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UnAmerican Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- We brought a new home, we needed home owners insurance, so we just stayed with the insurance already on the home. We hired a roofer to walk it to make sure it was OK, because they said it was OK. Well he disagreed so they went back and forth with him, so they agreed it was a bad roof from a hail storm, of which it should have been replaced. They waited a week and cancelled the policy without notice. We thought they were going to call and let us know that the roof would be replaced. so I say very unAmerican. THIS IS A VERY BAD, UNETHICAL COMPANY!
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ok4now on 05/11/2012:
Here's the problem with staying with the insurance that is already on the home. There is a previous claim history. You have no knowledge of what that is but Liberty Mutual does. Even though you are the new homeowner they look at it as preexisting problems. I would dump them and shop for a new company.

This creates another problem. All previous claims on this property are on the CLUE report. This is a database that all insurance companies used to share claim history. You can't suddenly file a claim for roof damage when it has been previously reported. Your between a rock and a hard place on this one buddy. Again shop around and explain the situation. Good luck.
Nohandle on 05/11/2012:
I'm curious as to why a claim was not filed when the hail damage occurred and the roof replaced at that time. Also, am curious as to why a home inspection was not done before the purchase. Most real estate companies will guarantee a home for a certain period of time after purchase, usually a year unless it's stated: As Is. If purchasing from an individual I guess you are on your own.

Excellent information OK and food for thought. My 94 year old aunt is furious as the pounding goes on atop her roof. She's out right now $11K and her insurance won't pay a penny but claim it was due to poor workmanship replacing the prior roof about 8 years ago. I guess she signed off it was fine at the time. Oh my.
CowboyFan on 05/11/2012:
You do not technically "take over" homeowners insurance, but have your own policy. Unless there was a pending claim for the roof at the time the house was sold, the insurance company is right that any such claims were waived by the prior owner not making a claim at the time of the incident.

If there was a ding in a used car one purchased, could the new owner file a claim under the prior owner's policy for collision coverage-probably not, even if their insurance companies were the same.
Frank D. on 02/20/2013:
Liberty Mutual Ins SUCK's the screwed me too on a broken pipe. In my 6th week trying to get paid from them and repair the damage. A pathetic insurance company , don't buy it
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Tree broken from storm no help at all
Posted by on
We had a huge storm here in town and it took out power lines, tore up trees, ripped up many a table umbrella and we had people actually killed from fallen tree limbs and trees. I had a tree that was 10 ft from our home break in half and surprisingly get caught up in the tree next to it slightly so it had not hit our deck, slider, and home yet. I called to see file a claim so they could have the tree cut down and they said sorry no can do. You have to pay your full deductible and if you don't take care of it and it damages your home then we won't pay you anything for the damage because it would be your negligence. Go figure that one. So of course here we are sitting with this massive tree dangling and it could fall at any type of wind gust and we have to try to find the money to pay someone to come get it cut down.

This is our 4th time being brushed off by our liberty insurance people and it will be our last. We are switching asap to an insurance company who actually pays for repairs instead of taking our money and spending it on other things except us.
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 07/12/2011:
Here are two links that state unless a tree does damage to an insured building, you are responsible for removal of the tree.

I don't understand why you think you shouldn't have to pay for your deductible even if they were going to remove the tree.
Slimjim on 07/12/2011:
I don't understand. Are they saying you want them to include the deductible in their check?
Frank D. on 02/20/2013:
Liberty Mutual Ins SUCK's the screwed me too on a broken pipe. In my 6th week trying to get paid from them and repair the damage. A pathetic insurance company , don't buy it
Conned by Liberty Mutual on 03/17/2013:
Liberty Insurance company asks NYS every year for a raise and the NYS Commission gives it to them!!
I had Liberty Insurance for 7years EVERY year I got a raise. In the fifth year an ice strom bought down a huge tree on my property breaking my fence. The Tree/Fence Contractor came to $1200...Liberty only paid $900. SO what is the point of having an insurance if they don't fully cover damage?? I have been an honest person ALL my life....but, I would never deride a person who scammed the biggest scammers on the face of the planet=INSURANCE COMPANIES. It does not pay to be honest with those con artists.
OKC on 07/17/2013:
I can understand that it can be hard to swallow, but unless that tree fell on the house, deck, or fence it generally would not be covered for removal. The tree itself is generally not covered by wind damage and cutting it out would be merely maintenance. Thus, it appears there is no coverage on this particular loss and unfortunately this would not be a covered claim with most or any property insurance company.
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Liberty Mutual Insurance over the top prices
Posted by on
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Wow, this company is one big rip off. For the past XXX amount of years this company ALWAYs raised my premium. I called the NY State Insurance Agency to complain, I was told it was legitimate because for the past THREE years Liberty Mutual asked for 5% raise and the NYS POLITICIANS!!!(Liberty is a donor) approved the request.

