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La-Z-Boy Incorporated
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La-Z-Boy Will Not Honor Their Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

MONROE, MICHIGAN -- The mechanism on both of my "wall-hugger" recliner/rockers, purchased in the late 70's is broken. A while back I went to the local La-Z-Boy store, and the person I spoke to, who's no longer working there, informed me that in California, 'lifetime' means 7 years. I was surprised to hear him say that, as its in direct contradiction with what's written on my warranty.

Here are the exact words on the Warranty (paragraph 1, emphasis mine): "Lifetime Warranty on all parts of the patented metal mechanism applicable to all owners of this chair. 'Lifetime' means the useful life of the chair as determined by the user. La-Z-Boy Chair Company will, within 60 days of notice of a claim under this warranty, repair or at its option replace any of the above-mentioned parts".

It's important to note that paragraph 2 of the warranty talks about the 2 year warranty to the original owner on the wood frame with possession of the dated receipt. Clearly a receipt is not required for a claim under paragraph 1, otherwise it would have explicitly stated as it was in paragraph 2. Sometime in the mid-90'€™s I had a problem with the chair and took it to a La-Z-Boy store. They too were amused over the warranty. Fortunately, they had a technician who was about to retire that was also a packrat and had the parts needed to fix the chair. Everyone left happy. Recently the chairs became recalcitrant again, so I contacted La-Z-Boy last spring.

Fast forward to 2011. When I contacted the La-Z-Boy factory CS agent, she insisted I needed the original receipt. However, the warranty clearly says "any owner" and "lifetime defined by the owner". They hadn't actually seen the warranty, so I sent them a copy. After seeing it, they promptly called me letting me know that they WOULD indeed fix both chairs. Nice! They sent a tech out, who took photographs, identified the parts, and tried to order them. A few weeks later I received a call saying the factory would send me the parts they had.

At some point later (prior to receiving the repair parts) I received a call from a different agent who said that "...our 'expert' looked at the photographs and the part that needs to be replaced is part of the wood frame and hence not covered". I found this to be very odd. How can a metal moving part not be a part of the mechanism? After some negotiations, she admitted that the replacement parts needed were no longer in stock, but that they would send the parts that they did have.

When the parts arrived, the technician came back out and immediately identified that the sent parts were inadequate and irrelevant. Upon a direct phone call (in presence of the technician) with Michigan customer service, I was again told that I needed the original receipt for them to do anything. Curious but true. We've come full circle. I then went to the (new) manager of the local La-Z-Boy store, who said, after reading the warranty, said that he would call his contact at the factory in Michigan. A week or so later he came back with their "final" verbal offer - a 50% discount on any new chair(s) up to $500 max. I fail to see why getting new functional chairs should cost me anything.

I disagree with La-Z-Boy on this solution, since their warranty clearly states that they will "repair or replace". It doesn't say anything about a discount. I can understand the conundrum- the replacement parts are apparently no longer easily available, and it's probably impractical to replace the entire mechanism with a newer version. But to be honest, that's not my problem. The lifetime warranty is pretty clear. If the mechanism cannot be repaired then the only other option is replacement in whatever form that takes.

We purchased additional La-Z-Boy furniture when we moved to our present home and have been happy with all our purchases until now. I was about to take this to small claims court, but at the suggestion of my daughter and a good friend at Consumer Reports, I will try one more time to resolve the issue directly. I would like to continue to enjoy the chairs (or equivalent ones) that have been in my family for almost 30 years.

LA-Z-BOY quality has gone DOWN HILL
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- From LA-Z-Boy website: The comfort and durability of La-Z-Boy recliners have made them the perfect choice for generations. Get product details for our stylish and durable reclining chairs, power recliners, lift chairs and more. Available in leather and vibrant fabrics with eco-friendly cushion options. I say - NOT!!!! At least not anymore!

We purchased two La-Z-Boy recliners in March of 1999. They performed incredibly well; we are still using them today and we had one repair, both chairs, of the ratchet assembly that holds the footrest up. This repair was performed after the chairs were over 10 years old. This is what I have come to expect from recliners that are relatively expensive.

