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I felt like I was on a really bad reality show.
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The post-traumatic stress was not worth the low prices.
Recently moving to Manhattan from the West Coast, I needed to furnish my apartment, and was thrilled to learn about the free water taxi on the weekend to Ikea Brooklyn. Not having been to Ikea in years, I didn't realize my joy would stop there.

I roamed through the store writing down the silly Swedish furniture I wanted to purchase. When I asked a sales associate how I get the big ticket items, he told me that they would print me out a paper and I was to give that to the cashier. With this information, I filled up a cart with smaller items, breezed through the Self-Service section thinking that was for people who wanted their furniture today, and cruised to the checkout line. When I gave the women my print-outs from the sofa and bedding section, she looked at me like I was crazy. She told me I needed to load these items onto a cart and physically push them through the checkout line, and then proceed to Home Delivery. That is when I looked at her like she was crazy. This woman expected me, a small 22 year, plus one female friend to lift a queen mattress, a queen MDF bed platform AND a sofa? Yup, as confirmed by another employee, she did.

SO, I pay for my items in the cart, leave them stranded with my friend, and go back to the Self Service section, and TRIED to recruit an Ikea team member to help me. I found one, and they radioed on what obviously must have been a toy radio because it did not work to another employee to help me. I was instructed to wait in the aisle, and they would come immediately come to assist me pull the huge furniture on to the small cart. Well, Ikea's socialist politics must obviously transcend boundaries because at Ikea we are all equal. Nobody came to help me. Nobody. I was so pathetic trying to pull the mattress that New Yorkers took pity on me. After having help getting the mattress and bed platform on the cart, I pushed the cart (I must have run over a couple of children in the process because the lack of visibility pushing this thing was absurd) to the checkout line, and left it with my friend to push through the line as I got the sofa on a second cart.

I tried the "customer service" method again, which did not work, again, to get the sofa. I waited for more kind hearted civilians to help me, but this time I was out of luck. Then, magically, MAGICALLY, I just happened to see the exact sofa I wanted on a cart and completely abandoned in an aisle. Out of desperation I took the cart. I apologize to whomever's cart/sofa I stole. It was wrong. I'm sure the sofa will be a giant form of bad karma sitting in my living room. At this point, I thought my luck was going to change. No.

I return to my friend in line with my bed and the cart is broken stuck in the middle of the checkout line. Nobody is helping. People are obviously annoyed that this is blocking two checkout lines. The woman at the register is telling my friend that she needs to get the bed off the cart and get another cart, and THEN push it through the line. Seriously. This is when I threw a fit. After a number of f-bombs and other words I shouldn't have said in front of small children, one female employee came to help us push the bed. (Thank you whoever you are.)

Eventually, we made it through the checkout line and to the Home Delivery department, where we were promised I could ship everything (including the small items I bought the first time through the line) for the 99 dollars. When I asked the man here to ship my dishes, glasses and coffee press, he came back with a box and said, "Here." Bubble wrap? Nope. Packing peanuts? Nope. Just put it in the box and cross your fingers that it makes it home in one piece. Needless to say, I ended up lugging my 20 dollar dishes and cheap glasses on the water taxi. After all the sweat equity I put into that, they are now my fine China and crystal stemware.

Fast forward a week later: The eve of my delivery. I was supposed to receive an phone call the day before to confirm a delivery time, which I did not. I call Ikea's contracted shippers, and they don't have my record in the computer. They transfer me to their warehouse. Nothing. They transfer me back to the movers. Nothing. They'll call me later. They do, and the woman prefaces the conversation with, "Well, there are two problems." Problem 1: The weather. It is supposed to snow the next day around 2:00 (true), and this is problematic for delivery. I can see that. Problem 2: We can't find your order in the warehouse (AKA the real problem). She further says even if they do find the order tonight there is no way in hell they could get it on a truck tonight. She assures me that they could definitely get me the order the day after POST the six inches of snow that is supposed to fall. Yeah right. I freak out...badly. Throughout the majority of my freak-out the woman is adamant that there is no way I will get my order. After complaining, and complaining, and complaining, the lady finally says she'll see what she can do. She calls me 15 minutes later, and MAGIC, she found the order and it's on a truck and it'll be there in the morning.

