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Poor Service at Honda of Sumner, Washington
By -

SUMNER, WASHINGTON -- Our family is looking for a Honda Odyssey Touring Model. We check on Craigslist for the best Price for the model and year, mileage, etc. We talked to a salesman at Sumner Honda. He was very helpful but said he couldn't go lower on the price of $26,000. So we continued to look around for a better deal. We noticed a few days later that they posted a lower price on Craigslist at $23,777. We saved the ad to our computer and forwarded it to our finance broker.

We called up the salesman at Sumner Honda and he said it sounded a bit weird but would check it out and get back to us. He called us back and said that it must have been a mistake and said that his Used car sales manager talked to the owner and said that they will honor the price. We called back with our credit card number to the Used car sales manager, who wanted a $1000 deposit. We told him that we will drive down to test drive it and approve the deal based on our visual inspection. He agreed to show it to us and we proceeded to drive 3-1/2 hours from Vancouver, B. C., Canada.

We arrived at approx.10:30 am on Sunday, Valentine's Day. How romantic. So we meet the Used sales manager and another Canadian friendly sales representative. They both showed us the van and we all discovered that it wasn't even detailed as they said it would be. The Used car sales manager was very sad that it wasn't very good to show. He promised that it would be cleaned if we took it. We proceeded to take it out for a spin. It had high speed shimmy and they said that the brakes may need to be turned. No biggie, wait it gets better... We say that if you can fix it up and honor the discussed price, we'll take it.

The deal should proceed to sending our broker the bill of sale and title. But they never fax it. Two to Three days pass... They say that it's coming soon. Finally after speaking to the Finance Manager he says: “The deal's not going to happen!” In shock I ask, “by who?” He says, “the Sales manager.” Well I'm now a fair bit upset and call back and speak to him. He says, “The deal's not happening. It was a mistake and we are not doing it. Forget about it. Oh, and we aren't dealing with Canadians.”

I told him that he is a bigot and should not be discriminating towards anyone. Money is money and nobody told us that they didn't want to deal with us because we are Canadian. That is a joke. This sales manager, I find out is only 2 weeks on the job and this is the way he treats customers. Absolute horrible service. I said that I want to talk to the owner, and he said the owner will not speak to anyone he doesn't want to. I said you are a brand new Honda Dealership and under the watchful eyes of Honda so they should know about this, and I plan on telling the media (JESSE JONES).

People, customers, Canadians, should not have to be treated like this by a Sales manager, who should be upholding the company's INTEGRITY. Stand by their mistake and settle the deal in a professional manner. The staff involved have since been instructed to not speak about this situation for fear of a lawsuit. Or losing their jobs? Who knows? Anyway, I think that this is wrong and the public should know about it.

Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MESA, ARIZONA -- Several months ago I tried to tell my service advisor that there was something wrong with my car. I told them the transmission didn't feel right and that it wasn't driving correctly. It would shake and vibrate. I was told on each occasion something different. It's the alignment, you need new tires, blah, blah, blah. I had been telling all of this to one of my patients, who is a master mechanic with a different dealership.

He finally took a quick look under the hood while in the office one day and said it looked like the transmission is leaking. He also recommended, based on everything I had told him, (the same things I told the dealership) that I should have the control arms and motor mounts checked. On the 18th of February I took the car in and told them what my parent said and wouldn't you know it all of a sudden I was taken seriously. They found approximately 3 oil leaks, and the control arm bushing to the rear tires didn't work. On the repair order the word they used was "broken".

They said they couldn't do the repair that day because they didn't have a mechanic there that was capable of fixing it and scheduled an appointment for me. The earliest they would give me was Wednesday February 22nd even though I requested Monday. I questioned my service advisor, ** if the vehicle was safe to drive under these conditions, he assured me that it was.

I took the vehicle in on the 22nd, tried to pick it up on the 24th. Drove it off the lot and was maybe 2 miles from the dealership when I started to smell something burning. I look in my rear view mirror and saw nothing but smoke. So much that I could barely make out a vehicle behind me. Which turned out to be a police officer. He pulled alongside me and motion me to pull over. By this time smoke was pouring out of the front of the vehicle. I cannot begin to describe how frightened I was. I pulled into a parking lot. Immediately jumped out and called the dealership.

I was put on hold for several minutes then transferred to several different people. Finally ** asked me to drive the vehicle right back. I told him if he thought I was going to get back into car that for all I know is flaming under the hood, he was crazy. Well I was put on hold again!! By this time I was sobbing and terrified so I hung up and called back, this time reaching ** who thank God had enough sense to tell me not to drive the car whatsoever and that she would send a tow truck out.