HOWEVER – The quality & durability of two La-Z-Boy recliners that I purchased in Oct 2010 are pathetic in comparison. Both chairs have had to have the seating area replaced (Seat chaise is what they call it). One was replaced in June 2011, under warranty – that chair also had to have the ratchet & pawl assembly replaced already(part that failed after 10 years on previous chairs). The other chair that required the seating area to be replaced failed in the Nov-Dec 2011 time period (“out of warranty” by a couple months). It took La-Z-Boy until April 14, 2012 to replace this faulty part and they charged me a trip charge of $70.00 since it “was out of warranty”

When I complained to the La-Z-Boy Corporate Office, ** in Customer Relations in Monroe MI, he said that I bought it from an independent store – even though the store carries a La-Z-Boy name (they are Furniture Galleries of Atlanta); so I would need to contact them. When I called La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Atlanta to express my discontent, after speaking with a guy in Service and his boss the Operations Manager, I was told: I already received a $ 40.00 discount on delivery; I still paid $70.00 for delivery – actually that was negotiated at the time of sale in order for them to Win the sale. The two chairs cost me over $1,500.00.

Also, they ‘kindly' waived the labor charge for this out of warranty repair and only charged me $70.00 for the trip charge. I still paid $70.00 out of pocket for the repair. Because of these concessions, they said there was nothing they could do for me. We have only two adults living here, both retired and we have no pets. Additionally, I'm sorry to say I recommended that my wife's sister buy two recliners at the same time, that are equally pathetic; she also paid over $1,500 and has the same kind of quality problems.

These chairs did not hold up and I feel they DO NOT meet the criteria for merchantability and thus do not meet Implied Warranty as defined by Federal law and they do not meet the standards espoused on La-Z-Boy's own web site. They failed prematurely!! I am seriously considering taking them to Small Claims Court.

La-Z-Boy Has Changed Their Recliners
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Rating: 2/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- LA-Z-Boy was THE recliner to buy in years past. I bought a new one in 2011 and the quality is nowhere near the quality of the older chairs. A repair tech told me the company replaced the foam in the chairs with poly. The poly compacts leaving a hard surface. I've had the back replaced x 2 and the chair is still very uncomfortable.

Another repair tech told me there is still foam in a few of their chairs but the foam is not the same quality because foam is petroleum based. I love La-Z-Boy recliners because of the multiple positions I can use but I'm afraid I'm going to switch to another brand. I do not want to spend $1000.00 plus dollars every year or 2 for a chair. The mechanism in the chair has also been replaced. A friend sat in my chair and said it was comfortable but about 10 minutes later he said this chair isn't very comfortable and the seat has gotten hard. I will say the local store was very helpful but the chair is still very uncomfortable. I'm giving up LA-Z-Boy after about 30 years of sitting in them.

Really Bad Furniture
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I started with one recliner that after constantly having to have cushions replaced due to the mechanism making holes in it & they kept breaking down within 3 months the company decided I should get a different chair. Great I do that & like the first chair I pay extra for added spring for support & once again they want me to pay for another fabric warranty & pick up & delivery which I refused to pay for since it was there idea I replace the piece they deemed defective. I won that round. The second chair came with huge gaps between the back of the chair & seat so your fanny fell into a hole & the padding & cushioning was far less than the show room model.

Went to the showroom immediately to complain & was told wait a while you have a year. This got worse quickly, I had to pay $70.00 to have a tech come out & tell me the chair was not made correctly, however it could be fixed. The next thing I hear is the chair (Todd Oldham design) was discontinued because they were badly designed so they could not repair it. I was told go pick out yet another chair.

Did that & again paid for springs & when it came in I was asked to come to the service department to make sure the springs were in correctly. First thing was the fabric the sales person said was the correct fabric for this chair had a np on it & the cushion was not only badly made the nap was running from side to side & not from front to back so it looked like a totally different color. So much for quality control.