Moral of the story (if anyone is still reading this rant), no Ikea. No Saab. No H&M. No Swedish meatballs. Nothing. Just don't do it. It's not worth the pain and suffering no matter how low the prices are or how clever the storage solutions are.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/19/2009:
That is what Ikea and the whole Ikea experience is about. If you need that much assistance I am certain there are plenty of full-service home furnishing stores in the NYC metro area.
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
lol wow.....That was quite an ordeal.....I would have been pretty frustrated myself. I've been to NYC. You acutally had New Yorkers help you? I would have considered yourself lucky for that....lol
Skye on 12/19/2009:
Hey Tennboy, New Yorkers are very helpful and do go out of there way to help others. Its all a myth what you grew up hearing.

i_am_canadian on 12/20/2009:
I've heard that people in Brooklyn are about the friendliest bunch in the whole country.
PEEPS on 07/11/2011:
The problem with IKEA amongst many is that they do not let the customer know upfront that it is all SELF SERVE mystery. I went through something similar though found out through pushing for details that they don't help you with anything and that you have to grab and haul all your own stuff.

So, I managed to find out I could pay a little money and get "pre-delivery" of the giant boxes pulled by someone else then loaded for delivery. I don't know if they offer that service in all locations but they did at mine. Also, when I was trying to figure out how it all worked, the employee seemed annoyed at my questioning the stores policies.

But I think it really stinks that the store doesn't make this clear and if you are new to Ikea then you wouldn't readily understand this concept. Also, I'm appalled at what they think is acceptable for average people to be pulling/lifting huge heavy boxes and wonder if they have ever been sued by a person hurting themselves doing that? I'm sure they have all their bases covered.
arlene on 03/08/2013:
My first IKEA experience was in Winnipeg, MB last month. After all the hype from the 25 year old females in the family I decided to check it out. All I saw was a mammoth, filthy warehouse with items of no uniqueness and lines of people herding through isles like a bunch of herfords. NEVER again.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
WEST CHESTER, OHIO -- I went to IKEA to get my daughter a new "big girl bed". We decided to get the pink Mammut bed after looking at it on the website. This item is not available for purchase online so we made a day trip to the nearest IKEA store (which was 2 hours away). Looking at the product online, the description implies that the bed frame is included, and in the online price it is included, but "packaged separately".

We drove the 2 hours to the store and picked out the bed and mattress, and a few other things for her room. We spent nearly 2 hours in the store, trying to make sure we had EVERYTHING because a return trip was not an option due to not having a store close by. At checkout, I specifically asked the IKEA employee if the bed slats were in one of the boxes for the bed. There were 2 boxes on the shelf where the bed was stored. I got both and was assured by the IKEA employee that the slats were in the second box.

When we got home and assembled the bed, the slats were nowhere to be found. I then called the customer service line and was told that the slats were packaged in a THIRD box and were an additional $9.99. Since the employee failed to mention this to me when I specifically asked her, I did not get the third box and subsequently was not charged the $9.99 for the bed slats. IKEA then REFUSED to send me the slats, because they were not on my receipt (due to the store and employee "misinformation").

I also was told that I could NOT order them because they were not available for purchase online or through home shopping. The ONLY way to get the slats was to drive the 2 hours back to the store or to call one of only 3 stores that would allow phone orders. I was given the number to the Pittsburgh store's home shopping line but when I called this number only got a recording asking me to leave a message with my name, number, and reason for my call.

So now I am left with a bed that is unusable, my daughter is sleeping on a mattress in the floor because we cannot put it on the bed without the slats. I am out over $200 for the bed which we can't use and mattress which only fits IKEA beds. So now my only choice is to either drive 4 hours round trip and spend $50 on gas to pick up a $10 item or wait however long it takes to get through their "home shopping line" and then pay to have the slats shipped to me all because their employees are either idiots or liars.
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User Replies:
SteveWiginowski on 11/09/2010:
This is very unfortunate, especially because of the travel time. Hopefully they are able to get back to you on the phone. I would recommend trying to call and bug them every day until you are able to get a hold of someone.

When buying an item, it may be best to check with employees on the sales floor instead of the cashier, as cashiers sometimes are not trained on the items on the floor.
clutzycook on 11/09/2010:
It's a little stupid that the bed doesn't come with slats. How else are you going to use the bed?
DebtorBasher on 11/09/2010:
Bed slats that come with beds never stay in place anyway. You're better off going to a lumber store and having them cut the slats for you. I've always had my own slats cut even when they came with the beds because as I said, those that come with beds are usually a little short and they shift too much, then they fall off.

