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Good Feet Is Bad for Your Feet
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I went to the south county location because I was having foot pain. I had my doubts and figured it was a scam. Tim the person I talked to was distracted and in a rush the entire time he helped me. I don't think he even listened when I told him where my pain was. He them brought out 3 different arch supports which I'm sure were the most expensive he had! I tried them felt OK in the store.

My feet hurt so bad I bought them thinking I could return them, WRONG. Have switched them out 4 times and they don't work. THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PIECES OF OVER PRICED PLASTIC I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. And now I am stuck with them! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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cjg on 2012-09-08:
I have had the same experience. After wearing the first white pair for an hour, my back went into spam. The next day my SI joint went out. This lasted for about 10 days, and 2 chiropractic visits (out of pocket). I returned them and got the brown "relaxer" pair. W/in a few hours of wear, my back and SI joint were out again. I returned that pair and got another white pair. I could only wear them for a few hours before my back got sore. I am an athletic 52 year old and have spent 3 wasted weeks unable to work out at the gym, to take walks at lunch every day and live my weekly routine. No refund? I thought the customer was always right! Having worn orthotics and then super feet for over 30 years, I should have known better. But no refund for dissatisfaction, or a bad reaction is not what good businesses due to customers. Super Feet worked better than any orthotic I've worn, and for less than $40. Anyone have any good results trying to obtain a refund?
rjc on 2013-08-11:
These reviews have all been really helpful for me as I was considering going to Good Feet for a consultation. Now I will not. Please make sure to voice your concerns to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Pat on 2014-04-02:
ST. Louis MO.- I had the same experience with the Good Feet store on Olive. When these inserts cause your feet to hurt, that says it all. Anything that gives you that much pain can not be good for you. I've had better luck with over the counter inserts. I paid over $900 dollars for my inserts from the Good Feet store and they have done nothing but damage to my feet. Every time I took them back they gave me different ones. If it's so precise why would they keep changing them?
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De Feet!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CRANBERRY TWP., PENNSYLVANIA -- My 83 year old mother went there because she suffered two strokes and was having a difficult time walking. The guy talked her in to supports that cost $295 and they did nothing but hurt her feet. She went back to return them and he told her that there are no returns! She scheduled an appointment to see him and when she got there, the girl told my mother that it was his day off. The girl gave her a pair of tennis shoes and took her supports! That was after they ruined her first pair because they tore the insoles out to install this piece of crap! I don't understand their contract. It sounds like you need to ask for some kind of arbitration, then you need to go to a court in California if arbitration doesn't work! Why can't a local magistrate take care of this in Pennsylvania? Why do we, as a state, allow them to do business here if we can't take them to court here? Is that the trick to ripping people off? Do we set up a west coast business and open up east coast stores to keep people from taking us to court? Why has there not been a class action suit against this company? That's okay if some of you believe that they helped you. That's great if they did. But don't minimize what this company has done to others. Is it okay if a heart doctor takes care of my mother, but decides that he can make more money on yours if he gives her a cheap heart valve that he knows doesn't work for her? Just because he was good to me, it doesn't mean he is doing the right thing! This company is a huge rip-off! They are not doctors and shouldn't be pretending to be one! In my opinion, this is a case of malpractice! They need to be stopped!
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Rip Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- My daughter went to Good Feet. She has a really hard time finding shoes wide enough to fit her feet and she need a good arch support. She wears an 8 1/2 shoe size but in order to get the shoes wide enough she has to buy a size 9. Then the arch support is not in the right place to give her the arch support she needs. She has been having a lot of problems with ingrown toenails because of the shoe problems. So she went to Good Feet and was told she need a certain pair of shoes that were $150. After 2 days of wearing them her feet and legs hurt so bad she could not sleep at night. So she bought a pair of Dr Sholes inserts from that machine for $50 thinking that would help. No, it did not. Called Good Feet and they will not refund or take the shoes back even though they were guaranteed for 30 days to help her feet problems. Only been 2 weeks.