I called Liberty Mutual and requested a DECREASE. I was given the shell game answer, "Raise your deductible, and we will lower your premium."
I told them why don't they just stay with the economic climate of "no jobs or those to be had have, no living wages" and adjust the rates accordingly. "We cannot do that."

Liberty Mutual has FOUR major "Philanthropies" that THEY donate to.!!!

So, I said to the meely mouth kid, "Why don't you put me on your philanthropy list and lower my rates?" I am dead serious.

I am barely able to afford heat....I am losing my home to HIGH TAXES(I can pay my mortgage the taxes are the drain)............I qualify for philanthropy.

"Those philanthropies are for poor children."

"Oh, so you raise my premium so that you can AFFORD to give to charities to feed kids, that I did not make? I have no heat in the house, so YOU can appear magnanimous with MY money by redistributing it to IRRESPONSIBLE parents who should not make kids when they can barely feed themselves?".............The charity I was talking about was the one in VENEZUELA. That is right Liberty Mutual is taking your $$$$$ and giving it to Hugo...who cannot feed his own nation.

check it out. Link.


Liberty Mutual jacks your rates up YEARLY and gives it away in charities. REDUCING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE and in some cases pushing YOU the customer into poverty because you cannot keep up with the rate hikes in relation to the lack of job or low paying jobs to be had here in the States.

Liberty Mutual IS IRRESPONSIBLE with the customers, here in the UNITED STATES and does not deserve to operate here. They are milking the US citizen and are "using that money" OVERSEAS by giving it away to charities, to people who breed irresponsibly and to governments who abuse their populous.

IF YOU HAVE LIBERTY MUTUAL. Send them a strong message. "Take your business elsewhere, we are not here to be milked and abused by your irresponsibility to OUR COMMUNITY by ripping us hard working taxpayers off.

Before you reach out to insurance company it is worth to pull up their sites and see what they are involved with. Had I know that Liberty Mutual is doing business with Hugo ChaVez and MY MONEY is part of this alliance I would NEVER have been any part of this company.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 09/17/2010:
Wow. Someone soiled your cheerios. This is normal course of business for insurance companies. If the politicians or powers that be have approved the increases that is where your complaint lies. The insurance company is a business and is responsible to its shareholders to make a profit. As for their philanthropic efforts I applaud them. More companies could make an effort to help poor children.
Alain on 09/17/2010:
Well, I'm not surprised by Liberty Mutual taking advantage of 'charitable contributions' and buying a few politicians. They'll be able to do their purchasing of pols a little more directly and openly now considering that John Roberts and his Supreme Court majority have opened the floodgates for political contributions by corporations to implement their corporate policies. So much for my rant of the day. Thanks for your review, Connoiseur!
Obsfucation on 09/17/2010:
When you are in the supermarket do you request a decrease on the price of milk? That has gone up 5% too.
Slimjim on 09/17/2010:
I don't understand why you don't just switch to another company. Do they have a monopoly in your area?
Anonymous on 09/17/2010:
I don't understand this entire review. I have Liberty for my car insurance and home insurance...and my premiums have been lowered each year. There are a lot of factors that go into determining premiums...where you live, accident rates, percentage of under-insured or not insured drivers, etc. When I lived in Oregon my car ins premium doubled what I pay here in Wa.
Connoisseur on 09/22/2010:
You don't raise premiums to support your charities. Liberty Mutual benefits in tax exemptions while YOU the consumer pays for it with your premium, and YOU don't get the benefit of that tax exemption.

Trees fell due to ice. The hardworking tree guy charges $2000...for cut/removal and mending the fence. Liberty Mutual puts a limit on how much they pay for the such events. THEY NEVER indicated in the paper work in the previous years that they do not pay the price of the estimate after you pay your deductible. THIS stipulation came into vogue directly after the year that my area was struck by an ice storm. Not only did I have to pay the deductible BUT had to make up for the rest. So what is the point of paying premiums if they are NOT there for the full amount to be paid, for the restoration after the damage? The point of the deductible is to pay what YOU can....and the rest is for the insurance that you cannot.

For the tree incident I paid $500(deductible) $300 on top of that. Liberty paid $1,200. I paid just as much as Liberty. Is not the purpose of the insurance after the deductible to make up for the rest???? NOT according to Liberty. They redefined what insurance means. To them it's "We pay as little as possible." You customer pick up the rest so the SHAREHOLDERS can reap benefits, and the CEOs can make obscene salaries. Oh, and we have some bleeding heart charities that we need for tax shelters. YOU CUSTOMER support 100% of our business operations thank you. We just administer YOUR premium monies by divvying it out...with you Mr. customer as the last on the totem pole. Don't like it too bad. WE have the politicians in our pocket and will ignore your complaint of our unfair practices. Thank you sucker Mr. Customer.