The bed I have now, did not come with slats...because it doesn't use slats. Most beds now are made with a frame that the mattress sits on and the bed pictured above looks like the frame would hold the mattress.
Venice09 on 11/09/2010:
DB, that's the best advice. That's exactly what I would do. Ten dollar slats from IKEA are probably junk. I realize it's inconvenient for the OP, but I think it will be well worth it in the end.
FlShopper on 11/09/2010:
I was going to suggest going to the lumberyard or Home Depot and having some wood cut for slats.
What is the 'home shopping line'?
Ytropious on 11/09/2010:
How is a cashier to know exactly what comes in what box? Everything is in boxes. As for the slats just make your own, it's seriously easy and it's not like you see them anyway.
Venice09 on 11/09/2010:
It's probably true that the cashiers don't know, but if that's the case, they should just say so and ask someone who does. Some people do make long trips to get to IKEA and it's understandable that they don't want to go back.
skelly39 on 11/10/2010:
I agree with Venice. If you don't know the answer, it's best to keep your mouth shut.
Fufu487 on 11/10/2010:
This review pretty much sums up Ikea....
clutzycook on 11/10/2010:
DB, you're a freaking genius!
DebtorBasher on 11/10/2010:
*Clicking Clutzy's comment helpful*
momsey on 11/10/2010:
I want a big girl bed like that.
Anonymous on 11/10/2010:
That is just the cutest thing, isn't it?
L. Boogie on 12/12/2010:
Number one why would you drive TWO hours to buy a bed?! Number two you can get slats made a Lowes or Home Depot
nikalseyn on 03/04/2014:
Just go to the nearest lumber yard or big box store with the measurements and have them cut you some slats. Have them cut a couple a bit longer than you measure in case you measures too short. As long as you have a saw, you will be good to go. And, of course pass along the bad reviews for Ikea to all. This is what happens nowadays as companies cut costs. The employees "should" know about the lack of slats, but you know how good employees are nowhere to be found in most stores. Never trust that they know what they are talking about.
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Ikea Places Blame On Consumer; Does Not Acknowledge All Of Complaint and Advertises Falsely
Posted by on
COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- I have received various repsonses from Ikea about my concerns and none have acknowledged all of my concerns. I was even blamed for one of my concerns. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Ikea did respond and now I will file a complaint with the Attorney General's office.

I have 3 issues. The first is that face that I purchased a Hopen queen bed frame in September 2009 for $249. I received an email from Ikea, an add, that indicated the $249 price was last years price and this years price is $179. I called Ikea about this and the representative said Ikea's new year starts with the catalog. I said the catalog came out in August. She did not have a response. I emailed Ikea and here it is along w/their response:

Dear Ikea, October 21, 2009
I am writing to you today because I received an email from Ikea advertising the Hopen queen bed frame at $179.00. I purchased this bed frame about 3 weeks ago in your Costa Mesa store for the price of $249.00 plus tax. The Ikea advert indicates that the $249.00 price was last years price thus, I would like a refund of the difference since I was incorrectly charged for the purchase I made this year.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
There are several reasons why there may be a price difference from store to store. An IKEA store offering the lower price may not be
selling the item anymore due to a range change.
It is also possible that the item may be overstocked and is taking up too much space. Each IKEA store also has the ability to deviate from normal pricing based on the local market conditions.

We do hope this information has been helpful, and we thank you for your inquiry.

Best Regards,
IKEA Customer Care Center

Here is my response:

Thank you for your response to my inquiry. With all due respect, the price differential from store to store or Ikea's inventory concerns to influence a price change is not my question and frankly does not influence the intent of my letter. I am reading the verbage indicated specifically in the Ikea advert and it simply states in black and white that the $249.00 price for the Hopen queen bed frame "is last years price," and the price now is $179.00. Therefore, I should not have paid last years price of $249.00 as the advert suggests.

The advert is misleading and misrepresentational of the facts. The advert suggests that this years price is $179.00 by claiming last years price was $249.00. Again, if last years price was $249.00 I should not have been charged $249.00 3 weeks ago, this year, since Ikea was still charging last years price this year.

Since this is Ikea's response, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which is now not limited to this original inquiry but also, my experiences with Ikea. If my request is not addressed appropriately, my next step is to file a complaint with the State of California's Attorney's General's Office.

