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Lumber Liquidators
3000 John Deere Rd
Toano, VA 23168
1-800-366-4204 (ph)
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Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN -- A few things you should know before purchasing a flooring. All floors require acclimation. What this means is you need to have the boxes sit in your room that you are going to install the floor. It cannot be a garage or basement as it will acclimate to that room and not where it's going to be installed. Laminate, Vinyl, and Hard Wood (Solids & Engineered) take 3 to 5 days to accomplish this and Bamboo takes 2-3 weeks.

If you were to install as soon as you got the flooring, then in the summer it will buckle and bow as it will expand due to the natural moisture in the air and leaves gaps in the winter since the flooring will contract due to the cold atmosphere. Failure to do this is your fault, do not blame the company for that.

You really do get what you pay for. Expecting something like a 6mm laminate or odd lot flooring to be pristine is asking a lot for its value. Therefore, you should generally go with Bamboo, as its price to hardness ratio is very hard to top at other competitors stores.

The warranty covers the finish. Exchanges are anytime, returns are 30 days from the day of pick up (60 for bamboo). If you feel there is something wrong with the floor, DO NOT INSTALL IT. This again places unnecessary risk to you. You must get an underlayment of any sort, whether that be their Bellawood platinum or normal tarp paper for your warranty to be valid.

If you have kids, dogs and the like, do not get anything lower than American Hickory for hardness. The two factors here will tear things up like Birch, American Walnut, American Cherry, Pine, Horizontal Bamboo - Carbonized, and Red Maple. If you have a lot of moisture in your home, or placing in a basement, then you don't want things like Beech, White Oak, Birdseye Maple, Hard Maple, and Birch.

When purchasing, make sure they are from all the same lot. There is a three letter code, such as HAU, CBD and so on. Otherwise there will be issues in getting them to match up with each other. 15G for domestic woods, 18G for exotics and bamboo. 8in between each tongue in groove for installs.

Wood darkens with sunlight. It's due to the process of photosynthesis. Laminates, Vinyl and Bamboo do not darken with sunlight. However, bamboo does have the unique characteristic of being different shades due to how long it's baked in manufacturing. Thus it's best to check the box before taking it home.

Engineered has the same durability as solids, but cannot be sanded as much. In fact, only once, or maybe twice. They also do not expand or contract as much as solids. If smudges are a concern, go with a duller looking floor. Shiny ones show handprints easier and light floors show dirt much more.

Hand scraped cover dents and scratches far more than a flat surface. If you wanted to sand them though, you would lose some of the look. I am available for questions, whether it be this site or e-mail. All in all, the company is pretty legit, at least from the West Allis, WI location. The employees provided me with all of this information upon request. Cheers.

They Will Not Stand Behind Their Products
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TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS -- Well I put a laminate floor in on a continuous run in 3 rooms of my home. About 1 year later we had 3 boards that started to swell around the edges. One of the boards that swelled is adjacent to another that is still fine. We called LL customer service and filed a claim. Long story short it was an awful experience. They did not send any representative out to look at the floor. They basically asked us a million questions just looking for a way to not be responsible for the 3 boards.

So even though my floor was professionally installed, no water sources around, 1st floor with full basement underneath, the rest of the floor is cleaned in the same manner every time, I keep 30% humidity in that area all year round with humidity gauges present, no pets, no small kids, no water leaks anywhere as the rest of the floor is perfect... are you starting to see a pattern here? The problem is not the 3 boards, I have extra, it's just that I have to pay the contractor to replace those 3 boards which will take some work.

They basically sent me back a letter to inform me after waiting many months, that humidity in my home caused it, I can hire their inspector at my expense, use your own extra flooring for the repair, etc. etc. My contractor believes that because these floors are made under such high pressure that these boards somehow are defective from the beginning, and are now swelling up. As I said one board along a bad one is still perfect so it proves water did not get in there otherwise both sides would be bad. If normal humidity conditions were causing it to swell, then the product is not quality at all and should not be sold in humid climates.

The gal that was the customer service representative (**) sounded like she was 13. She giggled during the entire interview and was clearly reading from a prepared question list and had to correct herself many times, with a giggle of course. There was not professional interaction at all. I knew more about flooring that she did by far. I will never buy another product for LL ever again. The least they could have done was to send me another box of product for my trouble.

From now on I will use Lowe's or Home Depot for my flooring as I know they stand behind their services from hearing others talk about it. LL is a disgrace, and couldn't even take the time or concern to help with this matter. We love the floor so much and were devastated when this imperfection showed up. It's right in the middle of the kitchen to where is most visible.

