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Poor Quality Recliner, Poor Service, Non-Responsive
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- The chair I thought I was ordering was identical to the one I was sitting in on the show room floor; lots of options not explained by the sales rep, until you complain about the quality of the chair delivered. It only took four weeks for a response, four or five phone calls and several emails later. The chair is not as firm or as sturdy as the one in the showroom; apparently there are "upgrades" or a method to sell you a more expensive chair not on sale.

The chair I purchased was $1,400 with a useless 5-year warranty. Ticket **. Purchased at 10900 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, Virginia. I have requested four times to be removed from this sales list. I got ripped off on a poor quality chair and very poor non-responsive service. I will never buy another product from La-Z-Boy. Even sent a letters to your ad agency and your spokesperson; Brooke Shields.

So each time I receive one of these emails I will add the name of the person who sold me the chair, the name of the store and the sentence about poor quality, very poor service and email it to the now 1,536 names in my address book, the more than 2,200 emails (will add the address of the ad agency and Brooke Shields to each email sent) in my company address book and ask each of them to spread the word on the poor quality of the La-Z-Boy chairs and the very poor service from the Fairfax store. We don't need a permit to protest in Virginia or Fairfax County. So you keep sending these email, you are getting a lot of free publicity.

Poor quality even poorer customer service
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Rating: 1/51

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Bought in August 2014 a $2000.00 recliner. It broke/collapsed to one side 17 months later. Was told at the time of purchase ANYTHING goes wrong they will fix it. Emailed them got no response. Called customer service and was told they would come out for $109.00. They're telling me I have to pay for their inattentiveness to quality of their product. Seriously, do they even know what customer service is or standing behind their product? My chair should last years before having problems not months. Will never buy from them again, especially, after seeing so many complaints from other websites.

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Rating: 3/51

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- My wife had part of her foot amputated and needs a powered recliner. Unfortunately I didn't do any research. I just went to La-Z-Boy and bought a top of the line recliner. About 8 months later it quit working. When I moved the chair there were a bunch of broken plastic parts under it. I tipped it over and found it hard to believe anyone would use plastic parts on the drive mechanism for a recliner. Every plastic part is broken. I took it back and told about my wife.

They told me it would be fixed in one week. I called them back after a week and they told me it will be at least another week to 10 day. They have 4 technicians working there and I may get my chair back in 3 weeks. If you are looking for GOOD recliner do yourself a favor and don't buy La-Z-Boy. The people are great but what used to be a good product is not worth owning.

Power Recliner Rocker Making Loud Noise When Extending the Footrest
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Purchased power recliner and extended warranty and 80.00 for delivery and set up. Chair was not set up correctly and that caused damage to the chair... they did fix it but it took over month and chair was making loud noise when extending the footrest. They sent representative out twice, both times it took weeks to get someone here and he claims it's normal... the way he treated our furniture was awful. Very abusive and manhandles it to the point nearly tossed him and the chair out. Know he was showing me how strong the chair is. But do it on someone else's chair, not MINE! That just paid 1500.00 dollars for.

After reporting this to the BBB am scheduled to have the big dawg out and that again is taking several weeks... am done, the chair is of poor quality. The material/workmanship of the padding is shifting and looking awful. The chair looks like it belongs in the dump... My wife has hospice coming, she is very sick and that is why we purchased the chair so I could sit/sleep next to her if needed.

Our pastor came out and used the chair and seen how loud it was and sent man out to fix it. That same day someone from the church came out and fixed the chair. He said it was poor assembly and they didn't wax the wooden rockers and the finish on the bottom rocker was sticking to the upper rocker that was bare wood and should have been waxed... it was not. He put wax on those two parts and it's working great... La-Z-Boy is very poor company and does not hold true to their warranty.

Recliner. Padding!? Mostly Wood. That's All You Can Feel When You Try to Sit in a Different Position.
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Rating: 1/51

LATHAM, NEW YORK -- I will never buy from La-Z-Boy chair company again and I certainly have every intention of letting everybody know that. I went to a sales representative a week later and spoke with her about the quality of the chair and how I was disappointed and that I would like to exchange it for a better chair and her answer was, "I am sorry. I cannot help you with this unfortunately." Enough said.

Misrepresentation, poor quality, satisfaction guarantee is a farce,
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Rating: 1/51

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- June 2014 we purchased 3 Rowan Recliners, 2 with the power XR, and all 3 custom fabric with memory foam cushions. Over $3500.00 for all three chairs. Before buying we went to the La-Z-Boy website to read about the products. In their video and brochure, it is clearly stated that the functions of the foot rest and back rest function separately, independent of each other. The diagram on the remote control shows the leg rest in upward position.

The button for the back rest is separate and shows the leg rest straight with the back reclining. There is another button for using leg rest and back rest together. But, they do not work independently. When the leg rest is about half way in the upward position, the back starts to recline. The diagram shows the sides of the chair remaining parallel to the floor during these functions. The sides actually angle backward. There is no way to extend the leg rest into full parallel position with out the back rest reclining. The service Rep. explained that this is because the whole chair body moves at that point.