Now the chair will not recline unless you have someone pushing the back down due to the "correct type of fabric" was keeping the chair from freely reclining. What is the point of buying a recliner that does not recline. After refusing to accept the chair the factory representative finally shows up & says it is made to specs, great it's made to specs but does not work. This took over 4 months for them to determine. I called them twice a week every week to complain & demand a full refund. They tried stall tactics but after I threatened them with legal action & threatening to call the TV stations, consumers affairs dept & the BBB I got a full refund it only took me 3 years but

I did get it. It is a shame that a person has to go through all this mess to be told we no longer put springs in our furniture & we no longer use the good foam for our cushions & the now high density foam cushions you are being charged an arm & leg for is really an 1/8" piece of what they call high density foam over the super cheap crappy foam they now use. RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY - DO NOT BUY A THING FROM THEM IT IS ALL JUNK & WAY OVER PRICED FOR WHAT YOU GET.

Product Not Worth Price, Time Or Energy.
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been waiting 4 years for my disability claim to be approved, so I would have the money for a well built chair, I have a back injury & I so wanted a recliner but wanted a name brand that I thought would stand behind their product. I have made such an enormous mistake here. You know those trucks on the side of the road that sell recliners, that is where this chair belongs along with my salesperson & the store manager.

When the chair is reclined the back pushes into the floor with such force a sheet of paper can't be shoved in there. Maintenance guy said higher base legs are optional so I would have to pay. I have only had the chair for a little over a month. The chair arms are already flat as is the seat. The whole frame is unstable & the footrest wobbles.
please shop around before you even think about going into a La-Z-Boy store. No service after the sale & unconcerned manager. This guy had me shaking I was so mad. He could have cared less if we were dissatisfied. My salesperson huge, huge disappointment.

Poor Craftsmanship... La-Z-Boy Could Care Less
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Rating: 2/51

ROUN ROCK, TEXAS -- Last Week: La-Z-boy Furniture has the opportunity to do the right thing today... La-Z-boy has drastically changed the quality of their materials (they have gone from wood planks and steel to plywood and plastic) and as a result the frame and other parts have failed! They want to charge me $400 in labor ($100 a hour!!!!!) for their failure. I will let you know if they decide to do the right thing... To be continued.

This Week: Hear is an update for you... La-Z-Boy Corporate denied any culpability or responsibility for their crappy plywood and plastic parts failing. La-Z-Boy is charging me $100 per hour (ridiculous; even licensed technicians or union auto workers don't get paid that amount) for their faulty craftsmanship and parts failing. La-Z-Boy is benefiting from the fact that the products they are putting out are lower quality than before because they are profiting off the "warranty" repairs. Do NOT Buy a piece of crap La-Z-Boy anything!

This Week: Talked to the La-Z-Boy Corp. office. Will not allow me to discuss the problem with an actual customer care person. They claim it is a local problem. Local La-Z-Boy claims it is a corporate policy/issue… No Accountability… Lack of Quality… Couldn't Care Less… Customer gets screwed.

La-Z-Boy Customer Service Let Down!
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA -- I splurged & bought what I thought was a nice 2-piece La-Z-Boy recliner with ottoman. Within a few months the material began to wear & come apart at seams. Then one day a spring broke in the seat. I had bought the warranty so I got in touch with their customer service after much spinning around & being passed from department to department. I just wanted a spring replacement.

When I finally got hold of someone, she was very indignant when she found I was still sitting in the chair. She said they would not replace the spring because she didn't know what all I had been doing to the chair, & it wasn't due to their fault. So, for the price of maybe a $40 part I've sworn off La-Z-Boy & I tell everyone I know what terrible service they have, & definitely not to ever ever ever ever get their extended warranty!

Purchased Brand New Broken Recliner
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Rating: 1/51

MESA, ARIZONA -- On July 25, 2012 we purchased a brand new La-Z-Boy Recliner. We spent extra to have the fabric coated with Ultra Shield. We received the Recliner on July 28, 2012. Chair was usable except it would not fully recline. The store where the purchase was made required us to contact customer service. On 08/13/12 Customer Service was notified. On 08/17/12 Customer service representative check out the chair. The Service representative informed us that the chair's Roller Carriage was twisted and the RSS Arm frame was damaged, and two angle stops did not work.