After getting back to the dealership and after they looked at the car again, I was told that it was a new problem. An O ring was old and cracked and that's why the oil poured out hitting the heat shield and caused the smoke. The service manager ** blew it off and said "it's no big deal" told maybe for him it wasn't but for me. It was terrifying since I thought the car was on fire.

Well went back to the dealership last night (February 27th) and tried to pick up the car again. I asked for the paperwork for the new work and was told by the service manager ** that there is no paperwork, he wasn't going to do any on it. The lady pulls the vehicle around and I notice a piece of plastic hanging down underneath the front passenger side. I asked her "what the hell is that?" She tries to tell me it's a plastic bag that probably flew up under the car and got stuck. Told her "I don't think so" and that I would not take the vehicle back in that condition. So back into the shop it goes.

By this point I started asking for Mr ** the owner, but of course he was too busy to deal with the "little people". So instead I get the general manager **. I tell him everything that has happened. I asked him for the paperwork and he tries to give me the same report for the original repairs from the 22nd. Told him no I want paperwork for the NEW problem. He goes to speak with ** so the car is returned AGAIN. I go to put my things in the back seat and I find a big piece of plastic that obviously belongs to my vehicle. I take it out and ask ** if he maybe wanted someone to put it back on my car. Back the car goes.

Meanwhile ** is trying to tell me some story about how he can't get me the new paperwork because it was so late in the day and they couldn't close the ticket out so they couldn't print anything. Umm wrong, the service Manager ** told me he wasn't going to do any paperwork on the O ring situation and he said it in front of the cashiers when I was trying to get the car back. He then said he would fax it to me later.

After being there for maybe a couple of hours I got the car back. Needless to say I lost time from work, they aggravated me beyond belief and then they tried to put me in jeopardy by asking me to drive the car back. Ibette Mesa, AZ.

Poor After Sales Service
By -

JAPAN -- We bought a HONDA CRV on December 21, 2009, Jakarta, Indonesia. I called Honda on January 4, 2011 and I had spoken with our sales Rep. regarding a technical error in the armrest located in the driver's door and this error is in the manufacturing. The sales representative is very helpful and she asked me to send the vehicle to be checked by the claiming department.

On January 5, 2011 I sent the vehicle and was checked by the head of the Claim Department. The report was a such problem it is due of using the vehicle, while when I noticed a such matter after we bought the vehicle I thought maybe the driver door designed to be this way. But recently I had an opportunity to be in CRV vehicle belong it to a friend and I noticed the different, therefore I called the dealer.

The head of the Claim Department advised me through the sales representative to fix the vehicle door by specialist but HONDA cannot do it and not responsible about it. In his comment that he doesn't where the upholstery leather seats and doors was done and how it was done. I politely inquired to talk to the head of The Claim Department in order to discus in what he claimed and express my right according to them.

The sales representative promised me that I will get a call before 3:00 pm which it is never happened, this is rude from someone don't know anything about his job. I have been a Japanese cars customer from many years, in my house BRAND NEW MODEL 2010 THREE JAPANESE CARS ALPHARD, CRV AND YARIS. I can't imagine having to put up with this kind of service for even one more month.

It is amazing how it only takes one person to change someone mind In this economy where so many people are struggling, companies should be struggling to work hard to simply keep their customers, let alone keep them happy. I will start looking into Toyota now. I can't imagine their service could be any worse. The Claim Department for Honda is awful. They are all rude and don't know anything about their jobs and not professional.

The Claim Department did not even intent to talk to me which his pay check from us the customers. I will tell you what if they keep treating people like they do they won't have any more customers. I love my car but I will never, ever buy another Honda in my life. Simply because I don't have to deal with these people. This Claim Department for Honda without even bothering to talk to me he ask me through the sales representative to find other place to fix the armrest. What a professional Manager.

They do not know how to talk to people with any couth or class. They say and threaten the most ridiculous and rude things. We fully qualify under the Law for the Warranty. I am well aware that my specific problem will affect a minority of people out there, but nonetheless the customer service I received from Honda was completely unacceptable.

I am willing and ready to publish a poor and unprofessional service in the Newspapers which it is not hard thing to do. I am willing to fight for my right and take my case to a third party no matter what and whatever it will take. I have been shopping for a Car very seriously for buying a new one and after I saw the attitude of the sales representative, we decided to buy this HONDA CRV but never to buy another Japanese car ever again.

