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Spontaneously Exploded Sunroof on 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- It seems so eerily similar the details of exploding sunroofs with Honda vehicles. My unfortunate ordeal began 5 days ago when my wife calls me at 7am on a Monday morning to tell me that the sunroof on our 2010 Honda Crosstour has just exploded. My reaction? Did I just hear you correctly? The sunroof exploded? She described it as two *creaks* like stepping on thin ice and then *BOOM*, the sunroof explodes.

So I go to swap cars with her and take a B-Line to Goodson Honda. I called Goodson on my way to tell them I was coming and the reaction in the voice of the representative had as much dismay as I had. Once I get to Goodson, the service manager takes a 10 second look and tell me that it was due to impact and proceeds to instruct the representative to quote the repair to me and he disappears.

At that point, I was plenty ticked, late for work and since Goodson is such a small, pathetic dealership, I thought I'd take my battle to a larger Honda dealership with more resources and history, Gillman Honda.

I take my care there the next morning and the service manager there inspects the car, agrees with me that the sunroof has exploded outwards and now has a very unnatural concave flex in the glass. He explains to me that they will contact Honda's district representative and reply to me shortly.

Later that day, I receive a phone call and an email from the service director of Gillman telling me that the my request for warranty repair has been denied due to her assessment that in her experience, any type of shattering glass is caused by "impact of some sort". I proceed to ask her for any observations that lead to this assessment and none can be given, only referring back to her experience. She added that the decision really is in Honda's hands and that I should call the warranty hotline, and so I do. The response by the hotline was initially positive. They gave me a case number and told me that they will contact Gillman and the district manager to schedule a follow-up inspection and get back with me to let me know when that would happen.

A couple days later, I offered the service director some research which I had come up with which counters her and Honda's argument that shattered glass MUST be the result of impact.

1. There is a current recall from Webasto, a manufacturer of sunroofs which states that a defect may cause a seal failure in the sunroof causing the glass to separate from the sunroof and cause "damage to trailing vehicles". This recall in fact involves other year and models of Honda vehicles. Although this does not directly relate to the Crosstour, it's evidence that there are other possibilities than impact that can case a sunroof to break or shatter.

2. Honda's warranty itself states that broken, chipped or scratched glass is not covered under the warranty UNLESS it results from workmanship or material defect. That means Honda itself acknowledges that it is at least plausible to have means other than impact for shattered glass.

3. Lastly, I've emailed her posts by other unfortunate drivers of Honda's or Crosstours who have had exploded sunroofs and had the dealership made the warranty repair in certain circumstances. I also offered her the name of the service director at the dealership which I had knowledge of making the warranty repair. The director distinctly recalls the situation and I hoped that Gillman's service director could draw upon the experience from another case. That also sets precedence for Honda of at least acknowledging the possibility of defect in its sunroof. Put it more directly, those repairs were made with the assessment that the exploded sunroofs were due to manufacturer's defect, otherwise it would not have been covered

To my surprise, the immediate reply that I received was an email from the service director explaining that the district manager has visited the dealership and supposedly inspected my car. His assessment? "He has concluded that this is not a factory defect, but some type of impact damage". I reply requesting an explanation for what he found, what observations were made, that led to this assessment, because I know there is none. This is when the correspondence becomes testy and I am simply asked to pick up my car.

Finally, I make several attempts to call the case manager at Honda to find out why she didn't notify me of the District Rep's visit as originally planned. I also make a plea for some sort of written documentation explaining what observations were found that led to the assessment, nothing. My case manager said that the only assessment will come from the dealer and my case is CLOSED, no if's or but's.

So for a week, I was Ping Pong'ed between the dealer and Honda America while both deferred to each other. What good is an written assessment from the dealer if they aren't the decision making authority? I also made repeated pleas to be given the opportunity to contact or be contacted by the district representative but was denied.

