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My Oven Had Flames, Sparks and Melted
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Rating: 3/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a new condo in 2003 and the Spectra was what the builder installed. It worked fine until I preheated it, put my food in. I was lucky as I was in the kitchen and noticed a flame. It was as described by others, sparks, flame. I turned the oven off and kept the door shut, but in that amount of time it burned right through the electric coil. A piece about one inch was on the oven bottom. A neighbor had this happen to him years ago. He had to call the fire dept. by the time it was caught.

Oven Heating Element Caught Fire
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My oven had a bright light with sparks coming off element. Immediately I turned off the oven. The fire did not go out after turning the control to off. I had to pull oven out and unplug before it would go out. I am disappointed. Glad I was near the oven when this took place. This oven should have a recall. I saw so many reviews for the same issue.

GE's Appliances and Washing Machines
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Rating: 2/51

RE: GE about to sell appliance unit to Electrolux of Europe for $3.3 billion. One overwhelmingly major GE problem is that many of their immediate past and current washers, dryers and some other products were and are troublesome, of poor design and operational qualities, came with near useless one year warranties where products failed to "last" even one or two years while costing unsuspecting consumers manifold problems and expenses. GE steadfastly at times refused to acknowledge problems, refusing at times to service the products. Perhaps Electrolux will be able to do better, but it is likely that any GE appliance unit buyer will disavow GE's warranties.

They Made Me Dis-Mantle a Working Machine
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- After having a GE de-humidifier for about 2 months, the hose connection broke and it had to be emptied manually (taking into consideration I no longer had the receipt or box). This being a hassle I contacted GE and they told me to cut off the cord and take the info sticker off the back, return it to them and they would send a rebate check to replace it.

I did so and then they send a form for me to go purchase another one and then they would send a check. They have left me with a nonworking product and will do nothing more (I do not have the money to purchase another at this point and for sure could not wait 2 mos for the check). If that was the policy why did I have to dis-mantle a working machine when they could have done the same thing without cutting off the cord?

Poor Appliance Service
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Rating: 1/51

HELENA, ALABAMA -- Please NEVER use GE Appliance Service. Service person repaired 14 month old stove, it failed same problem 2 days later. Was told it would be the next week before service because part needed to be ordered. That week the part did not ship so we were told another week. The third week we were told the service person was out on personal leave (they shipped the part to him instead of the house) and that it would be yet another week before it could be serviced.

This is a rental property and by law we needed to get it fixed ASAP (young mother, two kids). Our fix was to take our stove from our house to the rental property and hopefully GE repair will fix the broken stove at our residence. I wanted a full refund and would get a better repair company to fix but was told I could not be refunded the "service call" portion of the expense. I am stuck with this loser organization until I get my stove fixed!

Piece of Junk
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased 8,000 BTU GE air conditioner that worked for three months then started icing up. Returned it to manufacturer under warranty. By the time I got it back it was winter. Installed it at the beginning of summer. It worked a couple of months and quit cooling.

The one year warranty was only good from the original date of purchase, so I took it to a local repairman. Paid $43.30 to have it looked at. He said it has a very small Freon leak which is too close to something else that would have to be replaced to find it. Basically, it would cost more to repair it than to just go buy a new one. So, I paid close to $300 for a piece of junk. I will never buy another GE product!

Company Response 08/27/2013:

Hello, this is Donna with GE. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your GE air conditioner. We would like to help. So that we can work with you directly, can you email us your contact information and details at please? Thank you.

They Stood Behind Their Water Heater Warranty!
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Rating: 5/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Replaced my old unit three years ago with a GE from Home Depot for $500. Last year a small leak appeared around the upper heating element. A call to the technical support number and they sent a new element overnight delivery. The leak reappeared. Another call and the technician went through a series of diagnostic questions, concluding that a replacement was in order.

All I had to do was disconnect and drain the bad unit and take it to Home Depot--they had the replacement authorization online already, and loaded a new unit onto my truck. It was a DIY project that was actually made more pleasant by the good folks at Home Depot and the helpful technician at GE. Thanks for the positive experience.

