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Avoid odd lots
Posted by on
WEST CHESTER, OHIO -- In the lumber milling industry there is a condition known as seconds. Which basically means the wood product produced does not meat quality standards ( has knots, splits, bad cosmetic flaws, etc.) any reputable company would not sell these products at any cost. But lumber Liquidators sells these materials stating that they are usable but ask that you increase the waste value from industry standard of 5% to as much as 30%! I am sure that some corporate yuppie with there name printed on a pay check from Lumber Liquidators finds this to be rather amusing. But the customer that purchases these products and is stuck with a bunch of unusable product that they had to pay real money for is not amused at all. The store managers I have dealt with have absolutely no product knowledge. They will tell customers "sure save yourself some money and buy these odd lots" making the customer believe they got a deal. Without going into a long drawn out explanation of how and why, this is simply a very poor business practise. They are dishonest, rude, and have absolutely no concern for there customers welfare. I have installed Lumber Liquidators products for around 12 years now. At first I was totally sold on them, then as the years went by there quality went further and further down hill. I have seen countless times the customer is left holding the bag, or they push claims off on the installer calling any issues an "installation issue" I honestly have to admit that I nor anyone else is perfect, and we do make mistakes. But My installation company is based on truly professional values, and I would simply expect them to stand up and take responsibility for there shotty product instead of pushing it off on the people out there making a living offering customers a legitimate service that would have been a positive experience for all involved had liquidators not supplied bad product.

Why would I take the time to write a review like this? What do I have to gain from this? The truth is I sincerely hope that any future customers of Liquidators read this and the many many other complaints against them on the Internet and decide to shop somewhere else, and that liquidators is finally held liable for the many many "dirty deals" they have made and they are forced to close there doors. I am completely in support of any and all reputable businesses out there that stand behind what they offer, but time has come for something to be done about these pirates!! our country is in bad enough shape, we do not need crooks like this nibbling away at the fabric of respectable businesses and ruining the reputation of other hardworking people in this industry that do not deserve to be labeled "thieves" simply because they work in the same profession as this so called company.
I have personally seen issues ranging from blackmail, illegal kick backs, corporate cover ups, lies after lies, discrimination, I could go on and on but I sure you see my point. How can they continue to get away with this? We as customers or even employees need to make a stand and demand they take responsibility for there actions.
Company Response 03/18/2011:
LL Response:
We've addressed this concern already. We sell odd lot material in addition to products brand new in the box and top of the line like Bellawood. We clearly disclaim what you're buying so you can plan your project accordingly, but we also have people making positive comments receiving a product they could not have otherwise afforded, so it goes back to ones individual expectations and it's our goal to offer the public choices. The other issues you raise here come off as a disgruntled former installer / employee. Craftsmanship has many varying degrees and most installations go off without a hitch, but some of your comments would suggest you may need to review the quality of your work. Our folks are well educated on flooring, in fact I can watch incoming calls into our call center and see them coming from competitors asking LL questions about flooring related topics / advice, so your opinions are noted, but not supported with facts. The idea that our employees engage in unprofessional behavior is an allegation considered an irresponsible act If you have a concern, write our legal department and they will investigate, but this sounds like more rambling and I'm not sure this posting truly represents the professional values you claim to uphold with your company. I can answer your question about why you would write such a review. It would appear you have time because your not promoting your own business, which is a better use of your time. We all take great pride in what we do offering quality products, low prices, and excellent wood flooring knowledge to those who have a need. We wish you all the best in your business, but this is not a place to present your personal gripes and you could use your time wisely by searching on line marketing tools for your business. Our web site is known for having the best educational tools for flooring installation related topics and techniques. Good luck and thanks for listening.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/18/2010:
If you're buying lumber at a place that has "liquidators' in their name, I'd say they are giving you fair warning that the product is not going to be as good as a graded product from a lumber yard. The products sold there are cheap because other consumers did not want to use it.
Inat on 10/18/2010:
with any bulk product like wodo flooring or ceramic tile, there is waste. Each time I open a new pack of tile, there is invariably one broken tile - that is the 5% waste that you use when calculating materials. LL is cheap and they tell you beforehad that you will have 30% waste. If you don't, you got lucky :)
neakybird on 12/30/2010:
Response to Alain, this is a direct quote from a LL response to a complaint previous to this one.
"LL is not an outlet for substandard flooring. We sell brand new top of the line products and offer some close out items as well, so you can buy products with a great warranty, or go the less expensive route and get an odd lot at a really discounted price you may not find anywhere else." By this statement they would obviously disagree with your statement themselves.
Paul on 08/08/2011:
I am shocked that that response came from a Lumber Liquidator employee... If that comment came from an employee of mine in a professional customer service environment, he or she would be immediately let go..... Shame on you. Perhaps the best choice, if the author was a true professional, would have been apologetic and sympathetic and tried to correct the wrong. Especially during these difficult economic times. This is exactly why companies go out of business every day! Crap customer service! What ever happened to the customer is ALWAYS right. I guess LL has so many customers, they can turn them away.. To be honest, I came across this posting due to researching their company and to see how reputable they are. Boy am I glad I did. Just for that posting, it cost a customer... goodbye 1900SqFt of 3/4 Bellawood...
Carole on 06/17/2013:
Just reviewing before buying product. The responses to the complaints sound like a recording, the product is always 100% quality and all of the installers are at fault. Customer Service is a number 1 priority in my book, I purchase items that have a great warranty but I am going to rethink any type of wood flooring, maybe refinishing my 60 year old wood flooring is not so bad after all.
Ben on 08/13/2013:
I'm a DIY. I am going to order 1200sf of LL's solid maple odd lot. To me $2.66 plus 30% waste is still a super sweet deal. Waste doesn't mean I have to through away the whole plank. I can still use the left overs for closet, under the bed etc. For me this is a cheaper way to get my hands full and save money. For high end customer and professionals, I can foresee the potential customer recalls. I believe it depends. You get what you paid for. So as professional you have to state the risk in your contract. So tell your customer the worse scenario and then go sign the contract to take the risk. When you got hid it is too late. Before came to the US I grew up from a culture that has no return policy when you leave the door. So I check everywhere and see as many as samples as possible and then I place the order and I'll take what ever it takes. Don't hold yourself back. Estimate, control and take the risk is the spirit of the US. If the market goes to the other direction, then just adapt yourself and follow. If it doesn't look right, go fight. Settle arguments in a peaceful way is one of the good thing I learned from the US history. I admire the founding fathers of US. Let's keep the spirit.
Nancy on 07/02/2014:
The installer that wrote this original review is spot on. I give him a lot of credit for letting the people know that Lumber Liquidators are the bottom feeders of retail flooring. I know this because I'am one of their victims. They will take your money and as soon as you have a problem they wash their hands of any and all responsibility. They pay off inspectors to find fault with the consumer or the installer. This is how they work! They are literally selling you garbage and then taking your money. I know two installers that have worked for Lumber Liquidators and they both told me their products are the worst on the market. If you don't have a problem....then your one of the lucky ones! There are thousands of complaints on the internet against Lumber Liquidators and I think it's time we all start banding to together. They are the biggest crooks I've ever come across and they are screwing people out of thousands of dollars.
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San Diego Lumber Liquidators - Horrible Quality - Rip Off!
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered 1800 SF of Brazilian Teak manufactured by Bellwood for Lumber Liquidators. What a nightmare! Several boxes arrived damaged upon delivery. The delivery person noted on the paperwork boxes were ripped open, damaged and discolored from other boxes. After not hearing from the store about the damaged boxes delivered I called the store directly and spoke with store manager Mike. I expressed my concerns and he assured me the boxes would be fine and I should have no worries about the installation of those boxes. When my installers arrived for the install (after the boxes had acclimated for three weeks) they too pointed out that several boxes looked beat up and odd. I told them I already called the store and they would be fine. They opened those three boxes along with seven others and sorted them by color variation, size, and proceeded with the install. After laying many of the boxes they expressed they were having constant issues with gaps in the boards. They pointed out that the boards had two separate kinds of milling and it was causing major problems. The problem was the actual width of boards were very different and so were the tongues. They suggested I contact the store and let them know so I can return them and reorder new boxes all from the same milling. I called the store and spoke to Ricky. He told me to bring in some sample boards.