It's a shame that in the wake of the Toyota recalls that a car manufacturer would take such safety claims with such disregard and carelessness. I guess nobody bats an eye until someone gets hurt. Is that the way it should be, Honda? Should the consumer be always given the runaround to call the dealer and call the hotline and then call the dealer and then call the hotline? Is that in the company manual to defer responsibility so that the consumer becomes too confused at who is the authority and finally throw their hands in the air in defeat?

One last bit of background. I'm one of the original Crosstour owners, purchasing the car in Dec. of '09. I've followed the car's release ever since its days of a possible diesel engine and I made my release within weeks of its initial release. My other car is an Acura MDX, manufactured by Honda. I consider myself a loyal Honda owner...that is no longer the case.
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Anonymous on 11/21/2010:
I know it sounds like your very frsutrated as I would be too. I'm not blaming the shattered glass on you, but its really hard to determine HOW glass was shattered once the damage has been done. Its basically your word against theirs. As you said, there is no proof of a defect in your model Honda. was it very hot or very cold in your area the day of the glass explosion? large temperature variations can cause the glass to explode on its own. It sounds to me like it was just a freak thing, and I would just contact your insurance company and get it repaired through them. Honda already seems like they are not going to budge.
lic1 on 08/03/2011:
My 2011 Honda Accord 4dr EX spontaneously Exploded its tint Sunroof too. I have had this new car for only 3 months. We contacted the Nashville Honda Tricket dealer immediately, unfortunately they insist on saying something must hit on it. No more Honda! Actually, I already had a bad experience with Odyssey.
BJB on 03/25/2012:
I just had the same problem on Friday with a Honda CRV 2011. I called two dealerships and they both insisted it was from a rock even though there were no vehicles close enough to throw a rock. The remaining glass is bowed outward. The tow driver said it had to have exploded from the inside - he said he hadn't seen any look like this that had been hit by a rock. I expect I will get the same runaround tomorrow when I take it into town as you did since they were already insisting by phone that it couldn't be a defect. I am coming across others on the Internet who have had the same problem. One was paid for by the dealership using the "Good Samaritan" clause. In other words, they wanted to keep the person's business but were not prepared to accept liability for it. My first Honda, my first sunroof. Depending on the outcome tomorrow, it might be my last Honda, my last sunroof!
VLH on 05/05/2012:
Same thing happened to me April 25th and I have been getting the runaround. All the sudden it exploded, the inside part of the sunroof was open so this glass flew all over me and the inside of my car. Honda said something must have hit it even though there was no one in front of me. I opened a customer service ticket and he said that they have no reports of sunroof explosions in their system and that the dealer said it was from impact so that's how it goes. I brought up all the people in different states that are reporting this on the internet and he said that's just their opinion. So instead of looking into a very dangerous situation they are closing their eyes until someone gets physically hurt. Shame on Honda. I have bought three Hondas and this one will be my last.
PsyGuy on 02/13/2013:
Happened to me this morning on the way to school with the kids in our 2007 - scared the living daylights out of everyone (like others, had my shade closed so kept the pretty sparkles from falling). Like previously posted there was a loud pop and I could hear the glass scattering across the roof as I drove. Chilly morning for SoCal (40*F), but not like folks in the NE haven't taken this model through much colder. We were maybe a half mile from home so the heat wasn't on yet since the engine hadn't warmed up, so internal/external temps should not have been an issue (if the glass can't take the "pressure" of three warm bodies that's a problem). It 100% was NOT any road debris or other - the window definitely busted outward and now has a very unnatural concave flex in the glass for the pieces remaining attached - if it was from a strike the window busts inward.

