21/2011:
A/Y/Service, regardless, this was a new service request and consumer should have been told, upfront, they may charge,[it had to be in the notes section of the service invoice] not after he left the house, that's unprofessional...of course they mind going back on this call. he [consumer]is angry and the tech[?]isn't going to solve his problem. who wants to deal with that?...if you're in the service biz-you give people service-not a hard time,or tell them you don't know,have no interest in trying and besides, it's too time consuming and complicated??? what's that all about? you ever bought a $2500 appliance or a $9.99 something and had trouble with it when you plugged it in? disappointed is too weak a word! assuming this guy is your average, rational indivual; he bought a refrig,just like his son's, and to him it has a loud noise-beyond the kitchen- unlike his son's. if in fact,[dubious]there is no 'fix' for his problem; at the very least he's entitled to a polite, no-charge,explanation of *exactly* what's making the noise he hears and why it can't be fixed.....imo I think he's hearing a hi-freq' compressor noise and these techs[?]don't want to do this big a job. they [all factory service]have to maintain a certain call average or there can be severe consequences. why not just blow this guy off and go onto the next call-keep your avg up!...where do you see manf published db ratings for Ge refrigs?
Venice09 on 11/21/2011:
Where have you been all my life, 2cent-er? ;)
Churro on 11/21/2011:
Churro on 11/21/2011:
This is from the GE manual

"Normal operating sounds.
Newer refrigerators sound different from older refrigerators.
Modern refrigerators have more features and use newer technology.
Do you hear what I hear? These sounds are normal.


 The new high efficiency compressor may run faster and longer than your old refrigerator and you may hear a high-pitched hum or pulsating sound while it is operating.

 You may hear a whooshing sound when the doors close. This is due to pressure equalizing within the refrigerator."

Interesting this is included in the manual. Makes me think GE is aware the noises might be perceived by the customer as strange or annoying. Interesting.
At Your Service on 11/21/2011:
Good point Churro.

"He told me that there was no problem with my refrigerator, and that if I wanted to get it serviced, he would have to bill me $79 for the second visit."

I am very familiar with the service industry. Decibel ratings are typically available through the manufacturer. They are published along with the service tech handbooks and can normally be received through a request to the manufacturer. The average hum of a refrigerator's compressor is going to be something close to 40db. It used to be that one would require a decibel meter to accurately make such readings, but with the advent of smart phones anyone has the ability to accomplish the same thing with a simple app.

The O.P. describes this as an, "annoying noise which can be heard from everywhere inside the house – the refrigerator emits the noise constantly and it seems to be coming from the motor-fan..." If the noise is that loud and that constant, it should shatter the 40db mark, being nowhere within this same range -- something that should be easily shown with a simple reading. Until that time, I'm sure she can have as many service calls as she would like, she just needs to be prepared to pay for them -- as she was told before her second service call.
Venice09 on 11/21/2011:
"Makes me think GE is aware the noises might be perceived by the customer as strange or annoying. Interesting."

Yes!.. that's extremely interesting.

So, let's see. First I have to take down a wall and move cabinets around to accommodate a refrigerator with a compressor that's too small, and then I'll have to pray that my new refrigerator doesn't drive me crazy with annoying noises that can be heard throughout the house!

Good grief. I think I'll just get an icebox.

Bottom line: "my son has the same model which does not make this noise".

Case closed.
Churro on 11/21/2011:
It's hard to compare noises form one location to the next. There are a lot of acoustic issues to take in consideration.

I get the feeling the noise is as stated by GE, "normal" , which is more disturbing than if it was a defect. That blurb wasn't in the manual by accident. It reads more like a fine print weasel clause than an instruction in a product manual.
At Your Service on 11/21/2011:
I agree that it may mean whatever this noise is seems completely normal Churro. Whether or not it's an issue would be much less subjective with actual readings.
Venice09 on 11/21/2011:
If my $2,500 refrigerator was making noise that was annoying me from all corners of the house, do you really think I'd give a flying fig about readings!.. haha
Venice09 on 11/21/2011:

Seriously though, I'm going to need a new refrigerator in the near future. How am I supposed to find one that will work in my home? I guess I could have the store plug in all the refrigerators to make sure the 'normal' sounds won't keep me up at night. But how am I supposed to know if the compressors are too small for the size of the refrigerator? I don't want a refrigerator in the middle of my kitchen just so it has enough breathing room!
lexophiliac on 11/21/2011:
Perhaps his glass is half empty and yours is half full. I'd let you two fight over the glass while I drank the bottle.
Anonymous on 11/21/2011:
LOL lexo!

