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Honda Marine 130 HP Outboard Motors
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
SOUTH CAROLINA -- Bought a Honda 130 HP outboard boat engine 10 years 3 months ago. This engine has 50 hours or less total operating time. Started having problems with the engine this month when I took my boat out of storage to get it ready for vacation. Took it in for service and the tech said there were numerous technical service bulletins on the motor all major problems - cracked blocks being one of them. Honda to their credit did extend the warranty from 5 to 10 years however, 3 months out of the warranty period and have to buy a new motor. Guess what, it definitely will not be a Honda.

All outboard boat motor purchasers might want to seriously consider this post when considering Honda Outboard motor purchases. Julian King email address for additional info: [snip]
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trmn8r on 06/24/2012:
I'm sorry about what happened to you. I can see both sides of this - the motor is over 10 years old, but there was a serious problem with the product identified early on.

We had both Mercury and Johnson motors on our boat. My memory is the Merc was more reliable than the Johnson.
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A/c problems
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- 2008 Honda CR-V blows hot air (90 degrees per dealers statement) from lower vent, while blowing 68 degrees from upper and side vents. Dealer tells me this is normal, but I disagree, since this started happening after 3 and a half years of ownership. It seems to be the same old runaround when their mechanics either don't know how to fix the problem, or too much time would be involved and cut the dealership profits. They tell me this is normal in all cr-v's and nobody has ever complained about it before. Unbelievable. It wouldn't matter which state in the summer time, but when the outside temperature is 90+, and the lower vent blows out 90 degrees of hot, and the upper vents blows 68 degrees, how can it cool the car down? It seems the air conditioner is working against itself. The Japanese are very intelligent and honest people, and I don't believe they would let this kind of flaw go on the market. I think the fault lies with either greed or dishonest dealerships, because an honest dealership would try very hard to find the problem and notify Honda to have this corrected for all Honda CR-V's. I was directed to another dealership, but they wanted $112.00 up front to look at the car. Doesn't speak too highly of Honda products.
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Owner's Manual not written for "DO IT YOURSELF" folks
Posted by on
I am a "DO IT YOURSELF" individual. Your various owner's manuals are written primarily to make more money for Honda and its dealers -- even though that may alienate a vast body of customers who buy their oil and other parts automotive parts stores across the nation and beyond. There was a time when owner's manuals included vital information like the distance in miles between oil changes. Maybe that number is 5000 miles. Instead, Honda tells me when I am at various percentages. It will be very simple for me to reset the mileage soon so that it registers 100% and I can then figure out what that invisible 100% figure is in miles. When I buy my next car or when I recommend a car -- I will advise folks to avoid Honda simply because all of its manual wording neglects anything that would negatively impact profits. That includes anything that a "DO IT YOURSELF" person like myself. The current worldwide protest movements have a lot of corporate targets. I would nominate Honda to be included among them.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/19/2011:
I understand the spirit of your complaint, but I would argue that this same complaint could be applied to many manufacturers.

I have owned 3, and currently 2 Volvos. Every one of them has a "Service Reminder" light that comes on, and there are no instructions from the manufacturer of how to reset that light. Fortunately, this information leaks out on the web.

My BMW motorcycle manual omits a lot of "DoItYourself" instructions. I bought a pirated CD for $8 online that gives me the entire Service Manual, which BMW charges $100 for.

I'd be a bit annoyed if my car told me I had 24% of my oil service life left, but OTOH, that does convey important information in a different format.
spiderman2 on 12/19/2011:
I could always figure out how to turn off the maintenance light in my Honda. I don't think many cars are built for do-it-yourself people any more. There are so many computer components to them.
momsey on 12/19/2011:
I understand your complaint, but as trmn8r said, all manufacturers do the same. I remember a few years ago I wanted to change the taillight on my Jetta. The manual told me to take it to my dealer!
GenuineNerd on 12/19/2011:
My car has an "oil life indicator" setting on the dash as well, but I still have it changed every 5000 miles, or with about 40% oil life left. Resetting it back to 100% is easy once the oil is changed.
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Safety Hazards
Posted by on
Purchased a new Honda Fit, after having a wonderful Honda Civic VX for many years. FIT is great, except for a couple of things, and my inquiries about how to get them fixed are ignored. Two major problems:

1. There is no "horn ring" or alternative within reach from the rim of the steering wheel. Even at 6'2", my hands can't reach it. In an emergency as well as normal life this is a real hazard.