The next day I brought in several boards demonstrating the boards varying width and completely different tongues. I could tell Mike the manager did not want to admit that they were from different mills but it was impossible to deny. He would just make comments like " a good installer would know how to deal with something like this" and "They can be altered by your installer to work" I pointed out that would cause additional labor I would have to pay for and I should not have to pay more money to deal with milling issues. He then said that he could send out his own installer (Brian). He said he would be able to make them work just fine. As I had nothing to lose I agreed.

Later that day a woman called and said she spoke to Mike and her company would come by to look at the floors. Several hour later a knock at my door and its a woman "Sarah" She said she was there to look that the floors. I told her I thought a Brian was coming to look at them as he is the installer. She said she was his wife. I showed her the boards and how they were all different. She just seemed oddly quiet. She obviously knew they were messed up but didn't want to say anything other than "don't worry we can fix everything". I pointed out the many rows that would have to get ripped up. She said that the three boxes that were mixed up with the others could be dealt with by "sorting them back out and putting them in the same rows". That sounded fine but she said I would have to remove what was already laid down and also order replacement boxes. She also said they would only glue down the wood. I told her as long as the price was the same that would be fine. She said Mike the manager would probably replace the boxes that caused the issue. I told her I would speak to Mike and let her know. I showed her my current installer invoice (3.00 square foot) and told her as long as she matched that I would go with them. She said she would match my installers and email me the estimate.

The next day the email comes. Guess what? they wanted 2500 more than my current installers. Not only that the glue was an additional 1200 more. So they wanted 3700 more than my current installer!! She had the square footage at 3.00 but had the stairs priced out separately and also wanted 1,000 more to level the floors for glue down process. Obviously I was not going to go with them and she never said the glue material alone would cost so much! I called Mike and said I'm just going to go with my installer and lm going to return the unopened boxes and reorder the same thing. I even agreed to upgrade the wood to 3/4 inch thick from 3/8 inch thick since they had the same teak in a smaller width but for a similar price. He said to bring them in and I would reorder them.

After renting a uhual and breaking my back getting the boxes back to the store the manager said that I had ten boxes missing. I told him that three boxes had milling issues which screwed up the other 7 laid down. I told him about how I called when they arrived and was assured they were o. k. I explained yet again that those three boxes installed with the other 7 were mixed and rendered useless and they had to now get ripped up. Mike said he would only credit me for the three boxes that had the wrong milling. He did not want to recognize that those boxes caused the others to be useless.