Neither would I, Venice.
At Your Service on 11/21/2011:
Thanks Churro. Agree or disagree, hopefully one has a better education than to behave in such a manner.

There's an incredible opportunity for this site as people are able to exchange ideas in an effort to educate the consumer. The site doesn't need to be one where consumers just come to voice "complaints."
zappenfusen on 07/31/2013:
I'm an Electrician. Had I not known, G.E. "Technician" would have installed new mother board without even opening door of fridge. I had to point out fan problem as they evidently are not equipped with diagnostic tools and they employ "replace parts until problem stops method of repair". Which you pay for. After fan replacement, 10 minutes yet described as "Very Complicated" icemaker never worked again. Upon Technicians return was told "That's normal" at which time I went berserk and Tech idiot replaced Icemaker no charge. I only found out at failure that Hotpoint fridge I purchased was made by G.E. Being an electrician I've had 20 years experience with G.E. equipment. Had I known Hotpoint was actually G.E. I would have NEVER purchased the appliance.
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GE Money & Loews Credit Collection Harassment
Posted by on
NORTH WILKESBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- GE MONEY & LOEWS FINANCIAL have been harassing me for the past several weeks attempting to collect a debt for an account holder with the same first and last name as mine, but is not me, nor my debt. First of all, I have never applied for a LOEWS credit card, nor have I ever owned one. I am not even a home owner, so not much home improvement going on at my place by me. I originally received a letter attempting to collect a debt in the amount of $935.00. I was surprised to receive the letter knowing I had never owned or applied for services through GE, or LOEWS. That day I ran my credit (and paid the credit site fees out of pocket) to see if someone had stolen my identity and was attempting to use my information to obtain services and credit. I was pleased to find that nothing was reporting to my credit from LOEWS or GE MONEY. I then called GE MONEY & LOEWS FINANCIAL at the number posted on the letter. I informed them that I didn't think they had the correct individual, and they asked to confirm my social security number. I gave them the last 4 digits, which DID NOT match the SS# they had in their collection records. I then asked to confirm the additional information on the account to see if they had my phone number, or address. According to the rep, they additional information did not match mine either. She stated that it appeared to be a mix up, and that they most likely found my information through "skip tracing" and that she would remove my info and note on the account what she had found. I then wrote what she had advised me to on the letter and returned it as instructed. She stated I SHOULDN'T be getting any more mail or communication regarding the matter. I felt like matters had been addressed accordingly and gave it no more thought, until...

I received yet another letter, and another, and another in the same week. All four letters came after our conversation, so I assumed they were already in the mail, called GE MONEY to tell them that I was still getting mail and send the additional letters back as I did the first time exactly as they instructed me to. Again, the representative told me I shouldn't be getting any more letters, and that she had COMPLETELY removed my info from their system (which apparently didn't match what they had on record, that they magically denied having every time I called about the letters).

So, the next week I was happy to see that no more letters came from GE MONEY or LOEWS FINANCIAL. However, at this time they started in with the harassing phone calls. So, I had finally gotten the letter issue handled and they started calling me instead. The issue I have here is that I gave them my phone information so they wouldn't call me, and then I started getting calls, so it was easy to assume that they had started using the information I gave them to continue to harass me for a debt that isn't even owed by me, or anyone I know. I nicely requested each time they called me that they review their notes on the account and that they kindly see that I stop getting these types of calls, and that it was getting pretty old after having received an average of 4 calls a day to my cell phone over the course of the week. Each time I got a new representative who called me, I told them the same thing, and was as polite as I could be (not my typical reaction to these mistakes, but I was trying to be nice). Each time I was assured that my information was out of their system, and that they have no record of me in it, and that I wouldn't be receiving any more calls to my cell phone. At that time, I was under the impression that things were handled and that I wouldn't be getting any more calls. Not so lucky...

