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DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- For the past 7 years since we've been married, my wife and I had always wanted a matching canopy bedroom set. Until now, all our bedroom furniture was piecemeal from what we collected over the years, through college, etc. Now that I have a better paying job, we decided to splurge and get our dream set as we moved into our new home. We found a set we liked online, which was only sold through Levitz.

On May 21st, We went to the Levitz store in Deptford, NJ and decided to put down $4400 on the canopy bed, two dressers, two night stands, and an upgraded plush mattress. We were told that it would take about 4 weeks for it to come through; we told them why not just deliver it to our new house when we move in on July 1st.

Just before move in date, we got a phone call saying that they could not deliver on July 1st, but rather July 5th. They asked if we still wanted the mattress, and we said of course. So the mattress came on July 1st, but then when we did not hear anything on July 5th, we called and were told that the delivery date had changed to July 16th (Thanks for not calling us about this first).

Later that week, when we checked online, the date had changed YET AGAIN to July 23rd. Again, no phone call from Levitz. Just an assumption on their part that we would find out somehow. Checking again later that week, the delivery date changed AGAIN to August 1st!!! (Still no phone calls) We tried calling customer service, and they offered us $75 merchandise credit. Fine.

This is where the story gets interesting. August 1st came around, and guess what -- no furniture! When we called, they told us August 12th. FINALLY, the furniture truck arrived on August 12th, TWELVE weeks AFTER purchase. Unfortunately, I was at work when the guys came to meet my wife at the house. They came upstairs and told my 5' 2" wife that they would not move the mattress, and she would have to do it so they could set up the furniture. When she asked for help, since we have a 1-year old and a 2-year old who were right there screaming, they said they "might get the mattress dirty."

I could understand if maybe it was a mattress purchased from another store. But it wasn't. So my wife showed them the bathroom to wash their hands, and their reply was, "well, we might hurt our back." (THEN DON'T BE A DELIVERY MAN). So they stood there and WATCHED as my wife moved a KING mattress and boxspring into the hall. If you have never moved mattresses before, believe me, they're heavy -- especially a king size with a pillowtop. Needless to say, my poor wife's back hurt for almost 2 weeks.

Furthermore, the delivery guys damaged one of the posts, and also brought queen rails, which would not allow the placement of the canopy. They told her they would bring the king rails "next week". So having waited so long for the furniture, she signed the delivery and agreed to wait a week. When I came home, we realized that the rails were correct, but the canopy was queen size. Also, the delivery guys "jimmied" one of the posts in place by shoving folded cardboard in the slot to make it stick! I didn't pay $4400 to have a makeshift bedset!

The people at the store say that they can't do anything, "You have to call customer service." Trying to get through to customer service is a nightmare. At least 30-minute wait each time. And when you do get through, they don't care. They told us we would not get the rails next week, but rather in SIX weeks!!!!!!!! What is that all about?!?!?!? A technician would arrive in FOUR WEEKS to evaluate the damage to the bed. The technician came in September, and evaluated the bed and said the new parts would come in another 4-6 weeks.

Since then, the delivery of the canopy has been postponed and postponed and postponed by Levitz. It is now mid-October, and we are still awaiting the parts to fix the bed. We have just received an email from Levitz stating that they no longer carry this furniture, so therefore, we WILL NOT be getting the canopy rails, EVER.

Now I'm pissed. The whole reason we got this set was for the canopy. I would rather them take it all back. But instead, they are offering us a merchandise credit for $133.07, the cost of the canopy rails. That does me no good since we spent $4400 for a canopy set. Without the canopy, it's not what we wanted. They are refusing to take it back. This is not only false advertising, but poor business practice.

The worst part of this whole mess is that I have found website after website with complaint after complaint after complaint about Levitz. My story is not unique. It is happening to thousands of people across the country. I wish I would have known sooner. After looking at all the posts, I'm just glad I didn't get the extended warranty. If anyone has had a horrible experience with Levitz, feel free to email me at **. Maybe we can together come up with a way to make something happen.