She went to Shoe Depot and bought a pair of $30 shoes and has not had anymore problems. These people are rip off! And should be shut down. You should not make claims about your product if you are not going to back it up!!! I'm like most of the other people, don't walk away from this place, RUN as fast as you can!!!!!!!
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oldisgood on 2012-05-29:
I didn't run away and bought the arch supports and my feet are fine now. No one product is the perfect fit for everyone. It didn't work for your daughter but it sure did for me.
clutzycook on 2012-05-29:
has your daughter not tried to find a shoe in an 8 1/2 wide-width?
TLSmith on 2012-05-29:
Did 'Good Feet' say why they wouldn't work with you?
ChuhBaca on 2012-05-29:
The Good Feet store sounds like bad news. They seem to be trying to compete with the custom orthotics, at the same price!

The cost of their products compared to how much they are willing to back up their claims, it sounds like snake oil to me.
Mary Stavitzski (owner) on 2012-05-30:
I offered to have her daughter to come back in,so I could help her.I guess she couldn't hear me over being so abusive on the phone,as I listened to
the mother that never stepped a foot in my store,she now accused me of being the villain.The daughter,had stepped outside to ask the mom to pay for the shoe and came in and bought them.So now she bought a Dr.Scholls insert and did she put then on top of the insole already in the shoe?I never had a chance to help this college student.Mother Complained about a worn shoe 14 days after you telling me, she couldn't walk or sleep in 2 days?I'm here to help!Worn shoes are not refundable,it's on the receipt.It's common knowledge! Walk in my shoes with Good Feet Arch supports and you will be Pain Free! The Shoe is not the answer! Sincerely Yours,Mary
paul on 2012-06-01:
I have had foot issue for almost 20 years and even had custom orthotics made and wore them for two years. I became a Good Feet customer 3 years ago and have been wearing their arch supports ever since-the pain and discomfort are gone and I continue to recommend Good Feet to friends with foot and knee issues.
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Good Arch Supports???
Posted by on
MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- Wow, my feet had been sore for weeks. Prior to going to Good Feet I happen to find another arch supports in the mall for $70.00 But thought that might be to much to pay. Several weeks later and more discomfort I went to the Good Feet store. The sales pitch was good and at the time I was willing to do whatever to get relief. So I bought the package deal three different pair of arch supports (exerciser, maintainer and relaxer). It sounded like a reasonable deal and I needed relief. I don't remember the total but it was somewhere around $500.00. Of course, you get 30, 45 or 90 (don't remember exactly) days to return them. Well, I wish I had. I started with the exercisers which has the most support (I needed relief fast). They were a good fit, it only took a week or two to get used to. Sometimes people may have to start out with the maintainers. I never used the maintainers or relaxers, I could have saved $300.00 If I had only bought the exercisers. OK, so a year later I went back to ask some questions and I found out my exercisers where broken, so I ordered a new pair (their guarantee for life) when my new supports came in I had to paid $12.50, Wait a minute I thought they were guarantee, they are the $12.50 Is for shipping the old pair back to the company. So what I found out is every time I have to get a replacement I have to pay for the shipment back to the company. Somehow I don't think they send back one pair at a time, it seems to me they'll send several pairs at a time so I'm thinking there a little cash being made every time you make a transaction. Somehow I think I had paid the price when I originally bought them but that's not the case, you keep paying....
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Skye on 2011-12-04:
The only person you should trust your feet to, is a visit to your podiatrist. Your feet are so important and hold you up, and at least a doctor will tell you what you need, if you need arch supports, or have any other issues.

Good Feet will tell you anything to make a commission.

Thanks for sharing your experience and warning others.
trmn8r on 2011-12-04:
A lot of companies require the shipping cost to send the item in the company to be paid by the customer. This appears to be your main complaint, if I read this correctly.

With the amount of money you are paying for corrective appliances, I am inclined to agree with Skye that professional advice may be in order.
Kathy on 2012-07-10:
I am sorry but the arch supports mydr gave me did not work. $250. So I also went to the good feet store and fell for the speech BECAUSE THE ARCHES HELPED MY ACHING FEET... So I went home and did exactly what they said about gradually wearing the supports and my feet haven't felt this good in years!!!,!,
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So pleased with Good Feet- results after 7 years of pain
Posted by on
SHILOH, ILLINOIS -- I injured my lower back while running (was 6 mos pregnant) almost 7 years ago. Since then, I have tried stretches, exercises, chiropractics, therapy and even injections to get some relief. I have also had some problems with my arches and decided to check out the good feet store. My husband and I went in 4 months ago and talked to them, but wanted to do some research and didn't buy. Yesterday, I went in to have the imprint of my feet made and talk with them more in depth. Using the imprints, the sales person brought out 3 sets of inserts. He had me walk in the first set which were called Exercisers. These are the "big dogs" in terms of support. I was able to walk without pain in my foot which I have had regularly for the past two months (planter fac.) He spoke to me about the need to use all three sets in an interval system but the cost was almost 880.00 with tax. Hubby told me to get all three rather than try using just one or two sets which would be tougher to get used to and could result in just quitting.