Trying not to loss my cool I told him I wanted to focus on getting the replacement material (2 1/4 teak) that is listed on the website because its a a similar price. Guess What. The replacement material was not available. The only option he said I had was to pay for an even more expensive (3.25 teak). I told him I didn't even want that as I have a 1915 Craftsman and I was not comfortable going with such a large width. Additionally that the cost was more more expensive price per square foot (3500 more!). I already was in the hole 7 boxes he would not credit, installation costs that were wasted, renting a truck for the return, and cost to rip out the crap that was down. Now he was telling me my only option was to pay 3500 more!!! It was obvious I was getting nowhere with him. He had no compassion to the situation and just seemed to generally not get how I was put in a situation not of my choosing. Lets not forget this entire nightmare was brought about by having different milling mixed in with my order. Since they no longer had any replacement material at similar cost ( 2 1/4) . Even though the website says the do. I requested to just have the unopened boxes I just returned credited to my card. I said I would have to eat the 7 boxes and just order them somewhere else since the only option extended to me was to buy more expensive teak. This SOB had the nerve to tell me that he would "not give me my money back" . He said he "was not convinced it was a milling issue" Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! I was just speechless. To think I would have to take the hit on all of this. Its like I had a gun to my head. I told him I since I was left with no alternative I had no choice but to pay an additional 3500.00 and order the teak in 3.25.

I left the store feeling sick to my stomach. Like I had been mugged. Its just sad when you feel so completely taken advantage of and have absolutely no power to make the store take responsibility. All I can do is share my story and let others know of my horrible experience. Hopefully it will make you reconsider and purchase elsewhere. As a realtor I am constantly asked for referrals on everything from kitchen cabinets to floors. I used to always recommend Loews or Home Depot as they guarantee the work and generally my clients were very happy withe them. Looks like I should have taken my own advice. I only went with Lumber Liquidators because the teak they had looked so nice in the store. I will let every client know my experience at Lumber Liquidators. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

I will let you guys know how the final install goes when the new material arrives.
Company Response 07/11/2010:
Contact LL Customer Care immediately and provide us with your contact information so we can assist you. Most likely the whole issues driven by mixing two mills causing the gapping at the time of install. If we can obtain enough information to verify this event a claim will be filed and we will take care of this problem with replacement material, and other expenses necessary to make this project right. This is not a common problem and most likely an accidental event caused by the warehouse, but it can be fixed and we're here to help. This obviously caused an unfortunate chain of events and we regret to hear you suffered a set back. We will take action once you contact CC using the 800 number on our website. Alert the answering agent and advise them you received contact from the LL Dir. of Customer Care and ask for me and I will see to it that the right resources are applied to this issue for further investigation and correction. Thank you for sharing this experience so we can make it right. We are making some significant system changes within our warehouses to avoid this in the future and know this can be frustrating and we'll make it right.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 07/08/2010:
Well written review. Keep us informed.
SanDiegoRealtor on 07/11/2010:
I will give you a call tomorrow.
SanDiegoRealtor on 07/12/2010:
I have left lumber Liquidators a message today. I am waiting for a call back from Brian. I will keep everyone posted to how this is resolved.
SanDiegoRealtor on 07/12/2010:
Brian never returned the call.
jktshff1 on 07/12/2010:
give him a day or so. keep us posted
SanDiegoRealtor on 07/15/2010:
3 days and no return call from "Brian". I'm thinking they just didn't like me letting the public know of my horrible experience and they were trying to make it appear as if they were trying to resolve my problem( with no intentions to actually do anything). I'm pretty speechless.

Also, not sure of others experiences about when they call up CS but It was really odd when I called them. I explained to the agent who answered the phone that I was contacted by the Director of Customer Care and was asked to call in for the individual to assist in resolving my milling issue. She asked what the persons name was that contacted me. I let her know the person did not indicate a name only a position in the company. I read her the message posted online and she said that it must be "Brian". I asked her for Brian's email so I could follow up and she said company policy is that they don't give it out. I then asked for a contact number for him. Same answer. I asked what Brian's last name was at least. She said they don't even give out last names. I cannot believe I spent 14,000.00 at. this place. Unbelievable.
SanDiegoRealtor on 07/15/2010:
Still no call. Left a message for Brian again.
SanDiegoRealtor on 07/20/2010:
Got a hold of Brian. He is working with me now to resolve the problem. Seems open to resolving this honestly. Still hesitant given all the posts I have read. The local store is now trying to use an installer issue angle but that's never going to work when I physically have boards of different milling width to prove its the cause. I will keep you guys posted to the outcome.
SanDiegoRealtor on 08/02/2010:
Just got a really rude email from them. It came from a different person than the contact I have been working with. Looks like they are pulling the classic "its an installation issue" angle. I will keep you all posted to how this nightmare resolves...
SanDiegoRealtor on 08/16/2010:
So far this has not been resolved. The store has only credited my for the unopened boxes. I have 2500.00 that I am still waiting to get a credit on for the defective material that was attempted by my installers and had to be ripped up. I am looking at several options should corporate not refund me by tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.
face it on 09/09/2010:
hello sandiego. I am truly sorry for your problems with Lumber Liquidators (LLI) I am also sorry to say that I can offer no words of comfort to your issue. I have installed material from LLI for over 12 years now. I have seen a steady decline in product quality. The main issue 10-12 years ago was that it took too long for orders to arrive after the order being placed. The main problem now is that LLI has gone public or corporate and there quality and customer service has suffered greatly due to there "growth". There classic response is "it's an installation issue" just as you stated in your above comment. It has been my experience that LLI will put off a customer and not return calls in hope that they will go away. I have personally witnessed this countless times. The only time I have ever seen a customer actually get a satisfactory resolve to there issue is to take them to court, which in the long run obviously cost you more. I believe in old world customer service. You deal with one individual in person, not a slew of different people several states away from you. And is the sum of the reason I no longer endorse Lumber Liquidators and there product.
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Now I Understand Why Lumber Liquidators Has So Few Good Reviews
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently referred a friend to Lumber Liquidators because I had purchased some bamboo from them years ago and had a good experience.