2. The front seat headrests are anatomically misformed. For my wife, they push her head forward and cause neck pain. Honda's answer? Remove it.

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trmn8r on 09/27/2011:
The two items that you mentioned can't be fixed, at least not by the manufacturer. The steering wheel design is what it is. I infer from your complaint that you wanted to be able to hit the horn without removing your hand from the rim of the wheel. I am unaware of any requirement for that, and in my vehicles you have to take one hand off the wheel. I think the original VW bug had one of those rings.

The headrest will fit different people differently. They aren't going to be able to supply another headrest, which is probably why they suggested removing it.

It is unfortunate that you didn't discover these items during your test drive. My belief is that you will have to live with them now.
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2005 Acura TL Cracked passenger side dash
Posted by on
I love my Acura TL. However, I am highy peeved at Acura. My dashboard cracked right on top of the airbag. Very ugly, embarrassing, and I can't get Acura to help me out. This should had been a recall, especially it being an airbag issue. POOR MATERIALS. They said there is nothing they can do for me. It would cost 1,900 to fix. I have did some researdh and apparently it is something that is common with the TL.. I could see MAYBE if my car was 20 30 years old. I take great care of my $40,000 dollar car.

I was thinking of a new Acura next year, but now I will be buying a different kind of car. It takes the wind out of my sale. I thought I waas getting a really nice dependable car.
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User Replies:
JMT on 05/28/2011:
The car is six years old. Unless it is still under warranty what do you expect them to do and why is Honda responsible??

I don't know if you have gotten to 100,000 miles yet but in my experience 100,000 - 130,000miles is the limit for most cars. I have owned Hondas
trmn8r on 05/28/2011:
Car manufacturers don't normally warranty things like interior trim well at all.

I don't believe a crack in the surface of the dash would have any effect on the operation of the airbag. If there is any structural requirement for the cover, it would be provided by the substrate under the surface material.
saj80 on 05/29/2011:
Buy a custom fit dash mat; not the prettiest solution, but it will hide the crack.
MJC on 02/25/2012:
In response to JMT, a six year old car should not develop a crack in the dash, let alone in the sheer number of vehicles it's occurring. it's a manufacturing defect dope, so it should be fixed by the manufacturer since they made it. That's why Honda should be responsible. If a dash mat is the only option, then at least Honda should pay for it.
TEG on 07/30/2013:
I have the same issue with my '05 TL. There are hundreds of the same complaint out there. My car is well maintained and clean. I didn't anticipate such a problem with a "luxury" car.
KMG on 08/14/2013:
My dash had the same issue. It developed these two long cracks in just two days, broke my heart. Still waiting to see what Honda will do about it.
Stu Chwastyk on 02/19/2014:
I have a 2005 Acura TL and my dash has horrible cracks in it. Hell yeah Honda/Acura should be responsible. These cars ain't cheap and should be better quality then that.
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No Southern Hospitality Or Knowledge
Posted by on
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Honda products may perform well but their workers in customer service and collections do not have a clue. If you call, plan to spend an hour or more waiting for a representative to provide an answer on their terms and policies. The company also does not have anything in place to assist with the current economic status. They have a policy where a payment or 2 (2 is the max) can be pushed to the end of the contract but all late and additional fees must be paid in full. Also, it requires manager approval so no one has any authority to make a clear decision and you wait while your account stays delinquent. I later found out whatever the reps type or enter into the system is valid or "the gospel" so to speak. Lastly, you can never find the same representative which means they have a high turn over rate of employees (or so a representative told me). There is no communication between the dealership and customer service/collections.

Documentation for my brand new car had never been entered into the system, but it was my fault, I was a first payment default-WTF????? Only 1 representative had the guts to tell me there was a new phone system and why I received 5-7 calls per day. The other representatives were lying as to why I received several calls after I had already spoke w/someone or they would hang up on me.