I need resolution. I want the cause corrected. I deserve better. Honda has no after sales service. In after sales Honda department, hopefully changes can be made and better communication can occur between the customer and the employee. As stated above, names as of this point are irrelevant. I am not happy and very mad from such service.

Charging for Services Not Rendered
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I took my Honda to the Honda dealer on 2722 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11210. I told the service man that my Honda engine light is on and it has a slow pick up from 20 to 30 mph. My complaint is that they charged me about $900.00 for services not done. Then after charging me $900.00, they then said the problem with my engine light is the Alternator? And wanted to charge me another $600.00. Now my question is why I wasn't charged $600.00 first when the problem was found?

The mechanic changed all my wires and distributor assy. And stuff and the problem was the alternator. I am not happy with this service at this dealership. I gave the dealer $900.00 to fix my car and it is not fixed. I want my engine light fix and if this Honda dealer couldn't or couldn't find the problem, then they should have said so and let me find some street mechanic who could.

I was giving a Honda Service News Troubleshooting TPMS paper. After he wasn't intelligent enough at first to find the problem. Enclosed is the paper work. I sent a first letter on 8-4-09 - a copy is enclosed. I took my Honda back to the same dealer because the mechanic disconnected my radio. And when I drove away I was so angry that I didn't take the car back I just went home. Also note I had a tune up about a Year ago.

About two weeks later the Honda dealer called and asked me what problems I had with this dealer service. My Husband got on the phone who is also a 2007 Honda owner. He explained to dealer the problem. After the dealer made so many excuses about why my car isn't fixed, he said to bring the Honda 2000 back to the dealer to put the radio back on. Now remember the Mechanic, ** when he first worked on my car. He called me and asked me if he could disconnect my radio to work on the car. I told him yes. Now my car is returned to me again without my radio working.

My Complaint with the service of this Dealership is, brought to fix engine light on - charged me $900.00 - light is still on. Dealer wants to change alternator - price $600.00 - says it might fix light. Dealer broke radio - brought back to repair -3 excuses why is not fixed. Dealer took advantaged of my wife cause she is a Woman.

Gentlemen, you know what the problems are and I do not need to elaborate. As I picked up my 2000 Honda the service man told to go to another dealer. If this how Honda does business to loyal customers, all I can say is you have lost this customer. This dealer has charged me $900.00 to fix nothing and broke my radio. 10-5-09 dealer calls to tell me to go to another dealer and my car is too old.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

LAWTON, OKLAHOMA -- I am well aware that my specific problem will affect a minority of people out there, but nonetheless the customer service I received from Honda was completely unacceptable. I purchased a civic in Germany through the military and brought it to America. And here are the series of events as they unfold: Car arrives, a/c doesn't work. It needs freon right? Well... car is at random auto repair shop. Mechanic says your wires have been eaten by salt, we need to replace them. Wires are replaced. Mechanic says faulty wires overheated computer, computer must be replaced.

Well no one but Honda can put a new computer in a Honda car. So I take the car to Honda. Honda mechanic says computer will be fixed in 3 days. He's helpful, courteous, I think all is well. And this is where it all went wrong... Side note - I'm still confused, so I may mangle some Honda-rific terms. The dealer needs a "mobilizer code" in order to start this new computer. But because the car was bought in Germany, even though it's an American car, it is not entered into the "American Honda warranty database", which apparently was the dealers responsibility.

Fair enough their bad. Now it's up to me to fax my proof of ownership and blah blah to "American Honda". I promptly fax paperwork, call to confirm receipt. Yeah they don't confirm receipt at American Honda. Next day, I call to confirm receipt of fax. Oh they do confirm receipt! This new person I was randomly transferred to seems less lazy, a tad more helpful. Now that they have the paperwork it will take 3 to 5 business days to enter the information into their computer.

What?! Say that again!? I seriously must have heard new helpful customer service rep wrong. But no, she who I'll now call robot, repeats off her screen that 3 to 5 days for simple data entry is the norm at "American Honda". From what I can see there are three issues with this process. First of all, my car is 5 yrs old and no longer under warranty, so what difference does it make if it's in the "American Honda warranty database"? I'll be paying 600 for this new computer on top of all the frustration.

Second, they say this mobilizer code is a security issue. Well they're successful in keeping my car secure from myself. Who tries to illegally install a computer in a car anyway? Wouldn't you just go steal another car? Basically it's a code that makes sure Honda has a monopoly on computer installation. Need a new computer in your car? No one but Honda can do it.

