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Lose Your Bags and Treat You Like a Criminal
By -

I will be brief. My trip to NY on JetBlue took a turn for the worse when JetBlue lost the luggage that had my families wedding clothes. As you could imagine this was frustrating and inconvenient. However most upsetting was their response, which was to immediately act as if either a) the bag would show up soon so there was nothing they could do or b) we had stolen the bag and were trying to scam them.

Over time, it became clear the bag wasn't showing up. They shifted almost entirely to option B, acting as if we were running a scam. As they told me many times, they have to protect their bottom line, and even though they "misplaced our bag" (going on 2 months) how do they know I (the person whose luggage was lost) is not doing this as some sort of diabolical racket.

After requiring an itemized list of goods in the bag they said they would take 45 days to respond with their decision about what to do. When that response finally came their offer was to refund approximately 35% of the value of the goods that were in the luggage. Their rational was 10% depreciation per year for every item I could find a receipt for, plus 20% off the top for any item I could not find a receipt for. In addition, any item that was priced over $100 for which I could not provide a receipt they would "depreciate" 100%! I asked, "is that a fancy way of saying you refuse to refund for such items."

Apparently it was. Although they lost my luggage while I was using their service, since I didn't save my receipt from 2004 for an item their policy is to reject reimbursement. Does anybody save receipts for that long? You can just see the number crunchers figuring out how much money they can save by denying reimbursement for such items and then making a policy to rationalize it. And from what I have seen in reviews of JetBlue, it is probably a lot of money they are saving as it sure seems like they frequently lose bags.

This has been a frustrating and insulting experience, a far cry from the customer friendly image JetBlue attempts to portray. I would suggest caution when having anything to do with them. Like many HMOs they are clearly interested in devising policies that protect their bottom line, even when they screw-up, with little concern for the well being (or continued patronage) of their customers. That is a concerning trait for an airline to exhibit. Good luck in any future contact you may have with them, I hope it is better than my experience.

JetBlue - Luggage NIGHTMARE!
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I have always been a big fan of JetBlue. When traveling for my company it's well known that my first choice is always JetBlue. That all changed last Sunday when I actually had a crisis occur, one other than a change of seats or change in reservation. One that actually required you to backup your claim of superb customer service. My luggage was lost. Not one piece but two. This is where the nightmare began.

I was returning from Boston where I had been for nearly a month. I went to my home office and stayed on for the holidays. I was traveling with a month's worth of clothes, coats, jackets, watches, pants, gifts, family photo's etc. I flew out of Boston on flight number 1007 Boston to JFK 10:40-11:49, after a four hour layover I connected with flight 215 JFK to Long Beach 3:59-7:32.

When I landed my luggage was missing. I was given a number to call at Long Beach to check on the status that no one ever answered. I then spoke with JetBlue at close to midnight and was told that MY LUGGAGE HAD BEEN FOUND. I was told that the courier would deliver it within 5-6 hours. I mentioned that I had been traveling all day and that I was exhausted. I was afraid that perhaps I might fall off to sleep and miss them completely. I was informed that if I did so I would be responsible for my luggage. With no choice, I lay on my couch in a daze waiting for the courier that never came.

I called JetBlue in the early morning and was told that they'd made a mistake and my luggage was never found. WHAT??? What could that be all about? "We have your luggage and now we don't." Not only did they lose my luggage but BOTH pieces. My garment bag had a grey tag attached with my business card inside. You still have no idea where my luggage is located. What are the tags for that you attach when a customer checks in? They have bar codes… for what purpose if you cannot track baggage? Are they just for show?

JetBlue has no excuse for losing luggage, especially two pieces. One had my business card attached. In comparison to airlines like Delta, American, and US Air, JetBlue covers a fraction of their territory. Most of your destinations are in the US with a major hub - JFK. It's a new experiment and it's NOT working.

I was a loyal JetBlue customer but feel that the courtesy was not returned. For all the PR you do regarding customer service and the TrueBlue experience you fail miserably when called upon to actually handle a problem. A few questions still remain - Why was I told my luggage was found? Who was it that told me such and WHY? Where is my luggage? Any help would be appreciated.

