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READ ALL before you buy-Thank you everyone!
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SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I moved here in October with a transfer through the military. We had zero furniture as we are newly weds and we were very excited to begin the process of furnishing our new home. So we decided to give Levitz Furniture a try, despite the one bad review on Yahoo.com (I had not seen this site yet, I'm sorry to say.)
We purchased a sofa set at $2000.00 and waited for our delivery set for mid-November. It wasn't but a week later that we received a notice about our delivery date changing to December 8, 2005. I called this week to make sure and now they're saying Jan. 4, 2006.
I called customer service and, you guessed it, no one new a thing. They offered a $175.00 gift certificate for another purchase and I said, "For what? Another 3 month or so wait?" I talked to a Miss Teresa Moore claiming to be Assistant to the President and she said there was nothing she could do but offer the gift or we could pick out another couch in stock or we could cancel the order. When I called back to cancel the order, she refused my call and had a CSR tell me I had to go to the store to cancel the order even though she said she would cancel it if I called back.
I gathered all the information I could before driving to the store and made an appointment with a JAG Lawyer just in case I needed some back up. To shorten the story, we received a full refund on our cancellation (They hired at least one intelligent person)after many attempts on their part to assure us it would PROBABLY only be two weeks until we received the furniture but we weren't going to risk it with all of these reviews!
Thank you to all the others who wrote about their experiences with this company. It just may have been too late if we wouldn't have been able to cancel the order before they delivered it (most likely damaged).
If you're considering Levitz Furniture, Do Your Research and trust your fellow consumers. Levitz is filing bankruptcy according to their Website as part of a restructuring plan, but I will never put my money where there mouth is!
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spiderman2 on 12/05/2005:
I'm glad you got your money back. Good luck furnishing your home!
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Bait and Switch
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WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON -- 1) My husband and I found a leather sofa set that we liked in Bellevue, WA on Dec 10, 2004. We had just moved into a new home and needed to furnish an extra family room. The merchandise was just over $3,000, some of the most expensive items in the store. The salesperson, Dawn Ford, advised us to purchase a leather protection plan. We asked to see the details. She said she could not give us anything in writing that day because Levitz was in the process of switching vendors. She would send it soon, but that it was a very good plan covering any kind of damage… stains, burns, cuts, rips, tears, scratches, scrapes… we said we had a cat with back claws, maybe it would be a good thing. She encouraged us more. So we did it and bought a protection plan for an extra $350+. *LIE #1*

2) Furniture was delivered with some minor damage to the corners. I asked the delivery people to take it back. They said… “you bought the protection plan, right?”… I said I did but I didn’t have any paperwork on it yet. They wrote the 800 number down on a slip of paper for me and said to call them… that they’d cover everything. *LIE 2*

3) I said I might not get to it for a while… new house, holidays, etc. They said no problem. *LIE #3*

4) Finally, I got around to calling the protection number… kids put a scrape on the backside of the sofa… gave me reason to get them out here. It was almost a year later. I had no idea this would be a problem.

5) Following the steps for getting a claim underway, I called the store and spoke with Dawn about getting a copy of that paperwork I had never received. She agreed to send me the details and added, “oh, yeah, they’ll be great about that…. Scratches, scrapes… it should all be covered.” *LIE #4*

6) After receiving the paperwork I learned about what it would and wouldn't cover. Turns out it doesn't cover delivery damage, doesn't cover cat damage, doesn't cover scratches or scrapes of any kind... I filed a claim, which was rejected of course, then I called the store again and spoke with Scammer Dawn and Manager Eric about my concern: that I had been sold something based on mistruths, which were further reinforced by the delivery people, leading me to delay seeking repairs on delivery damage through proper channels in a proper timeframe. I wanted my money back for the protection plans… I wouldn’t have purchased them if the store had been truthful to me. Manager Eric said I needed to call customer service. *LIE 5*

7) Jon Sprangle at Customer Service told me that the store should credit me if I was given misinformation. *LIE #6*

8) I called the store again, they referred me back to customer service. Dawn then recanted and said she never said the plan would cover cat scratches. *LIE #7*

9) Spoke to Deborah Levine at customer service on Nov 23, who said she’d confer with Dawn and call me back today, Nov 29. *LIE #8*

10) I received no call, so I called customer service once again and spoke to Candace Shultz who finally told me part of the ugly truth. Levitz would not refund my money, would not repair the delivery damage, and said that if she were me she would have read the fine print more closely. She would not have trusted the word of the salespeople or the delivery people.