There was another man in the store who was obviously a laborer who had the broadest smile on his face because wearing one of the pairs took the back pain he had away. It actually got me teared up. Anyway, I talked to the salesperson about my back as well and he said it may relieve some pressure and feel better but couldn't guarantee that the supports would also take care of it since it may be a spinal issue and not a foot alignment problem.

I wore the maintainers out of the store, then wore the exercisers for the hour or so before bed. LAST NIGHT WAS THE FIRST NIGHT IN ALMOST 7 YEARS THAT I HAVE NOT WOKEN UP BECAUSE OF THE PAIN WHEN ROLLING OVER OR CHANGING POSITIONS DURING THE NIGHT! I could sleep on my stomach again without feeling like my lower back was going to crack. I can't tell you how excited I am about the possibility of being able to walk without feeling like an old lady (I'm 37), running again, and being able to lay on the floor with my kids to play a game! I realize this is only the morning after, but I really am amazed.

I know that I am fortunate to be able to buy the full set of supports and not everyone can, but I do hope that others who have resigned themselves to life with back pain will consider it. You could always camp out in the store for the day and see how they affect you for several hours. :)
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Sparticus on 2011-07-07:
Shoes can make a huge difference with bad backs. It is funny, I can walk all day in my Croc sandals and my back is fine, but if I walk for an hour in my tennis shoes (Sketchers) my back is killing me.

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Good feet to Bad feet
Posted by on
I went to the Good Feet Store to get orthotics on the advise of my massage therapist (a conversation the first commenter is not privy to) because my arches are so high. I asked the woman what if I don't like them or they're not for me? She told me I had 30-40 days to come back in. Pretty slick wording. She never said that sales were final and I didn't see the sign next to the register. When I went in today to return them because they have caused severe pain in my right foot, she told me they have a no refund policy and hinted that my shoes were to blame as the orthotics fit perfectly to my foot. I told her I had no problems with my feet until I started to use their product and I reminded her again about the conversation we had where I specifically asked her what if they don't work or I don't like them. She re-stated their policy. I held my ground and asked for a corporate address and phone number because I was going home to call and get my money back that way. She again stated the policy, I again reminded her of our conversation and the fact I had no problems with my feet until I started using their product and she backed down and gave me my money back. I feel lucky I got a refund after reading some of these comments. I never had a problem with my feet until I used their product!!! Educate yourself before you buy from them...I had seen a podiatrist a few years ago and got orthotics from the Dr. One of the sales pitches GF uses, is they are made to align the body and position the foot the way it's supposed to be and not just an orthotic molded to the shape of someone's foot. I thought I would try it. They didn't work, I wore them a little over a month and have experienced great pain in my right foot. I have been barefoot for 24 hrs and pain is subsiding. Just be aware of their slick ways and no refund policy.
Company Response 04/09/2011:
I am the owner of one of the Good Feet locations on the East Coast.I bought into this Franchise after working for Good Feet for 5 years.I have been an owner for 2 years.I am not defending any comments made on this web site.I would like to explain that the opinions of others may influence some of those that would normally find relief with Good Feet's Arch Supports, may not come in, because of someone's bad experience and I apologize for that.I am sure there is a lot of complaints about other companies as well. First of all our arch supports are made in the U.S.A. Secondly you can't please all. Even though I give it everything I've got. Business's price their products on quality and survival of a retail store. There are start up costs,Franchise fees,store front costs,employees,training,taxes. inventory,and advertising costs,need I go on. Our refund policy depends on the store,keep in mind we are not in the business to sell used arch supports.I did not buy this business to scam anyone,in fact I withdrew my life savings to open a Good Feet Franchise.I love the Good Feet products and what it has done to bring the quality of life back to those who have suffered,with back,knee and foot pain. There maybe a few who are unhappy,but here at Good Feet,I have had tears of joy,hugs and happiness,repeat business and I look forward everyday to come to work,so that I may make a difference in someone's life.I call it my little miracle,I found my niche in life. How about you?
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leet60 on 2011-02-22:
The OP may want to see a Podiatrist, rather than take the advice of a massage therapist in regard to issues with the feet.
clutzycook on 2011-02-22:
+10 leet. Also, I would have made sure that return policy was in writing. You are definitely lucky she relented and gave you your money back.

