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Horrible Customer Service
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I called Honda today to make a payment by phone and inquired about having two fees waived on my account. I had spoken with a different representative about a week earlier who very kindly implied this wouldn't be a problem. I politely inquired again today with another representative who was nothing but rude, obnoxious, and condescending. When I asked to speak with someone else, instead of being helpful, which is his job, he just proceeded to be even more rude.

I have been a Honda customer since 2005 and considered renewing my lease or financing a new one as my lease matures in a few months. I can't imagine having to put up with this kind of service for even one more month. It is amazing how it only takes one person to change one's mind. In this economy where so many people are struggling, myself included, companies should be struggling to work hard to simply keep their customers, let alone keep them happy. I will start looking into Toyota now, I can't imagine their service could be any worse.

Very Disappointing
By -

I have a 2008 Honda Fit. When I purchased the car, one of the selling points was that for the duration of the warranty, I would be afforded Roadside Assistance in the form of HondaCare. It was heralded as a significant savings in any roadside assistance that I previously had. I live in Central New York and am recovering from hip surgery.

On January 5, my second day driving since the surgery, I found myself stuck off the road due to a snowstorm. When I called HondaCare, I found only recorded messages to the effect that due to severe weather in my area, there was an 8 hour delay and to call back later. I had no information concerning other towing services in my car with me, never dreaming that I couldn't rely on the roadside assistance. My husband came to tow me out of the snow (at the crest of a hill with little visibility).

Since I had not been able to reach an individual at HondaCare, I called the dealer the next day to log my distress. The response was that that was unacceptable and would be reported. I find the response unacceptable as well. If this company is providing roadside assistance in Central New York, it needs to contract with a reliable service that is able to address severe weather or at least provide options as to other alternatives in their message.

Torque Converter
By -

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- Went for an oil change and told needed a software update, thought nothing of it. But soon after, my problems started. The car would shudder at 40 - 45 mph and the rpm would drop to 1300. Took it in and they saw that I had the software update and they replaced the torque converter. But that didn't solve the problem. The car doesn't shudder at 40 - 45 but the rpm do drop which I was told was normal. Ya right. But when the car is decelerating from 60 to 0 the car shakes because the down shifting is banging. Have to take it again but the dealer even said that there is no fix yet and waiting for Honda to make a move. In the meantime I will be in a loaner and their expense.

Don't Leave Dealership Until You Absolutely Are Approved For Credit!!!
By -

WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA -- Incident - I called the dealership and talked to a salesman Ken ** who told me they would give me the best deal and also had a first time buyer program so I would be approved to get a new Honda Civic 2010. After going in we looked at a few models while they processed my credit application I waited and waited and waited. After 5 hours they finally came back and said I was approved. Ken **, Mike the manager and John the finance guy all told me congratulations I am the proud new owner of the Honda Civic. I called Geico and got my insurance policy faxed over, signed the purchase agreement and away I went so happy!!!

30 days later I received a phone call saying that I was not approved and I would need to pay $2500.00 down with the interest rate also going up and needed a co-signer. I looked online to see what they were talking about and found out that this is a SCAM SALES POLICY that Wesley Chapel Honda practices all the time called YOYO financing or SPOT Delivery. I cannot believe that this is a practice which is OK in State of Florida.

They let you drive away thinking you just purchased a new and negotiated a decent deal to find out you are just being set up to be charged a higher price later after you have fallen in love with your new car. What a first time buying experience. This has to be wrong!!

Most horrible and rude customer service anywhere
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I recently bought this 2009 Honda Civic Si from Rusty Wallis Honda and from day one, I've had plenty of problems. The car makes this popping noise when in reverse and 1st gear when trying to turn the wheel. And from the inside I noticed in the morning that there is a plastic panel on the passenger side that is loose and warped and will not got back into place. Also it, the side airbag covers, both of them are a little off like they were glued with with Elmer's glue of something. And to top it all off, I was going to work one rainy day and I turn on my windshield wipers and they make the glass fuzzy and you can't see anything.

So I try to go to the dealership and they tell me that I have to leave the car a couple of day with them and I have to rent a car... and I told them that there was a service bulletin out for my VIN range specifically about the noise the car is making which came out in July and I bought the car in November so they had plenty of time to fix it. THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER! And now I have to rent a car? After I only hand the car for a week?

So I call customer service and the lady I talked to was very rude and inconsiderate and her answers didn't make any sense. I don't know why? Does Honda want to lose their customers? This has been my second Honda to own but after my recent experience, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HONDA AGAIN! And I will make sure that I tell as many people as I can about my experience and unfair treatment!

Honda on Grand, IL Elmhurst
By -

Terrible experience with their service center. Please take your car elsewhere for your service. Went for my 30,000 miles service on my Honda Accord, and had a coupon that if you pay over $500 it saves you $50. Not to mention how many phone calls I got during the service that they needed to add so and so for a rise in the initial quote from $355 to $645. So I thought I will just use my savings coupon to save at least the $50 they promised if you pay anywhere over $500.

When I showed up later to pick the car up and pay, they were surprised that I had such a coupon. And kept on trying to convince me that they cannot accept the coupon because they already used another savings coupon towards my invoice and they cannot combine coupons. When I asked the service guy (**) to show me in the bill where exactly did they use any savings coupon on my bill he kept on saying it won't show but they are sure they saved me a lot.