mollyshusband on 03/10/2013:
Our 2010 crv sunroof exploded while on the freeway yesterday. dealer said it must have been caused by a rock. I don't think so because there was no car even close to us but they refuse to even listen. I can see that we are not the first to experience this. Maybe time to reconsider Honda Products.
KES on 04/15/2013:
Our 2010 crosstour exploded on a city street last Friday. Nothing hit it. Dealer refuses to accept that it's a recurring problem. Going to get rid of this and will never consider another Honda product.
efp on 06/15/2013:
this just happened to our 2010 Accord while driving at 35 miles an hour. The Glass actually showed buckeling to the exterior however by the time we got home to a phone shade. With no garage and impending rain storm I removed the loose glass and had to cover in plastic. Lets see what Honda says tomorrow.
Jeff on 06/15/2013:
My 2012 Civic did this to me yesterday too.
eric on 07/19/2013:
my 2012 pilot just did this after the car wash
eric on 07/19/2013:
2012 pilot did it today
SuperDave on 07/30/2013:
I had a CRV whose back glass exploded while the car was simply parked. It was obvious that it exploded outward, but Honda would not fix it as warranty. The glass company says he gets Hondas in all the time and this problem is pretty common.
DavidH on 08/09/2013:
My 2010 Accord sunroof just exploded yesterday. Driving on a smooth road, no other vehicle around, no hail - just boom. I'm going to IndyHonda this morning to see what, if anything, they'll do.
Trish221 on 08/24/2013:
2012 Crosstour, purchased new in April 2013 exploded while in garage overnight 8/21/13. Local dealership stated "have never heard of anything like that", but replaced glass, assembly, seals, frame, clip and cap cover at no charge and provided rental for two days.
monika kinney on 09/23/2013:
2011 crosstour....... same experience, the glass blew, called the police, they believe defective glass!
Angelica on 11/20/2013:
Here is my Honda Odyssey 2009 exploding on a clear sunny day, just like that. And try to prove to Honda people that you are not a giraff...National Honda representative does not even have a clue about sudden glass explosion. Until someone gets hurt and sues them for big moneythey pretend that all is well...
Csl on 12/31/2013:
Brand new Honda Odyssey! Glass cracked then popped as pulling over to curb! Definitely no road debris. Calling my lawyers!!!!'
Bill on 01/10/2014:
2009 Honda Accord, Sunroof exploded. Pulled into the back of a parking lot, turned off the engine. The temperatures this day (1-9-14) were in the 50's warming up to about 65. Did not have the heater or the A/C on at all during the day. Then all of a sudden, it sounded like someone threw a tennis ball into the air and landed on the roof of my car. I looked around and there was no one around my car, no cars were parked within 10-15 parking spaces. Thought that it might have been a bird pooping on my car or died as it was flying over my car. Got out of the car to look at the roof, nothing on it, but as I scan the top of the roof I notice that the sunroof has exploded and the glass is pushed upward toward the sky. As if to much pressure was put on the glass. The way the glass was flexed upward toward the sky, tells me that this was not breakage due to an object striking the glass. Took it to the nearest Honda dealership (I am 2.5 hours from my house). Dealership says that it was probably from something hitting the sunroof. I know this was not the case, as I am very aware of what happens to my vehicles. I asked the service manager if there are any recalls about defects in the sunroofs. Knowing the answer that I was going to get, asked anyway, and was told that they are not aware of any. Called the insurance company to make a claim, and everyone from my agent to the claims department sounded as if I was a 16 year old driver trying to explain to their parents what happened to the vehicle while they were not at fault. Had to order a new sunroof ($650) for the sunroof. Don't know what the cost of installation will be, but had to pay out of pocket and will be reimbursed from the insurance company, minus my comprehensive deductible. After reading all of the other posts here, I don't feel like the Lone Ranger anymore. Good to hear this, but with all of the postings of the same thing, and knowing others just have not taken the time to do as I have, makes one wonder if Honda knows something and just will not admit to it. They have had issues with quality of vehicles as of late, and this would be another bad mark, especially in the Accord lineup. Just very disappointed with this car and Honda's ability to continue their way of quality.
Kelley McBride on 01/19/2014:
The sunroof on my 2011 accord blew out last night while driving on the freeway.
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Paint Honda Accord
Posted by on
ASHLAND, KENTUCKY -- In February, 2007 we bought a new Honda Accord. In April, 2007 we were hand washing it and we discovered small white chips where the clear coat had peeled. We told the dealership, received no satisfaction and contacted Honda Corp. They blew us off by contacting the dealership. They blamed it on tree sap, but no trees in our yard. Then blamed it on environmental. We live in very rural area.
Finally they said to take to our insurance co. and see if they would paint it. The adjuster opened the hood, took one look and said,"this car has been repainted." We then took it to 3 body repair shops
and they all agreed it had been repainted. We requested to talk to a Honda representative from the company
and were told he would call when he was in the area. You guessed it. No call. Bottom line: We were sold a car with a bad paint job from some dealer before it got to us. Finally the dealer said that they would pay for half the cost of painting, but would not use official Honda paint. not acceptable to us.
We should have been told of the repainting and bought it as new. We were duped and cheated by Honda. Our third Honda and our LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a new dealership owner, and I'm
sure since it is now 5 years, too late for help. But no more Hondas.........for us.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/29/2012:
Wow. That's not cool. Did all this happen back in 2007? What shape is that paint in today?