My friend purchased thousands of square feet of the Bellawood 3/4" Maple flooring in advance of her remodel so that it was in home and had time to acclimatize before being installed. Her home is perfectly dry without any water intrusion whatsoever. The boxes were unopened and in perfect condition. She purchased the flooring well enough in advance to insure the flooring was in pocket for installation. Of course, more than 30 days passes before she has a very reputable San Francisco flooring company begin installing her new flooring. After installing only 70 square feet, it becomes glaringly visible that the flooring is warped, scratched and not milled to 5" widths thus leaving gaps between the planks.

To add insult to injury the Lumber Liquidators personnel advised her that she needed an acoustical underlay for her nail down 3/4" floor. The professional installer informed her that this was not prudent advice and it wasn't needed.

As per most of your experience, Lumber Liquidators abhorrent customer service hit her on the head like a ton of garbage wood flooring.

"You're outside of the 30 day refund/warranty period". "We'll get back to you". "Bring it back to the store for review". "We'll send you a warranty form to fill out and we might exchange the flooring". "Let's lay the flooring out on the sidewalk to look at because I cannot bring it inside the store".

Her entire home renovation is now on hold with no bedroom, kitchen or living room for herself or her young child.

How do you think Lumber Liquidators will resolve this clear issue of defective merchandise? Do you think that Lumber Liquidators will do the right thing and refund her money and compensate her for the installers labor for the 70 square feet installed?

Tune in for "the rest of the story" on how an ethical company does business.

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User Replies:
yoke on 04/14/2013:
LL is a DISCOUNT floor company. It does not sell the quality of flooring that companies that sell floors do. LL makes it quiet clear. If you want hi end flooring LL is not for you.
Most of the complaints I have seen on this site are from customers that expected hi end flooring for a discount price.
The person was beyond the 30 day warranty and LL is under no obligation to do anything, but are willing to help.
ok4now on 04/14/2013:
I recently purchased hardwood flooring from Avalon Carpet & Tile. This is a huge retail store that has a tremendous selection of products. The sales staff spent hours with me and provided samples to take home. I purchased first quality hardwood on sale and was not looking for the cheapest price. My carpenter/installer was equally impressed with the quality. Out of sixteen boxes purchased not one board was warped, damaged or defective. You get what you pay for. I would not trust LL for this purchase.
face it on 04/16/2013:
I will guarantee you LLI will not pay one thin dime in regards to the installers time. As far as returning the money for the product? I highly doubt that as well. They will claim "Our terms are clearly written on our invoice" and the 30 day rule will forgo any type of common sense or reputable type action (IE: refund)
I am sickened that this company is still in operation, after the countless times I have seen first hand how they rip people off, not to mention the endless BAD reviews. Maple floor buyer I am truly sorry you got in this mess. Please spread the word so other folks don't get taken to the cleaners as well. Thanks for the review.
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Lumber Liquidators does not care about you.
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- My apologies for some extraneous details, but this is copied from my blog post on the matter, (and the intro does help visualize the timeline):

last Thursday, my mother was down in my neighborhood because we needed to pick up some things from Home Depot. we wanted to schedule the delivery for my bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, and tile for kitchen and foyer for this past Monday, but the REALLY jerky guy told us we had to call at 7am on Monday if we wanted a specific time because that's when the guy makes his delivery schedule. OK. Lumber Liquidators (from here on, LL) told us they'd be delivering on that same Monday between 9 and 10am as well. we thought, great, let's get two deliveries over with on the same day. my mom then took off of work Monday so we could be there to receive the deliveries and do some stuff.

my brother was still here over the weekend, so we dropped him off at the train station Sunday afternoon. when we got home, my mom just randomly decided to check her work voicemail just in case, and she found that LL had called and left her a message saying they couldn't deliver on Monday. who calls someone's work phone when they have their home phone number AND their cell phone to tell them such a vital piece of info? so my mom is trying to call them back like crazy, but of course LL is closed on Sunday.

so Monday morning, I'm asleep, and my mom comes busting into my room yelling, "15 minutes! we have to go now!" and I'm like huh? so I leap out of bed and get dressed, and she's yelling from her room: "I just called Home Depot and they said they're ON THE WAY! we have to go!" double huh?? since my mom's house is an hour (minimum) away from mine. she called at 7am like she was supposed to, and they told her they were going to deliver whether we were there or not. she told them that if they left it without our signatures then they'd be liable for it, so deliver at their own risk. they said they'd call us back.

meanwhile, she calls LL to see what the hell is going on, and she speaks to this guy J who tells her that the delivery company told him that 3 out of their 4 trucks are broken down, so they can't deliver. she inquires as to how a major company can have only 4 trucks running, and how no one could let us know this before the day of. she decides to call the delivery company directly, just because it seems fishy. she speaks to the delivery guy, who says that their trucks are fine, and that J never called him until that morning to arrange delivery, so they couldn't fit us in!

arg!! so call back to LL, and conveniently J is not available to speak to. so after a huge fiasco, LL says that they will deliver on Tuesday morning at 10am.