Flooring Advice from an Ex-Employee
By -

I worked at Lumber Liquidators for 14 months and found out several things. Do not buy Bellawood as there are many milling issues. Any Virginia Millworks flooring is actually very good quality and affordable. SCHON engineered flooring is a decent value. Decent quality, good prices. Laminates- stay away from 6mm flooring not because of LL but because it is just too thin. St. James flooring still amazes me with quality and price. NEVER buy odd-lots you will never be happy (that also goes for anywhere).

CHOOSE YOU'RE INSTALLER WISELY!! 99 Percent of the issues I had at my store were installation issues and pretty much the rest were damaged from forklift or milling issues with Bellawood. Choose an installer with a warranty and check with references.

The top 3 issues with a bad floor are MOISTURE (have the installer check the readings and put the proper moisture protection down- needs to be sold from LL for the warranty). Installers failing to leave an expansion gaps (the floor needs 1/4" to 3/8" gap between it and the wall, which you can cover up with baseboard or quarter round) and scratching. DO NOT BUY A SOFT WOOD IF YOU ARE ROUGH ON THE FLOOR. If you are particularly rough on flooring go with their ST. James laminate. It holds up extremely well. They had a huge changeover in 2010 that caused thousands of customer complaints but should be over by now and safe to buy.

The average customer is very unreasonable. They have an installer blame LL so they believe it when generally it is the INSTALLER. They treat their employees like TOTAL HELLLLL. I will not go into detail but it is not important for customers unless you like to buy from places that treat their employees good. All in all I will buy flooring from them when needed as I tend to not hold grudges. Hard to beat their prices and quality on most things. Again steer clear of Bellawood.

Defective Golden Teak Acacia Flooring
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OAKVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- 75% of installed product from Lumber Liquidators is Defective! July 31, 2014 we bought hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) the brand is (Golden Teak Acacia Hardwood 3/4"), Order # **, with 30-year warranty. We based our decision to purchase the hardwood on certain samples at retail store showroom, which we examined before committing ourselves to the purchase.

After acclimated the product at our house for more than 5 months and used a moisture barrier, which they are selling to keep our warranty valid we also followed all manufacturer regulations and recommendations. Unfortunately, during installation and reached of 85% of the process, we noticed there were some defecates mostly at the ends of the boards, which is more than the expected 5% range that our invoice mentioned when we bout the flooring.

Jan 2015 we informed LL about the flooring issue and filled disclosure forms, the store manager came out to the site to view the floor and he requested to get everything on hold, acknowledged there was a defect (in this patch) of product, and the arrangements were made to ship samples and box of unopened material to the head office in Virginia, USA for inspection.

LL's acts of fraudulent concealment, using improper warranty tactics and commissioning sham inspection from INSPECT SOLUTIONS to our flooring in response to complaints in order to "mislead consumers into believing that the defect could be traced to shoddy installation," and to exonerate Lumber Liquidators from any responsibility.

LL markets and warrants that the Product is durable and further markets and warrants that the Product has a thirty (30) year warranty. LL provided a reasonable expectation to consumers and the industry that the Product would have a usable lifetime of at least thirty (30) years. The Product's various modes of failure potentially cause damage to other building components and render the Product susceptible to premature failure.

LL did not honor its warranty and denial our claim. It's amazing to us that a company is so adamant about taking no responsibility for such a poor product (75% defect) which is marketed to be "durable" with 30 years warranty, but it seems there is no quality control had been done at all for this product before wrapping and delivery. We had to hire 3rd party independent inspector licensed by National Wood and Flooring Association ( NWFA), he mentioned the mill actually attempted to fuse cracks with glue and then fill them with putty, the manufacturer did this intentionally. His conclusion is (Manufacturing Defects).

LL has been notified of its breach of written warranties and has failed to adequately cure those breaches. As a direct and proximate result of Defendant's breaches of its written warranties, engaged in unlawful business practices in that Defendant represented, through its advertising, warranties and other express representations that the Product had characteristics it did not actually have. We are requiring LL to compensation for financial losses associated with the purchase of the flooring. These losses include installation costs, removal costs, loss of use, diminished property value, remediation costs.

MorningStar Click Bamboo
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Rating: 4/51

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- My wife and I went to Lumber Liquidators in gb wis. to buy bamboo flooring, we did some research- it was going into our bedroom. We liked the looks of it, great price so we took the chance. The salesman helped us with the dimensions and quantity to the plank.Yes, when we finished we had exactly one plank leftover.
The stranded click went in ok, a few boards had unusual markings but
used those for cut ups and closet
They say easy installation with the click lock, but I highly recommend
hiring a professional. We did.