The next week, and weekend. I was again surprised (getting harder though since now nothing would surprise me from these people) to get another call, this time it was on my home phone, which I don't even give out or use for any reason. The other funny thing, is that my phone bill for my house isn't even in my name, it's in my roommates name. I was literally steaming as I was trying to spend Valentines Day with my sweetheart and during our movie, the damn COMCAST caller id kept popping up saying it's GE MONEY calling. Arggg. At this point I had had enough from these people, and felt like it was not borderline harassment anymore, but was now full-fledged harassment. I immediately phoned the number that was calling. I asked to speak with a supervisor, got a new person, asked to speak with their supervisor. When I finally got to the person who told me they were as high as I could go, I explained what was happening (basically everything I wrote above) and that I was not happy at this point about the way this matter was being dealt with. I then told the representative that if I got even ONE MORE call, period, that I was going to write reviews and pursue the harassment by any means necessary including via my State's Attorney General (Rob McKenna), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the FTC and Online through review sites, blogs, forums, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and any other way I could find. She nicely listened to my rant and assured me that AGAIN, FOR THE TENTH TIME, that I WOULDN'T receive any more calls, either on my cell or at home. And that after 30 minutes I FOR SURE wouldn't be getting any more calls to any of my numbers. She also attempted to transfer me to the Fraud Dept. so that I could have them investigate the matter form their end. I am not sure why she suggested that, but figured any one I could get to remove my information on their end would be better than taking their word for it. So, during the transfer I got cut off, had to phone back and wait forever to get back where I was. Finally got through and turns out the Fraud Dept isn't even open on weekends. I decided to give them one more chance at this point and went on with my Valentines Day. Did not get any more calls thank heavens.

First thing on Monday, I phoned the Fraud Dept. to follow up with what the representative and I had spoken about on Sunday. I got on with a very nice gal at the Fraud Dept. that was nice and seemed very helpful. She informed me that it wasn't Fraud, that it was a mix up because that they skip trace for information that may or may not match information they have on record for their accounts. She kept using the word skip trace. To me this whole scenario seemed weird. And had never had anything like that happen before in my 28 years. She also assured me that my info would be cleared on her end, and that I shouldn't be getting any more calls, unless they run another skip trace and end up with my information again. I told her that wasn't acceptable, and if they were going to use random information like that, that they needed to have a way of removing information that was deemed to be invalid for their actual account holder, that way, people like me wouldn't be getting harassed like I had been. She said she couldn't do anything and that she had removed my information and that I need not worry about calls.

Less than 30 minutes later, on Monday I got another call from GE MONEY and LOEWS FINANCIAL on my cell phone. "Are you kidding me?" I asked. Needless to say, I was not nice to the last person, I told them that this call was the straw that broke it for me, and that I was going to follow through with my promise to report them, review them, and plaster my story all over the Internet. So, that's what I'm doing. I usually don't even write reviews online, nor do I have time to do such things. I just really feel like this is all wrong and that if I don't speak up it might continue to happen to me, and others out there.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with GE MONEY and LOEWS FINANCIAL don't wait as long as I did to start speaking up. Seriously, I tried to be nice and it doesn't cut it with these collection people. If I were you, and had it to do over again, I would have reported it to my State's Attorney General, BBB, FTC and all over the Internet from the beginning. Take my work for it, the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease.
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skelly39 on 02/15/2010:
Have they called since?
I hope you follow through and report them. I don't know for sure, but I think they can get hit with fines for that, especially since you told them in writing. Good luck.
tnchuck100 on 02/15/2010:
Forget trying to smear them on the internet. Forget the BBB. That will do nothing to help you. Send them a certified/return receipt requested letter demanding they cease contacting you.

Read this, educate yourself, and understand your available options:

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

You CAN sue them and get money for each violation you can prove. THAT they understand.

goduke on 02/15/2010:
Keep in mind these letters are generally queued up several weeks in advance. Chances are you'll see them for a few more weeks. Chuck's right -- send them a cease and desist letter.
DebtorBasher on 02/15/2010:
Sometimes they get lazy skip tracers who only want to reach their daily 'locate' quotas and they will only match up a name or use an old address. A skip tracer SHOULD be verifing the information is correct BEFORE they put the account back on the collection's floor.