11) I called Guardsman and asked for information about making a complaint about one of their business alliance channels misrepresenting them. The rest of the ugly truth was revealed: Guardsman is no longer doing business through Levitz as of Oct 2004.

BAD CONSUMER COMPANY. They'll go down; it's just a matter of time. Eventually we smart and not-so-smart consumers will starve them out by warning fellow buyers. Good riddance.
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guchiedad on 11/29/2005:
Well, their poor customer service is the reason they had to file Chapter 11 this past October. Supposedly for "restructuring", but we all know it's for bankruptcy. Good riddens.
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Twice as furious at Levitz
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I see I am not the only victimized consumer who paid Levitz and months later has still had no delivery! I shopped online at Furniture.com but decided to go to the showroom in Queens before buying. On August 27, 2005 I paid for my sofa and was told that it would be delivered September 23rd. I asked if there was any way I could get it earlier since I was buying it to help aliviate my lower back pain, but I was assured this was the first possible date. Then, I received a letter saying the "anticipated delivery date" was now Sept. 30, than another letter saying Ovtober, Then another saying November 11. A few days before Nov 11th I could not believe it; but my sofa was now really coming, or so I thought. I called to find out whether it would be delivered in the morning or afternoon and I was told it was scheduled for Nov 12th despite my having told the sales person that my coop does not allow weekend deliveries. The recording said I could select another date, so I confirmed delivery for the first available weekday which was Nov 16, 2005. Today , Nov 12 I called to find out if the delivery was anticipated in the morning or afternoon, and the machine said my new "anticipated" delivery date was now Jan 4, 2006. 4.5 months after they processed my credit card and they won't even committ to that date. They clearly feel that they have my money and they can just string me along month by month and deliver it whatever month and what ever year they please without an explanation. They continue to sell that very sofa on furniture.com which claims the following: I have cut and pasted this section for you:
At Furniture.com, deliveries are fast—in days, not months as with some stores.
When will my order be delivered?
Because Furniture.com works with local retailers, your furniture will be delivered fast, directly from local warehouses. Plus, we let you choose the delivery date before you check out so there's never a question as to when you'll receive your furniture.

When you click "Proceed to Checkout" from your Shopping Cart, we check the inventory at a warehouse near you, and check the times that delivery teams will be in your neighborhood.

On the first page of the order process, we'll show you the earliest date your furniture is available.

On the second page of the order process, once you've entered your exact address, we let you select a delivery date that is convenient for you.

At Furniture.com, we want you to know exactly when you can get your furniture, and let you choose a convenient day to receive it. Sounds simple, but we're the only furniture website that offers this level of visibility and flexibility.

Today I called the showroom and the sales person I purchased it from told me he could not talk to me as he was with a customer but would call me right back. It is 9 pm. He could not even bother to call back.

PLese reply immediately to confirm you will deliver the sofa on the November 16th, 2005 date that was confirmed to me earlier this week.
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guchiedad on 11/14/2005:
Levitz sucks! Your "copy & Paste" was right on! It's definitely false advertisement!!
Zardelia on 12/05/2005:
Ugh. I got my first notice from Levitz that they are "postponing" my bedroom delivery from December 21 to January 27. I ordered it November 2. What are my options here? Do I cancel my order and wait FOREVER to get my money back (like a fool I paid the entire amount) or do I wait FOREVER to get my bedroom set? Also, because they are under bankruptcy protection there is nothing that can be done about it? Levitz truly sucks. Sign me.... another unhappy customer.
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I wish I had seen this site in April!!
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NEWARK, DELAWARE -- Well, I am just adding to the numbers. My husband and I went to the Levitz near our home to purchase two sofas. We saw something that we liked but it was a sofa that had a "movable chaise". What that boils down to is that there is a longer cushion that sits on top of an ottoman with two normal cushions. They are all interchangeable. We did not want the chaise - just a "normal" sofa with three cushions the same size. This became a special order and it seems that this special order is being made on the space station! We were told 4-6 weeks. I even though that was a long time to come up with two "normal" cushions but I could live with that. At five weeks, we started disposing of the furniture that occupied the room that would house the new sofas. At six weeks we received a letter apologizing for our inconvenience and it offered us 10% off a future purchase of $1,000 or more that needed to be used by Aug 15th. This was their attempt to help me regain my confidence in the store. Oh, OK, I will give you $900.00 more to make me feel better! When I looked up my order on the computer it gave Dec of 2049 as the expected delivery date and I am beginning to believe it!! I got in touch with corporate and the woman there thanked me for my information and told me special orders can actually take 12 weeks! This is for two cushions!!!! We just got back from the store and after dealing with an ever so pleasant salesman (yes, that is sarcasism) I know nothing more than I did the day I walked out after placing my order. He has no way of knowing much of anything! This is so frustrating and now I am really worried because the "in stock" sofa with the chaise is not even on the sales floor anymore. My husband asked what happens after 12 weeks if this is not in and his response was "that never happens." I am going to print out all of your nightmares and storm the fort for sure!! Corporate in Woodbury, NY will probably gain the honor of becoming a speed dial number on my phone! This is unbelievable!
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SuzyB on 08/20/2005:
Well, the nightmare continues. When our sofas finally came in one was damaged. We did everything the warehouse told us to do and now Levitz is trying to get out of fixing our problem. They sent out a technician who flat out lied on his report and have lost the record of the phone call that I made the day we received the furniture! Fortunately for me, I have a call log from the phone company to prove I made the call. I spent the morning filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I never thought that buying furniture would turn into such an unpleasant event!!!!
Sparticus on 10/30/2005:
I had a similar experience with a mail order furniture company from NC. We went back and forth for months before we finally just had a furniture repair person come out and fix it. Funny thing was, the repair company had just as much trouble as I did in getting any helpful info from the company. Fortunately they covered the cost and it was eventually fixed to our satisfaction.