On a similar note, has anyone tried those Dr. Scholl's orthotics? Are they any good (ie: worth the $50)?
Jerijeana on 2012-04-24:
I tried Dr.Scholl's,they are good but only for a few months then they go flat,then you have to buy another pair,50 bucks every few months is going to add up big time.I just got me a pair of Maintainers,I have to get used to them and praying they work!
Mary W on 2012-07-04:
I too bought the Good Feet inserts, unfortunately I fell victim to the sales guy (store mgr) and bought all 3 at a cost of $700. I asked about the return policy and was told the same thing 30 days, the 30 days is an exchange only, no refunds. My feet hurt worse than when I started expensive lesson, but you cannot determine if you should spend $700 based on a 3-4 minute trial. Custom orthodics from my doctor would have been much less, and I let this guys sales pitch dupe me, buyer beware!
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They did help me, but BEWARE of their sales contract!
Posted by on
FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- I have extremely flat feet and plantar fasciitis, on a recent business trip to CO my feet were killing me, it had been getting progressively worse and nothing was helping, and I could no longer stretch my feet out enough to ease the pain, and I was losing sleep to it as well. So I went in to the Good Feet store hoping to find relief. After fitting through a few different supports I decided to bite, the pain was really bad that day and I was on the road for 3 weeks so no doctor visit was possible. Earlier a Physical Therapist friend said that it would be hit and miss with doctors trying to fix this as well. So I paid the big bucks -$700 for 3 support sets and a pair of new shoes and thought if it doesn't work well I'll take another financial beating. I had already spent probably over $150 for all the Doctor Scholls type garbage during the previous months and that got me nowhere - it never helped and any of those store bought arch supports caused more pain. I'm on week 4 since my visit to GF and the things are working, I'm able to walk with minimal or no pain, sleep without interruption and I am now working out again, something I had stopped 6 months ago due to this. So this process seems to work for me, but I can understand others having complaints. The bill of sale is a real snake oil deal with you only able to get store credit if you want to return. I was surprised when I read over all of that in the store and I almost walked out, except my feet weren't hurting as much after I walked around for 10 minutes with the "exerciser" support. I'm not sure how they stay in business with this type of contract. Had I not been on the road, I would have immediately walked out after reading the Good Feet "sales contract" and found a podiatrist. Judging by the other reviews - getting relief is hit and miss, I think it was more luck then science that these things are working for me. I look forward to trying these while skiing, I have custom orthotic foot beds for my boots - 3 years ago I spent $200 on those and I could hardly stand the pain they inflicted - no refund on those either, so again I feel I'm just lucky with Good Feet.
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Great way to lose a lot of money
Posted by on
DENVER, COLORADO -- I spent nearly $600 on the support system and must admit: it was a complete waste of time and money. The system consists of three pairs of el-cheapo plastic inserts, a couple of foam shoe cushions, and some velcro.

I was told the products were guaranteed… GUARANTEED… to help improve my plantar fascitis.

I had to return to the store several times for different supports. Every time, the clerk gave me some song and dance about how the supports I’d been given were too big, too wide, too stiff (etc) and the previous clerk should have known better. One clerk would tell me to wear them for X-amount of time. The next clerk would say “No that’s wrong, they should be worn for Y-amount of time. The next clerk said they should be worn every other day. They didn’t have a clue what they were talking about and they all contradicted each other. Not only did the supports NOT help my plantar fascitis, they caused me quite a bit of foot/leg pain and I had to get chiropractic adjustments while wearing them.