What you would need to do is send them a cease and desist letter. Send it certified with a return receipt. Once you get that receipt back with the date they they received your letter...they can NOT contact you after that date. Tell them they are to stop all calls to your phone and all mail contact to your address, informing them they have the wrong person. If they continue to contact you after the C&D letter, they will be violation the FDCPA harassment law and you can sue them for that. Keep record of all calls and letters.
DebtorBasher on 02/15/2010:
OK...what Chuckie said! (I got to start reading comments before commenting myself)...
GEMONEYSUCKS on 02/15/2010:
@skelly39 - Thanks! Expected less comments, but more is good I guess. Haven't heard a word thus far. Time will tell. I plan on posting 10 negative reviews per every call I get until they stop. I'm not after anything other than my time.
GEMONEYSUCKS on 02/15/2010:
@tnchuck100 - Appreciate the advice! Yours is by far the most appropriate for my situation. I'm pretty familiar with my rights here. Already replied in writing and every other method I was allowed. Have kept awesome records of each instance and who I spoke to. I'm prepared to take it to the next level if that's what it takes. I'm certainly not trying to sue, just hoping to save some others time and hassle. If I had found this post when it started happening to me, and I didn't know the steps to take, your comment advice would have been gold! Thanks for the input and advice!
GEMONEYSUCKS on 02/15/2010:
@goduke - Appreciate the helpful words! Letter is done. It's fine with me if there's some left in que. Just means the more bad reviews I'll post. Besides, I was assured and reassured that the que wouldn't come into play here, that it was only with the letters, which did cease after a week from the time I requested they stop contacting me. It's only the calls now.
GEMONEYSUCKS on 02/15/2010:
@DebtorBasher - Really appreciate your time and help on this. I also agree with tnchuck100. If it goes further than this, I think I'm prepared. I'll update here if things go beyond this, so others feel confident doing the same. This is phase one, phase two will be much more harsh.
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GE Washer Nightmare
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I had our washing machine of many years breakdown and went to Sears outlet looking for a new one. We purchased a GE Front loader and had it delivered. We loaded it and found it would not spin. We called for service and after the repair person showed up the following Monday he told us it was not worth messing with and to return it. We went back to Sears and after arguing with them that we do not want more service calls and need a washer we were sold another washing machine that was a top loader and more expensive. We had it delivered and the other picked up. Immediately when my wife tried to wash her first load the machine went into error mode and stopped. Again we called and were told we would need to go through the service calls. I went back to the store and finally got the supervisor to agree to pick up the washer and refund my money in full. Almost a month had gone by for the service call, deliveries, pick ups and phone calls.

After many frustrating days and time spent staying home for deliveries, pick ups and service calls my wife and I headed out to Home Depot which were having a sale on washers. Here begins my GE nightmare.

My wife and I were directed to a front loader GE WHDVH626FWW by the sales person. She stated the machine was new but had been on display. After it was all said and done we would save a little over $200. Yes, again I was drawn to the discounted washer.

This time I called my brother to save about $60 in delivery charges and we took the heavy washer home. We at this point though there was no way possible we could get another broken washer. We were wrong. The washer would not fill with water. I tried to stay calm and immediately called for a GE service repair thinking it may be something minor. We were told by GE to be available on Monday between 9 and 5pm so I stayed home thinking it will just be this one time and probably a quick fix. The service person came out and stated that he wasn't sure what was wrong but he was going to order a control board and inverter which should fix the problem. He also decided to replace the pressure switch while he was there just in case. He told me that it would take another week to get the part in or he would have fixed it sooner. Two days later the part arrives at the house.

I contacted the Service operator and was told she would update my information showing the part is on site and put me in for first available service. I told her of my past issues and that I had been waiting over a month to do my wash with a wife and three kids. She assured me they would see the call and respond sooner. I waited a day and called to check on my automated call status which still showed the original time. I waited another day and called the service operator but she stated I would have to wait for the first available call.