Just for the record "JustCause" I am an upstanding taxpayer, played by the rules....NO MAJOR accident ever. The fender benders three in all were the other guys fault. Two speeding ticket in over twenty years.
They raised my insurance, when a dump truck in front of me had something fly into my windshiled shattering it. They raised my premium when the ice storm act of God happened. They raised my premium when the guy behind me did not stop when I stopped for the traffic in front of me. IPAID FOR EVERY INCIDENT....even if it is not my fault. THAT is slimy.

I am switching. But, why should anybody keep switching just to stay clear of slimy practices?? The truth is 85% of insurances DON'T have to have ethics. They know that insurance is mandatory so they collude in their business practices in "doing as little as possible"....with maximum demand in premiums.

Does this make sense to you? House is worth $250K. Liberty will pay $207K to replace it. How many building contractors you know that will use $207k entirely to build a house, that is worth $250K??? THEY DON'T. It takes 1/3 of that to build a house that is worth $250k on the market. The price is inflated so they can justify an $800+ yearly premium.

I live in a blue state, of the allegedly "progressive" folks. They are so progressive...the taxpayer is regressing into poverty. Oh, yes the pencil pushing administrators are definitely progressing and going up the social ladder scale on the back of the taxpayers.
The red states where predatory practices are shunned and responsible stewardship is still practiced it is possible that the rates are going down to reflect the overall economic climate of the state/nation.
jktshff1 on 09/22/2010:
All should be careful of the businesses you support. Investigate their policies and "contributions" to specific groups. There are quite a few I don't spend money with because of the "charities" they support.
Westchaser on 10/04/2010:
Oct 2010: Liberty Mutual Group has once again raised their policy holder's rate by a whopping 24% twenty-four percent, here in Florida.

This is an outrage, especially in consideration of the economy, customers who are on a reduced salary or out of work, etc. They did the same thing last year and their excuse was literally "Be glad you weren't dropped altogether," when I called to ask why the huge rate hike.
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Liberty Mutual is a Fraud
Posted by on
COOPERSVILLE, MICHIGAN -- Liberty Mutual Insurance,

You will find that Liberty Mutual will always be the most reasonable insurance company. There is a reason for that, try to make a claim against them.

Our experience with them was we had a house fire, and we paid extra for full replacement cost of our contents. The clothes dryer caught fire.

Well all our clothing was ruined by smoke damage. When we complained that the clothing still had a smoke smell from the fire after they dry cleaned them. They sent all my suits to the cleaners and had them wash in a washing machine along with three of my leather coats to remove the smoke smell. After that they told me that they didn’t have smoke smell any more go ahead and wear them, of course these suits and leather coats were completely ruined. Then they laugh at us.

They did the same to my wife’s clothing and two daughters. We had a computer that was sprayed by the fire department, they told me that it would be OK they would be kind enough to have it cleaned up. It was complete ruined. Of course the computer was on and it shorted out. Remember when a top of the line 486 computers cost $4000.00. The computer was only 6 months old at the time.

After this, Liberty Mutual sued the dryer company and collect there monies from them. I was even stupid enough to help them carry the dryer out of the basement.

If I told you all the hoops they made us jump through, you would run from that company. All the lies they told us.

Finally they said they wanted to get us off there books 5 years later. So we set up an appointment with their attorney, no one from Liberty Mutual came. Mr. Tim Mann, who was the representative of Liberty Mutual all this time, was on the speaker phone, he did not have the guts to face my family.

Well we finally agreed to a pittance of a settlement. We signed the papers in front the attorney. Mr. Mann promise a check would be in the mail the next day, it was another two years before we received that check.

Please go ahead and use this company, if you are looking a cheap price.

We found that the insurance laws of the State Of Michigan are all wrote by the insurance companies. Would you believe that the State of Michigan is happy about this? You have no recourse when you turn in a claim against any insurance company. You are at there mercy.

If you have had an experience like mine, please e-mail me. (

Dan Bryant
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Not Following Texas State Statute, Texas Consumer Rights And Policy
Posted by on
WEBSTER, TEXAS -- Hurricane Ike hit Texas Sept 13, 2008. As of February 1, 2009 I have not received payment on my claims from Hurricane Ike. Liberty didn't follow there policy on "Duties of Liberty Mutal" which is clearly written. They deliberately practice the policy to deny a claim which is clearly written in the policy. When you change them on their it they change their mind when forced to do so. This practice is against Texas State Statue. This is a real problem. The amounts of money they are dealing with are not huge. I am considering an attorney at this time.

The contents of the policy they write leaves a lot to be desired. I bought the policy by recommendation of my Ex Insurance Agent.

I would not buy any Liberty Mutual Products, American First Lloyd's Policys.