We were informed that it would take at least four weeks to get the parts for repair. Four weeks latter, on 09/17/12 we had to call and leave a voice mail message. Several hours latter we received a call from from Customer Service informing us that they could not repair the chair until 10/22/12. If their customer service is indicative of their warranty work, I certainly have concerns about the work to be done.

Bait & Switch: Beware all Veterans and residents of NM
By -

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, NEW MEXICO -- Bait and Switch and attempted theft!!! BEWARE all Veterans and residents of NM: if your delivered furniture has no warranty tags attached to your furniture at the time of delivery, it is USED furniture, and is a showroom model that should have been heavily discounted and sold as a clearance item. According to the terms in the back of their invoice, “Backroom” labeled furniture is used furniture and NOT covered under the La-z-Boy 1-year warranty!

Close your business and move out of Albuquerque, we don't need anymore shady business people in New Mexico. You harmed a Vietnam Veteran and La-z-Boy has been reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We noted there are other, unresolved complaints listed with the BBB, and La-z-Boy has a “0” trust rating.

A salesman named ** sold us BRAND NEW leather chairs at the 5004 San Mateo NE location. What was delivered was one new chair and one very used, discolored chair. We tried to resolve this with them by phone. ** excuse is the chair in question had been "returned to the warehouse". He refused to confess the chair was used, a floor model or some other issue accounted for the serious wear and tear on the item.

This is bait and switch and is simply an attempted fraud, which they refused to correct. Then if this wasn't enough, and after promising us a full refund, they sent delivery guys out to pick up the used chair and the one new chair and tried to collect a delivery fee of almost $100 with tax for returning their bait and switch products back to the warehouse!

Long story short is DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people, they are crooked and now the Police Department knows about it. Not only did they try to rob us with giving us used goods, they tried to steal money off the return credit to a credit card. The end result is ALBUQUERQUE POLICE REPORT# **. That's right, and if La-z-Boy doesn't like that then have your lawyer call me, we have tapes, photos and documentation to take you in front of the judge if necessary, and we are mad enough to do it.

La-z-Boy advertised 10 – 40% off new furniture, but the Store Manager refused to discount the used chair as a clearance item, when we brought it to his attention. If I wanted used furniture without a warranty, I would have purchased the chairs on Craigslist. You ruined our holiday season, our first one in NM, and now the word of mouth is going to travel fast. We stand by this complaint and its not going away, no matter what you do.

Don't Buy from them
By -

WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a sectional recliner for my parents who are in their 70's and do not have all their faculties. I paid for the product upfront before delivery. The product was delivered to my parents house who let the delivery guy set up the sectional and they signed the paperwork acknowledging acceptance although they NEVER tried the product nor were they showed how the recliners worked.

A day later they tried using the 2 recliners and they did not work. One did not open fully and had to be pulled open by hand and the other did open but fell down when you put your feet on it. Also the 4 pieces did NOT connect, as they were placed next to one another without being attached. I called the company 2 days later to inform them of the problem. I was told since my parents singed the acceptance paperwork all they could do was to try to repair the product. A service tech came a week later and could NOT repair the recliners nor could he attach the sections because the pieces were not aligned properly.

I spoke to him via the telephone as live in another sate and he said" a new couch should be delivered" as he could not fix this one. The service tech delivered his paperwork to his boss and I now find that they want to order attachment pieces to re drill holes in the couch to make the pieces connect. Also there was NO indication on how they were going to fix the recliners. I told the service department that I wanted a new couch delivered as this one was defective from the start.

I was told two disparaging comments from ** from the service department. The first was" my parents need to be educated on how to use the product" the second was that"our store policy is not to replace the product but to repair it" Well when you deliver a product that does not work and you take advantage of OLD PEOPLE who are trusting I find this disgusting and am very irate. I told Lazy boy that they could come and pick up this couch and I wanted a full refund. They told me NO that they would not do such and they would try and repair it again.

I told them that I am going to cancel the charge on my credit card since the product delivered and totally defective. I was told by ** in customer service that she would reject my charge back when the credit card company called and said it was doing this out of "SPITE". NEVER EVER buy a product from this company. Check all the other complaints about them.

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