Leave it at Levitz!! Don't buy there!
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HILLTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I wish I would have found this site BEFORE I made a purchase at our local Levitz store in Hilltown, PA. Several weeks ago I bought a chest of drawers & nightstand for my son's room. The day it was delivered was the worst experience I've ever had with a furniture store! The delivery men did not speak English well enough to even communicate properly. The furniture came in boxes, had to be unpacked, and the trash was left in my flowerbed and on my lawn for me to clean up after they left. He told me in his attempt at English that I had to install the handles myself!

The nightstand was placed in the room, but I noticed it was damaged. Then, when they unpacked the chest I ordered, it turned out to be a dresser, which was the wrong item. I then called the store and they said that they would take back the dresser and 'swap it out' for the chest. I told her that the nightstand was damaged and should be returned as well, when she then informed me that once an item is in the home, it cannot be returned and I had to call customer service and have someone come and look at it! News to me!

I called customer service the next day and they gave me the royal runaround: I could not get my money back, only store credit because all sales are final. It's on the back of the sales slip but nobody tells you that and it's not posted in the store! She said I could not return the nightstand but I could cancel out the chest order and receive credit on my charge card if I went to the store. I went straight to the internet and found your site. Ooooboy! I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I called my credit card company immediately to issue a dispute and they froze the charge for the nightstand while they investigate it.

Today, I went to the store and told the manager my whole story. He went on the computer and punched in a lot of info and eventually pulled up the fact that a refund check had already been issued as of yesterday. I asked how that could be since customer service told me that I had to physically come to the store. I told him that I felt like I was getting the runaround again and didn't want to wait for the mystery check that may never come and I wanted a credit to my charge today. He said he couldn't bypass the system to issue a credit, whereupon I said that I thought there had to be a way to over-ride it.

I think he was nervous since there was another customer there making a large purchase (poor woman!)so he 'managed' to get me the credit card refund! Ooooo, big surprise! Before I left, I told him that the 'terms & conditions of sale' should be posted in large print on the wall right at the checkout desk so that customers are informed of the policies BEFORE they make a purchase. Now, I'm waiting for Discover Card to come through for my dispute on the nightstand and have them pick it up and give me credit on my card. PLEASE, DON'T SHOP AT LEVITZ!

Bait and Switch
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WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON -- My husband and I found a leather sofa set that we liked in Bellevue, WA on Dec 10, 2004. We had just moved into a new home and needed to furnish an extra family room. The merchandise was just over $3,000, some of the most expensive items in the store. The salesperson ** advised us to purchase a leather protection plan.

We asked to see the details. She said she could not give us anything in writing that day because Levitz was in the process of switching vendors. She would send it soon, but that it was a very good plan covering any kind of damage… stains, burns, cuts, rips, tears, scratches, scrapes… we said we had a cat with back claws, maybe it would be a good thing. She encouraged us more. So we did it and bought a protection plan for an extra $350+. *LIE #1*

Furniture was delivered with some minor damage to the corners. I asked the delivery people to take it back. They said… “you bought the protection plan, right?" I said I did but I didn't have any paperwork on it yet. They wrote the 800 number down on a slip of paper for me and said to call them… that they'd cover everything. *LIE 2*

I said I might not get to it for a while… new house, holidays, etc. They said no problem. *LIE #3* Finally, I got around to calling the protection number… kids put a scrape on the backside of the sofa… gave me reason to get them out here. It was almost a year later. I had no idea this would be a problem.

Following the steps for getting a claim underway, I called the store and spoke with ** about getting a copy of that paperwork I had never received. She agreed to send me the details and added, “oh, yeah, they'll be great about that… Scratches, scrapes… it should all be covered.” *LIE #4*

After receiving the paperwork I learned about what it would and wouldn't cover. Turns out it doesn't cover delivery damage, doesn't cover cat damage, doesn't cover scratches or scrapes of any kind... I filed a claim, which was rejected of course, then I called the store again and spoke with Scammer ** and Manager ** about my concern.