Monday came which was the date for the service call. I called in to verify my appointment again just in case. I began waiting and waiting but no repair person. I called the service operator and she advised me she would call the service department while I waited. She came back on the line and stated that they were not answering their phone and she could see that they had not responded to other service calls besides mine. She then casually advised me that I would have to make another service call. I immediately advised her of all the time I had taken from work already for service calls and that they had cost me money and I wasn't free to stay at home everyday waiting for their service people. She again stated in an emotionless voice that I had to make another service call. I did.

The next day a service person called my phone while I was at work and told me he could come over and repair my washer. I told him the part had been delivered last Wednesday and he stated they weren't busy and why didn't someone tell them the part was in. I decided to forget he said that and immediately went home to meet him thinking this has got to be it. He replaced the control board and inverter. Again, nothing worked. He worked on the washer for over 2 hrs but again could not get it to work. He advised me that I should take it back and ask customer relations for a replacement. He gave me the number after printing a service ticket. He told me that he ordered a new motor on the ticket just in case but that I could just give it to the service person when he came to deliver the washer if I didn't need it.

At this point I'm thinking, OK just call customer relations now and they can order a new washer and what else could go wrong. The next day I call customer relations and they tell me the service person is the one who has to call them and order a replacement. She also states he has ordered a new motor and a new repair date and I will have to wait until he comes out. The repair date is 9 days away. She assures me that once he comes out he can call them and they will replace the washer for me. I argue until I turn blue and ask for different people I can call to make a complaint. I was told to go online and make a complaint but I have to wait.

While I'm waiting I go online and write out this long story. I submit and later that day receive a response. Its automated and states that I should call customer relations, who happen to be the ones who told me to call them. The email also states this is an automated reply please do not respond back.

Again the service date comes and I'm home from work. The service person comes in and tells me he must first install the motor before he does anything else. He puts the motor in and nothing works. He calls his service department and they tell him he must replace the door lock and it will be fixed. He does it and nothing. He calls them back for further instruction and they do not answer. He advised me that he must make another service call because he cannot do anything unless they tell him what to do next. I again advise him customer relations told me he would be able to call them for a replacement if this didn't work. He advises me after we begin having a more casual conversation that GE never wants to give a replacement and they will try and replace part after part until I give up calling. He told me that he once spent over $2000 in service calls for a $49 microwave they wouldn't replace. He then told me what do you want me to do because he was supposed to start re-ordering the same parts again which was normal practice. I had him thoroughly document after some prodding all that was done and his suggestion that it should be replaced. He said he would then call me tomorrow with what their response is.

So this is where I stand. Although I still know I can call my brother back over load up the washer and hope Home Depot doesn't start screwing me around that isn't what is bothering me. What's bothering me is the fact a company like GE who puts decals on their service trucks stating call 1800 GE we care. We care about what!!!! They are a company who appears not to concern themselves with building reliable products or providing at the very least an honest service which leads to a quick resolution for their customers. I will never again purchase a GE product.
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Anonymous on 11/15/2007:
aynik3, I here what you are saying and I agree GE is getting worst to. But what can one exspect from a big company that have been doing bad things for a long time?

GE has employed at least 11 in-house lobbyists or outside lobbyists who are former EPA employees. The lobbyists held high-level positions at the EPA, such as deputy general counsel and regional counsel.

Jane Gardner, lead counsel for GE's corporate environmental programs, was an attorney for EPA's Region 8, which includes six Midwest states, and worked on Superfund issues from 1985 to 1990. She is a Bush administration appointee to the Joint Public Advisory Committee, a trade group that deals with international environmental issues.
Anonymous on 11/15/2007:
In October 2005, more than 20 years after the EPA designated the Hudson River among the worst Superfund sites, GE agreed in a settlement to begin dredging the river. The EPA estimated that dredging the toxic sediment would cost $700 million by the time the project was complete.

But the agreement obligates GE for costs only in the first year, which could allow the company to avoid $600 million in cleanup costs, according to Leo Rosales, who was an EPA spokesman at the time.

Check it out at:
Slimjim on 11/15/2007:
In all fairness, GE washers have a decent track record, although I think the front load is relatively new territory for them. Even though I think most of this can be attributed to a horrific string of bad luck, I can understand wanting a change of scenery on the next try. I would go with Whirlpool and keep the model simple enough to avoid electronic controls.
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