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Unsafe Vehicle & Lack of Customer Support by Honda
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently purchased earlier this Jan/Feb of 2007 a brand-new 2007 Honda CR-V EXL, $28K. I am writing to you regarding a manufacturer's defect by Honda in the manufacture of its new line of Honda CR-Vs. My car presently has 3,158 miles on it. I brought it into San Francisco Honda Monday, 13Aug, due I had noticed some irregularities which I wanted to get checked out. They were as follows:

1) A tapping sound in the back of my car;
2) A wet spot noted on the floor of my garage under the hood area;
3) Intermittent inability to start the car whereby battery light would come on; and
4) Inability to accelerate, but sudden surge thereafter when driving.

Later that day I received a call from SF Honda, the service dealer, to advise that:

1) The tapping sound in the back of my car is due to a welding defect. They have removed all the back panels but not been able to discern the exact location thus giving rise to the concern that there may be more than one area that is experiencing this defect; and...

2) The wet spot noted is actually due to a transmission leak and they will need to replace the entire transmission.

Upon hearing this, I was flabbergasted. Who would have thought that a brand-new car, a Honda which is noted for its reliability, would encounter such problems? And at 3,000 miles? And simultaneously? I was told to contact Honda America, which I did at 1-800-999-1009. A complaint was lodged on 13Aug at 4:40PM and I was promised a call back within 48 hours. I did not hear back from them despite leaving repeated messages. When I finally got through to my case manager, Chris at **, he advised as follows:

AA) The 48 hour time limit starts from when HE receives the complaint, not when its lodged (so the time frames pretty much pointless then);

BB) The case had been closed (without action, remedy or follow-up); and...

CC) He would start, but only after he had had his lunch!

I cannot believe that I, the consumer should have to be going through this! My car is a lemon -- if after but 3,000 miles it already starts to exhibit such problems, who is to say what it will do at 6,000?

Defective Airbags
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On Saturday, August 30, 2003, my boyfriend Tony, 34 years old, and I, 29 years old, were involved in a terrible car wreck that nearly took our lives. I was driving on W.T. Harris Blvd in Charlotte, North Carolina about 6:30 pm when something small like a possum ran into the road. My first instinct was to avoid from hitting it, sadly I ended up running off the road on to the grass median and hitting the ditch. The nose of my car went down into the ditch and caused my car to flip head over tail three times to oncoming traffic on Harris Blvd.

During the last flip, and now on the wrong side of the highway, while still in the air, a man driving a white Lincoln Navigator crashed into both my front and back passenger side doors. The Navigator carried my car a few feet and then when he was finally able to stop my car slid off his hood then spun around a few times and then the car jump the guard rail. If the guard rail had not been there, we would have gone plunging down into the woods.

The front tires were hanging on to the guard rail. I am not sure what happen to the man in the Navigator, but I do know that his SUV was seriously totaled upon our impact and he had to be air lifted to the hospital. Tony and I had to be cut out of the roof of my car and rushed to the Trauma Hospital.

Believe it or not, none of my air bags deployed during this accident, NONE (PRODUCT LIABILITY). I was driving a brand new 2003 Honda Accord EX, only 10 months old, and none of my air bags deployed. Honda is rated as having some of the safest vehicles on the road, but my brand new car flipped over 3 times, was hit by a big Navigator in both my passenger sides doors, in which the impact totaled his SUV, but none of my Honda air bags deployed.

I THOUGHT THEY RAISED THEIR SAFETY STANDARDS FOR THEIR NEWER AUTOMOBILES?? The injuries Tony and I suffered were a direct result of these air bags not deploying. (My doctor is willing to document that). From my body not being stabilized by the front or curtain side air bags my knee hit the dashboard and caused my leg to be pushed back which broke my pelvic bone at my hip. I now have a plate and seven screws in my hip.

