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Rating: 1/51

BEWARE of this company!!! We bought floors last May and installed them per the instructions. We bought everything we needed to make sure that we would not get moisture damages on the floor, spent a fortune! After about a month we started noticing moisture damage - nowhere near our kitchen or bathroom - as well as "chipping" all over our floors. We tried to file a claim and the person we were working with, "Sarah" - never emailed us back. My husband deployed and I was the only one at home but I worked 95% of the week, and even with no one home our floors got even worse!

Again, filed a claim and sent in all of the pictures. A "Sherese" never emailed or called us back after hounding her for weeks. We got a call from a "Reginald" who is originally from our area and was going to help us with our case. I send him the pictures of our floor on Saturday and Sunday, and Tuesday we get a letter denying our claim saying "other extreme conditions", basically saying that the moisture came from the sub-floor. After I explained that we had installed the cover that goes in-between, he said it might have been the dogs. After I said that our dogs were kept in crates during the day, he said that it might have been the sand the dogs brought in.

I told him my parents live in FL and they have a dog and have had their floor 14+ years and never a problem. He said "Well the moisture from the flooring can still get through the cover." I understand the moisture damage but I don't see how the chipping could have been done by this. Spend a little extra and go somewhere reputable since this company are a bunch of criminals anyway using illegally sourced wood.

Poor Quality of Pre-Finished Wood Flooring.
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Rating: 1/51

TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS -- Bellawood – Cumaru. Setting – Third floor condo. Size – approx. 500 sq feet. Purchased April of 2017 – Installed May 2017. Lumber Liquidator installer came out and gave estimate for installation, and measured for the amount of product needed, including transition moldings. His price was 2.90 sq foot – this area was 1.80 for all other installers. I returned to the store, said the estimate was high, was there anything that could be done – meaning can you lower the install price – I was given an adjusted price of 2.80 sq ft, 10 cents off. I declined, got my own installer.

At time of purchase, I advised the salesman that I was on the third floor, there was an elevator, and I would like to have it delivered to my unit. I was told no problem, I paid the additional 280.00. I also told the clerk at the time that I would be very ticked off if they arrive and tell me that can't/won't deliver to my unit. He assured me it would not happen. It happened. When the two delivery men showed up, they started stacking it in the lobby, I told them I paid for delivery to my Unit, they said no, I told them to call the store. After a bit of a back and forth, they delivered into my 3rd floor Unit.

In the meantime, I had gotten another estimate for 1.80 sq foot for install, so I hired the gentlemen. After he started installing, which was 3 weeks after delivery, he informed me that there would be gaps in the flooring because the planks are never milled the same. He said he sees this all the time when he installs pre-finished from LL. Mine was a glue down install due to the concrete flooring. He completed the job, and yes, there are gaps, everywhere, and some are larger than others. The really large ones have been filled in with matching color wood dough.

In conclusion, the finish is beautiful, as is the varied wood tones, which is what we wanted. The fit is horrible, through no fault of the installer, one can plainly see the planks are different widths. I would never purchase from LL again. And, I would certainly never.

Poor Quality and Service
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Rating: 1/51

LONE TREE, COLORADO -- If I could give zero stars, I would. The horrible customer service and product continues... First, we measured the space for the flooring we needed. We were doing A LOT of work, as we were remodeling our entire house. Bottom line, we spent in the neighborhood of $6,000 on product (wood for main floor, vinyl for downstairs). So, we took the room measurements to the store, and were told how many boxes of each product we needed to purchase.

When the installer came to do the work and began opening boxes of the hardwood, some of the material was damaged. I called LL and was told that they do not take back damaged material, so I was out of luck. The second problem was that even with a significant amount of damaged material, there were still multiple unopened boxes of the wood left over. I again called LL and was told to bring it into the store. So, we loaded it all up and drove into the store.

When we arrived, they said that they could not accept any of it because it had been more than 60 days since we bought it (EVEN THOUGH THE BOXES WERE NEVER OPENED AND IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE). We left angry. Fast forward a year. We had some water damage downstairs and needed to re-order some of the vinyl. Called LL, as they were the only company to carry this vinyl. They said that the item had been discontinued so they only had about half of what we needed in the store, and would call around for the rest.

They were able to find the rest of the materials that we needed, but charged us more than the cost of the material in shipping!!! Even though their website says free shipping to local store, they refused to honor it. So, a small project to repair water damage just turned into an expensive project! They don't care what happens once they have your money. DON'T SHOP AT LUMBER LIQUIDATORS!!!

