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Avoid odd lots
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WEST CHESTER, OHIO -- In the lumber milling industry there is a condition known as seconds. Which basically means the wood product produced does not meat quality standards ( has knots, splits, bad cosmetic flaws, etc.) any reputable company would not sell these products at any cost. But lumber Liquidators sells these materials stating that they are usable but ask that you increase the waste value from industry standard of 5% to as much as 30%! I am sure that some corporate yuppie with there name printed on a pay check from Lumber Liquidators finds this to be rather amusing. But the customer that purchases these products and is stuck with a bunch of unusable product that they had to pay real money for is not amused at all. The store managers I have dealt with have absolutely no product knowledge. They will tell customers "sure save yourself some money and buy these odd lots" making the customer believe they got a deal. Without going into a long drawn out explanation of how and why, this is simply a very poor business practise. They are dishonest, rude, and have absolutely no concern for there customers welfare. I have installed Lumber Liquidators products for around 12 years now. At first I was totally sold on them, then as the years went by there quality went further and further down hill. I have seen countless times the customer is left holding the bag, or they push claims off on the installer calling any issues an "installation issue" I honestly have to admit that I nor anyone else is perfect, and we do make mistakes. But My installation company is based on truly professional values, and I would simply expect them to stand up and take responsibility for there shotty product instead of pushing it off on the people out there making a living offering customers a legitimate service that would have been a positive experience for all involved had liquidators not supplied bad product.

Why would I take the time to write a review like this? What do I have to gain from this? The truth is I sincerely hope that any future customers of Liquidators read this and the many many other complaints against them on the Internet and decide to shop somewhere else, and that liquidators is finally held liable for the many many "dirty deals" they have made and they are forced to close there doors. I am completely in support of any and all reputable businesses out there that stand behind what they offer, but time has come for something to be done about these pirates!! our country is in bad enough shape, we do not need crooks like this nibbling away at the fabric of respectable businesses and ruining the reputation of other hardworking people in this industry that do not deserve to be labeled "thieves" simply because they work in the same profession as this so called company.
I have personally seen issues ranging from blackmail, illegal kick backs, corporate cover ups, lies after lies, discrimination, I could go on and on but I sure you see my point. How can they continue to get away with this? We as customers or even employees need to make a stand and demand they take responsibility for there actions.
Company Response 03/18/2011:
LL Response:
We've addressed this concern already. We sell odd lot material in addition to products brand new in the box and top of the line like Bellawood. We clearly disclaim what you're buying so you can plan your project accordingly, but we also have people making positive comments receiving a product they could not have otherwise afforded, so it goes back to ones individual expectations and it's our goal to offer the public choices. The other issues you raise here come off as a disgruntled former installer / employee. Craftsmanship has many varying degrees and most installations go off without a hitch, but some of your comments would suggest you may need to review the quality of your work. Our folks are well educated on flooring, in fact I can watch incoming calls into our call center and see them coming from competitors asking LL questions about flooring related topics / advice, so your opinions are noted, but not supported with facts. The idea that our employees engage in unprofessional behavior is an allegation considered an irresponsible act If you have a concern, write our legal department and they will investigate, but this sounds like more rambling and I'm not sure this posting truly represents the professional values you claim to uphold with your company. I can answer your question about why you would write such a review. It would appear you have time because your not promoting your own business, which is a better use of your time. We all take great pride in what we do offering quality products, low prices, and excellent wood flooring knowledge to those who have a need. We wish you all the best in your business, but this is not a place to present your personal gripes and you could use your time wisely by searching on line marketing tools for your business. Our web site is known for having the best educational tools for flooring installation related topics and techniques. Good luck and thanks for listening.
San Diego Lumber Liquidators - Horrible Quality - Rip Off!
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered 1800 SF of Brazilian Teak manufactured by Bellwood for Lumber Liquidators. What a nightmare! Several boxes arrived damaged upon delivery. The delivery person noted on the paperwork boxes were ripped open, damaged and discolored from other boxes. After not hearing from the store about the damaged boxes delivered I called the store directly and spoke with store manager Mike. I expressed my concerns and he assured me the boxes would be fine and I should have no worries about the installation of those boxes. When my installers arrived for the install (after the boxes had acclimated for three weeks) they too pointed out that several boxes looked beat up and odd. I told them I already called the store and they would be fine. They opened those three boxes along with seven others and sorted them by color variation, size, and proceeded with the install. After laying many of the boxes they expressed they were having constant issues with gaps in the boards. They pointed out that the boards had two separate kinds of milling and it was causing major problems. The problem was the actual width of boards were very different and so were the tongues. They suggested I contact the store and let them know so I can return them and reorder new boxes all from the same milling. I called the store and spoke to Ricky. He told me to bring in some sample boards.