I look forward to hearing from you soon with a resolution. I have included the image of the ad sent to me along with the complaint I have filed with the Better Business Bureau listed below.

The point is the ad indicates this was last years price. It does not idicate a price reduction due to inventory or of locale. I am the consumer and I read an ad that states what I paid was last years price and last year was 2008. The ad claims this years price is $179- 2009. That is my point and that is what the ad states. Ikea should place their dislaimer in the ad as stated in the Ikea email response otherwise, don't tout last year's price in comparison to this year's price. I filed a BBB complaint:

In late September of this year, I purchased a Hopen queen bed frame from Ikea in Costa Mesa for the price of $249.00. Two days ago, in my email sent from Ikea's mailing list, I received notification that the Hopen bed frame is actually $179.00.

The advert touts last years price was $249.00 and this years price is $179.00. If last years was $249.00, I should not have been charged $249.00 this year. Ikea should not tout last year's price in their ad while charging last year's price this year to consumer's such as myself. It is misleading and unethical and wrong because they were and have charged last year's price- this year, to me.

I am disappointed with Ikea. I have already had to return a defective item 3 weeks that was damaged. Also, this bed frame I am referring to requires a bar in the center to support a mattress. No one told me that it was required in order to get this bar to complete the assembly of this bed frame. After spending hours putting it together so I could place my mattress in the bed frame, I was unable to do so. I had to go back and purchase the bar for the bed frame when I could have purchased it initially.

I am not too happy with the fact that I had to return a defective product out of the box. I am not too happy that I was told by the Ikea representative that I only needed the bed frame and mattress and not the bar of which I did require and had to make an extra unnecessary trip back, and now I am upset I was incorrectly charged last year's price this year.

Resolution Sought: I want Ikea to refund me the difference of what I was charged. I was charged $249.00 (plus tax) last year's price- this year, and this year's price of $179.00 (plus tax). I would like the difference of this amount refunded to me. I would also like Ikea to not make false claims in their adverts. True, last years price may have been $249.00 but that was also this year's price until apparently October 20, 2009. As a consumer, this is misleading along with confusing. It is deceptive.

Ikea's response to my BBB complaint does not acknowledge my defective item I had to return. Great customer service!

Here is Ikea's BBB Complaint Response:

Company's Initial Response - Posted 10/26/2009
Hello, Thank you for taking the time to being your concern to us. As stated we have recently changed the price of several items, including the bed in question. As many stores have done, we have looked at the desires of the market and have worked hard to lower prices on items to allow the "many" to purchase them. Any of our new items will have the advertisement that states something on the lines of "New lower price", including last years price, and this years price. You are claiming that it does not make sense that you bought the item this year, but are paying last years price when you should be paying this years price. You bought your item late September 2009. Last year would have been late September 2008. If you would have purchased the bed when it went on sale, (around 11/20/2009 lets say) you would have paid $179.00, compared to the price of $249.00 if you would have bought it 11/20/2008. In regards to the bar that is needed to properly use the bed, there are numerous signs communicated in the showroom, and in the warehouse that indicate you need this item. Also, on each items tag that indicates where to pick up the item you would like, there is a list of items included in the complete item (which the metal bar is listed on).
Initial Response Summary
IKEA has made no false claims. We will not be refunding any additional monies to customer. We will also continue to advertise as we do now.

I am insulted because I failed to see any "signs" in regards to the beam that goes along with the bed frame, separately sold I might add. I called Ikea the next day about the beam after I realized, after spending two plus hrs putting the bed together, that it was missing. The representative on the phone told me this is common. She suggested they get phone calls like this consistently and she even suggested that the beam should be packed with the bed frame- because it is necessary. Also, this conversation was reinforced when I returned the defective drawer at Ikea's Return Dept. The representative there said the beam issue is common. People are not informed or aware it is required. The thing that gets me is that I am told there are signs about this beam. Are the signs of relevance when I was assisted by an Ikea employee who helped me pick out the bed and mattress and who advised me which items I needed and which aisle to go to. Perhaps instead of blaming me for this - I missed the consumer Ikea mandatory training session- the representative perhaps is the one who should see the signs and get proper training.

