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Levitz Furniture Corporation
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I Have A Bed....That's Not Put Together
By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- I bought this beautiful bed at the concord, California Levitz store. I was told I had to wait a month until it was in stock and that it would be shipped to my house. I felt it was worth the wait... Last week, Sept. 30th, the bed was delivered to my house. I had requested I get a phone call one hour before, but they just showed up. No big deal.

Once all the parts were in my room, the deliverymen told me they were missing a part and were unable to put the whole bed together. I was the last stop of the day and they looked tired but I didn't think that they would lie to me. They told me keep all the parts and the mattress and someone would contact me and come back out to fix the bed. I believed them. The next day I called the store that I bought it from, the salesman couldn't care less, told me to talk to the manager but of course, the manager wouldn't be in that day. When I finally got a hold of the manager he tells me the same thing ' we will call you back **.."

So I call the corporate number from the website... And they tell me they will send an email to the warehouse and someone should contact me. No one has!!! No one is apologizing for the inconvenience and no one is doing anything. They are just happy because they got their 2 grand and I am still waiting to hear back from someone who has answers. Do not ever ever ever ever buy from this company. Save yourself an anxiety attack. =(

Levitz new owners will not honor warranties
By -

NEWHALL, CALIFORNIA -- In October 2005 I purchased a reclining sofa and a reclining chair from Levitz total cost over $2000.00. Levitz filed chapter 11 the week before I purchased. The first week the sofas hardware fell out. And the seams opened. Levitz sent a tech out 6 times to repair... while I missed work to sit home and wait.

Now the chair keeps breaking. Levitz is now telling me (keep in mind I purchased an extended warranty plan) They will not fix it because they can not order the part. The set is 11 months old. And they can't get the part??? Decoro the manufacturer will not fix because their repair contract is with Levitz!!! it just keeps getting better. Levitz will give me $350.00 store credit LOL!!!!! I paid over $700.00 for the chair alone!!!! LOL I do not need store credit. I need the chair fixed. Levitz says they do not have to honor the old companies policy...

Well when you buy a company you buy their mess as well. I think a class action lawsuit is in order. I purchased with a Levitz credit card and have another year to pay. The items are defective and Levitz will not fix. I paid over $200.00 for the extended service plan that covers the set for 7 years. Only to be told now they will not cover anything sold under the old Levitz.

Delivery -- lying salespeople
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I bought a mattress set last week at the store near Union Square in NYC, and the salespeople told me an elaborate story about how the truck gets to the store at 8:00 a.m., drops off new merchandise, picks up deliveries, and is on the road by 9:00 a.m. They told me that I would be the first delivery and promised to be thereby 11:00 a.m. today.

Well, guess what! The store doesn't even open until 10:00 a.m., and that is when the truck first gets there. Nor was I the first delivery. By the time they got to my house at 1:45 p.m., I was long gone. But not before I called the store and spoke to the manager, who told me that I was a liar and that the salespeople would not have told me that. I just went to Macy's and got a much better mattress, at a great price, from a truthful salesperson, with free delivery. Levitz totally sucks!

Standing behind warranty (NOT)
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased over 3000.00 of furniture from Levitz in May 2005 and was delivered in June 2006. In less than a year the furniture is broken down and of very poor quality. Called to have furniture returned and was told due to Levitz filing bankruptcy in October 2005 the new owners will not stand behind the warranty provided when the furniture was purchased. The warranty at the time was within 1 year of delivery date.

I called before the year and was told that I was an OLD customer and if the company had not restructured that there would not be anybody to complain to. And that I should be lucky that they will try and fix the furniture. They did send a tech out to the house that said the furniture was broken down and the beginning of May 2006 new parts were ordered for the 2 leather DeCoro chairs.

As of July 14 2006 have not received the parts when I contacted customer service was told all they could do was put a track on my items. I don't want the furniture fixed I want it returned and my money refunded. I have filed many complaints on many different web sites about Levitz as I want the consumer to know what a terrible company they are. Check out other places to buy furniture and do not buy any extended warranty as Levitz is a big rip-off!! Consumers you have been warned!!!!

Nightmare Delivery Service and Quality
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- My sister and I purchased 2 orders for a bedroom set for my parents. It was supposed to be delivered 9/13 from 8a-12p. Delivery was not made until past 2pm. Delivery guys spoke bad English were rude to my mother on the phone yelling at her to just "listen to me" and to "just forget about it". When they finally arrived they complained they had to pay for their own food and drinks then lied to my mom telling her she needs to pay more money for it to be assembled.