Honda may have cars that work well but the business side has unprofessional and rude representatives. The company should heavily reconsider contracting a reputable company to handle customer service/collections and all areas of business. Honda never, ever has to worry or pursue me to purchase another vehicle, because I would not. Even if they paid me, I will never purchase a Honda again.
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User Replies:
pissed01 on 10/24/2009:

I'll post in the discussion area for all to read unlike you, who posted in my inbox to hide, but you're blocked and will continue to be blocked. Be a real man/woman and post on the discussion area for all to see (read/comment). I'll begin by saying (writing) it was difficult to understand what you were attempting to say, due to your poor grammar; see below. Second, it's great that you love your job but you're not making 100k+ to be so loyal to Honda finance to post a comment in my inbox, on a platform created for consumers to express their experiences by various companies......espicially 5 months later. You may be in a "lead" (gopher) position but you're not making ANY corporate decisions that someone with a professional degree, years of experience or title would make (MBA, JD, CFO, CEO, COO, VP, Director, etc). Heck, you may have even been chosen to attend a training session at another site, promoted within, train other employess; but missy/buddy you're not Mr. Ito, OK. That southeast office is the WORST and that is my opinion along with many others. It was widely known the phone systems were messed up calling customers 5-7+ times a day. It was also widely known there was a miscommunication between several dealerships and Honda finance regarding the paperwork, offer incentives, and the customers down payment/how it was applied. Since this happened, some customers were stuck with their first payment in default, collections calls and possibly jeopardizing their credit. Third, your comment is not worth wasting anymore of my time to address. Have a great day and job...oops career (haha) at Honda finance:)

From 4HONDA on 10/21/2009 - Reply
None of this would have happen if you made your payment on time, and because you cannot you blame Honda finance. And then you expect them to be understanding to all 14 billion people that have to make payments. give me a break. - - -
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Unbelievable Service Department
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- This is a letter that I am sending to Honda in order to bring to their attention what is occurring in their Service Department.

To Whom It May Concern:

As of this point names are irrelevant. During this past week, I recently experienced difficulty with your Service Department. I received a friendly letter to remind me that my car was overdue for its recommended maintenance, which by the way is a great idea. So a couple of days later, I phoned Dublin Honda to schedule an appointment to get my car serviced. I called the number that was stated on the reminder letter, and had no trouble with the person on the phone. They were very polite, and transferred my call to the correct department. However, to my surprise, the person whom I was transferred to was currently away from their desk. The call went to voicemail, and I left a message that I needed to schedule an appointment for my car to be serviced. Now being a consumer who enjoys the product that they own, was shocked that someone who needs to schedule an appointment would be transferred to a voicemail, and have to wait for a returned phone call in order to schedule an appointment. It seems with common knowledge that a place of business would have at least another person to answer the phone to help schedule an appointment. Somewhere between three hours later my call was finally returned.

While making my appointment I was informed that there was an opening later in the week, or there were openings in the following week. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible because of the holiday season, so I asked what times were available the same week. There were times in the morning, 8:15, 8:45, and so on until 10:00 that were available. I took the earliest time figuring that my car would be done in the afternoon. I dropped my car off the night before and wrote the time of my appointment on the envelope. I knew that in order for work to begin on any car, the owner had to be called to approve work to be started. I put that I could be call as early as 8:00 in the morning, yet it was not until 10:00 that I was called.

It was then brought to my attention that the Service Department was unaware of what needed to be done to my car, even though Dublin Honda was the one who sent the reminder in the first place. Being that Dublin Honda failed to communicate with their customers that there are three different levels of minor service available, is the first error in your system. How is the customer really supposed to know without someone telling them in the first place? After letting them know that the basic minor service was fine, I was then informed that my car would not be ready for pickup until 4:00 PM. Now how is it possible for an 8:15 AM appointment to take until 4:00 PM to finish a basic minor service?