I wake up Tuesday at 8:30, and my mom says, "I didn't wake you up because they called and said they can't get there til 11:30." guhhhh. so I got down to the house at 11:30, and huh. they weren't there! 12:30 rolls by and still no delivery. I call my mom and say what the heck, they're not here! so she said if they weren't there at 1pm, to call her back. whaddya know, not there. very long story shorter, they arrived at 5:00. I blew a WHOLE DAY waiting around for them to show up.

so Wednesday, the guys came (the flooring dudes), and started installing. {the part I left out was that the floor I picked came in first quality and in odd lot. we asked the difference (since there was a large price difference), and J said, "oh yeah, I installed an odd lot bellawood in my own house. it's just the leftovers from the manufacturer. you'll just get like 3-5 damaged pieces of wood per box. nothing to worry about, just buy 10% extra."}

so yesterday the flooring guys called and said, yeah, we can't finish installing this floor. what's the problem, we ask? they said that out of 14 boxes of wood, only 7 were useable. !!!

J made himself completely unavailable and the customer service woman stopped responding to our emails after a while, so my mom looked up the names of the CEO, the person who was in charge of sales, and a few other important individuals and emailed them DIRECTLY. what do you know - she received an email back 5 minutes later from someone, and they promised to call her at 10am the next morning to rectify this issue. they did: LL agreed to replace the damaged boxes with premium wood for our trouble. we paid the odd lot price for it, and they made sure it was shipped THE NEXT POSSIBLE DAY.

the floors look amazing, but I would never buy anything from LL again, not even for their great prices. it's just not worth it.
Company Response 11/12/2009:
This does not sound like a good transaction and the delivery service failed our customer, and LL in this case. I would need more specific information pertaining to who was contacted in order to determine where the breakdown in communication took place. It takes people to run our business and not everyone has the same sense of urgency, but we obviously took responsibility in this case, so at least we recognized the troubles associated with the transaction and we sincerely apologize that your transaction became problematic. Our customer care 800 number can be found on every invoice. Our team will handle any matters raised to our attention right up to the Customer Care Manager - That would be me! We can only hope you reconsider coming back to LL becuase I seriuosly doubt this would be a situation repeated or I would literally have to spend my entire day responding and addressing this type of issue and that's not the case. Our apologies - I'm sure you received an excellent product at a GREAT PRICE!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 08/16/2009:
a simple google search would have shown you hundreds of unhappy LL customers. Writing a novel won't help get you better service.
Anonymous on 08/16/2009:
Being as they are liquidators, I wouldn't expect too much satisfaction with product or delivery.
Nobel on 03/03/2010:
I concure every things that has been described here. Please review similar experince in my posting March 3, 2010. An absolute disaster. I believe Bellawood/ll is a crininal organization selling junks and rejects to non-professional home ownerswho make an assumption that LL has been in business long enough to understand a good Customer Relationship. DO NOT EVEN COME NEAR ANY LUMBER LIQUIDATOR STORE ANYWHARE IN THE US> THE SEND THESE JUNKY PRODUCT ALL OVER THE COUNTRY UNTIL AN UNSUSPECTING CUSTOMER TAKE THE BATE. YUGH!
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Bellawood and Schon
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Buyer beware about Bellawood and Schon:

1. We bought some solid Bellawood and it need to ship in, some of the box still sticker Odd Lot and discounted price. How ignorant for those employee and can't even cover their dirty track. That label said Odd Lot didn't even removed. Our installer have difficulty problem putting this floor together, because the size of the wood is different.

2. My friends also bought flooring from LL, they bought the Schon product. It only been down for 6 months, and they complaint this floor is easy to scratch and finish wear off quickly. They have bruce oak flooring before they replace this the Schon Brazilian Cherry (supposed to be harder floor), but this new floor now look like 10 years old.
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User Replies:
lauren on 07/25/2013:
The hardness of the wood doesn't matter with engineered?!?! Engineered wood is a thin veneer of the hard wood. That'd be like dropping a heavy mug, it not breaking, then dropping a fine China and having it smashed. You could pay 3000$ a square foot on engineered wood and it'll still chip eventually. Brazilian cherry floors are one of the most durable woods out there. Any hardwood floor will get scratches in its finish. It's a water based urethane coating. It's inevitable.
hardwood specialist. on 07/25/2013:
Also. Bruce hardwood flooring is 3/4 of an inch thick. Schon is 3/8-1/2" and only about 1-2 mm is actual hardwood the rest is plywood or high dense fiber board. Engineered are for places with high moisture, heavy traffic, concrete slabs. Obviously the solid would will hold up tougher!
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Does not honor warranty
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- In 2008 we made an addition to our house. We had seen the adds for Lumber Liquidators on your network and chose the Bellawood Brazilian mesquite. The installer did a superb job and the floor looked beautiful until we began moving in. Every piece of furniture we placed on the floor scratched the surface and the scratches could not be polished out. Dents and scratches began showing up in places where there was no traffic. After two years the beautiful cherry wood red stain began turning honey gold every where the sun hit the floor. Now we have a two tone floor.