We acclimated the planks 2 weeks
as recommended. Overall this is a stunningly beautiful floor. I guess time will tell how it holds up. One little problem we noticed us that the floor makes a cracking sound, hopefully will settle out..

LVT Underlay Molded in Less Than 5 Months
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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- In February of 2015, I completed the installation of LVT Underlay and vinyl planks. In June of 2015 I removed a few and found mold growing on the underlay in 5 months. The underlay is warranted to be mold resistant. It was installed throughout my home and the area I removed was in the middle of front room with no exposure to moisture.

I have made several attempts to remedy this at the corporate and local retail store. After submitting a four page claim with pictures and many calls I was denied because they said I removed the material. I only removed a small portion of the material which was communicated and pictured to their representatives. After several more phone calls I spoke to a manager who said I was denied since they couldn't verify the moisture level in my home. No one ever came to the house or returned calls.

I have not had time to remove and re-install the vinyl planks and underlay. I need to purchase more planks because some will be damaged and I'm not sure what to do because according to reviews they will not accept boxes if opened and ALL of the previous boxes fell open from just transporting them.

I need to sell my house for financial and health reasons and now with a moldy floor I am going to lose more than if I didn't have any floor. I am more concerned from the people who have this problem and don't know it as mold can be deadly if not found in time.

Wood Destroying Insect (Powder Post Beetle) Infestation in Purchased Product
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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- What I originally thought was a great deal on a small lot special purchase became a huge liability when a home inspector determined that the naturally occurring defects in the wood were the result of a wood destroying insect infestation that can damage the flooring and the wood structure of the home. I spent $135.00 to hire in entomologist to determine that the infestation was inactive.

I contacted customer service to obtain a replacement for the defective product. Customer Service declared it an installation error and all warranties were thus void. They stated that the installer should not have installed any flooring with signs of infestation, this is ironic since neither the manager and assistant manager in the Lumber Liquidators store were unable to identify the WDI infestation and admitted that this was the first time they had seen a Powder Post Beetle infestation.

We all assumed that this was typical in rustic looking “trendy” hard scraped wood flooring, which brings me to my original assumption. This was an uncommon occurrence and this was a defective product. You can get a great deal at Lumber Liquidators but let the buyer beware. I suggest you check each box on the dock at time of delivery.

LIARS @ Lumber Liquidator
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CHEETOWAGA, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware, biggest SCAM operation running from the Lumber Liquidator Store located at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga NY. Bought our flooring from LL at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga store and had it installed this past Feb 2013. When we initially went there, we were met by the store manager ** (He was very sick at the time, remember!) and informed him we were looking for a floor that would not scratch as we had two small dogs. We stressed to ** the manager and flooring expert that our main concern was not so much the flooring or cost, but that did not want to invest in something that would scratch.

** showed us some floor samples and said to us "it will not scratch from your dogs, I have a dog and the same flooring in my house and mine has no scratches". We trusted you ** and being you were the manager and a corporate representative for LL and an expert in flooring, we again gave you our trust and purchased approx. $5000.00 in flooring from you.

Well not more than two weeks after it was installed, we noticed scratches on the floor. Scratches that **, the purported expert, said would not happen. We immediately called our installer ** and upon his inspection he stated "I've never seen a floor so badly scratched and so quickly in my 9-year career, this is bad". Folks this floor wasn't down 5 weeks. We were given some scratch removal product from LL, and let me tell you it is **, it did nothing to remove, fix or even hide the numerous scratches. We called LL and spoke with ** who gave us the standard answer, "You have a problem, call the 800 number, file a claim, it's out of our hands". Thanks **.

Well we did contact the 800 number and spoke with the so called "Customer Relation Specialist" ** (No last name given). He informed us of the procedures to file a claim, it required us to take 10 pictures of the damaged floor, fill give a detail explanation of the damage and send it to him. We did everything required. I asked ** "When will someone come out and look at the floor?" ** said "no one will come out and look", and we should hear something in about 10 days or so. So we waited, during which time we put booties on our dogs feet and again tried to rub out the scratches with the LL scratch removal solution.