I suffer with a significant amount of pain daily that I am trying to learn how to control. My hip will never be or feel the same. Not only have I already started to develop arthritis in my hip but there is also a chance that I may need total hip replacement surgery in the next 8-10 months. Tony is pretty banged up and having many problems with his shoulders, back and neck. His doctor has recommended that he have surgery to repair his shoulder problem and fix his pain problem. This surgery will put him out of work for 3 months.

During my investigation with these airbags, I found in the new Hondas, that if one of these air bags is activated and deploy, they will all deploy. This means that if the Honda flipping over 3 times was not enough to activate these air bags then definitely the Navigator colliding into both of my passenger side doors should have activated all of them.

Basically my previous attorney told me that I had no case because he had spoken with a representative from Honda, who explained to him that if I wanted to file a claim against Honda I would have to go through my insurance company. The crazy thing about that is Honda went and picked up the car from the junk yard before they said this. Honda was being very cooperative with me until they picked up that car. Well unfortunately I am having a huge problem with my insurance company paying for my accident; therefore, that is not an option right now.

I told him that I thought that is why people hire attorneys. He told me that there was nothing more that he could do to help me and Tony. He has since not taken any more of our calls. This seems very weird. After doing some online research, it seems that there are a lot of people that this has happened to. We need to come together and do a class-action lawsuit. I am definitely going to make sure my story is heard.

Honda Paint, Clear Coat Dissolving
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Rating: 1/51

UNITED STATES, FLORIDA -- In 2008 we purchased a brand new Honda Civic from the Proctor Honda dealership in Tallahassee, Florida. 2 and a half years after this the paint on the roof started to look funny. After reviewing others complaints about this we were informed they have a clear coat issue via reading lots of complaints online. When we contacted the dealership they blamed us at first for getting bird droppings on the car that never happened. Then they said to contact Honda of America giving us a 1-800 number to contact them about it. Thus passing us off to someone else.

After spending lots of time talking with Honda of America, they said it was due to us buying a blue car or dark colored car (BS). After talking with them more they "agreed" to pay for half of the repainting of the roof. The real issue is now in 2013 the top of the trunk is looking really bad, the body lines are fading and other spots are appearing.

The little car runs good, has had very little mechanic issues but this kind of neglect to fix its appearance is a waste as they are losing a long time buyer of Honda cars (20 years owning a Honda). Next car we purchase will probably not be a Honda and we tell other people of this issue and not to buy one either. (I see a lot of these same cars driving around with huge clear coat issues plus other models and colors).

Worst Experience With Honda Schaumburg
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Rating: 1/51

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- This is the worst experience I've ever had. I thought of taking the 2012 Honda Odyssey and it seems my credit and debit ratio doesn't gave me 0.9% APR. Then, I dropped off buying it and even informed the sales person not to do any credit checks as I know it would spoil my credit history and they confirmed me that they wouldn't do anything. But after a couple of days I could see 7 credit checks on my history that to 2 itself in simultaneous days of Honda.

When I tried to reach the bank/Credit unions to find who has done the credit check I come to know that it is from Honda. When I tried to contact the sales person he told that he has given my details to Honda and he doesn't know anything and asked me to contact the finance department. When I contacted the finance department they picked up the phone and told me that they would respond back but they didn't and also none of them responded back and even picked up my phone.

Honda Marine 130 HP Outboard Motors
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Bought a Honda 130 HP outboard boat engine 10 years 3 months ago. This engine has 50 hours or less total operating time. Started having problems with the engine this month when I took my boat out of storage to get it ready for vacation. Took it in for service and the tech said there were numerous technical service bulletins on the motor all major problems - cracked blocks being one of them.