The next day I brought in several boards demonstrating the boards varying width and completely different tongues. I could tell Mike the manager did not want to admit that they were from different mills but it was impossible to deny. He would just make comments like " a good installer would know how to deal with something like this" and "They can be altered by your installer to work" I pointed out that would cause additional labor I would have to pay for and I should not have to pay more money to deal with milling issues. He then said that he could send out his own installer (Brian). He said he would be able to make them work just fine. As I had nothing to lose I agreed.

Later that day a woman called and said she spoke to Mike and her company would come by to look at the floors. Several hour later a knock at my door and its a woman "Sarah" She said she was there to look that the floors. I told her I thought a Brian was coming to look at them as he is the installer. She said she was his wife. I showed her the boards and how they were all different. She just seemed oddly quiet. She obviously knew they were messed up but didn't want to say anything other than "don't worry we can fix everything". I pointed out the many rows that would have to get ripped up. She said that the three boxes that were mixed up with the others could be dealt with by "sorting them back out and putting them in the same rows". That sounded fine but she said I would have to remove what was already laid down and also order replacement boxes. She also said they would only glue down the wood. I told her as long as the price was the same that would be fine. She said Mike the manager would probably replace the boxes that caused the issue. I told her I would speak to Mike and let her know. I showed her my current installer invoice (3.00 square foot) and told her as long as she matched that I would go with them. She said she would match my installers and email me the estimate.

The next day the email comes. Guess what? they wanted 2500 more than my current installers. Not only that the glue was an additional 1200 more. So they wanted 3700 more than my current installer!! She had the square footage at 3.00 but had the stairs priced out separately and also wanted 1,000 more to level the floors for glue down process. Obviously I was not going to go with them and she never said the glue material alone would cost so much! I called Mike and said I'm just going to go with my installer and lm going to return the unopened boxes and reorder the same thing. I even agreed to upgrade the wood to 3/4 inch thick from 3/8 inch thick since they had the same teak in a smaller width but for a similar price. He said to bring them in and I would reorder them.

After renting a uhual and breaking my back getting the boxes back to the store the manager said that I had ten boxes missing. I told him that three boxes had milling issues which screwed up the other 7 laid down. I told him about how I called when they arrived and was assured they were o. k. I explained yet again that those three boxes installed with the other 7 were mixed and rendered useless and they had to now get ripped up. Mike said he would only credit me for the three boxes that had the wrong milling. He did not want to recognize that those boxes caused the others to be useless.