Well folks guess what we received 10 days later in the mail, you guessed it, we received a standard corporate form letter from **, (no last name on letter) and you might guess it basically said "Sorry not our problem". Comments like "No additional action regarding this matter, as this is not a warrantable claim." Additional comments in the form letter were surprising such as "A thorough review has been undertaken by LL Inc. regarding your concerns of scratches and fading within your floor" (Riiight) and "it should be noted that while laminate finishes are scratch resistant, there are no claims of the finish being scratch or dent proof."

I guess ** claim to us as manager within LL Corporation that we would not experience scratches is not a claim of no scratches? A corporate employee is not held accountable for direct misrepresentation. Oh, wait, just say anything (Lie), for a sale and screw the customer, ** (No last name) will just send them a corp. form letter later, who cares. Well folks we are just simple people here in Western NY and trust those who give their word, particularly when they represent themselves as so called experts.

Here is my advice to my fellow consumers: Do not go to Lumber Liquidators at 3801 Harlem Rd. in Cheektowaga or any LL store. THERE IS NO WARRANTY WITH THIS CORPORATION, don't believe a word out of the mouths of anyone who works there, anyone who represents LL, any written documents from LL, any advertising from LL, anyone who does contract work for them, anyone who provides or calls themselves a "Customer Relations Specialist". Should you do, you too will be writing a review like I am today, $5000.00 later, heartbroken, having been treated so badly and having a floor that is a piece of **. Don't do this to yourself, it is your home.

Finally, you got us **, hope you and your pathetic staff got a good laugh at our expense or at least you spent the commission paycheck well. I can only hope that the NY State Attorney General's Office gets people like you who lie to the public, misrepresent product and falsely make statements, people like you who support scams like Lumber Liquidators Inc. does to the good folks of Western NY and takes the appropriate legal actions. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Excessive Shrinkage & Gaps - Formaldehyde in Resin
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NEW JERSEY -- Lumber Liquidators is the dollar store of retail flooring. I bought the Morning Star Bamboo and it's junk. One of the reasons I bought this floor is because they advertise it being "green". How can it be green if it has formaldehyde in it! So what are you saying? It's good for the environment but it may give you Cancer? Would you want your children playing or crawling on this floor? My husband and I have both experienced sore & dry throats and it has a very distinct smell. We were fine before this floor was installed.

And another thing to keep in mind, there was no indication on the labeling or the box saying it was formaldehyde compliant. This is in gross violation of The Formaldehyde Standards Act for Composite Wood Products that was put into law by President Obama in 2010. After 2 months when it was installed we started getting large gaps and separations that ran the whole perimeter of one wall. The installers came and repaired it and 3 months later it happened again. Called LL and they sent out one of "their " inspectors. What a joke this guy was. We went by all the guidelines, bought a humidifier, meter, the works!

Literally baby sat this floor which is totally ridiculous but we did it and this guy still found fault. I have come to the conclusion it really doesn't matter what you do because they will find a reason to blame you or the installer. They have a nice little racket going on. And their 30 warranty doesn't mean diddley squat! That's even a bigger joke! All I can say is don't let their low prices fool you. If you buy from them and have a problem it will be the biggest headache of your life. Just read the reviews because they are telling you the truth. I know, because I was one of their victims. If you are reading this and decide not to buy their products then you are one of the lucky ones!

Customer Service Abuse
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to the Raleigh NC store to buy in-stock flooring. I asked about the return/refund terms before the purchase. I was told by a female employee I could return the flooring as long as it was unopened. I was surprised about the lengthy multi-page receipt which included a full page of fine print though. I signed in several places on several sheets of paper for the purchase, took the flooring, and left the store. About a week later I needed to return the flooring. I was told that I would be charged a 20% restocking fee.

When I questioned the 20 % restocking fee, the manager, **, approached me and mocked me for not reading the fine print on one of the pages of the receipt document. I was very shocked at his outrageous behavior, but continued to question the fairness of the policy which had not been fully explained when I questioned the female employee who had completed my receipt the week before. I told the manager that she had not advised me about the restocking fee, but the manager insisted in a belligerent way that I was to blame for not listening.

At one point he leaned across the counter and threatened me. He kept his hands on the counter but his face was only about 10 inches away from me. He insisted I sign the return agreement but refused to sign it himself. When I asked him to sign it he placed an "X" on the signature line and threw it under the counter. One thing I don't need to find in a retail environment is an angry, obnoxious, belligerent employee behind the counter who threatens me by saying, "I know your address." This manager acted in a way that would make a customer question his psychological stability. I don't know yet if he actually refunded my purchase price as he refused to sign to acknowledge my return.

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