When we visited the store to try out the various chairs no one ever told us that full extension of the leg rest is not possible without the back going into recline. In the store the chairs are lined up, back to back. We didn't ask to have the chairs moved out in the isles so I could fully extend the chair. Had I done that I would have immediately known that these chairs are not what I can sit in. I have lower back problems and sit with my legs up parallel to the floor and my back straight. I can not sit more than a few seconds with my feet high and my lower body reclining lower than my feet. We have purchased 8 La-Z-Boy chairs over the years.

They have all been the manual side handle control function, with independent functioning. No one offered a hint that these chair functions were completely different during our 2 visits to the store in 6 days. We did try to recline one of them on the other side of the showroom that was free standing. We knocked over the glass book shelving behind it when it started to recline. Luckily no one was hurt. The store manager asked, "Didn't you see the bookcase behind the chair?" There are 2 matching chairs in a room with a table between them. There is a seam sewn on the back cushion of the chair horizontal about half way up the cushion.

We think it should be straight across, not a 1 1/2" difference in height from left to right so it appears at an angle. The La-Z-Boy customer service representative came out to examine the 2 chairs 10 days after our initial complaint. He did eventually admit to us although he wouldn't put it in writing that to fully raise the leg rest the chair has to recline because the whole body of the chair moves backward. The La-Z-Boy service representative said the variation in stitching was perfectly acceptable. He did offer to put more stuffing on one side as an attempt to cover it up, which meant the back upper cushion would be fuller and stiffer on one side.

We didn't accept his offer. He did tell us we could contact the store for further explanation. We did and they told us the same thing they had when we first complained. "you have to call Customer Service." They have now responded to our complaint review on another website that they offered a resolution which we did not accept therefore they have done what they can. On to the variation in style. The other chair is a different fabric at another house. The back cushion is higher at the head than the other 2. The cushion stuffing is softer in the back and the top of the back cushion is slightly rounded at the top.

It is not remote controlled and apparently the memory foam we paid extra for is softer batch by batch? I posted a complaint on another website which La-Z-Boy responding the next day Ya-da-Ya-da. Someone will gladly contact us to work with us and the store to resolve the issues. It has been 4 weeks since their response. Last week, received a phone call with a pre-recorded message asking us to stop by the store to pick up a complimentary crystal vase. They can't mail it to us? La-z boy does not honor the customer satisfaction guarantee, the workmanship is not acceptable and once they have your money they could care less.

Before you prepay for your merchandise which is supposed to be delivered in 6-8 weeks, you must sign the fine print with verbal reassurance from the sales people that if any problem will be dealt with to our satisfaction. They stand by their reputation. If you don't sign they can not place the order. Perhaps a small point. Their 6-8 weeks is actually about 15 weeks. La-Z-Boy stands by its name, "LAZY".

La-Z-Boy Will Not Honor Their Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

MONROE, MICHIGAN -- The mechanism on both of my "wall-hugger" recliner/rockers, purchased in the late 70's is broken. A while back I went to the local La-Z-Boy store, and the person I spoke to, who's no longer working there, informed me that in California, 'lifetime' means 7 years. I was surprised to hear him say that, as its in direct contradiction with what's written on my warranty.

Here are the exact words on the Warranty (paragraph 1, emphasis mine): "Lifetime Warranty on all parts of the patented metal mechanism applicable to all owners of this chair. 'Lifetime' means the useful life of the chair as determined by the user. La-Z-Boy Chair Company will, within 60 days of notice of a claim under this warranty, repair or at its option replace any of the above-mentioned parts".

It's important to note that paragraph 2 of the warranty talks about the 2 year warranty to the original owner on the wood frame with possession of the dated receipt. Clearly a receipt is not required for a claim under paragraph 1, otherwise it would have explicitly stated as it was in paragraph 2. Sometime in the mid-90'€™s I had a problem with the chair and took it to a La-Z-Boy store. They too were amused over the warranty. Fortunately, they had a technician who was about to retire that was also a packrat and had the parts needed to fix the chair. Everyone left happy. Recently the chairs became recalcitrant again, so I contacted La-Z-Boy last spring.

Fast forward to 2011. When I contacted the La-Z-Boy factory CS agent, she insisted I needed the original receipt. However, the warranty clearly says "any owner" and "lifetime defined by the owner". They hadn't actually seen the warranty, so I sent them a copy. After seeing it, they promptly called me letting me know that they WOULD indeed fix both chairs. Nice! They sent a tech out, who took photographs, identified the parts, and tried to order them. A few weeks later I received a call saying the factory would send me the parts they had.

At some point later (prior to receiving the repair parts) I received a call from a different agent who said that "...our 'expert' looked at the photographs and the part that needs to be replaced is part of the wood frame and hence not covered". I found this to be very odd. How can a metal moving part not be a part of the mechanism? After some negotiations, she admitted that the replacement parts needed were no longer in stock, but that they would send the parts that they did have.