Trying not to loss my cool I told him I wanted to focus on getting the replacement material (2 1/4 teak) that is listed on the website because its a a similar price. Guess What. The replacement material was not available. The only option he said I had was to pay for an even more expensive (3.25 teak). I told him I didn't even want that as I have a 1915 Craftsman and I was not comfortable going with such a large width. Additionally that the cost was more more expensive price per square foot (3500 more!). I already was in the hole 7 boxes he would not credit, installation costs that were wasted, renting a truck for the return, and cost to rip out the crap that was down. Now he was telling me my only option was to pay 3500 more!!! It was obvious I was getting nowhere with him. He had no compassion to the situation and just seemed to generally not get how I was put in a situation not of my choosing. Lets not forget this entire nightmare was brought about by having different milling mixed in with my order. Since they no longer had any replacement material at similar cost ( 2 1/4) . Even though the website says the do. I requested to just have the unopened boxes I just returned credited to my card. I said I would have to eat the 7 boxes and just order them somewhere else since the only option extended to me was to buy more expensive teak. This SOB had the nerve to tell me that he would "not give me my money back" . He said he "was not convinced it was a milling issue" Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! I was just speechless. To think I would have to take the hit on all of this. Its like I had a gun to my head. I told him I since I was left with no alternative I had no choice but to pay an additional 3500.00 and order the teak in 3.25.

I left the store feeling sick to my stomach. Like I had been mugged. Its just sad when you feel so completely taken advantage of and have absolutely no power to make the store take responsibility. All I can do is share my story and let others know of my horrible experience. Hopefully it will make you reconsider and purchase elsewhere. As a realtor I am constantly asked for referrals on everything from kitchen cabinets to floors. I used to always recommend Loews or Home Depot as they guarantee the work and generally my clients were very happy withe them. Looks like I should have taken my own advice. I only went with Lumber Liquidators because the teak they had looked so nice in the store. I will let every client know my experience at Lumber Liquidators. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

I will let you guys know how the final install goes when the new material arrives.
Company Response 07/11/2010:
Contact LL Customer Care immediately and provide us with your contact information so we can assist you. Most likely the whole issues driven by mixing two mills causing the gapping at the time of install. If we can obtain enough information to verify this event a claim will be filed and we will take care of this problem with replacement material, and other expenses necessary to make this project right. This is not a common problem and most likely an accidental event caused by the warehouse, but it can be fixed and we're here to help. This obviously caused an unfortunate chain of events and we regret to hear you suffered a set back. We will take action once you contact CC using the 800 number on our website. Alert the answering agent and advise them you received contact from the LL Dir. of Customer Care and ask for me and I will see to it that the right resources are applied to this issue for further investigation and correction. Thank you for sharing this experience so we can make it right. We are making some significant system changes within our warehouses to avoid this in the future and know this can be frustrating and we'll make it right.
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Now I Understand Why Lumber Liquidators Has So Few Good Reviews
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Rating: 1/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently referred a friend to Lumber Liquidators because I had purchased some bamboo from them years ago and had a good experience.

My friend purchased thousands of square feet of the Bellawood 3/4" Maple flooring in advance of her remodel so that it was in home and had time to acclimatize before being installed. Her home is perfectly dry without any water intrusion whatsoever. The boxes were unopened and in perfect condition. She purchased the flooring well enough in advance to insure the flooring was in pocket for installation. Of course, more than 30 days passes before she has a very reputable San Francisco flooring company begin installing her new flooring. After installing only 70 square feet, it becomes glaringly visible that the flooring is warped, scratched and not milled to 5" widths thus leaving gaps between the planks.

To add insult to injury the Lumber Liquidators personnel advised her that she needed an acoustical underlay for her nail down 3/4" floor. The professional installer informed her that this was not prudent advice and it wasn't needed.

As per most of your experience, Lumber Liquidators abhorrent customer service hit her on the head like a ton of garbage wood flooring.

"You're outside of the 30 day refund/warranty period". "We'll get back to you". "Bring it back to the store for review". "We'll send you a warranty form to fill out and we might exchange the flooring". "Let's lay the flooring out on the sidewalk to look at because I cannot bring it inside the store".

Her entire home renovation is now on hold with no bedroom, kitchen or living room for herself or her young child.

How do you think Lumber Liquidators will resolve this clear issue of defective merchandise? Do you think that Lumber Liquidators will do the right thing and refund her money and compensate her for the installers labor for the 70 square feet installed?

Tune in for "the rest of the story" on how an ethical company does business.