That I had been sold something based on mistruths, which were further reinforced by the delivery people, leading me to delay seeking repairs on delivery damage through proper channels in a proper timeframe. I wanted my money back for the protection plans… I wouldn't have purchased them if the store had been truthful to me. Manager ** said I needed to call customer service. *LIE 5*

** at Customer Service told me that the store should credit me if I was given misinformation. *LIE #6* I called the store again, they referred me back to customer service. ** then recanted and said she never said the plan would cover cat scratches. *LIE #7* Spoke to ** at customer service on Nov 23, who said she'd confer with ** and call me back today, Nov 29. *LIE #8*

I received no call, so I called customer service once again and spoke to ** who finally told me part of the ugly truth. Levitz would not refund my money, would not repair the delivery damage, and said that if she were me she would have read the fine print more closely. She would not have trusted the word of the salespeople or the delivery people.

I called guardsman and asked for information about making a complaint about one of their business alliance channels misrepresenting them. The rest of the ugly truth was revealed: Guardsman is no longer doing business through Levitz as of Oct 2004. BAD CONSUMER COMPANY. They'll go down; it's just a matter of time. Eventually we smart and not-so-smart consumers will starve them out by warning fellow buyers. Good riddance.

Twice as furious at Levitz
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I see I am not the only victimized consumer who paid Levitz and months later has still had no delivery! I shopped online at but decided to go to the showroom in Queens before buying. On August 27, 2005 I paid for my sofa and was told that it would be delivered September 23rd. I asked if there was any way I could get it earlier since I was buying it to help alleviate my lower back pain, but I was assured this was the first possible date. Then, I received a letter saying the "anticipated delivery date" was now Sept. 30, than another letter saying October. Then another saying November 11.

A few days before Nov 11th I could not believe it; but my sofa was now really coming, or so I thought. I called to find out whether it would be delivered in the morning or afternoon and I was told it was scheduled for Nov 12th despite my having told the sales person that my coop does not allow weekend deliveries. The recording said I could select another date, so I confirmed delivery for the first available weekday which was Nov 16, 2005. Today, Nov 12 I called to find out if the delivery was anticipated in the morning or afternoon, and the machine said my new "anticipated" delivery date was now Jan 4, 2006.

4.5 months after they processed my credit card and they won't even commit to that date. They clearly feel that they have my money and they can just string me along month by month and deliver it whatever month and what ever year they please without an explanation. They continue to sell that very sofa on which claims the following: I have cut and pasted this section for you:

At, deliveries are fast - in days, not months as with some stores. When will my order be delivered? Because works with local retailers, your furniture will be delivered fast, directly from local warehouses. Plus, we let you choose the delivery date before you check out so there's never a question as to when you'll receive your furniture. When you click "Proceed to Checkout" from your Shopping Cart, we check the inventory at a warehouse near you, and check the times that delivery teams will be in your neighborhood.

On the first page of the order process, we'll show you the earliest date your furniture is available. On the second page of the order process, once you've entered your exact address, we let you select a delivery date that is convenient for you. At, we want you to know exactly when you can get your furniture, and let you choose a convenient day to receive it. Sounds simple, but we're the only furniture website that offers this level of visibility and flexibility.

Today I called the showroom and the sales person I purchased it from told me he could not talk to me as he was with a customer but would call me right back. It is 9 pm. He could not even bother to call back. Please reply immediately to confirm you will deliver the sofa on the November 16th, 2005 date that was confirmed to me earlier this week.

Levitz Delivers!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Despite bad reviews on this site, we discovered a company on the mend. Their delivery was extremely prompt, its product, a beautiful couch arrived in perfect condition. We are very happy with the company, and I would say that they have pulled their socks up.

No delivery NO money
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I had put money down on a sofa at the Downingtown PA Levitz. Delivery was to be made the day after settlement in our new home. Which would have been on October 20th or so. We visited the store to make our final payment only to hear the delivery date was changed. That was not acceptable so my husband canceled the order. They stated corporate would send us a refund check for the money put down via check. Again my husband said that was not acceptable. He did not pay corporate he paid the store. I found out from the girls that Levitz had filed Chapter 11 at that time.

Knowing this , they were still accepting purchases and money, credit cards etc from customers while I was standing at the Customer Service Window. Time went on, and we still had no refund check . They continued to change the dates for mailing. Today we called only to find out Levitz changed their policy and will not refund any money. But will issue credit? Credit for what? They claim there are stores still open in New Jersey where we could use the credit? Or we can go on line? On line? Please, the links to add to the cart do NOT produce anything? Imagine that?

