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Horrible Business Practice and Communications
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- 7/25/2008 -- picked and purchased sofa in about 20 minutes. Sam, the store manager quoted a 2-3 week delivery. 8/16 -- called Cynthia from the store and still no word on when we would receive our sofa. 8/27 -- Anthony from the store said he would email the warehouse regarding our order and that they would contact us the next day. 8/2 --Anthony from the store repeated the exact same story from the day before. 8/31-- spoke to Sam, no news. We had to call back on Tuesday (after Labor Day Holiday). After Labor Day -- Sam finally informed us of the "slight delay". Our sofa would not be delivered until OCTOBER 8-10!!

I asked to speak to someone else that can take better responsibility for this lack of business etiquette. The number he gave me was useless. Nobody ever answered at the District Manager's office. Upon entering an extension or the number zero even, the call was dropped. Called Anthony the next day and he had no better news or alternative to give me than to phone the district manager's office, which he admitted he could not get through to himself and phone the 1-800 number which puts customers on hold for 15 minutes plus. Lastly he said he would email the District Manager and have them call me with some sort of alternative. Have not heard from them yet.

9/8 -- requested a full refund and Sam accepted it very rudely. There were no further questions or expectations other than that the refund would be in around 2-3 weeks. Again a very vague time frame. In conclusion, we are very upset that our purchasing of a sofa would turn into such an ordeal and that businesses, so popular as Jennifer Convertible, cannot keep their word and continue to conduct business as they do. Damage Resulting. Because that we need to wait a vague time frame of 2-3 weeks, we cannot make another sofa purchase. Therefore it is a charge on our credit card for 8 weeks for something we do not own.

Don't Waste Your Money
By -

We were pitched the warranty plan, heavily. It actually sounded like a good deal. From what was explained, all damages were covered for life. Yes, we were told multiple times by the sales representative that ALL damages were covered. Of course we didn't read the paper work when we were completing our transaction, but I wish we did. Unlike the sales representative told us, this warranty hardly covers anything. Four years later, the leather is peeling apart in chunks, the leather is splitting where my elbows rest, and the leather is splitting on the seat.

We called to have it repaired, and after several cancellations and reschedules, a guy shows up and takes pictures. We were told that the only damage they fix is "customer caused" damage. We explained that this was customer caused damage from sitting in the chair and couch, but they didn't see it that way. Basically, they saw it as wear-and-tear. I have never seen a couch wear like this one before!

This warranty is a scam and a waste of money. Not only did they convince me to never again buy a warranty, they convinced me to never again shop at Jennifer Convertibles. From the amount of complaints about this terrible product and the company's failure to repair the damages, I could see a class action lawsuit in the near future. I would be willing to get involved if anyone wants to speak to me. This is fraud, plain and simple. We were sold one thing by the representative but given something entirely different.

Enraged and unhappy
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PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a convertible sofa from this company several years ago. It arrived the day before my husband's return home from the hospital post hip surgery. It was what he would be sleeping on for a while as he could not climb stairs.
When the delivery people discovered I did not have a bank check they refused to bring the furniture in. Would not take a credit card. Would not wait the ten minutes I needed to go to the bank for cash.
When I asked whether they ever took personal checks the guy said 'yes, but only in better neighborhoods.' We live in an upper-middle class, racially mixed neighborhood.
I had to pay extra for a postponed delivery because I had already paid most of the price prior to delivery and that was non-refundable.
When I complained to Jennifer management about that rather bigoted remark he basically told me that it had been said by 'some truck driver' and that Jennifer Convertible would deny it.
The sleeper, by the way, fell apart within 4 years.

Unprofessional Behavior of Sales Rep
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Rating: 1/51

CORAM, NEW YORK -- I went in to the Coram store and was greeted by **. I voiced my displeasure regarding a paid-for recliner that was left out of my delivery over a month ago, and that upon speaking with a store representative and telling them that I did not have another entire day to sit around waiting, that I would like a one to two hour window.

First, the man on the phone told me not to worry, that there will be no additional charges for the separate delivery. Yes, he really said that. Then he told me that they would call to schedule delivery. Never happened; I guess that he didn't like my demands. Back to the store... First ** was told no manager could be reached. Then he condescendingly ask me if I was "reasonable" on the phone. He checked his computer, found nothing then pretty much gave up. I explained that I received a partial delivery, to which he rolled his eyes and spoke to me like a child, stating "you didn't tell me THAT."

I asked for the managers name, which he would not give me. I asked for his name, which he wrote on a card and THREW at me, yes I said that right. He then walked away and refused to talk to me. THEN, he commented on the way I talked to HIM, and said "nobody talks to me that way, my wife doesn't talk to me that way, you are not going to."