This was completely bogus, they just didn't want me to get the $50 discount. I told them the coupon is even advertised on their website and how come they don't abide by their promises to customers, and if they advertise then they have to keep their promise. Long story short, they didn't accept THEIR OWN coupon and I paid the total and was completely stunned by how dishonest this dealership is. Please take your money elsewhere and search for another trustworthy place to service your car.

Faulty Point Inspection, Missed Front Tire Plug
By -

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS -- I purchased my Honda Accord 2004 from a dealership in Texas. I normally don't buy used cars because you never know what you are going to get and what types of problems they may bring. But beside my better judgment the Honda dealer salesperson informed me that they do a multi-point inspection and that the car is safe and it was just like purchasing a new car.

Well I don't think if I would have purchased a new car I would have had a plug in my tire. Because of job relocations I have drove my car all over the US and I have been happy with everything, except when I come out from work late one night and realize that my front driver side tire was going flat. As a single woman I don't find that cool because I bought the car for reliability.

Well to make a long story short, I thought that maybe I ran over a nail and it was causing a slow leak. When I took it to a tire story and they looked at it they informed me the plug that was placed in the tire had come out which was causing the slow leak. So much for a reliable inspection.

I called the Honda corporate office and was informed that the dealership was within their multi-point inspection rules and all they were required to do was to check the tread of the tire, make sure the wear was even on all tires and the air pressure was at the correct rate. My response to that is then what am I paying you for if I'm getting the same problems and responses as if I purchased the car from an individual off the street?

Unbelievable Service Department
By -

CALIFORNIA -- This is a letter that I am sending to Honda in order to bring to their attention what is occurring in their Service Department. As of this point names are irrelevant. During this past week, I recently experienced difficulty with your Service Department. I received a friendly letter to remind me that my car was overdue for its recommended maintenance, which by the way is a great idea. So a couple of days later, I phoned Dublin Honda to schedule an appointment to get my car serviced.

I called the number that was stated on the reminder letter, and had no trouble with the person on the phone. They were very polite, and transferred my call to the correct department. However, to my surprise, the person whom I was transferred to was currently away from their desk. The call went to voicemail, and I left a message that I needed to schedule an appointment for my car to be serviced.

Now being a consumer who enjoys the product that they own, was shocked that someone who needs to schedule an appointment would be transferred to a voicemail, and have to wait for a returned phone call in order to schedule an appointment. It seems with common knowledge that a place of business would have at least another person to answer the phone to help schedule an appointment. Somewhere between three hours later my call was finally returned.

While making my appointment I was informed that there was an opening later in the week, or there were openings in the following week. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible because of the holiday season, so I asked what times were available the same week. There were times in the morning, 8:15, 8:45, and so on until 10:00 that were available. I took the earliest time figuring that my car would be done in the afternoon.

I dropped my car off the night before and wrote the time of my appointment on the envelope. I knew that in order for work to begin on any car, the owner had to be called to approve work to be started. I put that I could be call as early as 8:00 in the morning, yet it was not until 10:00 that I was called. It was then brought to my attention that the Service Department was unaware of what needed to be done to my car, even though Dublin Honda was the one who sent the reminder in the first place.

Being that Dublin Honda failed to communicate with their customers that there are three different levels of minor service available, is the first error in your system. How is the customer really supposed to know without someone telling them in the first place? After letting them know that the basic minor service was fine, I was then informed that my car would not be ready for pickup until 4:00 PM. Now how is it possible for an 8:15 AM appointment to take until 4:00 PM to finish a basic minor service?

Being that 4:00 was an unacceptable time, I wanted the car done by 2:00 PM. The person on the phone was unable to guarantee that time, and then asked the question of when I really need the car done. Now if I said I wanted it done by 2:00, wouldn't that inform them that 2:00 was when I needed the car by? Then the person on the phone wanted me to call Honda when I was on my way at 2:00 to see if my car was ready. I never imagined that the customer would have to call and micro-manage to make sure the car was on time.

There was no way I was going to call; it is the job of the Service Department to let the customer know their car is finished, but if the customer will be paid your base labor fee to call, anyone would be willing to do that. This problem is not that of any individual him or herself, yet the problem lies within the policies and procedures of Dublin Honda itself. Being that Honda puts out great products, it is ashamed that the service is not as powerful as its product.

I have been to Dublin Honda before, and this is the first time experiencing this issue. The reason for this letter is to bring to your attention of what is starting to occur in your Service Department. Hopefully, changes can be made, and better communication can occur between the customer and the employee. As stated above, names as of this point are irrelevant. A concerned Honda customer.

Safety Hazards
By -

Purchased a new Honda Fit, after having a wonderful Honda Civic VX for many years. FIT is great, except for a couple of things, and my inquiries about how to get them fixed are ignored. Two major problems: There is no "horn ring" or alternative within reach from the rim of the steering wheel. Even at 6'2", my hands can't reach it. In an emergency as well as normal life this is a real hazard. The front seat headrests are anatomically misformed. For my wife, they push her head forward and cause neck pain. Honda's answer? Remove it.

Honda Customer Service Sucks
By -

The customer service reps for Honda are awful. They are all rude and don't know anything about their jobs. They act like they are a crappy car finance company that can't make money. I'll tell you what if they keep treating people like they do they won't have anymore customers. I love my car but I will never, ever buy another Honda in my life just so I don't have to deal with these people. They do not know how to talk to people with any couth or class. They say and threaten the most ridiculous and rude things.

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