I don't blame you for being upset. I wonder if the original dealer had it repainted, and sent it to your dealer unawares. It presents a somewhat unique problem which Honda would probably have to intervene in to make things right - and they didn't.

I think I would do the same as you and write Honda off after reminding their CEO the way you were treated.
Venice09 on 01/30/2012:
This is one of many reasons I would never buy a Honda again. The paint began to pit almost immediately and the interior always smelled like mold. I'm convinced it fell in the ocean on its way over here. I've seen other complaints about Honda's paint. It was our first Honda, and our last. Never again.
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Air conditioning system not cooling well
Posted by on
The air conditioning system does not cool as well as it ought to. It seems to take a long time to bring the temperature inside down to a comfortable level. I brought this to the attention of the dealer and I was told that the Accord does not have a great A/C system, and that this is normal for the Accord. I was stunned, I did request that they evacuate the system and recharge it, they complied, but the system still does not get as cool as the system in any other car I have ever owned or been in. The Honda dealership insists this is a common complaint for the 2011 Accord, and there is nothing further they can do. This is quite a surprise to me as I have Never heard of this before. Is there anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions as to what course of action I can pursue to remedy this problem? Or am I Stuck with it? I find it hard to believe that a manufacturer such as Honda motors has a problem like this that they aren't aware of, or haven't fixed. Everything else about the car is exactly as good as I had expected. Please HELP !!!!
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Anonymous on 07/05/2011:
Perhaps you can start the car and turn on the AC a few minutes before you get into the vehicle, giving it time to cool the interior before entering the vehicle.
You can also google the issue to see if anyone has found a satisfactory solution.
trmn8r on 07/05/2011:
I spent 15 minutes looking at this last night. I found spotty reports of "weak" air conditioning in Hondas (1 or 2 in 2011 out of 55 reviews), the usual complaints of rocks/pebbles ruining the condensor, and suggestions of using the recirculate setting.
mkm on 08/11/2011:
I have a 2011 Accord and my wife complained about the same thing. I live in Mojave and it gets hot! I make sure I use Auto/Max AC and that's works fine for me, it gets very cold! Althoug, if I use recirculate, it definitely blows less air, which is the opposite of most other cars.
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Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L
Posted by on
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L with 44,000 miles. Received error code 0780 "Death of transmission". My ABS braking locked up - I would have had a serious accident had I made it 10 more feet onto Route 53. My transmission shows failure - engine produces errors in coding...causing my ABS braking to lock up..there needs to be more complaints on this to Honda and forums...this is a safety issue and possible accidents/fatalities will occur. There should be a recall by Honda Corporation for transmission problems. Honda knows there transmission is defective they need a recall immediately before somebody is killed on the road. The best part is that transmissions do not fail overnight....I only have 44,000 miles on this vehicle. People are continuously replacing their Honda transmissions only for them to fail time and time again. Honda Corporation said they would pay for some of my replacement...but I would have to pay for tow, diagnostic, and at least $3,000 dollars from my pocket. This is NOT fair, just, or right. Consumers are being ripped off. We need a recall!!!! Honda told me my vin wasn't on the recall list of 2004. This is ridiculous. I could have died on Route 53!!!!! Diane
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trmn8r on 05/01/2011:
*Have* accidents and injuries occurred? This is a 7 year old car. If there was a serious safety issue, one would expect there to be a record of tragic incidents by now.
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Honda ignores repeat customer
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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- Perhaps the following representatives don’t share the marketing department’s efforts by ignoring a legitimate claim from a repeat customer who has bought a new EX model vehicle every 3 years during the last decade. Perhaps they don’t share Honda’s advertising department’s efforts to market Hondas as reliable and ecologically sound transportation. The following “penny wise, pound foolish” responses will leave me describing my dissatisfaction to my neighbors rather than sharing my pride in owning Hondas.