Sales Purchasing Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I just had to tell my experience. I went into store to purchase vinyl floors 1900 square feet for a rental I have. A red haired gentleman helped me. I didn't get his name till I was leaving as he gave me his card but threw his card away in the parking lot and come to find later from another dismayed buyer he was the manager and didn't bother looking at his card.

He was rude and made a sexual comment to me about my attire. I almost slapped him! When I asked about getting it installed he seemed to guess at all my questions that were not difficult about the installation at all and he didn't know and had no one to ask about simple questions. He gave me a catalog and bag with some fliers and didn't ask me if I wanted any samples.

I wouldn't buy anything from these people and should of called their corporate office. Surprised am taking time to write this. Never go there again. Home Depot was the place to go with a lot of selections and got better help. Johnson's Floors was very nice also and finally bought my stuff there.

Defective Flooring Warranty Not Honored
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I bought bamboo flooring to do my master bedroom. I followed all the instructions and bought all the materials from Lumber Liquidators including the underlayment. The flooring stated a 30 year warranty. I followed all the claim procedures because the floor is blistering and warping and they denied the claim stating that I needed to have a moisture test done before installation. Their warranty means nothing. I have all kind of little else that you would never get your warranty satisfied. Do not do business with this company is my recommendation.

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Rating: 2/51

GEORGIA -- I am livid! Planned my project around their timeline for delivery of 7-10 business days and not until I called on day 8, was I notified it would not be until day 17 that my order would be available for pickup. I cannot believe what I was being told! 24 years in the logistics field and you're telling me you can't ship my product 2000 miles in 8 days??? Come on!!! What a waste.

Lumber Liquidator will not stand behind its product.
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Rating: 1/51

BREWER, MAINE -- We recently purchased an old farm in Orland. The renovation of the kitchen involved stripping out everything to the studs, all 4 walls, ceiling and floor. We purchased bamboo flooring from the Brewer store - Morning Star Bamboo, MS Forbidden City Bam 7/16 x 3 3/4. Local store support was questionable in that directions for installation were wrong and what should have taken a couple of days took a week and a half. In fact, the product was so difficult to install we took back all we had purchased to do the dining room and got our money back.

We are now less than a year from install and the finish on the product is literally wearing off. It scratches at the drop of a hat and the commercials noting its toughness certainly cannot be proved by us. We have contacted the warranty folks at Lumber Liquidators who assured me that 48 hours after filling out their paperwork I'd be contacted. That was 456 hours ago and 4 follow-up emails later, we still have not heard from Lumber Liquidators.

Buyer beware. The product did not live up to company claims and they do not get back to you. Not only do I need to replace the floor but all the finish work, cabinets and appliances were installed after laying this floor. Again, buyer beware.

Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN -- A few things you should know before purchasing a flooring. All floors require acclimation. What this means is you need to have the boxes sit in your room that you are going to install the floor. It cannot be a garage or basement as it will acclimate to that room and not where it's going to be installed. Laminate, Vinyl, and Hard Wood (Solids & Engineered) take 3 to 5 days to accomplish this and Bamboo takes 2-3 weeks.

If you were to install as soon as you got the flooring, then in the summer it will buckle and bow as it will expand due to the natural moisture in the air and leaves gaps in the winter since the flooring will contract due to the cold atmosphere. Failure to do this is your fault, do not blame the company for that.

You really do get what you pay for. Expecting something like a 6mm laminate or odd lot flooring to be pristine is asking a lot for its value. Therefore, you should generally go with Bamboo, as its price to hardness ratio is very hard to top at other competitors stores.

The warranty covers the finish. Exchanges are anytime, returns are 30 days from the day of pick up (60 for bamboo). If you feel there is something wrong with the floor, DO NOT INSTALL IT. This again places unnecessary risk to you. You must get an underlayment of any sort, whether that be their Bellawood platinum or normal tarp paper for your warranty to be valid.

If you have kids, dogs and the like, do not get anything lower than American Hickory for hardness. The two factors here will tear things up like Birch, American Walnut, American Cherry, Pine, Horizontal Bamboo - Carbonized, and Red Maple. If you have a lot of moisture in your home, or placing in a basement, then you don't want things like Beech, White Oak, Birdseye Maple, Hard Maple, and Birch.

When purchasing, make sure they are from all the same lot. There is a three letter code, such as HAU, CBD and so on. Otherwise there will be issues in getting them to match up with each other. 15G for domestic woods, 18G for exotics and bamboo. 8in between each tongue in groove for installs.