Lumber Liquidators does not care about you.
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NEW JERSEY -- My apologies for some extraneous details, but this is copied from my blog post on the matter, (and the intro does help visualize the timeline):

last Thursday, my mother was down in my neighborhood because we needed to pick up some things from Home Depot. we wanted to schedule the delivery for my bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, and tile for kitchen and foyer for this past Monday, but the REALLY jerky guy told us we had to call at 7am on Monday if we wanted a specific time because that's when the guy makes his delivery schedule. OK. Lumber Liquidators (from here on, LL) told us they'd be delivering on that same Monday between 9 and 10am as well. we thought, great, let's get two deliveries over with on the same day. my mom then took off of work Monday so we could be there to receive the deliveries and do some stuff.

my brother was still here over the weekend, so we dropped him off at the train station Sunday afternoon. when we got home, my mom just randomly decided to check her work voicemail just in case, and she found that LL had called and left her a message saying they couldn't deliver on Monday. who calls someone's work phone when they have their home phone number AND their cell phone to tell them such a vital piece of info? so my mom is trying to call them back like crazy, but of course LL is closed on Sunday.

so Monday morning, I'm asleep, and my mom comes busting into my room yelling, "15 minutes! we have to go now!" and I'm like huh? so I leap out of bed and get dressed, and she's yelling from her room: "I just called Home Depot and they said they're ON THE WAY! we have to go!" double huh?? since my mom's house is an hour (minimum) away from mine. she called at 7am like she was supposed to, and they told her they were going to deliver whether we were there or not. she told them that if they left it without our signatures then they'd be liable for it, so deliver at their own risk. they said they'd call us back.

meanwhile, she calls LL to see what the hell is going on, and she speaks to this guy J who tells her that the delivery company told him that 3 out of their 4 trucks are broken down, so they can't deliver. she inquires as to how a major company can have only 4 trucks running, and how no one could let us know this before the day of. she decides to call the delivery company directly, just because it seems fishy. she speaks to the delivery guy, who says that their trucks are fine, and that J never called him until that morning to arrange delivery, so they couldn't fit us in!

arg!! so call back to LL, and conveniently J is not available to speak to. so after a huge fiasco, LL says that they will deliver on Tuesday morning at 10am.

I wake up Tuesday at 8:30, and my mom says, "I didn't wake you up because they called and said they can't get there til 11:30." guhhhh. so I got down to the house at 11:30, and huh. they weren't there! 12:30 rolls by and still no delivery. I call my mom and say what the heck, they're not here! so she said if they weren't there at 1pm, to call her back. whaddya know, not there. very long story shorter, they arrived at 5:00. I blew a WHOLE DAY waiting around for them to show up.

so Wednesday, the guys came (the flooring dudes), and started installing. {the part I left out was that the floor I picked came in first quality and in odd lot. we asked the difference (since there was a large price difference), and J said, "oh yeah, I installed an odd lot bellawood in my own house. it's just the leftovers from the manufacturer. you'll just get like 3-5 damaged pieces of wood per box. nothing to worry about, just buy 10% extra."}

so yesterday the flooring guys called and said, yeah, we can't finish installing this floor. what's the problem, we ask? they said that out of 14 boxes of wood, only 7 were useable. !!!

J made himself completely unavailable and the customer service woman stopped responding to our emails after a while, so my mom looked up the names of the CEO, the person who was in charge of sales, and a few other important individuals and emailed them DIRECTLY. what do you know - she received an email back 5 minutes later from someone, and they promised to call her at 10am the next morning to rectify this issue. they did: LL agreed to replace the damaged boxes with premium wood for our trouble. we paid the odd lot price for it, and they made sure it was shipped THE NEXT POSSIBLE DAY.