The catalytic converter on my 4 cylinder 2003 Honda Accord EXL was replaced under the 8/80 warranty on 7/10/09 at Joyce Honda, Denville, NJ. The car had only 67,187 miles on it.

Now, less than a year latter and after only 18,348 miles on that genuine Honda replacement part, Aron Cooper, the Joyce Honda service manager, says it needs to be replaced. He says that the code P0420 came up after the mechanic diagnosed the reason for the check engine light to come on. That is an extremely short life span for such an environmentally important part. It is also an extremely short life span for an expensive part replaced under warranty.

Mat Hatch, the Honda factory Representative, said that Honda will not stand behind the replacement Catalytic Converter which is a Honda part, installed at a Honda dealership within the 8/80 warranty period. His rationale was that although the car is within the 8 yr. time period, it is 5,535 miles over the 80K mile limit.

Marion from Honda Automobile Customer Service (N012010-08-1301412) says that although the replacement Catalytic Converter is within the 1-year parts warranty period it is slightly over the 12K mileage for the parts warranty.

Thus Honda refuses to acknowledge the unusually short life of the replacement part that was installed under the warranty. As a consumer I am suspicious of a genuine Honda warranty replacement part that lasts for less than a year and only 18,348 miles. As a citizen I am concerned that Honda won’t honor any reasonable longevity for an environmentally sensitive part. As an automobile enthusiast I am amazed that a manufacturer is providing a Catalytic Converter that last less than 18K miles.

I expect Honda to accept responsibility for their warranty parts and installation. Surely Honda will reverse a blatant disregard to honor a request to provide an environmentally important part with a reasonable live span from a repeat customer.
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User Replies:
CaptainSpaulding on 09/05/2010:
You are right, but unfortunately, Honda (like all of the car companies) doesn't seen to give a turd about its customers!
raven2010 on 09/05/2010:
Aren't most car warranties either years OR miles??

My Ford Escape is a 2001, but has less than 35K miles----I have paid for all repairs for quite a few years.
Anonymous on 09/05/2010:
its NEVER about the customers, just the bottom line.
Skye on 09/05/2010:
It's always about the profits.
biomajor on 09/05/2010:
I just read that there are 3 catalytic converters on the 03 Accord. Maybe a different one failed, or maybe they replaced the wrong one the first time.
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2008 Honda Accord Headrests
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Yesterday I bought a new 2008 Honda Accord V6. While test-driving the car, I was impressed with the handling, the power, the "tightness," and bought it the same day I saw it. The car drives like a dream overall, yet the headrests are ridiculous! Both the driver and passenger side headrests bizarrely push your head forward, creating a forced forward head posture. Once off the lot, I tried all day long to adjust my seat in some way to offset the odd, forward pushing headrests, but to no avail! I couldn't get comfortable and, furthermore, the headrests do not swivel. They are permanently stuck as they are, on their slant. You can raise them up or down, or turn them around backwards, but neither option fixes the issue.

In addition, when you turn them around, they slant backwards in such a way that wouldn't prevent severe whiplash if in an auto accident. I'm so very disappointed and would take the car back if I could.