Also we called the store and they said we have to have the original bill? Excuse me? WE have the cancelled check and we also have the order number. Customer service informed us we only need the order number because the system shows the credit. The gentleman in the NJ Store states he doesn't have access to such? Sounds like the run around to me. We also have the option to file with the Bankruptcy court in NY? Now you know we will never see a penny.

Yet Levitz is continuing to advertise on their phone lines for consumers to buy? Isn't that fraud? Wasn't it fraud back when they were taking money knowing the consumer would never see a product or their money back? Levitz has been turned over to a financial management firm. I do not know if many are aware that Levitz filed Bankruptcy.

It started as Chapter 11, but it may have now gone to 13. No one is going to see their money or the product. LEVITZ took the money and NEVER paid the Vendors for your purchases! They too, tried to sell us the floor model... without a discount! Hey, people sat on it and kids jumped on it... We paid for something BRAND NEW... it is a shame that a CIVIL Law Suit cannot be filed or can it?

Faulty Merchandise from Levitz
By -

ISELIN, NEW JERSEY -- In October I purchased a sofa and loveseat from Levitz Furniture in New Jersey. After waiting 2 months for same to be delivered, it finally arrived on December 3, 2005. After sitting on the loveseat, I realized that both sides were broken as they wobbled and made a popping noise when one sat down. I immediately called Levitz and a service technician was sent to the house on December 17, 2005. After turning the loveseat over and inspecting it, the service technician determined that indeed the loveseat was damaged and advised us that he would put in an order for a new loveseat to be delivered within ten (10) days.

Ten days later, I received a letter from Levitz postmarked December 27, 2005 advising me that they were ordering a part to fix the loveseat and it would be delivered to my home. After calling Levitz customer service on January 2, 2006, I was told that indeed a part was ordered and that I would not be receiving a new loveseat, but they would be fixing the broken one. I requested to speak with a manager and was told that one would reach out to me, but to date, have yet to receive a call.

On January 4, 2006, I once again called Levitz and finally got through to Orlando who stated he is the Customer Service Supervisor (888-538-2558) and was told that the “old” Levitz no longer exists and was bought out on December 17, 2005 by the “new” Levitz, and that the new Levitz will not be honoring any of the old Levitz contracts, repairs, products, etc.

The only thing they could do for me is to offer me a 50% discount and I would have to keep the loveseat “as is.” This is ridiculous as the letter I received from Levitz Furniture Company is postmarked December 27, 2005 well after the “supposed” new company took over and in that letter they state that a part is being ordered and delivered to my home.

I am both frustrated and disappointed with Levitz as I went to your store because I believed it to be a reputable place, but am now in a predicament I never believed possible. I cannot understand how Levitz expects me to pay $803 on their charge card for something that they delivered to me broken and now even refuses if anything, to fix the loveseat.

I could understand if the loveseat was 6 or 8 months old and needed servicing, but “supposedly” the loveseat came from the warehouse and is brand new. Therefore, it is unfathomable how I am being told to keep a product which I paid hard earned money for that is not in top “A” condition. I am now stuck paying for a broken loveseat. Please do not shop at Levitz.

By -

BREA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchase an entertainment center from Levitz on August 31st (which was paid in full at time of purchase) with a delivery date of October 8th (merchandise had to be ordered). I received via email and form letter that my delivery date had been rescheduled to October 16th, then October 26th, then November 12th, then November 23rd. When calling to confirm the new date, I was informed that it would be "sometime at the end of December".
I contacted the store for assistance, the saleslady Ann told me she would find out what was up and call me back. Four days later, not hearing back from her, I went into the store. She acted like she had never even met me!! (I spent over $6000.00 with her).

My husband and I decided it was not worth it and cancelled the order on November 13th. I received a refund receipt from the store stating that the check would be cut and mailed out on November 28th. The store manager ** informed me that that was the soonest a check could be cut. But wait, it gets better!!!!!