Chest was scratched and all the pieces have tiny holes that my mom tried to point out but the men wouldn't listen. SHE DID NOT SIGN for the delivery. Also instead of a king size center support for the bed they brought a queen--wrong size! Called the warehouse, customer service, and the store and am getting no where. They don't believe the guys left without the signature and are taking forever to send someone to look at the pieces... not offering much to rectify situation. Offered a $100 merchandise credit for next purchase. I want the delivery charges on both orders refunded and want new replacement sets in exchange for the defective ones.

Was told several times a supervisor will contact me and they never did. When I called the store the third time to speak with the manager they told me he was not available even though I spoke with him only 1/2 an hour ago. One lady in particular ** very RUDE... said wasn't sure when I could contact him and when I asked for the manager's supervisor's name she said she didn't know. It is appalling to pay thousands of dollars for this kind of merchandise and customer service.

Once Levitz sets a 4 hour window for delivery the customer can't change it or they get charged an additional delivery fee. Why can't they follow their own policy and deliver in that window. (So in fairness my delivery fee should be refunded). And their policy states that the delivery men will assemble and set up the furniture where you want it. The delivery men tried to CON my mother out the more money!!!

Doesn't refusing to SIGN for the DELIVERY count for anything? I've spent hours on the phone with different departments in the company and am getting no where. Just to speak to a service rep you are on hold for 20 minutes! This is turned into a complete nightmare! Anyone else with bad review in Levitz in DE email me at **.

Warning About Levitz
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- "Levitz is the best store ever. The furniture is of superb quality, and the customer service staff is of the highest professional standard. I recommend Levitz to all my friends".

If you read or hear anything like that, then you should know it is likely from some poor soul working on behalf of Levitz, or someone with a severe mental disorder.

My experience with Levitz was no better than many of the reports you may have already read. I purchased an entertainment center for about $1700. As it was being delivered, the delivery guy said in broken English "it has a scratch". The "scratch" was actually lying on the ground in the form of a chunk of particle-board, about 2-inch square, and a half-inch deep; it had broken from the side of one of the two towers. I rejected that piece, in lieu of a replacement.

But I soon realized that I had purchased glorified junk from just south of the border, composed of: particle-board, the cheapest hardware that one can imagine (not likely to be found at any reputable hardware store in the U.S.); poorly fitting parts; and very sloppy workmanship. I spent about two weeks replacing cheap - and often misapplied - hardware, applying touch-up stain, and reinforcing the particle-board material to make the pieces less rickety. By the time the replacement tower arrived, two months later, I had noticed that the TV base doors were warped and did not shut well, so I requested replacements for them as well.

On the day we received the final replacements (it always takes at least 2 months), and completed the assembly, it became apparent that the stains used on the separate pieces were of varying color and tone - some were semi-gloss Mahogany Red, and others were a dull brown. So, I had to beg for more replacement parts.

Nine months after placing the initial order, I continue hoping to get satisfaction from Levitz's "Customer Service" department; which is another topic of its own. My notes show that I have made no less than 18 calls to Levitz concerning the problems, and each call seems to have a minimum mandatory waiting time not less than 20 minutes, before a person answers. A few of the personnel in the "Customer Service" Department try to be helpful and courteous, to some degree. But they do not represent the majority; many seem to be carrying on other unrelated activities (e.g., muffled laughing and whispering) as they listen to the caller, and some seem to take pleasure in irritating the caller by reading scripted lines in condescending tone, and talking over the caller. Of course, they have probably had an abundance of experience irritating dissatisfied customers - so that they will go away.

So, heed the warnings, and save yourself from the disappointment & headache. Don't try to save money by making yourself miserable for months to come. THERE ARE MANY BETTER PLACES TO SHOP!

