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By -

INTERNET -- I live in Los Angeles where there are numerous Targets and Walmarts. There are only a few Kmarts and Sears within Los Angeles city limits. About a month ago, I was looking for the XBOX 360 Kinect. This product was sold out everywhere, and through a kinect tracker, I got lucky and saw that was selling it for $149.99. I ordered it online, chose "pick up at store", and chose one of the locations in Los Angeles. After I clicked "Submit order", the receipt told me to pick up my product at a Kmart in Phoenix, AZ!

This was obviously an error due to their computer system, so I immediately called the customer service hotline, and have called about 15 times in a 1 1/2 week period sometimes twice a day. I kept getting the same excuses from the customer service representatives that they were unable to cancel my order because "our system is down", and "we cannot cancel an online order at this stage that is processing" (I got this response about 15 minutes after placing the order!). I also got a few "we put a request with the offline team to cancel this order".

I'd say out of the 15 times I called, I only got 2 American people and the rest were all overseas (Philippines or Mexico) people who were obviously reading from a prompter. I even had one who tried to tell me that the error was on my part during ordering. One of the American customer service reps told me to call the actual store where the item was supposed to be picked up. I tried the phone number on the receipt a few times, and the phone number was disconnected!

Using Google, I searched for the store address and found a current phone number. When I called and spoke to a sales representative there, they told me: 1) It is not a Kmart store, it is a Sears Outlet store and 2) They don't sell any sort of electronics there, especially the XBOX 360 Kinect.

I called the customer service reps again after finding out this information and told them what the sales representative had told me, and they still couldn't cancel my order. I told them even if I was willing to drive to Arizona which is 6 hours away, the store isn't even a Kmart that sells the item! After this last piece of information, I filed a complaint with the FTC regarding Kmart's deceptive practices.

During the 2 weeks time all this was happening, the charge was still "pending" on my credit card, and thankfully my credit card company told me that within 10 business days the charge would either have to clear or the credit card company would force it to drop off. Thankfully my credit card company forced it to drop off as of last week. What's funny is after they forced it to drop off, I got an email from Kmart telling me that I have not picked up my order and need to pick it up.

After this incident, now I know why Sears and Kmart are losing money - they're customer service and return policies stink! A lot of stores have excellent return and refund policies, especially when it's an obvious error like my situation, but Kmart's business practices are completely draconian and they do not care about the consumer. Go online and you will see numerous consumer complaints like mine. I even tried to write to the Vice-President of Online Marketing (based on the name, it sounded like someone from overseas) regarding my situation and all I got was a form letter telling me they couldn't cancel my order at the processing stage.

KMart and Sears, I give you about 3 years max before all your stores close down from your crappy service!

Online Layaway (Joke)
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I placed an order like I normally do every yr, but decided I would do a layaway this time. The shoes were buy 1 get 1 free. After finding out 1 of them were wrong size I wanted to change size. Representative told me no, nothing would be done and also the Bogo credit was not showing accurately for shoes.

The representative was very non empathetic, and told me no, she would not remove them. I would have to pay them out and then return them! I told her that was absurd. I just placed order, had made no payment yet. "So you won't help me? I will cancel order and will never deal with you again." She said it cost 15.00 to cancel it, never once apologized for system not giving me credit. Ultimately I will never order from them again. I have ordered from Kmart for yrs so this type of C R A P is why you lose good customers. Stay away.

Very unhappy, will never shop with K-Mart again
By -

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY -- Attached is the email I just sent Corporate headquarters! You want to know if I am happy or not with my experience, no I am not at all happy, In fact I wanted to let you know that I will never ever do business with Kmart again and will post on my Facebook page to warn my friends as well.

Apparently you "system" has been down since Friday! I have been trying since I placed this order to cancel it. I am repeatedly told that I should call back because the system is down and they can't look at the order. Then I finally get a hold of someone through chat yesterday who assured me that the order would be cancelled and not shipped. I have attached a screen shot showing that. He advised that I would get an email as soon as it is cancelled. When I had not rec'd a response this afternoon I sent an email asking for a response. I rec'd none! So i got back on chat with **.

I was assured by him that I would receive an order cancellation confirmation "within the hour". When two hours later that had not arrived I called. Since then I had rec'd an email just like the one below that indicated CONGRATULATIONS YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED, AREN'T YOU JUST SOOOOO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! I spoke with a lady who said she could not help me because guess what??? The system is down, she escalated the call per my request to a supervisor, who was very unhelpful. Didn't agree to call me back or say that anything could be done or anything. Just kept saying, "sorry system is down, keep trying us back", "we can discuss what at that time we can do for you".

I plan to send this same email to corporate headquarters and expect a response and compensation of cash back to cover the shipping fees at the very least. No I do not want a gift card, as I stated above, I do not ever plan on shopping with Kmart again. You have lost a customer, and more if I can help it.

Don't Order Online!!!
By -

MICHIGAN -- I ordered 3 items from Kmart. They never told me the order was cancelled and when I called, after I hadn't gotten the delivery, they told me my order had been cancelled (I was not notified) and the reason was they were out of stock. They sure managed to take my money from my bank and they haven't returned it!! I paid by ebill me.

Then today I look online and they are offering the same product for a more expensive price. Funny how they have it now that they've raised the price!! This is bait and switch and I will be reporting them and seeing a lawyer if my money is not returned to my bank account. What a bunch of liars and thieves. Never again will I fall for their scam again. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is not true in this case. You get nothing!!! And they take your money. Don't order from this company!!!

Do Not Make Online Purchases W/ Kmart Or Sears!
By -

LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON -- I have had the absolute WORST experience with an online order... Kmart has failed and continues to fail in every possible way. It's ridiculous! I ordered an item on 11/26, received the wrong item on 12/4 and it's been a nightmare since. First of all, if you call the 800 customer service number, they can't help you because they have to transfer you to their ONLINE people (they should train customer service people in all areas). I have spoken with many of the online people and many are new and have no idea what they're talking about. The first woman I spoke with said she exchange my item and send out a call tag for the wrong item I had.

Turns out that's not how it's done! You have to re-order the NEW item (if it's even in stock which my item was not and the first person I spoke with neglected to tell me this or any info. for that matter). That means you have to spend DOUBLE the money for 1 item, and wait who knows how long (it's been 3 weeks for me) to get your money back for the FIRST item!!! Long story short... I no longer have any item (even the WRONG item) because I sent it back, and I still do not have my MONEY back either.

Kmart/Sears I feel they are an older company and the reason why they're not doing well is because they have not grown fast enough to set up a good solid online system. I would NEVER recommend ordering from them!!! I have been ordering things online for nearly 10 years and NEVER has this happened to me.

Oh, and PS when you speak with the online people and they put you on "hold" but there's no music - they're actually putting you on MUTE so you can't hear what they're saying/doing, but they can hear you - common trick -when they do this, ask them to actually put you on hold - it'll get you faster service. (Because they get in trouble if they put you on HOLD too long, but if they put you on mute - it still looks like they're talking to you).

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