Over and Above
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

We recently flew from Ft. Meyers Florida to JFK then on to Portland Maine (Flt 124 and 608, 02/28/13 - name **). During deplaning I required a wheelchair on the jetway and then to the food court area. At some point I discovered that my wallet was missing. My problem! A new and bulky wallet that easily slipped from my side pocket. Regardless it was not in my possession on delivery to the food court area.

We immediately notified JetBlue who set in motion their staff to check the plane quickly, called the overall service folks for JFK who came to collect my wife and take her from the gate area, to the lost and found and to the baggage area. The wallet was not located. My guess is that it slipped out while moving from the seat to the jetway.

This morning I received a call from JetBlue in Ft. Myers to tell me that the wallet had been found in Ft. Meyers during thorough cleaning of the aircraft. The person, **, walked me through what needed to be done to get the wallet back to me ASAP. I authorized her to search the wallet for my credit card which she and the supervisor did, (time ~11:15 AM, 03/02/13). Needless to say, I am stunned by the successful outcome largely due to the attentive and honest staff at JetBlue and the Customer service chap (AirServe) at JFK, a fellow by the name of **. I am so sorry we did not note the names of the other JetBlue folks who helped as well.

We have been flying JetBlue whenever possible for several years and ALWAYS found the staff and service to be outstanding! Our PWM flight was delayed, however, that is a non-issue in my mind. If one travels "suck it up" that's the way it goes! Don't like it?? Stay at home! The JetBlue staff was exemplary. So our hats are off to the folks at JetBlue and to ** at JFK. Not a thing to complain about.

Not Notified of Flight Change!
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I went to fly from Orlando to Washington/Dulles airport today. When I got to the airport and went to check in, I was notified that the flight had been changed, and would be leaving 3 hours later. I was upset, as I could have been in bed for 3 more hours but more importantly, I had people meeting me at my destination - some taking time off from work to do so. So, they were adversely affected as well.

I contacted JetBlue (supervisor ** on 5/31/2012 at 8:15am eastern) to get to the bottom of why I was not notified of the change. Now, stay with me here. I am a TrueBlue member. I booked this flight via my TrueBlue account. I have an email address associated with that account, yet, JetBlue NEVER sent a schedule change to that email account. They don't even dispute that. Their excuse to me for this mishap was that when I booked the flight originally, I had put in an additional email address (my wife's!) who I wanted to make aware of my flight'€™s, and of any changes if they happen.

Well, happen they did, and JetBlue ONLY sent the schedule change email to that address, not mine! When I spoke with **, she also stated that they notified me via phone of the flight change in March. That call NEVER occurred. They told me that they actually spoke with a person when they called. That person would have been me, as this is my phone that no-one else answers. Also, they say they keep notes of such calls and outcomes and did not leave a voice mail (that part is true, I never received a voicemail.)

What was amazing to me was that supervisor ** stated everything worked fine according to their process. So, their change request process will send an email to those you want notified of your travel plans, but not the actual TrueBlue member traveling and booking the flight! I asked if they were aware of this anomaly and the fact that this TrueBlue member was never notified and she defended their process.

I did ask if they were going to offer any compensation for this major inconvenience, and the answer was no. What a shame JetBlue. I've typically had good service and enjoy flying your airline. All it takes is one bad experience like this to change my buying behavior. Shame on you!

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time. We entered the TSA security checkpoint with 45 minutes till take off. The line was extremely slow. When we finally arrived at the scanning machines the TSA was allowing vendors to cut in front of my wife and I and when we questioned the TSA agent he jokingly said, "hey we need these our coffee (Starbucks employee and a few other vendors)" and when we added we needed to catch our plane he completely disregarded us. My wife was able to complete the checkpoint before I and she ran to the gate, she was told the door was shut to the plane and they were not boarding any other passengers.

While my wife was questioning the lady at the gate (**) she heard the walkie talkie from the plane ask "is it alright to shut the aircraft door?". The lady with the other walkie talkie said yes, WITH US STANDING THERE, and the person on the plane asked if she was sure because there were some seats still empty and the other woman said yes it was clear and she could shut the door. We again questioned ** and she was not helpful at all. In fact she walked away from us and gave the terminal to another woman who booked us on a later flight to JFK and charged us an additional $100.00 for the flight.