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Terrible Customer Service
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SAN DIMAS, CALIFORNIA -- I went to a Levitz store about mid-may and found some couches I really liked, but they were a little expensive so I decided to go home and talk to my roommate about it. The sales person said I could order online so I went home and ordered the sofa and love seat a few days later on Levitz Website. Almost 6 weeks later Levitz called with a delivery time: 11:00-2:00. I got the time off work and made it home by 11:05 but as I walked through the door I got a call saying that Levitz had already come and gone. When I called customer service they said that their records showed that I had received my couches. After arguing for a half hour that I had in fact not received my couches they said someone would call me from the delivery warehouse within 30 minutes. 2 hours Later no call, so I called them back. I had pretty much wasted an entire day of vacation time by now. When I called customer service again they said they could not deliver my furniture for almost 2 more weeks! After speaking with many different customer service people (all of which were very rude) I decided to cancel my order. (When I told them their customer service was terrible, one guy had the nerve to tell me he always gave excellent customer service! When I asked for a corporate number they said there was no corporate office!) The person I last spoke with said I would have e-mail confirmation of my cancellation in next 12 hours... well I didn't. So I called the next day and they said it had not been canceled and there was no record of me calling, my file said the furniture was already delivered. So I canceled it again and was told that I would get an e-mail confirmation within 12 hours... and it wasn't. This went on for a few days until I decided to call my bank and have them dispute the charge (they have yet to get me my money). 2 weeks later I got an e-mail asking me how I was enjoying my furniture so I called Levitz to see if they had ever canceled the order. They said that they had canceled the order and refunded my money...but they had not refunded my money. They said someone from financial would call me back within 24 hours... and guess what? They didn't. So I am still waiting to get my money back. In the mean time, I went to living spaces furniture in LA and they had excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and they delivered my furniture 2 hours after I bought it! Bottom line, I will never to business with Levitz again and I beg everyone out there to do the same!
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On Sale in March - Not in Stock till June!
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ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- In one of Levitz's March ads inserted in our newspaper, they advertised an outdoor bench we were interested in. That same weekend the ad ran, we went to the store, but were told they had not received them yet and to come back in a week. Now usually, that would be enough for us to just walk away, but we really liked this bench so we came back the following weekend. Surprise - still no benches in stock, but they could order one for us. Only problem was, we either had to drive to their warehouse in Dublin (several hours away)to pick it up or it could be delivered to our house for only $35 (the bench cost $120)! When we asked if they couldn't just deliver it to the store for pickup, they said they could but that would be another $25. Frustrated, but determined we stated we would buy the bench, but would like it delivered to the store. The very apathetic sale person started to enter the order into the computer and lo and behold the benches were on back order till June. However, we could pay now and wait till June to get one. Knowing how easily furniture stores go out of business, we were not about to do that. At that point, we asked if we could buy the floor model and were told by a manager that they needed it on display for future customers. Yes, that would be those same customers that find out it's an extra 30% for delivery (not mentioned in the ad) and that they would have to wait at least 4 months to receive their purchase (also not mentioned in the ad). By the way, we were the only customers in the store on a Sunday afternoon and yet they sent us away empty handed instead of making a sale.
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HondaCivic4DEx on 04/22/2007:
I've been to Levitz. For their quality to prices, I don't think they are worth shopping at. If you have them in your area, look into warehouse furniture stores. Especially those run by non-Americans as they will negotiate.
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I worked for Levitz...
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CALIFORNIA -- I spent several horrible years working for Levitz, and from seeing the inside of the company, I would not recommend shopping there. First off, for all of you who are receiving damaged furniture and dealing with incompetent customer service people you need to know that half the people who work in the distribution facilities are on drugs (maybe more than half)! Every manager knows it, but the company would not pay for drug testing. That is part of the reason I left. The guys who handle your furniture in the warehouse are high on marijuana, and drunk too, driving the machines. We regularly found 40oz beer bottles thrown under the ailes of the warehouse. The delivery drivers who come to your home are contracted, obtained by the lowest bidding contractor and that is why 90% of them are unprofessional and incompetent. Many of them were found peeing in front of peoples' homes and in their bushes. In addition, Levitz has no formal training for customer care or management, and that is why you get all the rude treatment and no one ever seems to know what is going on. Yes, the solution to finding your furniture you were expecting to have delivered consists of wandering the warehouse because some doped-up warehouse guy put your sofa up and didn't note where it went. I hope not all Levitz facilities were as crazy as the one I worked in, but just from seeing how the corporate side fails to support the quality of your furniture's handling tells me this may be across the board. I have moved on in my life, and am happy at a new job, but I just wanted to shed some light on the internal problems with the company.
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MRM on 12/30/2006:
I will tell my sister who lives in CA not to shop at Levitz to buy furnitures. My sister has moved to a new house in CA and needed new furnitures. Do not shop at Levitz, I told her.
Anonymous on 12/30/2006:
Hey, I didn't pee in the bushes. I went around back.
Anonymous on 12/31/2006:
They always say "You'll love it Levitz" I went there to look at furniture at a few different store locations, I didn't love it and now I know why. Thanks for the information.