When the parts arrived, the technician came back out and immediately identified that the sent parts were inadequate and irrelevant. Upon a direct phone call (in presence of the technician) with Michigan customer service, I was again told that I needed the original receipt for them to do anything. Curious but true. We've come full circle. I then went to the (new) manager of the local La-Z-Boy store, who said, after reading the warranty, said that he would call his contact at the factory in Michigan. A week or so later he came back with their "final" verbal offer - a 50% discount on any new chair(s) up to $500 max. I fail to see why getting new functional chairs should cost me anything.

I disagree with La-Z-Boy on this solution, since their warranty clearly states that they will "repair or replace". It doesn't say anything about a discount. I can understand the conundrum- the replacement parts are apparently no longer easily available, and it's probably impractical to replace the entire mechanism with a newer version. But to be honest, that's not my problem. The lifetime warranty is pretty clear. If the mechanism cannot be repaired then the only other option is replacement in whatever form that takes.

We purchased additional La-Z-Boy furniture when we moved to our present home and have been happy with all our purchases until now. I was about to take this to small claims court, but at the suggestion of my daughter and a good friend at Consumer Reports, I will try one more time to resolve the issue directly. I would like to continue to enjoy the chairs (or equivalent ones) that have been in my family for almost 30 years.

Paid $1500+ for 2 Leather Recliners They Looked Terrible Within 1 Year!
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Rating: 1/51

BUFORD, GEORGIA -- We bought 2 leather recliners a leather sofa and two tables a total of around 6,000.00 in January 2011. We paid for an extra $220.00 for the elite care for the leather and anything that could go wrong with the furniture. That is for 5 years. You get one year from La-Z-Boy. In one year the top of my husband chair had started to turn from a dark brown to a mustard yellow and is very hard.

We called La-Z-Boy Customer Service who told us we would have to go through Guardsman. Guardsman would not even come out and look at it, they told us that oils from a person body could change the color of the leather and they would not cover that but if your cat peed on it they would. So we called Customer Care, I told them that now my chair had started to turn the same color on the back. They ask us to send in pictures. We immediately got the an answer of they could not do anything about it because it could be from dust or sunlight, really. They were just coming up with whatever they could.

Finally I was told they could not do anything anyway I would have to call the store we bought it from. I called and spoke to the sales manager by this time it has been a year we have been going back and forth and we are really upset our expensive furniture is very embarrassing. Now he wants pictures we sent them 5 times, to the Mall of Georgia store and ask him to let us know when he received them, he never called. We took a copy to the store two weeks went by, my husband called several times and he was always busy and would not call back.

The final call my husband told the girl that he would like to leave a message that our next step is to get the local TV station to come and see our chairs and, tell them our story and have them come and talk to him about our situation. He immediately called back and told my husband that he had worked something really nice out for us but he did not work well with threats and did not appreciate my husband, leaving that message, with his employee. I know he did not even look at those pictures, he was not going to do anything. When my husband ask him exactly what was he going to do he hung up on him.

We will be going to small claims court I can't just throw away 1500 dollars. I also will call the department of consumer affairs, the Attorney Generals Office, and whoever I need to and maybe I will contact, a couple of my friends that do work at the local TV stations to see who can help us get the word out. Do not buy from La-Z-Boy you will be sorry.

Product Not Worth Price, Time Or Energy.
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been waiting 4 years for my disability claim to be approved, so I would have the money for a well built chair, I have a back injury & I so wanted a recliner but wanted a name brand that I thought would stand behind their product. I have made such an enormous mistake here. You know those trucks on the side of the road that sell recliners, that is where this chair belongs along with my salesperson & the store manager.

When the chair is reclined the back pushes into the floor with such force a sheet of paper can't be shoved in there. Maintenance guy said higher base legs are optional so I would have to pay. I have only had the chair for a little over a month. The chair arms are already flat as is the seat. The whole frame is unstable & the footrest wobbles.

Please shop around before you even think about going into a La-Z-Boy store. No service after the sale & unconcerned manager. This guy had me shaking I was so mad. He could have cared less if we were dissatisfied. My salesperson huge, huge disappointment.

Poor Craftsmanship... La-Z-Boy Could Care Less
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Rating: 2/51

ROUN ROCK, TEXAS -- Last Week: La-Z-boy Furniture has the opportunity to do the right thing today... La-Z-boy has drastically changed the quality of their materials (they have gone from wood planks and steel to plywood and plastic) and as a result the frame and other parts have failed! They want to charge me $400 in labor ($100 a hour!!!!!) for their failure. I will let you know if they decide to do the right thing... To be continued.

This Week: Here is an update for you... La-Z-Boy Corporate denied any culpability or responsibility for their crappy plywood and plastic parts failing. La-Z-Boy is charging me $100 per hour (ridiculous; even licensed technicians or union auto workers don't get paid that amount) for their faulty craftsmanship and parts failing. La-Z-Boy is benefiting from the fact that the products they are putting out are lower quality than before because they are profiting off the "warranty" repairs. Do NOT Buy a piece of crap La-Z-Boy anything!

This Week: Talked to the La-Z-Boy Corp. office. Will not allow me to discuss the problem with an actual customer care person. They claim it is a local problem. Local La-Z-Boy claims it is a corporate policy/issue… No Accountability… Lack of Quality… Couldn't Care Less… Customer gets screwed.

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