What ever happened to Customer Satisfaction????
By -

KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought living room furniture 2yrs. ago from the King of Prussia store in Penna. I also purchased the 7 yr. warranty. What a waste of money!! I called the phone number on the warranty slip and all I got was ...please hold. etc. I finally spoke to someone & I explained that the finish is chipping off the surface in a few sections of all the tables. They told me that it was a manufacturer problem & to contact the store where I purchased them. I called the KOP store & they gave me the phone # for the Presidential line in NY since the store no longer has Safeguard as their warranty co. Well it was nice to know that I was never notified that this co. would no longer handle any claims for Levitz. So I called the Presidential line and they not only put me on hold for about 45 min. but the woman was rude and kept stating that it could not have starting chipping within the 5 day period that they ask you to report any incidents. Well, I told her this is the day I noticed it and I am reporting it. She still went on & on about it could not of just happened. Well it did just happened. If I was away on vacation or on business, and I called to report this, who wants to hear about this so called 5 day period they give you. She also said the warranty has expired & that it was for only 1 yr. By this time I was so hot & I hung up. I called the KOP store and spoke to Manager Deb about 2 wks ago. She assured me that she would have someone call me back that could help me. Well no one has called yet. I am fed up. I will personally go to the store this Sat. and request something to be done. At this point, what does that 5 day period mean anyway when they can't even return a phone call. So much time a wasting. I am contacing the BBB and also the Consumer Hot Line at Channel 6 News.

January 27, 2006

Well after all this time it did not surprise me that Levitz was going out of business. Since I last reported, I have received my warranty check for the cocktail tables. I am still in dispute with the credit card co. Since I received my check, they also debited my credit card. I still have a pending claim through the Attorney General's Office & I not only want the money back for the tables, but also the refund on the warranty for the furniture as well, since I see no reason to have to deal with this other company. I will keep you posted. Good luck to all of you!!!

Levitz customer service is the worst.
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I placed an order on December 13, 2004 from my local Levitz retail store. The salesman was incredibly polite and helpful. That is not where the problem lies.
Once an order has been placed, you are given a date on which your merchandise will be delivered. No time window is set until 24 hours before the delivery date. Once a time has been set, you cannot change it.
My delivery date was set for 1/17/2005. I tried calling their customer service number 1-866-538-4891 on Saturday 1-15-2005. I was on hold for so long I had to hang up. I called again Sunday 1-16-2005 at 10:00am. I had to hang up after I had been on hold for an hour and fifteen minutes. I called back at noon and had to hang up 45 minutes later. I called at 1:00 and someone finally answered at 1:47pm. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor Martha Posse got on the line and was one of the most unprofessional people I have ever come across. She interrupted me not more than eight times. I asked her 4 out of the 8 times to not interrupt me.
Martha Posse informed me that the delivery time cannot be changed because it was set as of this day. I explained to her how many times and days I tried to contact them and that I am not responsible for their hold time or policies. She informed me that there was nothing she could do. Not only was she rude and unapologetic, she lacked any evidence of a supervisor on a customer service level.
True their furniture is cheap in the whole sense, but I knew that going in. What bothers me is that there is no customer service at the 800# that is worth this type of headache. Think twice before giving this company your money.UPDATEAfter all the headaches I have been through, it got worse. Less than 24 hours before my delivery was to be sent, they called. They said my couch was damaged and they would not be able to deliver it. I said "Of course it was damaged. I wouldn't expect anything less from Levitz." I told them to cancel the entire order. They were SHOCKED! Too bad. After reading other complaints about Levitz and their damaging practices, I had the good sense to turn them away. In a way I feel lucky to have the opportunity get out of dealing with Levitz. Let's see how long it takes to receive a full refund. I'll keep you posted.

Levitz delivers !
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Despite bad reviews on this site, we discovered a company on the mend. Their delivery was extremely prompt, its product, a beautiful couch arrived in perfect condition.

We are very happy with the company, and I would say that they have pulled their socks up.


Unexpected changes and huge delays in delivery
By -

HUDSON COUNTY, NEW JERSEY -- If you are willing to buy from this store, keep in mind that they are very likely to make changes at will to the initially promissed delivery time. They may promise delivery for next month, but each time you get an e-mail from them, it is certainly bad news: last one was to "let me know" that the delivery date changed to TWO MONTHS after the originally scheduled time (which, in my opinion, was given me out of nowhere just to sell the product).
So, if you expect to have furniture any time soon, choose another place. Also, you don't want to depend on their unreachable customer service. Last time I called to cancel my order, I was put on hold for more than 45 minutes. Although I really liked the sofa I saw in the store, I am cancelling my order since I do not want to risk having to depend on them again in case the product has any defect (would probably take another 6 months to fix/replace it).

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