PS Sheriff didn’t go around back, he went in the stock room on a couch.
HelpingHand on 01/06/2007:
You must be talking about the Levitz in Santa Clara.
#1fan on 02/02/2007:
This is what you could expect from a disgruntled ex-employee- seems like he/she may have had something to do with the empties.
HelpingHand on 02/26/2007:
I don't think it is a digruntled ex-employee. Maybe he/she felt a little guilty about knowing the inside scoop about what is going on at the Levitz stores and felt like they had to warn the public. I heard the same stories this person tells and I have no idea who they are. Go into the stores and you'll see everyone from the movers to the store management tweaked out on drugs. It's actually kind of scary! Levitz should drug test their employees periodically because I do believe the activities that go on in the showroom and werehouse affects customer service.
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Negative service
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I second the feelings of the writer of the complaint regarding Levitz's insurance company Stainsafe. I signed up and sure as the sun rises. A problem arose on the leather chair. After lots of calls, someone finally came out and replaced it. Wow it works. Or so I thought, a tear was found on the leather couch, though it was small, I called and called and called. I thought they were out of business. I gave up calling. so after five months I tried it again. I got through I gave them the info filled out their claim form and was advised that because I hadn't reported it to them in five days of it happening my claim was disallowed..never mind I couldn't get through for five months.. Put on a supervisor. Sorry.. see line 10 ( five days or too bad). A lesson learned. Lots of months later I found a tear on the top of my leather ottoman. I was on the phone and stayed on it for six hours of steady, every 3 to 5 minutes of dialing. I finally got through did the paper work and was advised if my paper work was not to them in thirty days the whole thing would be tossed. I had it in the mail the next day. I have waited for 3 months with no reply, no service technicial, no nothing. On June 25 (Sunday they are closed) my wife said look the couch is peeling in an area you couldn't see without lifting the cushions. I was on the phone Monday at 7:30am Calif time, again, calling every 3 to 4 minutes. Finally at 3:20pm I got through. I asked about my claim on the ottoman I was advised to write a letter to check on it..NICE. I then asked to put in a claim for the peeling on the couch and was advised it was also disallowed because I didn't notice when the damage started so it must be out of the five day period. I found it the day before. What a bunch of bulls---. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They advised that they were all busy. No f-----g doubt. I called the Florida / Better Business Bureau and via a recording. They advised" this company is "negatively rated" with eight complaints about their service being lodged". All of which have not been responded to by the company. My thought.. burn any money you contemplate spending on the boiler room insurance plans. This insurance is crap.. Even Levitz advised me that this company is no longer used by them due to their service make that non- service...
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babs11364 on 07/24/2006:
STAINSAFE is the pits. I have a claim going on with them since last November. They don't answer the phone, they don't respond to e-mail. I would never take out insurance on furniture again. Maybe I will just hop on a plane and show up at their offices. It would not be a pretty sight. A bunch of "legal" con artists.
I would also like to stand out in front of all furniture stores in NYC that offer Stainsafe and tell consumers they *&%^.
Dummy on 08/17/2007:
The problem is not Stainsafe. The problem is that your an idiot for buying at Levitz. Its overpriced crappy furniture and their crooks. Trust me, I worked there for 3 years.
dena b on 03/05/2009:
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Customer Service Nightmare!
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CONNECTICUT -- I too have had nothing but trouble since ordering from Levitz. In short we ordered a dinning room table and buffet on July 6th 2005, and after multiple delays it was finally delivered on Dec 3 2005...of course damaged. I am still waiting for a replacement glass door. I can understand delays in production,, but what is inexcusable is the 1/2+ hour that I needed to wait on the phone every time I called, as well as the rude, misleading and downright lies that customer service representatives provide customers. Even at the supervisory level there is nothing but deceit. I'm sure many of you have talked to Theresa Moore...well after hearing her give me the runaround multiple times I went so far as my read the companies mission statement verbatim to her in which it says customers are are #1 priority. There form of compensation.... merchandise certificates for a future purchase. That really doesn't help me. This company has very misleading business practices and I urge people to think twice about ordering anything from them. In fact during the total liquidation sale at one of their closing stores I saw the exact set that I waited 5 months for with its price marked up......FOR A FLOOR MODEL!!!!!!