I will answer their response with the CA AG's Office. I was told in order to get the price differential I will have to go in and purchase the same bed and then haul it over to the return department when I called the store- as a work around to this issue. How inconvenience and stupid is that? The advert is still misleading. Again, don't tout last year's price when you were charging last year's price this year!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/27/2009:
Too much to read. Simply put, the answer you received from Ikea is reasonable. You obviously thought the $249 was a good price UNTIL you heard you could possibly get it cheaper. The advertisement most likely stated the locations where the price was honored.

It is probably cheaper if you buy it online. Most items are.
JR in Orlando on 10/27/2009:
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. You paid $249.00. It was cheaper later. Now you want a refund. If it was now $500.00 would you complain about being mistakenly charged too little?

Also, as Ikea stated their definition of "year" is not based on calendar, but on catalog year. Every new car is sold this way. It may surprise you, but 2010 cars are already being sold even though it is 2009. Try getting the 2009 price from the Chevy dealer for a 2010 car with that calendar year argument.
Slimjim on 10/27/2009:
Sorry to say, but clearly they feel confident they are doing nothing illegal or immoral. By the looks of it, they are probably right. You say it's confusing, but it really wasn't. At the time you purchased it, it was price A. It since went to price B. Your basing your argument on symantics and interpretation, initiated only due to your discovery that the price today is lower. You can give it a go with the AG, but it's a long shot that Ikea will do anything more based on their BBB response.
Commonsenseworks! on 11/20/2009:
I agree with all three statements above mine. The pricing does make sense, just take your time and read over it. As far as the BBB, the BBB is not a government agency. The BBB is a company unto itself. Businesses pay the BBB so they can place the BBB sticker on their front door. The BBB cannot tell a business how to run, to change its policies, nor to demand a refund to you. The BBB is like this website, its a business review company. Good luck with the GA, I'm sure this has run over IKEA's tracks before and if you look at some of the cases, you'll see IKEA has done nothing illegal, nor immoral. All in all, you're just wasting your time. Good Luck
Ponie on 11/20/2009:
Although I'd certainly like to get a refund on an already purchased item, I agree that you probably won't get resolution to your satisfaction. And--don't bother Jerry Brown. He's too busy going after Anna Nicole Smith's scuzbag doctors.
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No deal here all the products are badly finished but you don't see this until you sink 3 hours of your time into it
Posted by on
PLYMOUTH MEETING, PENNSYLVANIA -- We went to Ikea, flirts had some dinner with the kids, found out to my horror that they are now using plastic plates, plastic utensils and paper cups so much for looking out for the planet. The young girl at the cash register looked really worn-out and she informed me she had been there since 8:30 this morning it was now 8pm at night, I thought Ikea would be a little more caring about the employees as it is a Swedish company where 12 hour work days are almost criminal. We bought 2 bedside cabinets/ tables $99.00 each. The next day still having an good weekend until my dear husband puts the cabinets together and after 3 hours sees that the finish on both is spotty, so he takes them apart again and I bring them back to Ikea (not my husband, he is a little grumpy so say the least)not an "I'm sorry" or anything just your credit card and driving license and do I want to get new ones? I ask if they are going to be damaged or OK as I already have put enough time into this. They reply with nothing just a blank look, so I say I will just return it then but I have to produce my husbands credit card as he paid for it the night before they state they won't credit back mine, even with the receipt & ID. Do you really have to stick to your company rules when somebody is having such a bad experience with your product, I can't check the item when I buy it I have to trust you IKEA (so poor factory in China I have read now)that they make it correct, yet when I feel screwed because your product is crap and you don't know if the next box will be good or bad I have to hear the company policies, do they really don't want my husband here right now with his Visa as they have already ruined his day with the crap they sell.

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User Replies:
Skye on 03/26/2011:
I sometimes work 14 hours a day some days, my hubby works 16 hours a day, and it's just part of work sometimes. Nothing criminal about it. The careers we chose, often call for very very long days.

As for them only being able to credit back your husbands card, that's normal, because it was his card used for the original purchase. It has nothing to do with you having your id.

I've never shopped at IKEA, but I wouldn't let it ruin my day. Sometimes you have a bad shopping experience, and just move on.

Anytime furniture needs to be built by the purchaser, you have to realize you are not getting the best quality, but IKEA is known for having to build what you buy.
Anonymous on 03/26/2011:
after the trouble I had assembling a chair from Office Max I doubt I'd buy anything from this joint besides going there for the cheap grub.
trmn8r on 03/26/2011:
I see you had a frustrating time with this, but I've never heard of crediting back a different card than the one that was used, at any store. It is standard practice to require the one that was used for the purchase.

