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Heaven Help You If Your Furniture Is Damaged!!!!
By -

WOODBURY, NEW YORK -- I purchased a sofa and chair in September/09. I picked it up at the warehouse and once home, unpacked the chair for assembly. One of the legs would not screw into the base. I called the store of purchase and they told me I could not exchange the chair because I did not assemble it at the warehouse. Company policy states that once it leaves the warehouse, they are no longer responsible, therefore I was stuck with it. I explained it was a manufacturer's defect, but was told it was my responsibility to find the problem at the warehouse.

I called the 800 customer service number and was told the same thing, however they would send a "technician" to assess and repair the chair. I said I wanted a new chair, not a refurbished new chair. Was refused and agreed to a "technician". No call. Called back in two weeks, again promised a "technician". No call. Reversed charges on my credit card and started sending certified letters demanding they pick up their property. They did actually respond to the letters, but refused to pick up the furniture per their policy and again forced the "technician".

A "technician" finally called but he said he could not bring a new chair and would only be there to repair the damage. I cancelled pending my next contact with Jennifer Convertibles. By this time I told them I would be complying with California law and would dispose of the property if they did not come and get it. Again they refused and my husband agreed one last time to allow a "technician" to come. The "technician" never called. I sent my final letter to Jennifer Convertibles and told them that I had been storing their furniture longer than the law prescribed and that it would be auctioned off, with the proceeds less seller fees returned to them.

They said the warehouse would call regarding a pick up, however that has not happened and I suppose I will be gong through the inconvenience of having it auctioned off. So buyers beware!! There is no recourse for you once you buy the furniture. Per their contract, you cannot exchange or get a refund on the furniture. You buy, you own. And unless you don't mind the inconvenience and headache of dealing with a company who bullies their customers, go right ahead. I've spent months dealing with them and they will still receive proceeds for their furniture if they don't pick it up and I have wasted all this time.

And I still end up with no furniture. Please be diligent if you are considering buying from this company. Please search the Web regarding consumer complaints. My complaint is not unusual at all. And it's the tip of the Jennifer Convertibles complaint iceberg. I also filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs since I gave Jennifer Convertibles every opportunity to resolve the problem and they were uncooperative.

Terrible Experience With Jennifer Convertibles In Boca Raton
By -

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I bought a sofa "full sleeper" on 08/28/08 for $299.99 + Tax. The salesperson, who happens to be the manager told me that it would be delivered on 09/03/2008 between 1-6 pm. At 5:00 pm on 09/03 I called him because the delivery people haven't arrived and he said they should be at my door any minute, they never did, instead a not very nice woman called me on the phone and told me that the truck broke down (she did not even apologize) she just said that it would have to be rescheduled for 09/12/08. I said OK cause I did not have any choice.

I told the manager that the girls at the condo office would open my door for them. But somehow he did not tell them, so, supposedly they came in the morning and I did not picked up the phone and they could not deliver. There is no sign that they came at all. They did not even left a message.

So I called the manager that same day and he was not in the office and he would not pick up my calls so I talked to his co-worker instead and he said that he is not a manager and there is nothing he can do. I stopped by their store at 5:30 pm that afternoon and the employee told me that I wasted my time coming by because the manager was not there.

So I called them again on 09/16 and they both said I should call next day 09/17 around 2:00 pm so I did. And I asked when would he have my sofa delivered, he replied that I needed to pay another $99.00 for delivery fees. I said "no way". It is not my fault that you guys cannot communicate with your drivers. He told me that the drivers are sub-contractors and he has nothing to do with them. So I asked him to give me a refund, cause I did not want to pay the extra $99 and go trough all the ordeal again.

He said that he would charge me 30% of the total (including the $99 delivery) which came to $120.00 that I would have to give them in order to receive a refund. So far they have got my $419.47 since 08/28/08 and I have no sofa and I am very upset and disappointed (no refund and no sofa).

Horrible Business Practice and Communications
By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- 7/25/2008 -- picked and purchased sofa in about 20 minutes. Sam, the store manager quoted a 2-3 week delivery. 8/16 -- called Cynthia from the store and still no word on when we would receive our sofa. 8/27 -- Anthony from the store said he would email the warehouse regarding our order and that they would contact us the next day. 8/2 --Anthony from the store repeated the exact same story from the day before. 8/31-- spoke to Sam, no news. We had to call back on Tuesday (after Labor Day Holiday). After Labor Day -- Sam finally informed us of the "slight delay". Our sofa would not be delivered until OCTOBER 8-10!!