Imagine the gall to charge us an additional $100.00 because the gate personnel closed the door prematurely. There was no empathy at all. We were still 7 minutes early to the gate and they did nothing for us. The plane door was not shut when we got there and they treated us like sheep. We have traveled quite a bit in the last five years with a host of carriers and this has been by far our worst experience with any airline. This is not going to be the last piece of correspondence.

Delayed 5 Days, JetBlue Was Rude and Unhelpful
By -

My parents and I were scheduled to fly from Salt Lake City into New York City on 12/26/10. When it became apparent a winter storm could be an issue we attempted to call JetBlue all day on the 25th. We never reached an actual person. When we called the main desk at the Salt Lake City airport, we were told that we had to come into the airport to be able to change our flight (which had been cancelled by this point). We drove 2 hours to the airport, cutting short a visit with my son.

When we arrived at the JetBlue counter we were very rudely told there was a 5 day wait for a flight into NYC and there were no flights available to D.C., Boston or other areas of the Northeast for at least as many days. The employee at the counter told us it was our "fault we couldn't get a flight" because we had waited too long to change our flight and that "everyone else had called in much earlier". Obviously I was outraged since we had been trying to call JetBlue for over 10 hours at this point and were given incorrect information when we called the airport.

They clearly did not believe us, said there was nothing they could do other than refund our flight, and said that they could not change us to a flight on another airline. I understand that their jobs are trying, particularly on days when there are delays. However, how could they possible outright blame us and act rudely to paying customers who are just as frustrated as they are? We booked a flight on Delta and got home 2 days late, rather than 5. I'm flying to Salt Lake again tomorrow and I didn't even look at JetBlue's rates. Once my favorite airline, I won't be flying JetBlue again.

The rudest customer service ever
By -

On December 16 I reserved online for a business trip from Boston to the Bay Area, which I fly frequently. I had to leave the office, and when I came back several hours later I found emails from contacts pointing out that I had clicked on the wrong week for the return. I immediately called JetBlue. First the person answering the telephone refused to let me speak to a supervisor after telling me that I was out of luck. When I finally got to the supervisor I asked that the call be recorded but I don't know if it was. The supervisor started a monotone repeating over and over that unlike other airlines, JetBlue has a four hour cancellation policy.

Every time I tried to say something, she spoke over me, continuing to repeat herself. I was not allowed to talk. I then was forced to raise my voice to ask if she would do me the basic courtesy of allowing me to speak. She would not allow me to have a conversation with her and she said since I raised my voice in trying to get in a word, I was being abusive and she was hanging up. She would not give me any contact information.

It may be that JetBlue trains its personnel to act like four years old by repeating a mantra endlessly to prevent any real conversation with a customer. It did seem intentional. This person had absolutely no interest in listening to me; just getting rid of me.

I would love to be able to have some recourse but of course, there is no contact information to be found, only the same old customer service number which I will not call again for more abuse. I would like to have this complaint emailed on to SOMEONE in AUTHORITY at JetBlue but of course their email address is a major secret. The basic attitude is take it or leave it. I will now leave it, and so will anyone I work with. What has happened to this country? I have been a businessperson for 35 years and I am aghast at the complete arrogance and indifference of customer service people such as this one.

JetBlue Ticket/check-in Agents Downright Abusive
By -

I was checking in the airport on a vacation back from California with a friend. I went to the desk to fill out my luggage tags, etc. The woman behind the desk did not greet me or anything and the first thing she said to me was "hurry up" in regards to my filling out my luggage tags. I wrote out my luggage tags as fast as I knew how to do but nevertheless by the time I was done she was absolutely irate with me over how long it took (which was a maximum of 5 minutes) and was yelling at me (I hadn't said a word to her up to that point, as I was just trying to fill out my tags as fast as possible).

it was at that point that my friend appeared beside me, after checking her own bags in at another desk. She firmly but calmly said to the woman behind the counter "please have some patience." That was when the woman really went off and ranted to my friend (as if I were not there) that I was holding up the line and continued with a few dehumanizing slurs about me. I was on the verge of tears and she continued to scream, "you'd better learn some manners missy," (and that's the nice version of what she really said) while another desk agent had come over and said I was lucky I wasn't being arrested (don't you have to do something illegal in order to be arrested?