Now, this is the gross part. All of the inserts that I was given had dirt marks, velcro backing adhesive, scratches, and scuffs of color from being worn in OTHER PEOPLE’S SHOES before being given to me!! Every single pair was dirty. I have pictures to prove it. GoodFeet insists they clean the inserts between customers, but obviously this is either a complete lie or a complete fantasy on their part. If you’ve ever seen them, you’d agree the inserts probably cost about $2 each to fabricate. The fact that they’re re-used between customers is a testament to GoodFeet’s ultracheap business practices and complete disregard for basic product quality.

After months of dealing with sales clerks that couldn’t give me the right inserts or tell me how to properly wear them, I gave up and asked to return the system. The store clerk very icily told me “we don’t do returns” then she turned her back and walked away from me. I followed her to the counter and informed her that they DID do them. It was very clearly noted when I was told they were guaranteed to work. She actually had to call a store manager at another location to check. Then she made me talk to that manager on the phone, who informed me they would not take back any of the cushions for hygienic reasons even though they were still sealed in their original packaging. She also informed me that there is a 30% standard “restocking fee” on returned inserts. She said this was consistent with places like Best Buy and Circuit City (she didn’t seem to understand that consumers have the opportunity to research electronics before buying them and they’re standardized by model… hardly the case with shoe inserts). So, do the math… 30% on $600 = $180 to take six dirty pieces of plastic back to the stock room before giving them to the next poor schmuck that walks through the door.

It took several weeks, three managers, numerous unreturned phone calls, and one special permission from the franchise owner to get the restock fee lowered to 15%. Better than nothing, I guess. It was the most frustrating customer service experience EVER! Of course, even with the adjustment, the refund could only be given in the form of a store credit. Great… $500 worth of really ugly and overpriced shoes… just what I needed.

What concerns me most about this company is their use of a trusted sports figure spokesman and their blatant targeting of senior citizens in their marketing. Every time I went in the store, there were senior citizens waiting to try the product, many of whom were on fixed incomes. PLEASE – if you read this, know that I am taking the time to write my experience so that you can protect yourselves and your loved ones from this horrible company. There is no way to know if the system will work for you until after you try it. And you have to buy it before you can try it. Once you buy it, it’s yours. I was told by one store manager that the inserts only work well for about 1 out of every 3 customers. It’s an expensive gamble and the odds are not in the consumer’s favor.
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Anonymous on 2008-10-29:
I'm always puzzled when people will shell out $600 for something they can get from a Dr. Scholl's display. I'm also puzzled that they will pay $600 to a chuckle-head with no medical training, rather than consulting with a foot specialist like a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon. Another 'one born every minute' solution...buy some 'Z-Coil' shoes! LOL!!!
gopackersgo on 2009-01-06:
I am an employee of good feet for the past eight years and I can only speak for our company but there is no pushing or promising of anything. The whole point of good feet is to try on different supports to see if YOU can tell if they make you feel better. Nobody knows how you feel but YOU. People are told of our policies up front but people are never stuck and we do free resizing and exchanging. I personally have told people to not buy them if they can't tell a difference. Our supports, the doctor's orthotics and pharmacy supports are all good but everyone is different from what might help them. We understand people are frustrated and have already spent a lot of money on shoes, inserts, etc.., but how many of those do get to try before you buy. Now add that money up. These supports will either help you or they won't. There is no magic tricks or promises. All we are trying to help people with pain, being we didn't give these people their problems. Almost everyone tells us that these won't help until they try them for themselves. Nobody will make you spend $600 or $1 unless you feel difference. We suggest a certain way to wear the supports but people can do what they want. For some it works great and for some they need to come and get others. I was a customer first and I didn't want supports let alone spend the money I did but I also didn't want to hurt either. I'm sure everyone wants eyeglasses too. I doubt they also want to spend the hundreds on those either but you do if you want to see. My advice is go the the store nearest you and try for yourself. If the supports make you feel better get them or don't but it is your pain. If it doesn't make you feel better DON'T buy them I don't know how easier we can make this process. I work at the Duluth, MN location and we have helped a lot of people feel better and I haven't performed a miracle before. I can't make them work, they either do or don't. But that is why we have so many arch supports, we are all different. Try them, you probably be surprised and again for free with no obligations.
catlover2 on 2009-12-13:
I wish I had read some of the reviews before throwing my money away. I was told to break the supports in over a three week period and they will feel much more comfortable!! Three weeks to break them in? Watch out for the sales people, they are pretty slick!
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Good Feet Supports - Great Product
Posted by on
DENVER, COLORADO -- I am sick of reading complaints on this company when it was the person who's writing the complaints own ignorance. I have good feet supports, I have also had custom fit orthopedics made buy a podiatrist. Good feet supports have made it possible for me to walk again!!!!