Third, and most important, it should not take anyone or any computer on earth 5 days to enter data into anything. And if you call Honda they won't even let you speak to the warranty department! All you get is customer service robots who read "3 to 5 days ma'am" off their computer screen and repeat it to the point you want to smack them through the phone. We just bought a Mazda. I have no idea of Mazda's customer service department is as ridiculous, but I do know I will never be buying a Honda again.

Sample Customer Treatment at Honda Dealers (Autowest Honda & Dublin Honda Mentioned)
By -

BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been shopping for a Car very seriously for buying a new one and after I saw the attitude of the sales people, I decided never to buy another Japanese car ever again. I walk in to Autowest Honda and we wait for half hour to get hold of somebody and then some sales guys shows up who has no interest whatsoever and ask us what we want to go for. We were looking for Honda Fit & Honda Pilot.

First the guy makes us wait for another 20 minutes and comes back and says he could not find the key to test drive Honda Fit and then we ask about Honda Pilot and he walks over to Pilot and says we do not have Gas and we can only see the Car. What kind of messed up dealership is this? Before this I gave my Car for service for a driver window not rolling up. They fix it but they have broken internal structure to get to the glass and they did not even mention it and when I showed it he coolly says "Oh, sorry since it's a little older car we don't have parts and we thought you might just be fine with it."

Dublin Honda: I walk in to buy a car and the very mention of hybrid, the sales guys tells me with an attitude don't bother to show up for another 3 months and then he says the markup is $5000 over MSRP and just don't even think of buying one if you were not planning on getting that much money. Then I ask about Honda fit to test drive which is a gasoline car.

He then says I cannot test drive until I buy it and that car has $3000 markup over the MSRP. I got so pissed being a Honda customer from before I just flatly told him on his face that I would rather buy an American Car any day than deal with this kind of attitude.

I heard so much from other people about this but it was hard for me believe being an Honda owner but after going through this personally, I have decided to clearly buy an American car than a Japanese Car. The exact same thing applies to Toyota dealers as well because we saw the same attitude from Toyota but they were much better than Honda and at least answered our questions and allowed us to test drive but when it comes to numbers the attitude was don't waste our time even when I have mentioned I will doing a complete cash down in all these places.

I can go on about others also within Bay Area but it's a waste of time on my part. As a consumer I really would like to ask the folks who are buying with a $5000 & $3000 markup on all these cars, HAVE YOU GONE OUT OF YOUR MIND!! We call this recession time! Give me a break! You have just filled their arrogant fat bellies with more attitude to treat customer like dirt! Wake up People!

2002 Acura TL, Before You Buy, Review Other Transmission Recall Nightmares
By -

I recently purchased an 2002 Acura TL. I'm having trouble with the transmission shifting from second to third gear. When it shifts, the rpms race unchecked until it grabs a gear creating a very dangerous situation. I found that there had been a recall specifically dealing with the overheating of the second gear due to the lubrication system.

Upon researching more about the car, I found that the transmission had been replaced July 31, 2003 by Acura upon request of the original owner, nine months before the recall had taken place. When I spoke with my service advisor at Mile High Acura, he told me that since it had already had a new transmission put in it that they would not replacing a second. At this point I was under the impression that the second gear inspection had already taken place. He told me that he had to talk with Acura corporate to see what they could do for me.

Two days later I called to find out the status and findings of corporate. My service advisor told me that they needed to take pictures of the second gear for signs of scorching and discoloration. This was seven days after I had the vehicle dropped off at the dealership. They would not tell me whether or not the recall parts had indeed been installed on the vehicle at the time the transmission was replaced. They only told me that there were no signs of overheating and that they would not be doing any recall work on the vehicle.

Instead they quoted me $3940.00 to replace the transmission. I feel like they are scamming me simply because they had put a new transmission in. I have only to assume that since it was done 9 months before the recall that they did not replace the necessary parts. I will be taking it to a private transmission shop and having them document the work done, and if I find any evidence to the contrary, I will be taking them to small claims court and making them pay for not only the transmission work, but the loss of work time, rental car costs paid by me, towing costs, and lawyer costs.

So just beware that Acura will do anything to reduce their liability for their faulty product. This recall also affected various other models of Honda Accords, Odysseys. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY HONDA OR ACURA VEHICLES. I personally will never buy another Honda/Acura product.