I didn't know taking longer than ideal to fill out luggage tags fell into that category. Is being on the verge of tears, almost shaking, while someone who's supposed to be attending to customer service is screaming in your face when you've done nothing to provoke them?). At that point my friend and I just walked away, severely shaken, but knowing that we were being the bigger people there.

When I mentioned the incident to family members when I got home, they agreed on the notion that these two people were just plain bullies and on a huge power trip, and that they probably saw me and my friend as very easy targets, as we're both timid, soft-spoken twenty something women who look years younger than our ages (in other words, not high-powered world travelers). Needless to say, my friend and I will never be travelling JetBlue again.

Worst Customer Service!!!
By -

RUDE, ARROGANT, POORLY TRAINED CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF!!! Extremely LONG wait time on phone, and they do not resolve ANYTHING. Instead, they bounce you around from agent to agent and then to a supervisor who will do nothing more than credit you a measly $50 that you have to USE to FUTURE travel only!! How arrogant of them to expect you to use a credit for future travel with THEM - when they ruin your travel experience to begin with?!

I was a very frequent flier with JetBlue until NOW. I booked a trip to Miami last summer and decided to go along and book a package which would include a cruise, hotel stay, and airfare altogether. The day of my trip arrives and it turns out I have NO seats (my boyfriend and I) on the plane!! We had been charged the extra $50 for more legroom which I was told was going to be complimentary but had NO seat anyway. It took them 20 minutes to figure out what was going on, and another 20 minutes to find us seats! I was terribly annoyed but had never encountered a problem and decided to brush it off.

Once we got to the hotel we realized that our room reservation was messed up as well! We had reserved a JUNIOR ONE BEDROOM SUITE and were put in a regular room after paying for the more expensive room! After being put on hold for hours on the phone in the hotel lobby, the concierge felt bad and issued us a complimentary upgrade to the room we were supposed to get in the first place! JetBlue did nothing but apologize and act as if they didn't know "how this could've happened, but they would review the phone call transcripts and get back to us in 7 business days." Yeah sure, get back to me once my vacation is over. That'll help.

Horrible experience and that was only the tip of the iceberg! They did the same exact thing AGAIN this summer when I decided to give them another chance and trust them when booking a trip to Vegas. Again, NO seats, no show tickets (which were promised with the hotel reservation), NO shuttle bus transportation (which was PREPAID).

It took me 2 days to get a hold of them, 9 hours of hold time TOTAL, a whole lot of aggravation, rude agents, and all I got were 2 measly $50 vouchers to use only for FUTURE travel with... JETBLUE! Awful... Awful... AWFUL company. Spend a little extra and travel with a more reputable company. The time you will have to invest if you dare encounter any issue is just NOT worth it. I wish I would have read these reviews before booking with them again!

Poor response on delay and baggage destroy
By -

May 10th 11:30: DC,DULLES AIRPORT. The 1304 was supposed to depart at 10:57. We four were supposed to transfer the flight to Shanghai departing at 4:30 P.M. 1304 was delayed. We worried and explained our situation to the staff. Staff at front desk said: "We guarantee that the flight will departure at 12:30". Unfortunately, she guaranteed what she could not guarantee. The delay was repeated once and once again. People were busy fixing the airplane for hours. The flight finally departed at 4:00 pm and the delay was five hours. We missed our flight back to Shanghai. Stuff at the front desk denied our claim for the compensation of our stay at NY.

May 10th 4:30 JFK AIRPORT. When claiming for our bags, we found that one of our piggy bag was destroyed. The trolley and the area around the trolley of the bag were severely broken. Jet blue staff at and baggage office declined our compensation claim, said according to the politics of Jet blue, broken trolley of piggy bags were not supposed to be covered in the compensation.

After calling again and again, they gave us the hotel compensation at JFK. We explained about our situation to the supervisor (we remember his name): Four people, have to stand by or reschedule our flight, have to stay at JFK for at least two more nights. When checking in at JFK INT HOTEL, we found that he gave us four people (3 ladies and 1 gentleman and professor over 65, who are not family members) only one two-bed room without any explanation or asking.

May 10th evening to the midnight JFK INT HOTEL. We called the number for complain and it did not work out anything. We also called our fight company. For reschedule or stand by for our next flight two days later, we have to pay more than 900 $ per person. This is our terrible experience with Jet Blue.

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