I asked to speak to someone else that can take better responsibility for this lack of business etiquette. The number he gave me was useless. Nobody ever answered at the District Manager's office. Upon entering an extension or the number zero even, the call was dropped. Called Anthony the next day and he had no better news or alternative to give me than to phone the district manager's office, which he admitted he could not get through to himself and phone the 1-800 number which puts customers on hold for 15 minutes plus. Lastly he said he would email the District Manager and have them call me with some sort of alternative. Have not heard from them yet.

9/8 -- requested a full refund and Sam accepted it very rudely. There were no further questions or expectations other than that the refund would be in around 2-3 weeks. Again a very vague time frame. In conclusion, we are very upset that our purchasing of a sofa would turn into such an ordeal and that businesses, so popular as Jennifer Convertible, cannot keep their word and continue to conduct business as they do. Damage Resulting. Because that we need to wait a vague time frame of 2-3 weeks, we cannot make another sofa purchase. Therefore it is a charge on our credit card for 8 weeks for something we do not own.

Excellent Value and Delivery
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was extremely taken back the day after I purchased my sectional and THEN decided to google JC for some reason. I almost tried to call and cancel my order, but I'm glad I didn't. The set delivery date was 5 days after I purchased the sectional. They called the night before and gave me a 4 hour window. The drivers showed up on time in horrible rain/lightning storm. Were very careful with our new hardwood floors. The head guy was extremely nice and we asked him about all the stuff we read. His response was that he knew of it and that he prided himself that you wouldn't read much negative in the Boston area.

One of the 3 delivery guys got a wet hand print on the fabric. They dabbed it, we got out a hair dryer and it was gone. The driver said that even though we couldn't see it any longer, he would write it on the delivery receipt and told us to call corporate and they could send out a technician if we wanted. We decided not even to deal with calling as it was unnecessary. Turns out the driver called for us after he left and we received a call from corporate 20 minutes after delivery by a nice woman who said that she knew about the wet hand print and did we want to schedule a technician. We said we didn't need to and were happy.

Sat on the couch with friends all weekend and so far I am extremely happy. Obviously the $159 delivery fee is very high, but when the sectional only cost $599... how can you complain. It's obviously not a $3,000 sectional, but if it holds up well for a few years... then it's well worth the investment. So far, in the Boston area anyway, a big thumbs up, especially if you have little kids that are probably going to spill stuff on it eventually.

Thanks to Everyone Who Has Reviewed Jennifer Convertibles.
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Thanks to all of you who have sent in your reviews about Jennifer Convertibles. I live in California, and my parents live on the East Coast where I grew up. I have just moved into a new home, and my parents being the great people they are wanted to buy me some living room furniture as a housewarming gift.

My mother had very nice experiences dealing with the sales people at Jennifer Convertibles, but they did try to push her into buying some items "before the prices change from the Columbus Day sale!" She hates being pushed, and was told she could "keep the prices as they were" if she put down a "small deposit". While she became even more suspicious, she didn't have any real issues handing over $40 to "hold the prices" because she liked what she saw, thought I would, and was okay if she did lose the $40 if I didn't like the items she had looked at.

I got online here in California and looked at Jennifer Convertibles site, and saw what she saw. Liked them; they looked nice. Thought it was a bit strange about being able to "hold the prices" if I couldn't get in before the Columbus Day sale ended, but was ready to go look at the items in person at a local store when I started looking at the additional postings through Google.

Well, that changed my mind! I forwarded the info to my parents, who agreed wholeheartedly with me. NO Jennifer Convertibles! They only managed to make off with $40 of my Mom's, and you always know a deposit is forfeit if you end up not buying the items in question. I believe all of you out there saved me and my wonderful gift-giving parents a lot of money, time, and some serious pain!

Thanks again to all of you (and no thanks to the unscrupulous person at Jennifer Convertibles who probably took the money from my mother without any plan on honoring his word, because as we all know, a verbal agreement is worth the price of the paper it is written on, but then again so are written agreements apparently from what I've read about Jennifer convertibles)!