When I contacted Lumber Liquidators they forwarded we to Bellawood. The Bellawood representative informed me that I had to send in pictures. Apparently they do not do on site inspections. They denied any and all claims for warranty resolution. They said they were not responsible for fading or scratches. What good is a 100 year warranty if it does not cover anything? I tell all my friends to stay away from Lumber Liquidators and Bellawood products. Since our problems I have researched other reviews and found that our experience is not exceptional. Rather it seems to be rather normal. In addition when the flooring was installed we had better than 15% waste. That added significantly to the cost.
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dan gordon on 03/10/2012:
I was in hardwood flooring for many yrs. 100 yr warrantys are applicable for you walking through the finish down to bare wood. Now you know that most warrantys are purely marketing. Brazillian Cherry radically changes color more than other wood. Scratches, dents and dings are not mfctg warrantied. The good news is you can recoat your floor without resanding but it won't help the color changes. A little bit of research would have helped you perhaps choose another species. LL is not known for customer service, just cheap prices.
BigAl on 03/10/2012:
I could see where you would have a problem with Bellawood but why would Lumber Liquidators be at fault here?
dan gordon on 03/10/2012:
bellawood is the house brand for LL.
face it on 03/14/2012:
Instead of pointing out things wrong with your review I would very much like to thank you for bringing this to the attention of anyone reading these reviews. It is true that the warranty is nothing more than a marketing tool. But as you have seen, it is worthless in regards to your lasting satisfaction of the product. Maybe they should advertise "once we have your money, screw you" that is if there is any truth to advertising.
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Don't get sucked into the '6mo. same as cash' BS
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TOANO, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I purchased over 1400sq. ft. of Bellawood Brazilian Walnut hardwood flooring from LL, which totaled over $9100, at the Martinsburg, WV store. The salesman persuaded us to 'take advantage of this great 6mo. same as cash' program. Sounded good. We had saved up for the flooring in advance and planned on paying it off before the deadline. As the statements arrived, we made our payments. Oddly enough, we received the last statement the day before the deadline, but we paid it that very same day to avoid a penalty.
That was July of '09 and they've been harassing us ever since, claiming we owe them over $300 in late charges.
My husband has called and asked if anyone could show us that we honestly owe that, but their customer service is terrible, and they won't make any effort to help.
As a last resort, I emailed Tom Sullivan, explained the situation, and asked for help. Sure. His assistant replied that I should call the collection agency. That's it.
Seems like LL has an extra way to make money.
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trmn8r on 04/26/2011:
Did you pursue this matter in July or August of 2009 to obtain an explanation?

My guess ia that at this point you may have no recourse other than to pay the $300. I am surprised this wasn't resolved a year and a half ago.
Anonymous on 04/27/2011:
Did you dispute the charge with the collection agency? They HAVE to accept your dispute.
face it on 04/27/2011:
I have had several customers talk about similar issues. Seeing as I do not deal with the transactions between customer and liquidators I never paid much attention to it. I stayed busy countering complaints about everything else about them. But given this companies track record the problems you are having comes at no surprise. I wish you the best of luck in getting satisfaction in this matter. Also the Federal trade commission might find this interesting if you wish to pursue it.
newtloot on 04/28/2011:
Thanks for your comments.
Yes, we've tried to resolve it all along...they refuse to a) show any type of proof as to why they claim we owe this, and b) they keep shuffling our account from one collection agency to another, which of course, starts the whole process over again. They aren't in the least bit willing to help, either--one told me he 'had the authority' to write it off and asked exactly what happened. Yea, that meant nothing.
Thanks, too, for the suggestion on the Federal Trade Commission...will look into that.
face it on 05/01/2011:
I, as well as the rest of the web, would love to hear what the outcome of this issue is. My guess is a long completely frustrating and drawn out phone call after email after phone call after email "battle" resulting in less than satisfactory ending. Which is so common with them.....feel free to read over all the complaints listed (here as well as other sites) and one of the common threads that sticks out is how after calling and calling and days on top of days to only talk with someone rude and has no interest in customers point of view. I truly hope this is NOT the case for you, But I would not be surprised if it where.
newtloot on 05/05/2011:
I spoke with the 'new' collection agency and sending the appropriate paper work. I have my doubts that anything will come of this, but I'm making the effort. Next step is the FTC as you suggested...thanks!
face it on 05/05/2011:
Best of luck to you. I hope it works out.
newtloot on 02/07/2012:
Thanks for everyone's suggestions with this issue. After sending in all the paperwork required by the last collection agency, I never heard another word, and there have been no more phone calls.
face it on 02/07/2012:
Very glad to hear of that newloot!
sam on 06/28/2014:
I want to thank every single person for posting about bellawood and lumber liquidators. I am getting ready to do some renovations to my home, one of which is replacing the carpet with laminate or hardwood flooring. After reading an overwhelming plethora of negative experiences in these post I will steer well enough away from both bellawood and lumber liquidators.
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Bellawood - Lumber Liquidators
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Several hours into installation of first purchased floor contractor noticed lines were not lining up. Turns out widths of boards varied as much as 1/3 inch on same board. Other individual boards were out of sync with rest of flooring at a rate of more than a third of the pieces. Many phone calls, and a week later [delaying whole project schedule], and $1000 to contractor- replacement floor showed up [partial shipment] and the ends of the flooring[had to settle for different style] in this shipment were so chipped the contractor wouldn't install without a signed release of responsibility from us..At this point L. Liquidators refused to pick up floor and issue a refund because we refused delivery of second portion of 2nd defective floor. We bought a beautiful Mercier floor from a local co. and 2 days later it was in[$4000 more for this floor and more wasted time fees for contractor. LUMBER LIQUIDATOR stopped talking to us at that point and we filed a complaint with credit card company to withhold payment. 2-3 months later credit card co. notified us that LUMBER LIQUIDATORS maintained we had the floor for so long they could not be sure of it's condition. Final answer. Out of credit card company hands so we had to pay to protect our credit. $4000 floor now in original boxes in my barn.