I am still fighting, and will not give up.

By the way I have been unable to find a customer service representative or site to file complaints.

Check your policy prior to purchasing.

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/01/2009:
I would consult your attorney general about it.
Anonymous on 02/02/2009:
A little bit of detail would have been nice here.
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Posted by on
Please remove me from your mailing lists and maybe save someone who is lured in to buy insurance from this co a few pennies.

When I needed auto insurance I contacted your co and was pleased with your price, then after about a year I needed home owners insurance and contacted your co again, this is where your co proved its worth, and to me is now 0. Because of life's many twists and turns, one can not always be the perfect consumer. Because of a personal matter my home owners insurance lapsed and when I contacted your co, first I was told that I could not purchase because I did not have home owners insurance, and when I contacted another one I was told I could purchase double the amount of my simple homes worth, but not what I needed, it seems like your agents at these two places in the same general area, either did not want to be bothered in the chill of winter or did not need to meet a quota of sorts for that month, so then I did find a co that would insure this totally disabled Viet Nam Veteran, now it get funny then this spring my auto insurance was running out and I was getting letters that I was going to have to pay a fee if I did not renew on time and that you would have to notify the state that I did not have insurance when by this time, I did have insurance for my auto and home but not from your firm.

I hope that some time in the future if your co is threatened from some outside force greater than your ignorance or greed I hope you can rely on your lazy, agents to keep your company free, and not have someone else to do it for you.

Yours In Anger
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User Replies:
runaway on 05/23/2007:
I'm glad you found a company that you like to serve your insurance needs. However, I hope you cancelled Liberty's coverage on your auto as soon as you obtained insurance from another source, since you were entitled to a refund of unused premiums for those months. Also, let any lien-holder know which insurance company you are now working with; my brother didn't, and the car financer arranged with the old insurance company to "renew" the policy without his okay, since they had no proof that the vehicle was insured with another company, and the note required the vehicle's insurance.
Connoisseur on 09/16/2010:
Two years later..I am feeling your pain. I just had an interesting conversation with the "manager at Liberty Mutual." It went like this.

"So you have FOUR philanthropic charities that you give to right"

"Yes, that is right."

"The definition of charity is to GIVE without anything in return. So you give money without anything in return. Is that right?"

"Yes that is right."

"So you have enough money to give away, right?"

zzzzzzzzzzzzz silence......"Well, I suppose so."

"But I was told that you raised my premium for the last three years because of all the pay out..........leaving you short. So how can you be short if you are giving away money?"

zzzzzzzzzzz silence....."Uhm, well that is different."

"If you need to make up for losses due to out payments that left you short logically there is NO money to give away. In short your agents lied about being short of money. Right?"


"Let me explain something to you the raises that you demand are not because you don't have is because you are taking for your companies project that are FUNDED indierectly by your customers. Am I wrong, please correct me?"

Line is dead.


Time to contact the Attorney General as this the claim for raises is fraudulent.

You can't be short of cash if you are funding charities. This company is a scam.

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How reliable is this company? How well do they handle claims? Do they pay claims?
Posted by on
I am considering selecting an insurance company for home insurance and automobile insurance and would like to know whether Liberty Mutual is a good one to deal with.
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User Replies:
saj80 on 12/08/2009:
All insurance companies have their share of complaints, as well as compliments. The best source of information is to ask your family and friends who they use for insurance coverage. Make sure to ask if they have ever had a claim, and how it was handled. You may also want to ask about any unsatisfactory issues with insurance companies, but usually family and friends will be honest assessors of their experiences.
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Posted by on
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- After the City of Sacramento changed their flood zones, my home no longer needed flood insurance.

I called Liberty Mutual to inform them; of course they never took care of it, tho' they said that they did. I had already thrown out the letter from whatever agency (I no longer remembered who they were) when Liberty Mutual called to tell me that they needed the letter faxed to them (they waited 2 weeks to discern this).

The woman I originally spoke with told me she had taken care of the problem. So, I had to contact my mortgage company to get another copy of the letter.

So far, I've faxed this to Liberty Mutual 3 times since February (it's now 5/30). No response, but they sure are still charging me for flood insurance (which costs as much as regular house insurance).

I will probably be buying another house next year, at which time I'll be switching to another insurance company. Since I also have this nightmare excuse for a business for my car insurance as well, I may just do the extra work now to transfer out of Liberty Mutual's rat's nest.
Resolution Update 08/25/2007:
It *only* took them 6 months (for which I ended up paying over $350 for flood insurance that I didn't need) to finally take me off their books. "Resolved" is one way of putting it, if "resolved" means that I was cheated out of $350.
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User Replies:
Greatbridgedriver on 05/30/2005:
Check with the lending bank. The bank may still want the protection and can force you to get the flood insurance.
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