Wood darkens with sunlight. It's due to the process of photosynthesis. Laminates, Vinyl and Bamboo do not darken with sunlight. However, bamboo does have the unique characteristic of being different shades due to how long it's baked in manufacturing. Thus it's best to check the box before taking it home.

Engineered has the same durability as solids, but cannot be sanded as much. In fact, only once, or maybe twice. They also do not expand or contract as much as solids. If smudges are a concern, go with a duller looking floor. Shiny ones show handprints easier and light floors show dirt much more.

Hand scraped cover dents and scratches far more than a flat surface. If you wanted to sand them though, you would lose some of the look. I am available for questions, whether it be this site or e-mail. All in all, the company is pretty legit, at least from the West Allis, WI location. The employees provided me with all of this information upon request. Cheers.

LVT Underlay Molded in Less Than 5 Months
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- In February of 2015, I completed the installation of LVT Underlay and vinyl planks. In June of 2015 I removed a few and found mold growing on the underlay in 5 months. The underlay is warranted to be mold resistant. It was installed throughout my home and the area I removed was in the middle of front room with no exposure to moisture.

I have made several attempts to remedy this at the corporate and local retail store. After submitting a four-page claim with pictures and many calls I was denied because they said I removed the material. I only removed a small portion of the material which was communicated and pictured to their representatives. After several more phone calls I spoke to a manager who said I was denied since they couldn't verify the moisture level in my home. No one ever came to the house or returned calls.

I have not had time to remove and re-install the vinyl planks and underlay. I need to purchase more planks because some will be damaged and I'm not sure what to do because according to reviews they will not accept boxes if opened and ALL of the previous boxes fell open from just transporting them.

I need to sell my house for financial and health reasons and now with a moldy floor I am going to lose more than if I didn't have any floor. I am more concerned from the people who have this problem and don't know it as mold can be deadly if not found in time.

Defective Golden Teak Acacia Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

OAKVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- 75% of installed product from Lumber Liquidators is Defective! July 31, 2014 we bought hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) the brand is (Golden Teak Acacia Hardwood 3/4"), Order # **, with 30-year warranty. We based our decision to purchase the hardwood on certain samples at retail store showroom, which we examined before committing ourselves to the purchase.

After acclimated the product at our house for more than 5 months and used a moisture barrier, which they are selling to keep our warranty valid we also followed all manufacturer regulations and recommendations. Unfortunately, during installation and reached of 85% of the process, we noticed there were some defecates mostly at the ends of the boards, which is more than the expected 5% range that our invoice mentioned when we bout the flooring.

Jan 2015 we informed LL about the flooring issue and filled disclosure forms, the store manager came out to the site to view the floor and he requested to get everything on hold, acknowledged there was a defect (in this patch) of product, and the arrangements were made to ship samples and box of unopened material to the head office in Virginia, USA for inspection.

LL's acts of fraudulent concealment, using improper warranty tactics and commissioning sham inspection from INSPECT SOLUTIONS to our flooring in response to complaints in order to "mislead consumers into believing that the defect could be traced to shoddy installation," and to exonerate Lumber Liquidators from any responsibility.

LL markets and warrants that the Product is durable and further markets and warrants that the Product has a thirty (30) year warranty. LL provided a reasonable expectation to consumers and the industry that the Product would have a usable lifetime of at least thirty (30) years. The Product's various modes of failure potentially cause damage to other building components and render the Product susceptible to premature failure.

LL did not honor its warranty and denial our claim. It's amazing to us that a company is so adamant about taking no responsibility for such a poor product (75% defect) which is marketed to be "durable" with 30 years warranty, but it seems there is no quality control had been done at all for this product before wrapping and delivery. We had to hire 3rd party independent inspector licensed by National Wood and Flooring Association (NWFA), he mentioned the mill actually attempted to fuse cracks with glue and then fill them with putty, the manufacturer did this intentionally. His conclusion is (Manufacturing Defects).

LL has been notified of its breach of written warranties and has failed to adequately cure those breaches. As a direct and proximate result of Defendant's breaches of its written warranties, engaged in unlawful business practices in that Defendant represented, through its advertising, warranties and other express representations that the Product had characteristics it did not actually have. We are requiring LL to compensation for financial losses associated with the purchase of the flooring. These losses include:

• Installation costs
• Removal costs
• Loss of use
• Diminished property value
• Remediation costs

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