the floors look amazing, but I would never buy anything from LL again, not even for their great prices. it's just not worth it.
Company Response 11/12/2009:
This does not sound like a good transaction and the delivery service failed our customer, and LL in this case. I would need more specific information pertaining to who was contacted in order to determine where the breakdown in communication took place. It takes people to run our business and not everyone has the same sense of urgency, but we obviously took responsibility in this case, so at least we recognized the troubles associated with the transaction and we sincerely apologize that your transaction became problematic. Our customer care 800 number can be found on every invoice. Our team will handle any matters raised to our attention right up to the Customer Care Manager - That would be me! We can only hope you reconsider coming back to LL becuase I seriuosly doubt this would be a situation repeated or I would literally have to spend my entire day responding and addressing this type of issue and that's not the case. Our apologies - I'm sure you received an excellent product at a GREAT PRICE!
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Bellawood and Schon
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Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Buyer beware about Bellawood and Schon:

1. We bought some solid Bellawood and it need to ship in, some of the box still sticker Odd Lot and discounted price. How ignorant for those employee and can't even cover their dirty track. That label said Odd Lot didn't even removed. Our installer have difficulty problem putting this floor together, because the size of the wood is different.

2. My friends also bought flooring from LL, they bought the Schon product. It only been down for 6 months, and they complaint this floor is easy to scratch and finish wear off quickly. They have bruce oak flooring before they replace this the Schon Brazilian Cherry (supposed to be harder floor), but this new floor now look like 10 years old.
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Bellawood Flooring Bad Hazing
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Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- We purchased Bellawood Brazilian Cherry flooring in January 2010. In 2011 the floor started hazing really bad. After cleaning the floor it didn't look like it had ever been touched because of the hazing. You can see every footprint where you walked. We notified the store where we purchased it, and they told us to deal directly with the corporate office in Virginia. We have done that and they have been fighting us for two years now. They are aware of the problem but all they want to do is send in a professional floor cleaner which will cost them only $100. After it is cleaned, they say they are done with us even if the floor still has hazing. My wife has two types of cancer and it is a shame we have to fight them plus fight for her life. This situation will probably take her sooner because of all the stress they keep her under. They do not care about you after you purchase there product. the warranty means NOTHING!!!! If you people out there care about how you spend your money wisely, RUN, RUN, RUN!!!! I am hoping to reach every person out there that I possibly can to save them from all the agony they put you through. Please be wise and LISTEN!!!!!
Company Response 06/10/2013:
LL Response to Haze issue
The warranty covers the finish, however the cleaners being used have left the haze and the problem is improper floor care, not a warrantable event. We advise customers of proper floor care technique and cleaners, but when you stray outside the line and use something that can haze the finish this is a choice and we've provided advice as to how to correct the floor. We do not "fight" with customers, however the financial responsibility for correcting the floor is on the consumer when you use products that damage the finish. The best advice for buyers - Follow the care instructions and avoid products that haze the finish to keep the original lustre of the floor as its for this reason we're specific as to what should be used on a Bellawood floor. We never to tell a customer we're "done with them" so this is not how Customer Service works, but each situation is handled professionally and in some situations goodwill may be a consideration, and others it may not based on the evidence gathered to understand the root cause of the problem. Sorry this happened, but floor care is the responsibility of the buyer and this case highlights the need to follow floor care instructions to protect your investment.
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Does not honor warranty
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Rating: 1/51
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- In 2008 we made an addition to our house. We had seen the adds for Lumber Liquidators on your network and chose the Bellawood Brazilian mesquite. The installer did a superb job and the floor looked beautiful until we began moving in. Every piece of furniture we placed on the floor scratched the surface and the scratches could not be polished out. Dents and scratches began showing up in places where there was no traffic. After two years the beautiful cherry wood red stain began turning honey gold every where the sun hit the floor. Now we have a two tone floor.