We'll see...I'm going to the dealership today as soon as they open. It makes sense to get a jump on it; I am up 3 hours early this morning with a splitting headache!
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User Replies:
BobJohn on 08/26/2008:
That is a big reason (not the only one) I didn't buy a 2009 Forester, the headrests pushed our heads forward. It amkes you wonder if the engineers who design these things ever ride in them.
Anonymous on 08/26/2008:
Did you sleep in the car?
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Seats and Headrest
Posted by on
PICAYUNE, MISSISSIPPI -- I bought a 2008 Honda Accord LXV6 a week ago and my back is killing me!! The seat is concave, your shoulders are pushed forward, and the lumbar support is a joke. The worst part is that the headrests are built so that they push your head forward. You cannot sit up straight at all. You cannot adjust the headrests, either. They go up or down, but not forward or back, so you have to sit there with your head craned forward. It's extremely uncomfortable and irritating.

I have to use a pillow behind my back to pull me forward so I can hold my head straight up and not hit the headrest. Can you get different headrests at least?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/17/2008:
Didn't you test drive the car before you bought it?
Dr Mechanic on 06/15/2008:
I recommend selling it before it breaks down, then you can buy a car with comfortable seats.
honda regret on 08/18/2009:
I have the same problem. taking a car for a 20 min. test drive does not make you aware of the magnitude of the problem....going on a 3 hour drive certainly does!!! Honda Corp. could give a crap, too, they really don't care. Wish I bought a Toyota........
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Transimission Failure
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a 2002 Honda Passport from Russle Smith Honda in Houston Texas fro the Fleet manager Ian Nylander, the transmission went out after 3 years, so I had the transmission replace at Goodson Honda in Houston, and traded the Passport in for A Honda Accord EX-L. After 9 months , 18,000 miles the transmission has gone out in the new 2005 Honda Accord. I called Customer Relations for Honda and have yet to hear back, called the fleet manager at Russell Smith Honda who sold the two lemons to me . He said that there wasn't anything I could do. Told me to just let them put a new transmission in and ask for a 100,000 mile warranty. Well I purchased a extended 100,000 mile warranty when a purchased the car. I feel as thought I have been taken advantage,feel terrified after the incident of the vehicle stalling intraffic and almost losing my life and,my childs life. I believed in Honda I thought I was a valued customer, This was the 3rd Honda I had purchased from this Corp. My family members own Hondas ,friends, I had referred co workers to Honda to purchase cars. I was told by the fleet manager Honda doesn't buy back vehicles. So he feels I'm stuck. Stuck witha 2005 Honda Accord Lemon.
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socal1 on 08/02/2005:
Let me see if I understand this, you have a 100K mile warranty, and after 18K miles the transmission failed and they are willing to replace the transmission under warranty (so no cost to you). I really don't see what else you expect them to do.

As an aside, I have an Acura TL (made by Honda) and had to replace my transmission after 40K miles. I have heard that there are transmission problems with both makes, so have them inspect it FREQUENTLY during scheduled maintenance and you should be fine.
Anonymous on 08/02/2005:
Wow!!!! Great Post Socall
Mr. Anderson on 06/13/2006:
Go to the BBB online and file a complaint it will get the situation fixed. No owner of a Honda should have to fix a transmission more than once. Yes, there is a problem, see my post. It almost killed my wife. Advice, post your complaint with "The squeeky Wheel" and watch the results:)
Mr. Anderson on 07/07/2006:
Your not alone. I have always thought Honda took care of their customers. It was a nice feeling while it lasted. Backstabers!
zoomzoomzoom on 03/23/2007:
My Acura TL 2000 transmission just died for the 4th time. They extended the warranty to 109,000 miles. I have 107K, os I'll be on my fourth tranny on Acura's dime...
whyme3 on 04/04/2007:
Those of you who think it is fine that the transmissions are going out are either car dealers or have too much money to care. My fully loaded V6 2005 Honda Accord had the transmission go out at 13,000 miles. At 24,000 miles the noise that my transmission made the first time I took it in had returned. Now the dealership is saying that the noise is normal for the transmission even though that's what was wrong with it the last time. Oh by the way - yes it is covered under warranty but when they replaced it they replaced it with a rebuilt transmission not a new one, and my 36,000 mile warranty does not start over for the replaced transmission. This is my third Honda, and my other 2 cars I was happy with, but after the experience I have had with this car and customer service --I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER HONDA AGAIN!-- All I want is a car that runs good and is dependable especially if I'm going to spend that much money for it.
Chuck77 on 08/21/2007:
Sounds like you are taking things out on the Dealer and person you purchased from. Your beef is with the manufacturer not the Dealer. If you're getting a new transmission plus a warranty extension what more do you want? Maybe you should try a different manafacturer - all cars break. I think Honda has one of the lower rate of incidents. With a different approach you might have heard from the manafacturer sooner. Best of luck.
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Thank You So Much
Posted by on
NEWTON CORNER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Joe Chang and David Avery I want to thank you so much for all of your help... Your Professionalism. Always there to work with me and help me in getting the car I wanted.. David and Joe you both made my experience with Honda Village a very pleasant one and I would return back there at any time.. I cannot thank you enough for everything you did. When other Honda dealers wouldn't you pulled through on every effort.. I will return and recommend you to everyone... Thank you bot so much! Happy New Year.
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trmn8r on 12/31/2011:
What specifically did they do that another dealer would not? Massage? Nail treatment? Hot tub on premises? Free snacks in the lounge? Something more tangible?
spiderman2 on 12/31/2011:
I think the other dealer she complained of couldn't get her financed. I would like to know what interest rate this dealer got you financed at, because they may have gotten you into a car, but at what price?
jktshff1 on 12/31/2011:
Still good information to have if you are in that area.
At Your Service on 12/31/2011:
Is there a reason why others' questions in the discussion area are deleted, but questions such as these are okay?