Don't Waste Your Money
By -

We were pitched the warranty plan, heavily. It actually sounded like a good deal. From what was explained, all damages were covered for life. Yes, we were told multiple times by the sales representative that ALL damages were covered. Of course we didn't read the paper work when we were completing our transaction, but I wish we did. Unlike the sales representative told us, this warranty hardly covers anything. Four years later, the leather is peeling apart in chunks, the leather is splitting where my elbows rest, and the leather is splitting on the seat.

We called to have it repaired, and after several cancellations and reschedules, a guy shows up and takes pictures. We were told that the only damage they fix is "customer caused" damage. We explained that this was customer caused damage from sitting in the chair and couch, but they didn't see it that way. Basically, they saw it as wear-and-tear. I have never seen a couch wear like this one before!

This warranty is a scam and a waste of money. Not only did they convince me to never again buy a warranty, they convinced me to never again shop at Jennifer Convertibles. From the amount of complaints about this terrible product and the company's failure to repair the damages, I could see a class action lawsuit in the near future. I would be willing to get involved if anyone wants to speak to me. This is fraud, plain and simple. We were sold one thing by the representative but given something entirely different.

Enraged and unhappy
By -

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a convertible sofa from this company several years ago. It arrived the day before my husband's return home from the hospital post hip surgery. It was what he would be sleeping on for a while as he could not climb stairs.
When the delivery people discovered I did not have a bank check they refused to bring the furniture in. Would not take a credit card. Would not wait the ten minutes I needed to go to the bank for cash.
When I asked whether they ever took personal checks the guy said 'yes, but only in better neighborhoods.' We live in an upper-middle class, racially mixed neighborhood.
I had to pay extra for a postponed delivery because I had already paid most of the price prior to delivery and that was non-refundable.
When I complained to Jennifer management about that rather bigoted remark he basically told me that it had been said by 'some truck driver' and that Jennifer Convertible would deny it.
The sleeper, by the way, fell apart within 4 years.

Unprofessional Behavior of Sales Rep
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Rating: 1/51

CORAM, NEW YORK -- I went in to the Coram store and was greeted by **. I voiced my displeasure regarding a paid-for recliner that was left out of my delivery over a month ago, and that upon speaking with a store representative and telling them that I did not have another entire day to sit around waiting, that I would like a one to two hour window.

First, the man on the phone told me not to worry, that there will be no additional charges for the separate delivery. Yes, he really said that. Then he told me that they would call to schedule delivery. Never happened; I guess that he didn't like my demands. Back to the store... First ** was told no manager could be reached. Then he condescendingly ask me if I was "reasonable" on the phone. He checked his computer, found nothing then pretty much gave up. I explained that I received a partial delivery, to which he rolled his eyes and spoke to me like a child, stating "you didn't tell me THAT."

I asked for the managers name, which he would not give me. I asked for his name, which he wrote on a card and THREW at me, yes I said that right. He then walked away and refused to talk to me. THEN, he commented on the way I talked to HIM, and said "nobody talks to me that way, my wife doesn't talk to me that way, you are not going to."

Delivery and Store are horrible

BAILEYS CROSS ROADS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a sofa from Jennifer Convertibles in Baileys Cross Roads VA. The delivery people were supposed to delivery, unbox and assemble my sofa. They did deliver it and that was it. I called the store and they confirmed what was to be assembled but there was a miss understanding on the delivery personnel. However, Jennifer refused to refund any part of my assembly fee of $99. So I did all the work myself and discovered a huge scar on the sofa when I unboxed it. Its an ongoing nightmare! Terrible delivery, customer service and management. Avoid them at all cost.

Rip Off Warranty, Damaged Merchandise, Expensive Delivery
By -

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- This store is a ripoff! Was told the Guardian Shield would protect against any damages to the furniture and we paid the store to deliver the furniture. We noticed damage to the sofa and ottoman a couple of weeks after delivery because the pillows were covering the damage. They refused to repair the damage or replace the damaged sections because they said it happened during delivery (they delivered it!) and we were supposed to report it within 2 days. Huh??!! We have reported it to Better Business Bureau and our 20,000 Twitter Followers will be hearing about it too! Go somewhere else for furniture.

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