Being that 4:00 was an unacceptable time, I wanted the car done by 2:00 PM. The person on the phone was unable to guarantee that time, and then asked the question of when I really need the car done. Now if I said I wanted it done by 2:00, wouldn’t that inform them that 2:00 was when I needed the car by? Then the person on the phone wanted me to call Honda when I was on my way at 2:00 to see if my car was ready. I never imagined that the customer would have to call and micro-manage to make sure the car was on time. There was no way I was going to call; it is the job of the Service Department to let the customer know their car is finished, but if the customer will be paid your base labor fee to call, anyone would be willing to do that.

This problem is not that of any individual him or herself, yet the problem lies within the policies and procedures of Dublin Honda itself. Being that Honda puts out great products, it is ashamed that the service is not as powerful as its product. I have been to Dublin Honda before, and this is the first time experiencing this issue. The reason for this letter is to bring to your attention of what is starting to occur in your Service Department. Hopefully, changes can be made, and better communication can occur between the customer and the employee. As stated above, names as of this point are irrelevant.

A concerned Honda customer
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/27/2004:
We should get some cheese with this whine. Unbelievable, you actually left a message and they callled you back a WHOLE 3 hours later!! Maybe next time they should put you on eternal hold.
ganext on 06/16/2005:
Quit crying, people like you are always hated by ALL service departments... you people that think we OWE you something!!!
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Bad Advertisement
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
What is so funny about making fun of someone like in the Honda commercials? It is all bad, not funny
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What's Up? Not my windows!
Posted by on
Here we go again, 3 months ago the rear driver side window was down and would not go up. Took it to Honda and had a $300 to pay. Now it's the front driver side window, I don't have another $300. What next, the two windows on the passenger side for another $600. Come on Honda a recall is in order for this cheap part. I have never in all my car ownership years had a window just fall down, yet alone 2 in 3 months. Really makes me fear the future. I have less than 20,000 miles on my 05 Pilot, and I am the original owner. I don't mess with the windows, they are usually always up! I was told by my service representative that this is a common issue, if that the case why do we have to pay for a poorly designed part? RECALL PLEASE, I can't come up with 1200 extra dollars every 3-5 years.
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User Replies:
Skye on 08/08/2010:
Did they say what is causing the problem? Is it the switch? I'm asking because on a Mazda I once owned, the drivers side window stopped going up. It turned out to be the electrical switch, and that was all that was needed to be replaced. My sister, who loves as a hobby to work on cars, did it for me. I believe the switch cost $25.00. Might be worth looking into.
dan gordon on 08/08/2010:
this was a publicized issue with Hondas. You may wish to check with a car stereo shop and compare prices as they can put in a power window switch cheaper than the dealer.
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Posted by on
Last Sunday our a/c quit working in our 2004 Honda CR-V. I finally got it to a shop today only to find that like so many others I have a very expensive repair to try to pay for. I called every Customer Service number I could find and all I get is transferred to another department and waiting and waiting only to be told there is not a recall. Now according to the body shop I took it to Honda has rebuilt the compressor, but will not agree to recall it so far. According to research there is a pending class action lawsuit against Honda for 2000-2008 Honda/Acura cars for the same problem I am having. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HONDA IS NOT ACCEPTING FAULT FOR THIS!!!! Shame on them. I have always loved Honda's, but I am angry and broke.
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User Replies:
rockfishing on 08/06/2010:
Your 6 year old car a/c broke, these things happen. It is beyond the warranty period so you have to pay to fix it. No car company backs their brand forever. That's life.
FlShopper on 08/06/2010:
Join the class action lawsuit.
localgod on 08/07/2010:
Hello, I did some checking and the class action lawsuit against Honda regarding their A/C compressors is without merit and due to your automobile being outside it's warranty period will never be repaired without charge by Honda. Automobile air conditioners need to be recharged every 3 to 5 years (depending on location and use)and occasionally other charges arise to ensure the A/C continues to function properly. This is a normal occurrence in a 6 to 7 year old vehicle.
angryowner on 07/25/2013:
Is it normal to have to replace the compressor TWICE in 3 years. This is a five year old car that will be on it's third compressor now. I've owned two other Hondas. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.
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