I have spent thousands of dollars on everything from surgeries, orthopedics, splints, boots, shoes, etc. all done by doctors that made my pain worse and unbearable. One of my doctors finally sent me to good feet. YES these are recommended by a lot of doctors, they are just not recommend by the ones who want to be the ones to take your money. If you wear a product for 2 months and its all scratched up what is the company supposed to do with that? That is why the product is NOT RETURNABLE which is only common sense!! I would have paid 10 times more than what I paid for these supports. They have improved my life tremendously!!!

In my opinion these supports and the people who fit them are a godsend. The people that complain twist things around to make others look bad and in my opinion they are just having buyers remorse and never gave the supports a good try. Next time read the information the store gives you to begin with before you make your purchase and you won't be so surprised later. Its your own fault when the store has the return policy posted for everyone to see, its on your receipt, and you sign paperwork acknowledging that you have read and understand. [snip - please be respectful of other members]
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49plymouth on 2010-06-23:
The overwhelming reviews of the Good Feet Stores have been negative, and with good reason. After reading these reviews I feel like the king of dupes. Most buyers got hit for around $550. They got me for three hundred more than that. It is easy to criticise buyers and their belated "remorse", but in desperation you will grasp at straws and hope for the best. Not only are these inserts obscenely overpriced but the salespersons is not medically trained. She spent all of about 15 minutes with me on my first visit. When I initially felt some relief, I thought this might be the soloution. I had reservations about the no money back guarantee, and in hind sight I should have walked out. On the second visit she spent less than 5 minutes with me and gave me a different set of the high inserts. A year later and my feet are in constant pain again. They have been getting progressively worse. My whole body aches.It is bit of a drive to the store but I will just have to continue to be a pest until I get some kind of satisfaction. The is a reason for their no money back guarantee. Almost every product today has at least a 30 day money back guarantee.
steve on 2013-05-23:
I am very happy with mine, been wearing my good feet arch supports about 10 years now. Products have a lifetime warranty, my doctor wanted to charge me $500 every year. Heck no! Arch supports to me are very personal and get ripped up fast and can not be resold, so I understand policy. If you bought a shirt at Macys for $150 and ripped it , they would not even let you return it for another one, they would just say you destroyed it so now it is yours,bye! Good feet will take back a used ripped up supportand give you another one. Peace!
John on 2014-05-19:
They replace your product? That's false. I used my "versatile" black insoles in my skateboarding shoes the second day I got them. They broke within the first twenty minutes. I went back TWO days after that which would make it FOUR days after the date of purchase and I was told, "sorry, we don't do refunds." I showed them the receipt and they told me it was my "one time free replacement." Next time they broke I was on my own to replace them. I specifically asked the girl in the Fort Collins store if I could get insoles that were a bit more flexible so they wouldn't break again. She told me she couldn't do that. About three months after I put my Good Feet insoles into my snowboard boots to relieve the knee pain from long days on the slopes. My first day with the insoles I tore my achilles. When I visited my physician and showed him the insoles he immediately told me the insoles were way to rigid to be doing active things in.I was told the insoles were designed to provide support when doing basic activities like walking but he wouldn't recommend doing any more than that in them. So not only am I out $500, I also got to spend my winter on the couch in a cast recovering from a torn achilles.
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Kiss Butts in the Beginning, Rude Customer Service Afterwards
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- In the store the inserts felt good. I was told to wear them for just a bit each day until gotten used to. When I checked out, after payment was made, she said they did not have my size that she fit me for but she had some that would work. Why could I not have the ones I wore in the store? Why did I not throw a fit, because I believed her, she is the professional. Well, in calling back and complaining, NOT one person in that store has good customer service. While trying on a lady walked in and was yelling how they were a rip off, I should ave walked out then. I walked in that store with tears in my eyes because of my hurting feet. I was under the impression they could help me. Boy was I wrong! I also had an issue with my card being declined for my second payment because it was a temporary. Every phone call I had with them about getting it resolved was very rude. I saved every message from them just in case needed. I am very disappointed!
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