No Southern Hospitality Or Knowledge
By -

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Honda products may perform well but their workers in customer service and collections do not have a clue. If you call, plan to spend an hour or more waiting for a representative to provide an answer on their terms and policies. The company also does not have anything in place to assist with the current economic status. They have a policy where a payment or 2 (2 is the max) can be pushed to the end of the contract but all late and additional fees must be paid in full.

Also, it requires manager approval so no one has any authority to make a clear decision and you wait while your account stays delinquent. I later found out whatever the reps type or enter into the system is valid or "the gospel" so to speak. Lastly, you can never find the same representative which means they have a high turnover rate of employees (or so a representative told me). There is no communication between the dealership and customer service/collections.

Documentation for my brand new car had never been entered into the system, but it was my fault, I was a first payment default-WTF??? Only 1 representative had the guts to tell me there was a new phone system and why I received 5-7 calls per day. The other representatives were lying as to why I received several calls after I had already spoke w/ someone or they would hang up on me.

Honda may have cars that work well but the business side has unprofessional and rude representatives. The company should heavily reconsider contracting a reputable company to handle customer service/collections and all areas of business. Honda never, ever has to worry or pursue me to purchase another vehicle, because I would not. Even if they paid me, I will never purchase a Honda again.

Honda Refuses to Think a Problem Exists
By -

ARIZONA -- I bought a Honda Element 2007 in July 2007. Since the purchase I have learned that the front seats do not adjust as in previous models. However, both the Quick Start Manual and the regular manual both indicate visually and in writing that the front seats should adjust forward at about a 10 degree angle for access to the back seat. "Open the door, and pull up on the seat-back adjustment lever. The seat-back tilts forward to allow easier access to the rear seat." The picture also shows this tilt angle.

I took the car to a dealership. They did not know about this design change; they also did not know that the same change is on the 2008 model. I talked with Honda about this design flaw as a safety issue. Without the ability to tilt the seat forward both entry and exit from the back seats are restricted even when a front seat is moved forward as far as it will go.

Honda's response was that they knew people who have the car and they aren't having any problems getting in or out of the back seat and that I should just move the front seats back and forth to use the back seats. In case of an emergency, exiting the back seat would be difficult at best and a danger to their safety and well-being.

Honda's response is that the design is written in stone and that unless enough complaints and problems with emergency exits are made that nothing will be done. Their opinion is that the car is safe and has been fully approved by the NTSB and NHTS. I would defy anyone to enter and exit the back seat with any speed because of this change in design.

I hope this will be investigated and that Honda will be forced to redesign and recall the models that no longer allow the front seat to tilt for as they say "easier access to the rear seat" and I would add easy, quick exit from the back seat in an emergency.

Bad Paint Ignored by Dealer
By -

WEST CALDWELL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a new Honda S2000 convertible at Honda of Essex in West Caldwell, New Jersey two weeks ago. By the time I got through finance, etc., and took delivery of the car it was almost 10:00 at night, and I didn't get a chance to take a good look at the car. One clue might have been that it was in detail for an unusually long period of time before they gave it to me.

Over the next couple of days while admiring my new car, I noticed a number of chips in the paint, and a number of cloudy areas. Most of the problem exists on the hood and passenger side fender. I brought the car back to Honda of Essex and brought my concern to the attention of one of the sales managers. He asked one of his detail guys to look at the car.

The detail guy looked it over and made a few attempts to cover some of the chips and fish-eyes in the paint. At some point he said there wasn't much more he could do. I was not convinced that more couldn't be done, but I figured he was just trying to blow me off as he received a phone call from his wife and told me he was late for dinner. I figured I would wash the car myself and have it detailed by a professional, and perhaps this would resolve the issue.

I had a body man look at the car. He told me the paint was defective in a number of places; that the dealer attempted to buff out some of the damage; and that the only way to fix the paint would be to repaint the car. He refused to touch the car.

Now I have contacted Honda directly and I am told that a case manager will be in touch with me within two days. If they don't resolve this properly, I will take further action against the dealer and Honda directly, if necessary. I will also make as many public complaints and statements as possible so that people will know that this dealer is not honorable, and if not resolved, neither is Honda of America.

9/12/07: A case manager from Honda contacted me and recommended I make an appointment with the service department at the dealer, which I did. The service manager looked at the car, and recommended the car be compounded to see if the imperfections in the paint can be buffed out. He said they would also apply touch-up paint to the chipped areas. After that, if I'm still not happy with the paint, he said a representative from Honda would inspect the car and make a further determination. At least they are taking some action. I'll keep everyone posted.

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