I do offer a suggestion..... I have learned to ask to speak to the customer service manager Orlando Nokia. He has actually been helpful and I received some positive results from dealing directly with him. I hope this helps as there are too many of us out there that have been burned by this company.
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Nightmare Delivery Service and Quality
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- My sister and I purchased 2 orders for a bedroom set for my parents. It was supposed to be delivered 9/13 from 8a-12p. Delivery was not made until past 2pm. Delivery guys spoke bad English. were rude to my mother on the phone yelling at her to just "listen to me" and to "just forget about it". When they finally arrived they complained they had to pay for their own food and drinks then lied to my mom telling her she needs to pay more money for it to be assembled. Chest was scratched and all the pieces have tiny holes that my mom tried to point out but the men wouldn't listen. SHE DID NOT SIGN for the delivery. Also instead of a king size center support for the bed they brought a queen--wrong size! Called the warehouse, customer service, and the store and am getting no where. They don't believe the guys left without the signature and are taking forever to send someone to look at the pieces...not offering much to rectify situation. Offered a $100 merchandise credit for next purchase. I want the delivery charges on both orders refunded and want new replacement sets in exchange for the defective ones. Was told several times a supervisor will contact me and they never did. When I called the store the third time to speak with the manager they told me he was not available even though I spoke with him only 1/2 an hour ago. One lady in particular Joan very RUDE. . said wasn't sure when I could contact him and when I asked fo the manager's supervisor's name she said she didn't know. It is appalling to pay thousands of dollars for this kind of merchandise and customer service. Once Levitz sets a 4 hour window for delivery the customer can't change it or they get charged an additional delviery fee. Why can't they follow their own policy and deliver in that window. (So in fairness my delivery fee should be refunded). And their policy states that the delivery men will assmeble and set up the furniture where you want it. The delivery men tried to CON my mother out the more money!!! Doesn't refusing to SIGN for the DELIVERY count for anything? I've spent hours on the phone with different departments in the company and am getting no where. Just to speak to a service rep you are on hold for 20 minutes! This is turned into a complete nightmare! Anyone else with bad review in Levitz in DE email me at mj1004@comcast.net
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AZJEM on 09/23/2005:
That just gets me when furniture places think that you would want a credit for future purchases from them instead of the nice piece of furniture you had expected to get when you paid them. If that's what you were willing to settle for you could have gone to a scratch 'n' dent sale.
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