They Do Not Honor Their Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased General Electric (GE) mini refrigerator in 2011. Two days before the one-year warranty was due to expire the refrigerator quit working. I returned the refrigerator to the place of purchase and they were not able to give me another one as they did not have any in stock. We then contacted GE. They gave us a certificate of goodwill rebate. I had to purchase another GE appliance then mail in the rebate with my original purchase receipt for the new appliance. They did not refund me the full amount of the first refrigerator I purchased. They instead only gave me back the amount paid for the new item which was a little bit less.

They chose not to honor their 1-year warranty. They stiffed us for the difference in price. If you get the certificate of goodwill check make sure you purchase for the full amount due to you or they will take the money and run. I have an older indoor refrigerator from 1990 - when it goes out I will not purchase another GE appliance.

Super Sloppy and Unprofessional Service!!!
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Rating: 1/51

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- Our 2-year washer had once leaking problems and our home builder professional team came and inspect the plumbing/washer and could not find the problem, and so scheduled for the GE technician to come and inspect/repair the washer, thinking they might be more professional.

Our home builder requested the GE technician to inspect the washer thoroughly before the appointment including unplugging the draining pipes. The GE technician did not do what we requested. Instead, he only stayed for about 10 minutes and did a basic "look". If for such a basic inspection, our home builder has a large group of technicians that can handle it professionally. The GE technician opened up the front shield of the washer and let us monitor it ourselves later. He left with the opened machine. We had to ask our home builder technician to fix it back.

The technician said the broken washer tray was related to the leaking problem. He could not find out the real problem for leaking. The broken tray was not related to the water leaking. The tray is just for holding the washer and let the water go. The GE technician insisted that we had to pay by the time he left. We did not pay voluntarily since we were not satisfied with the service at all.

The customer service was indeed worst as well! They rejected to refund and said we have to pay, even for this sloppy service, because their technician studied a lot, and they even compared their technicians to the doctors! Based on this experience, we will never buy GE appliances again!!!

Worthless Hunk of Metal and Plastic
By -

Let me preface this letter by first stating that my wife and I are extremely water conscious because we live in a extreme drought ravaged area and there have been no more than 35 loads of laundry run through this machine since the day it was installed. This is also the second one of these models we had installed. The first one was so poorly assembled that it actually tore itself apart during the first load that my wife attempted with it. We have 2 major issues with this washer and either one makes it a useless hunk of metal and plastic.

The first issue is with this machine's capacity or rather lack of same. When my wife uses the Super load option the weight of just 4 bath towels causes the tub to sink down and the pulley assembly which turns the tub is forced onto the floor of the unit causing it to rub and grind metal on metal. This is obviously a design flaw as I have read other peoples similar complaints about this model on the internet. This flawed design problem was confirmed by the repairman who stated that he has seen this same flaw on this model at other people's homes. This alone should because for a recall on this model washer, but there is more.

The second problem we are experiencing is that EVERY time we use the washer it leaks water onto our wood floors from the water inlet located "inside" the washer. Let me be very clear here and state that this leak is not coming from the water supply lines going into the washer. The leak is happening "inside" the washer's inlet. This design flaw as well as the first one mentioned above was shown to me personally by the repairman who looked at it today. The repairman also stated that the reason this was happening was because of "calcification" due to the hard water we have in our area. This again is a major design flaw in this machine.

We owned a Kenmore washer and dryer set for 20 years and we never had ANY hard water problems with the washer and in fact never had ANY problems with it whatsoever! When we moved we, sold our Kenmores and thought we would purchase a new modern and upgraded washer dryer set which would use less water and sadly we picked these units of yours.

We are now left with 2 options as to our laundry. We either continue to use this machine and let it leak onto, and further ruin our floor, and/or let it grind itself into oblivion or we take our laundry to a laundromat. Neither of these options is acceptable.

We are not expecting GE to replace our wood flooring, though that would be an honorable thing to do but, because these flaws are inherent in the build of this unit and will continue on into the future, we fully expect that you will either refund our investment in this washer and have it hauled away or at the very least that you replace it with a model that actually does the job it is advertised to do. Our faith in GE and its desire to build and support a good product is entirely in your hands and we hope to hear back from you on this matter in a timely manner.

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