In any case, I'm glad to read the positive review.
terir1043 on 01/01/2012:
I didn't delete any comments so I'm not really sure.. Honda Village is the way to go..If your looking for a car go see David Avery. He promises and delivers...
trmn8r on 01/01/2012:
Your complaint on the other dealer, which I hadn't seen until just now, indicates that your credit is "very bad" and "beyond bad", and that is related to your negative experience with them.

My conclusion would be that if one had bad credit, Honda Village would be a good choice because they work with customers and find a solution for them.

It isn't clear that a customer with good credit would have a different experience at one of these dealers compared with the other.
terir1043 on 01/02/2012:
I agree but the way I was treated as the other dealership was plain wrong.. I have been a Honda customer prior and never was I late on 1 payment.. Honda Village really goes all out for their customers..

Let face it the economy is bad and there are a lot of people in the same boat as I am.. It nice to know that you have a dealership that really cares and will do whatever they can...

Honda Village did that for me.. They were all friendly and I appreciate what they have done and the sale was quick and easy... Also very people friendly and Joe Chang in fiance exceptional..

You usually don't find someone in finance that goes the extra mile at least I've never had that experience even when my credit was good... Also a salesman like Dave Avery that does not feed you a bunch of B.S... I cannot thank them enough they really treated me with respect. That really means a lot.
jktshff1 on 01/02/2012:
terir, stick around, you will fit in well here.
terir1043 on 01/02/2012:
Ty jktshffa. ;0
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Humming/squealing noise when brake is barely applied backing. Won't do it with wheel off.
Posted by on
Bought brand new in 2001. Just started having a humming/squealing in right rear wheel when backing. Only notice when the brake is barely applied. Took wheel off, turned wheel and applied brake and didn't hear any noise. Put wheel back on and problem is steel there. The car is immaculate and only has 60,000 miles. It is my wife's car and she is 66 years old so the car has never been abused.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Richard
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MDSasquatch on 06/10/2011:
If your car has disc brakes all the way around, you might be at the very early stages of needing new brake pads. New pads are manufactured with "squealers" that make a squeaking noise when the brake pads wear down to a level when they need to be replaced. You probably don't notice it when you manually rotate the wheel because you can't really turn it as fast as when the car is under power. Eventually, it will get more noticeable and probably louder if you don't get them replaced. Of course, I am not a mechanic and could be wrong, you should have it looked at; many places inspect brakes for free.
madconsumer on 06/10/2011:
has this been inspected by a mechanic? it could many things. brakes, bearings, or axle.
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