When I contacted Lumber Liquidators they forwarded we to Bellawood. The Bellawood representative informed me that I had to send in pictures. Apparently they do not do on site inspections. They denied any and all claims for warranty resolution. They said they were not responsible for fading or scratches. What good is a 100 year warranty if it does not cover anything? I tell all my friends to stay away from Lumber Liquidators and Bellawood products. Since our problems I have researched other reviews and found that our experience is not exceptional. Rather it seems to be rather normal. In addition when the flooring was installed we had better than 15% waste. That added significantly to the cost.
Bellawood - Lumber Liquidators
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Several hours into installation of first purchased floor contractor noticed lines were not lining up. Turns out widths of boards varied as much as 1/3 inch on same board. Other individual boards were out of sync with rest of flooring at a rate of more than a third of the pieces. Many phone calls, and a week later [delaying whole project schedule], and $1000 to contractor- replacement floor showed up [partial shipment] and the ends of the flooring[had to settle for different style] in this shipment were so chipped the contractor wouldn't install without a signed release of responsibility from us..At this point L. Liquidators refused to pick up floor and issue a refund because we refused delivery of second portion of 2nd defective floor. We bought a beautiful Mercier floor from a local co. and 2 days later it was in[$4000 more for this floor and more wasted time fees for contractor. LUMBER LIQUIDATOR stopped talking to us at that point and we filed a complaint with credit card company to withhold payment. 2-3 months later credit card co. notified us that LUMBER LIQUIDATORS maintained we had the floor for so long they could not be sure of it's condition. Final answer. Out of credit card company hands so we had to pay to protect our credit. $4000 floor now in original boxes in my barn.

Entire construction project ended up delayed. Maybe I can redo the barn floor with it. It was an internet purchase or I would've parked in front of LUMBER LIQUIDATOR STORE. NEVER originally wanted anything but what I paid for.
Don't get sucked into the '6mo. same as cash' BS
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TOANO, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I purchased over 1400sq. ft. of Bellawood Brazilian Walnut hardwood flooring from LL, which totaled over $9100, at the Martinsburg, WV store. The salesman persuaded us to 'take advantage of this great 6mo. same as cash' program. Sounded good. We had saved up for the flooring in advance and planned on paying it off before the deadline. As the statements arrived, we made our payments. Oddly enough, we received the last statement the day before the deadline, but we paid it that very same day to avoid a penalty.
That was July of '09 and they've been harassing us ever since, claiming we owe them over $300 in late charges.
My husband has called and asked if anyone could show us that we honestly owe that, but their customer service is terrible, and they won't make any effort to help.
As a last resort, I emailed Tom Sullivan, explained the situation, and asked for help. Sure. His assistant replied that I should call the collection agency. That's it.
Seems like LL has an extra way to make money.
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We installed Lumber Liquidators, bellawood bolivian rosewood over a concrete floor using Lumber Liquidators instructions and products, in 2 mos. the floor buckled and warped badly, they not only would not stand behind it, they denied telling us we could install it over concrete, I called back and have them on tape telling us we could over concrete using their products, unfortunately, we can not use that tape in court, we ended up removing the wood, having a $8000.00 fire to dispose of it and installed Anderson pre finished flooring, this was 4 years ago and the Anderson floor has held up wonderful. I suggest to stay far away from Lumber Liquidators, they lie.
Company Response 11/08/2010:
It's very unfortunate to have a customer suffer from a flooring problem, but clearly our flooring does not come out of the box buckled and warped, so this is an installation related problem. Stating you followed directions and this happened is very questionable as a properly installed floor would not buckle or warp. Moisture protection from between the concrete and the bottom of the boards failed and the buckling occurs when the boards expand from moisture and there's not enough expansion space between the walls and the flooring. Both are actually examples of not following the directions, so you may want to look at how the Armstrong floor was installed because it sounds like it was done right. Flooring is flooring and while you may pay more somewhere else, if you don’t install it right it can suffer from missed steps. LL is not an outlet for substandard flooring. We sell brand new top of the line products and offer some close out items as well, so you can buy products with a great warranty, or go the less expensive route and get an odd lot at a really discounted price you may not find anywhere else. Again, we're sorry to hear you had a bad flooring experience.
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