Honda to their credit did extend the warranty from 5 to 10 years. However, 3 months out of the warranty period and have to buy a new motor. Guess what, it definitely will not be a Honda. All outboard boat motor purchasers might want to seriously consider this post when considering Honda Outboard motor purchases. ** email address for additional info: **

A/C Problems
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Rating: 1/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- 2008 Honda CR-V blows hot air (90 degrees per dealers statement) from lower vent, while blowing 68 degrees from upper and side vents. Dealer tells me this is normal, but I disagree, since this started happening after 3 and a half years of ownership. It seems to be the same old runaround when their mechanics either don't know how to fix the problem, or too much time would be involved and cut the dealership profits.

They tell me this is normal in all CR-Vs and nobody has ever complained about it before. Unbelievable. It wouldn't matter which state in the summer time, but when the outside temperature is 90+, and the lower vent blows out 90 degrees of hot, and the upper vents blows 68 degrees, how can it cool the car down? It seems the air conditioner is working against itself. The Japanese are very intelligent and honest people, and I don't believe they would let this kind of flaw go on the market.

I think the fault lies with either greed or dishonest dealerships, because an honest dealership would try very hard to find the problem and notify Honda to have this corrected for all Honda CR-Vs. I was directed to another dealership, but they wanted $112.00 up front to look at the car. Doesn't speak too highly of Honda products.

Owner's Manual Not Written for "Do It Yourself" Folks
By -

I am a "DO IT YOURSELF" individual. Your various owner's manuals are written primarily to make more money for Honda and its dealers -- even though that may alienate a vast body of customers who buy their oil and other parts automotive parts stores across the nation and beyond. There was a time when owner's manuals included vital information like the distance in miles between oil changes. Maybe that number is 5000 miles. Instead, Honda tells me when I am at various percentages.

It will be very simple for me to reset the mileage soon so that it registers 100% and I can then figure out what that invisible 100% figure is in miles. When I buy my next car or when I recommend a car -- I will advise folks to avoid Honda simply because all of its manual wording neglects anything that would negatively impact profits. That includes anything that a "DO IT YOURSELF" person like myself. The current worldwide protest movements have a lot of corporate targets. I would nominate Honda to be included among them.

2005 Acura TL Cracked Passenger Side Dash
By -

I love my Acura TL. However, I am highly peeved at Acura. My dashboard cracked right on top of the airbag. Very ugly, embarrassing, and I can't get Acura to help me out. This should had been a recall, especially it being an airbag issue. POOR MATERIALS. They said there is nothing they can do for me. It would cost 1,900 to fix. I have did some research and apparently it is something that is common with the TL... I could see maybe if my car was 20, 30 years old. I take great care of my $40,000 dollar car. I was thinking of a new Acura next year, but now I will be buying a different kind of car. It takes the wind out of my sale. I thought I was getting a really nice dependable car.

What's Up? Not My Windows!
By -

Here we go again, 3 months ago the rear driver side window was down and would not go up. Took it to Honda and had a $300 to pay. Now it's the front driver side window, I don't have another $300. What next, the two windows on the passenger side for another $600? Come on Honda a recall is in order for this cheap part. I have never in all my car ownership years had a window just fall down, yet alone 2 in 3 months. Really makes me fear the future.

I have less than 20,000 miles on my 05 Pilot, and I am the original owner. I don't mess with the windows, they are usually always up! I was told by my service representative that this is a common issue. If that the case why do we have to pay for a poorly designed part? RECALL PLEASE, I can't come up with 1200 extra dollars every 3-5 years.

Angry- AC Compressor Went Out Honda Won't Pay
By -

Last Sunday our a/c quit working in our 2004 Honda cr-v. I finally got it to a shop today only to find that like so many others I have a very expensive repair to try to pay for. I called every customer service number I could find and all I get is transferred to another department and waiting and waiting only to be told there is not a recall. Now according to the body shop I took it to, Honda has rebuilt the compressor but will not agree to recall it so far.

According to research there is a pending class action lawsuit against Honda for 2000-2008 Honda/acura cars for the same problem I am having. I cannot believe that Honda is not accepting fault for this!! Shame on them. I have always loved honda's, but I am angry and broke.

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