It sounds like you and your husband haven't run into this credit card thing previously. I'd plan for it happening again, unless you bring the right card.
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Unable to Take Apart Loft to Return It
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Rating: 2/51
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had purchased a loft from IKEA and when I set it up at home, the bed was too close to the ceiling. I tried to take it apart but the wooden boards on the bottom of the bed are nailed in both sides to the bed frame so that there is support for the mattress. However, instead of having me use nails that come out easily, I have these little white, plastic pegs that I had to hammer into the bed because there was no other way to get them in. There is no way to pull them out without damaging the wood and IKEA won't return the bed if its damaged. I tried using the back of a hammer but it was hard to get it underneath the peg and when I pulled it scratched the wood! I have till mid December to return it undamaged and in its package but I cannot get it apart without scraping the wood!
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Tromso Bunkbeds Missing Parts
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We went down and bought 3 sets of these bunk beds, got home took the kids other beds down and started putting the new beds up. Got the 1st 2 beds up and started on number 3. it was missing parts so we could not complete the beds. We let the kids sleep on the mattress on the floor for the night. Called the IKEA store in Houston and talked to customer service she was no help at all. Had her get me a manager, so she got on the phone and was somewhat a SMART A** about the issue with the missing parts. I will not ever buy from IKEA again and would not refer anyone I know to that store.

Thank GOD we have the receipt so I can take the beds back and shop at some other store.
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FlShopper on 04/18/2011:
Which parts were missing? If it's just hardware then it'd be a lot easier to try to get replacement parts than to return the whole bed. When we bought a bed for our son from Ikea, some hardware was missing. My husband took the receipt to the store, he told the rep which parts were missing and they gave him those parts; he was on his way within two minutes. Easy peasy.
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Posted by on
Buyers Beware. Ikea will lie and tell you that you can cancel delivery before merchandise comes to your house. That is not true. Once shopping starts from Maryland to where ever in USA it goes, they will charge you the entire price because shipment "has begun". They will not credit back you delivery even when you cancel your order because you picked it up in store ahead of time like you told the IKEA Direct ahead of time you might do. I was told I would get reimbursed for canceling before truck delivery made it to my house. Ikea doesn't care and will say they are sorry, and tell you to look at their website that most people don't look at which they say "states that shipping/delivery info is on their website". I only went my what IKEA employees told me and took their word.

I hate IKEA, they have cheap crap, crappy lying service people who tell you anything for you to buy there stuff. Big fat lying rip off company who takes and steals your money. Quality people, customer service sucks is poor to the ground is the worst I have seen anywhere. Not kidding. I have never been cheated on my money by a company likes this before.

Lying, cheap company stole my money! I am putting in a dispute w/my Visa company because I cancelled my order before receiving anything and being delivered anything. Stay away from IKEA, take it from someone who has been there, learned the hard way, lost my money, been p'd off, and taken. IKEA SUCKS
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Mandal Platform Bed Great Bed For The Money!
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I purchased the Mandal Bed about two months ago and am very happy with it. It is only a $350.00 bed, but the main parts of the bed are made of birch and the particle board parts are strong enough to support the bed. The four storage drawers are as large as a the full sized bed and can hold a lot of clothes. I would not put anything heavy in the drawers - the bottom part of the drawer does not seem strong enough to hold anything heavy. I have purchased Ikea products over the years and are happy with them considering their low prices. This is one of their higher quality pieces of furniture since it is made with birch and is very stable. It also looks great for the price if you like a modern contemporary look. It took some time together, but it was my first piece of furniture that I personally put together by myself and I would do it again. I hope to see more furniture coming out of Ikea that is a bit higher quality than most of their furniture.
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Beware of buying bed
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Knowing Ikea's low prices were that way for a reason, I was expecting my bed to have problems maybe after a year or two from buying it. I'm an expert at putting Ikea furniture together by now. My friend and I assembled the Hemnes queen bed perfectly as per instructions. The headboard and footboard already came assembled, fyi. As we moved the bed into place, the headboard practically disassembled itself. We quickly noticed that the headboard wasn't even held together with real metal screws; just the wood ones. I couldn't believe the designers thought that would hold. There is a part to the bed where you attach little metal rods that stretch from the middle of each sideboard to the footboard and headboard. The Ikea manual for the bed does a pretty good job at communicating that these rods are to keep the bed square. So we made a special point to make sure the rods were at the correct position. All said and done, the front piece of the rods bent completely when 135 pound me sat on the bed. The bed bows out regardless and the platform bed slats (purchased separately) keep falling through the frame. I either have to figure out if they will refund me the bed, or at least exchange it, or if I had to add bracing brackets to the headboard and screw in the slats. This is a pain.