Entire construction project ended up delayed. Maybe I can redo the barn floor with it. It was an internet purchase or I would've parked in front of LUMBER LIQUIDATOR STORE. NEVER originally wanted anything but what I paid for.
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MoeGlo on 01/11/2009:
I recently received a sale flyer (booklet) from LL. Thank you all for taking the time to write your review. Since reading your reviews, I have tossed my flyer. If I ever considered buying from LL, your reviews have changed my mind. Thanks from a fellow consumer.
Anonymous on 01/11/2009:
Why do you think they call themselves Lumber Liquidators? It's like buying shoes from an outlet store.
MoeGlo on 01/11/2009:
Point taken, however, a company like this should be selling overstocks, not garbage.
just want what I paid for on 01/29/2009:
just want what I paid for on 01/29/2009:
I take Passingby's point even though Lumber Liquidater's doesn't advertise as selling seconds or rejects.[To be fair,They actually state somewhere in their fine print that they will not be responsable for up to 5% defective material. It was the 1st thing the customer rep. said when I called.]I had ordered enough overdsock to cover that. My floor was running over 1/3 USELESS. There is a reasonable expectation on a consumer's part that a company of LL's size will deliver a product thst can be used as expected at purchase.I didn;t buy this off the back of a truck.
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Bellawood Flooring Bad Hazing
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Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- We purchased Bellawood Brazilian Cherry flooring in January 2010. In 2011 the floor started hazing really bad. After cleaning the floor it didn't look like it had ever been touched because of the hazing. You can see every footprint where you walked. We notified the store where we purchased it, and they told us to deal directly with the corporate office in Virginia. We have done that and they have been fighting us for two years now. They are aware of the problem but all they want to do is send in a professional floor cleaner which will cost them only $100. After it is cleaned, they say they are done with us even if the floor still has hazing. My wife has two types of cancer and it is a shame we have to fight them plus fight for her life. This situation will probably take her sooner because of all the stress they keep her under. They do not care about you after you purchase there product. the warranty means NOTHING!!!! If you people out there care about how you spend your money wisely, RUN, RUN, RUN!!!! I am hoping to reach every person out there that I possibly can to save them from all the agony they put you through. Please be wise and LISTEN!!!!!
Company Response 06/10/2013:
LL Response to Haze issue
The warranty covers the finish, however the cleaners being used have left the haze and the problem is improper floor care, not a warrantable event. We advise customers of proper floor care technique and cleaners, but when you stray outside the line and use something that can haze the finish this is a choice and we've provided advice as to how to correct the floor. We do not "fight" with customers, however the financial responsibility for correcting the floor is on the consumer when you use products that damage the finish. The best advice for buyers - Follow the care instructions and avoid products that haze the finish to keep the original lustre of the floor as its for this reason we're specific as to what should be used on a Bellawood floor. We never to tell a customer we're "done with them" so this is not how Customer Service works, but each situation is handled professionally and in some situations goodwill may be a consideration, and others it may not based on the evidence gathered to understand the root cause of the problem. Sorry this happened, but floor care is the responsibility of the buyer and this case highlights the need to follow floor care instructions to protect your investment.
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Barbara Gibson on 06/11/2013:
This is a joke. Don't let them fool you. They fight you tooth and toe nail on everything. I don't care what your problem is with there floor. They always have a reason the so called warranty doesn't cover. We live in Ohio and we have been battling with them for two years over our floor. Our floor is hazing bad and I have not used any type of floor cleaner except there product. I did exactly how I was supposed to and put it directly on the mop they sold me and it still has bad hazing two years later. They want to send out a professional floor cleaning company which is fine with us, but the catch is we only have 48 hours to see if it returns or not. If it is such a great idea from them then why so soon on the response. Why not 3 months later, or six weeks later. Is there something in there professional cleaning that will show up later and they don't want the responsablitiy. Please listen people and RUN, RUN, RUN!!!
Roger Gibson on 06/14/2013:
To all you people out there. Please buy from your local flooring company and you will be treated like a human being. They will show you how they care and not just take your money and run. Lumber Liquidators does not care that you spent your hard working money on there product. Just have a problem of any kind and you will see what I am talking about. No matter what it is it will always be your fault. I will warn people to stay away from Lumber Liquidators as long as I have breath in my body. I pray you hard working citizens will take my advice and don't put yourself through all the agany they put you through. They are NO GOOD!!!!! You mean nothing to them. SHOP ELSEWHERE!!!!!
David Miller on 08/01/2013:
Our Bellawood floor also suffers from hazing -- and we only used Lumber Liquidators products.
The initial consumer comment was correct and Lumber Liquidators reply is pure bull. Their warranty is a joke, they treat their post-sale customers like dirt, and they always side-step any responsibility by blaming any/all problems on the consumer and/or installer. Beware of Lumber Liquidators!!!!
Jim on 08/17/2013:
Just saw yesterday a list of attorneys that are forming a suit over Bella wood, as it is made in China, and has too high a level of formaldehyde (carcinogen, etc.). Search "Complaints against Bella Wood" and research all the complaints.
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Blatant, unconscionable, arrogance
Posted by on
I'm appalled by the alleged company representative's lack of compassion, offbase accusations, and reality defying vomit in regards to his replies to consumer complaints. 1st quality hardwood should NEVER vary in plank width, thickness etc., to the point where 15-20% additional material is necessary to complete a job. Culling (picking and choosing of boards by installer) should ONLY be necessary when addressing color variance in planks, NOT defective, poorly milled product passed off as 1st quality goods. This comfirms mine, and other reputable dealers suspicions that LL promotes an inferior product, fails to stand behind said product, cares not a lick about consumer satisfaction, yet somehow manages to sleep well at night despite the ongoing scam that their "50 year warranty" products blatantly represent.
Company Response 05/31/2011:
LL Formal Response:

We're very passionate about the business and the products we offer, and we never make accusations, but often make assumptions if the complaint lacks details needed to make an educated decision as to what went wrong. If you make a statement stating wood planks should NEVER vary in width, you need to take a moment and visit the National Wood Flooring Assoc website and take a crash course on wood products, because the claim you make is not realistic. The need for 15%-20% more material is not tied to minor variances in board width that can come from moisture changes, but culling is a natural part of any wood flooring installation. You cull away part of your lettuce when you buy it from the grocery store as a natural product and this is considered acceptable waste. If a wood product has a milling issue, the warranty (as all do) state you should not install the boards and the company should be notified right away. We stand behind our products, but we do not cover actions taken outside the warranty out of our direct control such as installing wood that does not meet the expectations as outlined on the warranty, and the installation instructions. This happens to be the root of these types of concerns when you fully install product that should be returned, while rare, it happens to be a problem for all wood sellers especially with the high volumes we produce. We immediately rectify any milling concerns by swapping out material with absolutely no hesitation in support of the warranty. We regret to hear you had an issue with a purchase and it's for this very reason we provide customers with a detailed invoice, warranty instructions found on our website, and support through the local stores and Customer Care. We even have flooring install pros available by phone to help customers, so if something went wrong, you may need to understand the documentation provided and utilize the resources we offer to make sure your project goes well by tapping into these valuable resources.

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Alain on 05/22/2011:
There are a lot of complaints about LL flooring products, some of which are from contractors. If I was getting flooring, I'd pay a bit more and avoid the potential problems.
face it on 05/22/2011:
Judge and Jury....You are absolutely correct in your assessment of Lumber Liquidators. And I want to say thank you for voicing these truths for all to see. Maybe, just maybe, after enough people complain this place will be forced to close there doors or at the very very least be forced to operate in some manner of legitimacy. You can fully expect a company response from them rebutting everything you say and making every possible claim of how they are so superior and so professional, When simple common sense tells you that if that where true they would not have such a staggeringly large catalog of complaints against them.

Thank you Judge and Jury.....well said.
face it on 06/01/2011:
As you can see the company response, once again, avoided the issue at hand. The comment was 1st quality hardwood should NEVER vary in plank width, thickness etc., to the point where 15-20% additional material is necessary to complete a job. And the company response makes it look as if it was said that there NEVER SHOULD BE VARINCES IN WIDTH. One thing they fail to say is that industry standard is 5% waste with any natural product ( there are specific situations where that waste factor needs to be increased for example cabin or rustic grade material or Australian cypress or if the material is to be applied in a pattern like a diagonal installation just to name a few)

I almost spit out my coffee when I read the part of the response that claims they make returns without hesitation!! I personally have been involved in countless situations where that statement proved to be "less than true". Maybe if they spent less time and effort alienating customers and enforcing there ridiculous warranty requirements and focused there efforts on quality control and truly took effort to care for there customers there might not be as many complaints against them.

Secondly in terms of customer service: A manager was FIRED for giving a customer change out of his own pocket because the store did not have the proper amount of change on hand to properly conduct the transaction! The manager was looking out for the customers best interest, instead Liquidators wants to send the customer away and send them a check in the mail 3 to 5 weeks later and fire the person trying to please the customer. Outstanding customer service? Yeah right!!

To basically sum up the later part of the company response they are saying before you install any product purchased at Lumber Liquidators you need to personally inspect each and every board and go on the Internet and read over the warranty before you install anything!!

Wood flooring has been around for hundreds of years and as little as 30 years ago ,when the Internet was not an available resource, how did anyone ever install hardwood without having all of this information available? The answer is simple-manufacturers where held liable for producing crappy products!!
If the material does not meet expectations as outlined on the warranty then why are they being sold? Also advertised as the same quality as "the other guys" when they clearly are not!
ambrosia67 on 07/10/2011:
After reading the problems with LL I would never buy anything from them. The store rep. who is obviously monitoring this site sounds defensive and doesn't address the complaints regarding poor/rude customer service. If he thinks his responses are helping, he's wrong. Nothing less than changing customer service policies and offering a better product will do.
karen cox on 02/18/2012:
loaded my truck with number 3 oak. I was asked four number 2 common. tried to say it was grade two . I had them take it off my truck and give my money. very rude will never do business with them again,
jrd861 on 06/21/2012:
I have the same problem. I bought 430 sq ft of Bellawood Brazilian Chestnut. The width of each board varied as much as 1/4 of an inch. My installer has 40 years of experience, and has been recommended as one of the best in the midwest. He installed this product, and remarked as to how inconsistent the sizes were. He fully installed, trying as best as he could to eliminate gapping. However, the problems were so bad, that he could not eliminate gapping. Now, Lumber Liquidator$ will not cover the replacement or even attempt to solve the problem because they hide behind the clause in there warranyy that says if it is installed, it constitutes Acceptance. What were they going to do
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