Delivery and Store are horrible

BAILEYS CROSS ROADS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a sofa from Jennifer Convertibles in Baileys Cross Roads VA. The delivery people were supposed to delivery, unbox and assemble my sofa. They did deliver it and that was it. I called the store and they confirmed what was to be assembled but there was a miss understanding on the delivery personnel. However, Jennifer refused to refund any part of my assembly fee of $99. So I did all the work myself and discovered a huge scar on the sofa when I unboxed it. Its an ongoing nightmare! Terrible delivery, customer service and management. Avoid them at all cost.

Rip Off Warranty, Damaged Merchandise, Expensive Delivery
By -

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- This store is a ripoff! Was told the Guardian Shield would protect against any damages to the furniture and we paid the store to deliver the furniture. We noticed damage to the sofa and ottoman a couple of weeks after delivery because the pillows were covering the damage. They refused to repair the damage or replace the damaged sections because they said it happened during delivery (they delivered it!) and we were supposed to report it within 2 days. Huh??!! We have reported it to Better Business Bureau and our 20,000 Twitter Followers will be hearing about it too! Go somewhere else for furniture.

Absolute Garbage
By -

PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Less than 2 years ago, I purchased 2 leather loveseats fro Jennifer Convertibles in Portsmouth, NH. Upon delivery, the leather on one of them was bubbly and peeling. It took 6 weeks to get their repair technician out to look at them. He said they would replace the leather covers. One of the loveseats was a twin sleeper, this was the one that was peeling. The cushions on this piece are removable. The other one had attached cushions. It took 8 weeks to get the replacements and they sent the ones that were on the non removable piece. It then took another 8 weeks for the right ones to come in.

In the meantime the sleeper sofa started to sag in the middle. This issue required a separate service call and the tech put a board in the front to reinforce the frame that could not support the sleeper. This furniture is very poorly constructed and I question if the leather is even real. I have never seen real leather bubble like this. The same cushions are bubbling again approximately 1 year later and the frame is sagging again. Do not waste your money on this furniture.

No Response, No Concern.... JUST A SHOW ROOM RIP OFF!!
By -

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- OK... so this Jennifer 'Brand' is just a SHOW ROOM... ALL for SHOW and EXTRA CHARGES and DELAYS for item(s) to be in your ROOM !!! I have NEVER went to PURCHASE furniture and as the end result had to wait 6-8 WEEKS to enjoy/use!!! I'm GLAD I DIDN'T TRASH MY SOFA thinking that I can BUY & ENJOY - same day / or even at the most a week later!!! MIND YOU I researched online & called the 'showroom' in regards to the item that I saw advertised on TV.

If it weren't for the price and ''small'' size of the leather sectional that I've been searching for and apparently I am STILL WAITING on delivery for; and the FACT THAT I CAN NOT GET A FULL REFUND; and not to mention that NO ONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE has RESPONDED TO MY EMAIL of concern that no where on the website does it stipulate LENGTHY DELAYS or an EXTRA CHARGE of $200 for DELIVERY; nor how THE ADVERTISED TELEVISION ITEMS ARE ON 'EXTRA' BACK ORDER - I WOULD GET MY "BLEEPING" required partial payment of $400 CASH back !!!

This store is a JOKE... and to BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE STILL IN "FLIPPING" BUSINESS!! I WILL WARN EVERYONE not to waste TIME & MONEY with this business!! I did not know that I couldn't get a REFUND until I read the back of my receipt - the SHOWROOM representative never stated NO REFUND nor is it printed on the front of the receipt!! They don't offer any type of incentive for the LENGTHY DELAYS; back orders... NOTHING!!! they don't even RESPOND TO THEIR flipping EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Don't Waste Your Money
By -

I paid for my furniture on Feb 10, 2010. I had to wait a month to pick it up because the delivery charge was an additional $200.00. When me and my husband went to pick up our furniture at the warehouse they brought it out the men would not help me & my husband load it! They laugh when I dropped the box, they were horrible. Thankful other customers helped us load it. My coffee table & end tables were missing, Now they tell me it will be in N. Carolina April 22 WTF! Refund, there horrible go somewhere else- Were in Florida. The sales person were not even calling me about when I'd get my furniture. Also my couch is not even all that

The Worst Customer Service - EVER
By -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Words cannot describe how bad the experience I am having with Jennifer Convertibles is. I ordered a couch two weeks ago to be delivered on March 6th (four weeks for delivery is already bad enough). Yesterday I received a call saying that a boat got lost at sea or something and they don't have my couch and don't know when they will, but it will be at least another 4-6 weeks.

After talking with managers and customer service specialists, all of which had an attitude, I asked to cancel. They told me I would be refunded within 7-10 days and I went out and bought another couch. Now today they call and say they are keeping 30% of my money even though they are the ones that cancelled the contract with me! I can't get any help and am now out several hundreds of dollars for nothing but an empty living room and a horrible experience. I will be suing for my money back.

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