I would rather have settled for a metal frame with a boxspring. At least I know it's safe.
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Venice09 on 08/25/2010:
I've only been to IKEA once and didn't find the prices to be that low or the quality very good. I don't know what you paid for the bed, but it sounds like a piece of junk. I wouldn't even want a replacement. You're right, a simple metal frame would have been cheaper and a lot sturdier. I'm not familiar with IKEA's return policy, but I hope you can get a refund.
Anonymous on 08/25/2010:
When I shop at IKEA, I don't buy furniture.
Anonymous on 08/25/2010:
If the bed was recently purchased, IKEA will give you a refund or replacement within 90 days. They like things in their original packaging when returned, but if they are malfunctioning like yours, I believe they also have a warranty period of longer than that.

We bought IKEA furniture for our kids while they were in college and it lasted just fine. In fact, they even used some of it to furnish their first places, including a platform bed, desk and small dining table and chairs. Some of it is still in use. I think IKEA has its place for college and for people just starting out--and even children's rooms. For all the IKEA products that are sold, there doesn't seem to be too many complaints. They seem to have a fairly good return/repair policy. Hopefully you will get some satisfaction from them.
Genevieve on 11/17/2012:
Wow! Same exact bed frame, same exact problem!! and I'm 135 pounds also. Damn Ikea, been on the phone waiting 30 minutes...
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Cheap quality merchandise/Terrible customer service
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SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- We bought a bed called Odda for my daughter. It was assembled as instructed very well with a power screwdriver, etc. However, the particle board it was made from was so cheap it couldn't really hold screws very well. The wheels on the trundle portion continually fell out. One day she sat on the bed and the wood slats gave way and she fell through the bed. Luckily for all she wasn't seriously hurt but I didn't want the junky bed in my house, so I called Ikea, took the bed apart, and brought it back. It was beyond the 90 day return. They did give me a refund on the bed, a store credit on the mattresses (they don't accept mattress returns), but they stuck me with the headboard because according to them it was a separate stand alone item. Considering they sold a dangerous product, they should have taken back the headboard as well. I mean, what am I going to do with the headboard. It was just an overall really nasty experience.

It was a very expensive bed (approximately $700) and the materials were so cheap. I would never buy another product from them.
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Anonymous on 11/02/2009:
Where's the terrible customer service?
Just because someone tells you "no" does not make it terrible customer service?
JR in Orlando on 11/02/2009:
My advice: Don't use a power anything to put screws into particle board or at least not on the final turns. Screws only work to the extent they get a tight bite on the material they are going in. The problem with power tools, as I have experienced, is that at the end it is easy to over tighten the screw so that it in effect strips the thread grooves cut in the wood. With particleboard, it is even easier. The final turns should be done by hand so that there is minimal overtightening.
Commonsenseworks! on 11/20/2009:
I agree with JR, it is you fault that the bed fell apart, you used a power screwdriver, that's why it fell apart. Screws are designed to dig into the wood, power screwdrivers are designed to drill holes into wood. You should feel lucky that you got, what you got from the store, or did you fail to mention to the store that you used a power screwdriver?
Anonymous on 11/20/2009:
JR, makes a good point regarding the final turns and drilling pilot holes can prevent the board from splitting as well.
A 700 dollar particle board bed? You could have gotten Solid Oak for that amount.
Anonymous on 11/20/2009:
If there isn't anytning wrong with the headboard, you can buy a frame for peanuts, and put whatever mattress you choose on it.
ikeafan on 03/23/2012:
I bought this same bed and had the same slats fall out problem. So disappointed. I love IKEA but this was pretty scary. My bed fell through will I was sleeping. I have had this bed for about a month.
The center just bows out and has no support. I didn't use a power screw driver and had the same result. The head board only goes with this bed it is not a regular head board you can just add to something else. It is totally useless on its own size wise.

Thank goodness I am not alone. Thanks for your review.
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