On December 12th I contacted customer service to find out where my check was, I was told that there was no refund scheduled in the month of November, was told that the check would be cut on the 20th of December. When I called again on the 20th, I was told that the refund would be issued on Jan 3rd 2006!!! I insisted on speaking with a supervisor, I was put through to a ** who told me that checks weren't cut on Tuesdays, only on Thursdays. She ASSURED me that the refund would be processed on the 22nd, which is today.

I called this a.m to confirm and she wouldn't ever come to the phone, they dropped me in her voice mail, I asked her to please return my call. HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! After 4 hours I called back and was told again by yet another person that the refund was scheduled for Jan 3rd, I asked for ** again and was told that they didn't know her or her extension. Amazingly, no other supervisors were available to speak to me. The customer service rep then told me that he called accounting and got the date moved up to the 28th! Boy do I feel special!!! They have had my money since August 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUYERS BEWARE.

READ ALL before you buy-Thank you everyone!
By -

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I moved here in October with a transfer through the military. We had zero furniture as we are newly weds and we were very excited to begin the process of furnishing our new home. So we decided to give Levitz Furniture a try, despite the one bad review on (I had not seen this site yet, I'm sorry to say.)
We purchased a sofa set at $2000.00 and waited for our delivery set for mid-November. It wasn't but a week later that we received a notice about our delivery date changing to December 8, 2005. I called this week to make sure and now they're saying Jan. 4, 2006.

I called customer service and, you guessed it, no one new a thing. They offered a $175.00 gift certificate for another purchase and I said, "For what? Another 3 month or so wait?" I talked to a Miss ** claiming to be Assistant to the President and she said there was nothing she could do but offer the gift or we could pick out another couch in stock or we could cancel the order. When I called back to cancel the order, she refused my call and had a CSR tell me I had to go to the store to cancel the order even though she said she would cancel it if I called back.

I gathered all the information I could before driving to the store and made an appointment with a JAG Lawyer just in case I needed some back up. To shorten the story, we received a full refund on our cancellation (They hired at least one intelligent person) after many attempts on their part to assure us it would PROBABLY only be two weeks until we received the furniture but we weren't going to risk it with all of these reviews!

Thank you to all the others who wrote about their experiences with this company. It just may have been too late if we wouldn't have been able to cancel the order before they delivered it (most likely damaged). If you're considering Levitz Furniture, do your research and trust your fellow consumers. Levitz is filing bankruptcy according to their website as part of a restructuring plan, but I will never put my money where there mouth is!

I wish I had seen this site in April!!
By -

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- Well, I am just adding to the numbers. My husband and I went to the Levitz near our home to purchase two sofas. We saw something that we liked but it was a sofa that had a "movable chaise". What that boils down to is that there is a longer cushion that sits on top of an ottoman with two normal cushions. They are all interchangeable. We did not want the chaise - just a "normal" sofa with three cushions the same size. This became a special order and it seems that this special order is being made on the space station!

We were told 4-6 weeks. I even though that was a long time to come up with two "normal" cushions but I could live with that. At five weeks, we started disposing of the furniture that occupied the room that would house the new sofas. At six weeks we received a letter apologizing for our inconvenience and it offered us 10% off a future purchase of $1,000 or more that needed to be used by Aug 15th. This was their attempt to help me regain my confidence in the store. Oh, OK, I will give you $900.00 more to make me feel better! When I looked up my order on the computer it gave Dec of 2049 as the expected delivery date and I am beginning to believe it!!

I got in touch with corporate and the woman there thanked me for my information and told me special orders can actually take 12 weeks! This is for two cushions!!!! We just got back from the store and after dealing with an ever so pleasant salesman (yes, that is sarcasm) I know nothing more than I did the day I walked out after placing my order. He has no way of knowing much of anything!

This is so frustrating and now I am really worried because the "in stock" sofa with the chaise is not even on the sales floor anymore. My husband asked what happens after 12 weeks if this is not in and his response was "that never happens." I am going to print out all of your nightmares and storm the fort for sure!! Corporate in Woodbury, NY will probably gain the honor of becoming a speed dial number on my phone! This is unbelievable!

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